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                                                LAB SAFETY CONTRACT
1. Always follow directions!

2. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner. Horseplay,
   jokes, and pranks are not tolerated.

3. Report accidents, injuries, or hazardous conditions to
   the teacher immediately.

4. No food or drink while doing a science lab.

5. Wear safety goggles when required.
      Anytime chemicals, heat, or glassware is used.

6. Keep your work area neat and clean at all times.

7. Take extra care when using open flames.
       Tie back long hair
       Never leave the flame unattended
       Wear proper eye protection
       Wet used matches before disposal
       Only heat glassware labeled “Pyrex” and “VWR”

8. Handle all equipment with care. Do not touch equipment and chemicals until given permission to do so.
       Carry microscopes by holding the arm with one hand and placing the other under the base.
       Always cut away from yourself when using scalpels, scissors, or other sharp instruments.
       Unplug electrical equipment with dry hands.

9. Properly dispose of chemicals according to science instructor directions.

10. Properly dispose of broken glassware in the “broken glass” container. Never put broken glass in the trash.

I, _____________________________________, (print name) have read and agree to follow all the safety rules set forth in this
contract. I realize that I must obey these rules to insure my own safety and that of my fellow students and
instructors. I am aware that if I violate these rules I will loose my lab privileges, receive detention, and/or must
complete safety training again.

Student Signature:___________________________________ Date:_______________________

Parent or Guardian
I, _____________________________________, (print name) have read this science lab safety contract and understand the
expectations of my child and possible consequences.

Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________________________ Date:_________________

***Please list any allergies—especially any allergies to latex, chemicals, or foods.

***Please list any conditions that may impact working in a lab environment including if the student wears contact
lens: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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