Flashbacks to the 90s

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					  Vol. 5 Issue 5                                            1776 Declaration Way Thompson’s Station, TN                                                           May 2010

Flashbacks to the 90s
                                                  the song I remember. Me and my             “I loved the song ‘Follow Me’ by          watch. “I used to watch ER. Best
           By: Lindsey Rowe                       sister used to try to memorize all of      Uncle Kracker because I would             show, I watched it faithfully,” says
               Staff Writer                       the words. We listened to them all         listen to it at my day care at my         Reams.
                                                  of the time,” says Kacey Plemons,          mom’s work,” says Lexi Toft.                   “I used to watch ‘Friends’,
     Today’s generation can all                   senior.                                         Other Independence High              ’Survivor’, ‘Wonder Years’, and ‘3rd
touch back and remember the                           Childhood moments always               School’s teachers also have plenty        Rock From The Sun’. Survivor was
good times of their childhood, all                hold great songs and memories.             of favorites from the 90’s. “I                                  and still is my
occuring in the 90s. Things have                                                                                                                             favorite,” says
progressed certainly, but students                                                                                                                           Fender. “I also
will never forget the progression of                                                                                                                         loved ‘Saturday
pop culture in their short lives.                                                                                                                            Night       Live’,
     There are many well known                                                                                                                               even though it
songs in the student’s modern lives                                                                                                                          didn’t start in
today. Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” might be                                                                                                                            the 90’s.”
playing on the radio. “Imma Bee”                                                                                                                                 Plemons
by The Black Eyed Peas might be                                                                                                                              also agrees with
playing at prom, but rewind to                                                                                                                               ‘Friends’ saying,
the songs of the 90’s, when The                                                                                                                              “Me and my
BackStreet Boys and *NSYNC were                                                                                                                              Grandma used
popular.                                                                                                                                                     to watch it all
     “I remember the song ‘I Want It                                                                                                                         the time.”
That Way’ by the BackStreet Boys                                                                                                                                 “I did not
and listening to them and dancing                                                                                                                            watch television
to that song,” says Perris Jonson,                                                                                                                           much because I
junior.                                                                                                                                                      worked all of the
     “I remember the song ‘As                                                                                                                                time, but I did
Long As You Love Me’ by the                                                                                                                                  enjoy ‘Seinfeld’.
BackStreet Boys and taking my                                                                                                                                I like comedies,
daughter, Kendra, to see them. I                                                                                                                             and I don’t like
got her front row seats and she was                                                                                                                          the tear jerker,”
ecstatic,”says Marshall Reams, a                                                                                                                             says Fields.
JROTC instructor.                                                                                                                                                “’Seinfeld’,
     There were boy bands as well as                                                                                                                         ‘Saved By The
girl bands that made people electric                                                                                                                         Bell’,       ‘ER’,
                                                  Ryan Gramins poses in 90s gear                                                   A Brittany Forgette Photo
with excitement, along with other                                                                                                                            Homicide’.
artists that are still remembered                                                                                                                            ‘Homicide’ was
now. “’Wanna Be’ by Spice Girls is                                                                                                                           like life on the

                                                                                                      remember ‘Lightning Crashes’      streets,” says Balzer.
                                                                                                      by Live and ‘Hold My Hand’             Then there are the cartoons
                                                                                                      Hootie & the Blowfish. Those      we all know and love, before
                                                                                                      songs were themes at my high      high school. When we were more
                                                                                                      school dances,” says Matt         immature, if that’s possible.
                                                                                                      Balzer, Media teacher here at          “I used to watch ‘Dragon Ball Z’
                                                                                                      IHS.                              all of the time,” says Johnson.
                                                                                                           I’m not a Pop music               “I liked ‘Rugrats’, I used to
                                                                                                      listener, and I like Jazz and     watch them all of the time,” says
                                                                                                      70’s Rock and Roll. I did like    Grace Martin.
                                                                                                      the album, “The Very Best              “’The      Powerpuff     Girls’,
                                                                                                      of The Eagles” in 1994, says      ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, ‘Out Of
                                                                                                      Diane Fender, journalism and      The Box’, ‘Zoom’, ‘Zoboomafoo’.
                                                                                                      English teacher at IHS.           ‘Zoom’ was awesome,” says Toft.
                                                                                                           “I like ‘One In A Million’        The 1990’s are the memories
                                                                                                      by Larry Gram, that’s my and      that everyone can look back to,
                                                                                                      my wife’s song,” says Chuck       something students and teachers
                                                                                                      Fields, JROTC instructor for      actually have in common. The
                                                                                                      IHS.                              songs and television that we can
                                                                                                           Everyone also remembers      watch reruns of in college and still
                                                                                                      the television show they          laugh at and enjoy to the time we
                                                                                                      would set to record on their      retire.
                                                                                                      VCR, before the DVR was
Brittany Forgette and James Matthis experience the flashback together       A Brittany Forgette Photo invented, or make time to
  2                                                                   Briefs                                                               Independence High School

                                                                                                                                                                 May 2010

Humane Society Club makes an Graduation: Freedom? Or
a-purr-ence                  Prison in disguise?
                                            a member, explained that after the
                                            humane society gathers the money
                                                                                                                                     Graduation. They are the leaders
                                            to buy food, they take it to the ani-
                                                                                                                                     of this high school, but when they
                                            mal shelters to help feed needy cats
                                                                                                                                     enter college they will be the fresh
                                            and dogs.
                                                                                                                                     meat again. They will have to start
                                                One way they fundraise is by                                                         all over trying to get to the top.
          By: Chey Quigly
             Staff Writer                   making puppy chow and selling it                    By: Shawna Thoni                            There is chaos when it comes
                                            during lunch at school. Smith said                      Staff Writer                     to graduation and seniors are try-
                                            that it is one of the most fun activi-                                                   ing to get ready for college. It’ll be
    There is a new club at Indepen-         ties she has done in the club.                                                           hard for them knowing that the will
dence whose goal is to have fun as              Smith also said that another fun                                                     be going to someplace new and not
well as to help animals. That club,                                                       Everyone thinks that gradua-
                                            part of humane society is volunteer                                                      able to be with old friends. They
the humane society, is new to the                                                     tion is freedom for seniors, but it’s
                                            work. She said she enjoys the club                                                       are entering the world as an adult
2009 – 2010 school year.                                                              not. It’s the most terrifying expe-
                                            “because I love animals.” Another                                                        ready for college.
    The Humane Society has some                                                       rience ever because it’s the end of
                                            plus, she explained, is “it’ll look       planning. They have to check for                    While graduating can be a time
great benefits for the community            good on a college application.”                                                          of stress, most look back at senior
                                                                                      everything, such as if they have
and the school. Member Taylor                   Smith declared that she likes                                                        year as a time of joy. Good luck, se-
                                                                                      enough credits to graduate or if
Croteau explained that “saving an-          the club as it is because “it’s fun”,                                                    niors. What may seem like a prison
                                                                                      they have a high enough GPA to at-
imals” is the club’s main purpose.          and Croteau agrees, but had a sug-        tend college.                                  is just a time of change. Enjoy your
“We raise money to get them food,”          gestion for the future. “If more                  Seniors have it tough; they            time.
she added.                                  people are there, we can raise more       have to act like the ones with sense
    Her friend Shelby Smith, also           money,” she reflected.                    because it all comes down to their

                                       Meet the Declaration Staff
                                     Q: What song best sums up your school year?

          Kyle Pollard                     Jackie DelPilar                 Blake Farmer                     Taylor Sokoll                           Eric Williams
        Co-Editor in Chief                 Co-Editor in Chief               Sports Editor                     Ad Manager                               Staff Writer
 A: Another Song About the Weekend    A: The Future Freaks Me Out          A: Young Forever             A: The Best is Yet to Come                  A: Stop This Train
       by A Day to Remember            by Motion City Soundtrack               by Jay-Z                     by Frank Sinatra                           by John Mayer

           Jon Castro                      Shawna Thoni                  Heather Dudley                  Anika Terbrueggen                        Courtney Noble
           Staff Writer                       Staff Writer                   Staff Writer                      Staff Writer                           Staff Writer
          A: Stu’s Song                       A: You Learn                A: Sole Education                 A: Young Forever                         A: Don’t Blink
          by Ed Helms                      by Alanis Morisette             by Jami Roquai                       by Jay Z                           by Kenny Chesney

     Whitney Wilkerson                     Chey Quigley                   Tyler Trumble                      Liz Johnson                          Brittany Forgette
           Staff Writer                       Staff Writer                    Staff Writer                     Staff Writer                           Staff Writer
        A: Go the Distance                     A: Happy                 A: Pokemon Theme Song           A: High School Never Ends                   A: I’m Awesome
          from Hercules                   by Nevershoutnever!                                              by Bowling for Soup                          by Spose

         Hailey Smith                        Bryce Beyer                   Lindsey Rowe                      Foster Parks                          Sarah Courtney
           Staff Writer                      Staff Writer                    Staff Writer                       Staff Writer                           Staff Writer
        A: Hey Soul Sister                  A: The Reeling                 A: Single Ladies                   A: The Middle                          A: Better Days
            by Train                        by Passion Pit                   by Beyonce                    by Jimmy Eat World                       by Goo Goo Dolls
Independence High School

May 2010                                                         Features                                                                                3
Great strides for Epilepsy
                                          Walk for Epilepsy official website.         analyze space and distance.               ing as free and mobile as everyone
                                              The last two years for Amanda             Megan Hawkes told the risks           else, with a driver’s license, a job,
                                          has been steadily getting worse. “I       of the surgery. “She could have           and college,” Megan Hawkes said.
                                          was having a seizure every week.          ended up paralyzed on her right                Amanda Hawkes, now a much
                                          I missed a lot of school, and it got      side, or she could have lost all her      healthier person, went to the Na-
                                          in the way of everything.”Amanda          memories, all ability to remember         tional Walk for Epilepsy again on
                                          commented.                                new things, or even her ability to        March 27, 2010. “Everyone in my
      By: Whitney Wilkerson
                                              “Having seizures in front of          speak, read, and communicate.”            family went, but I was the only one
             Staff Writer                  people made her feel like less of             Miraculously, the surgery was         who got to wear a purple T-shirt,”
     Epilepsy is a very dangerous         a person,” said Megan Hawkes,             a complete success. Amanda was            Amanda said proudly. At the walk,
and life-changing disorder that           Amanda’s mother. “She was al-             making jokes and talking only a           whomever has or had Epilepsy
can affect anyone, like Amanda             ways afraid she’d have one at any         couple hours after. “I was in pain.       wears a purple shirt while spon-
Hawkes, a sophomore here at In-           time.”                                    They took part of my brain out,           sors wear white T-shirts.
dependence, who on January 28th               Amanda has gone through 12            it hurt!”Amanda recalled with a                Amanda, along with her fam-
underwent a successful surgery.           different medications, all ending          smile despite remembering the             ily, walked slightly over two miles
     Amanda has suffered from              up ineffective in helping with her         pain.                                     around National Mall, which is a
epilepsy her entire life. Epilepsy        epilepsy. All the medications had             Amanda was released from the          park in Washington D.C.
is a disorder in which electrical         various side effects and some of           hospital three days after surgery              When asked why she wanted
signals in the brain essentially          the side effects were worse than           and back in the classroom in less         to go back to the Walk, Amanda
short out. People with epilepsy           the actual disorder.                      than a month.                             replied, “It feels right to go back.
most commonly have recurring                  For people with epilepsy,                 “She’s looking forward to be-         It’s raising money, making people
seizures. These seizures are often        surgery is a “last resort.” It is                                                   more aware.”
convulsions in which a person’s           extremely dangerous but it looked
body shakes rapidly and uncon-            like the only thing that could help
trollably.                                Amanda live a normal and sei-
     In 2008, Amanda and her fam-         zure-free life.
ily went to the National Walk for             To perform this surgery, she
                                                                                      Green Valley Gardens Flower Nursery
Epilepsy in Washington DC. The            would need her left hippocampus              400 Old Peytonsville Rd, Franklin TN
National Walk for Epilepsy “is a          lobe removed. The hippocampus is                         #: 615-7944921
family oriented, noncompetitive           a part of the brain that is mirrored
walk in our nation’s capital to raise     on both sides. The left and right           Flowers- vegetables and Hanging Bas-
funds for research, education,            parts each have different functions                           kets
advocacy, and services for people         and removing one could erase her
with epilepsy and their caregiv-          ability to remember, understand
ers” according to The National            relationships with people, and

Missions for Haiti with Fellowship Bible
Church                                    ers. We did a much more difficult
                                          Easter egg hunt for them, and then
                                          we got to just hang out with them.
                                                                                    degrees, and there was no breeze.
                                                                                    I put on my 100 SPF sunscreen (no
                                                                                    joke) at least four times. Needless
                                                                                                                              fingers was way too hard to pass
                                                                                                                                   We had the opportunity to
                                          They were listening to Akon and           to say it was exhausting work.            walk around the zoo, though it
                                          Jordin Sparks, so it was really cool          I had one of the most reward-         wasn’t the most exciting of zoos. It
                                          to be able to see how similar they        ing days on Thursday. We went             had a monkey, some peacocks, and
                                          are to us.                                back ot Canez to continue work-           a small alligator as the most excit-
                                              Tuesday was an incredible day.        ing on the pavilion. This time our        ing animals. There were also rab-
                                          I was able to work with about a           entire team was able to go, which         bits, pigeons, ducks, and gerbils.
                                          dozen orphans who ranged from             included the two nurses that came         Overall, it was fun.
          By: Bryce Beyer                 infancy to age six. We did crafts,        on the trip with us. They helped set           That night we ate Domino’s
               Staff Writer                played with blocks, and played            up a temporary, free, medical clinic      Pizza. There’s only one in all of
    While many people were get-           basketball. We also swam in the           for the locals. I had the opportunity     Haiti, and we ate from there. At
ting ready for a trip to the beach        pool of the house were staying at.        to assist the nurses in different pro-     the time, it was the best food I’ve
before Spring break, at 6:15 a.m. on      Most of them were pretty appre-           cedures.                                  ever had. I cannot tell you how
Saturday, April 3rd, I was sitting on a   hensive about getting in the water,           The most interesting patient          much it made me miss being in
plane on my way to Haiti. After the       so it turned into some time to relax      we had been a man that had an in-         America. It was one of the best
earthquake in January, my church          for students.                             fected foot wound from August. It         experiences in my life, but I was
started putting a team together that          Wednesday was the day I was           looked beyond repair, and all we          ready to go home to the familiarity
would be able to go down during           most anxious about. About half of         could do was put hydrogen perox-          of America.
Spring Break in order to do relief        our team drove three hours to an          ide on it to try and clean it. After we        It has been really cool to see
work.                                     isolated village in the desert, called    cleaned his foot, we put some anti-       how God has used this trip in my
    Our first full day there was Eas-      Canez. The village had absolutely         bacterial ointment on it to make          life. Going into the trip I had a
ter Sunday. We were able to go to a       no shade, and the villagers lived in      sure it didn’t get infected again.        pretty selfish outlook on leaving.
church and do an Easter egg hunt          huts made of sticks and mud. Our              Friday was our last full day          But when we got there and I had
in the church’s parking lot. After-       main objective was to build a pavil-      in Haiti, and we had a few differ-         the opportunity to start serving,
wards I experienced one of the            ion for everyone so that they would       ent things we could do. Person-           and to just see how joyful all of the
longest church services I have ever       be able to get out of the sun.            ally, I was exhausted so I went to        people, He totally shattered me. I
been to. It didn’t help that every-           The entire day Wednesday we           a place in the mountains that had         never expected to go Haiti, but I’m
thing was spoken in Creole, which         dug about 30 holes that were all 30       American food! We had eaten rice          so glad I did. And even though I’m
is the native language of the Hai-        inches deep. Then we put wooden           and beans all week, some mystery          getting reacquainted with being
tians. After the church service we        posts in the holes would support          meat, and very strange vegetables.        back in Tennessee, part of my heart
went to an orphanage for teenag-          the roof. It felt like it was about 400   So the opportunity to have chicken        will forever be in Haiti.
  4                                    Senior Send-offs                                                                          Independence High School

                                                                                                                                                     May 2010

                                           Graduating can be an excit-           reer. I’m not just talking about book    knew throughout your time at In-
                                       ing time for seniors, but it can also     work and class lessons, but rather       dependence, remember they are in
                                       be difficult. Moving on to bigger         the wisdom that comes with being a       your hearts. You will always have
                                       things is always a fun
                                       process with many
                                                                  “What you’ve                    part of such a large
                                                                                                  student body. What
                                                                                                                          the good times, and that’s the truth.
                                                                                                                          You will meet new people no mat-
                                       things to look forward  done in this school                you’ve done in this     ter where you end up; it’s inevita-
                                       to, but at one point a                                     school can reflect      ble, and so will your friends. You
                                       person has to stop and   can reflect who                   who you are for a       may grow apart with those friends,
                                       remember old times.
                                       High school is a large
                                                               you are for a long                 long time. Remem-
                                                                                                  ber as you move on
                                                                                                                          but new bonds will form and mend
                                                                                                                          the holes that seem to come from
                                       part of life, there’s no      time.”                       to stay virtuous, be    leaving home. College and the rest
                                       escaping that fact. As seniors grad-      kind to those you meet, and get the      of our lives will be an exciting jour-
                                       uate and move on to College and           things you need to get done, done.       ney, one that everyone must make
                                       continue with the rest of their lives,        Aside from remembering the           when the time comes. We don’t get
                                       I urge them to remember. Remem-           things they learn, seniors should        the choice to avoid it and stay chil-
        By:Kyle Pollard                ber the friends, the experiences,         also remember to have fun. Though        dren for the rest of our lives, and
                                       and especially the things learned         you may be sad you are losing con-       the rest of our time here on earth
        Co-Editor in Chief
                                       throughout their High School ca-          tact with some of the people you         will be exactly what we make it.

                                       I’ve transformed from a timid fresh-      and “scratchin’ notes away” were         the beginning, who accepted me
                                       man who mistakes a supply closet          important, they all fall into one        despite my braces and poor style
                                       for a classroom into an established       large academic bowl. The things          (Lauren, Aubrey, Julia). I’m also
                                       student who takes pride in herself        I’ll remember most are all of the ex-    thankful for the friends I’ve made
                                       and her school. I’ve learned the          tracurricular activities that I’ve had   along the way, who I have count-
                                                                                 the opportunity to join                                       less memories
                                       importance of staying true to my
                                       word, how to weasel out of a due          and participate in. I’ve    “I’ve learned who I               with       (Cady,
                                       date, and which hallways to avoid         participated in almost       am, who I want to                Kara,      Talor).
                                       on a bad day. I’ve learned which          everything from student                                       And finally, I’d
                                       study habits work best for me, how        council to Habitat for Hu-  be, and what makes                be lost without
                                                                                 manity, National Honor                                        my best friend,
                                       to avoid the 7:10 rush hour, and the
                                                                                 Society to Spanish Honor
                                                                                                                me happiest.”                  the one person
                                       downside to procrastination. But
                                                                                 Society, newspaper to soccer, and        who knows me better than I know
                                       most importantly, I’ve learned who
                                                                                 I’ve done enough volunteer work          myself, Heather DelPilar.
                                       I am, who I want to be, and what
                                                                                 and fund raisers to last a life time.        I’ll miss IHS and all of the mem-
                                       makes me happiest. High school
                                                                                 I feel so blessed to have attended a     ories I’ve made here. Homecom-
                                       has given me the perfect venue to
                                                                                 school with so much to offer, inside     ing, football games, soccer games,
                                       discover where I fall in the scheme
                                                                                 and outside of the classroom.            school dances, and all of the things
      By: Jackie DelPilar              of things, and has given me a
                                                                                       In true senior send-off fashion,   I’ve grown accustomed to will all
       Co-Editor in Chief              chance to learn more about myself
                                                                                 I want to use this opportunity to        become mere memories in just a
                                       than I could have ever imagined.
    Looking back at my four years                                                thank the people who mean the            few short weeks. I’m proud to be
                                           One of the greatest things about
attending Independence, it’s hard                                                most to me. I’m so thankful for the      an IHS eagle, class of 2010, and I’m
                                       IHS is the community aspect. Al-
not to marvel at how far I’ve come.                                              friends that have been there since       ecstatic to start my life as a college
                                       though the hours of homework
                                                                                                                          student in the fall.
                                       have made me the person I am to-          singing “Don’t Stop Believing” af-       play college soccer, I will always
                                       day. People always say that high          ter beating the almighty Franklin        remember my time on the field for
                                       school is the best time of your life      High School in football to advance       IHS.
                                       and now I think I understand why.         to the playoffs. At this moment I            Besides on the athletic field, cer-
                                            I can remember coming into           felt like I was a part of something      tain teachers have influenced me to
                                       Indy as a freshman not knowing            important. During my senior year         make me become who I am. Dur-
                                       what to expect. The thing that I          we used the same traditions during       ing my freshman year, Coach Phil-
                                       found the coolest was being able to       tailgating that we were taught as        lips made my World History class
                                       step into a school that already was       freshman.                                the most enjoyable class I have ever
                                       filled with traditions and school              I will also remember the 4 years    had. Through telling stories and
                                       spirit. As an underclassman, I was        of playing varsity soccer. Coming in     making the subject relevant, he
                                       influenced by the                                                                  made class interesting while also
                                       group of close knit         “Indy nation has my freshman
                                                                                       year I was                         teaching me a lot. Ms. Freeman,
                                       juniors and seniors
                                       from the classes of
                                                               become more than just one of three                         Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Justice have
                                                                                                                          also taught me that you can enjoy
                                       ’07 and ’08. They
                                                                a school to me, it has f r e s h m put
                                                                                       that were                          classes while also performing to
                                       included us as a                                                                   your top ability academically.
                                       missing piece to the    become like a family.” on the varsity                          Looking back I can say that IHS
                                                                                                        team.     The
                                                                                                                          has been not only a school to me,
        By: Blake Farmer                                                         group of guys that I was fortunate       but a part of my life. I will always
                                       puzzle of what Indy would soon
          Sports Editor                become. Coming into high school,          enough to play with became not           remember the friends I have met,
    As my senior year comes to a       I felt a feeling of pride that I hadn’t   only my teammates but my broth-          the games that I have played, and
close, this is the moment in which     felt in middle school.                    ers. They taught me things while         the pride that I developed while be-
I can look back upon my time at             I will always remember the           also making it an awesome experi-        ing an Indy Eagle. My advice to the
Independence. Indy nation has          standards of school spirit that the       ence. From moments like holding          upcoming seniors is to keep up the
become more than just a school to      class of ’08 set for us to follow. One    the national champion Brentwood          traditions and pride for our school.
me, it has become like a family. The   memory I will never forget is my          team to three overtimes before get-      These four years will always be
people that I have met and the ex-     sophomore year, standing in the           ting beat to making past substate        remembered as some of the best
periences that I have been through     parking lot, holding hands while          into sectionals. As I move on to         times of my life.
Independence High School

May 2010                              Senior Send-offs                                                                                     5
                                As I sit back and look at the past       Senior year is all about making       Friends are the ones to help you
                           four years of my life, a smile finds      memories. Whether they are good           through the rough times, to put a
                           its way upon my face. Just like any       or bad, memories from senior year         smile on your face after getting a
                           other senior, I’ve had my ups and         and high school in general will be        bad test grade.
                           downs. High school is all about the       with you the rest of your life.               The friends you make in high
                           highs and lows.                                                   I would not       school are by far the best. They can
                                The good times         I would not
                                                           “                          trade the memo-          understand the stress of having a
                           with friends and
                           the stress from par-
                                                 trade the memories                   ries I’ve made these
                                                                                      past four years for
                                                                                                               huge project due or being dumped.
                                                                                                                   If I could say one thing to the
                           ents and school are  I’ve made these past                  anything. I can          students of IHS, it would be to nev-
                           a given.                                                   still remember the       er give up on your dreams.
                                The       thought four years for any-                 butterflies    flying          I once heard someone say,
                           of graduating is a           thing.”                       around in my stom-       “Never let the fear of striking out
                           happy but scary one as well. Like         ach the first day of freshman year.       keep you from playing the game.”
                           any other senior, I’ve been looking           One thing I will not miss is          I agree; if you put your mind to
                           forward to this moment since the          waking up at five to get ready for        something you can do it.
                           first day of freshman year.               school. Going through the same                 Life is too short to sit and wor-
                                Every student counts down the        thing every single day for 720 days       ry about the small stuff. Go out and
     By: Courtney Noble    days till they can walk across the        can become very old.                      live life to the fullest. Never forget,
          Staff writer     stage and receive their diploma.              I will miss my friends though.        “We Are IHS!”

                               I remember the first day I            belong.                                   theatre department and forensics
                           walked through the doors of                   It is really weird that these         team, I would like to give a special
                           IHS. Because I came from a small          are my last words to leave behind         thanks to Mr. Himelrick and Ms.
                           middle school with an eighth              here at IHS, but with these words I       T. They have been great mentors/
                           grade class of 70 kids, I was ner-        want to recognize some people.            teachers and have impacted my
                           vous. I was entering a new world,             First I would like to recognize       life greatly.
                           the world of high school. I had no
                           idea what to expect. But even with
                                                                     everyone in the
                                                                     theatre department
                                                                                            “You only get one                        High school
                                                                                                                                 has been a great
                           my low expectations for my high           here at Indepen-     shot at high school,                   experience, and
                           school experience, I had a better         dence. The theatre                                          I’m so glad I got
                           experience than I could have ever         department has      so you might as well                    to have my high
                           thought possible.
                               Since coming to high school
                                                                     been one of my        make the most of                      school experience
                                                                     favorite things at                                          here at Indepen-
                           I have not only discovered who                                          it.”
                                                                     Indy, and I truly love everyone           dence. I am very sad to be leaving
                           I want to be as a person, but also        that has anything to do with it.          IHS but also very excited to start
                           who I am. I know it seems cheesy              I’d like to thank the IHS Fo-         college and begin life on my own.
                           and cliché, but it’s true. As a fresh-    rensics team. Forensics has pretty             If I had one piece of advice to
                           man, I did not have one clue on           much been my thing here at Inde-          leave behind, it would be to enjoy
                           where I’d fit in or even who I was.       pendence. I have been involved all        every minute of your high school
                           However, with all of the great            four years and have been a captain        career. You only get one shot at
        By: Jon Castro
                           mentors and friends I had here at         the last two.                             high school so you might as well
         Staff Writer      IHS, I was able to find just where I          With giving thanks to the             make the most of it.

                                High school, will I miss it?         something has to change.                  one person, do what you want to
                           No, but will I cherish everything             Whether you grow a couple             do.
                           good that has happened in my four         inches, gain some muscle, get facial           Try out for the football team,
                           years? Yes. High School is said to        hair, get a deeper voice, the list goes   try out for a school play, you never
                           be the best years of your life, but       on and on. I know I’ve changed            know what you could be good at
                           I really think it depends on how          since my first day at IHS in 2006;        until you try. Yes, you will not be
                           well you spent your time.                 in fact I have even changed since         the best at it at first, but starting
                                No, I do not remember what I
                           was thought day one of my fresh-
                                                                        “Change is going                       freshman year on trying something
                                                                                                               new is better trying something new
                           man year, but high school is so            to happen; it is up                      senior year and thinking: man I
                           much more than getting your di-                                                     could have had so much fun if I did
                           ploma and going off to college.            to you to make it a                      this the past three years. Go ahead,
                                  It is about finding yourself.        good change or a                        try something new, and do not be
                           Your thinking, wow cliché much,                                                     afraid.
                           Eric? Well think about it. Are you            bad change.”                               Independence has changed so
                           exactly the same, not only how you        last year, my junior year. Change         much since my first day as a little
                           look, but personality wise, as the        is going to happen; it is up to you       freshman in 2006, and so have I. So
                           day you came to Independence?             to make it a good change or a bad         when I look back at my high school
                                If you say you have not              change.                                   life I do not remember what I was
           Eric Williams   changed, find me the minute you               I feel like too many people are       learning on September 17, 2006 in
            Staff Writer   read this and I will give you a           afraid to try new things in high          classroom B209. I remember the
                           cookie. Not really, but think about       school because they think someone         memories, lessons, and milestones
                           it. Four years is a pretty long time,     will judge them. So what? It is just      that make me who I am today, Eric
Independence High School

May 2010
                                              Senior Send-offs                                                                                  6
                                        Whenever you hear someone            I’ve grown close with everyday           great teacher, but for being a great
                                   who has graduated from high               and the moments I’ve spent with          role model. Miss Tertzakian for
                                   school, you will more than likely         them. I’ll miss Ryan Pittman and         inspiring me to let my light shine
                                   hear them say, “Those were the best
                                   years of my life.” All throughout         Nila Huddleston mak-
                                                                             ing me smile no matter
                                                                                                       “I’m Starting to in a way that I never
                                                                                                                         thought     possible.
                                   high school I never really under-
                                   stood why people would say that.          what kind of mood I’m      realize...I will But most of all, I’d
                                                                             in. I’ll miss every sec-                    like to thank Rachel
                                   Even to this day, I don’t think I will
                                   ever find myself saying, “Wow. I          ond I’ve spent on the    actually miss this Melius for her end-
                                                                             IHS stage. I’ll miss the                    less support and
                                   really miss sitting in never ending
                                                                             teachers who have in-         place.”       love that has got-
                                   traffic just to get into school, com-
                                                                             spired me to be the best that I can                    ten me through the
                                   pleting pointless honors portfo-
                                                                             be.                                      hardest of times.
                                   lios, watching girls cry about nose
                                                                                 Along with everything thing               With all of that being said, I
                                   piercings, and the vomit-inducing
                                                                             that I’ll miss, there are a few people   must admit that I will miss the days
                                   public displays of affection.” But
                                                                             in particular who I’d like to thank:     that I have spent at Independence
                                   now that I’m a senior and about to
                                                                             the ones that have molded me into        High School. I’m not saying that I
                                   enter the “real world,” I am start-
                                                                             the person I am today. Beau Col-         never want to leave, because trust
                                   ing to realize something that I nev-
                                                                             lins, for being a constant reminder      me, Chicago could not come soon-
                                   er thought I would: I will actually
                                                                             of why I love to do what I do. Cody,     er. But my appreciation for the les-
                                   miss this place.
                                                                             Jordan, JC, and Wyatt for being the      sons I have learned here will stick
                                        There are a plethora of random
                                                                             greatest group of friends I could        with me forever. You never know,
                                   things that I’ll miss. I’ll miss seeing
      By: Taylor Sokoll            those bright Friday Night Lights
                                                                             have asked for, even when you’d          one day I might even find myself
         Ad Manager                                                          get annoyed with me. Coach Alex-         saying, “Those were the best years
                                   and the day leading up to the game.
                                                                             ander, for being not only being a        of my life.”
                                   I’ll miss seeing all of these people

           Remember When?!
                    Memorable Events from Freshman to Senior year
      - Bomb threat #1...And #2.                                              -Carrying the toxic yellow passes

      -The gigantic deposit (cough) found in the toilet freshman              -Earning the first PBS tickets
                                                                              -Dancing our hearts out in Wellness class
      -Football team making it to the state finals sophomore year
                                                                              -When “Ballin” was cool
      -Kathy Kroger earns IHS it’s first national title
                                                                              -“Scratchin it away” with Mr. Ragland
      -Mr. Costic being around IHS longer than every teacher
                                                                              -Looking forward to Mr. Phillip’s story Fridays
      -2D freshman float from class of 2010
                                                                              -Being skeptical of Coach A’s stories
      -Taco soup repleneshment when float-building
                                                                              -Volleyball winning state championship
      -The Hamburgular crushing our dreams
                                                                              -Posing for Dr. Webb’s camera
      -Dancing to “Soulja Boy” every chance we had sophomore
      year                                                                    -Being the class to end the ‘07, ‘08, ‘09 cheer during pep rallys

      -The original voice of IHS                                                                In loving memory of:
      -Attempting the Tanto at football games...Cool, class of ‘09.
                                                                                                    -Mr. Crockett
                                                                                                     -Mr. Brooks
      -RIP Steve Irwin
                                                                                                    -Mr. Ferguson
      -When green was a school color                                                                  -Mr. Fuller
      -Focus Wednesdays become Together Tuesdays, then becomes
                                                                                                     -Mr. Knight
      Power Mondays?

      -The birth of 5th period
                                                                                    And every teacher who decided IHS
                                                                                            was not for them.
      -White-out tradition of Football games
Independence High School

May 2010                        You’re so IHS if...                                                             7
                    You’re so IHs If...
   You carry a Sun Drop bottle in                 You regret taking                     You remember having
         your back pocket.                        AP government.                        a weather girl on the

     You’ve attended             Your school year is               You think turning 18           You remember why
    IHS longer than all          “off the chain.”                means you need to get a           we wear conduc-
     of your teachers.                                            tatoo and/or piercing.                 tors.

                                                      You skip first period             Your heros are the
                    You wear jorts.
                                                      to avoid detentions.                Yeller Fellers.

  There are more people wait-
                                            Ryan Pittman is your hero.              You’ve beat-boxed with William.
   ing in line for a detention
  than your first period class.

                                                                                             You’re shorter than
           You believe Ke$ha > life.         Your principal has rims.
                                                                                                Jake Baker.

     You constantly quote                          You wear boots but                       You think Ms. T and
       “The Hangover.”                            don’t work on a farm.                      Mr. T are married.

                    You truly believe Bernie is Mr.                           You’ve survived multiple
                        Ragland’s first name                                       bomb threats.

            You’ve spark-noted                     You wake up to
                                                                                Your SRO officer looks for deer on
           every assignment ever                  the bell between
                                                                                 the security camera during the
               given to you.                           classes.
                                                                                           school day.

              Brett Meeker has hit on you, your
                     mom, or your sister.                    You claim you know Miley Cyrus.

                                                                                           You get pulled out of
 You write your sorrows away                 You’ve been taught by Mr. Costic              class because your car
   onto the bathroom stalls.                  more than your own teachers.                 is being towed.

                        WINNers:                   Carol Bird-
                                                  song’s voice
                                                                                                    You have to watch
                                                                                                        for pop-flys
                                                                                                     and flying cars at
    Seven snow                                   brings feelings                                      baseball games.
   days still aren’t
                            You still see Crock-  of hope, joy,
                           ett out of the corner and freedom!
                            of your eye when                     You’ve used the
                           you’re doing some-                    term “dress-cod-
                              thing naughty.                      ed” as a verb.
 8                                                      A year in photos                                                                 Independence High School

                                                                                                                                                   May 2010

                                                                                     From August to May there are only
                                                                                     nine months of time, but this has
                                                                                     been a year filled with memories and
                                                                                     experiences. With events like home-
                                                                                     coming, dress up days, He’s All That,
                                                                                     sporting events, and plays, Indy
                                                                                     Nation has had an exciting 2009-10
                                                                                     school year.

         Miranda Worland smiles as Josh Lee gets crowned homecoming king.

                                                                                        Memebers of DECA enjoy the competitive spirit.

     Brittany Woods, Sarah Helton, Andrea Shook, and Hailey Reed take a pic-
     ture during their day at Hogwarts.

                                                                               Contestants in He’s All That pose in their formal wear.

Andrea Shook smiles as she cheers during a pep-rally.
Independence High School

May 2010                                               A year in photos                                                                 9

                                                                                           Photos courtesy of the yearbook staff.

          Ford Wilson, Leah Schofield, and Jake Baker cast their magic on homecom-

                                                                                                      Senior float climbs to the top.

   The Yeller Fellers pose with some senior friends.

                                                                                     Ford Wilson shows his undying Indy love.
 Heckman prepares for a very intense throw.
    10                                              Summer Stuff                                                                 Independence High School

                                                                                                                                                     May 2010

Summer Activities
                                         “because I have so many friends          sailing. “When I’m on the beach,”        or just too hot can be challenging
                                         up there and the city is so vibrant.”    Emily Young shares, “I love to go        as well. “When it’s raining I like to
                                         So whether you are a city person or      on my boogey-board, and I also           watch sports,” Swayze states. For
                                         a beach person, summer provides          love to fly my kite.” But if you find    some guys this would be an excel-
                                         the perfect time to get away from        yourself in just a local pool, a few     lent way to pass the time. “I would
                                         daily hassles.                           exciting pool games include sharks,      be playing in the rain, foshiz!”
                                              If you find yourself unable to      marco polo, categories, and chick-       Fick exclaims. This would also be
        By: Liz Johnson                  go to your favorite vacation spot,       en.                                      another great alternative if it was
           Staff Writer                  there is plenty to do here in Ten-           After all those enjoying things      scorching hot. Other great ideas are
    After a long and cold winter         nessee. “If I had to stay in state for   to do, a hardy appetite can easily       swimming, playing in the sprin-
break, it seems to be that student’s     summer, I would probably go to           present itself. There are all kinds of   klers, and going to a local lake.
next thoughts revolve around the         the mountains. At least that pro-        restaurants to visit that will surely        So whether you stay in Tennes-
warmth of the sun and sand be-           vides some-what of an escape,”           satisfy that hunger. Taylor Cle-         see or adventure out into the world,
tween their toes. Thais is just the      Shelby voices her opinion again. “I      ments suggests Joe’s Crab Shack,         there are hundreds of fun activities
case for many students here at IHS.      would definitely go to Gatlinburg        Lauren Fick prefers Surf Taco, and       to keep your summer hype going.
When school lets out for the sum-        or CMT Fest!” Former high school         Kayla McGill proposes Chuy’s.            Visiting just one of the many excit-
mer, kids and teens of all ages feel     student, Nick Bunney, exclaims. “I       These are all funky places that are      ing places in state would do the job,
weight lift off their shoulders and      would go to the lake,” sophomore         ideal when the weather gets hot.         or trying out one of the fun beach
hear freedom ring in their ears.         Brandon Swayze states.                       On the contrary, no matter           ideas students have shared would
There is nothing like the fun atmo-           There are all kinds of exhilarat-   where you are in the world, find-        also be idyllic. Have a great sum-
sphere of summer.                        ing places across Tennessee that         ing things to do when it is raining      mer IHS!
    Although there are thousands         provide an unforgettable , thrilling
of places to visit during this time of   experience. Some great examples
relaxation, a few places seem to be      would include Nashville Shores,
more popular than others. Two out        Pigeon Forge, NASCAR Speed
of three students said they prefer       Park, Pirates Plateau, the Chatta-
Florida for their destination during     nooga Aquarium, and Wetlands
summer. “I love Florida because it’s     Water Park. Either one of these fun-
so tropical and fun,” states sopho-      filled places will be sure to replace
more Shelby Rushing.                     your summer boredom.
    However, not everyone is the              If you do find yourself on the
same. “I would have to say New           beach this summer, some fun ac-
Jersey,” Lauren Fick comments,           tivities would include beach vol-
                                         leyball, skim boarding, and para-

Summer Fashion
                                         Jamison. That is the perfect sum-
                                         mer outfit for a girl. It is short and
                                         simple, yet completely adorable.
                                                                                   Summer Scenes                                                Liz Johnson Photo
                                         She says that her favorite sum-
                                         mer colors are white and yellow.         well.
                                         Many fashion magazines state that            Everyone has their own opin-         and other summer clothing and ac-
                                         after Labor Day, the color white is      ion on bathing suits, and there are      cessories for 70% off the normal re-
       By: Hailey Smith                  no longer considered acceptable,         plenty to choose from around Ten-        tail price, which is an amazing deal.
           Staff Writer                  however, after the arrival of Easter,    nessee. Target has extremely cute        You can also gain money by bring-
    As the 2009-2010 school year         white is back in style. White and        swimsuits for a low price, as well       ing your old gently-used clothing
slowly comes to an end, there is         yellow are both bright colors which      as Kohl’s, and Rue 21. Short, sim-       you do not wear anymore and their
only one thing on every student’s        enable them to match perfectly           ple, and flairy dresses are also very    store will actually pay you for the
mind: summer vacation. With only         with any summer outfit.                  much in style this summer. Shoes         clothes you bring. American Eagle
a few weeks left of school, girls and        Sophomore Michael Monroe             are also a very big topic also. Flip-    is selling incredibly fashionable
boys are filling up malls and local      says that his favorite thing to wear     flops is obviously a given for both      jean shorts now for $24.95, which is
department stores to purchase the        during the summer is a t-shirt and       guys and girls, but on the other         also an amazing deal.
clothes they need for the scorching      basketball shorts, which is also a       hand, Michael Monroe states, “My              Summer is a time for students
weather coming up this summer.           great outfit choice for guys. Aus-       favorite shoes to wear in the sum-       and teachers to take a break from
Although this year has been hard         tin Shockley states that he likes to     mer are Wallabees.” Liz Johnson          school life and receive the oppor-
on many families concerning mon-         wear tank-tops during the summer,        agrees that open-toed heals or san-      tunity to relax for three months.
ey, there are plenty of cute, cheap      which is the ideal choice for a lazy     dals are very appealing.                 Make it your best summer yet and
clothing options for those on a tight    day of relaxation. For both boys             The best places to shop for all of   go out and buy adorable clothing
budget.                                  and girls, sunglasses and hats are a     these clothing items are Plato’s Clos-   for the price that you can afford.
    “My favorite things to wear in       necessity. They keep the sun out of      et, Academy Sports, Rue 21, Buck-        This is your time to shine, so dress
the summer are jean shorts and a         your face while providing a stylish      le, Target, Pac Sun, and American        to impress. Sit back and relax, Indy
tank-top,” says sophomore Kimmy          look. Also, large bags and purses        Eagle. Plato’s Closet has thousands      Nation, summer will be here before
                                         are in style during the summer, as       of dresses, shorts, shoes, tank-tops,    you know it.
Independence High School

May 2010                                                                                               11

           Spanky’s Driving Academy!
           Tennessee’s only comedy drivers education program!
          “Ty learned                                                                         py s
         just the rules
                         more than                                                       h ap asse
                         of the road,                                                 so k cl ”    y
       he learned a                     *Afternoon Classes                        am too y’s! omm
                    bout characte
                                    r.”                                        “I on        nk M
           - Ty Fetner’s
                         Mommy             * Night Classes                       r s t Spa wn’s
                                                                              ou a         ro
                                           * Start anytime                           ot aB
                                        * Self-paced classes                  -D
                                    * Take classes out of order
                                       * Make up classes too
    One FREE                         * Payment plan available
SMOOTHIE from                      * No permit needed to enroll
 9 Fruits and one
FREE PIZZA from                                                                                       riving
  Little Caesars                                                                                ky’s D ore
                                                                                            Span en m
                                                                                    u se of     ev
 when you com-                            Fully Insured and Licensed by the    “Beca emy I feel rincess”
                                          Tennessee Department of Safety         Acad fashion p utt
plete our 36-hour                                                                 like a ae’ven Of
     program!Safety, Responsibility, Leadership!                                       –R

  AWESOME!!!            615-530-5139
  12                                                       Team Dolly                                                           Independence High School

                                                                                                                                            May 2010

  Team Dolly inspires Indy Nation
                                        years of chemotherapy. Although          hugely of Coach Phillips and the        is nice to honor her with an event
                                        Leukemia is a scary diagnosis,           school in instilling the what's re-     like this. To tell her...’All of these
                                        these classifications are very posi-     ally important in life” theme.”         people love you and are so proud
                                        tive.                                        The Brentwood game not              of you and all you are doing’ re-
                                             Since her diagnosis, Madelyn        only raised money for Madelyn,          ally helps us all keep pushing on.”
                                        has relied on her “dolly” to help        but also helped raise up her            Madelyn Gregg serves an inspira-
                                        her stay strong. When Madelyn            spirits. Chemo therapy is a very        tion, as an example to all of a beau-
    By: Blake Farmer                    was born, she was given this dolly       tough treatment, and can be es-         tiful young girl who has impacted
      Sports Editor                     by her aunt and uncle. Upon get-         pecially rough on younger kids.         not only Independence, but an en-
                                        ting older, her dolly has become         “The event was fun and a reward         tire community of people. For more
                                        more then a toy to her, she has be-      for her. She has been through so        information or to make a donation
        People say, “Live life to the
                                        come a side kick, and a significant      much and been so good at taking         go to
fullest and make the most of each
                                        piece of her life. “Dolly is like my     her medicine while also being           visit/madelyngregg1.
day” No one understands this
                                        third child. I am ever-watchful over     good during clinic time, that it
statement more than 4 year old
                                        her because I simply can't lose her.
Madelyn Gregg and her family.
                                        Dolly really has helped Madelyn
Madelyn is beautiful 4 year old girl
                                        through all transitions in her young
who enjoys playing soccer, fishing,
                                        life so far, from starting preschool
blowing bubbles, along with taking
                                        to this diagnosis. Dolly is that peace
frequent trips to Jump Zone and
                                        of home,” says Amy Gregg, Made-
Chuck E. Cheese with her brother
                                        lyn’s mother. This is what gave Mrs.
and partner in crime Hudson.
                                        Gregg’s Sunday school class the
    On October 26th, 2009, sweet
                                        idea to start up the slogan “Team
                                                          Dolly”. Team Dol-
                                                          ly not only stands
                                                          for Madelyn, but
                                                          for her struggle
                                                          through      leuke-
                                                          mia and her battle
                                                          to regain her life
                                                          back. This slogan         Courtesy of Tracy Farmer   Independence soccer team with Madelyn and family.
                                                          along with a pic-
                                                          ture of dolly were
                                                          put onto shirts and
                                                          bracelets to sup-
                                                          port Madelyn.
                                                               Nick Dykes,
                                                          a senior at Inde-
                                                          pendence,       had
                                                          the idea of hold-
                                                          ing a fundraiser
                                                          for Madelyn with
                                                          the boys’ soccer
                                                          teams. During the
                                                          first home game of
                                                          the season against
                                                          Brentwood High
                                                          School, both the
                                                          Boys JV and Var-
                                                          sity soccer teams
                                                          wore their Team
                                                          Dolly shirts in
                                                          honor of Madelyn.
 Courtesy of Amy Gregg                    Madelyn Gregg
Madelyn was diagnosed with Pre -        All of the concession stand profits
B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.         from the game also went towards
Pre- B Acute Lymphoblastic Leuke-       her battle. "Wow... is what I remem-
mia is a type of Leukemia that has      ber thinking when Wendy first ap-
an 85% cure rate and Madelyn is         proached us about the team want-
classified as "Standard Risk" due to    ing to do this for Madelyn and our
her level of blasts in her blood. She   family. Neither Alex nor myself
is also classified as a "Rapid Early    went to Independence. With that
Responder" meaning that she went        being said, to have a whole team
into remission after only 14 days       wanting to support us simply be-
of chemo and steroids. These two        cause is completely amazing. To
extra classifications mean that she     have teenagers look at my little 3
will do the standard two and a half     year-old and be impacted speaks
Independence High School

May 2010                                       Entertainment                                                                                       13
A Whitney Wilkerson Comic

                                                                                                                       eryday counts and that sometimes
                                                                                                                       you will have to accept things the
                                                                                                                       way they are and simply focus on
                                                                                                                       the positive. The differences be-
                                                                                                                       tween my life in Germany and my
                                                                                                                       life here are big. It took me a while
                                                                                                                       to get used to new rules and morals
                                                                                                                       such as a stricter curfew, stronger
                                                                                                                       parental protection, less freedoms,
                                                                                                                       and dissensions. But experiencing
                                                                                                                       these differences firsthand made
                                                                                                                       me a lot more open-minded and
                                                                                                                       I learned for life. Contrasting the
                                                                                                                       schools, it is much easier to study
                                                                                                                       in the US, but also much more fun.
                                                                                                                       While German schools are places to
                                                                                                                       study only, American high schools
                                                                                                                       are also seen as a community, one
                                                                                                                       nation with many opportunities re-
                                                                                                                       garding sports and arts.

                                                                             A Great
                                                                                                                            After ten months of living in
                                                                                                                       America, I got used to all the things
                                                                                                                       that seemed so new to me in the be-
                                                                                                                       ginning- the people, the school, the

                                                                             Year                                      neighborhood… So saying Good-
                                                                                                                       bye won’t be the easiest thing to do.
                                                                                                                       I am so glad that I got the opportu-
                                                                                                                       nity to experience life in a different
                                                                                                                       country and gain understanding
                                                                                                                       in the world, become much more
                                                                                                                       independent, open-minded, and
                                                                                                                       confident. This was an awesome
                                                                                                                       chance that definitely changed my
                                                                                                                       life. I also got to travel a lot during
                                                                                                                       my stay here, and make very pre-
                                                                                   By: Anika Terbrueggen               cious memories. Looking back at
                                                                                         Staff Writer                  my junior year at Independence
                                                                                                                       High, I can say that it was a really
                                                                                  When I decided to go to Amer-        good experience which I’ll never
                                                                             ica as an exchange student for a          forget. Of course you experience
                                                                             year, I wanted to experience a new        ups and down throughout your
                                                                             lifestyle, meet many interesting          stay but that’s life and just makes
                                                                             people, make new connections,             you learn from mistakes. But after
                                                                             have an impact on peoples’ lives,         almost 10 months I’m also excited
                                                                             and expand my horizons. And this          to go back home and see my Ger-
                                                                             is what happened. I met awesome           man friends and family again.
                                                                             new people, built great friendships            I can only encourage other stu-
                                                                             and also a good connection with           dents to go out and study abroad.
                                                     Photo by Chey Quigley   my host family, exchanged opin-           You meet awesome people from
                                                                             ions and two different ways of life,      different cultures and countries,
         For the past week, students have been flocking to a table set       shared my first-hand knowledge of         gain knowledge and understand-
 up outside of the café. Yummy treats such as cookies, cupcakes, and         another culture and language with         ing, impact the lives of others, grow
 pieces of pie have been sold to raise money for the Chemo Duck              the people around me, and found a         in yourself, strengthen your per-
 Foundation. The Chemo Duck Foundation raises funds to help                                                            sonality, and much more. Everyone
                                                                             second home in a different part of
 send a special duck stuffed animal to young children going through                                                    can open their mind and step out of
                                                                             the world. I remember the first day
 chemotherapy. All the money raised during this bake sale will go
                                                                             of school like it was yesterday and       their comfort zone to start a great
 to benefit the foundation. If you were not able to get one of these
                                                                             now it’s almost time to go back to        adventure. If you are interested in,
 goodies this week, do not worry, there will be a table set up on
                                                                             Germany again.                            for example, studying in Europe or
 Spring Day. So bring your money and help the cause.
                                                                                  While I was here and at IHS,         elsewhere, go to http://www.ciee.
                                                                             I’ve learned a lot. I realized that ev-   org/ for more information!
  14                                            Entertainment                                                                Independence High School

                                                                                                                                           May 2010

Teacher Pop Quiz

         By: Foster Parks
           Staff Writer

         IHS teachers are known for                                             Q: What is “Glee”?
their hard work and dedication to                                               B: A T.V. show about a high            Q: What is the Ipad, what does it
their students and respective sub-                                              school glee club.                      do?
                                      Q: What’s the weirdest thing              H: Bubbling happiness!                 B: What doesn’t it do?
jects. But how much do they RE-
                                      you’ve done on spring break?              S: T.V. Show?                          H: Large I-touch, computer/phone.
ALLY know about what’s going on
                                      Balzer: Painted myself for a bas-                                                S: Is that the one you download
in our culture? Well, that exactly
                                      ketball game!                                                                    books on?
why The Declaration interviewed                                                 Q: Team Edward / Team Jacob?
                                      Helm: Drove for 26 hours
three well-known teachers; Matt                                                 B: Team Nosferatu!
                                      straight… Not worth it.
Balzer, Kyle Sykes and Jennifer                                                 H: Neither.
                                      Sykes: As a grad student, I went
Helm. To find out how much they                                                 S: Neither. Who’s that?                Q: What’s your best memory from
                                      “Herpin’”! (Searching for Reptiles
know on these topics!                                                                                                  class 2010?
                                      and Amphibeans)
                                                                                                                       B: Tony Marmol editing!
                                                                                                                       H: This has been one of my top
                                      Q: R U 2 Kool 4 Skool?                                                           two favorite classes I’ve taught
                                                                                Q: What are ear gauges?                here.
                                      B: Depends how cool the school is!
                                                                                B: Things that will never heal.        S: Interacting with the students and
                                      H: No…
                                                                                H: Holes in your ears?                 getting to know them was great!
                                      S: No. You misspelled that entire
                                                                                S: That!

Masterpiece of the                                                              Toy Story 3
Month                                     This month’s masterpiece is
                                                                                                                       by a crazed toy collector, and must
                                                                                                                       be rescued by his fellow toys. Now
                                      from Ceci Sach’s 7th period art class.                                           in 2010, the toys have quite a dif-
                                      The project was on self-sculpting.                                               ferent story to tell.
                                      Austin Sullivan, a junior, did an ex-
                                      quisite job on sculpting.                                                                 The toys are shipped off
                                          Austin explained how he had                                                  to a daycare center quite acciden-
                                      to hollow the clay, “I had to cut the                                            tally after Andy places them in
     By: Whitney Wilkerson                                                                                             the attic, but keeps Woody aside.
                                      [clay] head off,” he laughed, “and
          Staff Writer                                                                By: Kyle Pollard                 At the daycare center the toys will
                                                 then put a hole in the top           Co-Editor in Chief               find some new lovable faces and
                                                 of the head.”After hol-                                               befriend them. Andy is very dis-
                                                 lowing it out and put-                                                tressed at the blunder, and begins
                                                                                        One of the widest known        looking for his childhood me-
                                                 ting it back together, the
                                                                                phenomena of today’s generation        mentos. The toys learn of this and
                                                 real sculpting and detail      is arguably the Toy Story mov-         naturally begin to escape. Their
                                                 work came easily. Sul-         ies. The first two came out within
                                                 livan used wooden tools                                               attempts are hindered by their
                                                                                four years of each other, and the      new “friends” who do not want
                                                 but “mostly it was hand-       third of the saga is set to release
                                                 work” he added.                                                       them to leave the daycare center.
                                                                                this year. Students have grown up      In the mad dash, Buzz is injured,
                                                     To sculpt himself, Sul-    with the toy’s loving owner, Andy.     and upon trying to reset him the
                                                 livan used a mirror. He        They watched as Andy played            toys turn into a delusional Spanish
                                                 said, “I kept turning my       with the toys at a young age, went     version of his old self.
                                                 head to get the full view.”    to summer camp, and now, just
                                                     Throughout          this   like this year’s seniors, Andy will             Watch the old gang try to
                                                 school year the art classes    be headed off to college leaving his   make it back home and reunite
                                                 have shown their never-        toys behind.                           with their beloved Andy one more
                                                 ending talent, such as                                                time before he leaves for college.
                                                 Austin Sullivan. Next                   Throughout the years, the     The movie will hit the theatres
                                                 year, the talent is bound      toys have really had quite a diffi-    June 18, 2010 and is certain to be a
                                                 to continue and improve        cult life. First, Woody and Buzz are   flick to remember.
                                                                                lost, only to be found by Woody’s
                                                 just like this year.
                                                                                evil neighbor, returning home
                                                                                much later. Then Woody is stolen
Independence High School

May 2010                                                         Features                                                                                 15
Senior... What?
                                           the days by both sitting outside        by, such as; going to school events            grades start slipping from your se-
                                           with other seniors during lunch,        (sports, plays, clubs, etc.), recycle-         nioritis. You do not want to take ex-
                                           even throughout the outrageous          bin basketball, sleep-over on school           ams in your final week as a senior,
                                           winter, or dress up days he makes       nights, calling teachers by their first        do you?
                                           for himself. “I just do whatever I      names, dressing like your favorite                 So class of 2010, the best way
                                           can so I can so I can get by.” Little   teacher, or even play four square.             out of our high school lives is to
                                                                                                                                                    make it enjoy-
          By: Eric Williams                                                                                                                         able last couple
             Staff Writer                                                                                                                           months here at
     You are sitting in class; the                                                                                                                  Independence.
teacher is explaining the next proj-                                                                                                                Make a competi-
ect, but you are day dreaming about                                                                                                                 tion with friends,
your plans tonight. You have pretty                                                                                                                 do dress up days,
good grades, you already got ac-                                                                                                                    spend your time
cepted into your college of choice,                                                                                                                 wisely, and make
and you ask yourself, “Why should                                                                                                                   the most of your
I have to do this assignment?” Oh                                                                                                                   last days here at
yeah, it is because you are a senior.                                                                                                               IHS. Before you
     It is now upon us, seniors. It                                                                                                                 know it you will
controls our mind and concentra-                                                                                                                    be soaking up the
tion, turning everything into a                                                                                                                     summers       rays
distraction from the easiest of as-                                                                                                                 and signing up
signments. It has finally come here                                                                                                                 for your fall se-
to Independence, the disease that                                                                                                                   mester classes in
destroys us from the inside out: se-                                                                                                                college.
nioritis. Let’s face it; we have lost
the will to complete homework
assignments. It is an excruciating
process, but we can overcome.
     We now find ourselves doing
nothing, or complaining about how Eric Williams Photo                                                                 Kevin Mcullough sleeps peacefully
long we have until graduation. Se- things like these are just a few ways               Once Spring Break was over
nior Ben Jones explains, “Well for some seniors get over the long haul             in April and no other scheduled
me, I am done. Senioritis has finally we call last semester of our high            days off are in sight, senioritis is
taken control over me.”               school lives. You can do a num-              really starting to spread. Now the
     Jones said he makes it through ber of things to make the days go              real countdown begins, and your

Film Fest Recap
                                                                                                                                  “I expected to get first place,” say
                                                                                                                                  Johnson, “I put a lot of effort [into
                                                                                                                                  it]; we spent three or four weeks
                                                                                                                                  on this and I’m very proud of what
                                                                                                                                  we produced,” Johnson says with
                                                                                                                                  a hint of satisfaction in his voice.
                                                                                                                                  When asked if he faced any diffi-
         By: Brittany Forgette                                                                                                    culties with the video Johnson re-
            Staff Writer                                                                                                          plied, “[we had some difficulties
                                                                                                                                  with] the half court shot, we shot it
    “I knew that we would be one                                                                                                  in both gyms so we had to make it
of the top schools, but as a whole                                                                                                look like it was in one.”
I expected first [place]”, says Matt                                                                                                   Also placing high was Tan-
Blazer when talking about how he                                                                                                  ner Mashburn, who got first place
expected his media class to do in                                                                                                 in the documentary category with
this years’ film fest. “I think it’s im-                                                                                          “The Eric Malden Project” along
possible to have more creative stu-                                                                                               with Alex basso, who also placed
dents” Blazer continues.                                                                                                          first in the feature category with
    Perris Johnson and Taylor                                                                                                     “The Swine Flu and You”
Darden placed second in the com-
mercial category with “Gatorade.”          The Advertiser News                          Filmfest winners pose with their awards
   16                                                Senior Pictures                                                                         Independence High School

                                                                                                                                                                   May 2010

                                   Photos from Then till Now

                                                                                                            S Cl ass
                                                                                                           of 2010
Dillion Reid, Cory Sartain, Alex Heckman, Jon Castro, Ben Laskey, and Josh Lee
make a “pyramid” in freshman wellness class.

                                                                                    Lindsey Blum, Sara Smith, Cody Muller, Corey McGuire, Jamie Feliu,
                                                                                    Rachel Melius, JC Nix, Courtney Ringrose, and Brittany Doan enjoy the
                                                                                    homecoming game sophomore year.
Cady Conley, Jackie DelPilar, Colbey Wood, Chloe Howcroft, and Katherine Ring put
the finishing touches on the homecoming float sophomore year.

                                                                                      Sara Moroni, Nick Dykes, Andrea Shook, Cameron Jones, Julia Hancock, Nikki
                                                                                      Hunter, Amanda Abbott, Jessica Hanes, David McCarville, Katelyn Chambers,
                                                                                      Rachel Melius, Taylor Sokoll, Kristin Dominguez, Blake Farmer, and Claudia
                                                                                      Solano smile at the junior homecoming dance.

                                                                                    We’ll Miss You!
  Alyssa Kildgore, Sabrina Lewis, Darcie Walker, Amelia Niner, and Kath-
  erine Ring stike a pose at HMS in eighth grade.

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