BRADDOCK ROAD YOUTH CLUB
              MINUTES OF MARCH 29, 2007 BOARD MEETING

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order with a quorum present at 8:02 p.m. by Marcia Pape,
President. Additional Board Members present: Jeff Kohne – Treasurer, Richard Elliott,
Jack Hagan, Tex Hunt, Trish Moxie, Bob Passut, John Schaffstall, Michelle Shircliff,
Mac Squires, Mark Thompson, and Jim Watson. Also present: Paul Malone for Jim
Pendergast and Parker Roach.

Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by John Schaffstall, seconded by Tex Hunt, and passed
unanimously to approve the minutes from the March 1, 2007 Board meeting.

Sports Commissioners’ Reports

Baseball – Rick Elliott reported that he has still been unable to get the Baseball
webpage updated. They have two travel teams, will have a summer program for
players aged 6 to 12. Fields are a problem, but he is working with Jim Pendergast.

Basketball – Parker Roach reported that the winter basketball program just concluded.
They are gearing up for the summer AAU program, and will have 8 teams.

Football – John Schaffstall said that they are starting registration for the fall season and
will be setting up tables at Wal-Mart and other stores to talk to people about the
program. He also noted that some of the coaches have started a spring flag football
league for ages 6 to 16, which is not affiliated with BRYC.

Recreational Soccer – Mac Squires reported that everything is fine. Travel Soccer will
provide coaches for the Rec Soccer Spring U8 Boys and U8 Girls All-Star teams.

Rugby – Jack Hagan reported that they are gearing up for the season. Parents are
attending coaching clinics, and they have some college players to help out.
Registration will open in about a week.

Softball – Bob Passut noted that Softball registration is up over last spring. Their
season will begin after spring break.

Travel Soccer – Michelle Shircliff was welcomed as new Travel Soccer Commissioner.
She reported that their season begins this weekend. They have 33 teams, with a
handful sitting out for high school play. She had her first meeting with the coaches and
presented a five-year plan.

Volleyball – Mark Thompson said that they have two very strong travel teams this year.
There are 19 teams in the league, which is double the previous registration. Mark noted
that their winter clinics were very beneficial both in advertising the program and in
player skill development.

Field/Facilities Report – Marcia met with John Schaffstall, Jack Hagan, Tex Hunt,
Trish Moxie, Mac Squires, and Michelle Shircliff briefly following the Board meeting to
discuss summer and fall use of Wakefield Park Field #5. Users were asked to let
Marcia know ASAP if they had any needs during the summer season, June 18 to July
31, as the county has requested to use the space during that time if we are not. The
users also need to coordinate on submission of the fall field requests.

Financial Report

W-9s – Marcia reported that there have been problems in getting W-9s filled out at the
end of the year for those who received payments of $600 or more, primarily individuals
providing referee services. Some of the 1099s to basketball referees had to be sent out
without Social Security numbers because Jeff was unable to get the necessary
information. To rectify this problem, Commissioners must get a W-9 up front from
anyone who provides personal services to the club, no matter the amount. Marcia
noted that Rec Soccer has already begun this process by asking all its referees to fill
out and submit the form at the pre-season meetings. The form is available online at
http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf. Individuals do not need to fill out the form each
year; once submitted, it only needs to be filed again if there is a change of name or
address. This will help the club comply with IRS requirements.

Individual Team Accounts – The Club Treasurer must be a co-signor on every BRYC
account. After discussion, it appears that only Travel Soccer teams have individual
team accounts. Each team must provide a yearly reporting of all income and expenses
to the Treasurer so that it can be incorporated in the club’s Form 990 filings. Teams
must also ensure that they collect W-9s from all non-corporations receiving payments,
such as coaches and trainers, and report the amounts paid so that the club can issue
1099s at the end of the year, if necessary.

Audit – Marcia reported that an audit report was received from Swart, Lalande and
Associates dated March 27, 2007. She read the draft letter to the Board, which
concludes: ―In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in
all material respects, the assets and net assets of Braddock Road Youth Club, Inc. as of
January 31, 2006, and its revenue, expenses and change in net assets for the year then
ended, on the basis of accounting described in Note 1.‖ In answer to a question, Tex
Hunt, a member of the Audit Committee, responded that this is good. Marcia said that
the Audit Committee, consisting of Tex, Jeff Kohne, and Doug Alcorn, will meet after tax
filing season to discuss the management letter and recommend changes in procedures.
They will report back to the Board at the May meeting. Many of the recommended
changes have already taken place or are being implemented.

With the switch to a calendar year budget cycle retroactive to January 1, 2007, adopted
at the previous Board meeting, the next audit will cover the period February 1, 2006
through December 31, 2006, an 11-month period. The club will then be on the calendar
year cycle for accounting and audits effective January 1, 2007.

Finances – Jeff Kohne distributed a balance sheet as of today. He is still working with
Patty to get everything set up with the new system. He hopes to be able to provide a
complete accounting at the May meeting. He moved $200,000 to the Access National
money market account. At least $1,000 we be kept in each sport’s deposit account,
because any bounced checks will hit those accounts. Jeff is receiving the bank
statements directly, so when a deposited check is returned for insufficient funds, he will
make a scan of the check and email it to the sports commissioner to collect the funds.
The bank charges the club a $10 fee for each bounced check. The auto deposits from
online registration need to be changed to go into Access National instead of Wachovia.

Parker Roach asked whether the problems with splitting up the online registration
deposits between basketball and soccer have been resolved. Jeff said that Elizabeth
Giuliani is having to marry the Youth Leagues database with the credit card list, but that
everything back to mid-2004 has been worked out to within a couple hundred dollars.
The goal of any club-wide online system we would consider for the future would be to
have the system designed so that it will dovetail with our accounting system.

Mark Thompson asked whether sports will be able to view their balances online with the
new accounting system, which would be particularly useful for the smaller sports. Jeff
said he wasn’t sure how that could be done, but will take it into consideration.

In response to a question, Jeff said that he can easily do a quick look-up of if/when a
check was written. Commissioners should contact him directly.

Old Business

Liability Coverage – Jeff is working with Clarke and Sampson to arrange for D&O
insurance. He distributed a portion of the application which contains questions which
must be answered by each Board member as to whether they have been involved in
antitrust, copyright or patent litigation, any license revocation, etc. Board members are
to respond to Jeff directly. The D&O insurance will be underwritten by Philadelphia
Insurance Company. Clarke and Sampson will handle bonding for the bookkeeper in-

Replacement of Signage at Guinea and Burke Roads – Per the decision made at the
last Board meeting, the sign is in the process of being replaced.

Website Update – Marcia reported that new Board member Charles Osborn has
volunteered to take on the responsibility for Communications. He has been working
with a website designer and came up with some very good designs for updating the
BRYC website. Marcia said that she and Jim Pendergast reviewed the designs, made

some recommendations, and Marcia passed around a draft of a new website main
page. The Board members all liked it and recommended that Charles move forward in
making the change. Mark wanted to verify that it would all be ―above the fold‖ or visible
without scrolling, and was informed that it would. Marcia will contact Jeff Gill and have
him work with Charles. The Board thanks Charles for all his work on this project!

Vacant Positions – Marcia reminded the Board that a number of key positions in the
club remain unfilled—President, President-Elect, Secretary, and one At-Large position.
There were no candidates who stepped forward to take over the position of President.
However, Volleyball and Basketball may have candidates for the Member At-Large.

New Business

Payment of Volunteers – This issue came up for discussion based on questions
Marcia has received about paying people for services. There is no question about
paying companies for services. Either directly or indirectly through their league, sports
do pay referees. John Schaffstall stated that we should definitely pay for referees, as
they take enough abuse anyway. Jeff Kohne noted that tournament directors or
administrators generally do get paid, which was seconded by Michelle Shircliff. John
Schaffstall noted that we are a volunteer organization and that Football has volunteers
who dig up and line their fields, move equipment, etc., and they recognize them by
providing pizza and drinks. Michelle said that Travel Soccer would like to add a Director
of Coaching at some point, which would be a paid position. She also noted that it is
rare to find unpaid travel soccer coaches, though the cost is individually borne by the
teams. Basketball made the decision to pay summer league directors based on the fact
that it was very difficult to find anyone to fill the positions. Mac commented that Vienna
went to a paid administrator and it did not work out well for them. Marcia recommended
that sports keep in mind John’s comment that we are a volunteer organization and try to
use volunteers wherever possible.

On a motion made by John Schaffstall and seconded by Mac Squires, the meeting was
unanimously adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 3, 2007, 8:00 p.m.


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