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									     DAV Volume 64 Number 1                                                                                                                           SPRING 2010


              DAV Recognizes President for Supporting
               Veterans Health Care Budget Reform
   WASHINGTON, March 3 – Disabled             Commander Barrera, accompanied by
American Veterans (DAV) National Com-         DAV National Adjutant Arthur H. Wilson
mander Roberto “Bobby” Barrera presented      and National Headquarters Executive
a personalized commemorative baseball         Director Richard E. Patterson.
bat to President Barack Obama to recog-          “President Obama’s continuing support
nize his support for the Veterans Health      in the recently proposed $125 billion VA
Care Budget Reform and Transparency           budget will provide expanded health care
Act and going to bat for veterans.            to a record number of veterans and
   “The President’s support of this           includes $60.3 billion for discretionary
advance appropriation act truly honors        spending, mostly for health care,” said
the service and sacrifice of our nation’s     Commander Barrera. “That is nearly $4.2
disabled veterans and their families,”        billion more than the fiscal year 2010
said Commander Barrera. “His support          appropriated level.” The budget request
for this initiative throughout the 2008       includes advance appropriations recom-
election campaign and as President has        mendations of $54.3 billion for medical
improved health care delivery to veter-       care programs for fiscal year 2012.
ans by the Department of Veterans                “This is one of the greatest victories
Affairs (VA).”                                for veterans in the history of the DAV   ,”
   The law, signed Oct. 22, 2009, autho-      said Adjutant Wilson. “President Obama
rizes Congress to fund VA health care one     never gave up. He worked diligently,
year in advance at the start of each fiscal   always keeping the benefits of our veter-     President Barack Obama is presented with a Louisville Slugger by DAV National
year. It effectively ends the funding         ans in mind, and continues to do so in the    Commander Bobby Barrerra during a meeting with the Disabled American Veterans
delays that have plagued the VA and           current proposed budget.”                     delegation in the Oval Office, March 3, 2010.
forced it to ration health care to veterans      “We are deeply grateful to President                                                  Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
when Congress failed to pass an appro-        Obama for his support of our nation’s vet-       President Obama discussed a number of the problem. He also talked about his
priations bill on time.                       erans,” Barrera said. “This commemorative     important issues with the DAV delegation, administration’s efforts to address the
   The commemorative DAV baseball bat         baseball bat is a small token of our appre-   particularly the logjam of veterans’ bene- problem of homeless veterans and
was presented to President Obama by           ciation for going to bat for veterans.”       fits claims and said the VA is working on improved job opportunities for veterans.

  Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Presents
Annual Awards at Department Stakeholder Conference
  MADISON – The Wisconsin Depart-             April 2nd, presented five WDVA 2009           service to Wisconsin veterans.               “Mission: Welcome Home” Supporter of
ment of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), during       Annual Veterans Awards recognizing               The awards recipients were selected       the Year. Smith had volunteered to serve
a Stakeholder Conference held at the          Wisconsin veterans and citizens who           from among all nominations received in       in Iraq and was deployed for 18 months.
Zeitlin Education Center in Madison on        advocate for and provide exceptional          five categories, for actions and achieve-    He received the award for his work to
                                                                                            ments during the period of January 1, 2009   help other service members through the
                                                                                            to December 31, 2009. WDVA selects the       Yellow Ribbon program of reintegration,
                                                                                            recipients from nominations submitted by     serving as a link between the civilian
                                                                                            individuals (including family members of     readiness group and the military. Smith
                                                                                            the nominee), veterans’ service and other    was nominated for the award by a couple
                                                                                            organizations, county veterans service       from Beaver Dam.
                                                                                            officers and fellow veterans.                   The Veterans’ Volunteer of the Year
                                                                                               The Veterans Advocate of the Year         Award recipient, Christine Jordan, was
                                                                                            Award was presented to Janice Nordin,        nominated by a group of veterans of
                                                                                            Veterans Affairs Coordinator in the          American Legion Post 95 in Delavan,
                                                                                            Registrar’s Office at the University of      Wis. for her efforts in assisting veterans
                                                                                            Wisconsin-Whitewater, who serves as          above and beyond her work as the Wal-
                                                                                            the primary veterans’ contact. Nordin        worth County Veterans Service Officer.
                                                                                            was nominated for the award by two           Jordan was credited with volunteering her
                                                                                            WDVA staff members who noted that            time to help answer veterans’ questions,
                                                                                            she has handled veterans’ programs at        help them apply for benefits, and helping
                                                                                            UW-Whitewater since 1995, assisting          with a “Support the Troops Rally” each
                                                                                            students with paperwork for educational      week. She worked with the Post to help a
The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) presented the 2009 Annual               benefits and other services. Nordin was      veteran returned from Iraq get a companion
Veterans Awards at the department Stakeholder Conference in Madison on April                selected for the award for her exceptional   service dog.
2nd. Seen here (left to right) are: County Veterans Service Officer of the Year Mark        efforts in advocating for and providing         Of the 72 County Veterans Service
Grams, Veterans’ Volunteer of the Year Christine Jordan; “Iron Mike” Government             outstanding service to veterans.             Officers (CVSOs) in Wisconsin, the one
Officials award recipient the Honorable James P. Daley of Rock County; WDVA Sec-               Brigade Family Readiness Liaison          selected as the County Veterans Service
retary Ken Black; “Mission: Welcome Home” Supporter of the Year Michael A.                  Michael A. Smith of the 4th Brigade 95th     Officer of the Year was Mark Grams of
Smith; and Veterans Advocate of the Year Janice Nordin.                                     Division Army Reserves was selected as                AWARDS, continued on page 14
                      WISCONSIN DAV NEWS
                                   Official Publication of the
                                                                                                                                         The Mission Statement of the
                                                                                                                                         Disabled American Veterans
                              Department of Wisconsin, Inc.                                                                                        Made up of well over one million men and women disabled in our
                                                                                                                                                   nation’s defense, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) national
                                   130 Dauphin Street                                                                                              organization is dedicated to one, single purpose:
                        Green Bay, WI 54301-2110 (920) 406-0620
                                    www.davwi.com                                                                                                  Building better lives for all of our nation’s disabled veterans and
                                                                                                                                                   their families by: representing the interests of disabled veterans
Address all communications to: D.A.V 130 Dauphin St, Green Bay, Wisconsin                                                                          and their families, their widowed spouses and their orphans
54301-2110, FAX (920) 406-0621 or e-mail us at davnews@sbcglobal.net. Change of                                                                    before Congress, the White House, and the Judicial Branch, as
address: State former as well as new address, including Zip Code number. POST-                                                                     well as state and local government;
                                                   .               .
MASTER: Send Form No. 3579 to: Wisconsin D.A.V News, c/o D.A.V Membership
Department, P.O. Box 145550, Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-5550. Wisconsin DAV News is                                                                    Providing free, professional assistance to veterans and their fam-
produced at American Graphics & Design, 3380 S. 108th Street, Greenfield, WI                                                                       ilies in obtaining benefits and services earned through military
53227. President: Jenny DeBack. Graphic Designer: Nancy Daniels www.agad.com                                                                       service and provided by the department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
                                                                                                                                                   and other agencies of government;
Editor.....................................................................................................Marci M. Vargo
                                             130 Dauphin Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301-2110                                                   Extending the DAV’s mission of hope into communities where
Co-Editor ..........................................................................................Richard E. Marbes                              these veterans and their families live through a network of state-
                                                                                                                                                   level departments and 2,400 local chapters; and
                                             130 Dauphin Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301-2110

                                                                                                                                                   Providing a structure through which disabled veterans can
                    QUESTIONS REGARDING ADS OR CIRCULATION                                                                                         express their compassion for their fellow veterans through a
                        CAN BE ADDRESSED TO (920) 406-0620                                                                                         variety of volunteer programs.

                                  STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                                                                   THIS is the symbol we stand by;
                                                                                                                                                                   THIS is the symbol we believe in;
DEPARTMENT COMMANDER ....Holly Hoppe, 417 South Van Buren Street, Green Bay 54301
                                                                                                                                                                   THIS is who we are and who we want
SENIOR VICE COMMANDER....................................John Hoeft, P.O. Box 439, Omro 54963                                                                      to help.
JUNIOR VICE COMMANDER..........Kevin Johnson, 1685 Elkay Lane, #1, Green Bay 54302

JUDGE ADVOCATE ........................Al Labelle, 1505 South Cherry Street, Marshfield 54449
                                                                                                                                                                   JOIN US!
LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR ......Clarence Stoel, 1984 Rambling Rose Road, Waukesha 53186

IMMEDIATE PAST COMMANDER....................Roger Dorman, P.O. Box 100, Poynette 53955

1st DISTRICT COMMANDER....Kevin Walkowski, 27801 Homestead Road, Wind Lake 53185
                                                                                                                                            IS YOUR LIFE MEMBERSHIP
2nd DISTRICT COMMANDER ..............John Lynch, 5833 Balsam Road, #3, Madison 53711                                                            CARD WORN OUT?
3rd DISTRICT COMMANDER ........Thomas Weber, 1628 Huckleberry Avenue, Omro 54963                                                            If your Life Membership card is about ready for the recycling bin,
                                                                                                                                         please give the Membership Department a call at 888-236-8313, e-mail at
4th DISTRICT COMMANDER..................Terry McNitt, W6423 Highway 70, Spooner 54801
                                                                                                                                         membershipinfo@davmail.org or write, and we’ll send you a new one
5th DISTRICT COMMANDER ........................Stanley Jezeski, P.O. Box 52, Princeton 54968                                             right away.
6th DISTRICT COMMANDER ................Rick Patton, 205 Wilson Avenue, Rothschild 54474                                                     Please remember: Only full paid Life Members are entitled to receive
                                                                                                                                         the DAV Life Member Metal Card. This card may be ordered through
7th DISTRICT COMMANDER..Dennis Johnson, 408 South Eliza Street, Maquoketa, IA 52060
                                                                                                                                         the Membership Showcase catalog for $7.
                                                                                                                                                  Contact the Purchasing Dept. at National Headquarters
                                      PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE                                                                                                      for more information.

Roger Dorman....................................................................................P.O. Box 100, Poynette 53955

Marci Vargo............................................................................................P.O. Box 651, Bonduel 54107                    COPY DEADLINE
Holly Hoppe ......................................................417 South Van Buren Street, Green Bay 54301
                                                                                                                                            The deadline for submitting copy and photos for print in the State
                                                                                                                                          DAV Newspaper are due before January 1 (for the spring issue),
Charles Vandenplas ................................................................33 East 12th Street, Clintonville 54929
                                                                                                                                          April 1 (for the summer issue) and August 1 (for the fall issue).
Joe Anderson ......................................................................1812 11th Street, East Menomonie 54751                 Please submit copy and photos to the Editor, 130 Dauphin St.,
                                                                                                                                          Green Bay, WI 54301-2110.
                              DEPARTMENT AUXILIARY OFFICERS                                                                                 Photos can be of any size, including color photos. However, if the
                                                                                                                                          photo detail is not sharp and clear it will not reproduce satisfactorily.
                                                                                                                                          Photos will be returned only if requested by the sender. Digital images
Donna Boyes, Commander ............................................................113 Walter Street, Madison 53714
                                                                                                                                          and Word files are welcome. Please contact the Editor before sending.
Patty Davis, Adjutant ............................................455 W. Sunnyview Drive, #104, Oak Creek 53154
                                                                                                                                               Your Articles help make this Newspaper!
Ann Glende, Treasurer ................................8980 West Forest Home Avenue, #2, Greenfield 53228

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                                                                   2
                                                                                                                                DAV NEWS
 A Message from Our Commander                                                                                        A Message from Our
          Holly Hoppe                                                                                              Senior Vice Commander
   Greetings to fellow members! It’s that time again to ensure we seek new members.
We all know that membership is the backbone to this veterans’ organization and hav-
                                                                                                                        John R. Hoeft
ing a strong membership is the key to success. We are a special group of veterans that                   The Department fiscal year is winding down with the 12th District National Conference
seeks benefits and we continue to protect these at both Legislative at State and National             behind us and our Department District meetings upon us. Hope they were successful and
levels. This is accomplished by having strong membership numbers and participation.                   went well, which I’m sure they did with our outstanding District Commanders in charge.
DAV is out there fighting to protect all Veterans, especially our disabled members. Thank             Your Department has been blessed with our core of dedicated District Commanders.
you for your efforts in recruiting new members this year. It’s a challenge but we are always             This past year was a quick one with a lot of DAV activities in and out of the state.
successful – we should have another good year in 2010. Keep up the good job.                          I will dwell more on my SVC travels and activities when I recap in my report at the state
   Our Raffle Program will be starting up again for a second year. To be successful                   Convention in June. There has been a lot of highlights this past year, especially the
we’ll need your assistance; remember funds from this program are essential to our                     C & A conference in Kentucky, the National Convention in Denver and the Mid-Winter
DAV Transportation Program. I desire to thank the Chapters and individuals who sold                   conference in D.C., which being my first Mid-Winter, I was very impressed with.
and brought their raffle tickets.                                                                        I’m sure JA Labelle will have pictures and articles included in this issue, but I
   We need to take a few minutes to thank all DAV members, volunteers and their fam-                  would like to comment on some of the proposed items from Washington. In February,
ilies for all their hard work throughout the year assisting in the myriad of programs                 a $125 billion budget for the VA in 2011 was proposed. It comprises more than $60
within DAV: raffles, picnics, hospital visits and transportation. Your dedication is so               billion for health care and almost $65 billion for disability compensation and pen-
greatly appreciated and we recognize your sacrifices to help others.                                  sions, which overall represents a 7% increase over 2010. The proposed VA budget
   With spring here again we need to look toward important legislation activities at                  included several interesting revelations, such as: expecting a 30% increase in claims –
both the federal and state levels. You just need to pick up a newspaper or read your                  to more than 1.3 million from the 2009 levels. More than 1.7 billion in Post-9/11 GI
e-mails to see important headlines every day. That means DAV is competing against                     Bill payments have been issued since the program was implemented in August 2009.
many other interests vying for limited financial resources. We know all too well that,                Education claims are expected to grow by 32% from 2009 – increasing from 1.7 mil-
historically, the gains we make today for DAV veterans can be voted away and weak-                    lion to 2.25 million. Since 2005, 6,000 new mental health professionals have been
ened by competing political forces. We need to continue our effort to retain and obtain               added, bringing the total to 19,000. Since July 2007, VA’s suicide prevention hotline
important legislation for our members and our National Commander Roberto                              has received nearly 225,000 calls and claims to have saved nearly 7,000 lives.
“Bobby” Barrera is leading the way through his recent testimony before the commit-                       Now on to membership, which is always a factor in our organizations’ survival. As
tees on Veterans’ Affairs U.S. Senate/U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.                 of this writing, National informed me that we are at 99.8% of goal, which puts us right
on March 2, 2010.                                                                                     at the top behind Louisiana in Division III. Actually there are only five states that have
   We need to ensure our new combat disabled veterans returning from the conflicts in                 achieved 100% or more. For a national total, that figure is at 97.93%. It’s been rough
Iraq and Afghanistan have the seamless transitions of their benefits and services                     with the economical times and the amount of deaths; that has taken its toll on our
between the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs as they leave military service                 membership. I do commend and thank the District Commanders, Chapter Comman-
and become veterans.                                                                                  ders and the DAV members that helped in reaching our membership goals for this year.
   Another major concern is the ever-growing backlog of service-connected disability                     I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming DAV state Convention in Green Bay
claims within the VA; a recent count is over 1.1 million and that number is continuing                this June. Please, lets have every Chapter represented at this important function. Thanks
to grow. The backlog involves all veterans: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and cur-                   for all of your support this past year as your Department Senior Vice Commander.
rent War on Terrorism veterans. In many cases it takes years for a claim and/or appeal
to be processed through the VA system before a claim award letter is provided to the                  Yours in comradeship,
veteran. In some cases the veteran has passed away before the claim is adjudicated and                John R. Hoeft
therefore the claim is terminated with no benefits! The family has to return award ben-               Senior Vice Commander
efits back to the VA, causing undue financial hardship. So you can see how important                  DAV Department of Wisconsin
it is for DAV members to continue to pay attention to our legislative agenda and we
need to do our part by writing or calling or e-mailing elected representatives in Con-
gress and here in Wisconsin. Let them know we are interested in their voting records,
especially on how they support Disabled Veterans and their families. Remind them we
                                                                                                                     A Message from Our
are here, and that we vote!
   Employment for veterans, especially disabled veterans, has become an important
                                                                                                                   Junior Vice Commander
part of our organization. We need to seek veteran’s employment in any jobs bills in
Congress and seek information about employment entry hires in the Wisconsin gov-
                                                                                                                         K.C. Johnson
ernment. Seek out non-competitive appointments, if applicable; ensuring qualified                        As we all know, time sure flies when you are having fun. It has been a privilege to
disabled veterans are considered for employment first.                                                serve on the Department staff of Commander Holly Hoppe with SVC John Hoeft. The
   Looking forward to meeting fellow DAV members at the 12th District meeting and                     knowledge and mentoring of our DAV Department is a valuable asset and has assisted
State Convention in June in Green Bay, WI, as we all continue working for DAV          .              me in my JVC position.
                                                                                                         I would like to thank everyone at the Chapter, District and state level who has made
Holly Hoppe                                                                                           my year a success while I have been Dept. Jr. Vice Commander. It has been a tremen-
State Commander                                                                                       dous honor and a valuable learning experience.
DAV Department of Wisconsin                                                                              As wintertime fades and we come into springtime 2010, we are gearing up for a very
                                                                                                      active timeframe for our DAV All Districts will be having their upcoming conferences.
                                                                                                      I will be attending the following April conferences: District 1, Kenosha; District 2,
                                                                                                      Mineral Point; District 4, Ladysmith; District 3, Green Bay. All Chapters in each Dis-
                                                                                                      trict should have representation at these meetings. I look forward to representing the
                                                                                                      Department at these events.
                                                                                                         I would like to thank all of our volunteers – from our van transportation program,
                                                                                                      which include our office personnel who answer calls and schedule appointments, to
                                                                                                      our drivers who do an incredible job in all weather conditions. This includes all of our
    Mobile Service Office Wisconsin Stops                                                             VAVS hospital and clinic volunteers. When we work together, our DAV family will
                                                                                                      always be a successful veteran’s service organization.
 Date      Location                  Address                        City              Time
 7/12/10   Vet Center                1404 MacAuley Avenue           Rice Lake         0900-1530       Very respectfully,
                                                                                                      K. C. Johnson
 7/13/10   American Legion Post 93   327 W. Wisconsin Avenue        Tomahawk          0900-1530
                                                                                                      Junior Vice Commander
 7/14/10   WalMart Supercenter       1244 E. Green Bay Street       Shawano           0900-1530
                                                                                                      DAV Department of Wisconsin
 7/15/10   WalMart Supercenter       351 S. Washburn Street         Oshkosh           0900-1530
 7/16/10   WalMart Supercenter       3711 S. Taylor Drive           Sheboygan         0900-1530
 8/16/10   WalMart Supercenter       222 W. McCoy Boulevard         Tomah             0900-1530                         Attention Members
 8/17/10   WalMart Supercenter       920 US-12                      Baraboo           0900-1530
 8/18/10   WalMart Supercenter       2401 US-14 East                Richland Center   0900-1530
                                                                                                                       Please support us with our
 8/19/10   Piggly-Wiggly             158 N. Washington Street, #1   Lancaster         0900-1530                        Transportation Fundraiser –
 8/20/10   Grinnell Hall             631 Bluff Street               Beloit            0900-1530                     purchase or sell your raffle tickets
                                                                                                  3                                          DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
       A Message from Our Adjutant                                                                         Greetings from Our Treasurer
          Kenneth L. Kuehnl, Jr.                                                                                   Ann Glende
   This year’s Convention will offer a chance to meet                                              Greetings,
new friends and reconnect with old ones. We have                                                      It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the year. As a reminder, we still
changed the hospitality room to Friday night, with                                                 have two units who have not paid their mandates for 2009-2010, as well as one unit
entertainment by Garth Notes. Please refer to the Con-                                             who has not submitted their financial report to me. Failure to do so will result in your
vention schedule for proper times for events. This is our                                          unit being placed on hold, as well as bar you from participating at the 2010 State Con-
fun night for the convention – come out and enjoy it;                                              vention. Please get this information to me as soon as possible.
place a bid on an item to help the Auxiliary raise funds,                                             Also, “Take a Chance” tickets have been mailed; if you would like more tickets,
and relax with your friends and family and enjoy some                                              please contact myself or any member of the Finance Committee. We are hoping
good wholesome entertainment. Our National Guest is                                                to make this one of our best years, and can only do that with the support of our
Larry Polzin; Larry is the National 2nd Junior Vice                                                fellow members.
Commander from California. Come and introduce your-                                                   We are also seeking donations for the State Convention Auction/Holly Fest Table. If
self to Larry and give him a big Wisconsin welcome.                                                you have items, please give them to a member attending the Convention if you are not
Please refer to davwi.org and this issue of the DAV                                                attending. We have had great support so far from outside vendors, and if you’d like to
News, or contact HQ at 920-406-0620 or davwi.org for                                               take donation letters to vendors in your area, please contact me and I would be happy
                                                                Kenneth L. Kuehnl, Jr.
additional information.                                                                            to send you one.
   The new closing date for DAV Day at the Ballpark is June 25, 2010. You and your                    Please continue to support your area VA Hospitals and Veteran Homes with dona-
family are invited to attend the game at the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers July 18, 2010.              tions. There are several wish lists available for items that could aid in the growth and
This is a 1:05 p.m. start. If you want to attend this game along with the picnic (start-           rehabilitation of Veterans. We have had a great number of units donate this year, and I
ing 90 minutes prior to the game), the cost is $17.75 per adult or $13.75 for children,            know the VAVS Representatives are appreciative of that.
ages 3-10. The other option is to purchase a regular ticket for $6.50 each. The menu is               Thank you to a few people and my family for their continuous support throughout
hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad. Yum, this is a great deal,              the year. We are working on several changes to the aspect of the organization that will
and you get a chance to visit with other DAV/DAVA members and their families. There                only make it grow bigger and better. I always encourage those who have questions or
may be a surprise or two at the ball game and the outstanding pack of DAV baseball                 concerns to speak to me…I am here to assist and learn different ways, and would
cards. To get this deal, you must call Mary at headquarters at 920-406-0620 by June                appreciate those who do have questions, comments or concerns come to me to discuss
25th, 2010. At the writing of this article (March 19) 64 tickets have been sold, which             them personally, instead of going to others first.
means that there are 100 tickets left. Don’t delay any longer for your chance to attend               I am looking forward to seeing everyone at State Convention, and remember, I’m
this year’s DAV/DAVA Day at the Ballpark.                                                          just a phone call or an e-mail away.
   The Department will be holding a raffle to raise additional funds for the “new” van
fund. Each new van costs the Department over $25,000 each, so we need your help                    Thank you and God Bless,
and you may win one of the many money prizes. Tickets are $10.00 each; you will                    Ann Glende
receive two tickets and are asked to send your money and ticket stubs back to HQ                   State Treasurer
before the closing date of October 5th 2010, in a self-addressed envelope for your con-            Past State Commander
venience. The need is more than you know; our Transportation Program is growing
and assisting veterans to get to their appointments. If you would like additional raffle                  “I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone.
tickets, please contact Dick Marbes at HQ, the number is 920-406-0620.                                         People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.”
   The Department of Wisconsin was well represented at the Mid-Winter meeting this                                                   – Maya Angelou
February in Washington, D.C. Legislative Director Stoel did a good job putting together
Tuesday’s meeting with the congressional staffs. Dick Marbes, Roger Dorman, Al
Labelle, Steve Leopold, John Hoeft, John Kleindienst and myself, attended this year’s
   Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Line for their outstanding work in keeping                    Greetings from Dept. Historian
our Department up to a high standard this past year; all of us work for making a bet-
ter life for Wisconsin’s disabled veterans and their families. See you all at Convention                          K. C. Johnson
in Green Bay, June 11-12.                                                                             2010 has started off as a very busy year for the DAV throughout the state and espe-
                                                                                                   cially in the Green Bay area. The upcoming LZ Lambeau event has kept moving
Regards,                                                                                           toward its final stages. Commander Hoppe, PNC Marbes, Chapter 3 member Mike
Kenneth L. Kuehnl, Jr.                                                                             Lanahan and myself have attended meetings for this event, representing not only
Adjutant                                                                                           Green Bay DAV but also the Dept. DAV     .
                                                                                                      This is going to be a big event and we are all aware of the Web site to go to, which
                                                                                                   has been updated since our last newsletter. Please stay informed so you do not miss
                                                                                                   out on any of the May 20th through May 24th events. If you would like to volunteer
                                                                                                   for anything for LZ Lambeau, go to the Web site and click on the “Volunteer” link on
Marci, the Editor, a Big WINNER with                                                               the left.
                                                                                                      On Thursday, May 20th at 1600 hrs., The Moving Wall opening ceremony begins.
  Hill’s Still and DAV Chapter 43!                                                                 If you have not attended this solemn event before, this will be your best opportunity
   It was a balmy 40 degrees in January, as I made my way down to Hill’s Still in Pear-            to do so. Chapter 3 member, Mike Lanahan, and myself have volunteered to be a
son to visit my best friend Ronica who was home from San Diego. I think Ronica                     Walking Guard at The Moving Wall from 1600 to 1800 that evening. I look forward to
would not use the word ‘balmy’; however, she did agree it was a nice day for January!              seeing as many WI DAV and DAVA members and their families and friends during
   As we were visiting her mom and dad, Milt and Suzie Hill, the owners of Hill’s Still,           this four-day welcome home event.
they told me to stick around because it was DAV Chapter 43’s monthly gunless meat                     I have met and talked to many veterans about the DAV and our mission as a veter-
raffle. Well, I was feeling a little lucky that day and decided to stay. I figured what hus-       an’s service organization. Usually the first question I receive from someone is, “What
band would not like steaks being won for a fantastic cause?                                        is the DAV and what does the DAV do?” We all should be able to respond to this
   So as we watched the Vikings take on Dallas…yes, I know, I cheered for the                      question by quoting our mission statement, which is: “Building Better Lives for
Vikings…but they are in our division and even if you are anti-Brett Favre, you still               America’s Disabled Veterans and their families.” I would like to give you an example
gotta love to watch him play!                                                                      of our mission statement. I have personally called our NSO office on behalf of vet-
   It turns out, the Vikings were not the only winners that day – I was too! Now, I am             erans that needed assistance and our Milwaukee NSO personnel, including National
not sure if this had to do with me taunting the other raffle ticket buyers or the “threats”        Service Officer John Kleindienst. He and his staff have done an excellent job assist-
I was giving Sr. Vice Commander Jerry Favell and his wife, DAVA Treasurer/Adjutant,                ing these veterans in their claim process. Most of these veterans were not members
Maria, or maybe picking on Treasurer Keith Allen, but I ended up with two rib eyes                 of the DAV up to this point, and I am extremely proud that our NSOs have recruited
and two T-bones.                                                                                   a high percentage to our DAV family and these new members are located throughout
   I would like to say it was an afternoon well spent meeting wonderful people and                 the entire state.
helping a great cause. If you happen to be in the north woods the third Sunday of the                 I look forward to seeing all Chapters at our upcoming annual Convention in Green
month, stop in and take part in the raffle held at Hill’s Still. If I am there, I made a new       Bay, June 10th through June 12th.
rule: if you win two steaks, I am grabbing one of them – just kidding!
   Edelmann Meats are something very coveted around our area! Milt and Suzie                       Sincerely,
stated they enjoy having the veterans coming in and salute all our troops for all the              K. C. Johnson
sacrifices made and the troops who are still fighting to keep this country safe!                   Department Historian
DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                             4
                                                                                                                         DAV NEWS
       Zablocki VAMC Transportation
   Well, it is almost the end of the year and we are seeing an increase again in our rid-
ership. The need for volunteer drivers is still greatly needed in all areas of Wisconsin.
                                                                                                                           DAV Schedule
You do not have to be a DAV member or even a veteran to become a driver. You would
need to have fingerprints, a physical, training, a good driving record and auto insur-
ance (which you are covered by the tort at the VA, but your insurance card is to let us
                                                                                                                             of Events
know you are insurable). This seems like a lot, but the VA needs to make sure all are                                 DAV/DAVA State Convention
fit to transport our veterans.                                                                                                   June 10-12, 2010
   The new drop-off spot we have is working out great. We have a bit of a problem and                               Finance and Executive Meeting, June 13, 2010
for those of you who ride the van you may not leave the medical center grounds. If you                                  Radisson Hotel & Convention Center
are going to the library here at the medical center, you must first check in at the desk                                         2040 Airport Drive
downstairs, as soon as you are done with your appointment check in at the desk. We                                              Green Bay, WI 54313
have been working with clinics here to recognize who is riding our vans, so even if                                   Telephone 920-494-7300 or 800-333-3333
someone has a late appointment they may get into their clinics early. It would be in                                       $89.00 Single/Quad Occupancy
your best interest to check in as soon as you are done with your appointment.
   Another point is that the riders must remember that the volunteers working the desk                        DAV/DAVA Day at King Veterans Home
cannot give you any information on the other riders, due to the privacy act. If they do,
                                                                                                                                   June 27, 2010
they are in violation of the privacy act. They have to sign a statement saying that they
                                                                                                                                 Begins at 10:00 a.m.
will not give out any information on any veteran and if they do, they can be removed
                                                                                                                                  King, Wisconsin
from their positions.
   The new spinal cord building is coming along great. It is actually looking like a build-
ing. The tunnel that the patients will be using is completed. They are also working on all
                                                                                                        DAV/DAVA Day at Union Grove Veterans Home
the roofs of the medical center, so watch out for those cranes sticking up everywhere.                                             July 10, 2010
   We will be picking up new vans in the spring in Kentucky. I would like to thank all                                           Begins at 10:30 a.m.
the DAV/DAVA Chapters and Units for their support, and all the other organizations                                                Union Grove, WI
that donate to our program. Without all of your support, our program could not be as
successful as it is.                                                                                                DAV/DAVA Day at the Ballpark
   To Bruce, Blayne and Joe: thank you for all the work you do in our office in Milwaukee.                                         July 18, 2010
   It has been a good year and I would like to thank all those volunteer drivers and office                               Fox Cities Stadium, Appleton, WI
volunteers for their hard work and hope that you all will be with us for another year!                        Tickets w/Picnic: $17.75/adults $13.75/children (3-10 yrs.)
   Again, thank you for your support.                                                                                  Picnic will start at 11:00 a.m. at Stadium
                                                                                                                           Closing date is March 18, 2010
Patty Davis                                                                                                                 Tickets w/o Picnic: $6.50 each
                                                                                                                              Closing date is July 1, 2010
                                                                                                                              Game starting at 1:05 p.m.
                                                                                                                         Send money and reservations to HQ

                                                                                                                            National Convention
                                                                                                                             July 31-August 3, 2010
                                                                                                                      Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Peachtree Street
                                                                                                                              265 Peachtree Street NE
                                                                                                                                 Atlanta, GA 30303
                                                                                                                              Telephone: 404-577-1234
                                                                                                                                   $129.00 Single

                                                                                                                               Fall Conference
                                                                                                                              October 13-16, 2010
                                                                                                                               Radisson Paper Valley
                                                                                                                              333 W. College Avenue
                                                                                                                                Appleton, WI 54912
                                                                                                                      Telephone 920-733-8000 or 800-333-3333
                                                                                                                               $79.00 Single/Double

Wilson Mutual Insurance Co. donates to Oconto Co. DAV 45. At a recent Chapter 45                                                   Thanks
“Gunless” Poultry Shoot, held at Salschieder’s Antique Bar in Oconto Falls, Wilson                  I would like to thank everyone who helped me make $1,800 for our vets at the
Mutual, along with Senn’s Hometown Insurance Agency of Oconto Falls, made a                       Union Grove Veterans Home. The weather at the Polar Plunge at Eagle Lake was 5°
sizeable donation to Chapter 45 – all funds destined for veterans assistance. Pictured            above, without wind chill! Water was nice and warm??
is Chapter 45 Commander John Boettcher thanking Bob Western, President of Wil-
son Mutual for his dedication to the DAV. In the row behind them are some members                 Ron Karaway
of Chapter 45 and other area veterans. Bob says he heard of the good work of the
DAV and was proud to help support their mission…“building better lives for Amer-
ica’s disabled veterans.”
                                                                                                                 DAV Day Union Grove
            MONROE COUNTY CHAPTER #27                                                                The Date has been set for July 10, 2010. We will need volunteers to help set up
                                                                                                  starting at 6:30 a.m. and serve lunch from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
                 and AUXILIARY                                                                       Members will eat free; all others will have a $5.00 charge.
                                                                                                     The members are looking forward to this day and are excited to see Chapter
              Bob Burrier                               Connie Burrier                            members from around the state. Let us give the veterans a good time.
               COMMANDER                                 UNIT COMMANDER                              The address to the Veterans Home:
           Curtis Gibeaut                                 Cleo Sullivan                                                  21425 Spring Street (County Hwy. C)
                 ADJUTANT                                  UNIT ADJUTANT                                                        Union Grove, WI 53182
                                                                                                     It is west of U.S. Highway 45.
             Meetings at the Tomah VFW Hall at 7:00 p.m.
   the last Monday of every month except May, July and December                                   Ron Karaway

                                                                                              5                                      DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs
       Elects New Officers
   MADISON – The Wisconsin Board of Veterans
Affairs, governing body of the Wisconsin Department of
Veterans Affairs (WDVA), elected new officers during a
meeting on February 19.
   Marcia Anderson of Verona, a U.S. Army Reserve
Brigadier General, was elected to serve a one-year term
as Board Chair. Dan Naylor of Waupaca, a Vietnam era
veteran, was elected Vice-Chair, and Jackie Guthrie of
Sun Prairie, an Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) veteran,
was reelected as Board Secretary.
   “The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
appreciates the exceptional leadership and dedication of
outgoing Chair Marv Freedman,” said WDVA Secretary
Ken Black. “We look forward to working with the new
                                                                  Marcia Anderson
officers, under the leadership of Board Chair Marcia
Anderson, who has a strong background in military leadership.”
   Anderson began service in the U.S. Army Reserve in 1979 and was confirmed for
Brigadier General in April 2007, the fourth highest commissioned rank in the U.S.              Pictured, L-R: Steve Armin and Cathy Price of DAV Chapter 39 present a “Plaque of
Army. She assumed command of Regional Support-West, located in Arlington                       Appreciation” to Kutter Harley’s Lucy Anderson, their Event/Marketing Manager.
Heights, IL, in October 2007. She has commanded at the Brigade, Battalion and Com-
pany levels, as well as holding various senior operations and training positions in                      Kutter Honored with Plaque
Army Reserve units in New Jersey, Wisconsin and Kansas. She previously served as                  In times when businesses are taking a      “We have always had great support for
the Assistant Division Commander-Operations, Headquarters 95th Division, Okla-                 hard hit due to the economic conditions, it   our annual Forget Me Not fundraiser that
homa City, Oklahoma. She has been awarded three Meritorious Service Medals, the                is so great to have a business, like Kutter   we do in our communities, but we are
Army Commendation Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal. As a reserve                  Harley-Davison/Buell in Janesville, help      hoping to reach out and network with
component service member, Brigadier General Anderson is employed by the United                 the many nonprofit organizations who          some of our strong community businesses,
States Courts, where she serves as the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court, Western Dis-             have a hard time meeting their needs.         as well. As usual, we have more work to
trict of Wisconsin, located in Madison, Wisconsin.                                                This year, Kutter Harley is graciously     do. The funds received from our Forget
   Naylor is a Vietnam era veteran who served in the U.S. Army as a Military Police            paying for the professional printing and      Me Not goes out 100%. We have to find
Officer and Correctional Specialist in the 256th Military Police Company and was               sending out of monthly meeting notices        other revenues to build our general fund.
awarded the Army Commendation Medal. In 1974, he assisted in the establishment of              for DAV Chapter 39 based in Jefferson         Unlike the Legion and VFW, we do not
Vets House, a service center for Vietnam era veterans in Madison, and helped create            County; last year they paid for the           operate a bar or other business ventures.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment services in Northern Wisconsin and the                monthly mailings of Janesville’s DAV          All our time is volunteered and many
Upper Peninsula of Michigan under contract with the Veterans Administration. He has            Chapter 6. Without their support, Chap-       of our members are very disabled.
been involved over the last 30 years in supporting veterans’ groups and their activities       ter 39 simply could not afford it; the cost   Therefore, when a business like Kutter
throughout the state.                                                                          would be too much.                            Harley-Davidson/Buell of Janesville
   Guthrie enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve in November 1986, transferred to the                 While some DAV Chapters are dwin-          reaches out, even across the county line,
Wisconsin Army National Guard as a Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet in                     dling in numbers to the point of closing,     we are so grateful. We reach back and
August 1990, and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Wisconsin Army                    Chapter 39 is growing, going strong and       support the veteran activities in their area
National Guard after completing ROTC in December 1991. Her military service                    reaching out in their area and beyond to      – we are all in this together.”
includes: the Inactive Ready Reserve Control Group, a U.S. Army Reserve staff                  help veterans.                                   Area veterans that have come back and
assignment in Germany, commander of the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s 139th                     “It takes a community of both citizens     need strong and free assistance with their
Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, and public affairs officer for the Wisconsin                 and businesses that recognize the value of    benefit claims can contact DAV Chapter
Army National Guard’s 32nd Infantry Brigade. She was mobilized with the 32nd                   their hardworking veteran organizations,”     39 at 920-563-2545. We will get you and
Brigade headquarters in June 2005 and served on active duty for 14 months in                   said Cathy Price, Adjutant for Chapter 39.    your family the help you deserve!
Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom until August 2006. She currently
holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and is assigned as public affairs officer for
Joint Force Headquarters of the Wisconsin National Guard. She is a federal employee
with the Wisconsin National Guard and Department of Military Affairs, serving as
the director of public affairs.
   Her military awards and commendations include two Meritorious Service Medals,
the Army Achievement Medal, five Army Reserve Components Achievement
Medals, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and Service Medals, two
awards of the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with “M” Device, the Wisconsin
Department of Military Affairs Commendation Medal, Wisconsin Emergency Ser-
vice Ribbon and Wisconsin Guard Write Ribbon.
   At its first meeting in each year, the Board elects a chairperson, vice chairper-
son, and Board secretary as officers of the Board. Officers can be reelected for
successive terms.
   For more information about the Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs, see
www.WisVets.com/Board. For information on department programs and services for Wis-
consin veterans, go to www.WisVets.com or call toll-free at 1-800-WIS-VETS (947-8387).

        Twin County Chapter 34
           Western Racine & Walworth Counties
             Meets 1st Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.
                Veterans Memorial Building
                                                                                               Commander Sam Swinehart of Dickop-Hornke Chapter 14 in Beloit gives a
             588 Milwaukee Avenue, Burlington                                                  $1,000.00 check to DSO/HSC Larry W. Hauger. The money is designated for the Wis-
                                                                                               consin Transportation Program. Larry was invited to the Chapter meeting to explain
           Phone: (262) 895-3334 for information                                               the possibility of having a DAV van out-stationed in Rock County. A hearty thanks
                                                                                               to Chapter 14.
DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                         6
                                                                                                                 DAV NEWS

            2010 CONVENTION                                                                      Disabled American
                                                                                                                                                Department of
        Disabled American Veterans                                                              2010 STATE CONVENTION
    82nd Annual Department Convention                                                               Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
            Radisson Hotel & Conference Center                                            2040 Airport Drive • Green Bay, WI 54313 • 1-920-494-7300
                      Green Bay, WI                                                                      Hotel Reservations Close May 16, 2010
                   June 10, 11, 12, 2010
                                                                                                      Convention Registration
12 Noon-3:00 p.m. Registration                           3 Clan’s Pre-function           Unit Name & No.: __________________________________________________
9:00 a.m.            Transportation Committee*
                                                                                         Delegate Name: ___________________________________________________
11:00 a.m.           Human Resource Committee*           Salon Turtle/Bear
      *This Meeting will conclude with a Closed Session for Personnel Issues             Phone No.: ________________________________________________________
12:30 p.m.           Rehab and Hospital Committee        Salon Turtle/Bear
                                                                                         Street: ____________________________________________________________
1:30 p.m.            Finance Committee*                  Salon Turtle/Bear
2:45 p.m.            Executive Committee Meeting*        Salon Turtle/Bear               City:_____________________________________ ZIP Code: _______________
      *This Meeting will conclude with a Closed Session for Personnel Issues
FRIDAY, JUNE 11                                                                          J   Delegate   J   Alternate   J   State Officer   J   PDC   J   Other _________
7:30-8:30 a.m.         Registration                         3 Clan’s Pre-function        INDICATE THE SESSION WHICH YOU WILL BE ATTENDING:
8:30 a.m.              Joint Session                        Salon Turtle/Bear            J   Friday – Business Sessions (June 11, 2010)
10:30 a.m.             Break                                3 Clan’s Pre-function
11:00 a.m.             1st Business Session                 Salon Turtle/Bear            J   Friday – Evening Hospitality Room (June 11, 2010)
11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.   Registration                         3 Clan’s Pre-function        J   Saturday – Business Sessions (June 12, 2010)
12 Noon                Past Commanders Luncheon             Grand Council Ballroom       J   Saturday – Evening Banquet (June 12, 2010)
1:30 p.m.              2nd Business Session                 Salon Turtle/Bear
Following Session      Trench Rats Rendezvous               Salon Turtle/Bear            Send Convention Registration Forms and payment to:
5:00 p.m.              Memorial Service                     Iroquois South                                   DAV State Headquarters
6:30 p.m.              Live Auction/Hospitality             Grand Council North                                 130 Dauphin Street
SATURDAY, JUNE 12                                                                                          Green Bay, WI 54301-2110
7:30-9:00 a.m.         Registration                         3 Clan’s Pre-function
8:30 a.m.              3rd Business Session                 Salon Turtle/Bear                A separate form is needed for each attendee/guest. Make copies as needed.
11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.   Registration                         3 Clan’s Pre-function
12 Noon                Commander’s Lunch (by Invitation)    Grand Council Ballroom       Make All Checks Payable to: DAV, Dept. of Wisconsin
1:00 p.m.              4th Business Session                 Salon Turtle/Bear            Please indicate which payments you are including, and who they are
2:30 p.m.              Break                                3 Clan’s Pre-function        for:    J $20.00 Registration Fee ($25.00 after May 28th)
2:45 p.m.              Election of Officers for 2010-2011
                       Adjournment                          Salon Turtle/Bear
                                                                                                 J $25.00 Banquet Fee
5:00 p.m.              Cocktail Hour/Cash Bar               Grand Council North              NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 4, 2010
5:45 p.m.              Banquet                              Grand Council North                  AND ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 4TH
  * ROOMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME *                                             Be sure to indicate your choice of banquet meal:
SUNDAY, JUNE 13                                                                          J Oven Roasted Turkey J Baked Salmon J Grilled Sirloin Steak
8:00-12 Noon           Finance and Executive Meetings           Huron/Ontario

                 Fishing With the Vets                                                   To: Gundel Metz
                                                                                         Subject: Disabled Veteran Hunt

                                                                                         Hi Gundel,
                                                                                            Per our conversation on 10 March, I would
                                                                                         be interested in any contacts/information that
                                                                                         you could provide or forward me in relation to
                                                                                         setting up a disabled veteran deer hunt in 2010.
                          # Wind Lake, Wisconsin #                                       Here’s a little background:
   Every year in Wind Lake, we bring out the disabled vets from Union Grove.                I currently work for the U.S. Army Corps of
We take them out for a few hours fishing on the lake or just to enjoy a boat ride.       Engineers at Eau Galle Recreation Area in
Then we treat them all to a fantastic barbeque and some door prizes and some             the Village of Spring Valley, WI. Our man-
great friendship.                                                                        aged recreation area consists of 630 acres
   We have about 50-75 volunteers that take care of 40+ wheelchairs; getting them        which includes several day use areas, a lake
on the pontoon boats, along with their fishing rods and refreshments for the trip        and a campground. The Disabled Veteran
around the lake. Once they are back on land, we get them all set around the tables       Hunt would be a first for our project and for myself. The idea would be to shut
for some great food and beverages.                                                       down our campground during deer hunting season, thus setting up ground blinds in
   They are so grateful to be out of the Vets Home for awhile and they really have       strategically positioned locations.
a good time. The Vets Home staff does a nice job bringing them all on the buses             If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me at any time.
and vans and helping us identify the diet and needs of every Vet that attends.              I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you in advance for any
   Our 5th annual “Fishing with the Disabled Vets” is set for August 28, 2010. We        assistance you could provide me on this matter.
are just a group of veterans and patriotic folks who are paying it forward.
   We are VFW members, UAW Vets, Vets of America/MC Riders, Legion Riders,               Respectfully,
DAV members, etc.                                                                        Jeff Grow
   Just sharing our story with you!                                                      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
                                                                                         W501 Eau Galle Dam Road
Jeff “Doc” Dentice                                                                       Spring Valley, WI 54767
www.war-veterans.org/Vfish.htm                                                           715-778-5562

                                                                                     7                                      DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                 John R. Hoeft                                                                                Kevin (KC) Johnson
                Candidate for                                                                                asks for your support…
            Department Commander                                                               Greetings:
                                                                                                  At this time I would like to inform the entire DAV
   It is a privilege to announce my candidacy for Depart-                                      membership of my intentions to seek higher office within
ment Commander. I’m a Life Member of Chapter 17 and                                            the DAV Dept. of WI.
have been the Commander since 2006. I also have served                                            I have served as Dept. Jr. Vice Commander for the last
in other various offices and committees. I have received                                       year under Commander Hoppe. My responsibilities
unanimous endorsements from my Chapter and District, as                                        include Dept. Historian and Youth Committee chairman.
well as other Chapters and Districts throughout the state.                                     I have assisted in legislative matters through our Leg-
   I am currently the Department Senior Vice Commander                                         islative Director Clarence Stoel and our Judge Advocate
and would like to seek higher office as the Department                                         Clarence Labelle. This has been an important learning
Commander. Our Department of Wisconsin faces difficult                                         process for myself, through a strong mentoring program.
economic times, yet also is poised to grow in membership                                       I have received knowledge and information that will ben-
and demand for services. We will need sound fiscal                                             efit not only myself, but also our entire DAV family. I
responsibility to meet those challenges and opportunities.                                     have worked to improve our membership throughout the
Our current Department leadership has made some solid                                                                                                     Kevin (K.C.) Johnson
                                                                                               state – membership needs to be one of our top priorities
decisions and some tough choices for the good of the                                           as we move forward as a veterans’ service organization.
                                                                    John R. Hoeft
order. I believe the future task before me is to see these                                        I have attended the DAV National Convention, State Convention and conferences,
decisions through successfully for the long-term future of our Department, the best            as well as meetings representing the DAV for the upcoming LZ Lambeau event. My
interest for our members and the ability to carry out our commitment to our mission:           number one priority is always our DAV family.
SERVICE TO VETERANS. With your support, I will put my full ability and experi-                    I have worked with our DAVA in assisting them with membership and we should
ence to work, and together we will succeed in building a better, stronger and more vital       have strong teamwork as we look to the future. I am proud to say my mother, Char-
Wisconsin DAV     .                                                                            lotte Johnson, and myself are Life Members of DAVA, Unit 3, Green Bay.
                       Other Veteran affiliations and background:                                 I have the support of Commander Hoppe and SVC Hoeft, and now I ask for your
                U.S. Army Veteran (10/68-5/70) Vietnam – 199th Infantry                        support in my intentions to seek higher office.
                          American Legion Post 234 (PUFL-PC)                                      Thank You.
                                   VFW Post 1908 (LM)
                     Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 437 (LM)                              Very Respectfully,
                         Fox Valley Vietnam Veterans Assoc. (LM)                               Kevin C. Johnson
                                   AmVets Post 7 (LM)                                          Junior Vice Commander
                     National Sojourners – Milwaukee Chapter (LM)                              DAV Department of Wisconsin
                    Redcatcher – Assoc. of the 199th Infantry Brigade
                         Combat Infantry Badge Association (LM)
                         Voiture 751, 40 & 8 – Winnebago County
                       Army and Navy Union, USA – Garrison 1127                                                                 Reelect
                                  Kiwanis Club of Omro
                                   Elks USA – Oshkosh
                                 Omro Lodge 168 F & AM
                                                                                                                 Clarence Stoel
                              Winnebago Chapter 43 R.A.M.
                               Beja, Tripoli and Zor Shriners                                                        Legislative Director
                  Winnebagoland, Mascoutin and Appleton Shrine Clubs
                               Wisconsin Association of Fairs
                                 Omro Athletic Association
                       Member of First Presbyterian Church – Omro
                        Retired Banker and Retired Business Owner

      Son, John II; Grandsons, John III and James; and Granddaughter, Noelle
                                                                                                    Manawa                                     Marinette
       *VOTE for JOHN HOEFT at the Department Convention in June*                                   Chapter                                     County
                    Attention Members
                                                                                                      #53                                     Chapter #42
                                                                                                            Meets                                   Meetings:
                 Please support us with our                                                                                                  1st Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
                 Transportation Fundraiser –                                                            4th Thursday
                                                                                                         at 7:30 p.m.                        WISCONSIN NATIONAL
              purchase or sell your raffle tickets                                                                                               GUARD ARMORY
                                                                                                      Community Center                         2000 MARY STREET
                                                                                                    600 Washington Street
            Ray H. Fuller Chapter #17                                                                New London, 54961                              MARINETTE,
           MEETS 4TH TUESDAY                        AT    7:00 P.M.
                                 Elk’s Club                                                              Commander:                            ANTHONY SEMRAU
                                                                                                       Thomas Severson                            Commander
                           175 West Fernau Avenue

               Commander: John Hoeft (920) 685-0346                                                                                           HENRY LESPERANCE
                                                                                                  “Wisconsin’s Outstanding
               Adjutant: Rosemarie Pitz (920) 235-3713                                            Chapter of the Year 2008”                        Adjutant
            319 Shorelane Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901-5320

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                         8
                                                                                                                        DAV NEWS

               Chapter 19 Endorses                                                                               Charles Vandenplas
             Blayne Pynakker for DAV                                                                             for 12th District NEC
             Junior Vice Commander                                                                                      2010-12
My name is:                                  Blayne H. Pynakker, Sr.                             I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the office of 12th District National Com-
Membership Number:                           4801912434459                                    mittee (NEC). I presently serve as the Adjutant of Wisconsin Chapter 53, and Department
Home Address:                                N2705 Curtis Mill Road                           VAVS Chairperson for the Department of Wisconsin. With the support of my Chapter and
                                             Fort Atkinson, WI 53538                          family, I am asking for your support in my candidacy; and look forward in serving as your
Phone Number:                                262-751-1633 (Cell) or                           next 12th NEC, representing Illinois and Wisconsin. The following information is my
                                             920-397-7089 (Home)                              resumé with DAV and related veterans committees or associations:
                                             414-384-2000, Ext. 41811 (Work)                                Disabled American Veterans Department of Wisconsin:
Seeking office of:                           Jr. Vice                                                                           Life Member WI #53
Eligible through:                            Self and Father                                                                     State Commander
Member of:                                   Unit #19 West Allis, State of Wisconsin                                            Sr. Vice Commander
I have memberships in other                                                                                                     Jr. Vice Commander
  State departments:                         No                                                                                    Judge Advocate
I have been a member since:                  2009                                                                            Fifth District Commander
I have held the following office:            Commander Unit #19                                                                Department Inspector
I am now holding the following                                                                                                Membership Chairman
  Unit office:                               Commander Unit #19                                                               State VAVS Chairperson
I have held the following State office:      None                                                As State Commander, every chapter in the Department hit 100% goal. I have served on
I am now holding the State office of:        N/A                                              the Constitutions and Bylaws Committees; DAV Day at King and Union Grove Commit-
I have held the following offices                                                             tee; Human Resources Committee; Publications Committee, Hospital and Rehabilitation
  on the National level:                     None                                             Committee and also Chairperson, Chairman of the Youth Award, Fundraising Committee
I am now holding the National office of:     N/A                                              and Audit Committee, Chapter of the Year Committee Chairperson.
I have held the following chairmanships
  on the Unit, State, and National levels:   Flag Bearer                                      National Level:
Would you accept any office?                 Yes                                              Employment Committee
                                                                                              Life Member of the Commanders and Adjutant Association
Community Events in the past year:                                                            Commanders and Adjutant Association, Audit Committee
  • Over 700 hours donated to the DAV Transportation Network
  • Over 2,500 miles driven for the DAV Transportation Network                                National Order of Trench Rats:
  • Volunteering for the 2010 Reclaiming our Heritage event                                   Red Eyed Gnawer, Treasurer
  • Routine blood/plasma donor                                                                Sector Level Red Eyed Gnawer, Treasurer
  • Drove in a patriotic fundraising parade for Disabled American Veterans                    Silver Rodent
    Transportation Network on Flag Day Weekend
  • Participated in the “Forget Me Not” program by volunteering on two separate               Chapter Level:
    weekends to raise donations at Pick and Save and at Miller Park                           Commander – five years
  • Coordinated transportation for WWII Veteran to General Mitchell International             Sr. Vice Commander
    Airport in Milwaukee, WI in order for him to take part on the Freedom Flight              Jr. Vice Commander
  • Drove van and cooked for the DAV/DAVA Day at Miller Park                                  Fundraising Chairperson
  • Sold raffle tickets for the DAV/DAVA Fall Conference fundraiser                           Legislative Chairperson
  • Served lunch to the veterans at the annual 4th of July picnic on the grounds of the       Membership Chairperson
    Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee                                        Service Office
  • Drove for the Milwaukee Stand Down to bring homeless veterans to the event
Why are you interested in becoming a State Officer?
                                                                                              A Life Member of the Society of the Third Infantry Division, Cold War Veterans Association
   In the past year being involved in the DAVA on the unit level, I feel I am ready to
                                                                                              1st CAV Division
take the next step. I have had a lot of exposure to the people who the DAVA serves, as
                                                                                              Army-Navy Union
well as those who are actively involved in the organization, which makes me believe I
                                                                                              12th CAV Division
will make a positive impact to the DAVA in the State of Wisconsin. This is an organi-
                                                                                              8th CAV Division
zation I truly believe in and am eager to give back to our veterans for all they have,
                                                                                              VETS for Freedom
and still are, giving to us.
                                                                                              US ARMY 1st Team
What do you think you can contribute to the DAVA and its growth?                              The American Legion
   I think being a man in a DAVA state elected position will open up doors for other          VFW
men to want to join and become involved in this organization. I am a planner who will         AMVETS
always follow up on projects and/or requests. An example of this is, last December, I         Polish Legion of American Veterans
planned the DAV Transportation appreciation for the drivers. Furthermore, being a             Veterans Memorial Committee Clintonville, WI
second generation veteran myself, I come with a true compassion to the DAVA. Lastly,          WDVA Legislative and Program Review Committee
I come with a tremendous amount of energy and a “can do” attitude willing to go the           DAV Wheelchair Shop at Kings Veterans Home
extra mile.                                                                                     I believe that I have all of the needed qualifications for the position of 12th District
   I appreciate you taking the time to consider my application for the position of Jr.        NEC. I would be honored and humbled to work for the 12th District, and continue our
Vice in the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, State of Wisconsin.                         excellence of serving in the DAV   .

Blayne H. Pynakker, Sr.                                                                       In Comradeship,
March 23, 2010                                                                                Charles Vandenplas

                                                       Attention Members
                                   Please support us with our Transportation Fundraiser –
                                            purchase or sell your raffle tickets
                                                                                          9                                          DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                                                 2009-2010 Auxiliary Officers
                                          Offer Guidance and Seek your Participation
    A Word from State Commander                                                                    State Junior Vice Commander
           Donna Boyes…                                                                                    Patty Johnson
   This is extremely important if we want the DAVA to continue to have units and                                               Happy New Year
a state department. I want everyone to start thinking on how we can save our units
and get more members. We are about to lose a couple more units. We need to get                  What’s happening with our juniors? Juniors that are planning on attending the State
more participation at unit meetings. I know members are busy with their families, but        Convention in June are asked to make a poster. It is to be on “someone that has made
I would like you to take a couple hours each month to participate in unit meetings.          a difference in your life as a veteran.” It can be a short essay and can include pictures
WE NEED YOUR HELP.                                                                           of the veterans. These will be judged and awards will be given out.
   On January 28, 2010, I visited Unit 3 in Green Bay. I would like to thank them for           As of the last count, the State of Wisconsin has 281 Junior members. It is great to
the great food and company.                                                                  see that many. Let’s see if we can recruit some new ones to our units.
   On February 2, 2010, I visited the Tomah VA. I would like to thank Cindy Gluch               At our State Convention the juniors will be selling popcorn, so stop by and help
and Peggy for going on the tour with me. It was very enjoyable.                              them out. The money will all be donated back to the veterans.
   I had planned to go to Kenosha on February 10, 2010, but because of the weather              See you all at the Convention in June.
the unit meeting was cancelled.
   On March 10, 2010, I visited Unit 30 in Kenosha. Past State Commander June                Patty Johnson
Marheine went with me. I would like to thank the members present for their company.          State Junior Vice Commander
   On March 25, 2010, I visited the Milwaukee VA. I would like to thank Patty for all
your work setting up the visit.
   On March 26-27, 2010, I attended the 12th District Conference in Rockford, Illi-
nois. We had four Wisconsin members that attended. They were Patty Davis, June                                  DAVA State Adjutant
Marheine, Jane Stoel and myself.
   I will be on the LZ Lambeau Motorcycle Ride on May 21, 2010 from La Crosse to
                                                                                                                   Patty Davis
Green Bay. I plan on volunteering to help out any way I can on Saturday, May 22 and             Well, another year is coming to a close fast with me serving as your state Adjutant.
Sunday, May 23. I have talked to several of the planners and they need as many vol-          I have been your Adjutant for five years now and I am still learning new things as they
unteers as they can get.                                                                     come along. What I know is that you can always learn, but sometimes if things are
   A big thank you goes out to everyone that is helping me get things accomplished.          working well, let us work together and explain why we are doing things the way we are.
   Well, that’s it for now. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.                             There also seems to be a lot of animosity among members on how things are done
                                                                                             and so on. Please let’s try to work together on helping our units survive. We all talk
Donna Boyes                                                                                  about the need for new blood. Well, when we get that new blood, let’s listen and not
State Commander                                                                              pre-judge everyone. If you have something to say to someone, say it to them and not
                                                                                             others. Even if they see that person daily, they may not know what their job is or how
                                                                                             they do it. So again, let’s all get along. We are all here for one purpose. Remember our
      State Senior Vice Commander                                                            oath to help disabled American veterans and their families.
                                                                                                I know many units are having problems with membership attending meetings, but
              Rose Williams                                                                  frankly, we cannot lose any more units. What I do not understand is if your unit is having
                                                                                             problems, why is your unit not calling the state DAVA office to help? You, as members,
Dear Auxiliary Members,                                                                      elected and appointed the officers, so that means you have trust in them to serve our
   As I write this article, our membership stands at 93.69%. We have 2,235 Life Mem-         state and help with membership. My number is 414-232-6670 and you can call me
bers, 175 annual members and 204 junior members for a total of 2,614. Our quota for          from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. and I will help you, or I can give your message to the other
the state is 2,790 members.                                                                  state officers to help you. Most of the state officers have e-mail; check the roster for
   I know we all tried hard to get our membership up, but it is truly hard. We have          those e-mails or check out the DAVA state Web site for more information.
lost two units, and will probably lose another two or three shortly. It seems that              We also have to work on making our new members welcome. It was suggested that if you
the members are aging and have held the offices in the units for years – and are             have a junior member becoming a senior member, take that junior and introduce them to the
just tired.                                                                                  Chapter as a new senior member. Have a special lunch or whatever and not only for the junior
   We should all try and get younger members involved. They are our future and               member, but any new member. Sounds like fun? You bet! We all need to remember that we
we have to show them what a great organization the DAVA is!! I am still work-                are here for the Disabled American Veterans and their families. That new member may have
ing on getting another Auxiliary going. I am very close and hope to have it done             the same issues that you and your family had earlier in your life, and we need to help them
before Convention. There are some ladies that are going to join that are raring              through their time of need and put them in the right direction for help they may need.
to go and already have a lot of good ideas. I am hoping a few of them will come                 Your unit should have received all Convention material. Please make sure that the
to Convention.                                                                               members attending have the proper paperwork with them. Should any member need
   Thanks to all of you for trying to get new members and keep our wonderful                 information on the Convention, call me at 414-232-6670 and I will be happy to assist in
organization growing! Hope to see a lot of you at Convention!                                any way I can. Our Jr. Vice has lots planned for those in attendance, so bring them along.
                                                                                                Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Hope to see you all at Convention and have a
Sincerely,                                                                                   safe and healthy summer.
Rose Williams
State Senior Vice Commander                                                                  Patty Davis

            OCONTO COUNTY                                                                                  Green Bay Chapter #3
             CHAPTER #45                                                                                          Meets 4th Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
                                   - MEETINGS -                                                                    Chapter #3 Office Building
                  2nd Wednesday of each month at Senior Center,                                                         130 Dauphin Street
                   518 Caldwell Avenue, Oconto Falls, 7:00 p.m.                                                    Commander: John Honaker
               “Where Service Is No. 1 - Veterans Helping Veterans”                                                   Adjutant: John Green
      8710 Schroeder Road, Oconto Falls, WI 54154 / (920) 848-7787                            Website:http://www.davmembersportal.org/chapters/wi/03/default.aspx

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                      10
                                                                                                                                DAV NEWS

                                                     2009-2010 Auxiliary Officers
                                              Offer Guidance and Seek your Participation
        DAVA State Judge Advocate                                                                        DAVA Finance Committee Chair
             Betty J. Wimmer                                                                         April 2010

                             Topic: Protocol Pointers                                                RE: State Convention, June 2010

• Members should address all remarks to and through the Chair, not at other members.                    It’s that time of the year to think of and plan for the State Convention.
• Members should always address the Commander as Madame Commander.                                      Once again, we are asking for your help to make it a success.
• Members should address the Vice Commander as “Madame Commander” if the                                We are asking for donations of baskets or items for the following:
  Commander is not on the platform, as the Vice Commander is serving as the presid-                     1. The Live Auction
  ing officer in the Commander’s absence.                                                               2. Bucket Raffles
• Members should address the Vice Commander as “Madame Vice Commander” if the                           3. Baked goods and candy (especially chocolate).
  Commander is on the platform.                                                                         4. Miscellaneous Table
• The address of the Commander is accepted by the presiding officer without vote, as                    There will also be a silent auction, along with the bucket raffle.
  a courtesy to the Commander.                                                                          Special Note: We still have some cookbooks. There will be a special clearance
• Do not state a motion before it is seconded, or discuss it prior to being seconded.                price of $10.00 at the Convention. Orders can be made for pick up and payment at
  Always take the negative vote.                                                                     Convention only.
• Any recommendations or action taken by the Executive Committee is recorded and                        Also “Take A Chance” tickets were mailed out in March. If you need more, contact
  a report is made.                                                                                  me, a Finance Committee Member or Ann and we will get more out to you.
• If action is required by the general membership, then it needs to be brought before                   Any Unit or Chapter not able to make the Convention, your donation will be
  the membership and brought to a vote.                                                              greatly appreciated.
• To approve means to ratify. To accept means to receive (such as reports). To adopt is
  to take affirmative action on motions.                                                                                REMEMBER: This goes to help our Veterans!
• In making transitions from one presiding officer to another, state, for example, “The
   Vice Commander will assume the Chair.” You never “turn the gavel over” to anyone.                 Kathy McGowan
   REMEMBER…the most important thing to keep in mind is that no one is born a                        Finance Committee Chair, DAVA
leader. Leadership is something you must commit to for yourself…Give it a try, you                   W5502 Azalea Drive
might like it!                                                                                       Shawano, WI 54166
                                                                                                     Phone: 715-745-2609
Betty J. Wimmer                                                                                      E-mail: dmcgo77483@frontiernet.net
State DAVA Judge Advocate

                                                                                                                           Child Welfare 2010
                   DAVA State Chaplain                                                                  CHAPS (Children with Horses Achieving Productivity and Success) Academy was
                      Sharon Pieper                                                                  the chosen place for your Child Welfare donations this year. CHAPS Academy is a
                                                                                                     Christian-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the strength, health and well-
                           THE EXPANSE OF GOD’S LOVE:                                                being of those who live in the Outagamie, Winnebago, Calumet, Brown, Waupaca,
    “May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide,                     Fond du Lac and Shawano counties. Their mission is to serve children and families
                 how long, how high, and how deep His love really is.”                               dealing with emotional or behavioral difficulties through the use of equine-assisted
                                   – Ephesians 3:18 NL                                               activities. These activities empower those they serve to achieve ongoing productivity
   God’s love is total. It reaches every corner of our experience. It is wide – it covers            and success within their home, school, work and community.
the breadth of our own experience, and it reaches out to the whole world. It is long –                  CHAPS provides the following services: individual and group equine-assisted coun-
it continues the length of our lives. It is high – it rises to the heights of our celebration        seling, and individual and group assisted equine assisted growth and learning services.
and elation. It is deep – it reaches to the depths of discouragement, despair, and even              The programs offered are: HOPE LIVES, a youth suicide prevention and intervention
death. When you feel shut out or isolated, remember that you can never be lost to                    program. This is an intensive mental health treatment program for youth and families
God’s love.                                                                                          dealing with severe depression, and SPECIAL GIFTS, an equine-assisted growth and
   All Chapter and Auxiliary members are invited to either be part of the annual                     learning program for children and families dealing with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome
Memorial Service, which will be held on Friday, June 11, at 5 p.m. at our State Con-                 and ADHD.
vention in Green Bay or attend this meaningful service where we take a few minutes                      CHAPS “special gifts” program works with children and their families, including
to remember our deceased Chapter and Auxiliary members.                                              siblings, to bring out these special gifts through the use of horse-assisted activities. This
   There is a required dress code for both men and women who participate. Males are                  is done through building self-confidence, developing stronger problem solving skills,
invited and encouraged to be part of this service; dress code would consist of dark                  increasing social skills and improving communication, verbally and non-verbally.
pants, shoes and tie (not a bow tie), and a long-sleeved white shirt. Ladies’ dress code                CHAPS Academy is located at N5367 Mayflower Road in Shiocton. If you have any
is a long white dress (arms must be covered with either the dress or long white gloves),             questions, please contact: Sharon Pieper, 2676 Trojan Drive #3, Green Bay, WI 54304
white shoes and white gloves. The ladies will be carrying flowers, the men will not.                 or phone 920-469-0369.
   Please let me know of any Chapter and/or Auxiliary members who could use a                           All donations are to be sent to: Nancy Lee Birschbach, P.O. Box 72, Mt. Calvary, WI 53057.
card and prayers. Remember that cards and prayers can be for any occasion. Please
send card requests to: Sharon Pieper, 2676 Trojan Drive #3, Green Bay, WI 54304
or e-mail: smnpieper@aol.com
   Keep our troops and their families in your prayers. Remember – The best and most
beautiful things of this world can’t be seen or touched. They must be felt by the heart.                    William F. Speel No. 18 (Appleton)
Sharon Pieper                                                                                                           Meets 2nd Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Auxiliary State Chaplain
                                                                                                                                    VFW Post 2778
                                                                                                                                 501 N. Richmond Street
    SUPPORT THE DAV IN YOUR WILL                                                                                Commander: Merrill Cornell (920) 734-3474

                                                                                                11                                           DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                                                    2009-2010 Auxiliary Officers
                                             Offer Guidance and Seek your Participation
               Judy Karaway
             VAVS Representative                                                                                candidates
         Union Grove Veterans Home
Greetings to all of our Auxiliary Members:                                                            The Disabled American Veterans
   Well, hopefully spring is on its way. At least it is getting lighter earlier and stays
light longer in the evening. I know the members at Union Grove are hoping it will be                   Auxiliary Russell Leicht Unit #3
getting warmer soon.
   It continues to be busy at the home. The members really enjoy the fish fries, Olive                proudly endorses Sharon Pieper
Garden, Famous Dave’s and of course, going Walmart shopping. One of the halls
recently went to Regency Mall for shopping and really enjoyed themselves. Members                            for State Chaplain.
really enjoy sponsored luncheons of lasagna, beef stew and pot roast. Some of the                     Sharon has been a Life Member of Unit #3 since 1994. She has been active with the
members help with the preparations which they enjoy doing. With the weather getting                DAV and DAVA and other veteran organizations for over 17 years.
warmer they look forward to hamburger, hot dog and steak cookouts. Bingo is still the                 She has served as State Chaplain 2004-2009, State Commander 2003-2004, State
big favorite. Wii bowling has become a favorite with the members.                                  Senior Vice Commander, State Junior Vice Commander, Unit Commander for eight
   We are always looking for volunteers to help with the activities, which are planned             years and is presently serving as Unit Adjutant/Treasurer; 3rd District Commander;
for the members at all the halls and at Boland Hall, the skilled nursing home. If you can          State Finance Committee Chairman; attended all State Conventions and Fall Confer-
volunteer, please contact Andrea Lazzeroni our Volunteer Coordinator at 262-878-6756.              ences for past 17 years; five National Conventions and six National Fall Conferences;
All volunteering is appreciated.                                                                   and served on numerous committees at Convention and Conferences. She has served
   Just a note to let you all know that the Polar Plunge, which was held on January 3, 2010        as president of the Past Department Officer’s Club for the past four years and contin-
to benefit the Union Grove Veterans Home, was a huge success. There was a total of 14 very         ues to serve in that capacity. She was excited and proud to have won the Member of
BRAVE PLUNGERS, including my husband, Ron Karaway. He was the top plunger for                      the Year award last year.
the 3rd year in a row, raising $1,800.00. The event raised a total of $5,600.00. WAY TO GO!           Sharon is also active in her community, serving as Secretary and Chaplain of the
   On July 10th, 2010, the DAV Department of Wisconsin will be having UNION                        Wisconsin Korean War Veterans Memorial for the past 17 years; Sunday School
GROVE DAY at the Veterans Home. This will be a first at the Union Grove Home.                      teacher in her church; Lay Leader of her church; Unity Hospice volunteer; weekly
This will give the DAV and DAVA members a chance to see the facility. We hope to                   volunteer at a local elementary school; cooks meals at the local shelter for the
have volunteers to help make this event a huge success.                                            homeless, and is always willing to help where needed in the Auxiliary, her church
   I would like to thank all the Units for their donations and continued support of our            and the community.
members at Union Grove Veterans Home. I would like to thank the Department of                         Sharon is passionate about the position of Chaplain, and will continue to carry out
Wisconsin DAVA for supporting me as the VAVS Rep at Union Grove.                                   the duties of State Chaplain with prayer and dedication.
                                                                                                      We are asking your support in again nominating Sharon Pieper as State Chaplain.
Thank You,
Judy Karaway                                                                                       Respectfully submitted,
VAVS Rep at Union Grove Veterans Home                                                              Carol Lawrence, Commander
                                                                                                   DAVA Russell Leicht Unit #3

         Margaret Seip Memorial Service
                 July 15, 2010                                                                                      ATTENTION VETERANS!
     Margaret June Seip was born June 24, 1916 in Mil-                                                      A good credit score is more crucial than ever.
  waukee, Wisconsin. She was killed August 30, 1943 in a                                                     The following steps can improve your score
  UC-78 crash near Big Springs, Texas. She was the only                                                             or prevent it from going lower.
  Women Airforce Service Pilot killed from Wisconsin.                                                • Know Your Credit Report. View your credit report annually. Check your per-
     She graduated from Lawrence College in Appleton,                                                  sonal information, as well as the accounts listed, for accuracy. If you discover
  Wisconsin in 1938, with a B.S. in English. In the fall of                                            any mistakes, send a written letter to the credit bureau listing the errors.
  1940, she received her Private Pilot License. She was
                                                                                                     • Keep Balances, Balanced. Balances should be 50% or less than the card limit.
  one of the first females to join the Wisconsin Civil Air
                                                                                                       30% less will boost your score even higher. Focus on the largest debts first and
  Patrol in 1942. She went to Link Trainer School in
                                                                                                       eliminate one problem debt at a time. Power Pay to keep your score intact! Pay-
  Binghamton, New York in the fall of 1942. She
                                                                                                       ing down your cards to zero will not improve your credit score. Paying the card
  returned to Milwaukee as an official Link Instructor.
                                                                                                       over time shows you know how to use credit wisely.
  She taught instrument flying to Army Pilots.
     She entered the Women’s Airforce Pilot program                                                  • Diversify Your Credit. 10% of your score is determined by what type of credit
  March of 1943, class 43W5. She was in the advanced                                                   you use. Instead of putting long-term purchases on cards, take out short-term
                                                                 Margaret Seip                         loans. This will build positive credit.
  phase of training when she was killed, along with her
                                                             Photo courtesy Texas
  instructor Charles Atwood and classmate Helen Sev-                                                 • Managing Credit Over Time. 15% of your score is determined by how long
                                                              Women’s University
  erson. She was considered a civilian at the time of her                                              you’ve been managing credit. Those who can manage cards wisely by paying on
  death. There was no American Flag, no honors. Her Women Airforce Service Pilot                       time and keeping balances lower than limits can improve their score when they
  Wings were posthumously awarded to her parents.                                                      start building credit early.
     November 23, 1977 the Women Airforce Service Pilots were granted veteran status.                • Negotiate When Trouble Is On The Horizon. If you see payments may be a
     She was posthumously awarded The Congressional Gold Medal on March 10, 2010.                      struggle get in touch with your lender and discuss other payment options. Mak-
     Sixty-six years after her death and thirty-two years after the Women Airforce                     ing a late payment could affect your current interest rates and your future rates
  Service Pilots were granted veteran status, Margaret will have her long overdue full                 and approvals.
  military honors on July 15, 2010 at 12 Noon graveside at Forest Home Cemetery in                      To learn more about your credit score and to receive information on home
  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.                                                                              mortgage financing, e-mail or call Carrie DeGreef.
                                                                                                        With my experience in VA loan programs and statewide lending authority, I’m
  Tammy Schroeder                                                                                    able to provide you the best mortgage product for your situation.
  Memorial Service Coordinator
  Junior Vice Commander, Lakeland Chapter 31                                                         Carrie DeGreef
  Detroit Lakes, MN

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                            12
                                                                                                              DAV NEWS

                                               2009-2010 Auxiliary Officers
                                        Offer Guidance and Seek your Participation
      Disabled American
      Veterans Auxiliary
                                                     Department of
                                                       Wisconsin                               2010 CONVENTION
       2010 STATE CONVENTION                                                               Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary
           Radisson Hotel & Conference Center                                              75th Annual Department Convention
2040 Airport Drive • Green Bay, WI 54313 • 1-920-494-7300                                      Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
                Hotel Reservations Close May 16, 2010                                                    Green Bay, WI
                                                                                                      June 10, 11, 12, 2010
             Convention Registration                                                  THURSDAY, JUNE 10
Unit Name & No.: __________________________________________________                   10:00 a.m.             Auxiliary Audit                  Chairman’s Board Room
                                                                                      10:00 a.m.             Auxiliary Sales                  Great Lakes Complex
Delegate Name: ___________________________________________________                    12 Noon-3:00 p.m.      Registration                     3 Clan’s Pre-function
Phone No.: ________________________________________________________                   TBA                    Line Officers Meeting            TBA
                                                                                      1:00 p.m.              Standing Rules                   Great Lakes Complex
Street: ____________________________________________________________                  1:45 p.m.              Finance Committee                Great Lakes Complex
City:_____________________________________ ZIP Code: _______________                  2:30 p.m.              SEC Committee                    Great Lakes Complex
                                                                                      FRIDAY, JUNE 11
J   Delegate     J   Alternate   J   State Officer    J   PDC/PSC    J   Guest        7:00-8:30 a.m.         Registration                     3 Clan’s Pre-function
INDICATE THE SESSION WHICH YOU WILL BE ATTENDING:                                     7:00 a.m.              Auxiliary Sales                  Great Lakes Complex
                                                                                      8:30 a.m.              Joint Session                    Salon Turtle/Bear
J   Friday – Business Sessions (June 11, 2010)
                                                                                      10:30 a.m.             Break                            3 Clan’s Pre-function
J   Friday – Evening Hospitality Room (June 11, 2010)                                 11:00 a.m.             1st Business Session             Great Lakes Complex
J   Saturday – Business Sessions (June 12, 2010)                                      11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.   Registration                     3 Clan’s Pre-function
                                                                                      12 Noon                Past Dept. Officers Luncheon     Tuscarora/Oneida
J   Saturday – Evening Banquet (June 12, 2010)
                                                                                      1:15 p.m.              2nd Business Session             Great Lakes Complex
                                                                                      1:30 p.m.              Nominating Committee             Chairman’s Board Room
Send Convention Registration Forms and payment to:
                                                                                      3:30 p.m.              Practice for Memorial            Grand Council North
                    DAV State Headquarters
                                                                                      5:00 p.m.              Memorial Service                 Grand Council North
                       130 Dauphin Street
                                                                                      6:30 p.m.              Auction and Hospitality          Grand Council North
                  Green Bay, WI 54301-2110
                                                                                      SATURDAY, JUNE 12
    A separate form is needed for each attendee/guest. Make copies as needed.         7:30-9:00 a.m.         Registration                     3 Clan’s Pre-function
                                                                                      8:30 a.m.              3rd Business Session             Great Lakes Complex
Make All Checks Payable to: DAV, Dept. of Wisconsin                                   12 Noon                Past State Commanders Luncheon   Tuscarora/Oneida
                                                                                      12 Noon                Junior Luncheon                  Board Room
Please indicate which payments you are including, and who they are
                                                                                      1:15 p.m.              4th Business Session             Great Lakes Complex
for:    J $20.00 Registration Fee ($25.00 after May 28th)                             TBA                    Elections                        Great Lakes Complex
        J $25.00 Banquet Fee                                                          TBA                    Closing of Convention            Great Lakes Complex
    NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JUNE 4, 2010                              TBA                    Post SEC Meeting                 Great Lakes Complex
        AND ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 4TH                                      TBA                    Post Finance Meeting             Great Lakes Complex
                                                                                      5:00-5:45 p.m.         Cocktail Hour/Cash Bar           Grand Council North
Be sure to indicate your choice of banquet meal:                                      5:45 p.m.              Banquet                          Grand Council North
J Oven Roasted Turkey J Baked Salmon J Grilled Sirloin Steak                             * ROOMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME *

                     Highly Maneuverable Vehicle
                                                                                           I would like to take this
                                                                                        opportunity to support the DAV
                                             Short Turn Radius
                                              Battery Operated
                                                                                          Transportation Program...
                                        (Battery & Charger included)                      I realize the predicament that some of our disabled veterans face,
                                                                                          and I would like to offer financial assistance to help them get to a
                                           Original cost was $2,200                              VA hospital through DAV’s Transportation Program:
                                            Asking price is $1,000
                                                                                                                I will gladly contribute:
                                                   Selling due
                                                                                                          [ ] $50 [ ] $25 [ ] $15 [ ] other
                                               to husband’s death
                                                                                                             DAV Department of Wisconsin
                                                      Phone:                                                       130 Dauphin St.
                                                  920-499-8059                                                Green Bay, WI 54301-2100
                                                 or 813-951-8604

                                                                                 13                                       DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
              World War II Veteran Clayton N. Chipman Receives
    Wisconsin Board of Veterans Affairs Veteran Lifetime Achievement Award
   MADISON – In a ceremony during the            Chipman took advantage of the G.I.
January 15, 2010 meeting of the Wisconsin     Bill and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in
Board of Veterans Affairs at the Wisconsin    Elementary Education at UW-Milwaukee
Veterans Home in Union Grove, Clayton         and subsequently a Master’s Degree
N. Chipman of Brookfield, Wisconsin was       in Educational Administration from
presented the Veteran Lifetime Achieve-       UW-Madison to launch and sustain a
ment Award for December 2009. Due to          nearly 32 year career in public education
inclement weather in December, the            teaching fifth and sixth graders for over a
Board meeting had been rescheduled for        dozen years, and he was an elementary
January 14-15, 2010.                          school principal for 18 years. During his
   Chipman was born in Milwaukee in           time at UW-Milwaukee he served as
1926. He enlisted in the United States        assistant baseball coach at West Allis
Marine Corps on February 27, 1944, took       Central High School and after his retire-
basic training at the San Diego Recruit       ment, he was a member of a group of
Depot in California, and advanced             coaching volunteers who assisted semi-pro
infantry training at Camp Pendleton, CA.      and small college football teams in the
   He deployed to the South Pacific The-      Milwaukee area. He is a life member of
ater on the USS Ranger in May 1944, to        the Milwaukee Area Retired Teachers
Maui, Hawaii where he joined the 4th          Association, a member of the Wisconsin
Marine Division and participated in           Retired Educators Association, and a
                                                                                              Clayton Chipman receiving award from Board members.
amphibious landing training as a Brown-       member of the Milwaukee Public Schools
ing Automatic Rifle (BAR) specialist in       Administrators/Supervisors Council.            He coordinates the distribution of 4,200          The Veteran Lifetime Achievement
both the Hawaiian and Marianas Islands;          Recognizing the need to remember            flags for the Marine Corps League at the       Award recognizes living veterans who
and on D-Day morning of February 19,          Purple Heart recipients who died in            Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee each          have compiled a record of exemplary
1945, he went ashore at Iwo Jima. After       action and to give solace to their families,   Memorial Day, organizes an annual              service as a military service member, a
nine days of intense combat, he was           he formed a local committee to raise           breakfast for the coordinated activities of    veteran, and a citizen during the veter-
wounded in action, becoming one of the        funds for a special Purple Heart Memorial      the Marquette Naval ROTC Instructor            an’s lifetime. Chipman is the twelfth
seventy-five percent casualties sustained     Monument and assisted in its permanent         Staff, the Inspector Instructor Staff of the   recipient of the Veteran Lifetime
by the Division and he was evacuated to       placement at the Milwaukee County War          Milwaukee Marine Reserve Unit, and the         Achievement Award.
Schofield Barracks in Honolulu for treat-     Memorial, adjacent to the Fitch Plaza. In      members of the Marine Corps League                The Board, through a subcommittee
ment and recovery. After two and one-half     partnership with another Iwo Jima veteran,     Badger Detachment. He is a member of           consisting of three board members,
months, he was reassigned to Saipan as a      he planned and raised funds for the cre-       the Board of Deacons, serves as Sunday         appointed by the Board Chair, selects the
Military Policeman and participated for       ation of a “Walk of Honor” at Veterans         School Superintendent, and is a past           recipients. Nominations are accepted
over six months in island-to-island search    Park in West Allis, a Memorial for West        church council member at Calvary               from any Wisconsin resident, and the
and destroy operations against residual       Allis service members who lost their           Memorial Church in Wauwatosa.                  Board especially encourages submissions
enemy combatants. In early 1946, he           lives in the wars since WWI. He serves            He is a Life Member of the Military         from Wisconsin veterans, veterans’ service
returned stateside aboard the USS Breck-      on several committees that present             Order of the Purple Heart, the Veterans of     organizations, county veterans service
enridge, along with 6,000 other service       awards to veterans and citizens who have       Foreign Wars, the Marine Corps League          officers and other veterans groups.
members. He was honorably discharged          provided civic and/or patriotic service to     and serves as the Milwaukee Chapter’s             There are up to six annual awards.
with the rank of Corporal at Great Lakes      Milwaukee area municipalities.                 Public Relations Director, the Marine 4th      Nominations may be submitted at any
Naval Training Center, Illinois on April 5,      Chipman is the past President of the        Division Association and has served as its     time during the year, but no later than
1946. His military decorations include        Milwaukee Chapter of the Marine 4th            National President, Vice President and         the 15th of the month preceding the
the Purple Heart, American Campaign           Division Association, Chair of the Marine      Executive Secretary. He is a member of         month of a Board meeting at which the
Medal, Asiatic Pacific Service Medal,         Corps League Brookfield Middle School          AMVETS and the Marine Corps League             presentation is to be made. For more
National Defense Medal, Presidential          Patriotic Essay Contest, and is the past       Funeral Honors Rifle Team, which has           information about the award, to
Unit Citation, Navy Unit Commendation,        long-time Chair of the Marine Corps            participated in nearly 1,200 Milwaukee         include previous recipients, go to
Sharpshooter Medal and from the Com-          League Memorial Day Committee, which           Area military funerals; and he annually        www.WisVets.com/BoardAward or
monwealth of the Northern Marianas            conducts an annual service at Wisconsin        attends the Iwo Jima Veterans Survivors        call WDVA toll-free at 1-800-WIS-
Islands, the Marianas Service Medal.          Memorial Park Cemetery in Brookfield.          National Reunion.                              VETS (947-8387).

AWARDS, continued from page 1                 National World War II Memorial in              Treatment Court in 2009. Judge Daley, a        several topics of interest to veterans,
Dodge County, who was nominated for           Washington, D.C. One of Grams’ fellow          veteran himself, stated he accepted the        including the Veterans Trust Fund and
the award by Dodge County Sheriff Todd        CVSOs was quoted as saying, “Mark is           award on behalf of a team of many part-        Mortgage Loan Repayment Fund solvency,
Nehls, a Colonel in the Wisconsin             an excellent role model for his efforts in     ner organizations whose efforts brought        claims processing at the department’s
National Guard and veteran of Operation       community outreach. He represents the          forth a program to help veterans and           Regional Office in Milwaukee, admissions
Enduring Freedom. Nehls noted that            work of CVSOs well.”                           communities by addressing and resolv-          and census at the Wisconsin Veterans
Grams assists veterans not only in Dodge         The “Iron Mike” Government Offi-            ing the offender veteran’s underlying          Homes at King and Union Grove, and
County but throughout the state, through      cials’ Service to Veterans Award was pre-      issues. During a (defendant) veteran’s         increasing public support of the Wisconsin
his involvement with veterans’ organiza-      sented by WDVA to the Honorable                time in court, Judge Daley actively fol-       Veterans Museum by establishing a mem-
tions and through his advocacy of the         James P. Daley, Presiding Judge of Rock        lows his or her progress of treatment and      bership program.
Stars & Stripes Honor Flights programs        County, for his advocacy and efforts to        assigns a veteran mentor to the case to           WDVA Secretary Ken Black facilitated
to bring World War II veterans to visit the   establish Wisconsin’s first Veterans           provide support.                               the discussions, attended by representa-
                                                                                                Judge Daley was nominated for the           tives of legislative offices, veterans’
                                                                                             award by Wisconsin State Public Defender       service organizations, county veterans

                      Grant/Crawford                                                         Nicholas Chiarkas, who said, “Judge
                                                                                             Daley’s efforts to create our state’s first
                                                                                                                                            service offices, community groups and
                                                                                                                                            higher learning institutions.
                                                                                             veterans treatment court will make a last-        “We’re here today, as we look at the
                       Chapter #40                                                           ing impact on the lives of our veterans        best ways to move forward into the future,
                                                                                             and their families. We are hopeful that        to share ideas on veterans’ issues and pro-
                         Meetings at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                             Judge Daley’s court for veterans will          grams,” Black said. “Through dialogue,
               3rd Tuesday of each month at Senior Center                                    serve as the model for developing similar      we are all looking at ways to best serve
                       15 E. CHERRY STREET                                                   courts around Wisconsin. It was indeed         our veterans.”
                                                                                             an honor to nominate Judge Daley for              For more information about the Wis-
                       LANCASTER, WI 53813                                                   this award.”                                   consin Department of Veterans Affairs see
                Auxiliary meets at the same time and place                                      The department Stakeholder Conference       www.WisVets.com or call WDVA toll-
                                                                                             also included participants’ discussions on     free at 1-800-WIS-VETS (947-8387).
DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                       14
                                                                                                                      DAV NEWS
                                                       Chapter 39 Visits Union Grove
   Members of DAV Chapter 39 made a             went toward the chapel construction.
trip to Union Grove Veterans Home on               Deputy       Commandant         Patrick
Monday, January 11, 2010 to give a $300         Shaughnessy took the members on a
donation towards a large fish aquarium          tour where they were able to see where
that is going to be built for the veterans      residents can do crafts, a beautiful café
who reside there.                               where they can enjoy coffee and a new
   In the exact area where the aquarium is      bar to enjoy the football games and
going to be constructed, “Gary” (a vet-         socialize with each other.
eran in a wheelchair) was already                 The Union Grove facility has been
hopefully anticipating the aquarium,            open for veterans only a few years. They
with reminders of his fishing days.             are very appreciative of any support
   The aquarium is sure to delight many         given to them by which they are able to
veterans, and their contributions to the        increase their quality of life. Chapter 39
annual Forget Me Not fundraisers are help-      has taken clothes and household items to
ing to pay for it. Last year, a $500 donation   the facility, as well as mobility scooters

                                                                                             Pictured, L-R: DAV Chapter 39 members Willie Armstrong, Cathy Price, Al Olson,
                                                                                             Patrick Shaughnessy (Union Grove Veterans Home Deputy Commandant) and
                                                                                             Dennis Landen.
                                                                                             and wheelchairs.                           for driving purposes.
                                                                                                The care offered at Union Grove is         If you would like information on Union
                                                                                             comparable to the care offered to veterans Grove, contact Patrick Shaughnessy at
                                                                                             at the King Home; however, Union Grove 262-878-6724 or write to him at 21425
                                                                                             does have the advantage of being closer Spring Street, Union Grove, WI 53182.

                                                                                                            Attention Members
                                                                                                          Please support us with our
                                                                                                          Transportation Fundraiser –
                                                                                                       purchase or sell your raffle tickets
Union Grove’s Chapel.

                                                                                         15                                      DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                       PNC Marbes Returns to Walter Reed
   On March 4, 2010, Past National Com-                                                                                                      advances. Each limb is individually
mander (PNC) Dick Marbes returned to                                                                                                         designed to meet the specific needs of the
Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a                                                                                                        recovering patient.
visit. PNC Marbes had been a patient in                                                                                                         At MATC, an integrated team helps the
1958. Accompanying Marbes on the visit                                                                                                       recovering patient reach the highest level of
was Judge Advocate (JA) Al Labelle.                                                                                                          activities attainable with various therapies
   Before entering the Medical Center                                                                                                        (occupational, physical and recreational)
grounds, Marbes and Labelle drove                                                                                                            and with emotional support from family,
around the complex. On the backside,                                                                                                         staff and peer visitors.
Marbes found the gate that he and other                                                                                                         At the beginning of the MATC tour,
recuperating patients snuck out at night to                                                                                                  Marbes and Labelle met Robert Nilsson,
visit Benny’s Blue Mirror Saloon.                                                                                                            a Vietnam veteran who was in the
Authorities knew about these transgres-                                                                                                      Marines. Nilsson is a Senior Advisor with
sions, but looked the other way.                                                                                                             Turner Construction. Originally from
   Marbes remembered the craziness that                                                                                                      Brooklyn, he now lives in Maryland.
occurred at Benny’s such as the midnight                                                                                                        At first, Nilsson came out to Walter
sword fights. Crutches were used as swords.                                                                                                  Reed to greet returning veterans. He is
   Upon entering Walter Reed, Marbes          SFC Steven Waldron with Past National Commander Dick Marbes at Walter Reed                     now part of the integrated team, teaching
and Labelle had trouble finding their         Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. PNC Marbes was a patient at Walter Reed                business skills to patient, helping them to
reserved parking spot. After a few false      in 1958. He wanted to see it once more before it closes in September 2011.                     reintegrate back into society and to build
starts, they found a spot temporarily         Benalla gives visitor tours in the hospital but still had a bandage on his lower neck          their confidence.
marked with the name “Mabers” and fig-        area and oversees the pain management covering the tracheotomy area.                              Later in the MATC tour, Marbes and
ured it was close enough.                     of the returning wounded. Both Benalla         The last patient visited had his family         Labelle met one recovering patient who
   In front of Heaton Pavilion or the         and SFC Waldron are affiliated with in the room. Mother, father, brother and                   recognized the DAV emblems they were
main hospital, they were greeted by           AMEDD or Army Medical Department.           sister were all present. They were                 wearing. He was from Springfield, Mis-
Sergeant First Class (SFC) Steven Wal-           Marbes and Labelle were allowed one extremely grateful for the visit.                       souri and was appreciative of the efforts
dron, the Non-Commissioned Officer in         hour to visit with the recently returned       At Walter Reed, when a wounded sol-             DAV has done on behalf of veterans.
Charge. SFC Waldron is affiliated with        wounded in the hospital area. Benalla dier returns, they are greeted not only by                  He was a double leg amputee and was
                                                                                                                                             wearing prosthetics that were one foot in
                                                                                                                                             length. When recovering patients first
                                                                                                                                             begin physical activity, a short prosthetic
                                                                                                                                             gives patients better balance than a nor-
                                                                                                                                             mal length prosthetic does. The shorter
                                                                                                                                             length makes them sure-footed. Eventually
                                                                                                                                             with practice and confidence, the pros-
                                                                                                                                             thetics are lengthened.
                                                                                                                                                Unfortunately, Walter Reed Army Med-
                                                                                                                                             ical Center will close in September 2011.
                                                                                                                                             This is part of a Base Realignment and Clo-
                                                                                                                                             sure announcement made on May 13, 2005.
                                                                                                                                             A new Walter Reed National Military Med-
                                                                                                                                             ical Center will open in November 2011 on
                                                                                                                                             the grounds of the National Naval Medical
                                                                                                                                             Center in Bethesda, Maryland.
                                                                                                                                                Most of the equipment and much of the
                                                                                                                                             staff will transfer to Bethesda at that time.
Judge Advocate Al Labelle with SFC Steven Waldron near the artillery piece located            Artillery piece at Walter Reed Army            A smaller contingent will transfer to Fort
in front of the Heaton Pavilion at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. JA Labelle                Medical Center pointing to Georgia             Belvoir in Virginia. The purpose of the
accompanied PNC Marbes on his tour of Walter Reed.                                            Avenue in Washington, D.C.                     shutdown and transfer is to make all
                                                                                                                                             military medical facilities into joint
the Executive Office at Walter Reed and       would select the patients. She requested        medical personnel, but also by direct          operations staffed by Army, Navy and Air
arranged the visit.                           visits be limited to 10 minutes.                family members who go through their            Force personnel.
   Inside Heaton Pavilion, SFC Waldron           During the hour, they visited five           rehabilitation with them.                         Regardless, this tour of Walter Reed
introduced PNC Marbes and JA Labelle          patients. Most had returned within the past        After the hour was up, Marbes and           makes one realize that returning wounded
to Rosa Benalla, a VIP Ambassador.            10 days from Afghanistan or Iraq. They          Labelle met Roger Lemacks, Administra-         soldiers and their families are being given
                                              were from Miami, FL; Cincinnati, OH;            tor of Amputee Services in the Medical         the best and most innovative care possible.
                                              Honolulu, HI; Boston, MA; and McCook,           Advanced Training Center or MATC.
                                              NE. All were in relatively good spirits.        Lemacks gave Marbes and Labelle a tour
                                                 Invariably, PNC Marbes would start by        of MATC.
                                              thanking them for their service. The remain-       MATC is a 31,000 square foot outpa-
                                              der of the conversation would include details   tient facility that opened in October 2007.
                                              as to what happened and ended with details      The purpose of MATC is to return patients
                                              of their personal life. Each appeared to be     to their highest level of activity possible.
                                              appreciative of the visit.                         To achieve that goal, MATC uses
                                                 All had severe injuries to their limbs.      Sports Medicine with state-of-the-art
                                              One had a severely crushed rib cage, result-    equipment like a running track, climbing
                                              ing in a condition called “Flail Chest.”        ropes, treadmills, elliptical trainers and
                                                 Flail Chest has free floating ribs, not      climbing or rappelling walls.
                                              attached to the rib cage, which causes             Unique to MATC is the Solo-Step sys-
                                              paradoxical breathing. When the patient         tem. With Solo-Step, the patient is placed
                                              takes a deep breath, the ribs instead of        in a harness connected to a ceiling track
                                              expanding like they normally do, contract       and the patient is able to walk around a
                                              and press against the lungs.                    240-foot track without fearing of falling.     Parking spot reserved by SFC Steven
                                                 This is extremely painful for the patient.      MATC has Simulation Rooms to help a         Waldron for Past National Commander
Hallway in the Heaton Pavilion at Walter      The only solution is to sedate the patient,     patient relearn how to drive a car or steer    Dick Marbes at Walter Reed Army Med-
Reed Army Medical Center containing           perform a tracheotomy, and place the            a boat. Patients can take a virtual run        ical Center. By the looks of the spelling
all the state flags in the order of admit-    patient on a ventilator until the ribs heal     through the woods on a treadmill.              of his name, apparently PNC Marbes’
tance into the Union.                         and reattach. This patient had recovered,          Lemacks showed the latest in prosthetic     fame has not spread to Walter Reed.
DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                        16
                                                                                                                       DAV NEWS
                            2010 DAV Mid-Winter Conference
  The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 2010                    Advance Appropriations.                                       Absent, due to illness, was Eyang Nyambi (Rep. Moore).
Mid-Winter Conference was held February 28-March 3,            The Staff of the National Legislative Office discussed        Discussion with Staff included:
2010 at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington, Vir-        the latest budget proposal and pending legislation in the
ginia. The Conference was sponsored by the DAV State           111th Congress. The Stand Up For Veterans initiative            Claims Backlog with Veterans Benefit
Commanders & Adjutants (C&A) Association.                      was lauded as an important key to the approval of                      Administration (VBA)
  Representing DAV Department of Wisconsin were:               Advance Appropriations.                                     • VBA needs to transition from cumbersome paper-based
John Hoeft, Senior Vice Commander; Al Labelle, Judge              The success of the first-ever virtual march on Wash-       system to Informational Technology (IT).
Advocate; Clarence Stoel, Legislative Director; Roger          ington will result in virtual town hall meetings with       • Standardize physical examinations are needed to
Dorman, Immediate Past Commander; Ken Kuehnl,                  Members of Congress and VA Officials. The importance          reduce redundancies and delays.
Adjutant; Dick Marbes, Treasurer; Stephen Leopold,             of DAV’s grassroots in getting Congress to pass DAV         • Assign interim ratings when sufficient evidence exists.
Legal Advisor; and John Kliendienst, National Service          priorities into law was stressed.                           • Quality, not quantity.
Office (NSO) Supervisor. Treasurer Marbes is also a
Past National Commander.                                       March 1, 2010                                                                  2011 VA Budget
                                                                  Workshops were held on Service, Inspector General’s      • Applaud Administration’s proposed VA Budget for 2011.
February 28, 2010                                              issues, Membership, Voluntary Services and Communi-         • Future Concerns – proposed funding for construction
   The C&A Business Session opened the Conference in           cations. The Service Workshop gave a comprehensive            projects, biomedical research and IT, though increased,
the morning with Welcoming Remarks. Among those wel-           overview of veterans health care benefits and discussed       may not be sufficient to meet future demands.
coming the attendees were Roberto “Bobby” Berrera,             changes to VA’s Special Adaptive Housing Program.           • Administration’s proposed VA Budget for 2012, thank-
DAV National Commander; Arthur Wilson, National                   The theme of the Inspector General (IG) Workshop           fully has adequate Advance Appropriations, but it may
Adjutant; and Kay Egan, Auxiliary National Commander.          was “Protecting and preserving the integrity and good         contain an unrealistic increase in collections.
   The keynote speaker was Eric Shinseki, Secretary of         name of our organization.” It talked about fundraising,         S. 1963 The Caregiver and Veterans Omnibus
Veterans Affairs (VA), who is a Lifetime Member of             use of income, financial reporting requirements, IRS                       Health Service Act of 2009
DAV Chapter 5 in Hawaii. VA Secretary Shinseki spoke           Form 990-N, disciplinary actions and amending Consti-       • Contains Family Caregiver Provisions.
about the approval of Advance Appropriations, transi-          tution & Bylaws. Recently retired IG Bob Gushee was         • Improves/Expands Health Care Services for
tioning VA into the 21st Century, the 9/11 GI Bill, the        honored during the Workshop.                                  Woman Veterans.
Claims Backlog and Homeless Veterans.                             The Membership Workshop discussed technology as          • Improves Mental Health Care.
   His address was blunt, straightforward and did not          the key to the future.                                      • Reaches Out to Rural Veterans.
gloss over problems. Currently, VA is running pilot pro-          A guest at the Voluntary Services Workshop was           • Removes Barriers to Emergency Care at Non-VA Facilities.
grams in Pittsburgh, PA; Little Rock, AR; Providence,          Laura Blaun, Director of VA Voluntary Services Office.      • Authorizes Construction Projects.
RI; and Baltimore, MD to eliminate the problems. Early         Director Blaun discussed why people volunteer and what      • Passed by Senate and sent to House VA Committee.
results are encouraging. An update will be given at the        it takes to recruit and retain volunteers. Jesse Brown      • House VA Committee needs to correlate S. 1963 with
National Convention.                                           Memorial Youth Scholarship and Local Veterans Assis-          similar Bills passed in the House.
   Adjutant Wilson discussed well-intentioned plans            tance Programs were cited.                                  • Urged Staff to expedite process for a final vote on S. 1963.
gone awry. Events need to raise money for disabled                The Communications Workshop concluded the busy
veterans, not subsidize the participants.                      day. Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were           Eliminate Offsets for Retired Veterans
   State Treasurer Dick Marbes spoke about the filing of the   discussed as the new methods of communication.                       and for Surviving Spouses
Departments’ Annual Financial Report. He requested an                                                                      • Retirement Pay is based on length of service to
easier and more uniform method for the Department filing.      March 2, 2010                                                 our nation.
   The afternoon sessions were a Benefits Protection Team        At 11 a.m., the Department’s delegates met with the       • Disability Compensation is based on a service-
Meeting and Legislative Workshop. National Legislative         Congressional Staff of the Wisconsin Legislators in the       connected injury.
Director Joe Violante opened the afternoon session by          Capitol, Room H144. The ornate room was designed in         • For some retired veterans, their Retirement Pay is deducted
introducing Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas, Chairman of the        1853 and completed in 1859. It is currently used by the       by the amount of their Disability Compensation.
Appropriation Sub-committee on Military Construction,          House Committee on Appropriations.                          • H.R. 303, H.R. 333 and H.R. 811 eliminate this
Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies.                           In attendance were: Arman Belding (Rep. Baldwin);           inequity or offset.
   Rep. Edwards thanked DAV for its help in crafting           Christine Lindstrom (Sen. Feingold); Kevin Brady (Rep.      • Urged Staff to support these Bills.
legislation that has proved helpful with veterans’ issues.     Kagan); Erin Gluck (Rep. Kind); Chloe Cabot (Sen.           • Survivors are not entitled to Retirement Pay.
He cited record increases in VA Budgets; increases in          Kohl); Anne Georges (Rep. Obey); Kevin James (Rep.          • If veteran purchases an annuity, called Survivor Bene-
travel mileage, Priority 8 enrollment and homeless             Petri); Rob Cooper (Rep. Ryan); and Joshua Ledden             fit Plan (SBP), survivor will receive this annuity upon
grants. DAV was the main impetus in the approval of            (Rep. Sensenbrenner).                                                        CONFERENCE, continued on page 18

                                                                                                                           Sign over Capitol Room H144, where the Veterans’
                                                                                                                           presentation was made.

Capitol on the morning of Tuesday, March 2, 2010 before the DAV Wisconsin Delegation presentation on                       Interior of Capitol Room H144 where Veterans’
Veterans’ issues.                                                                                                          presentation was made.
                                                                                         17                                         DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
CONFERENCE, continued from page 17                                The Legislative Staffers were given handouts on these    Conference on Gulf War Illnesses.
  veteran’s death.                                             topics and the DAV Legislative Goals for 2010. Staff was      Hardie is a Lifetime DAV Member and a recipient of
• Veterans purchase SBP through monthly deductions             attentive during the presentation. Rep. Moore’s Staffer,    Disabled American Veterans Department Distinguished
  from their Retirement Pay. SBP is an annuity, not a          Eyang Nyambi, was given the handouts at a later date.       Service Award, DAV’s highest annual state award.
  gratuitous benefit.                                             Next, the Department’s delegates went to Cannon            The day ended with the National Commander’s Reception.
• If a veteran’s cause of death is from a service-connected    House Office Building Room 345 for the Joint House
  injury or if a veteran is unable to accumulate an inheri-    and Senate VA Committee Hearing. An overflow crowd          March 3, 2010
  tance, after a period of time due to total disability, the   of DAV members heard National Commander Roberto                Morning meetings of the DAV Board of Directors and
  survivor is eligible for VA’s Dependency and Indemnity       “Bobby” Berrera successfully present DAV’s 2010 Leg-        DAV National Executive Committee ended the 2010
  Compensation (DIC).                                          islative Program to the Committees. Commander               Mid-Winter Conference.
• If a veteran’s cause of death is not from a service-         Berrera received a standing ovation for his presentation.      Overall, the Workshops were informative. The Leg-
  connected injury or if a veteran is not totally disabled        Upon conclusion, some Department delegates went to       islative Presentations were well-received by staff and the
  for the required time, the DIC amount received by the        the Capitol Grille to celebrate the day’s events. Capitol   VA Committees. Festive meals at restaurants such as
  survivor is deducted from SBP.                               Grille is a Washington hotspot for movers and shakers.      Marvin’s, Legal Seafood, Metro 29 Diner and King
• H.R. 775 and S. 535 eliminate this inequity or offsets          They were joined by former Wisconsin Department          Street Blues made the experience enjoyable.
  for survivors.                                               of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) official, Anthony Hardie.           For more specifics, read the upcoming DAV Magazine
• Urged Staff to support these Bills.                          A Gulf War veteran, he was in Washington to attend a        or go to the Department’s Facebook page.

                                                     Opening Session at Mid-Winter

                                                                                              Audience listening to the Welcoming Remarks of DAV National Commander
                                                                                              Roberto “Bobby” Barrera at the opening session.

                                               National Adjutant Arthur Wilson
                                               addressing the attendees at the
                                               opening session.

                                               National Commander Roberto “Bobby”
                                               Berrera and National Adjutant Arthur           DAV Head Table awaiting commencement of the Joint House and Senate VA Com-
                                               Wilson conversing before the 2010 DAV          mittees Hearing. Pictured, R-L: Kay Egan, Auxiliary National Commander; Michael
Emblems of the Commanders and                  Legislative presentation to the joint          Walsh, Voluntary Services Director; Arthur Wilson, National Adjutant; Roberto
Adjutants Association, who sponsor the         House and Senate VA Committee hear-            “Bobby” Berrara, National Commander; David Gorman, Executive Director of
Mid-Winter Conference and the DAV              ing in Room 345 of the Cannon House            Washington Headquarters; Joe Violante, National Legislative Director; and Randy
altar as seen during the opening session.      Office Building.                               Reese, National Service Director.

Past National Commanders Dick Marbes and Rob Reynolds of Virginia awaiting                    National Adjutant Arthur Wilson greeting Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Chairman of the
National Commander Berrera’s testimony in Cannon House Office Building Room 345.              Senate VA Committee. Standing in center is National Legislative Director Joe Violante.
DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                       18
                                                                                                                 DAV NEWS

                                                                                        Part of the overflow crowd in Cannon House Office Building Room 345 listening
Rep. Robert Filner of California,             Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Chairman     attentively to Commander Berrera’s testimony to the Joint House and Senate
Chairman of the House VA Committee.           of the Senate VA Committee.               VA Committees.

                                                       Dining Around Washington

                                                                                        Celebrating at the Capitol Grille, clockwise from left: State Treasurer Dick Marbes,
Upon adjournment of the joint House and Senate VA Committees hearing, the Wis-          Distinguished DAV Lifetime Member Anthony Hardie, State Adjutant Ken Huehnl,
consin delegation went to the Capitol Grille to celebrate National Commander            Judge Advocate Al Labelle, Past Department Commander Roger Dorman and NSO
Berrera’s successful testimony.                                                         State Supervisor John Kleindienst.

Part of the Wisconsin Delegation to the 2010 Mid-Winter at Marvin’s, an eatery
at the corner of 14th and U in Washington, the night before the opening session.
Pictured, L-R: Judge Advocate Al Labelle, State Adjutant Ken Kuehnl, Legislative        Legislative Director Clarence Stoel and Senior Vice Commander John Hoeft enjoy-
Director Clarence Stoel and State Treasurer Dick Marbes.                                ing lunch at King Street Blues on the first day of the 2010 Mid-Winter Conference.

                                                                                                                                   State Legislative Director Clarence Stoel
                                                                                                                                   happily buying a round for the Wis-
                                              State Treasurer and Past National Commander Dick Marbes and Judge Advocate Al        consin delegation at the National
Metro 29 Diner sign in Arlington, Virginia.   Labelle enjoying a frugal meal at the Metro 29 Diner in Arlington, Virginia.         Commander’s Reception.
                                                                                   19                                       DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                                          The History of Honor Flight
   The inaugural Honor Flight took place      were in their 80s and                                                    of    2005,    Earl    Locally, another 300 veterans completed
in May of 2005. Six small planes flew out     lacked the physical                                                      addressed     about    the journey during that year.
of Springfield, Ohio taking 12 World War      and mental where-                                                        150 members of the
II veterans on a visit to the memorial in     withal to complete a                                                    aero club during a        Word Spread and HonorAir
Washington, D.C. In August of 2005, an        trip on their own.                                                 safety meeting, outlin-         Arrived…Right On Time
ever-expanding waiting list of veterans       Families and                                                       ing a volunteer program         The mission and ideals of the program
led our transition to commercial airline      friends also                                                      to fly veterans to their      began to spread across America. Other
carriers with the goal of accommodating       lacked the                                                        memorial. There were two      cities and states became aware of our efforts
as many veterans as possible. Partnering      resources and                                                   major stipulations to his       and we fostered working relationships with
with HonorAir in Hendersonville, North        time to complete                                              request. The first was that the   dedicated community leaders in several
Carolina, we formed the “Honor Flight         the three- to                                          veterans pay nothing. The entire air-    states. Jeff Miller in Hendersonville, North
Network.” Today, we continue working          four-day trip to the nation’s capital.            craft rental ($600 to $1,200 for the day)     Carolina led the expansion into areas not
aggressively to expand our programs to                                                          would have to be paid solely by the pilots.   serviced by direct commercial flights to the
other cities across the nation.                      The Spark of an Idea                       The second was that the pilots personally     Washington, D.C. area. He accomplished
                                                 Earl could tell that the majority of the       escort the veterans around D.C. for the       what was thought to be impossible, orga-
How a Dream Became a Reality                  veterans had given up all hope of ever vis-       entire day.                                   nizing and obtaining funding to fly an entire
   The Honor Flight Network program           iting the memorial that was specifically             After Earl spoke, 11 pilots who had        commercial jet filled with local area veter-
was conceived by Earl Morse, a physician      created to honor their services as well as        never met his patients stepped up to vol-     ans to visit the monument.
assistant and Retired Air Force Captain.      the services of their fellow comrades who         unteer. And Honor Flight was born.               This was the beginning of Henderson
Earl wanted to honor the veterans he          had paid the ultimate sacrifice. That’s                                                         County’s HonorAir. On September 23rd
had taken care of for the past 27 years.      when Earl decided that there had to be a               The Dream Takes Flight                   and again on the 24th the US Airways-
After retiring from the Air Force in          way to get these heroes to D.C. to see               Soon other dedicated volunteers joined,    chartered jet was filled with World War II
1998, Earl was hired by the Department        their memorial.                                   a board was formed, funds were raised and     veterans and their guardians. Jeff repeated
of Veterans Affairs to work in a small           In addition to being a physician assis-        that first flight took to the air in May of   his success on November 4th of 2006. In
clinic in Springfield, Ohio. In May of        tant, Earl was also a private pilot and a         2005. Six small planes flew 12 very happy     less than three months, HonorAir had
2004, the World War II Memorial was           member of one of our nation’s largest and         veterans out to Manassas, Virginia, just      flown over 300 World War II veterans to
finally completed and dedicated in            best aero clubs located at Wright-Patterson       outside of Washington, D.C. Vans then         D.C.! Jeff quickly shared his expertise
Washington, D.C. and quickly became           Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. And               transported the pilots and veterans into      with others, who started HonorAir pro-
the topic of discussion among his World       things started coming together.                   D.C. and to the World War II Memorial.        grams in several other areas of the
War II veteran patients.                         In December of 2004, Earl asked one of         The responses from both the veterans and      country. By the end of 2006, 891 World
   Earl repeatedly asked these veterans if    his World War II veteran patients if it would     the pilots were overwhelming. It was an       War II veterans across America realized
they would ever travel out to visit THEIR     be all right if Earl personally flew him out      experience that will remain with them for     their dream of visiting their memorial.
memorial. Most felt that eventually,          to D.C., free of charge, to visit his memor-      the rest of their lives. Soon other flights      We are proud to say that: 1) all of our
somehow, they would make it to D.C.,          ial. Mr. Loy broke down and cried. He told        were planned and made. So many veterans       heroes had a safe and memorable trip and;
perhaps with a family member or friend.       Earl that at his age he would probably            wanted to participate that commercial air-    2) we were able to raise sufficient funds so
   As summer turned to fall and then          never get to see his memorial otherwise,          craft were used to accommodate forty          that every veteran flew absolutely free.
winter, these same veterans returned to       and graciously accepted the offer.                veterans at a time, including many in
the clinic for their follow-up visits. Earl      Earl posed the same question to a sec-         wheelchairs. By the end of the first year,           The First to Charter,
asked if they accomplished their dream        ond World War II veteran a week later. He         Honor Flight had transported 137 World               the First to Finish…
of visiting the World War II Memorial.        too cried and enthusiastically accepted           War II veterans to their memorial.               24 September 2007, Honor Air out of
By now, for most of the veterans he           the trip. It didn’t take long for Earl to real-      In 2006, commercial flights were exclu-    Hendersonville, NC and Henderson
asked, reality had settled in; it was clear   ize that there were many veterans who             sively used due to the number of veterans     County, NC were the first city and the
to most that it simply wasn’t financially     would have the same reaction. So he               on the waiting list and adverse weather       first county in the nation to fly 100% of
or physically possible for them to make       started asking for help from other pilots         conditions which prohibited small aircraft    their WWII veterans to their memorials.
the journey. Most of these senior heroes      to make these dreams a reality. In January        from participating on a regular schedule.        HONOR FLIGHT, cont. on next page

                                                                        Honor Flight Network in Wisconsin
                                                                                                                                        Never Forgotten Honor Flight
                                                                                                                                                Wausau, WI

                                                                                                      Old Glory Honor Flight
                                                                                                         Greater Fox Valley

                                                                                                                                            Freedom Honor Flight
                                                                                                                                                La Crosse, WI

                                                                                                        Badger Honor Flight
                                                                                                            Madison, WI

                                                                                                                                       Stars and Stripes Honor Flight
                                                                                                                                               Milwaukee, WI

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                          20
                                                                                                                               DAV NEWS
        Up, Up and Away…                          heroes, and the prediction that we are los-
   Southwest and Pace Airlines partner            ing approximately 1,000 of them daily,                    The Case for Never Forgotten Honor Flight
with the Honor Flight Network to provide          we are committed to do all within our                   World War II ended more than 60 years ago. America traditionally has not built
free tickets, idle aircraft and other avenues     power to make their dream a reality. Our             memorials to wars. We have built many battle monuments and statues honoring spe-
to support our veterans in visiting their         current focus will remain on World War II            cific warriors and even honored specific branches of the armed services, but until
memorials. During an economic recession,          veterans and those veterans from any war             the Vietnam Memorial Wall was constructed, we didn’t build monuments to con-
these two giants in the airline industry          who have a terminal illness. However, our            flicts. Vietnam changed that, for whatever reason. Finally, in May of 2004, the World
stepped up in a big way to give very gen-         vision goes beyond World War II.                     War II Memorial was dedicated to the memory of those who fought in that conflict.
erous contributions that will allow us                                                                    The problem is that most of the veterans to whom the Memorial is dedicated
many more options in doing it smarter,                Honoring All Our Veterans                        consider themselves too old to travel and see it, and of the 16 million men and
faster, and more economically to meet the            In the future, Honor Flight Network               women who served in the war, only about 3 million are still alive. Depending on
ever increasing number of requests and            will also pay tribute to America’s other             which figures you use, they are dying at a rate of 1,100 to 1,700 a day.
applications from veterans who would              heroes who served during the Korean and                 Never Forgotten Honor Flight has a very simple mission: We want to fly as many
like to have this opportunity. In May,            Vietnam Wars, followed by veterans of                of those survivors as are able to Washington to experience “their” Memorial and a
Southwest stepped up by donating thou-            more current wars. They, too, have given             few other sights and sounds of the nation’s capital, at no cost to our Veterans. Our
sands of free tickets, and was therefore          so much and it’s time we show them that              statement to these members of the Greatest Generation is: You have paid enough.
named the official commercial carrier fol-        their efforts are not forgotten. Honor               We want to share with you the Memorial our country has constructed to honor
lowed by the announcement mid-July by             Flight Network has learned a lot over                your service.
Pace Airlines, a charter service, coming          these last four years and one point that                All veterans are accompanied by Guardians. These are volunteers who have
on board as the first charter to commit to        stands out is that our veteran heroes                attended a special training session to help them learn how to make sure our Vet-
our new Flex Flight Program, a program            aren’t asking for recognition. It is our             erans are well attended to during their one-day trip to Washington. The Guardians
that will allow us to use idle aircraft to        position that they deserve it. Our program           pay their own way – about $500. Our Veterans are fed well, receive deluxe motor-
transport our veterans. It is because of          is just a small token of our appreciation            coach transport around the Washington area, and have the chance to mingle with
these passionate, service oriented airlines,      for those that gave so much.                         other Veterans visiting the Memorials. Upon their return home they will be greeted
the Honor Flight Network undoubtedly                 Please help us continue to make                   with a hero’s welcome.
has more flexibility, more opportunity and        their dream of visiting THEIR memor-                    The cost of arranging one flight from Central Wisconsin to Washington, D.C.
serve more veterans on our “anxiously             ial, a reality.                                      is approximately $100,000, depending on size of aircraft, price of fuel and many
waiting list” than would have been possi-                                                              other variables. The cost for each traveler is about $500. Our goal is to launch two
ble given the economy and the decrease in          HONOR FLIGHT NETWORK                                flights each year, for as long as we have World War II Veterans to honor. After
charitable contributions.                                – our way of saying                           that, Korean War veterans will begin to take their place in line. Their Memorial
                                                   to all our veterans – one more                      was also built decades after the end of the “forgotten war” so many of them have
 The Future of Honor Flight…                           TOUR with HONOR.                                also not had the chance to see their Memorial.
   Help Us Meet Our Goal                          Consider The Following:                                 For the debt our nation owes these men and women, we feel our efforts are
   The future looks bright for our coun-             In our first year, 2005, HFN safely               entirely appropriate. We would appreciate your support in any form, as we con-
try’s World War II veterans. In February          transported 137 veterans to see THEIR                tinue the Never Forgotten Honor Flight project.
of 2006, Earl and Jeff combined efforts           memorials, at no cost to the veterans.
and co-founded Honor Flight Network.                 In our second year, 2006, HFN safely
The leaders of various flying programs,           transported 891 veterans to see THEIR
and others interested in starting similar         memorials, at no cost to the veterans.                                                Fact Sheet
projects in their own regions, attended a            In our third year, 2007, HFN safely trans-        • Never Forgotten Honor Flight’s mission is to organize and fly groups of veterans
summit in Washington, D.C. with over              ported over 5,000 veterans to see THEIR                (at no cost to the veteran) to Washington, D.C. to visit their war memorials.
100 people in attendance. Now a network           memorials, at no cost to the veterans.               • Never Forgotten Honor Flight is based in Wausau, Wisconsin and is the fifth
of participating programs is in place to             In our fourth year, 2008, HFN safely                Wisconsin-based affiliate of the national Honor Flight Network.
assist our senior heroes. Resources are           transported 11,137 veterans to see THEIR             • Our first flight is planned for the early part of the second quarter of 2010.
pooled, experience is shared and alliances        memorials, at no cost to the veterans.               • Veterans are selected on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to
are formed throughout America to get                 And in 2009, HFN safely transported                 WWII veterans and any veteran with a terminal illness.
World War II veterans to their precious           17,832 veterans to see THEIR memori-                 • Never Forgotten Honor Flight serves north central and northwestern Wisconsin.
memorial safely.                                  als, at no cost to the veterans!                     • Veterans can request an application (and assistance with submitting the application)
   Honor Flight Network has established              With the continued support of grateful              at their veterans’ organizations or by calling 715-573-8519 or on our Web site,
an aggressive goal for 2009 – we want to          Americans, by the end of the 2009 flying               www.neverforgottenhonorflight.org
transport 25,000 veterans from across the         season in November, HFN transported                  • Flight day includes a departure ceremony, breakfast, the flight to and from
United States to the World War II Memo-           more than 35,996 veterans of World War                 Washington, D.C., deluxe tour bus service to and from the memorials, lunch,
rial. The program presently has 71 hubs           II, Korea and Vietnam to see the memori-               dinner and a welcome home ceremony.
in 30 states. By the end of 2009, Honor           als built to honor their suffering and sac-          • Since 2005, the Honor Flight Network and its affiliates have safely transported
Flight Network hopes to have a hub in all         rifice to keep this great nation free and a            more than 17,000 veterans through similar “Honor Flights”.
50 states. Due to the senior age of our           world leader.                                        • To assist disabled veterans, oxygen and wheelchairs are provided. Each veteran
                                                                                                         must provide a medical release from their private physician.
                                                                                                       • Never Forgotten Honor Flight provides trained volunteer ‘guardians’ to accompany
                                 Sponsorship Levels                                                      the veterans on the aircraft and while visiting the memorials.
                         $500                   Sponsors one Veteran                                   • Each guardian pays his or her own way and is required to attend a training session.
                         $1,000                 Team – sponsors 2 Veterans                               Guardian Applications are available on our Web site, www.neverforgotten
                         $2,500                 Patrol – sponsors 5 Veterans                             honorflight.org
                         $5,000                 Squad – sponsors 10 Veterans                           • Spouses of Never Forgotten Honor Flight veterans are not allowed to serve
                         $10,000                Platoon – sponsors 20 Veterans                           as guardians.
                         $20,000                Company – sponsors 40 Veterans                         • Never Forgotten Honor Flight receives no government funding and depends on
                         $80,000                Flight – underwrites an entire flight                    tax-deductible donations, which can be mailed to Never Forgotten Honor Flight,
                                                                                                         Inc., P.O. Box 5056, Wausau, WI, 54402-5056 or through our Web site,
                              Donations can be mailed to:
                             Never Forgotten Honor Flight
                                                                                                       • Donations of any amount are welcome. Donors can ‘Sponsor a Vet’ with a $500
                                    P.O. Box 5056
                                                                                                         donation, which covers the day’s cost for one veteran.
                               Wausau, WI 54402-5056
                                                                                                       • Companies interested in sponsorship may contact any board member.
             Or log on to our Web site at: neverforgottenhonorflight.org                               • Individuals and groups interested in the many volunteer opportunities that
                                and click on ‘donate.’                                                   exist, can learn more by calling 715-573-8519 or visiting our Web site,

                                                                     Attention Members
      Please support us with our Transportation Fundraiser – purchase or sell your raffle tickets

                                                                                                  21                                        DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
         “Vets Roll” for WWII Veterans
   Mark Finnegan of Finnegan RV Sales,
takes time out of his busy schedule to
personally meet with WWII veterans
wanting to participate in his newly created
project called, “Vets Roll.”
   “Vets Roll” is Mark’s dream for honor-
ing WWII veterans. He feels they have
never received the respect and gratitude
that each and every person owes them.
   His dream is to provide 128 WWII veter-
ans safe ground transportation to visit their
WWII Memorial and other sites around
Washington, D.C. Other great surprises are      Pictured is Mark Finnegan shaking hands
planned for celebrating these veterans.         with WWII veteran Laverne Borchardt,
   The tour will start Monday, May 17-          DAV Chapter 39. Mark visited Laverne
                                                hoping to get him to apply for “Vets Roll.”
May 20, 2010.
   Eight donated motor homes and two            can register online at VetsRoll.org or you                      Camp American Legion
charter buses will transport the veterans.
Their entire trip, including transportation
                                                can contact Cathy Price at 920-563-2545.
                                                You may also call Mark Finnegan directly
                                                                                                                  Opens May 24th
and hotel rooms, are completely FREE.           at 608-207-8319 or 800-383-2267.                     The 2010 camp season starts May 24th and ends September 10th. We are accepting
Donations from corporations and the                Presently about 10 WWII veterans               applications now through August 15th.
general public are paying for their trip.       from the Fort Atkinson/Whitewater area               For any veteran who may not know of us, Camp American Legion is a rest and reha-
   Space is limited and with this program       are signed up. This is open ONLY to Wis-          bilitation facility for ill, injured and disabled Wisconsin military veterans. It is a very
being ONLY weeks away, there is room            consin and northern Illinois veterans.            special place located on Big Carr Lake in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin.
for only 50 more veterans at this time.            Volunteers, EMTs and medical staff                We have 19 cabins, a main lodge with dining room and a physical therapy facility
   Departure will be at 5:30 a.m. on Mon-       are still needed for this trip, too.              with professional staff. We have pontoon boats for fishing and lake cruises, plus other
day, May 17. A pre-trip meeting will be            Because the veterans wanting to participate    daily activities. Veterans who qualify get a free seven-day stay. You can get more
held the week before, but applications          has grown beyond first planned, donations are     information on the Camp and application forms by going to The American Legion of
need to be filed soon.                          greatly appreciated. Maybe you can sponsor a      Wisconsin Web site at wilegion.org. Once there, click “Programs,” then “Veteran
   If you have access to a computer, you        WWII veteran for this wonderful trip.             Affairs and Rehabilitation” and finally “Camp American Legion.”
                                                                                                     You can also get application forms from any VA facility or County Veterans
                                                                                                  Service Officer. If you are an honorably discharged Wisconsin veteran with a
                                                                                                  physician-documented illness, injury or disability, we want you here at Camp. We
                              Jobs for Vets                                                       look forward to serving you.
    There have been a total of 66 vets hired at the Department of Workforce
 Development during the last 11 months, and 55 of them are rated at 30% or more.                  Kevin Moshea, Director
    We anticipate the numbers to increase, due to anticipated vacancies and DWD’s                 Camp American Legion
 efforts to utilize the Veterans Non Competitive Appointment program.                             Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539-9753
    In a separate program, DWD and other agencies are also hiring veterans with dis-              715-277-2510
 abilities through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation in which DVR pays                  campal@newnorth.net
 the wages for 6-12 months, with the anticipation that some of these veterans may
 be hired permanently in the future.
    I would ask that any disabled veteran interested in being considered for these
 programs, to go to the nearest Job Center LVER or DVOP in their area.                               Helpline for Post-9/11 GI Bill Now
    Any questions, give me a call at 608-266-3110.
                                                                                                           Open 5 Days a Week
 Daniel J. Schmitz, Director                                                                          CHARLESTON, West Virginia (WKOW) – Veterans of the wars in Iraq and
 Veterans Employment & Training Service                                                            Afghanistan can now get their questions answered about the new Post-9/11 GI Bill
 U.S. Department of Labor                                                                          over the phone five days a week.
                                                                                                      Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki says that GI Bill helpline employees
                                                                                                   have been working to process a backlog in education claims since December. Shin-
                                                                                                   seki says since those claims are being processed more efficiently, more workers are
                                 Re: LRB 3490/4                                                    being moved to the helpline.
                                                                                                      The toll-free helpline at 1-888-GI-BILL-1 or 1-888-442-4551 will be staffed
Dear Representative/Senator _______________________:                                               Monday through Friday.
                                                                                                      The new GI Bill was designed to be the most comprehensive benefit for veterans
   I am writing to strongly encourage you to co-sponsor LRB 3490/4: The Wiscon-                    since World War II.
sin GI Bill Enhancement Act, as introduced by Representative Steve Hilgenberg.
   Provisions of the 2009-2011 biennial budget requires an offset against the Wis-
consin GI Bill’s 128-credit limit for any semester in which federal Post 9/11 GI Bill
benefits are utilized at state universities and technical schools. This legislation will
reduce that offset by 50% – thus allowing a possible 64 additional credits under the
                                                                                                                              Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
Wisconsin GI Bill program to Wisconsin veterans.                                                                            DAV/DAVA Day at the Ballpark
   The federal Post-9/11 GI Bill will be bringing in millions of new federal dollars
to cover the tuition and fee costs of eligible veterans. Those very same veterans
                                                                                                                                  Fox Cities Stadium
should not be penalized by entirely eliminating their Wisconsin GI Bill entitlement.                                          July 18, 2010 at 1:05 p.m.
Also, the current law encourages Wisconsin veterans to take their federal
benefits/dollars to out-of-state schools, because they do not suffer a Wisconsin GI                   I have 164 tickets available that include a picnic along the first baseline. The cost
Bill offset in those circumstances. We want to encourage veterans to return to Wis-                is $17.75/adult per person, $13.75/children (ages 3-10), which would include a
consin for their education, which would make it more likely that they will remain                  lunch and the cost of your ticket.
in the state for employment purposes.                                                                 If you would like to participate in this, I would need your count of people attend-
   The County Veterans Service Officers Association of Wisconsin strongly endorses                 ing no later than June 25, 2010. If you only choose to attend the game, the cost of
LRB 3490/4 as the proper vehicle to partially restore Wisconsin GI Bill benefits to                the ticket is $6.50 apiece. This information must be sent to headquarters two weeks
our current generation of veterans who have served this country during the Global                  prior to the game.
War on Terrorism.                                                                                     If you have any further questions, please let me know. Please note the closing
                                                                                                   date to get the picnic and tickets has changed to June 25, 2010.
(Your Name)                                                                                        Kenneth L. Kuehnl

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                           22
                                                                                                                      DAV NEWS
            An Opportunity for You to Volunteer at the EAA AirVenture Show
                                  July 26 – August 1
   The DAV Aviation Public Outreach                 MEDIA is very important to us – so         When working the air show, please          3. Wear comfortable shoes – the ramp
Program is looking for a few good people          please provide us with local media in     consider these recommendations:                  area is always a hard surface.
to help us at the upcoming air show. It is        your area that are supportive of veter-   1. Bring your sunglasses and a hat,           4. Plan to arrive early and beat the
an opportunity to meet the crew of the            ans. We want to get them on board with       preferably a DAV hat.                         congestive air show traffic.
B-25 and learn more about the history of          our program and we have special infor-    2. Wear comfortable clothing – DAV            5. Most important – Have fun and enjoy
this World War II Bomber.                         mation to share with them.                   shirts are great, but dress accordingly.      the day!
   This is also an opportunity to reach out
to your community and fellow veterans.
We need DAV Volunteers who can inter-
act with the public and communicate with
veterans about their earned benefits and
attract new members for the DAV and
your Chapter.

           B-25 medium bomber
   Our mission is to inform the public
about the DAV This is accomplished by
distributing information to everyone at
the show. The distribution includes yel-
low DAV bags stuffed with autograph
pieces, B-25 stickers, flag decals and
much more. At the booth, we will also be
collecting address label cards and need
people to motivate the public to complete
those cards. We also have unique B-25
pins to distribute for a $10.00 donation.
Gary Sinise has made a recording to
encourage the public to get a pin.
   Due to traffic concerns, it is best to
arrive before the gates are open and plan
to stay as long as you can. Working in
shifts is not recommended. A briefing
will be conducted each morning which
will explain the logistics and our goals for
the weekend.
   This exciting opportunity is limited to
only five volunteers per day. They need to
be aggressive and ready to answer ques-
tions about the DAV and the VA services.
The volunteers can be from your chapter
or the auxiliary.
   Drinks and sunscreen will be provided
for the volunteers at the show. Most air
shows do not allow coolers and back-
packs to be brought inside the show
grounds. Please check the air show Web
site for more details.
   Parking passes may be available. How-
ever, the sections reserved for handicapped
parking lots are usually best. If there is an
admittance fee, AirSupport will serve as
your liaison and provide passes for up to
five volunteers per day.
   The DAV has special B-25 pins that
we distribute for a $10.00 donation. The
air show will play PSA’s recording by
Gary Sinise, which will encourage the
spectators to come by the display to pur-
chase these pins.
   In addition, we will have the announcer
make announcements about the opportu-
nity to sign our special poster. Our goal is
to collect as many signatures from veter-
ans and then donate the poster to the
show. We need your help with this!
   Contact phone numbers are Marvona
Welsh at 585-748-2428 or Lynn May at
585-309-9100. They will work with you
regarding the logistics at the air show. Please
direct all the communications with them
and not the air show personnel.
                                                                                        23                                         DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                                                     WDVA UPDATES
                                          February 2010
               Secretary’s Vision for the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
By Secretary Ken Black                                        unprecedented numbers and we must ensure they are                 E. We must determine if operational realignment
                                                              part of any mission. In short, we must re-evaluate our                is appropriate.
   As I have been participat-                                 goals and adapt the mission of the Department to meet             F. We must initiate any new or revised program based
ing in veterans’ organization                                 these new goals.                                                      on specific goals and be prepared to alter the
conferences early this year,                                     This will not be an easy undertaking. The Board must               course if the goals are not being met.
I’ve had the opportunity to                                   process complex information, assess the Department’s           3. We must secure the resource base to accomplish the
share my goals from the per-                                  resources and respond to the stakeholders who represent           mission each and every year.
spective of the Wisconsin                                     the thousands of Wisconsin veterans we serve. The                 G. Once programs have been determined, we need to
Department of Veterans                                        Department staff must assist the Board, provide a “boots              project the costs for the next five years at a minimum.
Affairs, as we move forward                                   on the ground” response once a course of action has               H. We must then determine what resources can be
in partnership with our                                       been chosen, and monitor the chosen course. The                       used to minimize reliance on other entities.
stakeholders. The WDVA                                        stakeholders must provide the building blocks of these            I. Once we know what resources are necessary from
will host a Veterans’ Stake-                                  actions: the places where help is most needed, the vol-               outside the Department, we must use teamwork to
holder Conference on                                          unteers to assist with legislation and implementation,                secure the necessary resources.
                                     Ken Black
April 2, 2010, at depart-                                     and feedback on whether the chosen actions are                 4. Every mission requires review and adjustment: it
ment headquarters, in the Richard H. Zeitlin Education        accomplishing the goals.                                          is essential that the mission and specific goals be
Center. See www.WisVets.com. Please see below my                 During my 20+ years of service, I developed, planned           evaluated on an annual basis.
vision for the department.                                    and accomplished many missions. Most of those mis-                J Re-examine our demographic base and ensure our
   I am honored and humbled to be named Secretary of          sions required careful planning. As we chart the mission              programs remain vital for our constituents.
the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. My              we must undertake, I would offer my experience, and I             K. Review the operational efficiency of our programs.
intent is to provide the leadership necessary to ensure       would offer the following outline as a starting point.            L. Seek stakeholder input for enhancing, expanding
the debt we owe our veterans continues to be paid. The                                                                              or eliminating programs.
mission we perform for our fellow service members and         1. Define our mission(s)                                          No worthwhile goal is easy. The best things in life are
their families is essential and we, as a team, must be           A. We must examine our demographic base and                 often the hardest to achieve. But I want the best for our
ever vigilant in our efforts to promote integrity, effi-            determine their needs.                                   veterans and I know each and every one of you does too.
ciency and humanity as we accomplish the goals set               B. We must assess our resources: what we have and           Every man and woman who has served our country
forth by the Board.                                                 what we might be able to obtain.                         knows how to pull together to accomplish a mission. I
   Those goals have changed as the nature of our society         C. We must determine what goals need to be our first        stand ready to assist the Board in these tasks, as I am
and the nature of military service has changed. Our                 priority and what resources we must devote to            sure the stakeholders and Department staff do, and look
largest population of veterans, those who served in                 those priorities.                                        forward to a bright future for Wisconsin veterans.
World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War,        2. After ascertaining what our mission is, we must                It is a difficult time for the veterans’ community. My
has matured and has far different needs. Our youngest            review and refine our delivery system                       intent is to stay focused on supporting veterans and I will
veterans face many challenges as they attempt to reinte-         D. We must review all existing programs and create,         be out and around the veterans’ community to reconnect
grate from their tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our                 revise or eliminate as necessary to successfully         and ensure we are all working towards our common goal
National Guard and the Reserves have been mobilized in              accomplish the mission.                                  – taking care of our veterans.

                                                 March 2010
                                 Welcoming Home Our Veterans of the Vietnam War
By Secretary Ken Black                                        by anti-communist nations,                                     offer them a warm welcome home that many never
                                                              including the United States. The                               received. Named for the Landing Zones that service
   On March 29, 2010, our state observed for the first time   United States’ involvement was                                 members were often deployed to, the event is called “LZ
a day to honor those who served during the Vietnam War.       10 years, from troop deploy-                                   Lambeau.” The Wisconsin Department of Veterans
   Last summer, Governor Jim Doyle signed into law            ments that began in 1965 until                                 Affairs is partnering with Wisconsin Public Television
2009 Wisconsin Act 36, designating March 29th of each         the capture of Saigon by the                                   and the Wisconsin Historical Society to present a week-
year to be recognized as “Vietnam Veterans Day” in Wis-       North Vietnamese army on April                                 end of activities, including: the presence of The Moving
consin. The day is set aside to acknowledge the 1,239         30, 1975, which marked the end                                 Wall; an exhibit of artifacts and photographs from the
Wisconsin Armed Forces members who are listed on the          of the Vietnam War about 35                                    Vietnam War, courtesy of the Wisconsin Veterans Muse-
Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., and to             years ago.                                                     um; and a special event inside Lambeau Field on Saturday
express pride and gratitude to the veterans of that war.         On March 27th, there was a                                  night, May 22nd, featuring music, speakers and a pre-
There were over 165,000 service members from Wis-             Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration                               view of the forthcoming Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories
consin who served during the Vietnam War.                     in Eau Claire, just two days before                            documentary from Wisconsin Public Television.
   The war began on September 26, 1959 as the Cold War        the officially designated Vietnam Veterans Day in Wisconsin.      Vietnam veterans and the public are encouraged to
military conflict called the “Second Indochina War.” It was      Also of note, planning is underway for a very special       attend this once-in-a-lifetime tribute. You can find out
a 16-year conflict between communist North Vietnam,           event to take place from May 21-23 at Lambeau Field in         more about the LZ Lambeau event at LZLambeau.org
which was supported by communist allies, and the              Green Bay. There will be a huge celebration to honor and       or on the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Web
government of South Vietnam, which was supported              thank Wisconsin’s Vietnam Veterans, and to formally            site at www.WisVets.com

               Milwaukee Chapter #44
                        (414) 328-2975
                                                                                                  BARRON COUNTY No. 52
                                                                                                              Meetings: 2nd Monday at 7:00 p.m.
             MEETINGS: 1ST THURSDAY AT 7:00 P.M.                                                                         Vets Center
      ELK’S LODGE – 5555 W. GOOD HOPE ROAD, MILWAUKEE, WI                                                     1404 MacAuley Avenue, Rice Lake
                           COMMANDER – MICHAEL LANG
                         ADJUTANT – STANLEY KOGUTKIEWICZ
                Serving all veterans in the greater Milwaukee area
                                                                                                              Benjamin Anderson (715) 637-4199

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                        24
                                                                                                                          DAV NEWS
 Team Wisconsin Comes Together to Serve State’s Newest Veterans
   As the approximately 3,200 Wiscon-           had they not deployed, Hallquist said, and
sin Army National Guard Soldiers who            if they have been released due to down-
deployed with the 32nd Infantry Brigade         sizing at their job, they have a right to
Combat Team return from Iraq this               know their seniority status with the
month, one mission remains – and a              company to determine if their release
team of state agencies are working to           would have occurred had they not
give Soldiers the tools they need to com-       deployed. These rights are spelled out
plete that mission.                             under the federal Uniformed Services
   To ensure success on this front, the         Employment and Reemployment Rights
Wisconsin Service Member Support                Act, or USERRA.
Division joined forces with the state              Hallquist cautioned Soldiers that they
Department of Workforce Develop-                have certain responsibilities, such as pro-
ment and the state Department of Vet-           viding their employers with adequate
erans Affairs, along with several other         notice of their upcoming deployment and
agencies, to help returning Soldiers            returning to work within 90 days follow-
and Airmen understand what rights and           ing the end of that deployment. If the
benefits they have earned as veterans –         Soldier believes he or she has been treated
in particular, education, employment            unfairly by their employer, they are
and health care, and the opportunity to         obliged to contact their chain of com-
file service-related Veterans Adminis-          mand, and then contact ESGR along with
tration disability claims before leaving        the U.S. Department of Labor Veterans
active duty.                                    Employment and Training Service
   This collaboration is a natural out-         (VETS). If the complaint has merit and
growth for the SMSD, created in 2009 as         ESGR gets involved, “then it’s the U.S.
required by Congress to combine the             government versus your employer,” Hal-
Badger Yellow Ribbon program, Wiscon-           lquist said. “You can guess who will win
sin National Guard Family Program               that one.”
Office and the Joint Family Support                Ken Grant, a representative from the
Assistance Program (JFSAP). Run by the          state Department of Workforce Develop-
Wisconsin National Guard, the SMSD              ment, spoke to Soldiers about various
offers help previously available through a      workshops offered to help those without
variety of programs through one office to       jobs reenter the workforce. “In these
families and employers of service mem-          tough economic times, we want to make
bers from all components, both active           sure you’re the best prepared job appli-
duty and reserve.                               cant,” Grant said. “We’ll also do all that
   According to Jeffrey Unger, the transition   we can to help you get the right job skills.
assistance advisor for Wisconsin’s              We want you to be the best prepared and
Department of Military Affairs, many            the best qualified.”
benefits veterans have earned go unused.           Ray Perez, from the state Department
Beginning Thursday (Jan. 14), he mod-           of Veterans Affairs, outlined federal and
erated “Wisconsin Day” – a detailed             state veterans’ benefits available to
presentation to veterans back in the state      returning Soldiers. Some of these include
less than 24 hours from a deployment to         the Wisconsin G.I. Bill, veteran educa-
Iraq, acquainting them with their benefits.     tion grants, assistance to needy vets,          Pictured is the return of the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s 32nd Infantry
These briefings are considered crucial for      retraining grants, veteran homes and            Brigade Combat Team from an eight-month deployment to Iraq. About 115 soldiers
returning service members.                      cemeteries, and the “Mission: Welcome           from Troop A, 105th Cavalry landed at Volk Field on January 5, 2010. Wisconsin
   “We want to make sure we introduce           Home” program.                                  Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Ken Black (in the black coat) was there to
veterans to the core programs and ser-             “Listen up, guys – you’re duly enti-         greet the returning service members, Wisconsin’s newest veterans.
vices that are basically life-altering,”        tled,” he said. “You’re eligible for these              Photos courtesy of Wisconsin Army National Guard 1st Sgt. Vaughn R. Larson
Unger said.                                     benefits, but more importantly, you’ve            Jean Bardeen, a military Family             caused by repeated exposure to horrify-
   Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers            earned them.”                                  Assistance Center representative, spoke        ing events accompanied by adrenaline,
and Airmen returning from overseas                 Rebecca Boehlke spoke about Mili-           about Wisconsin’s Service Member               he said.
deployments have been briefed on such           tary OneSource, which provides a vast          Support Division.                                 “In a combat zone that can happen on a
benefits in the past, during their demobi-      array of services to veterans and non-            “If you take nothing else away from         daily basis,” Brandt said. “The brain is not
lization as well as periodic “reintegration”    veteran service members alike. These           today, know that we are the portal for all     built to handle that amount of adrenaline.”
sessions in the year following the end of       run the gamut from free counseling ses-        the agencies here today,” she said.               As a result, those with PTSD release
their active duty tour. The idea for this       sions for family issues, programs for             Bob Curry, founder of DryHootch.org,        adrenaline inappropriately. This can mean
type of presentation, Unger explained,          weight loss and stress relief, financial       a support group for veterans dealing with      reduced problem-solving ability, as well
was modeled after a similar effort last         counseling, and free tax preparation with      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also           as anger-management issues. PTSD also
summer at Fort McCoy for the 81st               a professional service through Military        spoke to Soldiers Thursday.                    can result in high cholesterol, diabetes,
Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the                OneSource.                                        “I have a lot of brothers and sisters who   obesity, cardiovascular disease, irritable
Washington Army National Guard.                    “Don’t go to H&R Block and bill             want to thank you,” he said. “Your gener-      bowel and psoriasis. Early treatment is
Thursday was the test run for Wisconsin         Military OneSource,” Boehlke quipped.          ation gave us our honor back.”                 crucial, he said, as delaying treatment
Day, which was scheduled for several               1st Lt. James Khile, the rear detach-          Capt. Mike Brandt, the state behavioral     translates into lengthier treatment.
days during the 32nd Infantry Brigade           ment chaplain for the 32nd Brigade,            health officer for the Veterans Health            “Every one of you have changed from
Combat Team’s demobilization.                   spoke to Soldiers about enrichment             Administration, spoke compellingly             the war zone – not everyone in a nega-
   “Reports from unit commanders [are]          programs offered by the Wisconsin              about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder –         tive way,” Brandt said. “Many of you
that this is the way to go,” he said.           Department of Military Affairs and             what it is, and what it is not.                have resiliency.
   Mike Hallquist, a representative with        administered by the chaplain program.             “What most people come back with is            “The only barrier between you and
the Employer Support of the Guard and           There are programs for marriage enrich-        not PTSD, but resiliency,” Brandt said. “A     mental health is you,” he continued. “You
Reserve (ESGR) spoke to 32nd Brigade            ment (Prevention and Relationship              war zone is a prime place to build             will get information on where to get help.
Soldiers about job security in an uncer-        Enhancement Program, or PREP), single          resiliency – opening your mind, doing          Don’t put it off.”
tain economy.                                   enrichment (Premarital Interpersonal           what is necessary for the mission and the         Following the briefings, Soldiers
   “Your employer cannot discriminate           Choices and Knowledge, or PICK) and            Soldiers around you. And that will serve       enjoyed a lunch served by American
against you because you served your             family enrichment. These weekend               you well in civilian life.”                    Legion volunteers and visited information
country,” he explained. Soldiers have a         events are not counseling, but work-              PTSD, he explained, is first a physical     booths for veteran service organizations,
right to return to the same or similar job      shops to strengthen relationships and          phenomenon, a chemical reaction in the         county veteran service officers and other
at the pay rate they would have received        make wise relationship choices.                brain that affects how one feels. It is        veteran agencies.
                                                                                           25                                          DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

                  Special Extra Earnings
                   for Military Service                                                                        DAV transportation
     Since 1957, if you had military service earnings for active duty (including
  active duty for training), you paid Social Security taxes on those earnings. Since
  1988, inactive duty service in the Armed Forces reserves (such as weekend drills)
  has also been covered by Social Security.
     Under certain circumstances, special extra earnings for your military service
  from 1957 through 2001 can be credited to your record for Social Security pur-
                                                                                                      Appleton DAV Transportation Program
  poses. These extra earnings credits may help you qualify for Social Security or                        We’re asked from time to time, “How’s everything going with the Appleton
  increase the amount of your Social Security benefit.                                                Transportation Program?” We are proud to say under the direction of Dick Marbes
     Special extra earnings credits are granted for periods of active duty or active duty             and Patty Davis, we are doing great. We now have a full slate of volunteer drivers and
  for training. Special extra earnings credits are not granted for inactive duty training.            office workers and, I am proud to say, each one is dedicated to see that our veterans
     If your active military service occurred                                                         get the transportation they need.
  • From 1957 through 1967, we will add the extra credits to your record when you                        We are happy to report that one day Paul Birschbach from the MOPH stopped in
    apply for Social Security benefits.                                                               and dropped off a very generous check and Bill Remter from the VFW was instru-
  • From 1968 through 2001, you do not need to do anything to receive these extra                     mental in obtaining a $5,000.00 private donation. The van is available first-come,
    credits. The credits were automatically added to your record.                                     first-served for all veterans; it is so nice to have the support of other organizations.
  • After 2001, there are no special extra earnings credits for military service.                     Also, Wm. F. Speel of DAV Chapter 18-Appleton donated a new laptop and printer for
                                                                                                      the office.
    How You Get Credit For Special Extra Earnings                                                        Appleton DAV Transportation will be holding its first Brat Fry on Sunday, May 23,
    The information that follows applies only to active duty military service earn-                   from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. at Festival Foods on Northland Avenue in Appleton. Those
  ings from 1957 through 2001. Here’s how the special extra earnings are credited                     of you that live close enough, we hope to see you there to support this worthy cause.
  on your record:
  Service in 1957 Through 1977                                                                        Thanks for your support,
    You are credited with $300 in additional earnings for each calendar quarter in                    Sharon Cornell
  which you received active duty basic pay.                                                           Office Manager
  Service in 1978 through 2001
    For every $300 in active duty basic pay, you are credited with an additional
  $100 in earnings up to a maximum of $1,200 a year. If you enlisted after Sep-
  tember 7, 1980, and didn’t complete at least 24 months of active duty or your full
                                                                                                      Madison Happenings from Larry…
  tour, you may not be able to receive the additional earnings. Check with Social                        There are a multitude of projects going on at the Madison VA hospital. This is
  Security for details.                                                                               making problems of parking more difficult. Roads are blocked and parking places
                                                                                                      have been eliminated. Large construction equipment is moving around.
                                                                                                         Madison still has a large volume of outpatient appointments. The workload at the
                                                                                                      office has, sad to say, taken a drop due to the move from the first floor to the ground
 Veterans Hospital Earns Magnet®                                                                      floor. Still kind of working out of boxes.
                                                                                                         Hopefully this will improve in the near future. Since spring is coming, Conventions,
Recognition for Nursing Excellence                                                                    conference and other meaningful meetings will start taking place. Hope to see you all
    The William S. Middleton Memorial            and innovations in professional nursing              there after a long winter.
Veterans Hospital of Madison, Wisconsin          practice. Applicants undergo a rigorous
has achieved Magnet® recognition for             evaluation that includes extensive docu-             Larry W. Hauger
excellence in nursing services by the            mentation of outcomes and facility staff             DSO/HSC
American Nurses Credentialing Center’s           interviews. Research shows there are                 Madison VA Hospital
Magnet® Recognition Program.                     clear benefits to health care organizations
    “We are honored to receive Magnet®           that achieve Magnet® status and to the
recognition,” said Becky Kordahl, Nurse          communities they serve:
Executive. “This is tangible evidence that our   • Health care consumers have more confi-
organization is achieving excellent outcomes       dence in the overall quality of a hospital.
on behalf of the Veterans we serve. Abraham      • Facilities achieving Magnet® status con-
Lincoln made a promise that our nation             sistently outperform other facilities in
would provide care for those who have              recruiting and retaining nurses.
served, and our hospital and clinics are ful-    • Magnet® status becomes an attractive
filling that promise in an exemplary manner.”      force that extends to the entire facility
    Magnet® recognition is bestowed upon           for recruiting higher caliber staff.
health care organizations that provide              Veterans Hospital’s Magnet® status is
quality patient care, nursing excellence         valid for four years.

                                     William S. Middleton Memorial
                                            Veterans Hospital
                                 VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION
                                      Great Lakes Health Care System
                                2500 Overlook Terrace, Madison, WI 53705-2286

    Veteran’s Health Research Study on Pain
     The Department of Veterans Affairs is conducting a study aimed at under-                         On Friday, April 10th, 2010, Monroe County DAV Chapter's Commander Bob Bur-
  standing brain function of pain in Gulf War veterans with muscle and joint pain                     rier and Treasurer Curtis Gibeaut, Sr. presented Oakdale Electric Co-Op General
  and rheumatoid arthritis.                                                                           manager Bruce Ardett with a Certificate of Appreciation for their Donation to the WI
     We are asking for patients, as well as healthy volunteers, to participate in a two-day           DAV Transportation Fund.
  study conducted at the VA Medical Center and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
     We will be assessing your responses to painful heat stimuli on two separate
  occasions and while undergoing a functional brain imaging scan.
     You will receive $150.00 for your time and effort.                                                                 Attention Members
     If you wish to participate, please leave your name, phone number and mention                                     Please support us with our
  “Veteran’s Health Study on Pain” at:
                                                                                                                     Transportation Fundraiser –
                             WE NEED YOUR HELP!                                                                   purchase or sell your raffle tickets

DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                               26
                                                                                                                           DAV NEWS
    Department of Veterans Affairs Releases Proposed Budget for FY 2011
           White House Seeks $125 Billion for Veterans’ in 2011
                               Homelessness, Claims Increases and Access – Priorities for VA Budget
   Washington, D.C. – February 08, 2010 – To expand                         Eliminating Homelessness                           are increasingly using VA for their health care.
health care to a record-number of Veterans, reduce the             The budget proposal includes $4.2 billion in 2011 to           Shinseki said the expansion of health care pro-
number of homeless Veterans and process a dramatically          reduce and help prevent homelessness among Veterans.           grams for women Veterans will lead to higher quality
increased number of new disability compensation claims,         That breaks down into $3.4 billion for core medical ser-       care, increased coordination of care, enhanced privacy
the White House has announced a proposed $125 billion           vices and $799 million for specific homeless programs          and dignity, and a greater sense of security among
budget next year for the Department of Veterans Affairs.        and expanded medical care, which includes $294 million         women patients.
   “Our budget proposal provides the resources necessary        for expanded homeless initiatives. This increased invest-         Among the initiatives for women in 2011 budget
to continue our aggressive pursuit of President Obama’s         ment for expanded homeless services in consistent with         proposal are expanded health care services in Vet Cen-
two over-arching goals for Veterans,” said Secretary of         the VA secretary’s established goal of ultimately elimi-       ters, increased training for health care providers to
Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “First, the requested        nating homelessness among Veterans.                            advance their knowledge and understanding of
budget will help transform VA into a 21st century organiza-        On a typical night, about 131,000 Veterans are home-        women’s health issues, and implementing a peer call
tion. And second, it will ensure that we approach Veterans’     less. They represent every war and generation, from the        center and social networking site for women combat
care as a lifetime initiative, from the day they take their     “Greatest Generation” to the latest generation of Veter-       Veterans. This call center will be open 24 hours a day,
oaths until the day they are laid to rest.”                     ans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. To date, VA            7 days a week.
   The $125 billion budget request, which has to be             operates the largest system of homeless treatment and
approved by Congress, includes $60.3 billion for discre-        assistance programs in the nation.                                  Delivering World-Class Health Care
tionary spending (mostly health care) and $64.7 billion                                                                           During 2011, VA expects to treat 6.1 million patients,
in mandatory funding (mostly for disability compensa-           Targeting Mental Health, Preventing Suicides                   who will account for more than 800,000 hospitalizations
tion and pensions).                                                “The 2011 budget proposal continues the depart-             and 83 million outpatient visits.
   “VA’s 2011 budget request covers many areas but              ment’s keen focus on improving the quality, access and            The total includes 439,000 Veterans who served in
focuses on three central issues that are of critical            value of mental health care provided to Veterans,”             Iraq and Afghanistan, for whom $2.6 billion is included
importance to our Veterans – easier access to benefits          Shinseki said.                                                 in the budget proposal. That’s an increase of $597 mil-
and services, faster disability-claims decisions, and              The spending request seeks $5.2 billion for mental          lion – or 30 percent – from the current budget.
ending the downward spiral that result in Veterans’             health, an increase of $410 million (or 8.5 percent) over         The proposed budget for health care includes:
homelessness,” Shinseki said.                                   current spending, enabling expansion of inpatient, resi-          $6.8 billion for long-term care, an increase of $859
                                                                dential and outpatient mental health services, with            million (or 14 percent) over 2010. This amount includes
            Reducing Claims Backlog                             emphasis on making mental health services part of pri-         $1.5 billion for non-institutional long-term care;
   The president’s budget proposal includes an increase         mary care and specialty care.                                     Expanding access to VA health care system for more
of $460 million and more than 4,000 additional claims              The secretary noted that one-fifth of the patients seen     than 99,000 Veterans who were previously denied care
processors for Veterans benefits. This is a 27 percent          last year in VA’s health care facilities had a mental health   because of their incomes;
funding increase over the 2010 level.                           diagnosis, and that the department has added more than            $590 million for medical and prosthetic research; and
   The 1,014,000 claims received in 2009 were a 75 per-         6,000 new mental health professionals since 2005,                 Continuing development of a “virtual lifetime electronic
cent increase over the 579,000 received in 2000. Shinseki       bringing to 19,000 the number of employees dedicated           record,” a digital health record that will accompany Veterans
said the Department expects a 30 percent increase in            to mental health care.                                         throughout their lives.
claims – to 1,319,000 – in 2011 from 2009 levels.                  The budget request will enable the department to con-          VA is requesting $54.3 billion in advanced appropria-
   One reason for the increase is VA’s expansion of the         tinue expanding its programs for post-traumatic stress         tions for 2012 for health care, an increase of $2.8 billion
number of Agent Orange-related illnesses that automati-         disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), along        over the 2011 enacted amount. Planned initiatives in
cally qualify for disability benefits. Veterans exposed to      with the diagnosis and treatment of depression, substance      2012 include better leveraging acquisitions and con-
the Agent Orange herbicides during the Vietnam War are          abuse and other mental health problems. Shinseki called        tracting, enhancing the use of referral agreements,
likely to file additional claims that will have a substan-      PTSD treatment “central to VA’s mission.”                      strengthening VA’s relationship with the Defense Depart-
tial impact upon the processing system for benefits, the           The proposed spending will continue VA’s suicide            ment, and expanding the use of medical technology.
secretary said.                                                 prevention program. Since July 2007, the department’s
   “We project significantly increased claims inventories       suicide prevention hotline has received nearly 225,000                   Preserving National Shrines
in the near term while we make fundamental improve-             calls from Veterans, active-duty personnel and family             “VA remains steadfastly committed to providing
ments to the way we process disability compensation             members. The hotline is credited with saving the lives         access to a dignified and respectful burial for Veterans
claims,” Shinseki said.                                         of nearly 7,000 people.                                        choosing to be buried in a VA national cemetery,” Shin-
   Long-term reduction of the inventory will come from                                                                         seki said. “This promise requires that we maintain
additional manpower, improved business practices, plus                      Reaching Rural Veterans                            national cemeteries as shrines dedicated to the memory
an infusion of $145 million in the proposed budget for             For 2011, VA is seeking $250 million to strengthen          of those who served this nation in uniform.”
development of a paperless claims processing system,            access to health care for 3.2 million Veterans enrolled in        The requested $251 million from cemetery operations
which plays a significant role in the transformation of VA.     VA’s medical system who live in rural areas. Rural out-        and maintenance will support more than 114,000 inter-
                                                                reach includes expanded use of home-based primary              ments in 2011, a 3.8 percent increase over 2010. In 2011,
              Automating the GI Bill                            care and mental health.                                        the department will maintain 8,441 acres with 3.1 mil-
   The budget proposal includes $44 million to complete by         A key portion of rural outreach – which shows               lion gravesites. The budget request includes $37 million
December 2010 as automated system for processing appli-         promise for use with Veterans across the country – is          to clean and realign an estimated 668,000 headstones
cations for the new Post-9/11 GI Bill. VA also plans to start   VA’s innovative “telehealth” program; it links patients        and repair 100,000 sunken graves.
development next year of electronic systems to process          and health care providers by telephones and includes
claims from other VA-administered educational programs.         telephone-based data transmission, enabling daily moni-                      Building for the Future
   The Post-9/11 GI Bill authorizes the most extensive          toring of patients with chronic problems.                         $1.15 billion requested for major construction for
educational assistance opportunity since the passage of            The budget provides an increase of $42 million from         2011 includes funding for medical facilities in New
the original GI Bill in 1944. Over $1.7 billion in regular      VA’s home telehealth program. The effort already cares         Orleans, LA; Denver, CO; Palo Alto, CA; Alameda, CA;
Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits payments have been issued            for 35,000 patients and is the largest program of its kind     and Omaha, NE. Also budgeted for 2011 are major
since the implementation of the program on August 1,            in the world.                                                  expansions and improvement to the national cemeteries
2009. In 2011, VA expects the number of all education                                                                          in Indiantown Gap, PA; Los Angeles, CA; and Tahoma,
claims to grow by 32 percent over 2009, going from 1.7                       Serving Women Veterans                            WA, and new burial access policies that will provide a
million to 2.25 million.                                           The 2011 budget provides $217.6 million to meet the         burial option to an additional 500,000 Veterans and
   “To meet this increasing workload and process educa-         gender-specific health care needs of women Veterans, an        enhance service in urban areas.
tion claims in a timely manner, VA has established a            increase of $18.6 million (or 9.4 percent) over the 2010          A requested budget of $468 million for minor con-
comprehensive strategy to develop industry-standard             level. Enhanced primary care for women Veterans                struction in 2011 would fund a wide variety of
technologies to modernize the delivery of these impor-          remains one of the Department’s top priorities. The num-       improvement at VA facilities.
tant educational benefits,” Shinseki said.                      ber of women Veterans is growing rapidly and women                For more go to http://www4.va.gov/ubdget/products.asp

                                                                    Attention Members
               Please support us with our Transportation Fundraiser – purchase or sell your raffle tickets

                                                                                            27                                         DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
                     Shinseki Announces Winners of Innovation Competition
                                for Improving Claims Processing
                                       VA to Implement Employees’ Ideas to Transform Services
   WASHINGTON – The Department of               Additional winners are the St. Louis        put them into action, all with a simple        by their treating physicians.
Veterans Affairs selected 10 winners in      Records Management Center, San Diego           mission: cut those backlogs, slash those     • Togus VA Regional Office: Align
a competition that solicited ideas from      VA Regional Office (two winning                wait times, deliver your benefits sooner,”     employee performance standards with
VA employees and co-located Veterans         entries), VA Central Office/St. Paul Pen-      said Obama.                                    Department of Veterans Affairs’ goals.
service organizations to improve claims      sion Management Center, and Phoenix                                                         • St. Louis Records Management Cen-
processing and provide greater trans-        VA Regional Office. These ideas are             Veterans Benefits Administration              ter: Provide regional off ices with
parency to Veterans.                         identified for future implementation.           Innovation Competition Winners                digital images of claims-related
 “I commend the innovative employees            More than 3,000 ideas from VA               • Milwaukee VA Regional Office:                records held in VA’s centralized storage
who submitted these creative ideas,” said    employees and co-located Veterans ser-           Streamline the administrative process        facility in St. Louis.
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K.        vice organizations were submitted to             for documenting actions to obtain evi-     • San Diego VA Regional Office: Develop
Shinseki. “The men and women of VA           the competition. The finalists were              dence for disability claims.                 a computer application to calculate enti-
and the veterans service organizations       selected by Admiral Patrick W. Dunne,          • Philadelphia/Wilmington VA Regional          tlement to additional benefits payable to
who understand the challenges in our         former VA Under Secretary for Bene-              Office: Simplify the evaluation process      Veterans with the most serious injuries.
claims processing systems have stepped       fits; Craig Newmark, the founder of              for Veterans claiming pension benefits     San Diego VA Regional Office: Update
up to deliver tangible results for our       Craigslist and a well-known technology           with aid and attendance.                   VA’s computer systems to facilitate
Nation’s Veterans.”                          visionary; Dr. Peter Levin, Senior Advisor     • Atlanta VA Regional Office: Estab-         communication between VA employees
   The Innovation Initiative winners are     to the Secretary and Chief Technology            lish an expedited claims process for       and Veterans.
the Milwaukee VA Regional Office,            Officer; and Garry Augustine, Deputy             Veterans who claim an increase in          • VA Central Office/St. Paul Pension
Philadelphia/Wilmington VA Regional          National Service Director for Disabled           their service-connected disability           Management Center: Implement
Office, Atlanta VA Regional Office, Pitts-   American Veterans.                               based on worsening symptoms.                 rules-based processing for VA pension
burgh VA Regional Office and Togus VA           President Obama announced the inno-         • Pittsburgh VA Regional Office: Lessen        programs and other benefits.
Regional Office. Development of plans        vation competition while speaking to the         the need for VA medical examinations       • Phoenix VA Regional Office: Make it easier
for implementation of these proposals        Veterans of Foreign Wars in August.              by providing Veterans with standardized      for Veterans to establish service connection
will begin immediately.                      “We’re going to fund the best ideas and          medical questionnaires to be completed       for specific medical conditions.

   VA Reaching Out to Students and Schools to Speed Benefit Payments
                                      “Shared Responsibilities” Among Schools, Students and VA
   WASHINGTON (Jan. 20, 2010) – In a         working together will students be better          VA also released a “Hip Pocket” guide     awarded a temporary contract to assist
coordinated effort to speed up the pro-      served,” said VA’s Acting Under Secretary      and checklist, with helpful tips to assist   with education claims processing.
cessing of Post 9/11 GI Bill education       for Benefits Mike Walcoff. “We are mak-        Veterans in the application process. The        Veterans, service members, reservists,
benefits this spring, the Department of      ing a concerted effort to reach out to         guide and checklist can be found on col-     and members of the National Guard who
Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today        everyone to provide the timely benefits        lege campuses and VA’s GI Bill Web site,     served on active duty since September 11,
that it has been reaching out to student     that those who served our nation deserve.”     www.gibill.va.gov                            2001 are potentially eligible for the new
Veterans, service members, university           Walcoff said there are “shared respon-         VA is working to provide timely pay-      Post-9/11 GI Bill. It provides payments
officials and other partners to meet its     sibilities” between VA, universities and       ments to all eligible Veterans to ensure     for tuition and fees, as well as a housing
commitment to an aggressive processing       the students to ensure the success of pro-     that students are spared the financial       allowance and stipend for books and sup-
goal by Feb. 1, 2010. Feb. 1 is the first    cessing the education benefits on time.”       hardships which some faced during the        plies for many participants.
date spring payments are due and presently      VA has sent letters to university presi-    fall 2009 term.                                 Under the new GI Bill, some members
VA has processed over 72,000 of the          dents and school certifying officials, state      To help address the high volume of        of the armed forces may transfer benefits
approximately 103,000 spring enroll-         Veterans affairs directors, and notified       claims received for the new Post-9/11 GI     to a spouse or dependent children.
ments received. Since inception of the       Veteran service organizations, congres-        Bill, VA hired 530 employees, bringing          Information about the Post-9/11 GI
historic new program last year, VA has       sional members and other education             the total number of education claims         Bill, as well as VA’s other educational
paid over $1.3 billion in benefits to more   stakeholders highlighting VA’s emphasis        processors to 1,200. Employees have          benefit programs, is available at VA’s
than 170,000 students.                       on the importance of timely submission         been working mandatory overtime since        Web site, www.gibill.va.gov or by calling
   “Only by VA and all of our partners       of school enrollment information.              August 2009. Additionally, the department    1-888-GIBILL-1 (or 1-888-442-4551).

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DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                      28
                                                                                                                       DAV NEWS

                                              VA HeAltH CAre
             VA Recognizes 9 “Presumptive” diseases,
             Expands Gulf War Syndrome Presumption
         At same time, VA denies presumptive connection to depleted uranium exposure
By Anthony Hardie                             for chronic, ill-defined or undiagnosed         The nonmalignant diseases or condi-            Service,” March 18, 2010:
91outcomes Publisher/Editor                   multi-symptom illness, which has often       tions VA denied presumption related to              http://frwebgate3.access.gpo.gov/
                                              been termed “Gulf War Syndrome” or           DU exposure included: Renal (kidney)                       cgi-bin/PDFgate.cgi?
   The U.S. Department of Veterans            “Gulf War Illness.”                          disease, Respiratory disease, Neurologic          WAISdocID=94462419609+0+2+0&
Affairs announced that a proposed rule           That announcement was confirmed by        disease, and Reproductive and develop-                     WAISaction=retrieve
will make nine rare endemic infectious        today’s release of the proposed rule         mental effects.                                 • Federal Register announcement of VA
diseases presumptive for veterans with        change in the Federal Register.                 According to VA, “This determination           denial of DU claims: “Determinations
service in the Persian Gulf theater of           To date, the list of unexplained pre-     does not in any way preclude VA from              Concerning Illnesses Discussed in the
operations between August 2, 1990 and a       sumptive conditions has included:            granting service connection for any dis-          Institute of Medicine Report on Gulf War
future date not yet determined.               Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syn-           ease, including those specifically discussed      and Health: Updated Literature Review
   In the related press release and an        drome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.             in this notice, nor does it change any            of Depleted Uranium,” March 9, 2010:
official notice of rule change in the            VA Chief of Staff John Gingrich, the      existing rights or procedures.”                      http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/
Federal Register, VA also announced that      Obama Administration’s highest ranking          The VA based its DU denial decision on          FR-2010-03-09/pdf/2010-4882.pdf
the theater is considered to include          Gulf War veteran, announced in late          an Institute of Medicine (IOM) review of        • VBA Training Letter 10-01, “Adjudicating
service in Afghanistan.                       February that these three presumptive        scientific studies that concluded that at         Claims Based on Service in the Gulf War
                                              conditions were only “examples” of ill-      this time, there is “Inadequate/Insufficient      and Southwest Asia”, February 4, 2010:
Nine Infectious Diseases                      defined or chronic multi-symptom illness,    Evidence to Determine Whether an Asso-                    http://sites.google.com/
   The nine infectious diseases approved      and that VA would be open to reviewing       ciation Exists.”                                     a/91outcomes.com/docs/home/
by VA for presumption for veterans with       previously denied claims if requested by        This category means that the [scientific]       TL10-01.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1
Persian Gulf War theater exposure,            the veteran.                                 evidence is of insufficient quantity, qual-     –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
including Afghanistan, include:                  Unfortunate news headlines read that      ity, or consistency to permit a conclusion       Proposed 3.317 Rule Language
• Brucellosis,                                VA would reopen Gulf War veterans’           regarding the existence of an association       The Federal Register announces an intention
• Campylobacter jejuni,                       claims. While partially accurate, the vet-   between exposure to uranium and a spe-          to Revise § 3.317 to read as follows:
• Coxiella burnetii (Q fever),                eran must request that the claim be          cific health outcome in humans.                 § 3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities
• Malaria,                                    reopened. Gingrich noted in his public          IOM concluded that there is inade-           occurring in Persian Gulf veterans.
                                                                                                                                           (a) Compensation for disability due to undiag-
• Mycobacterium tuberculosis,                 announcement that VA does not have the       quate/insufficient evidence to determine
                                                                                                                                           nosed illness and medically unexplained
• Nontyphoid Salmonella,                      legal authority to proactively reopen vet-   whether an association exists between           chronic multisymptom illnesses.
• Shigella,                                   erans claims.                                exposure to uranium and each health out-        (1) Except as provided in paragraph (a)(7) of
• Visceral leishmaniasis, and                    A VA training letter issued a few weeks   come described in the report because            this section, VA will pay compensation in
• West Nile virus.                            earlier to VA claims and medical examin-     well-conducted studies showed equivocal         accordance with chapter 11 of title 38, United
                                              ers directed a much broader approach to      results, the magnitude or frequency of          States Code, to a Persian Gulf veteran who
          According to VA:                    approving disability claims based on         the health outcome may be so low that it        exhibits objective indications of a qualifying
   For non-presumptive conditions, a          multi-symptom illness, and that the three    cannot be reliably detected given the           chronic disability, provided that such disability:
Veteran is required to provide medical        previous conditions were merely “exam-       sizes of the study populations, and the         (i) Became manifest either during active mili-
evidence that can be used to establish an     ples” of undiagnosed illness.                available studies had limitations that          tary, naval, or air service in the Southwest Asia
actual connection between military ser-          The training letter calls for Undiag-     prevented the IOM from reaching clear           theater of operations, or to a degree of 10 percent
                                                                                                                                           or more not later than December 31, 2011; and
vice and a specific disease. With the         nosed Illness claims to be held until the    conclusions about health outcomes.
                                                                                                                                           (ii) By history, physical examination, and lab-
proposed rule, a Veteran will only have to    new rule becomes final.                         Gulf War veteran advocates have been         oratory tests cannot be attributed to any
show service in Southwest Asia or                                                          critical for many years of the lack of sci-     known clinical diagnosis.
Afghanistan, and a current diagnosis of            Depleted Uranium (DU)                   entific studies related to inhaled or           (2)(i) For purposes of this section, a qualifying
one of the nine diseases.                        The latest VA announcement on Gulf        ingested depleted uranium particulate           chronic disability means a chronic disability
   Comments on the proposed rule will be      War veterans claims comes a week after a     matter, almost certainly a common source        resulting from any of the following (or any
accepted over the next 60 days. A final       March 9, 2010 Federal Register               of exposure for veterans of the 1991 Per-       combination of the following):
regulation will be published after consid-    announcement in which VA denied pre-         sian Gulf War and the 2003 U.S. invasion        (A) An undiagnosed illness;
eration of all comments received.             sumption for a list of diseases that may     of Iraq who were at any time in or near         (B) The following medically unexplained
   The 1998 Persian Gulf War Veterans         have been related to exposure to depleted    military vehicles, buildings, and equip-        chronic multisymptom
Act requires the Secretary to review          uranium (DU) in the Persian Gulf theater     ment that have been hit at any time in the      illnesses that are defined by a cluster of signs
                                                                                                                                           or symptoms:
NAS reports that study scientific infor-      of operations.                               past with DU rounds and have not been
                                                                                                                                           (1) Chronic fatigue syndrome;
mation and possible associations                 According to VA, “The selected health     fully cleaned up.                               (2) Fibromyalgia;
between illnesses and exposure to toxic       outcomes were ten types of cancer and           DU is mildly radioactive and is a heavy      (3) Irritable bowel syndrome; or
agents by Veterans who served in the          several non-malignant diseases or condi-     metal, that, like lead and mercury, is highly   (4) Any other illness that the Secretary deter-
Persian Gulf War.                             tions. With the exception of prostatic       toxic when inhaled or ingested. Its long-       mines meets the criteria in paragraph (a)(2)(ii)
   According to VA: The [IOM] commit-         and testicular cancers, the health out-      term effects remain a subject of debate.        of this section for a medically unexplained
tee selected nine infectious diseases that:   comes were selected by the IOM                  The DU decision by VA, based on              chronic multisymptom illness.
(1) Are prevalent in Southwest Asia,          because there are plausible mechanisms       “Inadequate/Insufficient Evidence to            (ii) For purposes of this section, the term
(2) Have been diagnosed among U.S.            of action (for example, lung cancer and      Determine Whether an Association                medically unexplained chronic multisymp-
    troops serving there, and                 respiratory disease were selected            Exists” nearly 20 years after the end of        tom illness means a diagnosed illness without
(3) Are known to cause long-term              because inhaled insoluble uranium            the 1991 Persian Gulf War, will likely          conclusive pathophysiology or etiology that is
                                                                                                                                           characterized by overlapping symptoms and
    adverse health effects.                   oxides lodge in the lung).                   only serve to continue that debate.
                                                                                                                                           signs and has features such as fatigue, pain,
                                                 The types of cancer VA denied pre-                                                        disability out of proportion to physical findings,
      Undiagnosed Illness                     sumption related to DU exposure were:             Additional information:                    and inconsistent demonstration of laboratory
     Revision and Expansion                   Lung cancer, Leukemia Lymphoma,              • Federal Register announcement of VA           abnormalities. Chronic multisymptom illnesses
  Today’s announcement comes three            Bone cancer, Renal (kidney) cancer,            approval for nine infectious diseases,        of partially understood etiology and patho-
weeks after VA announced that it would        Bladder cancer, Brain and other central        and new rules for consideration of undi-      physiology will not be considered medically
be open to reviewing the claims of Gulf       nervous system cancers, Stomach cancer,        agnosed illnesses: “Presumptions of           unexplained.
War veterans who have submitted claims        Prostatic cancer, and Testicular cancer.       Service Connection for Persian Gulf                 GULF WAR, continued on page 30
                                                                                       29                                           DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
GULF WAR, continued from page 29                     (ii) If there is affirmative evidence that the dis-    the rule are:                                      • Endocarditis.
(3) For purposes of this section, ‘‘objective        ability was caused by a supervening condition          • Arthritis.                                       • Osteomyelitis.
indications of chronic disability’’ include both     or event that occurred between the veteran’s           • Cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory         • post-Q-fever chronic fatigue syndrome.
‘‘signs,’’ in the medical sense of objective evi-    most recent departure from active duty in the            system infections.                               • Vascular infection.
dence perceptible to an examining physician,         Southwest Asia theater of operations and the           • Chronic meningitis and meningoencephalitis.      • Demyelinating polyneuropathy.
and other, non-medical indicators that are           onset of the disability; or                            • Deafness.                                        • Guillain-Barre syndrome.
capable of independent verification.                 (iii) If there is affirmative evidence that the dis-   • Demyelinating meningovascular syndromes.         • Hematologic manifestations (particularly
(4) For purposes of this section, disabilities       ability is the result of the veteran’s own willful     • Episcleritis.                                      anemia after falciparum malaria and splenic
that have existed for 6 months or more and           misconduct or the abuse of alcohol or drugs.           For the eight other infectious diseases listed,      rupture after vivax malaria).
disabilities that exhibit intermittent episodes      (b) Signs or symptoms of undiagnosed illness           the long-term health effects presumed to be        • Immune-complex glomerulonephritis.
of improvement and worsening over a 6-month          and medically unexplained chronic multisymp-           connected, as proposed in the rule, are:           • Neurologic disease, neuropsychiatric dis-
period will be considered chronic. The 6-month       tom illnesses. For the purposes of paragraph           • Fatigue, inattention, amnesia, and depression.     ease, or both.
period of chronicity will be measured from the       (a)(1) of this section, signs or symptoms which        • Guillain-Barre syndrome.                         • Ophthalmologic manifestations, particularly
earliest date on which the pertinent evidence        may be manifestations of undiagnosed illness           • Hepatic abnormalities, including granulo-          retinal hemorrhage and scarring.
establishes that the signs or symptoms of the        or medically unexplained chronic multisymp-              matous hepatitis.                                • Plasmodium falciparum.
disability first became manifest.                    tom illness include, but are not limited to:           • Multifocal choroiditis.                          • Plasmodium malariae.
(5) A qualifying chronic disability referred to       (1) Fatigue.                                          • Myelitis-radiculoneuritis.                       • Plasmodium ovale.
in this section shall be rated using evaluation       (2) Signs or symptoms involving skin.                 • Nummular keratitis.                              • Plasmodium vivax.
criteria from part 4 of this chapter for a dis-       (3) Headache.                                         • Papilledema.                                     • Renal disease, especially nephrotic syndrome.
ease or injury in which the functions affected,       (4) Muscle pain.                                      • Optic neuritis.                                  • Active tuberculosis.
anatomical localization, or symptomatology            (5) Joint pain.                                       • Orchioepididymitis and infections of the         • Long-term adverse health outcomes due to
are similar.                                          (6) Neurologic signs or symptoms.                       genitourinary system.                              irreversible tissue damage from severe forms
(6) A qualifying chronic disability referred to       (7) Neuropsychological signs or symptoms.             • Sensorineural hearing loss.                        of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tubercu-
in this section shall be considered service           (8) Signs or symptoms involving the respi-            • Spondylitis.                                       losis and active tuberculosis.
connected for purposes of all laws of the                    ratory system (upper or lower).                • Uveitis.                                         • Reactive Arthritis if manifest within 3
United States.                                        (9) Sleep disturbances.                               • Guillain-Barre syndrome if manifest within         months of the infection.
(7) Compensation shall not be paid under this        (10) Gastrointestinal signs or symptoms.                 2 months of the infection.                       • Hemolytic-uremic syndrome if manifest
section for a chronic disability:                    (11) Cardiovascular signs or symptoms.                 • Reactive Arthritis if manifest within 3            within 1 month of the infection.
(i) If there is affirmative evidence that the dis-   (12) Abnormal weight loss.                               months of the infection.                         • Reactive Arthritis if manifest within 3
ability was not incurred during active military,     (13) Menstrual disorders.                              • Uveitis if manifest within 1 month of the          months of the infection.
naval, or air service in the Southwest Asia the-     For Brucellosis, the long-term health out-               infection.                                       • Delayed presentation of the acute clinical
ater of operations; or                               comes presumed to be connected proposed in             • Chronic hepatitis.                                 syndrome.

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DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010                                                                      30
                                                                                                                           DAV NEWS
    Petzel Sworn in to Head Veterans Health Care System
   WASHINGTON – Dr. Robert A. Petzel             VA’s 21 geographic health care networks           More than 8 million Veterans are            medicine and hospice programs. Backed by
has taken the oath of office as the Under        covering eight medical centers and 42          enrolled in VA’s health care system,           a world-class electronic health records sys-
Secretary for Health within the Depart-          community based outpatient clinics serv-       which is growing in the wake of its eligi-     tem, care is delivered in settings as diverse
ment of Veterans Affairs (VA), stepping          ing Veterans in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska,     bility expansion. This year, VA expects to     as telehealth monitoring of vital signs from
up to lead the nation’s largest integrated       North Dakota, South Dakota, western            treat nearly 6 million patients during 78      a rural Veteran’s home to a network of 134
health care system.                              Illinois and western Wisconsin.                million outpatient visits and 906,000          VA community living centers for nursing
   “Dr. Petzel brings to this position a            During his decades of service to Veterans   inpatient admissions.                          home care for Veterans in their later years.
strong leadership background in caring for       in VA, he has served on numerous advisory         The Veterans Health Administration,            Enhanced programs for today’s genera-
Veterans as a longtime health system man-        committees that guided development of          the 262,000-employee component of VA           tion of combat Veterans include “seamless
ager in VA,” said Secretary of Veterans          new and improved health care programs.         that Petzel now heads, is comprised of         transition” initiatives to ensure continuity
Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “His commit-           Board certified in internal medicine, Petzel   153 hospitals nationwide, more than 800        of care from the battlefield to hometown,
ment to outstanding medical quality and          also has served previously as chief of staff   geographically separate outpatient clinics     special screenings for traumatic brain
access for Veterans will be critical to lead-    for the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.         or mobile clinics, and 232 readjustment        injury, and an enhanced array of mental
ing VA in its 21st century transformation.”         He graduated from Northwestern Uni-         counseling Vet Centers.                        health services to meet Veterans’ needs as
   Petzel had been Acting Principal              versity Medical School in 1969 and has            VA offers a comprehensive spectrum of       they return to civilian life as well as spe-
Deputy Under Secretary for Health since          served on the faculty of the University of     care for Veterans from preventive services     cial attention to the needs of women and
May 2009. Previously, he directed one of         Minnesota Medical School.                      and primary care to high-tech subspecialty     rural Veterans.

        “Innovation Initiative” Underway for Health Records Improvements
                                                Shinseki Asks VA Employees to Submit Creative Ideas
   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Secretary of               ways to improve the care we deliver.”             The Innovation Initiative will allow        originated in innovations from our health
Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki                   From now until Feb. 28, Veterans            employees to enter health information          care workforce. This new competition
launched the “Veterans Health IT Inno-           Health Administration (VHA) and                technology ideas in a variety of categories,   offers employees the opportunity to make
vation Initiative,” an employee-based            Office of Information & Technology             such as engaging Veterans in their care,       VA even more open and effective.”
Health Information Technology (HIT)              (OI&T) government and contract                 helping medical providers, increasing             In September 2009, Shinseki announced
competition to spur VA’s transformation          employees can submit their innovative          transparency, and improving workflow.          a similar competition for the Veterans
into a 21st Century organization that is         ideas, comment on ideas, and vote on              A series of screening panels will           Benefits Administration (VBA), encour-
Veteran-centric, results-oriented and            ideas. One hundred of the ideas will be        review the suggestions. Assistant Secre-       aging employees to submit ideas on
forward-looking.                                 selected and employees will be invited to      tary Baker and Dr. Gerald Cross, VA’s          everything from speeding the processing
   “This competition is rooted in the sim-       submit full proposals.                         Acting Deputy Under Secretary for              times for disability claims to improving
ple belief that the people who work on the          ”We’re looking to bring innovation          Health, will select the top 25 ideas.          transparency. The winning ideas for the
front lines of VA know best how to               back to our Health IT systems,” said              “VA’s health IT system has always           VBA innovation competition will be
improve health care and quality, access,         Roger Baker, VA’s Assistant Secretary for      been a collaboration among its commu-          announced in February. The final selec-
and transparency in service to our               Information and Technology. “This initia-      nity of health care users and a dedicated      tions will receive full funding for project
Nation’s Veterans,” said Secretary Shinseki.     tive will tap into the incredible talent       IT staff,” said Cross. “Many components        development and execution at the
“At VA, we always want to look for new           across VHA and OI&T.”                          of our electronic health records system        Regional Offices submitting the idea.

 Clarification of Effects of Health Insurance Reform Legislation on Veterans
   A number of DAV members and others            required to buy private coverage in            children of Vietnam and Korean War vet-        employees of the Army and Air Force
have asked how the new health insurance          addition to their government-provided          erans with spina bifida, but that problem      Exchange Service and others) constitutes
reform law (Public Law 111-148, approved         health services, as the DAV had insisted       is being addressed now by the Veterans         minimal essential health care coverage as
on March 23, 2010) would affect our              to Congress and the Administration.            Committees in Congress with a technical        required by the health reform law.
nation’s veterans. As many of you know, in          Furthermore, under the new law but          correction. S. 3162, as passed by the Sen-        H.R. 4894 would amend the health
general the new law requires most U.S. cit-      outside VA and the Department of               ate, would amend the reform law to guaran-     reform law to ensure nothing in that law
izens and legal residents to obtain private      Defense (DOD), veterans and their family       tee that VA’s spina bifida program for these   could be construed to diminish the
health insurance coverage by 2014 or they        dependents, the same as all other              children would be considered minimum           authority of the Secretary of Veterans
(or their employers) will face financial         Americans, may gain the option to buy a        essential coverage. Otherwise, we believe      Affairs or the Secretary of Defense over
penalties through the U.S. Tax Code.             private plan through state-run insurance       veterans who rely on VA health care and        the VA and DoD health care programs,
   Under this new law, we interpret that all     exchanges, beginning in 2014. Based on         their family members who rely on               respectively. This bill would also directly
veterans enrolled in Department of Veter-        income limits, they may also be eligible       CHAMPVA will be unaffected by the              amend the reform law to ensure that
ans Affairs (VA) health care and their           for financial assistance in purchasing         new health reform law.                         enrollment in DoD or VA health care is
dependents and survivors under CHAMPVA,          insurance coverage.                               Nonetheless, in an overabundance of         considered minimum essential coverage.
and all military families, military retirees        With all the misinformation that has        caution due to ambiguous language, leg-           DAV will remain vigilant to protect the
and dependents enrolled in military              appeared in the media and on the Internet,     islation has been introduced to clarify the    VA health care system upon which so many
health care, TRICARE, and TRICARE                we can understand why some veterans            intent of the law, as follows:                 service-connected disabled veterans rely.
for Life, are deemed to have the minimum         and their families have become concerned          H.R. 4887, already passed by the House      We will also continue to monitor the imple-
essential coverage that satisfies the indi-      about what they think might happen to          and pending in the Senate (S. 3148),           mentation of the health insurance reform
vidual requirement for health insurance          them under the new law. One specific and       would provide that coverage under TRI-         law to ensure that it will not adversely
coverage. As such, we believe these vet-         unintended problem surfaced that con-          CARE and DoD’s Non-appropriated                impact our nation’s wartime disabled veter-
erans and military families are not              cerns a few hundred severely disabled          Fund Health Benefits Program (for DoD          ans, their families or dependents.

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                                                                                            31                                          DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010
WISCONSIN                                                                                                                   DAV NEWS

                          2010 DAV Mid-Winter Conference
                                    February 28 - March 3, 2010 • Arlington, VA

National Commander Roberto “Bobby”
Berrera testifying at the Joint House and
Senate VA Committee Hearing. Com-           DAV Wisconsin delegation at 2010 Mid-Winter Conference. Sitting, L-R: State Adju-
mander Berrera presented DAV’s 2010         tant Ken Kuehnl, Legislative Director Clarence Stoel and National Service Office
Legislative Program to the committees.      Supervisor for Wisconsin, John Kleindienst. Standing, L-R: Senior Vice Comman-            State Treasurer and Past National Com-
                                            der John Hoeft, Judge Advocate Al Labelle, Past Department Commander Roger                mander (PNC) Dick Marbes discussing the
       2010 DAV Mid-Conference              Dorman, Legal Advisor Stephen Leopold and State Treasurer Dick Marbes. Marbes             filing of Departments’ Annual Financial
        continues on pages 17-19.           is also a Past National Commander.                                                        Reports during the opening session.

                                                                                        Wisconsin delegation awaiting National Commander Berrera’s testimony in Cannon
Standing ovation for National Commander Roberto “Bobby” Berrera at the conclusion       House Office Building Room 345. Pictured, R-L: State Legislative Director Clarence
of his testimony to the Joint House and Senate VA Committees. Pictured, L-R: Joe        Stoel, National Service Office State Supervisor John Kleindienst, Senior Vice Com-
Violante, National Legislative Director; David Gorman, Executive Director of Wash-      mander John Hoeft, State Adjutant Ken Kuehnl and Past Department Commander
ington Headquarters; Commander Berrera; and Arthur Wilson, National Adjutant.           Roger Dorman.

                                                           ‘Going to Bat for Veterans”
                                                  Award Presented to Representative Dave Obey
                                               Washington, D.C. (News Release) –                                                    ensure that sufficient funds are included.
                                            Disabled American Veterans National                                                        “This legislation will help every dis-
                                            Commander Roberto “Bobby” Barrera                                                       abled veteran and every future disabled
                                            today presented a special “Going to Bat                                                 veteran,” said Commander Barrera. “This
                                            for Veterans” award to Rep. David Obey                                                  important legislation was passed because
                                            in recognition of his leadership and                                                    so many in Congress saw the need to put
                                            support for legislation that will ensure                                                an end to chronic lapses in budgets that
                                            sufficient, timely and predictable fund-                                                had persisted for decades. They stood up
                                            ing for veterans health care.                                                           for veterans together, and veterans and
                                               “Without Rep. Obey’s support of                                                      their families are going to benefit.”
                                            this vital legislation, the Department                                                     Commander Barrera expressed DAV’s
                                            of Veterans Affairs would continue to      DAV National Commander Roberto               gratitude to Representatives and Sena-
                                            cut services, ration care, be unable to    “Bobby” Barrera presenting Congress-         tors who played leading roles in getting
                                            hire sufficient staff and put off needed   man Obey with the “Going to Bat for          the legislation approved.
                                            construction and repairs to its medical    Veterans” award.                                The 1.2 million-member Disabled
                                            facilities, all because of inadequate      veterans health care services. The           American Veterans, a nonprofit organi-
                                            funds and budget delays,” said National    advanced funding will give the Depart-       zation founded in 1920 and chartered by
                                            Commander Barrera.                         ment of Veterans Affairs up to a full year   the U.S. Congress in 1932, represents
                                               The Veterans Health Care Budget         to plan for the most effective and effi-     this nation’s disabled veterans. It is dedi-
                                            Reform and Transparency Act authorizes     cient way of delivering medical care.        cated to a single purpose: building better
                                            Congress to approve veterans medical       Additionally, this would require the Gov-    lives for our nation’s disabled veterans
                                            care funding one year in advance to        ernment Accountability Office to review      and their families. More information is
                                            better meet the anticipated demand for     the budget development process to            available at www.dav.org

                                                                                        32                                    DAV Volume 64 Number 1 SPRING 2010

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