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									    September                                                                               News
       2011                                                                                 DON’T MISS A NIGHT OUT WITH THE OWLZ!
                                                                                            The Orem Owlz organization has teamed with Habitat for Humanity of
                                                                                            Utah County to sponsor the first annual Habitat Night with the Owlz on
                                                                                            Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 7:05 p.m. at the Brent Brown Ball-
                                                                                            park in Orem. Habitat volunteers, partner families, staff, and supporters
                                                                                            will have an opportunity to attend the Orem Owlz game against the
                                                                                            Idaho Falls Chukars that evening free of charge. Tickets are available
                                                                                            at the Habitat office or can be picked up the night of the event at the ballpark at the Habitat promo-
Newsletter                                                                                  tional booth. We appreciate the Owlz ongoing support of our organization and our Home Team.
                                                                                            COME FIND OUT HOW TO QUALIFY FOR A HABITAT HOME!
                                                                                            Habitat for Humanity of Utah County will be holding orientation meetings for home applications next
                                                                                            week at Community Action Services and Food Bank at 815 South Freedom Blvd., Provo. Commu-

                                                                                            nity members who are interested in applying for the Habitat program will need to come to one of the
                                                                              Hammer Time

                                                                                            following meetings for applications and more information: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 6:30
                                                                                            p.m.; Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.; Thursday, September 15 at 1:30 p.m. No reg-
                                                                                            istration required. Habitat plans to select four to five families for its affordable housing program. For
                                                                                            qualifications or more information, look online at or call the local Habitat office at
                                                        O AH C

                                                                                            (801) 344-8527.
                                                                                            JOIN HABITAT IN PRAYER FOR THOSE IN NEED OF ADEQUATE SHELTER
                                                                                            Habitat for Humanity of Utah County will be holding its annual International Day of Prayer and Ac-
                                                                                            tion for Human Habitat event on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. at the Provo Community
                                                                                            Church, located at 175 North University Avenue, Provo. Dean Jackson, Lead Pastor at the Rock
                                                                                            Canyon Church, and Daniel Haas, Pastor at the Provo Community Church, will be speaking. Well
            AT BI R T FOR I UMAF TT H

                                                                                            known soloist, Serena Benish, and her students will be performing. Members of the community are
                                                                                            encouraged to attend this uplifting event.
                                                                                            The International Day of Prayer and Action, observed on the third Sunday in September, is a time
                                                                                            when the entire Habitat for Humanity community is urged to come together in prayer for those in
                                                                                            need of shelter. Through prayer, Habitat for Humanity continues to make a dramatic difference in
                                                                                            the lives of people around the world. Many volunteers are drawn to this ministry after hearing God’s
                                                                                            call and seeking God’s guidance through prayer. Other prayers are answered when families and
                                                                                            communities grow in the shelter of God’s grace. The hurdles of funding and building homes are
                                                                                            overcome through the miracles of prayer.
                                                                                            HABITAT TO COMMERORATE 9/11 ANNIVERSARY WITH REMEMBRANCE EVENT
                                                                                            Habitat for Humanity of Utah will be joining with hundreds of other organizations around the coun-
                                                                                            try to commemorate the ten anniversary of September 11th with community based service projects
                                                                                            on September 10, 2011. The 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance was planned to reclaim the
                                                                                            legacy of September 11th and to create a permanent, positive tribute to all those lost and
                                                                                            those who rose in service. Local volunteers, including student members of Habitat’s BYU Chapter,
                                                                                            will be painting and doing finish work at a Habitat home in Springville being built with the Mariscal
                                                                                            family on the day of service.

                                                                                            What’s Up
                                                                                            •   The Habitat community would like to express its condolences to Habitat homeowner, Laurel
                                                                                                Ellison, and her family for the lost of their son and brother, Adam. Adam was a kind and gener-
                                                                                                ous person and a good friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.
                                                                                            •   Come commemorate and remember the 10th Anniversary of September 11th at the commu-
                                                                                                nity-wide 9/11 Commemoration event Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. at the Provo
                                                                                                Seventh-day Adventist Church at 255 South 700 East. Utah Valley University President Matthew
                                                                                                Holland will be keynote speaker.
                                                                                            •   Habitat Welcomes New Programs Coordinator and AmeriCorps VISTA Member! Habitat
                                                                                                for Humanity of Utah County would like to welcome LeAnn Hillam as its new Programs Coordi-
                                                                                                nator. Hillam will be coordinating volunteers and overseeing the new Neighborhood Revitaliza-
                                                                                                tion Initiative. Habitat would also like to welcome its new AmeriCorps VISTA Member, Carol
                                                                                                Garcia-Hill. Garcia-Hill will be serving with the organization for a year and will be helping with
                                                                                                resource development and faith relations.
2   •   Local Banks, Foundations Support Habitat! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County recently received gener-
        ous funding from Zions Bank and the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints Foundation for the
        Feeney Renovation home in Orem and from the Wesley and Ruth Burr Family Organization on the twin home
        in Orem. Additionally, AM Bank invited Habitat to participate in its annual golf tournament this past month at
        the Riverside Country Club. Mulligans were sold with proceeds benefitting Habitat’s local affordable housing
        efforts. We appreciate the ongoing support of these local institutions and foundations.
    •   Check out the progress on the Rodriguez home in Lehi! The LDS Church's Alpine Stake is sponsoring the
        entire construction of Janae Rodriguez' home in Lehi. Follow their impressive blog at
    •   Cabinets Galore! The Habitat ReStore recently received a generous donation of new cabinets from a local
        home improvement store. Check out the new inventory at 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem Monday through Sat-
        urday from 10-6.
    •   Habitat Recycling Program Highlighted in Local Newspaper! The Habitat Recycling Program was recently
        highlighted in a Daily Herald news article. Check out the article at
        For more information about the Habitat Recycle program, look online at
    •   Check It Out! Stop by Habitat for Humanity of Utah County’s tool lending library and “check out” needed tools
        and lawn care items for free. The lending library, located inside the Habitat ReStore at 340 South Orem Blvd.,
        Orem, is opened Monday through Saturday from 10-6. An application and proof of residency are required.
        Look online at for more information.
    •   Join the FAM Club and help us build a “HOUSE-A-MONTH”! Did you know that you can donate $5.00 a
        month to Habitat for Humanity of Utah County and your gift will help Habitat build a “house-a-month”? That is
        just one combo meal, a pizza, a couple of Diet Cokes, a matinee, or maybe five songs on iTunes. To join or for
        more information, look online at
    •   What a Deal! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County is offering a new Habitat Discount Card through Deal
        Dragon for only $30.00. The card, worth over $20,000, includes values, discounts, and freebies on food, cloth-
        ing, services, and much more. Proceeds will be used for local construction efforts. Cards can be purchased
        online at or at the Habitat Restore. Those joining Habitat’s new FAM Club will receive the
        card for free as part of their membership.
    •   Life Insurance Options! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County has teamed with First West Benefits to provide
        life insurance options for Habitat homeowners and partner families. Insurance payments can be included in
        monthly mortgage payments. For more information, please contact Ross Landon at First West Benefits at
        (801) 224-9600.
    •   Save Money for Home Repairs and Maintenance – A new home maintenance fund has been established to
        help Habitat homeowners save for future home repairs and maintenance. Homeowners now can pay a little
        extra ($10.00 or more) with their monthly mortgage payment. The extra amount will be saved in an escrow
        like account and can be accessed for home repairs and maintenance. To sign up or for more information, con-
        tact Kena at (801) 344-8527 or

        BE CAREFUL! (The Costco Connection)
        Cell phones Usage Among Teenagers
        Cell phones offer so many advantages to be grateful for: emergency contact when a car breaks down, the
        ability to look up directions, and even the ability to take fairly high quality photos. But one area with more
        than its share of negatives is cell phone usage among teenagers. Probably the most widespread prob-
        lems come from charges for sending text messages. According to a study in The Washington Post, the
        age group most likely to send and receive text messages is youth between the ages of 13 and 24. That’s
        a fairly large demographic, and many of its members are still dependents. It is also hugely profitable for
        cell phone companies to charge for additions that are geared toward the interests of teens (downloading
        music, checking Facebook, etc.). Don’t be shocked; be informed. If your child has set up his or her phone
        to be Internet connected or if your child sets up instant messaging to be linked to the phone, there are
        separate charges for that, according to a report by You have the power to call the cell
        phone provider and block any applications from your child’s phone that cost money and/or you deem inap-
        propriate. Check your bill and beware of your charges.
33   Photo Gallery

                                                                      Homeownership and Beyond!
                                                                      Habitat for Humanity of Utah
                                                                      County and the Habitat ReStore
                                        participated in a Community Housing Fair in August at the Food
                                        and Care Coalition. Staff members provided information about
                                        our affordable housing program, home maintenance course, tool
                                        lending library, and the ReStore Home Improvement Outlet with
                                        those in attendance.

                     Connecting for Habitat! Connectshare
                     members took time out of their busy
                     schedules this past week to help to wrap
                     and put siding on the twin home in Orem.

                                                                                      SPLASHIN GOOD-
                                                                                      TIME! Habitat partner
                                                                                      families and Family
                                                                                      Partnership Committee
                                                                                      members had the
                                                                                      Pleasant Grove Vet-
                                                                                      eran's Pool all to them-
                                                                                      selves at the organiza-
                                                                                      tion's annual swim
                                                                                      party last
                                                                                      week. Those in atten-
                                                                                      dance had a
                                                          “splashing” good time in the pool, under the foun-
                                                          tain, and on the water slides. They also enjoyed
                                                          some yummy ice cream treats.

                                                           Wells Fargo Teams Up for Habitat!
                                                           Staff members from various Utah County
                                                           Wells Fargo branches teamed up this
                                                           month to help the local Habitat for Hu-
                                                           manity affiliate prep and prime for paint
                                                           and complete finish work on a home be-
                                                           ing built with the Mariscal family in
                                                           Springville. Because of their efforts,
                                                           Habitat will receive a $15,000 grant for
                                                           the home.

     REVITALIZED!!! Habitat for Humanity of Utah County joined
     over 50 community members and volunteers at the beginning of
     August to kick off its new Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative
     Orem's Cherry Hill Neighborhood. Following a short celebration
     at the local park, volunteers worked on twelve revitalization pro-
     jects in the neighborhood including lead base paint abatement
     and paint prep, landscaping, general clean-up, and fence paint-
55   Resources
     Community Action Services offers Home Buyer Education Classes on a monthly basis. Classes in September
     will be held September 7 and 8, 2011 from 6-9 p.m. or September 24, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To register,
     please call (801) 691-5200 or go online to
     The Family Justice Center enable victims of crime to seek safety, healing, and self-sufficiency by improving
     timely access to essential community services, providing crisis intervention and support, educating victims about
     choices, and facilitating necessary legal intervention. The Family Justice Center supports families seeking co-
     located services at its convenient walk-in center each Tuesday evening from 5-8 p.m. For more information,
     please call (801) 228-7134.

                        BENEFITS OF HOMEOWNERSHIP
                        Home owners are happier and healthier and enjoy a greater
                        feeling of control of their lives.

     Volunteer Opportunities
                                              SEPTEMBER BUILD DAYS
     Volunteers are currently being sought to help with construction, renovation, revitalization, and landscaping projects.
     Build days are generally held Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. Volunteers are needed especially during
     weekdays. Sign up online at

                                  SEPTEMBER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

     Walk in Summer Parades                                      Man booth at Provo’s Farmer’s Market
     •   September 5th – Payson                                  Man booth at UVU’s Empowering for Tomorrow on
                                                                 September 24th
     •   October 8th – BYU Homecoming Parade
                                                                 Assist with Habitat Recycling efforts. Drivers needed
     Work in the ReStore Monday through Saturday from            during the week and on Saturdays

     Volunteers are needed to serve on all of Habitat’s local committees. Monthly meetings, limited time commitment,
     no experience necessary, varying interests and skills. Look online at
     for more information and meeting times.
                                                                   Come find out how you can volunteer with Habitat for
     Volunteers with construction experience or those want-        Humanity of Utah County! Monthly orientations will be
     ing to improve their construction skills are being sought     held the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. at
     to participate in the affiliate’s crew leader program and     the Habitat office at 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem. The
     serve as crew leaders during build days. Orientations         next orientation will be September 17, 2011 at 10:00
     are held monthly. The next orientation will be Saturday,      a.m. Please RSVP to LeAnn at (801) 368-2250 or
     September 17, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. at the Habitat Office
     in Orem. Please RSVP to LeAnn at email below.

     For more information, look online at or contact LeAnn at (801) 368-2250 or You can also sign up online at

           Research has show that women who are more educated are more likely to receive the following benefits:
           live longer lives (on average), have an overall healthier lifestyle, are less overweight or obese, have in-
           creased life satisfaction and overall happiness, are more resilient and less depressed, and obtain re-
           sources to pay for health insurance.
6 6   Home Maintenance Classes
      Check out Habitat & Community Action’s Free Home Maintenance Course. The next class will be September 28,
      2011. The topics will be: Basic Plumbing Repairs. There will also be a make-up class on September 14, 2011.
      The topics will be: Landscaping and Lawn Care and Sprinkler Maintenance. Classes begin at 6:30 p.m. and are
      held at the Habitat office at 340 South Orem Blvd., Orem
      At HOME DEPOT – Registration is necessary. Call store or register online. Look online for the September clinic
      schedule at
      At LOWE'S - you must sign up for How-To Clinics by calling 229-1485 or stopping by their store at 140 West Uni-
      versity Parkway in Orem. Look online for September clinic schedule at
      The Vineyard Garden Center in Orem is now offering free classes, gardening tips, and great discounts. Check out
      their Facebook page for more information at

      Home Maintenance Tips                                        (
      How to Aerate a Lawn
      Aeration, also called core cultivation or aerifying, is an important part of any lawn restoration program. It allows
      grass roots to deeply penetrate the soil, helps fertilizer and organic matter get to roots, allows oxygen to reach the
      roots, and makes it easier for water to soak into the soil.
      Aerate once, in the fall. Avoid aerating during dry summer months because you may damage an already stressed
      lawn. Also, avoid periods when weed seeds are prevalent, as that could cause weed infestation.
      There are several types of aerating tools. Manual aerators (shown below right) allow you to do small areas a little at
      a time and to aerate corners and other tight areas that are difficult to reach with large equipment. You supply the
      power for these tools by pushing the hollow cylinders or corers into the turf much as you would push in a spade.
      The tool cuts a plug, or core, that is extracted and deposited on the lawn.

      Small power aerators work similarly and are available to rent. Some machines use a rotating tiller-like action that
      pushes the corers into the soil and extracts small plugs. These lawn mower–size machines will fit into a full-size
      station wagon, mini-van, or pickup truck, and they require two people to transport them.

      The largest aerators will require a truck and several helpers to transport them but do a better job. With these ma-
      chines, the corers are vertically plunged into the turf to extract a sizable plug. You may opt to have a pro tackle this
      job. Avoid aerators that only poke holes in the lawn without removing plugs because they are of little value to your
      Aerators penetrate your lawn best when the soil has been moistened by rain or watering; so, unless it rains, water
      your lawn the day before aerating. When aerating, make several passes in several directions over every square
      foot of lawn. Next, break up all the plugs extracted by the aerator with the back of a rake or by dragging a metal
      mesh doormat or section of chain-link fence over the plugs to spread the soil. You can also mix the soil from the
      plugs with the topdressing you added in Step 5. Then water the lawn thoroughly.

                                                       SAVING TIP (America Saves)
      If you’re        Tip                                                              Monthly Saving     Yearly Savings
      looking to get   Save $.50 a day in loose change                                  $15                $180
      started on
      saving, here     Cut soda/pop consumption by 1 liter a week                       $6                 $72
      are some         At work, substitute 1 coffee for 1 cappuccino                    $40                $480
      easy ways to
                       Bring lunch to work (saving estimated $3/day)                    $60                $720
      build your
      wealth every     Eat out 2 fewer times a month                                    $30                $360
      day.             Borrow, rather than buying, one book a month                     $15                $180

                       Comparison shop for gas (save est. $.25/gallon)                  $4                 $48
                       Maintain checking account minimum to avoid fees                  $7                 $84
                       Bounce one less check a month                                    $20                $240
                       Pay credit card bill on time to avoid late fee                   $25                $300
                       Pay off $1000 of credit card debt, reducing interest             $15                $180
7   7   SAVE ENERGY (
        Lighting Choices to Save You Money
        Light your home using the same amount of light for less money. Upgrading 15 of the inefficient incandescent light
        bulbs in your home could save you about $50 per year. New lighting standards take effect in 2012, and money-
        saving options such as energy-saving incandescent, CFL, and LED light bulbs are available today. For high-
        quality products with the greatest energy savings, choose bulbs that have earned the ENERGY STAR.
        New Light Bulbs: What's the Difference?
        Traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy to produce light.
        •   90% of the energy is given off as heat
        •   That lost energy is money we are throwing away
        Newer energy-saving light bulbs provide the choices in colors and light levels you've come to expect. The new
        lights are also much more efficient — so they save you money.
        What Are My Lighting Choices?
        Three of the most common energy-efficient lighting types include energy-saving incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs.
        You can find these in most hardware and home improvement stores, and they are all more energy-efficient than
        traditional incandescent bulbs.
        Energy Saving Incandescents — about 25% energy savings
        Energy-saving or halogen incandescents have a capsule inside that holds gas around a filament to increase bulb
        efficiency. This type of incandescent bulb is about 25% more efficient and can last up to three times longer than
        traditional incandescent bulbs. They are available in a wide range of shapes and colors, and can be used with
        CFLs — about 75% energy savings
        Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are simply curly versions of the long tube fluorescent lights you may already
        have in a kitchen or garage. Because they use less electricity than traditional incandescents, typical CFLs can
        pay for themselves in less than nine months, and then start saving you money each month. An ENERGY STAR-
        qualified CFL uses about one-fourth the energy and lasts ten times longer than a comparable incandescent bulb
        that puts out the same amount of light.
        CFL bulbs are available in a range of light colors, including warm (white to yellow) tones that were not as avail-
        able when first introduced. Some are encased in a cover to further diffuse the light and provide a similar shape to
        the bulbs you are replacing. If you are looking for a dimmable bulb, check the package to make sure you pur-
        chase a CFL with that feature.
        Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, and they should always be recycled at the end of their life-
        span. Many retailers recycle CFLs for free. See for more information.
        LEDs — about 75% – 80% energy savings
        The light emitting diode (LED) uses the same technology as the little indicator light on your cell phone, but de-
        signed to light your home. It is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly developing technologies. ENERGY
        STAR-qualified LEDs use only 20% – 25% of the energy and last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incan-
        descent bulbs they replace.
        LED bulbs are currently available in many products such as replacements for 40W and 60W traditional incan-
        descents, reflector bulbs often used in recessed fixtures, and small track lights. While LEDs are more expensive
        at this early stage, they still save money because they last a long time and have very low energy use. Prices are
        also expected to come down as more products enter the market.

        Savings Strategies                        (America Saves)

        Six Ways You Can Save $100 or More
        Today’s challenge is to find $100 to save. We all want to save money. It’s the “how” that causes some confusion.
        Below are a few ways you might be able to save $100 to put towards high cost debt, an emergency fund, or retire-
        ment. So take some time out your schedule today to find $100 to save – it’s worth it. Tell us where you found $100
        to save!
88 8
       Here are six ways that you can save $100 or more in 2011:
       •   Take a look at your cell phone bill. Many of us overestimate our cell phone usage. Drop minutes or features
           you’re not using to add to your savings.
       •   Walk or bike rather than drive to destinations less than a mile. You’ll not only burn calories, but also save the
           wear-and-tear on your vehicle.
       •   Shop around for auto and homeowners' insurance: Before renewing your existing policies each year, check
           out the rates of competing companies (see the website of your state insurance department). Their annual
           premiums may well be several hundred dollars lower.
       •   Utilize a cash-only spending plan. Unlike using your credit or debit card, you can’t spend what you don’t have
           on you, and it makes resisting temptation easier.
       •   Ask your local electric or gas utility for a free or low-cost home energy audit. The audit may reveal inexpen-
           sive ways to reduce home heating and cooling costs by hundreds of dollars a year.
       •   Make sure to bank your savings! Track your progress towards a savings goal by Joining American Saves,
           where you can utilize the America Saves My Savings Tracker for free to record deposits and monitor your

           If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down. – Unknown

           Healthy Living
           The definition of healthy living is different for each and every person, but there are two things that most
           agree on. You have to learn to eat good foods that nourish your body, and you have to have some sort of
           exercise in your day to day life. These things can be harder than people think when they set off on a new
           plan for a better life, and that is why it is sometimes smart to go ahead one step at a time until you have
           gotten where you want to be with your lifestyle habits and your health.
           Diet modification is a great start when moving towards healthy living. This is something that you have to
           be careful with, however, as there is a lot of bad advice out there. If you aren’t sure which way to turn, talk
           with your doctor about changing your diet for healthy living, and get recommendations from them. They
           will probably know the name of a good nutritionist that can get you going on the right track. These people
           can show you what you should be eating, what to avoid, and what you can have in moderation. A nutri-
           tionist should have a college degree, so don’t be afraid to ask them about their training.
           If you aren’t sure about exercise in regards to healthy living, know that any type of movement is good for
           you. If you are not someone who moves around a lot, you can get some great benefits from just walking
           around the block. After a while, you may want to add more to your routine, and that is when a gym is a
           great idea. You should hire a personal trainer to help you find the things that work best for you in your
           quest for healthy living. Remember, not all personal trainers are good. If someone seems off or you don’t
           like what they are doing, do yourself a favor and move on to the next one.
           Break the habit
           Other parts of healthy living might be things you have to quit doing. This might mean you have to find a
           way to stop smoking, and you may have to alter or lower your intake of alcohol. You may have more trou-
           ble with these than anything else that you do. What you should do is visit with your doctor again, only this
           time tell them you want help with quitting or cutting back. There is a lot of emphasis on healthy living
           these days, and most doctors will be glad to help you in your quest, even if they feel that they have to re-
           fer you to someone else. It’ll be hard to change all of these things, but once you get going, you will enjoy
           your results too much to turn back to life before you found healthy habits.

                            HOUSEHOLD HINT (
                            Linen Closet – In the linen closet, place cotton balls that have been sprayed with
                            your favorite scent in the corners and on the shelves.
9   9

        Ally Bank                                Orem City Neighborhood Preservation Unit
        Alpine LDS Stake
                                                 Orem City Office of Community & Neighborhood
        AM Bank
        Bank of American Fork
                                                 Orem YSA 8th Ward
        BMC West
                                                 Orem YSA 9th Ward
        BYU 129th Ward
                                                 Rachel Wyatt
        BYU 21st Ward
                                                 Roger & Sharon Scanland
        BYU Habitat Campus Chapter
                                                 Sam’s Club
        Cherry Hill Neighborhood
                                                 Sound Vision Signs
                                                 TD Ameritrade
        Desi and Ben Jolley
                                                 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
        Food and Care Coalition of Utah Valley
        Habitat for Humanity International
                                                 Trevor Brown
        Interstate Brick
                                                 Utah County Association of REALTORS
        Jenna Gubler
        LeAnn Hillam
        Liesl & Tyson Eyre
                                                 Wells Fargo
                                                 Wesley and Ruth Burr Family Organization
        Macy’s Department Store
                                                 Zions Bank
        NeighborWorks of Provo
        Orem City

                 Ally Bank, Orem City, Roger and Sharon Scanland

                    Heaven is blessed with perfect rest but the blessing of
                               earth is toil. ~Henry van Dyke

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