CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL
                                   SKATEBOARD ART CONTEST

1, Use Official Entry Form (Legal 8½ x 14) ( Request to )
	              •			Artwork	to	remain	inside	Board	image	area.		Any	image	outside	Board	area	is	not		
																				considered	to	be	a	part	of	the	entry.
	              •			Medium	–	no	restriction.		Subject	need	not	be	Japan	related.
	              •			Artist	can	enter	more	than	one	work,	but	must	complete	a	separate	entry	each	time.

2,			Submission	either	by
	              •			E-mail	as	small	PDF	file	to
	              •			Mail	to	SCBJCF Committee, P. O. Box 9311, Seattle, WA 98109-0311
	              •			Delivery	to	select	drop	off	Stations	by	deadline	date.
	              	         Snowboard	Connections
	              	         				Seattle:		South	Lake	Union		263	Yale	Avenue	North,	Seattle,	WA	98106
	              	         	         					Pioneer	Square							604	Alaskan	Way,	Seattle,	WA	98104
																					    Bellevue:		10697	Main	Street,	Bellevue,	WA	98004

3,			Entry deadline April 5, 2010
	        Entries	must	be	received	by	April 5, 2010 6 PM.

4, No entry fee required.

5,			Copyright	of	submitted	art	remains	with	the	artist.
	        Festival	reserves	right	to	publicize	or	release	to	media	along	with	artist’s	name.

6,			Classificiation	by	Age:	(Birthdate	at	entry	deadline)

         A)	12	and	under	          B) 12 to15       C) 15 to 18       D)	Open	(unlimited)

	              •			To	be	judged	by	professionals	and	designers	in	early	April	with	notification	of	selected	
																				winners	made	before	the	festival.
	              •			Festival	reserves	right	to	combine	categories.
	              •			Decision of the judges is final.

7,			Awards include Gift Certificates and Merchandise for 3 in each category, and
       Gift Certificates and Merchandise valued $100 or more for the Grand Prize Winner.
								       •		Awards	announced	at	Festival	Opening	Ceremony	at	Seattle	Center	
																			on	Friday,	April	16		6:00	PM	(	winners	need	not	be	present	)

8,			Entries	to	be	exhibited	during	Festival.
	         Festival	Committee	reserves	right	to	select	entries	to	be	exhibited.

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