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									 Colonial Vocabulary                                                           plashed: splashed

                                                                               ply the pipkin: use a cooking pot; a
a-home: at home                        enroll: write down, record              poetical way of saying "cooked"
                                                                               Poor John: salted cod
alonely: alone                         ewer: pitcher
                                                                               popinjays: chatterers (popinjays are
aneath: beneath                        foison: harvest or abundance            birds that make a lot of noise)

anight: at night                       fond: foolish                           prithee: will you please (it's a
                                                                               contraction of "I pray thee")
angling: fishing                       fortnight: two weeks
                                                                               reechy: smoky or dirty
Bedlam: insane (Bedlam was slang       gouts: drops
for Bethlehem, in reference to                                                 saith: said
Bethlehem Hospital. In addition to     holla: hello
treating the poor and indigent, the                                            salt horse: salted beef
hospital was a renowned insane         hose: stockings
asylum.)                                                                       scrap and tittle: bits and pieces,
                                       husbandry: tending to farm animals,     odds and ends
besmirched: soiled or dirty            farming
                                                                               se'n-night: seven nights; one week
bewray: reveal                         huswives: housewives
                                                                               sully: to make dirty or unclean
blockish: stupid, inept                Huzzah!: Hurray! Whoo-hoo!
                                                                               supped: ate
boon: bosom (so boon                   ken: know
companion=best friends)                                                        swink: toil, work
                                       "the jakes": the toilet
brace: a pair                                                                  tetchy: out of sorts, irritable
                                       launder: to wash
broider: to sew, embroider                                                     thilke: this, these
                                       maize: corn
caitiff: a wretch (used as a term of                                           tho: then
endearment)                            malapert: brazen; impertinent
                                                                               toilings and moilings: hard work,
certes: certainly                      marry: a mild oath                      labors

changeling: child (often wicked)       maugre: despite                         Tom o' Bedlam: a crazy man

chopt: chapped                         mayhap: perhaps                         'tother: the other

closet: room or garret                 morrow: morning                         too too: very, very

comfits: sweets, treats                mote: might                             travailing: working or struggling

con: learn                             my lord and lady: my father and         trenchers: plates
cote: cottage                                                                  tway: two
                                       napkins: handkerchiefs
counterpane: blanket or quilt                                                  verily: truly
                                       ne: not (it negates whatever follows,
coxcomb: a fool                        like "ne" in French)                    viands: food

my dame: my mother                     "needs must": have to                   weeds: clothing

dainties: candies or sweetmeats        noisome: filthy, unrefined              wherefore: why

desert: wilderness, forest             nis: isn't (a contraction of "ne" and   whilom: once
engines and enticements: devices                                               whipping with the bastinado: a
and tempting items                     passing fair: fine, just right          form of torture

                                       pate: skull or scalp                    wights: people

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