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     June 12, 2011
     July 22, 2011
            Indiana State University Upward Bound Staff
Director                                         Program Coordinator
Ken Coleman                                      Micah Williams           
(812)237-3063                                    (812)237-8951

Assistant Director                               Administrative Assistant
 Kim Nation                                      Sue Murphy               
(812)237-8951                                    (812)237-3067

             2011 Summer Academy Life Skills Advocates
                                     Lead LSA
                                   Heather Bauer
                                  Major: Psychology
                                    Grad Student

                           2011 Summer Instructors
Mathematics: Josh Lee                                 Sign Language: Tracy Houpt
English: Kathy Snapp and Elaine Pies                  Careers: Stacey Ockerman
Chemistry: John Swez                                  Leadership: Aaron Hughes
Physics: John Swez                                    Business: Erin Beeler
Physical Science: Scott Ridge                         Psychology: Cheryl Irwin
Spanish: Amy Phillips                                 Music: Dustin Roe
German: Erika Cantin                                  Manufacturing Tech: Scott Dillion
Recreation: Aaron Hughes                              Zumba/Pilates: Cate Walsh

                                    THE HISTORY
                                   UPWARD BOUND
For many high school students, a college education seems like an impossible dream. Students face a number of
barriers that either prevents them from going to college or from being successful if they do go. The greatest
barrier to education is the lack of opportunity. Many students are interested in college but do not have the
resources and support necessary to make their college experience a successful one.

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson established a series of programs designed to help students overcome
barriers to higher education. They are known as TRIO programs and they provide information, academic
assistance, counseling and support services to students who may not otherwise have a chance to receive more

Upward Bound is the oldest TRIO program. It is a college-based program that prepares students for success
after high school. Upward Bound assists students in grades 9-12 to perform well in their school classes,
graduate from high school, and go pursue post secondary education.

During the academic year, Upward Bound students receive academic instruction, tutoring, and counseling after
school and on Saturdays. Throughout the year, students participate in educational, cultural, and career field
trips. Counselors help students learn about selecting a career, the college application process, and how to apply
for financial aid.

During the summer, students live on campus for six weeks and have a chance to experience the collegiate
atmosphere -- academically and socially. Students take classes in reading, writing, math, science, and other
electives. Students also take part in social, cultural, and recreational activities. Academic, career, and personal
counseling continue throughout the summer session.

The success rate of Upward Bound is exceptional. The longer students remain in the program, the more likely
they are to graduate from high school and enroll in college. Students who participate in Upward Bound
programs are four times more likely to earn a four-year college degree than similar students who did not
participate in an Upward Bound program. Upward Bound students do well in college because they are

All Upward Bound Students will be housed in ISU‘s Office of Residential Life‘s student housing. As Upward
Bound students, you are guests at Indiana State University. You will not be the only students on campus or
living in the apartments. Please treat other students, university officials, and campus property with respect.
You will be held responsible for your own room and will be financially liable for any damage occurring during
your stay on campus. You are expected to make your bed and clean your room daily. Staff will conduct
periodic visits to check the condition of the rooms.

                               Summer 2011 Schedule at a Glance
              Sunday        Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday            Thursday              Friday
 8 - 8:50                   Breakfast           Breakfast           Breakfast           Breakfast            Breakfast
9 - 9:50                  Alg. 1/Geo.         Alg. 1/Geo.           Alg. 1/Geo.       Alg. 1/Geo.          Alg. 1/Geo.
Ses. 1 / 2               Lee (Root Hall)     Lee (Root Hall)      Lee (Root Hall)    Lee (Root Hall)      Lee (Root Hall)
 9 – 9:50                Chem./Physics       Chem./Physics        Chem./Physics      Chem./Physics        Chem./Physics
 Ses. 1 / 2              Swez (Science)      Swez (Science)       Swez (Science)     Swez (Science)       Swez (Science)
10 – 10:50                Bas. Of Eng.        Bas. Of Eng.         Bas. Of Eng.       Bas. Of Eng.         Bas. Of Eng.
Both 1 & 2                 Snapp (Root         Snapp (Root       Snapp (Root Hall)     Snapp (Root       Snapp (Root Hall)
                               Hall)               Hall)                                   Hall)
10 – 10:50               Lit. and Comp.      Lit. and Comp.      Lit. and Comp.      Lit. and Comp.      Lit. and Comp.
Both 1 & 2               Pies (Root Hall)    Pies (Root Hall)    Pies (Root Hall)    Pies (Root Hall)    Pies (Root Hall)
11 – 11:50                  SAT Math            SAT Math            SAT Math            SAT Math            SAT Math
Both 1 & 2               Lee (Root Hall)     Lee (Root Hall)     Lee (Root Hall)     Lee (Root Hall)     Lee (Root Hall)
11 – 11:50               Earth/Astronomy     Earth/Astronomy     Earth/Astronomy     Earth/Astronomy     Earth/Astronomy
 Ses. 1 / 2              Ridge (Science)     Ridge (Science)     Ridge (Science)      Ridge(Science)     Ridge (Science)
12 – 12:50                    Lunch               Lunch               Lunch               Lunch               Lunch
 1 – 1:50                    Spanish             Spanish             Spanish             Spanish
Both 1 & 2                Phillips (Root)     Phillips (Root)     Phillips (Root)     Phillips (Root)
 1 – 1:50                   Sign Lang.          Sign Lang.          Sign Lang.          Sign Lang.
Both 1 & 2                 Houpt (Root)        Houpt (Root)        Houpt (Root)        Houpt (Root)
 1 – 1:50                    German              German              German              German
Both 1 & 2                 Cantin(Root)        Cantin(Root)        Cantin(Root)        Cantin(Root)
 2 – 2:50                    Careers             Careers            Careers              Careers
Both 1 & 2               Ockerman (Any)      Ockerman (Any)      Ockerman (Any)      Ockerman (Any)
 2 – 2:50                  Business Ed.        Business Ed.        Business Ed.        Business Ed.
Both 1 & 2                    Beeler              Beeler              Beeler              Beeler
                           (Comp. Lab)          (Comp. Lab)        (Comp. Lab)         (Comp. Lab)
 2 – 2:50                   Psychology          Psychology          Psychology          Psychology
Both 1 & 2               Irwin (Root Hall)   Irwin (Root Hall)   Irwin (Root Hall)   Irwin (Root Hall)
 3 – 3:50                      Music               Music               Music               Music
Both 1 & 2                  Roe (Music)         Roe (Music)         Roe (Music)         Roe (Music)
 3 – 3:50                 Manufact/Laser      Manufact/Laser      Manufact/Laser      Manufact/Laser
Both 1 & 2                    Dillion             Dillion             Dillion             Dillion
                            (see email)         (see email)         (see email)         (see email)
 3 – 3:50                Leadership/Goals    Leadership/Goals    Leadership/Goals    Leadership/Goals
Both 1 & 2                    Hughes              Hughes              Hughes              Hughes
                              (Arena              (Arena              (Arena              (Arena
                            Classroom)          Classroom)          Classroom)          Classroom)
 4 – 4:50                   Recereation         Recereation         Recereation         Recereation         Check-Out
                              Hughes              Hughes              Hughes              Hughes
                           (Arena-Gym)         (Arena-Gym)         (Arena-Gym)         (Arena-Gym)
 4 – 4:50                 Zumba/Pilates       Zumba/Pilates       Zumba/Pilates       Zumba/Pilates         Check-Out
                              Walsh               Walsh               Walsh               Walsh
                           (Arena-Gym)         (Arena-Gym)         (Arena-Gym)         (Arena-Gym)
 5 – 6:15                     Dinner              Dinner              Dinner              Dinner
 6:30 – 8     Check-In   Study Tab. (Lib.)   Study Tab. (Lib.)   Study Tab. (Lib.)   Study Tab. (Lib.)
  8 – 10                  Personal Time       Personal Time       Personal Time       Personal Time
    10                       Curfew              Curfew              Curfew              Curfew
    11                     Lights Out          Lights Out          Lights Out          Lights Out

Please note:
-This is a tentative list of classes. These classes may be modified based on availability of funding, demand for
course, instructor availability, etc.

--June 23 and June 24 is a two-day trip to the Upward Bound Olympiad at Indiana University.

--There will be no classes or Upward Bound events or classes on Monday, July 4. Students should return to the
residence halls between 6:00pm and 8:00pm on July 5th. No meals will be served.

Introduction to Summer Academy 2011
It is our pleasure to offer Upward Bound participants the 2011 Summer Academy. The Academy provides
intense academic instruction. As a group, students will enroll in classes, participate in recreational activities and
field trips—all as a cohesive unit. The selection process is a competitive one—we anticipate approximately 40
students, plus an additional 7-10 bridge students. The purpose of the Summer Academy is to expose students to
the rigors of the post secondary setting.

Acceptance into the Summer Academy carries tremendous responsibilities. All students will be expected to
adhere to the Academy‘s high standards of personal conduct. When one of your peers behaves in an
inappropriate manner, that behavior is reflected upon all of those associated with the Program.

This summer, prepare to be challenged. More importantly, be prepared to meet those challenges. You should
expect nothing less from yourself. At the end of the summer, you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment,
pride, and self worth. Upward Bound is YOUR program, therefore your behavior, beliefs, and attitudes will
help determine its success.

Application Procedures
All students and their parents/guardians are required to first review this booklet before submitting an
application. The selection process is a competitive one, and students and parents/guardians may be required to
attend an interview. Acceptance into the Summer Academy constitutes acceptance to all of the guidelines set
forth by Upward Bound as well as Indiana State University. Students must have been accepted into the Upward
Bound Program before they can apply for the Summer Academy.

Below are some of the criteria that will be used to approve/deny a student‘s application for the Academy:
       Academic performance in his/her courses in school
       Attendance in his/her school
       Participation in Upward Bound programs and activities.
               Generally speaking, to be eligible for the Summer Academy, students must have attended a
               minimum of three Upward Bound events during the academic year. Not meeting this requirement
               does not necessarily preclude a student from being eligible. An interview with the Program staff
               may be required.
               Students who are beginning the 9th grade for the 2011/2011 academic year are not affected by
               this policy.
Overall, we are looking for students who will gain the most out of the program while positively representing
Upward Bound.

Signing the application indicates that both the student and the parent/guardian have understood and read this
handout and agree to abide by the rules and regulations.

Field Trips

We will take weekly trips. Eligibility for participation in daytrips is based on students‘ conduct as well as
academic performance. The students‘ assigned LSA as well as their instructors will provide recommendations.
Students with excessive incident reports and/or other discipline issues will not be permitted to attend. Before a
student will be permitted to attend a day trip, his/her parent(s)/guardian must provide written consent.

Recreational Events

During the week, LSA‘s may schedule various recreational events. Because Upward Bound strives to foster a
community atmosphere, it is expected that all students attend these events. Except in the case of illness or
injury, no student should be left unattended during the program.

Checking In/Out
Upward Bound certainly understands that there are instances where a student will need to leave campus. Our
department will make every effort to accommodate such instances. Whenever a student must leave campus, the
student must surrender his or her ID card and room key. Both items will be returned upon the student‘s return to

When checking out, the student‘s parent must complete the ―Participant Leave Request and Permission Form.‖
The only person permitted to check out a student is the student‘s parent/legal guardian. If the parent/legal
guardian is not available to check out a student, the parent/legal guardian must provide a signed notice
indicating the individual(s) authorized to check the student out. This notice must be given to either the Upward
Bound staff or the lead LSA.

In order for the student to gain the most from the Academy, it is imperative that the student is here. Students
who have an excessive need to be checked out may be sent home for the remainder of the summer.
Additionally, students who habitually check out will have their stipends reduced or withheld.


Female students will be housed in Burford Hall and male students in Hines Hall. LSA staff will enforce our
evening curfew and conduct individual room checks before lights out at 11p.m. Students must be in their rooms
by 9:00.m. All overhead lights must be out by 10:00 p.m. — reading lights & stereos by 11:00pm. Students are
required to vacate the residence halls between 4:30 and 7:00pmm Friday evenings. Students should return to the
residence halls between the hours of 6:00p.m and 8:00p.m. on Sundays.

ISU housing will supply bed linens for students. All other items are to be supplied by the student. Students and
families should keep in mind that students will reside in the residence halls Monday through Friday and should
therefore bring only essential necessities. Some of those necessities include:
     Personal Items
           o Dental hygiene items
           o Shaving cream/razors
           o Feminine hygiene items
           o Soap/shampoo/facial cleaner, etc.
     Towels/Washcloths
     Clothing
         o It is suggested to bring only a week‘s worth of clothing
         o Footwear
    Alarm Clock
    Fan

Items not permitted in the residence halls include:
       Hot surfaced appliances such as hot plates, electric frying pans, etc
       Firearms or any kind of weapons
       Refrigerators larger than 3.6 cubic feet/ 1.5 amps
       Halogen Lamps

These items present a safety hazard for every person who resides in the residence halls. Possession of these
items may result in immediate dismissal from the Academy. ISU Residential Life Staff, Upward Bound Staff,
or LSAs may conduct a room check at any time to ensure rooms are free of violations. Whenever students are in
the residence halls, they are expected to follow the instructions of Upward Bound staff, Residence Life staff, or
any other University official.

Mailing Address:
While students are residing in the residence halls, they are eligible to receive mail. Your mailing address is:
                                       Student Name
                                       Mailbox # Hall Name
                                       Terre Haute, IN 47809

All students will have a roommate. During check in Upward Bound will notify students of their roommate
information. Having a great relationship with your roommate is a great way of ensuring that your summer will
be a rewarding experience. If two students desire to be roommates, the Upward Bound staff will make every
effort to accommodate the students‘ request; however no guarantee of roommate assignment can be made.

An important part of residence hall life is living with your roommate. This can be an excellent experience in
learning more about yourself, learning to effectively communicate and relate with others. It is important for
roommates to communicate with each other and not let issues go un-addressed, as this will only make matters
worse. Sharing a small space is a challenge and roommates are encouraged to determine their do's and don'ts
soon after moving in. If you experience difficultly with your roommate, discuss all the issues, share your
thoughts and opinions, listen, and try to stay open minded. If you are unable to resolve the issues and need
assistance, contact your LSA. They are trained in conflict mediation and can help define what the issues are and
help the roommates come to a resolution. The LSA can also help the roommates design a Roommate Contract,
which will help initiate discussion of issues causing the conflict and help roommates set some guidelines for
their room. If the difficulties cannot be reconciled between the roommates, and mediation is unsuccessful, one
or both roommates may be moved to another room. Unauthorized room changes are strictly forbidden. If you
change rooms without the Program’s approval, you are responsible for any damage that occurs in your
assigned room.

You and your roommate need to be flexible and willing to compromise. You will need to work together with
your roommate and make decisions on: how your living environment will look, acceptable behaviors within the
room, and expectations on sharing. How your room is set-up needs to be a joint effort. You should wait until
your roommate arrives to arrange the room so that you both have input and ownership of the space. Talk to
your roommate and work out ground rules early in your relationship.

Generally speaking, no roommate should engage in any activity that compromises the safety or security of his
or her roommate. Issues such as loud television, radio/stereo, and visitors should be worked out together with
the roommate. Any guest must be welcomed by both roommates. When a guest becomes a nuisance or creates
problems, the guest must leave the premises.

Room Maintenance
You are responsible for keeping your room clean and undamaged. Each room was thoroughly checked before
you arrived and it will be checked again before you depart. Your LSA and/or a member of Residential Life will
perform a thorough walk-through on the final day of the Academy. All roommates will share the cost of missing
or damaged items. If personal or university property is damaged or stolen, it should be reported to a Life Skills
Advocate immediately. Students damaging or defacing other students‘ or university property will be dismissed
from the summer program immediately. Upward Bound staff members will check rooms weekly to make sure
they are neat and clean. Evening room checks will take place to make sure students are in their rooms with the
lights out.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit at anytime but please be aware of our classroom and activity schedule
and try and visit during students‘ free time. Other relatives may visit only if the Upward Bound staff has
received written parental permission and prior notification. Please understand that the safety of the participants
is a top priority. As a result, all visitors, including parents, must check in with an Upward Bound staff member
or Lead LSA prior to visiting with a student. If it is necessary to visit a student, the student should make every
attempt to notify the Lead LSA prior to the parent/guardian visiting. Participants are not permitted to have
friends or acquaintances visit during the Academy.

With the exception of family members, no member of the opposite sex is allowed in a student’s room. This
policy is strictly enforced.

Room Keys
You will be issued one room key on the day of arrival. When you leave for the weekend, this key will be turned
over to a Life Skills Advocate, and will not be issued again until check-in time. You are responsible for your
key during the times when it is checked out to you. Should a key become lost, you must report it immediately.
If you cannot find it, your lock must be changed and a new key made. Before you can be issued a new key, you
will have to pay a $20.00 replacement fee.
** You should always carry your room key to avoid being locked out of your room. If you misplace your
key or, leave it locked in your room and a Life Skills Advocate or ISU Residence Hall official has to
unlock your door -- you will be charged a $2.00 fee!

The only times you are allowed to leave campus, other than the scheduled checkout times, is if we have
received prior permission from your parent/guardian. Excused checkouts include part-time work, doctor‘s
appointment, and school or church activities that were previously approved by the Upward Bound Director or
Upward Bound Assistant Director. When you check out for any of these reasons, you must be signed out by
your parent or other authorized person. You must turn in your room key any time that you leave the campus for
24 hours or longer. Unauthorized leaving of the campus presents safety issues and liability issues. Any student
who leaves campus without approval of the Upward Bound staff faces immediate expulsion from the Academy.

                                           IDENTIFICATION CARDS
Each student will be issued an Indiana State University photo ID card. This card is your identification for the
summer session. Be sure to carry your ID card at all times. You will submit your ID card with your key when
you check out for any 24-hour period. If you lose your ID card, you will have to pay $15.00 for a replacement.
You are responsible for that fee. At the conclusion of the Academy, students will be required to return their
identification cards to the Upward Bound staff.

Unless otherwise noted, all meals will be served in Generations Restaurant (ISU Commons), with the exception
of off-campus trips. You will be served three meals each day. Students are expected to attend breakfast, lunch,
and dinner.

                                                DRESS POLICY:

For the 2011 Summer Academy, we will suspend the uniform policy, however, we will continue to maintain
high standards of dress. You must remember that you represent Upward Bound when you are on campus or
involved in other Upward Bound activities.

Clothes that portray a negative image such as T-shirts displaying alcohol, drugs, profanity, or bigotry, are
strictly forbidden. Students are expected to dress adequately, suitable for weather conditions, and in good taste,
as determined by the Upward Bound staff. Any article of clothing or style of dressing that tends to draw
attention, interferes with instruction, or threatens health or safety is considered inappropriate.

A student who is determined to be inappropriately dressed will be asked to change his or her attire. A student
who repeatedly violates the dress policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal
from the academy. The dress code for the Summer Academy includes the following restrictions:
       No tank tops, halter tops, or strapless tops may be worn. Midriffs or cleavage may not show.
       All students are required to wear shoes as a safety measure. Bedroom slippers may not be worn.
       No articles of clothing, especially shirts, decorated with obscene phrases (alcohol, contraband, or
       tobacco advertisements/references) or any language or images that may be interpreted as abusive or
       vulgar, may be worn.
       Shorts and mini-skirts will be allowed only if they meet the minimum specification of striking the
       student‘s leg at the end of his or her fingertips. Stretch fabrics must meet the same specifications.
       When participating in any event that takes place indoors, students are permitted from wearing:
           o Hats/caps
           o sunglasses
           o curlers or hair rollers
           o head scarves, bandannas, or sweat bands
       Hats/Caps and sunglasses are permitted during field trips or any other outdoor activity
       Sweat/jogging/exercise pants, except for PE courses
       No tops or dresses that are low cut, have spaghetti straps or straps less than 2 inches wide, or have
       revealing sides may be worn.
       Pants with holes cut in them are not allowed
       Excessive jewelry
       Pants/shorts worn below the waste in a manner that exposes undergarment
The items listed above are not an exhaustive list of prohibited items.

During field trips, all students will be required to wear an Upward Bound T-shirt. Wear this shirt proudly and
always remember that you represent Upward Bound.

Stipend Distribution
All students who:
    A. Fully participate in Upward Bound activities,
    B. Meet minimum academic standards and,
    C. Adhere to behavior standards
are eligible to receive bi-weekly stipends. Eligible students can expect to receive a stipend check of $30.00 to be
                                               Friday, June 24, 2011
                                               Friday, July 15, 2011
                                               Friday, July 29, 2011

Stipends will be distributed to participants during the Friday afternoon/evening checkout process. Students who
fail to adhere to Upward Bound and/or Indiana State University policy may have their stipend withheld.
Additionally, Upward Bound reserves the right to withhold any fees—i.e. lock change, room damage—from a
student‘s stipend.

The summer program is when we have the greatest opportunity to improve your academic skills. Therefore, we
have instituted some simple procedures that will make the most of instruction time. Recognize that not all
instruction will take place in the classroom; there will be many opportunities for learning during the evening
activities and on various out-of-town trips. The following pertains to all of your classes,

      Be punctual for class. Tardiness will not be tolerated.
      Be present in class and ready to work with a good attitude and the supplies needed to do the work.
      Be cooperative while in the classroom or in other situations where instruction is taking place (this
       includes participating in activities and discussions, taking notes, etc.).
      Complete assignments ON TIME as requested. Late assignments will not be accepted, except in
       unusual circumstances.
      Be respectful toward instructors and other students at all times
      Be quiet in the halls before, after, and between classes. Indiana State University classes follow a
       different time schedule; professors will be conducting college classes during the time we change classes.
       Please afford them the courtesy of silence.
      Certain classes may require additional activities. Students will always adhere to the guidelines set by the

                                 CLASS SCHEDULES/WEEKLY AGENDAS:
You will receive a schedule of your daily classes and a weekly agenda of events for which you are responsible.
If you have a question with the schedule or any of your classes, you should contact an Upward Bound staff
member. Class changes will only be possible under limited circumstances.

                                         GRADING POLICY:
To receive a certificate of completion for the summer program, and to be eligible for the end-of the-summer
trip, you must meet the following requirements:
    Receive an overall GPA of 2.0 or above in all your courses
 Attend class and other scheduled events, unless excused

  Maintain satisfactory standards of behavior
On the first day of classes, your instructors will provide methods of evaluations. Any disagreements with grades
should first be discussed with the instructor.

Students will receive a midterm evaluation as well as a final evaluation for each course. This report will
1)     The level of effort you are putting into the class
2)     Your attendance, completion of assignments, and class participation
3)     The areas in which you are doing well and where you need improvement
4)     The letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) at which you are currently performing

Additionally, your LSA will also provide progress reports to evaluate your level of participation, behaviors and
attitudes, teamwork, leadership, and so forth.

You will have a self-evaluation to complete at the halfway point for each of your classes (your parents will
receive a copy, too). These reports should be taken seriously because they will help you make improvements to
increase your academic skills and knowledge.)

The summer program is an intense period of academic instruction, educational field trips, cultural activities, and
fun! Regular attendance is essential to obtain the maximum benefit from these activities. All extended
absences must be cleared with the UB Project Director prior to the beginning of the summer program. Family
vacations should be scheduled around the summer program. Three unexcused absences are grounds for
dismissal. In most cases, it will not be possible to meet the requirements of courses if you miss more than a day
or two of classes.

If you are going to be absent for any reason, such as a doctor‘s appointment, your parent/guardian must notify
the Project Director in writing -- a week in advance, if at all possible. Your parent/guardian will have to sign
you out and back into Student Housing. If you cannot attend class because you are not feeling well, you are to
inform Upward Bound Staff to report your absence before class. This is a safety procedure, so please keep us
Absence - not in your seat five minutes after class or activity begins
Tardy - not in your seat when class or activity begins.

Students who are habitually absent—regardless of reason—are subject to dismissal from the Academy.

Upward Bound students are permitted to have their personal vehicles on campus only with approval by the
Upward Bound Director. Students are responsible for adhering to the University‘s policy regarding parking
regulations. Additionally, students are responsible for purchasing their parking permits from Public Safety and
are solely responsible for any parking fines or tickets incurred. Upward Bound assumes no liability and cannot
be held responsible for students‘ personal vehicles, including, but not limited to, vandalism, or theft.

You room will have a telephone to use for LOCAL calls only. You must have a phone card to make long
distance calls.

                            RADIOS / STEREOS / MP3 PLAYERS/CELL PHONES:
Loud music that disturbs other residents living in ISU Student Housing is prohibited. If students do not abide
by the quiet policy, they will lose the privilege of having a radio/stereo on campus. Students are prohibited
from taking MP3 players/headphones, etc. to classes, evening activities, or any other activity that requires active
participation. If this occurs, the student loses the privilege of having that equipment on campus. Students will
be allowed to take iPods and MP3 on bus trips, but must take full responsibility for their security.

Under no circumstances should cell phones be used during any Upward Bound session, including recreational
activities and/or field trips. Cell phones should be turned off during events. Additionally, making/receiving
phone calls and/or text messaging are also prohibited. Upward Bound staff, summer instructors, and LSAs
reserve the right to confiscate these items with or without warning.

                                RETURNING TO ISU STUDENT HOUSING:
There will be very few opportunities to return to your room during the day. Plan on taking all of your books
and supplies for the morning classes in your book bag; then exchange those books and supplies at lunch for
what will be needed in afternoon classes

                                        ILLNESS /INJURY/ INSURANCE:
Students who are ill during the day will be excused from class and sent home until they are well enough to
participate fully in the program. An Upward Bound staff member must excuse you from class. Upward Bound
students are covered by their family’s insurance coverage. The Program cannot be held liable for any
student’s illness or injury. To be eligible for the 2011 Summer Academy, parents/guardians must submit
insurance information. Should you be injured, it must be reported immediately to a staff member. Your parents
have signed medical forms to cover these situations. During the day, the ISU Student Health Center will
administer all health related situations. If health emergencies occur in the evening, ISU‘s Public Safety Office
will help coordinate medical efforts.

                                              Curfew Policy
The Upward Bound staff members are keenly aware of the fact that while program participants are on campus
to experience ―college life‖, they are legally minors and not independent adults. Because of this, the program
strives to create an educational environment that is as safe an environment as is possible on a modern college
campus, located in an urban area. The curfew policy is a crucial aspect of the safety program. Each student must
abide by this policy or risk removal from the program. A curfew violation is considered a very serious
violation of program rules.

Attendance at workshops, field trips, or group or floor meetings arranged by Life Skills Advocates, Academic,
Recreational, or Program staff is mandatory for all participants. Curfew hours will be adjusted accordingly. This
does not mean that curfew hours will be later; this means at times they may be earlier.

Participants are expected to be in their respective hall (Hines or Burford) by the designated time.


               All students are required to participate in evening activities, as well as Wednesday field trips or
                events. If you are not feeling well enough to participate in an activity, then you will be sent home
                until you recover.
               Students who fail to adhere to conduct standards will be prohibited from participating in field
                trips. Your LSAs and your course instructors‘ recommendations will be used to determine
                eligibility for field trips.
In its simplest form, the Summer Academy fosters teamwork and unity. There are very few circumstances
where participants should be isolated from their Upward Bound peers.

Behavior Policy
With just cause, the UB Project Director may suspend or terminate a participant‘s summer session at any time.
Below are some of the actions which can result in students being immediately dismissed from the Summer
Academy. This is not an exhaustive list.

       1) Illegal possession or use of drugs
       2) Any possession or use of alcohol
       3) Sexual activities/misconduct (to include pornography of any form)—refer to the ―ISU Student Code
           of Responsibilities and Conduct‖
       4) Leaving Burford and/or Jones Hall after hours or the campus without permission
       5) Willful destruction of Indiana State University property or the personal property of anyone
           associated with Indiana State University or Upward Bound
       6) Theft of University or personal property
       7) Possession of weapons
       8) Physical or verbal aggression with the intent to harm self or others
       9) Consistent lack of participation (academic or social)
       10) Unsatisfactory behavior in the classroom, on campus, or during field trips/Upward Bound events

No member of the opposite sex should be on a participant’s floor or in a participant’s room. The only
exception to this policy is in the extreme rare case where ISU Department of Residential Life deems it
necessary to place someone of the opposite sex on a given floor. It is permissible for members of the
opposite sex to socialize in the lounge of a residence hall.

Parents or Guardians will be called regardless of the hour or location and be informed of the situation,
and they may be asked to remove students immediately if the student is dangerous to self or others.

                                                 BRIDGE STUDENTS
Bridge Students are, for the most part, considered to be official INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY students.
However, these students are still required to abide by the Upward Bound rules and regulations. There are some
exceptions to the rules for Bridge Students, but they are to be considered PRIVILEGES earned for their time
and commitment in the Upward Bound Program. If a Bridge Student chooses to abuse these privileges — they
will be revoked! It is important that Bridge Students realize they are role models for the younger participants.
It is their responsibility to set the standard for behavior, attitude, and respect for all staff and all participants
involved in the Upward Bound Program.

Bridge students will have weekly meetings with the Project Director at a designated time and place. These
meetings are designed to gauge the students‘ progress and to discuss issues that are relevant to college success.
Additionally, there will be a mandatory mentoring component where bridge students will work with next year‘s
bridge students. Because Upward Bound field trips coincide with classes, bridge students are not permitted to
attend field trips. The exception is the final trip. Bridge students who excel academically while meeting their
requirements may be permitted to attend the final field trip.

Additionally, bridge students will be provided an ISU Dining Services meal card, but are strongly encouraged to
have their meals with the rest of the Upward Bound students.

 Be a leader and role model for current Upward Bound students.
 Demonstrate your maturity by giving back to Upward Bound in some fashion. This may include helping
  teachers, tutoring, working in the Upward Bound office, coaching, mentoring a younger student, etc.
 Stipend is dependent on meeting the above expectations.
 Attend classes, regardless of attendance policy.
 Maintain a 2.50 grade point average.
 Assume personal responsibility for academic success; Upward Bound staff will not rescue you nor intervene
  in the event of failure.
 Students not attending Indiana State University in the fall must make arrangements to have their credit
  transferred to the accepting institution.
 Determine needs for orientation, enrollment, financial aid, housing, etc., or the campus you plan to attend in
  the fall.
 Check to see if there is a Student Support Service office on the campus you plan to attend in the fall (we can
  help you locate this information through our TRIO Directory).

Internet and Computer Lab Policy
Internet access will be available to students and staff at the Upward Bound Summer Program. We are very pleased to
offer Internet access, as we believe it offers valuable, diverse, and unique resources to both students and staff. Our goal in
providing this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating innovation in learning, enlarging educational
resources, and increasing opportunities for our students to travel the information highway.

With access comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value. Families should be
warned that some material obtained via the Internet might contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or
potentially offensive. Upward Bound has taken precautions to restrict access to controversial materials. However, on a
global network, it is impossible to control all materials, and an industrious user may discover controversial information,
either by accident or deliberately. We firmly believe that the benefits to students from online access far outweigh the
possibility that users may procure material that is not consistent with our goals.

Violations of the terms and conditions listed below may result in dismissal from the Upward Bound program, as
well as other disciplinary or legal action. Users are considered subject to all local, state, and federal laws.

Terms and Conditions:

    1.      Users are responsible for good behavior on the ISU computer network. Students and staff are responsible for
            the computer hardware and software they use.

    2.      Misuse of network facilities and/or damage to UB or ISU hardware and/or software can result in termination
            from the Upward Bound Program.

    3.      The network is provided for research and communication purposes only. Access to network services is given
            to those who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Access is a privilege – not a right.

    4.      Users are expected to abide by accepted rules of network etiquette and conduct themselves in a responsible,
            ethical, and polite manner while online.

    5.      Users are not permitted to transmit, receive, submit, or publish defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene,
            profane, sexually oriented, threatening, offensive, or illegal material.

    6.      Physical or electronic tampering with computer resources is not permitted. Damaging computers, computer
            systems, or computer networks intentionally will result in automatic dismissal from the Upward Bound

    7.      Users must respect all copyright laws that protect software owners, artists, and writers. Plagiarism in any form
            will not be tolerated.

    8.      Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users.
            Misusing the password system or trespassing in another‘s folders, work, or files without written permission is

    9.      Upward Bound and Indiana State University are not responsible for the accuracy or quality of information
            obtained through the Internet. Upward Bound or Indiana State University makes no warranties of any kind.

    10.     People who operate and monitor the system may review files and messages to maintain system integrity and
            insure that users are using the system responsibly. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may
            be reported to the authorities.

    11.     Students must limit their computer lab use to two-hour sittings per visit during the week and three-hour
            sittings per visit during the weekend. The number of visits may not exceed two per day.

   12.   During the week, student use of the computer lab is to be for academic purposes only. All other uses will be
         restricted to the weekend.

   13.   Students are not permitted to

            print material that is not Program-related
            subscribe to listservs of any kind;
            connect to bulletin board systems through the Internet;
            make purchases of any kind through the Internet;
            reveal personal addresses, phone numbers of other students, friends, parents, or staff members;
            participate in instant messaging;
            violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of another individual or organization without
            participate in network games;
            violate any local, state, or federal statute;
            access, upload, download, or distribute pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material.
             Noncompliance may result in immediate dismissal.

   14.   UB Project Director reserves the right to terminate computer privileges in the event of repeated infractions.

A signed Upward Bound Computer User Agreement must be on file BEFORE the participant may use
University or Upward Bound computers.

                                          Academic Integrity

All participants are expected to maintain professional behavior, which includes the highest standard of integrity
and honesty. For the student’s benefit the following examples of academic dishonesty are provided.

Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:
  1.    Plagiarism
  2.    Cheating
  3.    Fraud
  4.    Using another person‘s material as one‘s own
  5.    Allowing another person to submit your work as theirs

Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:
   1.  Copying and pasting text from on-line media, such as encyclopedias or journal articles without
   2. Copying and pasting text from any web site without attribution.
   3. Transcribing text from any printed material, such as books, encyclopedias, newspapers, journal articles,
   and magazines without attribution.
   4. Simply modifying text from any of the above sources without proper citations. This includes lifting
   portions of another source and using them as the student‘s own work.
   5. Replacing a few selected words using a thesaurus.
   6. Using photographs, videos, or audio without permission or acknowledgement.
   7. Using another student‘s work and claiming it as their own, even with the other student‘s permission.
   The latter is an act of collusion in which both students are plagiarizing.
   8. Acquiring work from commercial sources, including buying papers off the web or paying someone to do
   the work.
   9. Translation from one language to another without citations.
   10. Submitting an essay or paper that was written for another class/another purpose without the consent of
   the instructor.
   11. Using previous work as a basis for new assignments without citing the original work in the

Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
  1.     Looking at another student‘s paper when taking tests.
   2.   Using notes of any kind during a test unless specifically given permission to do so by the instructor.
   3.    Working with others on individual take-home test and individual projects/assignments unless
        specifically given permission to do so by the instructor.

                                          Study Hall Rules

   All Participants are expected to attend Study Hall each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

   Students will be expected to maintain appropriate standards of behavior while in the library. Voices
    must not be heard in excess and students will not be allowed to roam from floor to floor without
    supervision. If at any time a disruption occurs, library staff will contact Upward Bound staff and
    students involved will face disciplinary action.

   Students are REQUIRED to attend, unless previously excused by the Upward Bound staff. Attendance
    will be taken.

   Life Skills Advocates (LSA‘s) will be scheduled to monitor each Study Hall session.

   The LSA‘s will provide academic assistance at Study Hall.

   Participants will use Study Hall time to study, complete homework, do research, or other academic
    activity. Study Hall is NOT ‗play time‘ or ‗Social Hour‘.

      NOT ALLOWED in study hall are:
       o Sleeping
       o Socializing
       o Horseplay
       o Headphones
       o Food or drink
       o Talking on cell phone
       o Gaming
       o E-mail, instant messaging, or chat rooms

                                            Classroom Behavior

Participants are expected to bring the following items to each class

       Writing utensils

       Syllabus (a course schedule that each teacher will provide)

       Calculator – if applicable


       3-ring binder (provided by Upward Bound Programs)


       Other materials as requested by the instructor

Classroom Responsibilities

       Participants are expected to be in class on time

       Participants are expected to inform instructors of days they will be absent or tardy. They are also
       expected to pick up any missed assignments from the class instructor.

       Participants are expected to complete and turn in all work as assigned

      No headphones are allowed in the classroom. Cell phones are not to be used while in the classroom and
   must be placed on silent before class begins.

       Food and drink is not allowed in the classroom

       Participants are expected to maintain an individual assignment sheet for each class in the front of his/her
       3-ring binder

                                        Student Conduct Standards,
                                    As Defined by Indiana State University

The Board of Trustees of Indiana State University defines the following practices as unacceptable acts of
conduct, inimical to the general welfare of the academic community.

These rules apply any time you are on the ISU Campus (or ISU controlled property), or are participating
in an Upward Bound activity.

       Obstruction or disruption of teaching, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other authorized

       Obstruction of the free flow of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular

       Physical abuse or detention of any person, or conduct, which endangers the health or safety of any

      Theft or damage to University property or property of a member of the college community, or the
   property of a University visitor

       Unauthorized entry to or use of University facilities, including both buildings and grounds

       Violation of University policies or regulations, including regulations in the Student Handbook, and other
   authorized publications pertaining to student, faculty, administration, staff and visitor conduct, or use of
   University facilities

       Violation of rules governing residence in University owned or controlled property

       Possession, use, or distribution of narcotic or illegal drugs

       Failure to comply with direction of University officials acting in the performance of their duties

       Failure to comply with directions of University security officers and any other law enforcement officers
   acting in performance of their duty and to identify one‘s self when requested to do so

       Illegal or unauthorized possession of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other weapons

       Disorderly conduct, breach of peace, and aiding, abetting or procuring another to break the peace

    Violation of any of the above items can result in automatic dismissal from the Summer
                         Academy and/or the Upward Bound Program.

                          General Upward Bound Rules and Regulations

Each student will be held responsible for his/her conduct and actions in class, in the residence hall, on field
 trips, and during extracurricular activities. Exemplary behavior and common courtesy toward others are
 EXPECTED from each person at all times.

Each participant is expected to achieve academic progress in all subject areas. Academic progress is to be
maintained at or above a 2.00 GPA.

All students must keep their student identification card with them at all times. Participants must use
identification cards to have stipend checks cashed or for checking out books at the University library. Lost
cards must be replaced. Replacement cards cost $15.00

All students are expected to attend breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Students will be required to pay for any damage they cause to University property

Participation in Project activities is mandatory. Unexcused absences are not allowed and will result in
demerits. Illness and religious commitments are the only acceptable reasons for non-participation. Illness
must be reported to an LSA, teacher, or other staff member. Chronic illness may lead to dismissal.

Request to leave the Project for a short period of time to attend band camps, sports camps, et cetera, must be
submitted in writing and signed by a parent or guardian prior to the start of the summer program.

Students with approved off-campus leave must be picked up by a parent or guardian (or designee) and must
be properly signed out from the residence hall. Parent or guardian must call the Upward Bound office prior
to off campus leave. Refer to ―Check-Out Policy‖

If a student is taking any type of prescribed medication, they must inform their LSA and turn in a signed
Medical Consent Form to the Upward Bound office. Medications must always be stored in their original

Students who become ill or have an accident while on campus are to contact an LSA, teacher, or other staff
member who will, in turn will make necessary arrangements for them to be seen at the Student Health
Center. The Project Director will notify the student‘s parents regarding the nature of the illness or accident.

All students will be issued residence hall keys and each will be responsible for their own key. Residence
hall keys should be in the student‘s possession at all times. In addition, residence hall keys must be given to
an LSA or staff member before students leave Upward Bound. There is a $20.00 charge for lost key

Caps, hats, and scarves are not to be worn inside any of the buildings. Wave caps and plastic caps are not to
be worn outside the residence hall.

Appropriate clothing is required at all times. Tube tops, halter-tops, belly tops, short shorts, ripped pants
and/or shirts, and clothing with derogatory words are prohibited.

Participant‘s friends are MAY NOT VISIT campus during Summer Session.


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