; 112 MIRACLES OF FRUITS .effect a
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112 MIRACLES OF FRUITS .effect a


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									 112             MIRACLES OF FRUITS

 .effect a clear motion next morning: at other times
 eating of forty to fifty fruits does good. People use
 it with vegetable salad too. GUAVA
         Laxative properties of guava are well-known.
 The famous English maxim, * An apple a day keeps
 the doctor away' applies to guava too. The use
 of one guava a day can keep constipation away
 but this effect is considerably diminished when
 the same is eaten after peeling it and extracting
 its seeds. It is not necessary to take it well spiced.
 People use it in winter but as a precaution desist
 from its use in rainy season* I advise good many
 men to use guava at breakfast time which has
 proved advantageous in almost cent per cent
 cases., It is worth while to take one guava after
Banana is a good tonic fruit. Nothing is more
effective than ripe banana to add weight to the
weak and debilitated physique. Children should
use it abundantly? but taking banana alone
produces constipation which can be checked
through the use of guava with it. PAPAYA
        It is a matter of satisfaction that the use
      production of papaya is increasing day by day.

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