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compound-complex sentences by hedongchenchen


									Underline dependent clauses. Circle coordinating conjunctions with commas or
semicolons. Indentify dependent clauses. Label the sentence

Ex. During the Middle Ages, people worked hard and they had little time to
themselves. Compound-Complex

   1. Most young people in the Middle Ages spent their time on farm work, and
      they never learned reading and writing.______________________

   2. Boys and girls harvested grain, and they picked fruit.________________

   3. Young boys in prosperous families were sent to school, where they studied
      grammar, rhetoric, and arithmetic. ___________________

   4. Girls from wealthy families also learned to reading and arithmetic so that
      they could manage households.________________________

   5. All girls were taught spinning when they were quite young, and they also
      learned weaving. ____________________

   6. Wealthy families apprenticed their sons so that they could learn banking,
      business, and law.___________________________

   7. If a young boy lived in a city, he could work for an artisan, and he could
      receive on the job training._______________________

   8. City life centered on the marketplace, where country people came to buy
      and sell; the shops offered all sorts of wares and services. ____________

   9. While housewives were at the marketplace, they met at the public
      fountain, and young people played games.______________________

   10.Although it was crowded and cramped, daily life in a medieval city could be
      lively and exciting.__________________________

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