Steps to a proper A4V

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					Steps to a proper A4V

   1) Normal A4V verbiage on the original presentment (make 2 or more copies before mailing)
   2) 1040-V in the amount “demanded” (make 2 or more copies before mailing)
   3) 1099-A (w/1096), with you as lender and presenter as borrower, mailed as per mailing
       instructions on the 1096 (make 2 or more copies before mailing)
   4) Cover letter giving the IRS 10 days to effect payment or show the defect in your A4V (make 2 or
       more copies before mailing)
   5) 1, 2 and 4 above sent via Notary (w/Notary as acceptor of reply) and a Certificate of Mailing
   6) WAIT until the 10 days have passed (Get a cert of non-response from the Notary)
   7) Make a copy of the 1099-A Copy B and add that to the above copies you made, these will go to
       the IRS/CID at Ogden via Notary w/Cert of Mailing
   8) Take the original Copy B of the 1099-A, put it with the other copies of everything you made, mail
       it via Notary w/Cert of Mailing to the CFO of the original presenting company
   9) Make a cover letter to use with step 8, giving the CFO 10 days to effect accounting of the A4V on
       his company records or dispute the A4V
   10) Along with the cover letter, prepare and send a UCC 9-210 request that claims the amount of
       the A4V or, if you are A4V’g the entire balance then demand that the amount owed be adjusted
       to zero
   11) Demand in a separate letter that any titles, liens, deeds, etc be released and that you are
       provided the documentation of such release. At the same time, notice the CFO that a self-
       executing power of attorney clause will be registered on a UCC, filed with the County and used
       to remove/clear/release any such titles, etc in the event of a non-response. Get a cert of non-
       response from the Notary here also. (Again, a Notary is used to witness that these letters were
       in fact mailed.) (Any certificates of non-response from the Notary are also filed with the county)
   12) Download and listen to the audio available here:

       And my response is you did not and could not have followed every step or there wouldn't be a
       Judge involved. Did you A4V exactly as stated it should be done? Probably not. Was there a
       cover letter giving the IRS 10 days to protest? Were the 1099/1096 mailed to either Austin or
       Kansas City? Were the copies of the B copy of the 1099-A and a copy of the 1040-V sent to
       IRS/CID? Were the B copy of the 1099 and 1040-V sent to the CFO with a 9-210 request for
       statement of account and your directions to effect a zero'g of the account and did you include a
       self-executing power of attorney stipulation? Did you mention that a non-response by either the
       IRS or CFO would be entered and recorded on a UCC filing? Did you do everything via Notary
       with Notary as acceptor and, if so, did you get the Notary's Certificate of Non-Response and
       effect the UCC filings as directed to?
       You forgot the attachment for the 9-210 request.

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