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									                                            Treasure Chest

       Student Name:       ________________________________________

  CATEGORY         4                        3                       2                      1
Use of Class       Used time well           Used time well          Used some of the       Did not use class
Time               during each class        during each class       time well during       time to focus on
                   period. Focused          period. Usually         each class             the project OR
                   on getting the           focused on              period. There          often distracted
                   project done.            getting the             was some focus         others.
                   Never distracted         project done and        on getting the
                   others.                  never distracted        project done but
                                            others.                 occasionally
                                                                    distracted others.
Required           The Treasure             All required            All but 1 of the       Several required
Elements           Chest includes all       elements are            required               elements were
                   required elements        included in the         elements are           missing.
                   as well as               Treasure Chest.         included in the
                   additional                                       Treasure Chest.
Attractiveness     The Treasure             The Treasure            The Treasure           The Treasure
                   Chest is                 Chest is                Chest is               Chest is
                   exceptionally            attractive in           acceptably             distractingly
                   attractive in            terms of design,        attractive though      messy or very
                   terms of design,         layout and              it may be a bit        poorly designed.
                   layout, and              neatness.               messy.                 It is not
                   neatness.                                                               attractive.
Graphics -         All graphics are         All graphics are        All graphics           Graphics do not
Relevance          related to the           related to the          relate to the          relate to the topic
                   topic and make it        topic and most          topic. Most            OR several
                   easier to                make it easier to       borrowed               borrowed
                   understand. All          understand. All         graphics have a        graphics do not
                   borrowed                 borrowed                source citation.       have a source
                   graphics have a          graphics have a                                citation.
                   source citation.         source citation.

Writing Process Student devotes a lot Student devotes               Student devotes        Student devotes little
                   of time and effort to    sufficient time and     some time and effort   time and effort to the
                   the writing process      effort to the writing   to the writing         writing process.
                   (prewriting, drafting,   process (prewriting,    process but was not    Doesn't seem to
                   reviewing, and           drafting, reviewing,    very thorough. Does    care.
                   editing). Works hard     and editing). Works     enough to get by.
                   to make the story        and gets the job
               wonderful.            done.
Spelling and   There are no spelling There is one spelling   There are 2-3           The final draft has
Punctuation    or punctuation errors or punctuation error    spelling and            more than 3 spelling
               in the final draft.   in the final draft.     punctuation errors in   and punctuation
               Character and place                           the final draft.        errors.
               names that the
               author invented are
               spelled consistently

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