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                                         Cover Letter 

         IN·THIS·STEP YOU WILL·FIND:· . '.                     FileIMail Clerk Manager. The underlined words
                                                               indicate the job titles. (See the cover letter on
                                                               page 18 to see how a greeting was created.)
   • 	 the definition of a cover letter (a letter of
       application).                                      2. 	 State the purpose of your letter and the position
                                                               for which you are applying.
   • 	 guidelines for writing and faxing a cover
       letter.                                            3. 	 State those qualifications that make you well
                                                               suited for the job.
   • 	 two sample cover letters.
                                                          4. 	 Request an interview.
   • 	 an activity to help you write a cover letter.
                                                          5. Sign your letter before sending.
                                                          Your cover letter should be brief, clear, and
 What Is a Cover Letter?                                  carefully written. Proofread your letter for content.
 A cover letter consists of a few simple paragraphs       Have someone who is proficient in grammar edit
 that state the job for which you are applying, your      your letter for correct spelling, punctuation, and
 qualifications, and your request for an interview. It    English. Remember: Any error in your cover letter
 is important that this letter be clearly and             will reflect poorly on you. You want a perfect
 concisely written as it is usually the first contact     letter. If you cannot key well, have someone key
 you have with a prospective employer. You may            the letter for you. Be sure to include a copy of your
 also want to use a cover letter when presenting          resume with each cover letter. Include any other
 your resume in person. Remember the rewards of           requested information, such as samples of work
 a good first impression. Always use a cover letter
 whenever you mail or fax a resume to a                   Content of a Cover Letter
 prospective employer.                                    The content of a cover letter varies considerably
                                                          depending upon the job you are seeking. Your
How Should You Write a Cover Letter?                      cover letter paragraphs should include:
  Use the following guidelines when writing a cover       • 	 Opening Paragraph. State why you are writing,
. letter:                                                     the name of the position for which you are
1. 	Address your letter to a specific person if               applying, and how you learned of the opening. If
    possible. If you do not have someone's name,              you are responding to an ad, state the date and
    call the company and request the name of the              name of the newspaper in which you saw the ad.
    manager in the department in which you want to        • 	 Middle Paragraph. State why you are interested
    work Many employment ads do not contain the               in working for the employer and why you desire
    name of a contact person, company name, or                this type C?f work. Point out your qualifications,
    street and city address. In many cases a fax              achievements, training, and interest in the field.
    number or P.O. box number replaces an address.        • 	 Closing Paragraph. Refer to your resume and
    See the cover letter on page 18 to see where to           encourage action. Ask for an interview or end
    place a fax number.                                       with a question that encourages a reply. Instead
    If you do not have an individual's name,                  of a statement such as "I will appreciate hearing
    eliminate the greeting or create a greeting by            from you in the future"- which does not draw
    adding the word Manager to the job title you              action - you might say, "I will call you next
    want For example, Dear Cable TV Installer                 week to determine when we might meet to
    Manager, or Dear Receptionist Manager, or Dear            discuss the job opening."

                                 \\'RITING                   SUCCESSFUL 


         Write an effective      Accepted business protocol dictates that a cover letter accompany each resume
         cover letter.           you send to a potential employer. A cover letter allows you to introduce your­
                                 self to an employer on a personal level and provides an opportunity to express
                                 your interest in a specific job opening. A successful cover letter ",ill generate
                                 enough interest in your resume to initiate an interview.
                                     You should compose your cover letter using word-processing sottware. This.

Ii ·········

                 WEB GUIDE
                                 will greatly simplifY writing a new cover letter for each resume you send to an
                                 employer. At least half of the cover letter will be
                                 the same for all of the cover letters you write. If
                                 possible, have someone proofread both your cover        ,   ,   A cover letter allows

Go to the Your Job               letter and your resume before you mail them.
                                                                                         you to introduce yourself to
Search menu and com­
                                      A cover letter should be personal and sin­
plete Exercise 4. "Write                                                                   an employer on a personal
                                 cere and should demonstrate your knowledge 

your Cover Letter." Use
 WebGuide s Advanced
                                 about and interest in the organization. It                     level. ,  ,

Online menu to further           should also include a brief statement about
explore topics on cover          \-"hy you wish to become an employee of the
letters.                         organization and how the company will benefit by hiring you. When you send
                                 a cover letter in reply to any form of advertisement. always enclose a copy of
                                 the ad. In this situation, your cover letter should relate your education, skills,
                                 and goals to the job requirements stated in the advertisement.
                                     In addition, your cover letter should: 

                                     Be one page in length, be written in a business format, and be free of errors. 

                                     Have single-spaced paragraphs and double spacing between paragraphs. 

                                     Be addressed to a specific person for a specific job opening. 

                                     Acknowledge any previous contact with the recipient or state the name 

                                     and title of a referral. 

                                     Explain how you learned of the employer and your particular interest in 

                                     the organization. 

                                     Indicate your knowledge about the organization. 

                                     Include only statements that you can support in an interview. 

                                     End with a request for an interview and a statement about your desire to 

                                     work for the organization. 

                                     Include your name, mailing address, and phone number and your e-mail 

                                     address if you are online. 

                                     Be signed in blue or black ink. 

                                     Be duplicated for your records. 

 Use the following key­              Sarah Walton composed the cover letter shown in Figure 6.2 on page 136
 :'ords on your search           in response to an ad she read in 11,e Hoosier Times. Sarah attached a copy of
    ngine:                       the ad and enclosed her resume when she mailed the letter. You can use
 Careerlab                       Sarah's letter as an outline when you compose your cover letter.
 ::'!r use the web address:
 :: :!p:jlwww.careerlab
                                      In addition to cover letters, your job search will require you to write a
 'COfll,,:                       number of thank-you·letters. You have met and been helped by professionals at
 Enter the site named            college, during networking activities. on various jobs. and in the job interview
 Cover Letter Library            process. All of these people have spent time helping you and should receive
                                 thank-you letrers tram you.

                    Chapter (,                                                                                      135

      Elements of a Cover Letter

                                           \ I(   vY'Ll~~V1-5                             \..,        l{
          =;::C:-[3:::'   ----+---.                 40 North Market Street. Apt. 25 ' )
                                                    Graceville. Indiana 47330·1089
0'::'6                                              June 23, 20··

                                                     4 enk.rS                                         0/\             d
                                --+--- John T. Wills                           ~ne,,{5                          \X'
Direct your leller iC-
C; CdrflClJIar perso!­                              Director of Personnel
                                                    International Hotels, Inc.
                                                                                        r             "
                                                                                                          \ 1I
                                                    1 International Plaza                        .   J\(\\
                                                    New York, New York 10000·1100       {to: \
                                                   dOl.Ab k. 6po..C<::
                   ------+--- Dear Mr. WIlls:       C"p.
                              c.k;l.llo!e Spa '­
                     ----+--- I would like to be considered for the position of Junior Assistant manager advertised in
:: .... ,)("'55   vou r Imere':::                   The Hoosier Times on June 20. A review of my enclosed resume will help you under·
i'"   :!le DosillOn                                 stand my enthusiasm for a career in the hotel industry.
                                     dov,.\<J\e,sOale                              .
.r;2r3Qraoh 2:            -----t---- Several of my skills and experiences coincide with those you have listed in your adver­
incluoe a slaremer:'                                tisement:
or Iisl of your                                      d<::1.JJO\c    SOCll Q
                                                    • Experience using hotel property management system and Microsoft software for
qualifications tor this                               registering and billing guests. 

particular Job.                                     • Proven interpersonal skills in providing guest services. 

                                                    • Associate degree in motel/hotel management.

Paragraph 3.
                                       dwlolc.::. OQ(~
                          -----+--- I have read several arucles in The Wall Street Journal describing the rapid growth and
Siafe your desire rc                                expansion of International Holels. Inc. As an entry·level management trainee. I am
                                                    excited aboutlhe career opportunities that exist in your organization, and I look for-
work for the employe.-                              ward to meeting with you. My home telephone number is (765) 555-8790 and my
arld ask for an imervie\:·.                         e-mail
                                            \c... S..oC{ (. c.....
Sa!utauo.:-·       ------1----                      Sincerely,        -/­
;-:::;r slgr;alUrco - - - + - -                     $cvzait 1 WaLku-t
Your name typeCi              ---+--- Sarah T. Walton
Enclosure Ihat I':i!: _ _+_-_ Enclosure: Resume
oe found           In the

\36                              !'.m .>

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