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					                          West Bountiful Utah Stake Conference
                                    Priesthood Leadership Meeting
                                           December 6, 2003

Kim McReynolds, 2nd Counselor
Teaching the Youth to withstand Satan
• D&C 68:25-26 we must teach the children
• Alma 30:53 Korihor tells how Satan works; temptations presented by Satan do not make
   sense; appears as angel and says there is no God
• D&C 129:1-8 Satan always tries to deceive
• We are at the height of the battle; teach them before they need to be rescued

John Salmon, 1st Counselor
Single members in the stake
• YSA & SA: 700 members in our stake
• Ideas to include these individuals in fellowship, from associate editor of the Ensign;
    responses from members
• Elder Nelson: let those who pray include those who are not often called to pray; avoid the
    habit of having a husband and wife pray in the same meeting
• From the handbook: Ward & stake committees for single members (18+ yrs); activities,
    callings, home teachers; every ward in our stake needs to have this committee
• SA & YSA rep’s be involved in ward council
• This needs to be part of everything in the ward
• Pres Hinckley: ward leaders have great responsibility to give each member a warm welcome
    and feel part of the church

Wayne Eckman, Stake President
Five Levels of Priesthood Discipleship
• Elder Ballard taught this morning
• 1. Accept the calling
• 2. Show up at the right place and time
• 3. Learn our duties: handbook, scriptures, leaders
• 4. Seek the Spirit of the Lord
• Oct. 79 conf Elder Packer: habits that leave you uninspired
• D&C 42 when lust enters the heart, the Spirit leaves
• Mos. 18 natural man; be enticed by the Spirit
• D&C 1:33 can lose the spirit
• Read the section on pornography in the last week’s Church News
• We can’t be too careful with our children on the internet
• If this is a problem in your own life, please find a way to put it behind you
• Pres Packer: learn to recognize inspiration
• Become a true under-shepherd and do what Christ would do
• John 10 I am the good shepherd; tells us when and who to visit

Elder Robert S. Wood, 2nd Quorum of Seventy & Area President
The role of a priesthood leader as military officers
• D&C 109 fair as with banners
• Shall be called...A light unto the nations Hinckley that prophecy is now in process of
   fulfillment; must reinforce the stakes to be refuge for members
• Paul: put on the whole armor of God; wrestle with evil
• Center of gravity; social power that constitutes essential foundation of community
• The constituent principle: the purpose and character of the community; ð the constitution is
   what makes an American an American; this is true of the Kingdom of God

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•   Peter: called out of darkness...who in times past were not a people; now the people of God
•   Center of gravity of the community of Christ is the family; that is why Satan attacks it; the
    Proclamation is revelation at a critical time
•   Our job is to construct as well as strengthen the family
•   Don’t go directly at the center of gravity; key factors that neutralize, undermine, or upset or
    undermine the center of gravity; operational decisive points
•   3 points ð 1. Understanding - how we think about
•   2. Very casual life, erode any sense of covenants, don’t receive ordinances
•   3. Transcendent cause - what goes beyond ourselves
•   “the eyes of our understanding were opened”; having the understanding darkened; be
    renewed in the Spirit;
•   “heirs according to the covenant”
•   “so great a cause”; seek to establish the cause of Zion
•   Faulty understanding- how does Satan promote these things?
•   Weak commitments
•   Trivial pursuits - get us so busy that we leave the transcendent cause
•   The commander-in-chief: 3 duties
•   Packer: study of doctrine changes behavior - strong obligation to help people understand the
•   All roads lead to the temple
•   Building a community of saints; Zion is a community, a social concept
•   God and his son are perfect gentlemen; they will not force themselves upon you; you must
    accept him as your master if you want him to be your Savior--otherwise you’re on your own!
•   Convert: enter the covenant; retain=remain; activate=return to covenant
•   Strategic planning steps
•   Bishops are the theater commanders ð Acts: take heed therefore unto yourselves...
•   Great devices: ward council! (Memo from First Presidency)
•   Teach the gospel with the 6 discussions and use the commitments in there; ask them to read
    the scriptures; do Home teaching like missionary work
•   Hold ward council every week because it has all the assets there; but it must be short; Pres
    Packer has 1/2 our meetings standing up; have the reports given to the exec sec prior to be
    distributed in meeting; don’t “coordinate ” schedules in the meeting; PEC sets agenda:
    covenants ð new, current, returning
•   Letter from First Presidency 12/10/2001 how to use councils effectively
•   3 pillars for councils to convert, retain, activate: quorums, FT & Ward missionaries, auxiliaries
•   Although the growth happens outside, the strength comes from the center, here!

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                          West Bountiful Utah Stake Conference
                                         Adult Evening Session
                                           December 6, 2003

Sister Arrosco
The importance of the home and family
• To find joy and happiness - how many of us live for joy in our day to
• Build safe and strong -- Matt 7:24-25 -- anchor on the rock and close the door against the
    winds and rain of the world
• What is the best way to study the scriptures? “I can give you a system for eating, but its best
    just to be hungry!”

Rick Rose
Teaching the Gospel to our children
• Example of Lehi’s journey is a metaphor of our own journey in life. We also have our own
   personal Liahona--The Book of Mormon
• The Book of Mormon is a great way to teach. Great examples of parents teaching their
   children are given therein.
• Teach them about the atonement, study it,
• Alma 7:11-12
• Teach them to seek and recognize inspiration from Heavenly Father
• 1 Nephi 11 “I know he loveth his children, nevertheless I do not know the meaning of all

Kim McReynolds, 2nd Counselor
The poor and needy among you
• Mosiah 4:16-19 impart of your substance; don’t judge
• D&C 52:40 remember the poor and the sick and the afflicted
• The bishop has a special responsibility for the poor and needy
• Priesthood quorums should be used to help their members -- bishops ask the members if you
   can share their needs with the welfare committee
• Our stake is drawing from the general fast offering fund. As affluent as we are in this area
   we should have funds left over to contribute
• Don’t become casual about food storage and welfare preparation
• Read Elder Marvin Ashton’s “One for the money” pamphlet

Elder Robert S. Wood, Seventy & Area Presidency
Home, Family welfare
• The hispanic population is not here by accident; the Lord has brought them here; miracles
    have happened in this valley and are about to happen again
• What is welfare?
• 2 aspects: self reliance & help poor, needy
• Self reliance: a willingness to assume personal responsibility for the course of our own lives --
    to accept the consequences of our choices: the ability to support ourselves and our family
• Charity: see others as Christ sees them; help the poor and needy; we need to be a little
    more tender hearted in this regard; don’t judge but reach out -- be generous with our fast
• There is no substitute for the family in teaching self-reliance
• Elder Ballard: the family and doing the simple things 1/11/03 worldwide training
Traits of welfare: internal strengths & external challenges;
• Attributes - 2 Peter 1:1-10 -- take these attributes and study them in FHE -- calling and
    election -- How to develop the attributes? Learn doctrine and principles, practice virtue
    (character builders)

From the personal notes of Cristopher Hogan. I may be contacted at               3
•    Purposes - sons & daughters of God, heirs to the kingdom -- we know where we want to go,
    the problem is we get distracted by the very process of living -- story of counting gas stations
    until we ran out of gas
•   Choices -- sacrifice and consecration -- the use of time -- balance is not some of many
    things, a balanced life sits on a fulcrum with the weight distributed properly, a balanced life is
    picking the right fulcrum -- teach this to the children
•    the use of time -- Alma 34:33 --
•   Skills -- education and training (fundamental skills & specialized skills) -- work habits
•   Plan -- purposes and objectives (identify what is to be achieved and why) -- strategy
    (conceive sources as means to achieve one’s purposes and objectives) -- implementation
    (behave consistently according to purposes and strategy)
•   Habits -- incorporate our purposes, principles, and priorities in our daily life -- a change in
    habits requires discipline -- if you are going to start a new habit, you have to get rid of
    another one because your life is already full -- change hurts -- that which we do defines who
    we really are; be very careful what you do repetitively
•   Three levels of action:
•   1. Mind - sphere of understanding and commitment
•   2. Will - the sphere of self-discipline
•   3. Passions or feelings - the sphere of the appetites
•   Rules of self-reliance
•   Faith in Christ -- believe in Christ -- have confidence in Christ -- Act so that Christ can have
    confidence in you

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                          West Bountiful Utah Stake Conference
                                             General Session
                                             December 7, 2003

Kaye Parrish
Gain a testimony of Christ
• Obey the principles - Alma 32:27 - if we want to obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon,
    we must read it - if we want a testimony of tithing, we must first pay it
• Focus on obtaining a testimony - must pay the price
• Focus on retaining and strengthening - contrast Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon - focus on
    your testimony - focus your testimony on Christ
• Focus on making your home a haven - stand against the wind of the world - help push back
    the world
• Neither basketball nor a dog is man’s best friend, God is man’s best friend
• Matthew 14:24 - Peter lost his focus when he saw the winds and the waves and doubted,
    keep your eye on the Savior
• D&C 123:16-17

John Salmon, 1st Counselor
Modern revelation: the Family
• Sept 1995 the proclamation on the family
• A mini proclamation for parents and grandparents
• Feb 1999 letter from the First Presidency - parents devote their best efforts to their children -
   give highest priority to FHE, gospel study, family prayer - avoid meetings on Sunday - HTers
   should take this document to their families
• Jan 2003 Elder Ballard - fathers have responsibility to train their sons in the priesthood

Wayne Eckman, Stake President
Return with Honor
• Elder Hales’ experience with his trainer flying the airplane upside down - must take care to
• When treading water spiritually evaluate ourselves against the standard of the Savior
• 5 instruments keep an airplane flying on course:
• 1. Compass - Holy ghost gives us direction
• 2. Air speed - must keep moving forward to not stall
• 3. Fuel - must study and feast on the word
• 4. Altimeter fly above the obstacles
• 5. Attitude to horizon - the right attitude keeps you upright
• How do you measure spiritually? Samuel: the Lord looketh on the heart - Ashton: the Lord
    measures the heart - learn charity - pray for charity
• How do we educate the heart? To reach the point of not desiring evil?

Sis. Jeannine Dewsnup, Utah Ogden Mission
• Your home is a sacred place along with our chapels and our temples - when you open your
    home to teach an investigator, you are giving them their first temple experience
• Families are important! We are baptizing families.

Pres. Wynn R. Dewsnup, Utah Ogden Mission
The “Joy to the World” DVD is a great missionary tool
• Invite you to watch “Joy to the World” DVD and invite your friends and neighbors to view it
    in your home - share this message with less active members - give out the pass along cards
    that came with it
• D&C 46:13-14 invitation to all couples--newly married as well as senior--to strengthen others

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    thru missionary work - set a date for when you will go on your mission and work toward that

Sis. Dixie Wood
Refuge from the storm
• We all have bad days from time to time; sometimes we don’t know how to solve them
• Pres. Hinckley: we are all in this together; we are not alone
• We can have comfort and joy and piece in this life by living the gospel
• “Be still and know that I am God”

Elder Robert S. Wood, 2nd Quorum of Seventy, Area President

•   We have reached the point of great devergence; Babylon is growing; the man of sin has
    been revealed, but so has the man of Christ
•   Society’s morals are being abandoned
•   There is a negative trend, but there is also a positive trend and we have been taught
•   We need to assert the straight and narrow way - God demands exact obedience in keeping
•   The first and second comings of Christ are linked - there must be a restoration of a holy
    people to receive Him before he can come either time
•   Isaiah saw and prophesied about Christ’s birth and Second coming.
•   An Elias would come and prepare the way for the returning Lord -- both times
•   The restoration was accompanied by a ministering of angels greater than any time
•   The restoration is a precursor to the Second Coming
•   We are the people raised up to receive the Savior, just as John the Baptist prepared the
    people to receive Christ the first time, so have the prophets since the Restoration been
    preparing this people to receive Him again
•   The Great Divide has taken place; We cannot have one foot in Babylon and the other in the
    Kingdom of God

From the personal notes of Cristopher Hogan. I may be contacted at              6

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