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					                       BANNER USERS’ GROUP--STUDENT
                        Minutes of Meeting December 6, 2007

   Call to Order: Terri Tomblin-Byrd called the meeting to order at approximately 2:10 in
    Drinko 439.

   Members Present:

    Cheri Musgrave        Financial Aid
    Nadine Hamrick        Financial Aid
    Myke Watts            Computing Services
    Carol Kolski          Bursar
    Bob Walker            Finance
    Kelli Raines          Admissions
    Beth Chiparo          Graduate Admissions (via teleconference)
    Roberta Ferguson      Registrar

   Minutes: November minutes approved.

   Correspondence: From Residence Services. See attachment. Discussed in new


   Subcommittee on Billing: No report.

   Subcommittee on CAPP: No report

   Banner Oversight Committee (BOC): No report.


   myMU/MILO: myMU will be unavailable on Thursday, December 20, 2007 to upgrade
    to Luminus 4. It will be a “back-end”/architectural change and not noticeable to the
    User. It has been a very complicated upgrade process so IT chose a weekday in case they
    needed SunGard Support.

   Human Resources/Finance: No report.

   Performance and Priority Issues: Roberta Ferguson mentioned their issue with the
    SFAREGS form. It appears that records are being left in the temporary tables which in
    certain circumstances, is causing the form to lock up. IT is aware of the problem and has
    a contact open with SunGard.

   Banner Student Privilege Request Form: No Report.
   Multiple PIDM/Person: No report.

   CTC Shared Service Issues: No report.

   Administrative Solutions Project. No report.

   Campus Codes. Terri had not checked their process to see if Spring 08 CTC codes were
    being updated or not after a concern was brought up by Nadine at the last meeting. Kelli
    said that Admissions has their own report running that checks for discrepancies and they
    have been fixing those that occur in their process. Nadine said that Financial Aid also
    runs a discrepancy report that she uses to alert the necessary departments when a change
    is needed. Roberta said they have connected the Campus Code to MCTC Program Codes
    and thought that might help with the problem.

   Concurrent Curricula: Terri stated that SunGard has committed to keeping the
    backfield process around longer than intended. This will allow more time to convert in-
    house processes and reports to using the new curriculum tables. She stated that she
    would like to see a standard be applied to all queries written in-house for each type of
    curriculum outcome. She suggested that Bob Walker take this idea back to the BUG-T
    group to explore.

   Version 7.3: No report.

   New Recruitment System Connect2: No report.

   Oracle release: Another Oracle security patch from October needs to be applied. Myke
    plans on doing this Saturday, December 22, 2007 in the morning. It takes about 4 hours.
    Carol stated that a point release for the Bursar’s Office which produces the 1098T Form
    needs to be put on the system. Terri told her to send the request through Footprint and
    they would get it done.

   Faculty Information: No report.

   Document Imaging: No report.

   New Hold Process: No progress.

   No further old business to address.


   A Residency Requirement Tracking Proposal was sent to Terri by Winston Baker,
    Director of Residence Services. Proposal is attached to minutes below. Basically,
    Residence Services wants a new Hold Code created to prevent first time freshman from
    registering and/or other functions for those required to live in residence halls and have
    not been released from the residency requirement or have not applied for housing. They
    also want Application Status Codes created on the Housing Application Form to show if
    a student has been released from the residency requirements and the reason for release.
    BUG-S approved this proposal with the understanding that the Residence Service
          Department exercise due diligence and keep the BUG-S group informed of changes made
          as this process develops.

         Carol Kolski asked the Group if she could have the capability of deleting records from
          the Hold Table through a process she will create and run. Her reason for this is so the
          Bursar Office can become more customer friendly by instantly removing Financial
          Obligations (AR and FO Holds) after a student pays as opposed to waiting through a
          weekend until Monday to get the hold manual removed. The Group approved this

         As “food for thought”, Terri would like to see Start and End dates attached to hold
          records as a way of activating/deactivating the hold from a student as opposed to just
          deleting them outright. This allows more flexibility in the creation of processes and also
          leaves an audit trail. Roberta stated that could cause a problem reviewing records if you
          have to “muddle through” all the expired hold records to get to the still active ones. She
          suggested that maybe they would not display on the form if they have already expired.
          Other thoughts, concerns, or suggestions are welcome on this idea.

          o The next BUG-S meeting will be January 3, 2008.

          o Meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


Date:      December 4, 2007

To:        Terri Tomblin-Byrd / Banner Users Group
           Director, Databases & Enterprise Systems

From:      Winston A. Baker
           Director, Residence Services

Subject: Residency Requirement Tracking Proposal

        The Department of Residence Services proposes that codes be created in Banner
to track students who are subject to Marshall University’s Residency Requirement. These
codes would serve two functions. They would be used to track students who have filled
out their forms and been released from the requirement. They would also be used to put
holds on student accounts who have not been released from the Residency Requirement
and have not signed up for housing. We propose that the new codes be set up for the
tracking to begin in the Fall of 2008.

        The Residency Requirement states that all Freshman and Sophomore students
who are not residing with a parent or legal guardian within 50 miles of campus, 21 years
of age, married, have custody of a dependent child or can demonstrated other acceptable
extenuating circumstances and provide documentation must live in the residence halls. At
the current time the Department of Residence Services has no way of tracking students
who are not following the Residency Requirement. Therefore some students just slip
through the cracks unnoticed. This is not equitable to the students who are following the
requirement. However without being able to track these students in Banner and place a
hold on their account we have no way of enforcing the policy equally.
        We also believe that being able to enforce our Residence Requirement by tracking
students through Banner would lead to an increase in occupancy in our residence halls.
This would in turn lead to an increase in income from the residence halls.

       Our proposal would be to create codes in Banner that would show if a student has
been released from the residency requirements and designate the reason for release. For
students that do not have an active housing application or a release code in Banner, a hold
would be placed on their account until this is complete.

Expected Outcome
                 Our expected outcome would be that students would be treated more
equally by the enforcement of an already existing University policy. This would also
decrease complaints about inconsistencies in our policy from students, and their parents,
who are currently following the policy.

We request your support and prompt approval of this proposal so that we can begin
creating the new codes in Banner and enforcing the already existing Residency
Requirement policy.


cc: Sybil Lockard
   Assignment Supervisor

cc: Dr. Karen Kirtley
   Assistant Vice President, Administration

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