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                                                               Parks & Recreation
   entry passes & fees                                 table of contents • fall (sept-nov)

E    njoy the best value in Boulder fitness for
     as little as $41 a month. Whether you live
or work in Boulder – you can take advantage of
the low resident annual pass rate AND enjoy
convenient monthly billing. Imagine unlimited           .................
access to three full recreation/fitness centers
including pools, state-of-the art cardio and                       .........
conditioning equipment, ball courts and FREE
drop-in fitness classes for just $41 a month!                       ...........
Plus unlimited entry to two seasonal outdoor
pools and the Boulder Reservoir!                            .............
*Annual Pass        Res           Non-Res              .....................
Seniors (60+)       $305          $385
Adults (19-59)      $490          $615                                    ....
Teens (13-18)       $225          $285
Children (3-12)     $195          $245
Monthly Billing (Initial mo. 15%) 11 paymts.
Seniors (60+)     $52/$65         $27/$33
Adults (19-59)    $80/$99         $41/$51
Teens (13-18)     $41/$50         $21/$26
Children (3-12) $36/$44           $19/$22                   ..............
Fees rounded to nearest dollar
*40 Punch Pass (expires in 2 yrs.)
Seniors (60+)     $146           $156
Adults (19-59)    $200           $214
Teens (13-18)     $128           $138                                  .........
Children (3-12) $110             $118
*20 Punch Pass (expires in 2 yrs.)
Seniors (60+)     $78            $81                                        .....
Adults (19-59)    $106           $111
Teens (13-18)     $69            $72                               .........
Children (3-12) $58              $61
*10 Punch Pass (expires in 2 yrs.)
Seniors (60+)     $41.50         $42.50                                .........
Adults (19-59)    $56            $58
Teens (13-18)     $37            $38
Children (3-12) $31              $32

Daily Drop-In
Seniors (60+)       $4.50
Adults (19-59)      $6.25
Teens (13-18)       $4
Children (3-12)     $3.50

Child Care (Ages 6 mos.-Kindergarten)             Let us keep you informed of the        Follow us on Twitter!
Child care including arts and crafts, dramatic    latest classes, events, community      Get the latest news, special offers and
play, reading, free choice time and more is       meetings, weather or construction-     information from Parks and Recreation.
available at the East & North Recreation          related closures and more by joining
Centers. Ask us about our punchcard options       our eNews list. It’s easy, just send
and save money!                                   your e-mail address to Lisa Nieman
Mon-Fri, 8:45am-1:30pm                            at:                      The city of Boulder
Price per 90 min: $6.50 first child               and we’ll add you to the thousands                   Parks and Recreation
                      $3.50 sibling                                                                    Department gratefully
                                                  of residents already enjoying the
                                                                                                       acknowledges the
Add 30 minutes! (Ages 2+)                         most up-to-date source of Parks and
For an additional $2 you can leave your
                                                                                         Colorado Lottery for its contribution
                                                  Recreation news.
child in child care for 30 minutes longer.                                               to our park and recreation programs.
                                    in this editiOn
                                                                personal training to the next level. Chris specializes in
                                                                working with competitive athletes, weekend warriors and
                                                                older adults.
 A guru is a personal advisor or teacher; an esteemed leader.   Content VonRoenn - An American College of Sport
 Finding the right “guide” to lead you from your                Medicine certi ed Personal Trainer and Health Fitness
 current level of tness to your next stage of “physical         Specialist with a Masters degree in exercise science,
 enlightenment” often requires much trial and error. Many       Content’s goal in life is “to teach people how to take care
 claim to be gifted tness masters, but few possess the          of their bodies.” Ready to get t? Begin a new strength
 energy, experience and wisdom to truly inspire us to                        training program with a complimentary weight
 reach our fullest potential.                                                 room consult with Content.

 Anyone who has worked with the                                                 Belen Carmichael: Takes a holistic approach
 personal trainers and tness instructors                                        to tness. A certi ed personal trainer,
 featured on our cover knows how good                                            nutritional and lifestyle coach, Belen can help
 it can get. In a Mecca of tness legends,                                         you integrate practical tness, fun and healthy
 specialized studios and high-end gyms,                                            nutrition into your lifestyle to help you reach
 it’s nice to know there are accessible                                             your goals.
 master teachers at your nearby recreation
                                                                                   Suzanne Kolano is an early riser who
 center. ey are here for you. ey will
                                                                                    teaches challenging morning classes that
 welcome you; make you sweat; make you
                                                                                     will invigorate and inspire your day.
 laugh; make you feel comfortable; make you
                                                                                      Join her some morning for a satisfying
 feel alive!
                                                                                       tness experience that will stick with
 Please join them. ey are eager to guide you                             you throughout the day.
 on your path to greater awareness, a tter body
                                                                Ignacio Malpica combines attention to detail, abundant
 and a better life.
                                                                charisma and fun into every boot camp, kick boxing,
 From front left:                                               F.I.T. workout and personal training session he o ers. His
 Cyndy Lakowske - A black belt Nia* instructor, licensed        workouts are both fun and hard at the same time – making
 sports medicine acupuncturist and Stanford graduate            him one of our most popular trainers.
 chemical engineer, Cyndy beams joy, energy and                 Most of our tness gurus o er drop-in classes and
 enthusiasm into every class she leads. You don’t see many      registered classes as well as personal training sessions. If
 leaving her Nia classes without a radiant smile!               you’re ready to take your tness to the next level with one
 Marti Harris - At 70 years young, Marti has the                (or more) of our master instructors, call, visit us online or
 exuberance, stamina and moves of a seasoned 30 year old!       come by your nearest Boulder Recreation Center today.
 She will inspire you, challenge you and win you over to        We’re here for you!
 getting tter than you ever imagined. All you have to do is
                                                                Women’s clothing courtesy of Skirt Sports, a Boulder-based tness
 show up – and you’ll quickly understand why she’s one of       apparel company.
 the best in the business.
                                                                *NIA stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. Nia combines
 Chris Hedman - Let American College of Sports Medicine         movement and concepts from yoga, T’ai Chi, taekwondo, aikido, jazz,
 certi ed person trainer and Ironman nisher take your           modern dance and other movement forms.

 Recreation facilities closed for annual maintenance:           Dog Dayz at Scott Carpenter Pool August 18-30
 • North Boulder Recreation Center will be closed from
                                                                Recreation Center Holiday Closures:
   August 16-29
 • East Boulder Community Center will be closed from            Sept. 6 Labor Day                NBRC open 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
   August 30-September 12                                                                        SBRC & EBCC closed
                                                                Nov. 25       anksgiving         All closed
 Outdoor Pool Season:                                           Nov. 26                          All open 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
 Scott Carpenter Pool closes for the season August 15
 Spruce Pool closes for the season September 6

Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                  =childcare available       5
                                                                  dance - adUlt

                            Dance promotes positive self-esteem and confidence, improves coordination, flexibility, and it’s fun!

    ADULT                                                                       Ballet Level 2 (Ages 18 +)
                                                                                Get an excellent workout as you learn classical ballet technique. Emphasis
                                                                                will be on vocabulary, alignment, strength, flexibility, musicality and
 Dance Punch Cards
 Cards can be purchased at centers during registration hours and                 122051 9/15-12/15 W, 11:15am-12:15pm South               13 $104/$130 Marlene
 are valid for six months from date of purchase for adult dance classes
 only. $60 for 5 classes                                                        Ballet Level 2 (Ages 13 +)
                                                                                This class, based on the Russian Syllabus, will help students develop a
 Discount - Adult Dance                                                         firm foundation of basic ballet. Benefits include increasing body
 Students enrolled in more than one dance class per session will be given       awareness and coordination, improving range of motion, and stamina.
 a 10% discount on the lesser of the two fees. You must register in             Prerequisite: Ages 13 and above with one to two years of previous
 person or by phone.                                                            training.
 Class Cancellation Policy: Classes will be cancelled one                         121984    9/16-12/16 Th, 7-8:30pm North           13    $124/$156    Elizabeth R.
 week prior to start of session if the class does not meet the minimum
 registration requirement.                                                      Ballet Level 3 (Ages 13 +)
                                                                                This intermediate class, based on the Russian Syllabus, will expand and
 No classes the week of Thanksgiving.                                           strengthen dancers’ movement vocabulary, spatial awareness, and
                                                                                dynamics. Prerequisite: Ages 13 and up with at least 3 years of consistent
                                                                                previous training.
Ballet Barre (Ages 18+)
Include a ballet workout in your day with a traditional ballet barre and          121985    9/18-12/18   Sa, 12-2pm    East    13        $156/$195    Elizabeth R.
gentle stretching. For students with knowledge of ballet basics.
                                                                                Ballet Level 4 (Ages 16 +)
 121988    9/16-12/16   Th, 9-10am       East    13   $104/$130     Sylvia      This intermediate to advanced class, based on the Russian Syllabus, will
 121982    9/14-12/14   Tu, 9-10am      North    13   $104/$130     Sylvia
                                                                                focus on increasing complexity of exercises. There will be an emphasis on
                                                                                expanding movement dynamics, stamina, fluidity, and stability. Includes
                                                                                30 minutes of intermediate level pointe work. Performance opportunity
Ballet Barre Plus (Ages 18+)                                                    available. Prerequisite: Ages 16 and above with at least 5 years of
Add an optional centre routine for a complete ballet workout for an             previous training.
additional half an hour after Ballet Barre. Must be registered for course
121982, Ballet Barre. A dance will be taught for the Spring Concert.              121989    9/14-12/14   Tu, 7-9pm    South    13        $156/$195    Elizabeth R.

121983 9/14-12/14 Tu, 10-10:30am        North   13     $52/$65      Sylvia

6         Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                             =childcare available
                                                     dance – adUlt
Very Adult Jazz (Ages 18+)                                                                 Salsa 1 (Ages 13+)
Do you miss dance class? This gentle version is ideal for older adults, or                 Join us in learning this popular social dance! This fun and exciting class
those who are returning after an extended absence. Emphasis will be                        will focus on the fundamentals of Casino, the circular and flowing Cuban
placed on thorough warming of the joints and core. Jazz combinations                       Style Salsa. No partner is required. Vamos a bailar Todos! Judy Kreith,
with exciting music will exhilarate you.                                                   MA dance education, has traveled to Cuba numerous times to study Salsa.
 121993    9/17-12/17    F, 2:30-3:45pm      East         13      $124/$156      Julie      121997   9/14-12/14    Tu, 6:15-7:15pm   North    13    $104/$130    Judy
                                                                                            122002   9/17-12/17    F, 6:15-7:15pm     Iris    13    $104/$130    Judy
Jazz Level 1 (Ages 16+)
Come enjoy a high energy introduction to a variety of jazz techniques.                      122003   9/18-12/18    Sa, 3:30-4:30pm   East     13    $104/$130    Judy
Gain coordination, flexibility, strength and rhythm.
                                                                                           Salsa 2 (Ages 13 +)
 121992    9/16-12/16    Th, 6-7pm        North      13         $104/$130      Rachel      We will focus on Casino Style Salsa , the circular flowing Cuban Style of
                                                                                           this popular social dance. This class is designed for those with some Salsa
Hip Hop Level 1 (Ages 13+)                                                                 dance experience. No partner is required. Judy Kreith, MA dance
Hip Hop is an internationally popular dance form that promotes physical                    education, has traveled to Cuba numerous times to study Salsa.
fitness while having fun! Learn the foundation of many Hip Hop styles                       121999    9/14-12/14 Tu, 7:15-8:15pm North       13    $104/$130    Judy
in this vigorous and exhilarating class
 122006   9/15-12/15 W, 7:30-8:30pm         Iris     13        $104/$130 Elizabeth M.      Ballroom Basics (Ages 16+)
                                                                                           This class is an introduction to fun and versatile social dances including
Tap Level 2/3 (Ages 13+)                                                                   Foxtrot and Waltz. No partner is required.
Continuing beginning tap for students with some experience and
                                                                                            121996    9/18-12/18   Sa, 4:45-5:45pm   East    13    $104/$130    Judy
knowledge of tap basics such as shuffles, flaps and cramp rolls. Students
will learn new steps and work towards speed, clarity and articulation.
 121994    9/13-12/13 M, 6:30-7:30pm North            13        $104/$130       Mary

Tap Level 4/5 (Ages 13+)
In this technique and repertory class, you will work on intermediate to
advanced material. Tap improves rhythm, balance, coordination, and
overall fitness. Students should have two or more years of experience at
the intermediate/advanced level.

 121995     9/13-12/13    M, 7:30-8:30pm      North        13      $104/$130      Mary

Irish Step Level 1/2 (Ages 13+)
Irish dancing goes back hundreds of years, yet continues to evolve,
resulting in a wildly popular, exciting form of folk dance! A great cardio
workout that will improve your physical dexterity, rhythm and posture.
Learn the basics of traditional solo step dancing and ceili social dancing in
a fun, upbeat environment. Ghillies, jazz shoes, or ballet slippers
recommended but not required.

 122004   9/14-12/14 Tu, 6:30-7:30pm        Iris     13        $104/$130    Elizabeth B.

Beginning Hula Dance (Ages 13+)
Come learn basic hula steps, ancient and modern hula dances. Hula is a
holistic form of dance, which incorporates physical, spiritual, musical,
cultural, historic and linguistic elements. The “healing” function of hula
has often been emphasized by health-care professionals. La’ela’e has
participated in all of the major hula competitions in Hawaii. She is the
only graduated hula instructor in the State of Colorado.

 121991   9/17-12/17     F, 5:30-6:30pm North 13               $104/$130      La'ela'e

Cha Cha Cha (Ages 13 +)
We will focus on Casino Style Salsa , the circular flowing Cuban Style cha
cha cha with an emphasis on musicality and Cuban body movement. This
class is designed for those with some Salsa dance experience. No partner
is required. Judy Kreith, MA dance education, has traveled to Cuba
numerous times to study Salsa.

 122000   9/17-12/17     F, 7:30-8:30pm       Iris         13     $104/$130      Judy
                                                                                                        Come learn the basics of Hula dancing, a beautiful
                                                                                                                  and graceful form of dance.

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                       =childcare available               7
                                                                       dance – yoUtH
    YoUTH NoN CoNCerT                                                                     YoUTH CoNCerT
 Students enrolled in the non-concert classes will NOT take part in
 the 2011 Spring Dance Concert.
                                                                                       Concert Classes:
                                                                                       Dance teachers may recommend changes in student placement
 Class Cancellation Policy: Classes will be cancelled one                              among class levels during the first week of classes. The dance
 week prior to start of session if the class does not meet the                         concert will be April 16 & 17, 2011. Students must be enrolled in
 minimum registration requirement.                                                     the same concert class continuously until the concert. Students
 No classes the week of Thanksgiving                                                   will sign up for the same class in the winter session and pay tuition
                                                                                       at that time for that session (winter session is Jan-May). Class
                                                                                       tuition includes all costume fees. Dress rehearsal attendance is
Parent-Tot (Ages 18 months–3 years)                                                    mandatory. More specific information will be available in the fall from
Creative movement, coordination exercises, songs, and finger plays to                  instructors when it is available. *No classes the week of Thanksgiving
improve motor skills and rhythm. One adult participant (moms, dads,
grandparents or caregivers) to each child.                                             Concert Fee
                                                                                       All concert participants are required to pay a one time concert fee of
 122160    9/13-10/25    M, 9:30-10:15am       North        7     $56/$70   Kirsten
                                                                                       $25.00 due November 1, 2010. #122073

 122161    11/1-12/13    M, 9:30-10:15am       North        6     $48/$60   Kirsten    Class Cancellation Policy: Classes will be cancelled one
                                                                                       week prior to start of session if the class does not meet the minimum
Little Feats Ballet (Age 3)                                                            registration requirement.
Introduction to ballet and creative movement. Pink leather ballet slippers
for girls and black leather slippers for boys recommended.
                                                                                      Pre-Ballet Level 2 (Ages 4-5)
 122136   9/13-12/13    M, 10:15-11am       North      13       $91/$117    Kirsten   For children who have had previous Pre-Ballet classes. Pink leather ballet
 122137   9/14-12/14     Tu, 9-9:45am       East       13       $91/$117    Marlene
                                                                                      slippers for girls and black leather slippers for boys recommended.
 122138   9/15-12/15     W, 9:45-10:30am    South      13       $91/$117    Marlene    122059     9/13-12/13      M, 11-11:45am           North         13    $111/$137      Kirsten
 122139   9/16-12/16    Th, 10-10:45am      East       13       $91/$117    Sylvia     122060     9/14-12/14    Tu, 10:30-11:15am          East         13    $111/$137      Marlene
                                                                                       122061     9/14-12/14          Tu, 4-4:45pm          Iris        13    $111/$137      Rachel
Pre-Ballet Level 1 (Ages 4–5)                                                          122062     9/15-12/15    W, 10:30-11:15am          South         13    $111/$137      Marlene
Introduction to ballet and movement exploration. Pink leather ballet
slippers for girls and black leather slippers for boys recommended.                   Kinder Ballet (Ages 5-6)
 122143    9/14-12/14   Tu, 9:45-10:30am       East    13       $91/$117    Marlene   For kindergarten-age children who have participated in a Parks and
                                                                                      Recreation spring dance concert or have taken at least two Pre-Ballet
                                                                                      classes. Pink leather ballet slippers for girls and black leather slippers for
Pre-Tap and Ballet 1 (Ages 4–5)                                                       boys required.
An introduction to tap and ballet. Tap shoes, pink leather ballet slippers
for girls and black leather slippers for boys.                                         122063      9/14-12/14     Tu, 4:15-5pm           North      13       $111/$137        Sylvia
122594 9/14-12/14 Tu, 10:45-11:30am         North      13       $91/$117     Sylvia
                                                                                      Ballet Level 1 (Ages 6-12)
                                                                                      Basic technique, terminology, movement and musicality. For beginners
Irish Step (Ages 6-12)                                                                with little or no training. Pink leather ballet slippers for girls and black
Irish dancing goes back hundreds of years, yet continues to evolve,
                                                                                      leather slippers for boys required.
resulting in a wildly popular, exciting form of folk dance! Dancers will
improve their physical dexterity, rhythm and posture while learning the                Ages
                                                                                                122065   9/13-12/13     M, 4-4:45pm      South     13    $111/$137       Elizabeth M.
basics of traditional solo step dancing and ceili social dancing in a fun,              6-7
upbeat environment. Jazz shoes or ballet slippers recommended but                      Ages
not required.                                                                          8-12
                                                                                                122067   9/18-12/18     Sa, 10-11am      East      13    $111/$137       Elizabeth R.

 122135    9/14-12/14   Tu, 5:45-6:30pm Iris     13     $91/$117       Elizabeth B.
                                                                                      Ballet Level 2/3 (Ages 6-12)
                                                                                      One year of previous dance training preferred. Pink leather ballet slippers
                                                                                      for girls and black leather slippers for boys required.
                                                                                                122066   9/13-12/13     M, 4:45-5:30pm    South     13       $111/$137    Elizabeth M.
                                                                                                122068   9/18-12/18      Sa, 11-12pm       East     13       $111/$137    Elizabeth R.

8         Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                              =childcare available
                                               dance – yoUtH
Pre-Ballet and Jazz (Ages 4-5)                                                             Kinder Tap (Ages 5-6)
A great introduction to jazz basics in a fun and playful atmosphere.                       Students will tap to a wide variety of music in the development of listening
                                                                                           and tap skills in a fun and encouraging environment. Practice of tap builds
 122134    9/16-12/16   Th, 3:45-4:30pm Iris       13        $111/$137          Julie      strength, concentration, balance and coordination for this age group.

Kinder Jazz (Ages 5-6)                                                                      122123     9/14-12/14     Tu, 4:30-5:15pm        South           13        $111/$137       Julie
A great introduction to jazz basics in a fun and playful atmosphere. Perfect
for kindergarten age dancers who have participated in pre-ballet classes.                  Tap Level 1 (Ages 7-9)
                                                                                           An introduction to tap skills and combinations.
 122091    9/16-12/16   Th, 4:30-5:15pm Iris       13        $111/$137          Julie
                                                                                            122124     9/13-12/13      M, 3:45-4:30pm            East        13        $111/$137      Cindy
Jazz Level 1/2 (Ages 6-12)
Jazz dance for children is a joyful, high energy dance form. These                         Teen Tap (Ages 11+)
introductory classes provide students with knowledge of dance class                        This class will include show and rhythm tap to a variety of music.
format, and a special emphasis on music and rhythm. Traditional dance                      Technique will include intermediate to advanced material such as paddle
movement vocabulary is used to ensure that the building blocks are in                      and roll, riffs, pick ups and time steps. Preferred tap shoes are the heavier,
place for smooth progression.                                                              lace-up oxford styles that allow toe stands.
 Ages                                                                                       122126     9/16-12/16          Th, 7-8pm              Iris            13     $111/$137      Mary
          122093   9/17-12/17   F, 5-6pm       East          13     $111/$137      Julie
 Ages                                                                                      Kinder Hip Hop (Ages 5-6)
          122094   9/15-12/15   W, 6-7pm      North          13     $111/$137      Julie   A fun energetic form of dance. Gain rhythm and learn basic movements
                                                                                           while having a great time.
Jazz Level 2 (Ages 6-9)
One year previous training required.                                                        122086     9/15-12/15     W, 4-4:45pm         Iris          13    $111/$137 Elizabeth M.
 122095    9/15-12/15     W, 5-6pm         North        13     $111/$137         Julie
                                                                                           Hip Hop Level 1/2 (Ages 7-13)
Jazz Level 2/3 (Ages 10-13)                                                                One session of previous experience in dance recommended.
One year previous training required.
                                                                                                     122088   9/16-12/16   Th, 4-4:45pm      North           13        $111/$137     Rachel
 122100    9/14-12/14 Tu, 5:15-6:15pm      North        13     $111/$137         Judy       7-9
                                                                                                     122089   9/15-12/15   W, 4:45-5:30pm        Iris        13        $111/$137   Elizabeth M.
Jazz Level 3 (Ages 7-10)                                                                    10-13
Two years previous training required.

 122096    9/16-12/16 Th, 3:45-4:30pm       East        13     $111/$137        Cindy
Jazz Level 3/4 (Ages 7-9)                                                                    Registration forms and information can be found online at
Two - three years previous training required.                                      

 122097    9/15-12/17   W/F, 4-5pm North/East 26               $176/$215         Julie

Jazz Level 5/6 (Ages 9-12)
Three years previous training required.

 122099   9/13-12/15 M/W, 4-5pm        Iris/East    26       $176/$215         Marlene

Jazz Level 7 (Ages 12-16)
Four years of training required.
122101 9/14-12/16 Tu/Th, 4:45-5:45pm      Iris/North     26        $176/$215     Rachel

Pre-Tap and Ballet Level 2 (Ages 4-5)
For children who have had previous Pre-Ballet classes. An introduction to
tap and ballet. Tap shoes, pink leather ballet slippers for girls and black
leather slippers for boys.

 122121   9/14-12/14    Tu, 3:30-4:15pm       North           13    $111/$137 Sylvia
 122122   9/16-12/16 Th, 10:45-11:30am         East           13    $111/$137 Sylvia

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                              =childcare available                               9

  eXPAND provides opportunities
  for people with disabilities to improve and
  gain new recreation and leisure skills that
  will enhance their overall well-being and
  improve their quality of life.

  Please call Colleen Fitzgerald, Recreation
  Administrator, 303-413-7216 or with
  any questions. Unless otherwise noted,
  programs are for all ability levels.

                              Experience the thrill of mountain biking at our Adaptive Mountain Bike Clinic this fall. (pg. 12)

                                                                                rock Climbing
                                                                                (Ages 8+) Experience outdoor rock climbing. Learn about safety,
 Scholarships                                                                   techniques and yourself! Climbing teaches organization, processing and
 are available for individuals. For more information contact                    problem-solving skills while having fun! Contact Lori Goldman, 303-
 Sherri Brown at 303-441-4933.                                                  413-7256.

 Group                                                                            123033     9/18 & 9/25         Sa, 1-4pm            East         2        $55/$68
 Participants who are independent or require minimal verbal
 prompting with personal care, hygiene, dressing, eating, balance               Campout Co-oP
 and typical social behavior.                                                   (Ages 18+) Meet people from around the metro area on this fun
                                                                                weekend trip. Campers must be independent with all hygiene skills,
                                                                                follow 2 step directions and display some communication skills.
 1 on 1                                                                         Please note that the campsite is not wheelchair accessible. Contact
 Participants who need physical assistance and/or additional support            Lori Goldman, 303-413-7256. Group only
 due to behavioral needs should register for classes using the “1 on 1”
 class code. If no “1 on 1” code is available and you need assistance, call       123032      10/8-10        F, 2-Sun 12 noon        Iris      3           $175/$218
 the contact person listed to get approval or guidance.
 Inclusion!                                                                     (Age 6+) Excellent exercise, plus a lot of fun! Give it a try. Contact
 A great opportunity to make new friends and explore other programs.            Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933.
 Participate in a general recreation class with your peers. Support will
 be provided. Contact Colleen Fitzgerald at 303-413-7216 two weeks                122238     9/20-11/22       M, 3:30-4:15pm          East     10           $45/$56
 prior to class start date for more information about inclusion.
                                                                                Youth Swim Lessons
 Thank You enterprise!                                                          (Ages 5-12 yrs) Learn basic swimming skills with modifications. Note
                                                                                staff ratio is 2:1. Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474.
 Thank you to Enterprise for assistance with our Outdoor
 Adventure Camp.                                                                  122250     10/11-11/15       M, 4-4:30pm            East         6        $48/$60

                                                                                Water Aerobics
                                                                                (Ages 18+) Low-impact aerobics in the warm water. Guaranteed to be fun
                                                                                and healthy! Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474.
    CoMMUNITY INVoLVeMeNT CLASSeS                                                 122248     9/20-11/22       M, 4:30-5:30pm          East     10           $60/$75

Benefits to participants with developmental disabilities may include
improving social, enhancing self-esteem, increase fine and gross                Floor Hockey
motor skills, improving overall heath and well-being and physical ability,      (Ages 16+) Come play floor hockey. Fun and exciting game played on the
enhancing communication skills, and promoting community                         gym floor - no skates. Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933
independence. Activities will address individual’s need identified in a
                                                                                  122234      10/5-10/26        Tu, 5-6:30pm            East           4     $20/$25
person’s service plan.

10       Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                =childcare available
Gym Sports                                                                              Swim Team Training
(Ages 14+) Let’s play those old gym games! Games will include                           (Ages 8+) All abilities welcome. Participants must be able to swim
Dodgeball, Kickball, Whiffleball,etc. Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933                100 yards independently or with an aqua jogger. Contact Jennifer
(Group Only)                                                                            Heilveil, 303-413-7474.

  122541        9/14- 9/28       Tu, 5-6:30pm       East       3            $15/$20       122249    9/24-11/19       F, 5:45-6:45pm      East     9     $72/ $90
  122542        11/2-11/23       Tu, 5-6:30pm       East       4            $20/$25
                                                                                        New! Friday Night Fun
Basketball Practice                                                                     (Ages 13-17) Hang out Friday night with new and old friends at the rec
(Ages 16+) Get ready for basketball season. We’ll practice skills,                      center. Activities may include swimming, games and rock climbing!
scrimmage and learn rules. Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933                           Contact Lori Goldman, 303-413-7256.
                                                                                           123035        9/17           F, 6-9pm         East     1     $20/$25
  122232     11/30-12/14         Tu, 5-6:30pm          East         3        $20/$25
                                                                                           123082        10/15          F, 6-9pm         East     1     $20/$25
                                                                                           123083        11/19          F, 6-9pm         East     1     $20/$25
rythmic Dance
(Ages 16+) Enjoy using props while dancing to your favorite tunes!                         123084        12/17          F, 6-9pm         East     1     $20/$25
Contact, Cory Lasher, 303-413-7269.
                                                                                        Gymnastics Team Training
  122085      10/6-11/10        W, 2:30-3:30pm         North            6     $38/$47   (Ages 8+) Participants will be grouped by age & ability. Improves
                                                                                        coordination, balance and self-esteem. Contact Lori Goldman, 303-413-
More than Notes and Noise                                                               7256. No class Nov. 27.
(Ages 16+) A fun beginner music class exploring music and
                                                                                          122236    11/6-12/11        Sa, 3:45-5pm       North    5     $42/$52
instruments. No music talent needed. Come be part of fun! Contact
Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933.

  122540     11/17-12/15       W, 6:15-7:30pm        East      5            $25/$31      Interested in Ice Hockey?
                                                                                         Starting in October, Saturday afternoons. Contact Sherri Brown
Bowling                                                                                  at 303-441-4933.
(Ages 8+) Participants will be placed on lanes according to age. Fee includes
one or two games and shoes. Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474

  122247     9/22-11/17         W, 4-5:30pm          CU        9            $90/$112

Bowling Tournament
We will go to Denver for this fun tournament! Lunch and awards
included! Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474.
  122109        10/30         Sa, 7:30am-1pm         East      1            $35/$43

Weight Lifting
(Age 16+) Free weights and machines. Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-
4933. Group Only. No class Nov. 25

  122242     9/16-12/16        Th, 2:30-3pm          East      13           $32/$40

(Ages 16+) Come jump on a bike. Great exercise and social hour. Contact
Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933. No class Nov. 25

  122240     9/16-12/16          Th, 3-4pm           East      13           $60/$75

Unified Volleyball
(Ages 16+) Skills, drills, scrimmages and Special Olympic competitions.
Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933. Group Only

  122241     9/23-11/11        Th, 4-5:30pm          East      8            $50/$62

Flag Football
(Ages 16+) It’s Back! Play flag football! Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-
4933. Group Only

  122233      9/9-9/30         Th, 5-6:30pm          East      4            $20/$25

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                  =childcare available         11
    FrIDAY NIGHT DANCeS                                                                   ACTIVITIeS For INDIVIDUALS WITH
(Ages 18+) Enjoy socializing and dancing with your friends. Contact                       PHYSICAL DISABILITIeS
Cory Lasher, 303-413-7269.
                                                                                      Paralympic Sport Club
Sunburned Summer (Wear red)                                                           The city of Boulder EXPAND’s core objective is to
  122032       9/10             F, 6-8pm             South      1           $8/$10    support the growth of community-based Paralympic
                                                                                      sport programs that accomodate people with physical
                                                                                      disabilities. Activities include Triathlon Training,
Groovin in the Graveyard                                                              Wheelchair Rugby, Track and Field, Kayaking, Handcycling and
  122033       10/29            F, 6-8pm             South      1           $8/$10    Waterskiing.

Super Hero’s Dance                                                                    Quad rugby
  122034       11/19            F, 6-8pm             South      1           $8/$10    (Ages 18+) Join one of the best teams in the U.S. This wheelchair sport is
                                                                                      becoming very popular! If you need a rugby chair, contact Jen Heilveil,
                                                                                      303-413-7474. This program is for people with physical disabilities.
revenge of the Nerds
                                                                                        122243    10/2-12/18         Sa, 1-3pm           East    7       $25
  122035       12/10            F, 6-8pm             South      1           $8/$10

                                                                                      Adaptive Mountain Bike Clinic – Free
   oUT oN THe ToWNS,                                                                  (Ages 16+) Get ready to hold on tight! Downhill and Off-road hand
                                                                                      cycles (one-off’s) provided by Crested Butte Adaptive Sports Center.
   CoMMUNITY CHoICeS                                                                  Snacks and beverages provided. Directions and trail info provided upon
                                                                                      registration. Call registration to RSVP #303-413-7270. For questions call
(Ages 16+) Contact Cory Lasher, 303-413-7269. Please check out our fall
activities and use the proper codes.                                                   one-off’s morning           122103         9/11      Sa, 8am-12noon
Bowling at Fat Cats & Pizza                                                            one-off’s Afternoon         122105         9/11      Sa, 1-5pm
                                                                                       own Bike Morning            122106         9/11      Sa, 8am-12noon
   122043 1-on-1       9/13     M, 4:30-7:30pm         East         1       $23/$29
                                                                                       own Bike Afternoon          122107         9/11      Sa, 1-5pm
   122044 Group        9/13     M, 4:30-7:30pm         East         1       $23/$29
                                                                                       Downhill - morning          122108         9/11      Sa, 8am-12noon
Pumpkin Decorating & Dinner                                                            Downhill - afternoon        122104         9/11      Sa, 1-5pm
   122045 1-on-1       10/25       M, 4-7pm            East         1       $23/$29
   122046 Group        10/25       M, 4-7pm            East         1       $23/$29
                                                                                       Youth Soccer through the National Sports Center for
old Spaghetti Factory                                                                  the Disabled. 303-633-5308.
    122047 1-on-1      11/30       Tu, 4:30-7:30pm           East       1   $23/$29
    122072 Group       11/30       Tu, 4:30-7:30pm           East       1   $23/$29

Holiday Gift Making (Group only)
                                                                                                         Journeys through eXPAND
 122082 Group Only      12/4         Sa, 1-4pm           Iris           1   $18/$23

                                                                                         Provides fitness, adventure and leisure opportunities for adults
 Thanks to Special Transit!                                                              who have suffered a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and
                                                                                         other similar neurological conditions. These services promote
 Thank you to Special Transit for donating                                               personal challenge, increase self-esteem and growth in a supportive
 transportation services for the participants                                            and safe environment. To make a donation or for information, call
 of the Leisure Links Program.
                                                                                         Cory Lasher at 303-413-7269.

12         Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                               =childcare available

                                                   Enjoy a beautiful fall day at Flatirons golf course.

Flatirons Golf Course Amenities & Services
                                                                                    2010 FLATIroNS GoLF CoUrSe FeeS
 • Scenic 18-hole golf course             • Full service club repair
 • Driving Range                          • Full service pro shop
                                                                              Flatirons Golf Course takes great pride in providing great value in our
 • Computerized handicapping              • Accessible golf cart              reasonable daily rates. Our consistently excellent playing conditions, our
 • Tournaments/League Play                • Men’s/Women’s Leagues             classic layout and convenient location make Flatirons a wonderful place
 • Public play Special Events             • Junior Golf Programs              to play at any price.
 • Private and Group Instruction Area
                                                                              August 16-October 10
     ToUrNAMeNTS AND oUTINGS                                                  Weekend Standard Player Fees (Friday-Sunday)*
At Flatirons, we believe that it's your tournament or outing. We oper-                        Adult              Junior            Student   Senior
ate on a "menu of services" basis. While other facilities may require          18 Holes       $33                $21               $30       $28
you to buy tournament administration, prizes and food service, we start        9 Holes        $20.50             $13.50            $18.50    $17.50
with a basic golf package and let you customize it to the specific needs
of your group. This golf event philosophy has been especially popular
with charitable fund raising events and other organizations that have an      Weekday Discount Player Fees (Monday-Thursday)
interest in maximizing their charitable donations. Brochure available at
                                                                                              Adult              Junior            Student   Senior
the golf course or at
                                                                               18 Holes       $28                $18               $25       $24
                                                                               9 Holes        $18.50             $11               $16.50    $15.50
2010 Base Tournament Fees
off Season (January 1-April 13, September 17-December 31)                     Junior – 18 years and younger Senior – 60 years and older
                                                                              Student – 19-26 yrs with accredited university ID
 Day Available                              Fee
 Monday-Thursday                            $39 per player                    Frequent Player Program
 Friday-Sunday                              $44 per player                    Players pay $4 for 9 holes and $6 for eighteen holes, M-F. Weekend rates
                                                                              vary by season. Valid for one year from date of purchase. 15% discount
                                                                              when passes are purchased on same date. This discount is limited to im-
Peak Season (April 14-September 16)
                                                                              mediate family members residing in the same household.
 Day Available                              Fee
 Monday-Thursday                            $44 per player                     Adult   $660                               Senior      $550
 Friday-Sunday                              $49 per player                     Student $595                               Junior      $295

For more details, please see brochure at or con-
tact the golf shop at 303-442-7851.

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                               =childcare available     13
                                                                                 INDIVIDUAL PrIVATe INSTrUCTIoN
                                                                            Individual Private Instruction
                                                                            The most effective way for the beginner, intermediate or advanced
                                                                            player to make improvements, build practice skills and develop a
                                                                            rapport with a PGA affiliated golf instructor. The lesson area, located in
                                                                            its own area to enhance privacy and prevent distractions, includes a sand
                                                                            bunker and practice green.

                                                                            Private lessons are offered seven days a week and scheduling is very
                                                                            flexible, call the Pro Shop at 303-442-7851 for booking.

                                                                            Adults (Ages 17+) $40 for 30 minutes • $59 for 45 minutes

                                                                            Take three individual lessons and receive your fourth lesson
                                                                            for half price! $140

                                                                            Juniors (16 & under) $15 for 15 minutes

                                                                            Multi-Person Private Instruction
                                                                            Designed for those who wish to share the experience of learning the
                                                                            game of golf. It is essential that participants are of a similar skill set
                                                                            when taking these lessons, i.e. beginner is grouped with other beginners.
     FeeS                                                                   Lessons are one hour each.

 Practice Range                                                             Adults (Ages 17+)
 One token - $3.50            Four tokens - $11                             Group of two — $50 per person
 Range Pass Key - $125 (22%-27% Discount)                                   Group of three — $40 per person
                                                                            Group of four — $35 per person
 Clubs & Carts
 Clubs                           9 holes $15/18 holes - $20                 Juniors (16 & under)
                                                                            Group of two — $30 per person
 Riding Carts Fee Per Rider      9 holes $9 /18 holes $14                   Group of three — $25 per person
                                                                            Groups of four up to a max. of seven — $20 per person
 Hand Carts                      9 holes $4 / 18 holes $6

The Teaching Staff
Doug Cook – PGA Member Director of Golf
Tim Stevens – PGA Member Head Professional
Brian Lavender – PGA Member Professional
Dan Knecht – PGA Apprentice
PGA – Get Golf ready
If you have ever thought about taking up the game, either again or for
the first time, you can make golf your sport for a lifetime through this
PGA Play Golf America program. This program teaches you in six
short lessons what you’ll need to know to step onto a golf course and
play with confidence.

The on- course and off-course activities are guided by trained PGA
professionals who make sure you understand the complete game and
have fun each step of the way. Scheduling each hour lesson is flexible
and can revolve around the needs of your group. Fees include: use of
clubs, four one hour instruction sessions, two on course instruction ses-
sions, and two unsupervised practice sessions.

Group of four—$169 per person
Group of three—$189 per person
Group of two—$209 per person

14       Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                      =childcare available

       Our gymnastics programs establish positive physical skills as well as social skills like listening, following directions, taking turns and respecting others.
                                                                                      3 Year olds Child attends independent of parents and must be
 Important Information for ALL Classes:                                               3 years old by first class.
 • All classes held at the North Center
 • Leotard or T-shirt and gym shorts required                                             121496            M, 9-9:45am               121506         W, 2:45-3:30pm
 • No street clothes, shoes, socks or jewelry                                             121497           M, 10-10:45am              121507          Th, 9-9:45am
 • Long hair must be securely tied back
                                                                                          121498           M, 11-11:45am              121508         Th, 10-10:45am
 • Cubby holes provided for shoes, etc.
 • No make-ups for missed classes                                                         121499             M, 2:45-3:30pm           121509         Th, 11-11:45pm
                                                                                          121500             T, 9-9:45am              121510        Th, 2:45-3:30pm
Preschool                                                                                 121501            T, 10-10:45am             121511           F, 9-9:45am
August 30-December 17 (no classes Sept 4-6, Nov 11, and Nov 22-28)
The preschool program is a combination of basic movement and                              121502            T, 11-11:45am             121512          F, 10-10:45am
gymnastics skills including tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars,                          121503             T, 2:45-3:30pm           121513         F, 2:45-3:30pm
parallel bars, vaulting, pommel horse, rings, trampoline and foam pit.                    121504            W, 9-9:45am               121514          Sa, 9-9:45am
All skills and equipment are scaled down to accommodate children’s
size and ability. Some classes may be filled due to pre-registration of                   121505           W, 10-10:45am              121515         Sa, 10-10:45am
previous session participants.
                                                                                      4 Year olds Child must be 4 years old by first class.
 Fees                                           Res / Non-Res                            121516             M, 9–9:45 am            121526         W, 2:45–3:30 pm
 Mon, Thu (14 classes)                          $147/$184
                                                                                         121517            M, 10–10:45 am           121527          Th, 9–9:45 am
 Tue, Wed, Fri (15 classes)                     $158/$197
 Sat (13 classes)                               $116/$145                                121518            M, 11–11:45 am           121528         Th, 10–10:45 am
                                                                                         121519           M, 2:45–3:30 pm           121529         Th, 11–11:45 am
2½ Year olds                                                                             121520            Tu, 9–9:45 am            121530         Th, 2:45–3:30 pm
A structured class for 2 1/2-year-olds accompanied by one parent or                      121521           Tu, 10–10:45 am           121531           F, 9–9:45 am
other responsible adult, two adults allowed if both are parents of the                   121522           Tu, 11–11:45 am           121532          F, 10–10:45 am
child. Also for 3-year-olds who may have trouble separating from
parent. No babies or other unregistered children allowed in the gym.                     121523           Tu, 2:45–3:30 pm          121533          F, 2:45–3:30 pm
Twins must have two adults or attend separate classes. Child must be 30                  121524             W, 9–9:45 am            121534           Sa, 9–9:45 am
months old by first class.                                                               121525           W, 10–10:45 am            121535         Sa, 10–10:45 am

  121482           M, 9-9:45 am              121489        W, 10-10:45am
                                                                                      5 Year olds Child must be 5 years old by first class.
  121483           M, 10-10:45 am            121490          Th, 9-9:45 am
                                                                                         121536             M, 9–9:45 am            121546          Th, 9–9:45 am
  121484             M, 11-11:45             121491         Th, 10-10:45 am
                                                                                         121537            M, 10–10:45 am           121547         Th, 10–10:45 am
  121485           Tu, 9-9:45 am             121492          F, 9-9:45 am
                                                                                         121538           M, 2:45–3:30 pm           121548         Th, 11–11:45 am
  121486         Tu, 10-10:45am              121493          F, 10-10:45 am
                                                                                         121539             Tu, 9–9:45 am           121549         Th, 2:45–3:30 pm
  121487         Tu, 11-11:45am              121494           Sa, 9-9:45 am
                                                                                         121540           Tu, 10–10:45 am           121550           F, 9–9:45 am
  121488            W, 9-9:45 am             121495          Sa, 10-10:45am
                                                                                         121541           Tu, 11–11:45 am           121551          F, 10–10:45 am
                                                                                         121542           Tu, 2:45–3:30 pm          121552          F, 2:45–3:30 pm
                                                                                         121543             W 9–9:45 am             121553           Sa, 9–9:45 am
                                                                                         121544            W, 10–10:45 am           121554          Sa, 10–10:45 am
                                                                                         121545           W, 2:45–3:30 pm

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                     =childcare available                15
                                                                                   Boulder Flyers Gymnastics Team
                                                                                   These classes are for intermediate to advanced gymnasts by TRYOUT
                                                                                   ONLY. If you are unsure of your team level, call 303-413-7265 to be
                                                                                   tested. Fees are due by the 15th of the month prior to the month for
                                                                                   which the fees are to be applied. If the fees have not been paid by the 1st
                                                                                   of the month, a $5 late fee will be charged and the gymnast will not be
                                                                                   allowed to participate until fees are paid. Call for detailed information
                                                                                   on class requirements and schedule.
                                                                                   Sept 1-30, Oct 4-29, Nov 1-30, Dec 1-30.

                                                                                   Girl’s Pre-Team
Beginner / Advanced Beginner                                                       Continuing development of basic skills (USAG Levels 1-4).
 Fees                                                  Res / Non-Res                121580    September        $90         121609     November        $90
 Tue/Thu                      (29 classes)             $276 / $344
                                                                                    121581     October         $90         121610     December        $90
 Mon, Thu                     (14 classes)             $140/$175
 Tue, Wed, Fri                (15 classes)             $150/$188                   Girl’s Beginning Team
 Sat                          (13 classes)             $110/$138                   Includes competition in the Rocky Mountain League.
August 30-December 17 (no classes Sept. 4-6, Nov. 11, Nov 22-28)                    121582    September        $90         121611     November        $90
The Beginner/Advanced Beginner classes are the perfect place for children           121583     October         $90         121612     December        $90
ages 6 and over to learn basic gymnastics in a supportive, non-competitive
environment. No prior experience is necessary. Instructors will group
children according to ability on the first day of class. Children will use         Girl’s Intermediate Team
tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, parallel bars, horizontal bar, vaulting,      Includes competition in USAG Levels 4-10.
pommel horse, rings, trampoline and foam pit to improve coordination,
                                                                                    121584    September        $102        121613     November        $102
strength and self-confidence while emphasizing a fun approach to learning.
Child must be 6 years old by first class. Some classes may have already filled      121585     October         $102        121614     December        $102
due to pre-registration of previous session participants.
                                                                                   Girl’s Advanced Team
              Girls Ages 6-12                          Boys Ages 6-12              Includes competition in USAG Levels 4-10.
  121561           T/Th, 3:45-5 pm            121556              M, 3:45-5 pm      121586    September        $120        121615     November        $120
  121562             M, 3:45-5 pm             121557              W, 3:45-5 pm      121587     October         $120        121616     December        $120
  121563             T, 3:45-5 pm             121558              F, 3:45-5 pm
  121564             W, 3:45-5 pm             121559          F, 5:15-6:30pm       Boys’s Pre-Team
                                                                                   Continuing development of basic skills using the USAG Basic Skills
  121565            Th, 3:45-5 pm             121560          S, 11-12:15 pm       Achievement Program.
  121566             F, 3:45-5 pm
                                                                                    121572    September        $90         121601     November        $90
  121567            F, 5:15-6:30pm
                                                                                    121573     October         $90         121602     December        $90
  121568            Sa, 11-12:15 pm

                                                                                   Boy’s Beginning Team
Teen Co-ed: Special Class for Teens!                                               Includes competition in USAG Levels 4-10.
(Ages 13-18) This program is designed specifically for middle and high
                                                                                    121574    September        $90         121603     November        $90
school students ages 13-18 to learn basic gymnastics in a non-competitive
class with their peers. The goal of this program is to have fun with                121575     October         $90         121604     December        $90
friends while improving coordination, strength, flexibility, spatial
awareness and self-confidence through extensive use of our five different          Boy’s Intermediate Team
types of trampoline and two spring tumbling floors. In addition, students          Includes competition in USAG Levels 4-10.
will use all of the Olympic apparatus as well as our two foam pits.
                                                                                    121576    September        $102        121605     November        $102
   121571        8/30-10/20      Mon/Wed 5:15-6:15pm         15        $114/$143
                                                                                    121577     October         $102        121606     December        $102
   121600       10/25-12/15      Mon/Wed 5:15-6:15pm         14        $106/$133
                      No classes Sept. 6, Nov. 22, Nov. 24                         Boy’s Advanced Team
                                                                                   Includes competition in USAG Levels 4-10.
 Gymnastics Birthday Parties
 Reserve your party now! One hour of organized gymnastics activities                121578    September        $120        121607     November        $120
 and one hour in the party room. Call today, 303-413-7218!                          121579     October         $120        121608     December        $120

                   Sa, 1-3pm,                $125/$156 : Up to 8 Kids
  Ages 5-13
                   or 2:30-4:30pm            $175/$219: 9-15 Kids                   For inclusion support call Lori, 303-413-7256

16          Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                           =childcare available
                           HealtH & Wellness - fItness

                                            Stay in great shape this fall with an indoor cycling class! (inside back cover)

    FITNeSS                                                                          Bootcamp
                                                                                     A high-intesity workout to start your day. Increase your speed, agility,
                                                                                     strength and stamina in this fun, powerful, challenging workout. Meets
C   onfused about how much exercise and strength training you need?
New federal guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise a
                                                                                     outside, weather permitting.
                                                                                       122450    9/13-12/15      M/W, 7-8am       East    28    $196/$252     Ignacio
week to reduce the risk of developing many chronic diseases. At least two
days a week of strength training is also recommended for additional                    122452    9/14-12/16 T/Th, 6:30-7:30am South       28     $196/$252     Ignacio
benefits not found with aerobic activity. To lose or maintain weight loss
60-90 minutes of additional exercise may be required. To design an                   50 Plus resistance
exercise program appropriate for you contact Kristen Rupert, Fitness                  For men and women fifty years of age and older using free weights,
Coordinator at 303-413-7478 for a free consultation.                                 resistance bands and exercises to increase strength and bone density.
Try a new class, challenge yourself, have fun with a friend. Our                       122456    9/13-12/15 M/W, 1:30-2:30pm      East    28    $196/$252     Melissa
expericienced fitness staff is here for the beginner or the advanced
                                                                                       122455    9/17-12/17 F, 11:30-12:30pm      East    14     $98/$126     Melissa
exerciser. New for fall: Yoga with Weights and Holiday Hotties. A
visitors’ fee option ($15 per visit, or $60 for 5 visits) is available for most
classes if they are not full. Pay your visitors’ fee at the front desk and
                                                                                     Adult Kickbox
                                                                                     High intensity aerobics incorporating boxing moves. No equipment
bring the receipt to the instructor. For questions about any fitness class,
please call Kristen Rupert at 303-413-7478.
                                                                                       122461     9/13-12/15     M/W, 5-6pm        South 28      $196/$252    Ignacio
Yoga with Weights                                                                      122462     9/13-12/15     M/W, 7-8pm       North 28       $196/$162    Ignacio
Gain strength and flexibility in this unique class combining the grace
and flexibility of yoga with resistance training. We use basic yoga                  Nordic Walking
poses and light weights to transform your mind and body. Originally                  Combines the simplicity and accessibility of walking with simultaneous
designed for athletes, all exercisers will benefit.                                  core and upper body conditioning similar to Nordic skiing using poles
                                                                                     similar to ski poles. The result is a full body walking workout that can
  122651     9/16-10/28    Th, 9-10am           East    7      $63/$77      Brian    burn significantly more calories than walking alone due to the use of
  122650     11/4-12/23    Th, 9-10am           East    7      $63/$77      Brian    many core and upper body muscles. Poles provided. All fitness levels
Holiday Hotties                                                                         122454      9/10-10/15 F, 9-10am South       6         $42/$54       Kristen
Keep the extra pounds away over the holiday season. Weekly workouts,
weigh-ins, exercise homework, support from your classmates, and
consultation with a nutritionist will keep you in check. Prizes will be              Zumba
given when you succeed in your goal.                                                 A latin-style fitness class gives you a cardio-vascular workout while
                                                                                     moving to salsa, meringue, and samba dance moves. All fitness
 122649    11/1-12/13     M, 12-1pm      East     7         $50/$65      Kristen     levels welcome.

                                                                                       122457     9/13-11/29 M, 9:30-10:30am      North 12        $90/$114     Karen
                                                                                       122458     9/14-11/30   Tu, 5:30-6:30pm     East   12      $90/$114     Karen

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                   =childcare available            17
                                            HealtH & Wellness - fItness
running Clinic                                                                  Session 2
Do you want to improve your running performance, run effortlessly and
injury free? Join Douglas Wisoff, ultra runner and physical therapist, in         123291       11/1-12/22 M/W, 6:30-7:30am North 14                 $109/$134    Belen
this unique clinic that examines video examples of efficient running form.        123294       11/1-12/22    M/W, 6-7pm             East     14     $99/$124     Belen
See before and after corrected posture and muscle imbalances. Receive a
                                                                                  123292       11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 6:30-7:30am East            14     $109/$134    Belen
coupon for a free video taping session.
                                                                                  123295       11/2-12/23   Tu/Th, 6-7pm            East     14     $99/$124     Karen
 121888      10/7-10/7       Th, 6-7pm      North    1    $20/$25     Douglas
 121932     11/18-11/18      Th, 6-7pm      North    1    $20/$25     Douglas   Biggest Winner Supplement
                                                                                Must be enrolled in above class to sign up
Triathlon Workouts
Maintain your fitness level with these multisport workouts that include a        122744        9/17-10/29    F, 6:30-7:30am     North         7      $55/$67     Belen
weekly rotation of swimming, running, indoor cycle and strength                  123293        11/5-12/24    F, 6:30-7:30am     North         7      $55/$67     Belen
training. Taught by a certified trainer and iron distance finisher. Personal
training for triathon is also availalble.
 122534    9/16-11/11     Th, 6:30-7:30am   East     9     $90/$113     Chris

                                                                                Combining carefully selected movements and concepts from Yoga, Martial
    WeIGHT MANAGeMeNT                                                           Arts, Jazz, Modern Dance and other movement forms, Nia classes offer total-
                                                                                body cardiovascular conditioning and cross-training for any sport or activity.
The American Heart Asociation recommends sugar intake for adult women to        All Nia movements are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of
be more than 100 calories or 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. For men, no more     fitness and agility. Everyone is welcome. Experience the joy of movement and
than 150 calories or 9 teaspoons, children 3 teaspoons a day. Make positive     the benefits of moving your body…the body’s way. Questions about Nia?
changes in your family daily eating with the help of a dietician.               Call Kristen Rupert at 303-413-7478.

 Personalized Nutrition Plan - Designed by a Dietician                          New to Nia
 Make positive changes in your family’s daily eating with the help of a         (Ages 16+) Learn the basics of Nia. For the beginner or for the student
 dietician. Have your current daily consumption evaluated for optimal           looking for a little less intense class. It’s a great way to enhance your Nia
 health. A dietician can design a program for losing weight, sports             practice or get started on a new workout!
 nutrition and for the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, high blood
 pressure, high cholesterol and other diseases. 1- 1 hour session: $60,          9/10-11/26 Fri, 9-10am         North      12           $90/$114      122491     Jackie
 3-45 minute sessions: $159.
Viva La Slim! - A Weight Management Class                                       This class will expand upon the principles and patterns of Nia through
Come join this empowering class, taught by a registered dietitian. Get          the consistency and intimacy of a smaller,registered class with the chance
your weight management questions answered and gain the knowledge                to go a little deeper as a group. Come join the fun,play, and creativity of
you need to get the body you want! This program is a 10-week realistic          mind, body and spirit.
weight loss program, which involves behavior modification, and healthy
                                                                                  9/14-12/14     Tue, 8:30-9:45am    North 14             $130/$157    122492     Juliet
food choices. In addition you will receive a consultation with a personal
trainer to help design an exercise program to achieve your goals.
                                                                                Nia Workshop–52 Moves
  122747    9/15-11/17    W, 12-1pm         North 10      $71/$89     Martha     Highly recommended These moves are the building blocks of all Nia
                                                                                workouts: the Base (steps,kicks and stances); the Core (motions); and
  122745    9/16-11/18      Th, 6-7pm       East    10    $71/$89     Martha    upper Extremities ( hands, arms and finger expressions, strikes and
                                                                                blocks). Learning to do the movment correctly enables you to dance
Biggest Winner                                                                  freely, safely and with greater power.
You’re the Biggest Winner! Workout twice a week with a trainer in a                 10/10         Su, 1:45-3:45pm    North          1      $20/$25      122494   Jackie
small group. Activities include exercising together, weight training
nutritional support, e-mails from your trainer and weekly exercise
assignments. Your trainer will support you, set goals with you, and track       Parent/Child Nia 2-5
your progress and success.                                                      For Parentswith children 2-5. A time to make new friends, imagine and
                                                                                move. Nia is the perfect fusion fitness form for parents and children to fully
Session 1                                                                       develop strong flexible bodies and minds, and joyful spirits.

  122742    9/13-10/27 M/W, 6:30-7:30am North 14         $109/$134     Belen     9/13-10/18      Mon, 9:30-10:30am South        6         $72/$84     122496     Jackie
  122746    9/13-10/27     M,W, 6-7pm       East    14   $109/$134     Belen     10/25-11/29 Mon, 9:30-10:30am South            6         $72/$84     122498     Jackie
  122743    9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 6:30-7:30am East      14   $109/$134     Belen
                                                                                Halloween Nia Jam
  122748    9/14-10/28     Tu/Th, 6-7pm     East    14   $109/$134     Karen    Put on you costume (optional) and enjoy 2 hours of Nia with your
                                                                                instructors in their own costumes. We will have food, costume prizes,
                                                                                and lots of spooky fun. Sunday, October 31st. 2-4 p.m., East Boulder
                                                                                Community Center

18         Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                    =childcare available
                        HealtH & Wellness - nIa / cpr
                                                                                  red Cross CPr/AeD/First Aid
                                                                                  (Ages 11+) Courses inlcude: Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid
                                                                                    121891    9/29-9/30   W/Th, 5:30-9pm     South        2    $64/$80 Barbara

                                                                                  red Cross First Aid
                                                                                  (Ages 11+) Courses inlcude: Red Cross First Aid

                                                                                   121896       9/30      Th, 5:30-9pm      South     1       $32/$40   Barbara

                                                                                  red Cross CPr/AeD
                                                                                  (Ages 11+) Courses inlcude: Red Cross CPR/AED

                                                                                   121898      10/06       W, 5:30-9pm      South     1       $32/$40   Barbara
    CPr / AeD / FIrST AID
(Age 11+) Courses include Red Cross and HeartSmart certification in
CPR/1st Aid/AED and Wilderness 1st Aid, and Babysitting. AED                      red Cross Babysitting
(training in the use of automatic defibrillators).                                (Ages 11-15) Gain skills and confidence to care for infants and children.
                                                                                  Training shows you how to respond to emergencies and illness with first
                                                                                  aid and rescue breathing. Learn household rules, hygiene, diapering,
Custom Courses                                                                    feeding and how to communicate with parents.
If your organization or office needs a class scheduled for your employees
please call us for pricing and scheduling. 303-413-7264.                           121897      10/16        Sa, 9am-3pm     South    1        $48/$60    Pam
                                                                                   121934      11/13        Sa, 9am-3pm     South    1        $48/$60    Pam
red Cross Challenge
If you need to renew your certification in a hurry you can schedule an
instructor to test you out at your convenience. An appointment will be
scheduled for you to come in and take the written test followed by a
practical. Your certification can not be expired more than 90 days. Bring in
your expired cards to verify expiration dates. Call 303-413-7270 to register
for this service or do it in person at any rec center. $51.                                                                         October 7
                                                                                                                              7:30 am-1:30 pm
Sport Medic First Aid                                                                                                           East Boulder
(Ages 17+) Sport Medic First Aid- 4 hour class developed for athletic
directors, coaches, teachers, athletic, trainers, and managers that work or                                                  Community Center
recreate in a sports setting. Material taught is specific to commonly
occuring sport injuries.
                                                                                                                                 October 15
  122165       10/20         W, 5:30-9pm           South      1        $32/$40                                               8-10 am and 4-6 pm
                                                                                                                                North Boulder
Wilderness First Aid
(Ages 15+) Wilderness First Aid Basics is a 16 hour program that is                                                           Recreation Center
designed for those who work, live, or play in remote areas such as rural
areas, wilderness and back/country environments. This course contains

                                                                                      Flu Shots
the module “When help is delayed”, and provides an excellent program
for boaters, camp staff, scouts, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Proof
of CPR/AED/First Aid certification must be presented to the instructor at
the first class.

 121895    10/9-10/10   Sa/Su, 8am-4pm     South     2     $128/$160     Pam

red Cross CPr/AeD/First Aid                                                         First come, first served. Be sure to get your flu shot this
(Ages 11+) Courses inlcude Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid                              fall. It’s still the best way to prevent catching influenza.
 121890      10/23        Sa, 9-5pm        South     1      $64/$80     Barbara     Cost is $25.

red Cross CPr/AeD/First Aid review                                                  We accept Medicare Part B (primary insurance), Secure
This course is for individuals whose certification is about to expire or has
expired within the last 90 days. Course includes review of Infant, Child,           Horizons, Rocky Mountain Health Plan. Must show
Adult CPR/AED and Community First Aid certification.                                ID card. Ages four and older.
  121892     11/10      W, 5:30-9:30pm     South      1    $32/$40     Barbara

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                             =childcare available            19
                            HealtH & Wellness - pIlates/sWIss ball

                                                   Increase strength and flexibility with a Pilates mat class today!

             Pilates is invaluable as a fitness practice and as an additional training tool for professional sports and physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

     PILATeS MAT / SWISS BALL                                                              PILATeS MAT
     ProGrAM INForMATIoN
                                                                                      This system of exercising, developed by physical therapy pioneer, Joseph
                                                                                      Pilates, is a non-impact system that stabilizes and aligns the body. While
registered Class Punchcard:                                                           focused on strengthening and balancing the core muscle groups, the
Pilates Mat / Swiss Ball         $60 - 5 Punches                                      Pilates Method develops greater flexibility, strength, concentration,
                                                                                      coordination and control, and increases awareness of functional body
Punchcards may be purchased at Recreation Center front desks                          mechanics.
and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Present your
card to the front desk personnel and give your receipt to your
instructor for admission. Salberg and Iris Center class punchcard                     early Morning easy Pilates Mat
holders may present card at any Recreation Center and present                         (Age 14+) Start your weekend activities feeling strong and fit, but not
receipt to instructor before admission to class.                                      frazzled! Pilates complements all physical activities in which you may
                                                                                      participate during the weekend. Have confidence that you are ready for
                                                                                      anything! Gently get into condition. No experience necessary, but be
registered Class Visitor’s Fee:                                                       prepared to move!
Pilates Mat / Swiss Ball - $15
Select classes have space available and are appropriate for visitation.                123342     9/10-10/22     F, 7:30-8:30am Salberg 7         $58/$68       Diane
Choose the level which is suitable for your experience, check space
                                                                                       123453    10/29-12/17     F, 7:30-8:30am Salberg 7         $58/$68       Diane
availability and pay your admission fee at the Recreation Center front
desk. Give your receipt to your instructor for admission to class.
Salberg and Iris Center visitor’s fees may be paid at any Recreation                  Mat - Beginner
Center and receipt presented to instructor before admission to class.                 (Age 14+) Learn Pilates Method principles and beginner mat exercises.
                                                                                      Beginners should stay at this level until they have been introduced to,
No classes Nov 25 and 26                                                              understand, and can perform all of the beginner level exercises in sequence
                                                                                      with precision, centering, concentration and flow.

Drop-in Pilates Mat Classes                                                             122465    9/13-12/13      M, 8:45-9:45am       Iris    14 $117/$137 Christine
                                                                                        122466    9/13-12/13      M, 12-1pm           East     14 $117/$137 Emily R.
            Pilates Mat                 Fri, 8:45-9:45 am           East
                                                                                        122468    9/12-12/12     Su, 9:30-10:30am     South    14 $117/$137      Lisa
            Pilates Mat                   Fri, 5-6 pm                 East
                                                                                        122470    9/12-12/12     Su, 4:15-5:15pm     Salberg 14 $117/$137        Jane
     Pilates/Yoga Intermediate           Tue, 12-1 pm              North
     Pilates Yoga Intermediate           Wed, 12-1pm                East

20       Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                       =childcare available
          HealtH & Wellness - pIlates/sWIss ball
Mat - Continuing Beginner                                                                Pilates with Props - Beginner
(Age 14+) Continued practice of Pilates Method beginner mat exercises,                   (Age 14+) Learn to enhance beginner level Pilates mat exercises with use
directed toward more precisely coordinated movement and proper                           of Pilates props including Pilates circles, foam rollers, stretchy bands,
sequencing, performed with full concentration, in a smooth and                           weights, Swiss Balls and the Pilates Arc (low barrel).
rhythmical, controlled manner, initiated from the center of the body.
Introduction to intermediate mat exercises when appropriate. Pre-                         123438 9/13-10/25      M, 6:30-7:30pm Salberg 7           $63/$77     Roxolana
requisite: Ability to properly perform and flow through all beginner mat
exercises in sequence.                                                                   Pilates with Props - Continuing Beginner
                                                                                         (Age 14+) Review and practice beginner Pilates mat exercises with use of
 122469   9/13-12/13   M, 5:30-6:30pm     South         14 $117/$137           Lisa      Pilates props. Pre-requisite: At least one session of Pilates Mat -
 123832   9/10-12/17   F, 8:45-9:45am      Iris         14 $117/$137         Christine   Continuing Beginner level or higher, and the ability to properly perform
                                                                                         and flow through all beginner mat exercises in the proper sequence.
Mat - Intermediate
(Age 14+) Introduction to and regular practice of Pilates Method                         123439 11/1-12/13 M, 6:30-7:30pm          Salberg   7      $63/$77     Roxolana
intermediate mat exercises, with an emphasis on proper performance,
utilizing all Pilates Method principles: Concentration, Control, Centering,              Postpartum Pilates
Breathing, Precision, Flowing Movement. Introduction to advanced                         (Age 16+) Strengthen, lengthen and align your body and mind in this
exercises when appropriate. Pre-requisites: Ability to perform and flow                  restorative and conditioning class for new moms. Special attention will be
through all beginner mat exercises in sequence with adherence to Pilates                 given to properly firming the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles with
principles and regular practice of Pilates mat exercises.                                modified and classic Pilates exercises, and stretching tight or tired areas such
                                                                                         as neck, shoulders and back. (Babies up to crawling welcome in class)
 122471   9/13-12/13    M, 9:50-10:50am          Iris       14 $117/$137 Christine
                                                                                          123440    9/7-10/19    Tu, 7:30-8:15am    North    7      $44/$51      Mary
 122946    9/8-12/8     W, 5:30-6:30pm      South           14 $117/$137        Lisa
                                                                                          123441 10/26-12/7 Tu, 7:30-8:15am         North    7      $44/$51      Mary
 122949   9/10-12/17    F, 9:50-10:50am          Iris       14 $117/$137 Christine

early Morning Power Pilates Mat                                                              SWISS BALL
(Age 14+) ‘Short and Sweat’ A one-hour, short, sweet, powerful Pilates
mat class that will start your day with a sweat. Pre-requisite: One session              Swiss ball was developed in Switzerland in 1965 by a group of physical
of Pilates Mat and a willingness to go for it!                                           therapists who used it in their work with children with cerebral palsy.
                                                                                         Swiss Ball is a conservative treatment option for back pain sufferers and is
123341    9/9-10/21    Th, 7:30-8:30am Salberg 7                $58/$68       Missie     designed to help prevent further episodes of low back pain. Swiss Ball
123449 10/28-12/16 Th, 7:30-8:30am Salberg 7                    $58/$68       Missie     exercises offer a simple and versatile way to start moving again. It helps
                                                                                         strengthen and develop the core body muscles that help to stabilize the
early Morning Pilates Mat / Yoga - All Levels                                            spine. An element of instability is introduced to the exercises so that the
(Age: 14+) Start your day with the power of Pilates and the focus of Yoga.               muscles used to keep in balance on the Swiss Ball become stronger and
                                                                                         the body responds naturally and automatically to keep balanced on the
                                                                                         Swiss Ball. Swiss Ball exercises compliment a general fitness regimen,
 123336   9/13-10/25   M, 7:30-8:45am      Salberg          7      $73/$86      Mary
                                                                                         rehabilitation, strength or weight training, and exercises for pregnant
 123340   9/15-10/27     W, 7:45-9am       Salberg          7      $73/$86      Alicia   women. No classes Nov 25 and 26
 123433   11/1-12/13   M, 7:30-8:45am      Salberg          7      $73/$86      Mary
                                                                                         Swiss Ball - Beginner
 123447   11/3-12/15     W, 7:45-9am       Salberg          7      $73/$86      Alicia   (Age 14+) Learn to use Swiss Ball as a non-impact fitness tool. Focus on
                                                                                         strength, flexibility, balance, posture, coordination. Instructor is a licensed
Noon Pilates Mat / Yoga - All Levels                                                     physical therapist.
(Age 14+) Take a midday break with the power of Pilates and the focus
of Yoga. A good way to relieve stress!                                                    122944 9/13-10/25         M, 4-5pm        Salberg 7       $58/$68      Heidi
                                                                                          122945 11/1-12/13         M, 4-5pm        Salberg 7       $58/$68      Heidi
 123434 9/13-10/25      M, 12-1pm         Iris          7       $58/$68       Alicia
 123435 11/1-12/13      M, 12-1pm         Iris          7       $58/$68       Alicia     Swiss Ball/Pilates Mat -Beginner/Continuing
Pilates Mat / Yoga - Continuing Beginner                                                 (Age 14+) Swiss Ball exercises integrated with Beginner Pilates Mat
(Age 14+) Review and continuing practice of Pilates Mat exercises and                    exercises for strength, flexibility and body awareness.
Yoga with the introduction of intermedate exercises. Pre-requisite: One
session of Pilates Mat, Yoga or Pilates/Yoga combo classes. Also suitable                 123444    9/7-12/7    Tu, 5:15-6:15pm Salberg 14 $117/$137             Joan
for post-partum students.
 123442 9/14-10/26      Tu, 4-5pm       Salberg 7               $58/$68       Alicia
                                                                                         Swiss Ball - Intermediate
                                                                                         (Age 14+) Review and practice beginner level Swiss Ball exercises. Learn and
 123443 11/2-12/14      Tu, 4-5pm       Salberg 7               $58/$68       Alicia     practice intermediate level exercises for strength, flexibility, balance, posture,
                                                                                         coordination. Instructor is a licenses physical therapist. Pre-requisite: One
                                                                                         previous session with this instructor or instructor’s permission.
                                                                                          122947 9/15-12/15 W, 8:45-9:45am            East       14 $117/$137     Darcy
                                                                                          122948 9/9-12/16         Th, 4-5pm         Salberg 14 $117/$137         Heidi

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                        =childcare available              21
                           HealtH & Wellness - pIlates/sWIss ball
                                                                                PILATeS reForMer

                                                                            Discover the philosophy, focus and benefits of exercising on the Pilates
                                                                            Reformer. Exercise on the state-of-the-art Peak PilateSystem® Reformer.
                                                                            The reformer adds resistance to the Pilates Method exercises and can
                                                                            provide support to beginners or challenges to more advanced students.
                                                                            Develop core strength, coordination and flexibility within this non-impact
                                                                            system of tension springs, ropes, poles and mats.

                                                                            reformer - Intro/orientation
                                                                            (Age 16+) Introduction to the Pilates Reformer apparatus, including
                                                                            placement of springs, ropes, poles, box, foot bar, hands, feet and torso.
                                                                            Proper and safe use of the equipment is emphasized.
                                                                            Level 1 - Beginner Pilates Method exercises are introduced.

                                                                             122953    9/7-10/26       Tu, 6-7pm        South     8   $104/$120 Emily C.
                                                                             123451    9/9-10/28     Th, 6:40-7:40pm   Salberg    8   $104/$120 Tamara
                                                                             123454    9/13-11/1       M, 9-10am        South     8   $104/$120    Sheri
                                                                             124033    9/18-11/6    Sa, 9:30-10:30am    South     8   $104/$120 Kathleen

  Pilates encourages students to be aware of every part of the body while   reformer - Level 1 - Beginner
                         performing the exercises.                          (Age 16+) Learn Pilates Reformer beginner level exercises and practice
                                                                            these exercises with greater adherence to Pilates Method principles.
                                                                            Pre-requisite: 5 private Pilates reformer lessons or one full 8-class
  PILATeS reForMer, CHAIr AND                                               Introduction/Orientation Reformer class through the City of Boulder
  MULTI- APPArATUS INForMATIoN                                              Pilates program or coordinator approval.

                                                                             122954    11/2-12/14      Tu, 6-7pm       South     7    $91/$105 Emily C.
Pre-requisite policy:
Five private or semi-private Pilates Reformer lessons or one full            122957    9/11-12/11   Sa, 10:40-11:40am Salberg 14 $182/$210 Cynthia
8-class Introduction/Orientation Reformer class through the City of          122963    9/9-12/16       Th, 6-7pm       South     14 $182/$210 Emily C.
Boulder Pilates Program will be required to participate in any
“Level 1” or higher Pilates Reformer or Multi-Equipment class,               123436    11/8-12/13      M, 9-10am       South     6    $78/$90     Sheri
or coordinator approval.                                                     123437    9/13-12/13    M, 5:15-6:15pm    Salberg 14 $182/$210 Roxolana
No classes Nov 25 and 26                                                     123452    11/4-12/16   Th, 6:40-7:40pm Salberg      6    $78/$90     Tamara

reForMer LeSSoNS
(Age 16+) Individual instruction for those who would like an
introduction ot the Pilates Reformer or for those who wish to focus
on individual needs. Introduction includes orientation or the Pilates
Reformer, including placement of springs, ropes, poles, box, foot bar,
hands, feet and torso. Proper and safe use of the equipment is
emphasized. Appropriate exercises will be taught.

1-Hour Private Pilates Reformer Lesson Fee: $50/student
1-Hour Semi-Private Pilates Reformer Lesson Fee: $35/student.
Must register two or more students together at the same time.

Lessons are available at South Boulder Recreation Center and
Salberg Center.
Please call registration to begin appointment procedure.
24-hour cancellation policy: If a Private or Semi-Private Pilates
Reformer Lesson is cancelled within 24 hours, no refund will
be issued.

22      Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                         =childcare available
          HealtH & Wellness - pIlates/sWIss ball
reformer - Level 2 - Continuing Beginner                                               PILATeS CHAIr
(Age 16+) Review Level 1 Pilates Reformer exercises and incorporate
and practice more challenging Pilates Reformer exercises. Pre-requisite:
Completion of at least one session of Level 1 classes with the City of             The Pilates Chair is an integral pieces of equipment within the Pilates
Boulder Pilates program, or coordinator approval, and must be able to              Method. Unique movements that will enhance your overall fitness can be
consistently perform Level 1 Pilates Reformer exercises in a safe and              performed using this innovative equipment. Mat exercises are combined
controlled manner and be able to confidently perform and flow through              with this apparatus which incorporates resistence, control, precision
all Level 1 reformer exercises with control, coordination, and a deep,             and flow.
inward focus on physical movement.

 122955   9/11-12/11      Sa, 8:15-9:15am     Salberg 14 $182/$210 Cynthia
                                                                                   Chair - Level 1 - Beginner
                                                                                   (Age 14+) Learn and practice beginner Pilates chair exercises.
 122956   9/11-12/11      Sa, 9:30-10:30am Salberg 14 $182/$210 Cynthia            Intermediate exercises will be introduced as appropriate. Some mat
 122958   9/10-12/17        F, 9:45-11am       South   14 $227/$262        Sheri   exercises are incorporated into the workout. Pre-requisite: Completion of
                                                                                   at least one session of Pilates Mat Beginner or one Chair-Intro course, or
 122959     9/8-12/8      W, 5:30-6:30pm      Salberg 14 $182/$210         Jane    coordinator approval.
 123335   9/13-12/13         M, 9-10am        Salberg 14 $182/$210        Missie
                                                                                   123338    9/7-10/19   Tu, 10:10-11:10am Salberg 7      $91/$105        Sheri
 123448     9/8-12/8      W, 9:15-10:30am     Salberg 14 $227/$262         Sheri
                                                                                   123339    10/26-12/7 Tu, 10:10-11:10am Salberg 7       $91/$105        Sheri
 123450    9/9-12/16      Th, 5:30-6:30pm     Salberg 14 $182/$210        Missie

                                                                                   Chair - Level 2 - Continuing Beginner
reformer - Level 3 - Intermediate                                                  (Age 14+) Practice beginner Pilates chair exercises and learn intermediate
(Age 16+) This class will review Level 1 and 2 Pilates Reformer exercises          Pilates chair exercises. Some mat exercises are incorporated into the
and incorporate and practice Level 3 Pilates Reformer exercises. This is           workout. Pre-requisite: Completion of at least one session
an advanced Pilates Reformer class. Only students with strong Pilates              of Pilates Mat Beginner or one Chair-Beginner course, or
Reformer experience should register. Pre-requisite: At least one session of        coordinator approval.
Level 2 classes with the City of Boulder Pilates program, or coordinator
approval. Must be able to consistently perform Level 2 Pilates Reformer             123334   9/8-12/8    W, 6:40-7:40pm Salberg 14 $182/$210              Jane
exercises in a safe and controlled manner and be able to confidently
perform and flow through all Level 2 reformer exercises with control,
coordination, and a deep, inward focus on physical movement.

 122952 9/10-12/17      F, 8:45-9:45am     Salberg 14 $182/$210         Emily R.
 122962   9/7-12/7      Tu, 8:45-10am      Salberg 14 $227/$262          Sheri

reformer/Tower/Chair - Level 1 - Beginner
(Age 16+) Combination of Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Chair. This class
is a complete, dynamic, well-rounded Pilates equipment workout. Pre-
requisites: Completion of one City of Boulder Pilates Program Level 1 -
Beginner Reformer class and one full session of Pilates Mat, or equivalent
experience and coordinator’s approval.

 122950   9/12-12/12        Su, 3-4pm        Salberg 14 $182/$210          Jane
 122966    9/9-10/21     Th, 8:45-9:45am Salberg       7     $91/$105 Emily R.
 122967   10/28-12/16    Th, 8:45-9:45am Salberg       7     $91/$105 Emily R.
 123445    9/7-10/19      Tu, 6:30-7:30pm    Salberg   7     $91/$105     Missie
 123446   10/26-12/7      Tu, 6:30-7:30pm    Salberg   7     $91/$105     Missie

early Morning Power Pilates Multi–equipment
(Age 16+) Blast through this early morning, sweat-inducing workout
using apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates to be an extension of your
body and complement your Pilates Mat work. Students will utilize all
equipment including Reformer, Chair, Mat and Tower. Pre-requisite:
You should definitely have Pilates apparatus experience!

 123337   9/7-10/19     Tu, 7:30-8:30am Salberg 7          $91/$105      Missie
                                                                                                                                   (Photo courtesy of Peak Pilates)
 123455   10/26-12/7    Tu, 7:30-8:30am Salberg 7          $91/$105      Missie
                                                                                             The Pilates chair challenges the body to guide and control
                                                                                                             movement from the core.

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                               =childcare available             23
                                            HealtH & Wellness - WeIGHts

                 Each of our three recreation/fitness centers offer certified personal training, state-of-the-art cardio and conditioning equipment.

     PerSoNAL TrAINING                                                               Trainer on Duty
                                                                                     Complimentary with paid daily admission, punch card, or annual pass.
                                                                                     Personal Trainers are available to answer your questions, give weight
Have one of our certified trainers design your personal blueprint for                room orientations and more! Hours are subject to change. See online
success! One hour sessions address sport specific, weight loss,                      schedule, weight room schedule or contact the front desk for the most
rehabilitative and general fitness goals. To find out more about our                 updated information.
excellent training staff check out our weight training page @ www. Request a trainer online, visit the front desk or
call 303.413.7280 to get started with your trainer today!
                                                                                     Pre/Post rehabilitation Assessment
                                                                                     (Administered by Martin Petrofes: Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist.
(Sessions expire 1 year from purchase date.)                                         His certification qualifies him to work with the healthy population as well
                                                                                     as, chronic disease and pre/post rehab clients.)
Private Sessions
Personalized training with a certified professional.                                 Prevent injury or keep injury from returning! Muscle weakness,
1 session - $51 * 3 sessions - $144 * 6 sessions - $276 * 12 sessions - $516         limited range of motion and joint pain can impact your quality of life
                                                                                     and keep you from participating in activities you enjoy. This complete
                                                                                     biomechanical assessment and posture screen will identify where you
Partner/Group Training (Ages 15+)                                                    need to focus specific exercise to improve or correct muscle imbalances.
Customized training for a pre-arranged group of 2-6 individuals                      Exercises that address the common complaints of back, neck, shoulder,
sharing similar goals and fitness needs. Call 303.413.7280 for pricing.              knee, hip, wrist, and elbow pain will be provided. Investment - $60

Sport Specific Training                                                              Body Composition Testing
Take your passion to the next level! Our trainers will develop a sport               You will have your choice of skin fold measurements, body mass index,
specific program that will give you the competitive edge whether you                 bio electrical impedance, circumference measurements or any
are an experienced athlete or a weekend warrior. This one hour session               combination of the above. These tools are invaluable for tracking
is for anyone and any sport: running, swimming, triathlon, golf, tennis,             weight loss and fitness objectives! Your trainer will explain the results
basketball, soccer…you name it! We’ve got it covered! Investment - $60               and assist you in setting realistic, obtainable goals for modifying body
                                                                                     fat percentage. Check your progress every 3-6 months for best results.
express Personal Training                                                            Investment - $25
Never met with a trainer before, have limited time, or in need of a tune
up? Your trainer will provide a targeted 30 minute plan that will
invigorate your workouts and show you how to maximize your time in
the weight room. 3- 30 minute sessions with a personal trainer
Investment - $99

24       Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                   =childcare available
                         HealtH & Wellness - WeIGHts
Passport to Health                                                                    CoMPLeTe CoNDITIoNING
The perfect package! Get a quick start with this 3 hour investment to a
healthy lifestyle. Our comprehensive fitness assessment* will determine
your current fitness level, test your strength and identify any postural or       F.I.T. Workout
muscle imbalances that need to be addressed. Once the assessment is               For the exceptional value of less than a dollar more than an entry pass to
completed you and your trainer will prepare a personalized exercise plan          use the weight room, you get a new workout each week designed by an
indicating the frequency, duration and intensity of exercise appropriate for      expert trainer to increase strength, energy, metabolism, and overall fitness.
you. Lastly you will receive a customized nutrition plan from a registered
dietitian to optimize your success. You can also purchase each one hour           Session 1
segment of this package separately.
                                                                                   122675 9/13-10/27       M/W, 9-10am        South 14     $99/$124   Ignacio
                                                                                   122678 9/14-10/28    Tu/Th, 7:30-8:30am    South 14     $99/$124   Ignacio
Fitness assessment
(Administered by Martin Petrofes: Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist.          122679 9/14-10/28    Tu/Th, 8:30-9:30am    South 14     $99/$124   Ignacio
His certification qualifies him to work with the healthy population as well        122676 9/18-10/23         Sa, 8-9am        North    6   $43/$53    Ignacio
as, chronic disease and pre/post rehab clients.)
                                                                                   122677 9/18-10/23        Sa, 9-10am        North    6   $43/$53    Ignacio
Recommended every 3-6 months. Use this tool to direct and track your               122680 9/14-10/28    Tu/Th, 7:30-8:30am    North 14     $99/$124    Brian
fitness success! This fitness assessment will determine your current
fitness level, test your strength and identify any postural or muscle              122681 9/14-10/28    Tu/Th, 8:30-9:30am    North 14     $99/$124    Brian
imbalances that need to be addressed. Testing includes: resting heart
rate, blood pressure, 8 min treadmill, or step test, VO2 estimate, range          Session 2
of motion and strength testing of the back, neck, shoulder, and                    123183 11/1-12/22       M/W, 9-10am        South 14     $99/$124   Ignacio
hamstrings. You will have your choice of skin fold measurements body
mass index, bio electrical impedance or circumference measurements to              123186 11/2-12/23    Tu/Th, 7:30-8:30am    South 14     $99/$124   Ignacio
be used as a measuring tool to track weight loss goals and                         123232 11/2-12/23    Tu/Th, 8:30-9:30am    South 14     $99/$124   Ignacio
improvements in fitness. Testing can be modified to accommodate
personal preference or injury. Investment - $60                                    123184 11/6-12/18         Sa, 8-9am        North    7   $43/$53    Ignacio
                                                                                   123185 11/6-12/18        Sa, 9-10am        North    7   $43/$53    Ignacio
Personalized exercise plan                                                         123233 11/2-12/24    Tu/Th, 7:30-8:30am    North 84     $99/$124    Brian
A specific plan that maps out the days of the week, type of exercise,              123234 11/2-12/23    Tu/Th, 8:30-9:30am    North 14     $99/$124    Brian
length and intensity of each workout provides direction and motivation
to achieve your goals. Use this one hour session to customize a                   F.I.T. - Bootcamp
beginning program or amp up your current strength training routine!               F.I.T Bootcamp will jumpstart your metabolism in a fast pace, supportive,
Investment - $60                                                                  team environment. Each unique class will build strength with whole
                                                                                  body exercises, Calisthenics, resistance and core training while
Personalized Nutrition Plan                                                       maintaining your heart rate in a cardio conditioning zone.
– Designed by a Dietician
Our registered dieticians can help you tweak an already healthy program or        122689 9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 8:30-9:15am North 14 $99/$124              Chris
design an entirely new healthy eating plan. They can also answer specific         123241 11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 8:30-9:15am North 14 $99/$124              Chris
questions you may have about sport nutrition, how nutrition helps
minimize chronic disease, and many other unique topic areas.
                                                                                  Lift For Life
1- 1hour session: $60 Or 3 – 45minute sessions: $159 *Look for the                Increase strength to achieve optimal performance in any day-to-day
Nutrition Clinics that will be offered for even more options!                     activity or sport!
                                                                                  122682 9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 5:30-6:30pm South 14 $99/$124              Chris
                     TrAINer SPoTLIGHT:                                           123235 11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 5:30-6:30pm South 14 $99/$124              Chris
                     Belen Carmichael                                             Circuit Training
                     American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal        Keep your heart rate up and body toned in this demanding one hour
                     Trainer, CHEK Institute Certified Nutrition and              workout. Weight training and cardiovascular activities are included in
                     Lifestyle Coach                                              timed intervals.
                      Belen's passion is helping people become more active and
                      fit by focusing on small successes in the weight room and   Session 1
in life. She encourages her clients and students to have fun with exercise. Her
approach to exercise and wellness is about setting action-oriented goals and      122674 9/13-10/29 M/F, 10:30-11:30am       East    14 $99/$124      Marti
maximizing your workouts by using the proper form. Belen is currently
coaching the Biggest Winner Class and instructing the Express Workout, a          122673 9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 10-11am           East    14 $99/$124      Marti
45-Minute noon-time blitz. Her Biggest Winner students have said that the class
has helped them stay active and develop new exercise habits. Belen is available   Session 2
for private or semi-private group training or join one of her Biggest Winner
groups. Being fit and being well is a choice, start by investing in you - you      123182 11/1-12/24 M/F, 10:30-11:30am       East    14   $99/$124    Marti
deserve it. Belen Carmichael, NLC                                                  123134 11/2-12/23   Tu/Th, 10-11am         East    14   $99/$124    Marti

    Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                =childcare available             25
                                           HealtH & Wellness - WeIGHts
express Workout                                                                 Women’s Weight Training
A complete workout in 45 minutes of core, weights and stretching for a           Use free weights and machines to improve strength and muscle tone. Great
noontime blitz!                                                                 for posture and extra calorie burning a well! All ability levels are welcome.
 122688 9/13-10/27 M/W, 12-12:45pm          East    14   $85/$110     Belen     Session 1
 123240 11/1-12/22 M/W, 12-12:45pm          East    14   $85/$110     Belen      122726 9/13-10/27    M/W, 9:30-10:30am         East         14 $99/$124      Sue
                                                                                 122756 9/13-10/27    M/W, 9:30-10:30am        North 14 $99/$124             Chris
Strong Muscles...Strong Bones!                                                   122727 9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 9:30-10:30am         North 14 $99/$124             Chris
A workout that is suitable for all individuals wanting to improve strength
for bone density and other health concerns. Exercises are customized to          122728 9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 10:45-11:45am        South         14 $99/$124      Sue
address past limitations and injuries.
                                                                                Session 2
 122687   9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 4:30-5:30pm     East    14    $99/$124   Barbara     123284 11/1-12/22    M/W, 9:30-10:30am          East        14   $99/$124     Sue
 123239   11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 4:30-5:30pm     East    14    $99/$124   Barbara     123290 11/1-12/22    M/W, 9:30-10:30am         North 14          $99/$124    Chris
                                                                                 123285 11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 9:30-10:30am          North 14          $99/$124    Chris
Teen Weight Training and Safety                                                  123286 11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 10:45-11:45am         South        14   $99/$124     Sue
(Age 12-15) Teen’s will learn their major muscle groups,a safe weight
training technique, and weight room safety and etiquette. Upon successful
completion, participants are given clearance to use the weight room, when       Women’s Intermediate Weight Training
supervised by an adult.                                                         Move to a new level of training! This class is not for first timers and is
                                                                                designed for women who have become comfortable in the weight room.
Session 1
                                                                                Session 1
 122684 9/20-10/25     M, 4:30-5:30pm       East    6     $43/$53     TBA
                                                                                 122729 9/13-10/27     M/W, 8:15-9:15am       East      14     $99/$124      Sue
 122685 9/21-10/26     Tu, 3:30-4:30pm     South    6     $43/$53     TBA
                                                                                 122730 9/13-10/27     M/W, 8:30-9:30am      North 14          $99/$124      Chris
 122683 9/22-10/27     W, 4:30-5:30pm      North    6     $43/$53     TBA
                                                                                 122731 9/14-10/28 Tu/Th, 9:30-10:30am       South      14     $99/$124      Sue

Session 2                                                                       Session 2
 123237 11/1-12/13     M, 4:30-5:30pm       East    6     $43/$53     TBA        123287 11/1-12/22     M/W, 8:15-9:15am       East      15     $99/$124      Sue
 123238 11/2-12/14     Tu, 3:30-4:30pm     South    6     $43/$53     TBA        123288 11/1-12/22     M/W, 8:30-9:30am      North 14          $99/$124      Chris
 123236   11/3-12/8    W, 4:30-5:30pm      North    6     $43/$53     TBA        123289 11/2-12/23 Tu/Th, 9:30-10:30am       South      14     $99/$124      Sue

Youth Sport Conditioning                                                            WeLLNeSS WeDNeSDAY LeCTUre SerIeS
(Ages 12-17) After school structured workouts with the guidance of a
Certified Personal Trainer for your specific sport. (Must have previously       Health, fitness, strength training, triathlon, nutrition...these clinics include
passed Teen weight Training and Safety course or passed the challenge exam.)    education, exercises, questions and answers! Topics will be listed in
                                                                                centers and online at or call 303-413-7280 for
 122686 9/27-11/17 M/W, 3:30-4:30pm       South    16 $114/$142      TBA        more information.

                                                                                  122749        9/22-9/22               W, 6-7pm                    North          1
    WorKoUTS For WoMeN                                                            122750        10/6-10/6               W, 6-7pm                    North          1
                                                                                  122751       10/20-10/20              W, 6-7pm                    North          1
For the exceptional value of less than a dollar more than an entry pass to        122752        11/3-11/3               W, 6-7pm                    North          1
use the weight room, you get a new workout each week designed by an
                                                                                  122753       11/17-11/17              W, 6-7pm                    North          1
expert trainer to increase strength, energy, metabolism, and overall fitness.
                                                                                  122754        12/1-12/1               W, 6-7pm                    North          1

Women’s Workout                                                                   122755       12/15-12/15              W, 6-7pm                    North          1
(Ages 15+) Your trainer will motivate you and guide you through a new
workout each week using weights, cardio, and core training.
Session 1                                                                         Looking for Weight
 122724 9/14-10/28     Tu/Th, 6-7pm       North 14       $99/$124    Ignacio      Management Classes?
 122725 9/14-10/28     Tu/Th, 7-8pm       North 14       $99/$124    Ignacio
                                                                                  You’ll find them in the Fitness section of this Recreation Guide
Session 2
 123282 11/2-12/23      Tu/Th, 6-7pm       North 11      $99/$124    Ignacio
 123283 11/2-12/23      Tu/Th, 7-8pm       North 14      $99/$124    Ignacio

26        Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                             =childcare available
                           HealtH & Wellness - yoGa

       The Yoga program focuses on beginning level classes yet offers continuing students a spirited challenge like that in Matt Tomtatz’s Intermediate class.

Make-ups are arranged through your instructor.                                       *Seniors: Beginning classes with an asterisk are suitable for
                                                                                     seniors and are rejuvenating, limbering, and help maintain stability.
                                                                                     Students should be able to kneel and sit comfortably on the floor.
Thanksgiving Closures Please check with your instructor                              (Also see Therapeutic, Restorative Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung,
as some classes will not be meeting the week of Thanksgiving.
                                                                                     Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique classes)

Discounts: Students enrolled in more than one class will be
given a 10% discount on the lesser of the two fees. You must register in           Beginner
person or by phone to request your discount.                                       (Ages 12+) In this gradual introduction you will learn the basics of
                                                                                   stretching and correct alignment in detail in order to practice safely. New
                                                                                   comers, students returning for a refresher, and those wishing to slowly
one time Class Visitor Fee for all yoga program                                    refine a lifelong yoga routine find this gentle pace suitable. Explore
classes: $15. Choose the level suitable to your experience, pay your               correct breathing - the cornerstone to all yoga levels for developing self
visitors fee at the front desk and give your receipt to your                       understanding; foundational standing, seated, and supine poses; twists;
instructor for admission. Salberg and Iris classes may be                          and modifications for individual body types. Class ends with full
purchased at any recreation center before class. For info call Louann              relaxation that releases tension and helps create optimal health.
Harlow, Yoga Coordinator at 303-413-7255.
                                                                                    122181*    9/7-12/14    Tu, 9:15-10:45am     South 14 $123/$153 Kathleen
                                                                                     122183    9/7-12/14      Tu, 5:30-7pm       North 14 $123/$121       Martha
                                                                                     122184    9/8-12/15      W, 5:30-7pm        South 14 $123/$153 Andrea
                                                                                     122186    9/9-12/16 Th, 9:15-10:30am        North 14 $123/$153 Louann
                                                                                     122189    9/10-12/17   F, 8:50-10:20am      North 14 $123/$153 De West
                                                                                     122900    9/11-12/11     Sa,10:30-12pm       Iris   14 $123/$153      Karen
                                                                                     122191    9/12-12/19    Su,10-11:30am       South 14 $123/$153        Louis
                                                                                     122899    9/12-12/12     Su, 4:30-6pm       North 14 $123/$153        John
                                                                                    122179* 9/13-12/13 M, 8:45-10:15am           North 14 $123/$153        Brian
                                                                                     122180    9/13-12/13     M, 6:30-8pm         East   14 $123/$153       Ines
                                                                                    122182* 9/14-12/14       Tu, 1:15-2:45pm     North 14 $123/$153 Louann
                                                                                     122187    9/15-12/15    W, 7:30-8:45am      South 14 $123/$153         Ravi
                                                                                    122185* 9/15-12/15       W, 7:15-8:45pm      North 14 $123/$153         Lori
                                                                                     122453    9/16-10/21     Th, 4-5:15pm       North    6    $44/$55     Alicia
                                                                                    122190* 9/17-12/17      F, 9:15-10:45am       East   14 $123/$153 Kathleen
The West family enjoy the "laughing sponge" pose. Families find fun and
relaxation in a variety of Yoga Program classes for all ages and abilities.

   Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                   =childcare available              27
                                              HealtH & Wellness - yoGa
(Age 12+) Continuing: This on-going level is moderately paced for beginners         YoGA WorKSHoPS
who have studied yoga for 6 months or more several times a week. Class
reviews the fundamentals, with longer holding of poses or variations in the     (also see Father/Son and Yoga with your Daughter workshops
flowing vinyasa style.Emphasis on the breath and attention to structure help    under Parent/Child yoga)
you create an enjoyable training sequence. Continuing is also a comfortable
match for students readying for more vigorous intensity and fit individuals     Contemplative Foundations: Half-day retreat
who exercise often but are new to yoga.                                         (Age 12+) In this silent half-day, you will combine gentle, rhythmic
                                                                                yoga movement with sitting and walking meditation. This is an
 122199   9/7-12/14    Tu, 10-11:30am     North    14 $123/$153 De West         opportunity to enter more deeply into the contemplative practices that
                                                                                are foundational to an integrated yoga practice. The retreat is
 122201   9/9-12/16    Th, 9:15-10:30am   South    14 $123/$153 Kathleen
                                                                                restorative, engaging and enlivening, ending with a shared lunch and
 122202   9/9-12/16      Th, 5:30-7pm     North    14 $123/$153      Dan        discussion.
 122198 9/13-12/13      M, 7:15-8:45pm    North    14 $123/$153     TBA          122338 9/12-9/12 Su, 8-1pm             North     1       $40/$50    Tess
 122200 9/15-12/15       W, 7-8:30pm       East    14 $123/$153     Brian
 122197 9/16-12/16     M, 9-10:30am        East    14 $123/$153      Tess
                                                                                Alexander Technique Workshop
                                                                                (Age 12+) Its International Alexander Technique Awareness Week!
                                                                                Come learn the fundamental principles of AT so you engage with any
Intermediate Yoga                                                               activity in a way that’s open, relaxed and energized!
(Age 12+) Students entering this more advanced level should have an
                                                                                 122335 10/24-10/24 Su, 1:30-3:15pm       North       1    $20/$25 Tom W.
established yoga practice of a year or more, be competent in most yoga
poses and free of major neck, back, knee and wrist injury or other serious
limitations. Knowledge of safe alignment and non-competitive principles         Yoga for Neck and Shoulders
are essential with more complex endurance-building and faster moving            (Age 12+) Pain in the Neck? Discover how to modify yoga poses and
sun salutations. With an internal meditative approach, you will increase        use props to promote healthy alignment, remove stiffness and maintain
your skill in noticing breath and mental patterns. Poses are held longer to     ease in these upper body areas
allow concentration and strength to deepen. You will learn progressive
backbending and build confidence with inversions. Staff may introduce            122334 11/14         Su, 1:45-3:45pm   North     1       $20/$25    John
partner work, sound and pranayamas.

 122207 9/15-12/15     W, 9-10:30am       North 14 $123/$153        Angel      restorative Yoga
 122208 9/15-12/15       W, 5:30-7pm      North 14 $123/$153         Matt      (Age 12+) Give your body and spirit an hour of rejuvenating focus.
                                                                               Practice breathing and floor asanas supported by blankets and bolsters.
                                                                               This restorative method creates greater flexibility, balance and inward
Women’s Yoga                                                                   connection, reduces stress and increases clarity of mind.
(Age 12+) Share with other female practitioners of yoga as you immerse
yourself in simple routines designed for the present moment in all
                                                                                122221    9/8-12/8 W, 10:40-11:50am      North 14 $102/$128           Shawna
passages: pre/post natal, menopause and senior years. This class
specifically addresses women’s bodies with an emphasis on breath,               122252   10/27-12/8      W, 4-5:15pm     South    6        $44/$55    Juliana
strengthening skeletal health, and restoring energy and inner beauty.
                                                                               Therapeutic Yoga
                                                                               (Age 12+) Cultivate healing and relieve stress. This class explores gentle,
 122230 9/15-12/15 W, 10:20-11:50am        East   14 $123/$153      Alicia     safe, focused motions around yoga postures to balance the mind, muscles,
                                                                               and physiology. This class is suitable for those recovering from surgery or
Pre/Post Natal Yoga                                                            illness, those with limited range of motion or anyone wanting a gentle
(Age 12+) Through yoga, expectant mothers can strengthen the lower             introduction to yoga.
back, increase flexibility, and learn effective breathing and relaxation
patterns. Prenatal yoga tones pelvic floor muscles, alleviates many             122228   9/10-12/17      F, 3:45-5pm     North    14 $102/$128 Cassandra
common discomforts of pregnancy and aids in preparing for labor and             122226   9/14-12/14      Tu, 4-5:15pm    North    14 $102/$128         River
delivery. Postpartum yoga refreshes and helps you regain tone in the
pelvic floor and abdomen. Mothers find support and sharing with one             122227   9/15-10/20      W, 4-5:15pm     South    6        $44/$55     Lori
another. Infants are welcome in class.

 122216    9/8-10/6       W, 5:30-7pm     North     5    $44/$55   De West
 122218    9/10-10/8    F, 9:10-10:40am   North     5    $44/$55     Ines
 122217 10/13-11/10       W, 5:30-7pm     North     5    $44/$55   De West
 122220 10/15-11/12 F, 9:10-10:40am       North     5    $44/$55     Ines
 122253 11/17-12/15       W, 5:30-7pm     North     4    $35/$44   De West
 122254 11/19-12/17 F, 9:10-10:40am       North     4    $35/$44     Ines

28        Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                         =childcare available
            HealtH & Wellness - yoUtH yoGa
    PAreNT / CHILD                                                                         Children Yoga – Ages 5-12
                                                                                          (Ages 5-12) Children love yoga too! Through simple movements, boys
                                                                                          and girls gain strength and flexibility, develop good coordination and
Parent/Child (newborn to age 12) Classes support parents/guardians
                                                                                          posture, and learn how to relax and focus. This is a gentle, non-
integrating the young child into the healthy exercise of yoga. Please note that
                                                                                          competitive form of exercise playfully presented through fun music and
you may attend Pre/Post natal classes and bring your baby before he or she
                                                                                          mimicking animals, plants and objects. Designed for children who can be
begins to crawl. Second child above the age of 2 is 1/2 the regular fee. Please
                                                                                          independent and comfortable without their parents.
note that all youth classes do not meet Thanksgiving week.
                                                                                           122196   11/3-12/1    W, 4:15-5:14pm    North      4       $27/$33 Karen Cobble

Father and Son Yoga                                                                        122261   11/8-12/13   M, 3:35-4:25pm     East      5       $36/$45     Nancy
(Ages 4-7) Enjoy yoga together with your son. You will explore basic yoga
postures and movement intended to cultivate play and deepen bonds
between father and son.                                                                   Parent/Child Yoga – Ages 7+
                                                                                          This age range is a perfect time to begin a yoga class for a strong,
                                                                                          balanced body and mind. Instruction will emphasize basic poses,
 122337   11/7-11/7      Su, 2-3pm        North     1           $20/$25    Matt Tomatz    alignment and expressive movement. This practice is a perfect
                                                                                          complement to a young student’s activities and helps them channel
Yoga with your Daughter                                                                   natural energy into fitness, reflection and happiness. Parents or guardians
(Age 7+) Spend time with those most important to you practicing basic                     may enjoy the benefits of yoga with their child. Children are also welcome
postures that promote healthy body care and balance the gentleness and                    to attend without a parent or guardian. Course fee includes one parent
strength of the feminine for a skillful journey through womanhood.                        and one child. Single child fee: $41/$51

 122341 10/10-10/10      Su, 4-5:15pm        Iris       1        $20/$22      Caroline     122903   11/8-12/13        M, 4-5pm        North       6     $69/$78    Louann

Parent/Child Yoga – Crawling to 18 months                                                 Middle & High School Yoga
This class is for babies on the move and for parents who want to practice                 Practicing yoga develops strength, flexibility, and balance for all body
yoga in a supportive and safe environment. It is a place for new parents to               types. It enhances athletic, music, and dance skills and complements the
stretch, tone, and nurture their bodies while their babies explore their new              arts and sciences. Teens improve body confidence, avoid injury, increase
world and participate with them.                                                          concentration and reduce stress while enculturating a life-long tool for
                                                                                          healthy, heartful living.
 122211   9/10-10/15     F,10:30-11:45am      North         6       $69/$78     Amy
                                                                                           122901   9/16-10/7    Th, 4:15-5:15pm North      4 $27/$33 Karen Dowling
 122255 10/22-11/19      F,10:30-11:45am      North         5       $60/$69     Amy
                                                                                           122902 10/28-11/18 Th, 4:15-5:15pm North         4 $27/$33 Karen Dowling

Parent/Child Yoga – Ages 18 months to 36
This child-centered class will stretch the minds and hearts as family
members practice alongside their toddlers. Class is full of movement,
songs, stories and fun. Breathe, stretch, sit, crawl, hop, and relax together
while learning how many wonderful ways our bodies can move. This
guided play will be paced for the curious, exploratory nature of children.

 122212    9/9-9/30    Th,11-11:50am      North     4           $37/$47    Karen Cobble

Parent/Child Yoga – Ages 3-6
Yoga introduced through play, rhythm, story and animal frolics is fun and
natural for children. A foundation is laid for living in limber, healthy
bodies, respecting nature, self and others. Introducing yoga for the whole
child at an early age helps cultivate learning through all the senses. Kids
and parents develop valuable life centering skills, using breath to put the
mind in a state of calm and relaxation and inducing sound sleep.

 122256   9/13-10/4     M, 4:30-5:20pm       East           4      $37/$47     Nancy
 122258   9/14-10/5     Tu, 4:40-5:25pm     North           4      $37/$47      Amy
 122213 10/11-11/1      M,11-11:50am        North           4      $37/$47    Caroline
 122214 10/14-11/4      Th,11-11:50am       North           4      $37/$47     Karen
 122257   11/8-12/6     M, 4:30-5:20pm       East           4      $37/$47     Nancy
                                                                                          Teens partner up in a cooperative shoulder stand (Sarvangasana- the king of
 122259   11/9-12/7     Tu, 4:40-5:25pm     North           4      $37/$47      Amy       poses) which brings vitality to all the glands and refreshes the face and neck.

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                       =childcare available             29
                                                                                                                               alexander tecHnIQUe,
                            HealtH & Wellness - yoGa                                                                           taI cHI, cHI KUnG, feldenKraIs

T’ai-chi Ch’uan
This ancient exercise in which standing postures are practiced in a slow
moving, relaxed manner cultivates tranquility and mental control and
hence an appreciation for every moment. Doing this gentle martial art
increases energy and circulation; improves balance; strengthens the spine,
internal organs; and promotes general life-long health. This is the first
third of the simplified short ‘Yang’ style as taught by Grand Master
Cheng Man-ch’ing.

 122224    9/11-12/11 Sa, 9:30-10:30am North                 14 $102/$128
 122223    9/14-12/14   Tu, 6:45-7:45pm      North           14 $102/$128

T’ai Chi
Learn energizing Qi Gong warm-up exercises, the 5 element form and
first circle as taught by Master Chungliang Al Huang. Inspirational music
and guided stress reduction relaxation are included.

  122324      9/16-10/14     Th, 5:30-6:30pm      East            5     $48/$59     Cynthia
  122222     10/21-11/18       Th,12-1pm              Iris        5     $48/$59     Cynthia

Chi Kung
Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) practices are a form of Taoist yoga which employ
a combination of gentle muscle-tendon sequences to warm up, sound and
visualization to nourish and circulate qi ( life force) through the meridians
( channels of awareness also used in acupuncture ) This internal form
with slight movements is practiced either standing or sitting in a chair.

 122691    9/16-10/14       Th,12-1pm          Iris          5       $47/$59 Sherry Bauer

Sheng Zhen Qigong
Sheng Zhen means the spirit of unconditional love and is a Chinese
holistic healing practice that strengthens the immune system, increases
vitality, and sends positive, clear energy all through the body to reduce
stress and cultivate productive attitudes.

122193 9/20-10/18       M, 4:15-5:15pm       North           5       $47/$59        Miles
                                                                                               Tom Weiser sits relaxed and balanced . Tom completed a rigorous 3 year
Trinity Chi Kung                                                                               program at The American Center for Alexander Technique. Join his class and
This mind/body exercise will help you use all movement to feel better                          develop your own easy, powerful habits of movement.
emotionally, energetically and physically. Reduce stress and increase
awareness, wellness and joy. Chi Kung modalities are learned along with                        Alexander Technique
traditional exercise and the use of balls, weights, bands, pilates rollers,                    Sensitize your internal kinesthetic guide to a new standard of normal as
floor work and free movement.                                                                  you are guided in gentle exercise with verbal cues and mental self-
                                                                                               reminders. As you repeat movements such as walking, bending, sitting
 122229 9/13-10/11          M,12-1pm         Salberg 5               $47/$59      Carolyn E.   and standing up, neuromuscular patterns are steered toward more
                                                                                               expansion, integration and poise. Particular importance is given to the
Feldenkrais®                                                                                   interrelationships of gravity, head, neck and torso.F.M. Alexander’s
(Ages: 12+) What if you could move with more ease, coordination and                            technique helps you improve performance, avoid repetitive strain, recover
freedom from pain? The Feldenkrais method offers safe and enjoyable                            from injury and relieve pain or tightness, like that experienced in TMJ.
exploratory exercises that enable you to dissolve tension, gain control over
                                                                                                 122326   9/14-10/5    Tu, 7:10-8:10pm     North       4    $40/$55   Tom W.
pain and move efficiently in all of your activities. Subtle, slow movements
are experienced while lying down, standing or sitting in a chair.
                                                                                               Alexander Technique Continuing
 122205    9/9-10/21       Th, 1:15-2:15pm     North             7      $58/$73       Deb      You will continue to explore the principles of Alexander Technique,
 122206    9/10-12/17        F, 12-1pm           Iris            14 $102/$128 Gil Kelly        and apply them to everday activities, such as breathing, speaking, bending
                                                                                                and lifting.
 122204    9/15-12/15        W, 6-7pm           East             14 $102/$128 Gil Kelly
 122325 10/28-12/16        Th, 1:15-2:15pm     North             7      $58/$73       Erin      122336 10/26-12/7     Tu, 7:10-8:10pm     North    6       $60/$70    Tom W.

30         Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                          =childcare available

    Being the community’s premier ceramic arts facility has allowed us to attract an exceptional teaching staff. Come see for yourself – enroll in a class today!

Drawing and Watercolor Basic 1                                                         Senior Pottery
(Ages 16+) Combine a fun learning adventure using two medias at                        (Ages 60+) This class combines all skill levels and includes the art of
the same time. Students will learn various pencil and watercolor                       wheel-throwing and hand-building, decorating, basic sculpture and
techniques and build self confidence and develop the ability to see,                   firing. Meet new friends while learning a new hobby.
to draw and to paint. Weather permitting some classes will be held
outside.                                                                               122315    9/14-11/9     Tu, 9-11:30am   Pottery Lab       9    $185/$231   Nancy
                                                                                       122316 11/16-12/14 Tu, 9-11:30am        Pottery Lab       5    $105/$130   Nancy
 123132   9/13-10/18 M, 7-9pm West Senior          6           $125/$157     Barbara
                                                                                       All Levels
Drawing and Watercolor Intermediate 1                                                  (Ages 16+) This popular class is designed for the beginning/advanced
(Ages 16+) Offering two medias at the same time students will step                     student with individual needs or special projects. Includes both wheel-
beyond the basics and explore more pencil techniques, and focus on the                 throwing and hand-building.
seasonal beauty of our environment, using watercolors.
                                                                                        122286    9/13-11/8     M, 7-9:30pm    Pottery Lab       9    $185/$231    Don
 123133   10/25-11/29 M, 7-9pm      West Senior        6        $125/$157    Barbara    122287   9/15-11/10     W, 7-9:30pm    Pottery Lab       9    $185/$231   Aaron
                                                                                        122288   9/18-11/13    Sa, 9-11:30am Pottery Lab         9    $185/$231   Nancy
    ADULT PoTTerY                                                                       122289   11/15-12/13    M, 7-9:30pm    Pottery Lab       5    $105/$130    Don
                                                                                        122290   11/17-12/15    W, 7-9:30pm    Pottery Lab       5    $105/$130   Aaron
Adult courses include up to 75 lbs. of clay, glazes, firing, and instruction.           122291   11/20-12/18 Sa, 9-11:30am Pottery Lab           5    $105/$130   Nancy
Students need to provide their own tools. Don’t wear open toed shoes,
bring a towel and enjoy!                                                               Beg/Intermediate Wheel-Throwing
                                                                                       (Ages 16+) Throwing on the potter’s wheel involves learning how to
Beginner                                                                               wedge (knead), center the clay and perform shaping techniques to
(Ages 16+) Experience the fun and satisfaction of working with clay.                   produce basic forms.
Basic hand-building, beginning wheel throwing and glazing are                           122319   9/16-11/11 Th, 9-11:30am Pottery Lab        9       $185/$231 Margaret
                                                                                        122320 11/18-12/23 Th, 9-11:30am Pottery Lab         5       $105/$130 Margaret
 122282    9/14-11/9    Tu, 7-9:30pm Pottery Lab           9     $185/$231    Chris    Intermediate to Advanced Wheel Throwing
 122283   11/16-12/14 Tu, 7-9:30pm Pottery Lab             5     $105/$130    Chris    (Ages 16+) For students with some experience. Emphasis is on learning
                                                                                       handles, lids, and throwing larger forms with ease.
(Ages 16+) This class is for intermediate students includes wheel-                      122314   9/16-11/11 Th, 7-9:30pm Pottery Lab         9       $185/$231    Nancy
throwing, hand-building, glazing and firing. Class is combined with
Senior Pottery.                                                                        Porcelain and Celadons
                                                                                       (Ages 16+) Working in porcelain students will explore decorating
 122284   9/14-11/9    Tu, 9-11:30am    Pottery Lab        9     $185/$231    Nancy
                                                                                       surfaces, mix their own celadon glazes and fire their own cone 10 kiln.
 122285 11/16-12/14 Tu, 9-11:30am       Pottery Lab        5     $105/$231    Nancy    Firing will be on Saturday Dec 11th with a critic on Dec 16th.
                                                                                        122593 11/18-12/23 Th, 7-9:30pm Pottery Lab          5       $105/$130    Nancy

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                   =childcare available               31
                                                                                    Children’s Pottery Ages 8-10
                                                                                    Students relax and discover the joy of clay as they develop hand-building
                                                                                    techniques and carry out ideas using a craftsman-like approach.

                                                                                     122310    9/15-11/3    W, 3:45-4:45pm    Pottery Lab       8     $70/$88 Rosemary
                                                                                     122311    11/10-12/8 W, 3:45-4:45pm      Pottery Lab       5     $45/$56 Rosemary

                                                                                    Fun Fridays
                                                                                    (Ages 6-8) After working hard all week explore clay and have fun
                                                                                    with hand building techniques and projects that will allow freedom
                                                                                    and creativity.

                                                                                     122312     9/17-11/5   F, 3:45-4:45pm Pottery Lab          8     $70/$88   Aaron
                                                                                     122313    11/12-12/10 F, 3:45-4:45pm Pottery Lab           5     $45/$56   Aaron

                                                                                    Pre-Teen Pottery
                                                                                    (Ages 8-11) Students will move downstairs to take advantage of new
                                                                                    equipment including the slab roller, extruder and wheel to broaden their
                                                                                    learning experience. Students must have completed a hand building class
                                                                                    at the pottery lab before signing up for this class.

                                                                                     122321    9/16-11/4    Th, 4-5:15pm     Pottery Lab    8        $93/$116   Aaron
Child/Parent Pottery                                                                 122322 11/11-12/16 Th, 4-5:15pm         Pottery Lab    5        $58/$73    Aaron
(Ages 4+) Here is a perfect opportunity to learn hand-built pottery with
your child. Emphasis is on working on a project as a family unit.                   Teen Pottery
                                                                                    (Ages 11-16) Emphasizing creativity and enjoyment this class includes
 122292   9/16-11/4      Th,11-12pm     Pottery Lab       8   $93/$116     Ryan     basic hand-building and wheel throwing instruction, slip decorating,
 122294   9/16-11/4      Th, 1-2pm      Pottery Lab       8   $93/$116     Ryan     glazing and firing.
 122296   9/18-11/6      Sa, 9-10am     Pottery Lab       8   $93/$116    Aaron
                                                                                     122317    9/15-11/3     W, 4-6 pm       Pottery Lab    8        $93/$116   Aaron
 122297   9/18-11/6 Sa,10:15-11:15am Pottery Lab          8   $93/$116    Aaron
                                                                                     122318 11/10-12/8       W, 4-6 pm       Pottery Lab    5        $58/$73    Aaron
 122298   9/18-11/6 Sa,11:30-12:30pm Pottery Lab          8   $93/$116    Aaron
 122293 11/11-12/16      Th,11-12pm     Pottery Lab       5    $58/$73     Ryan
 122295 11/11-12/16      Th, 1-2pm      Pottery Lab       6    $58/$73     Ryan
 122299 11/13-12/11      Sa, 9-10am     Pottery Lab       5    $58/$73    Aaron
 122300 11/13-12/11 Sa,10:15-11:15am Pottery Lab
 122301 11/13-12/11 Sa,11:30-12:30pm Pottery Lab
                                                                          Aaron         Fall Pottery Sale!
Children’s Pottery Ages 4-5
Children play with clay and turn it into enjoyable or useful objects.                 Saturday & Sunday
Group experience and individual attention are part of this class. Forming
and painting are emphasized.
                                                                                                                 September 11th & 12th
 122302    9/13-11/1    M, 1-1:45pm Pottery Lab       8       $70/$88     Ryan
 122303    9/15-11/3    W, 1-1:45pm Pottery Lab       8       $70/$88    Rosemary
 122304    11/8-12/6    M, 1-1:45pm Pottery Lab       5       $45/$56     Ryan
 122305   11/10-12/8    W, 1-1:45pm Pottery Lab       5       $45/$56    Rosemary

Children’s Pottery Ages 6-7
Children learn the basics of hand-building, including problem solving, to
make tall or hollow pieces. Children will paint and glaze their own work.

 122306   9/13-11/1    M, 3:45-4:45pm   Pottery Lab       8    $70/$88
                                                                          Smith                                              @ the Pottery Lab
 122307   9/14-11/2 Tu, 3:45-4:45pm Pottery Lab           8    $70/$88     Ryan
                                                                                              10 am - 5 pm                                          1010 Aurora
 122308   11/8-12/6    M, 3:45-4:45pm   Pottery Lab       5    $45/$56
                                                                           Jana                                                                     Boulder CO
 122309   11/9-12/7 Tu, 3:45-4:45pm Pottery Lab           5    $45/$56     Ryan

32        Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                  =childcare available

 The NFL flag football program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork.

NFL Flag Football                                                                           MINI - SPorTS
                        NFL Flag Football is the premier youth football
                        league for ages 5-12. Participants receive an NFL
                        team-identified reversible football jersey to keep at the   The (Instructional) Mini-Sports programs will all consist of staff who
                        end of the season. Teams will practice two times            help build participant’s skills by administrating a full range of drills and
                        during the week until games start and ONLY once             games. With learning the sport, staff will stress the FUN of playing. All
during the week when games start on Saturday mornings. Practice locations           Mini-Sports programs are located at the East Mapleton Softball Fields
will be determined by the coach and games will be played at the Stazio              (Mapleton and 30th) except Mini-Hoopers whitch is located at the East
Softball Fields. Games will be played on Saturday mornings with one                 Boulder Recreation Center. Information: Dean, 303-441-4427, rummeld@
“Friday Night Lights” game played during the season. Practice begins week 
of August 30th. Games begin September 18th. If leagues do not form more
then 3 teams we will combine that given league with the Town of Erie’s              Mini-Flag Football
league. As a result a couple games may be played in Erie. Info: Dean 303-441-
4427,                                                     4-5    121713   9/13-10/18    M, 4-4:45pm       Mapleton       6      $48/$60
                                                                                      6-7    121714   9/13-10/18    M, 5-5:45pm       Mapleton       6      $48/$60
Coaches NEEDED! If interested in coaching please contact Dean at 303-
441-4427. All City of Boulder Flag Football coaches are volunteers. The City          4-5    121715   9/14-10/19    Tu, 4-4:45pm      Mapleton       6      $48/$60
will offer training, manuals, clinics, and mentors to help get coaches started.
      Ages 5-6              119686             8/30-10/23          $85/$106
                                                                                      4-5    121716   9/14-10/19    Tu, 5-5:45pm      Mapleton       6      $48/$60
      Ages 7-8              119687             8/30-10/23          $85/$106
                                                                                      4-5    121717   9/16-10/21    Th, 5-5:45pm      Mapleton       6      $48/$60
      Ages 9-10             119688             8/30-10/23          $85/$106
     Ages 11-12             119689             8/30-10/23          $85/$106
Sports Sampler                                                                        3-4    121718   9/15-10/20    W, 4-4:45pm       Mapleton       6      $48/$60
A chance for the young athletes to explore any of the following sport
games; flag football, basketball, t-ball, soccer, tennis, & floor hockey.             5-6    121719   9/15-10/20    W, 5-5:45pm       Mapleton       6      $48/$60
Information: Dean 303-441-4427,                           3-4    121720   9/16-10/21    Th, 4-4:45pm      Mapleton       6      $48/$60

  Ages 3-4    121884 9/20-10/25      M, 10-10:45am        East    6    $48/$60      Mini-Hoopers
  Ages 3-4    121885 9/21-10/26      Tu, 10-10:45am       South   6    $48/$60
                                                                                      5-6    121721    11/1-12/13   M, 3:45-4:30pm        East        6     $48/$60
  Ages 3-4    121886 9/21-10/26       Tu, 5:15-6pm        South   6    $48/$60
                                                                                      7-8    121722    11/1-12/13   M, 4:45-5:30pm        East        6     $48/$60
  Ages 3-4    121887 9/23-10/28      Th,10-10:45am        North   6    $48/$60
                                                                                      5-6    121723    11/4-12/16    Th, 4-4:45pm         East        6     $48/$60
Gym Jam                                                                              9-11    121724    11/4-12/16    Th, 5-5:45pm         East        6     $48/$60
(Ages 9mos - 4yrs) Burn off some energy. The gym will be filled each                  6-8    121725    11/6-12/18      Sa, 9-10am         East        6     $60/$75
week with different equipment. We provide the fun and you provide the
supervision. Contact Sherri Brown, 303-441-4933.
 122539 10/22-11/19 F, 9:30-11:30am       South       5     $15 or $5 Drop-in

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                   =childcare available            33
Home School Pe                                                                      High School Volleyball Team
Expand your child’s physical education experience with any of the                   Program is designed as an alternative to club for the female volleyball
following; canoeing, soccer, basketball, rock wall, gym games, floor                player. Participants must have previous high school team or club playing
hockey, swimming... We focus on helping children develop strong                     experience. Practices will build on current skills and maintain
muscles, team work, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and                      conditioning. Practices held on Tuesdays and Saturdays with games held
friendships. Information; Dean 303-441-4427, rummeld@                               on Thursday nights. Teams will be sorted after the first, three practices.                                                                 Mandatory parents meeting Jan. 8th, 10am at EBCC. No registrations
                                                                                    after Jan 4th. No practice 1/15 & 2/19. We will also have practice Wed.
  Ages 6-8      121727      9/23-11/18   Th, 1-2pm      East       8      $58/$73   Jan 5th at SBRC. Information: Lenore 303-441-3416
  Ages 9-12     121728      9/23-11/18   Th, 2-3pm      East       8      $58/$73                             Jan 4-   Tu, 3:30-5:15pm SBRC, South/
                                                                                    Grades 9-12 122434                                              17 $335/$385
                                                                                                              Mar 5     Sa, 10-12pm EBCC      East
Boys and Girls Volleyball Classes
Practices stress fundamental skills, team strategies and team work to               Music with Dinah
build confidence in participants. Middle School class is designed for those         (Ages 4mos - 4yrs.) Parent / child class. Playful, musically diverse, and
new to the sport. Tournament play may be offered for Sept-Oct session.              developmentally appropriate, this class will help your child build crucial
No class 11/27. Information: Lenore 303-441-3416                                    skills for lifelong music enjoyment and confidence. Instructor: Dinah
                                                                                    Pollard, Certified Vocal Coach, Sunrise Vocal Arts. Contact Sherri, 3030-
                                                                                    441-4933. Note: $10 material fee payable to instructor on the first class.
Middle School Volleyball Class (Youth 11-15 yrs)

  122433        9/11-10/30       Sa,10-12pm     South          8       $128/$160      122245      9/13-11/1       M, 9:30-10:15am    South     8       $104/$130
  122436        11/13-12/18      Sa,10-12pm     South          5       $80/$100
                                                                                    Music with Dinah / Seasonal & Holiday Music
elementary School Volleyball Class (Youth 7-11 yrs)
                                                                                     122246      11/8-12/13       M, 9:30-10:15am    South     6        $78/$97
  122432      9/11-10/30         Sa,12-1:30pm    South         8       $96/$120
  122435      11/13-12/18        Sa,12-1:30pm    South         5        $60/$75      Sports Sampler Birthday Parties
                                                                                     Are you looking for a great birthday party experience? The sports staff is
Middle School Volleyball Prep Class                                                  now providing a fun, safe and organized atmosphere for kids to play a
This program is preparation for 6-8th graders who are interested in                  sport of their choice (soccer, baseball, basketball, floor hockey, dodgeball,
making the school volleyball team. Class will focus on building skills,              etc). So if you are looking for birthday party of the year, contact Derrick at
increasing knowledge and conditioning. Players must have previous                    303-441-4137 or
playing experience. A great boost before school tryouts!! No class 11/25 &
11/29. Information: Lenore 303-441-3416

Grades                    Su, 3-4:45pm, SBRC/ South/
       122437 10/20-12/12                            14 $155/$194
 6-8                      Wed 4-5:30pm, EBCC East

High School Volleyball Practices
Participants meet for coached practices and scrimmages before the start of
the High School Volleyball team in January. No class 11/27. Information:
Lenore 303-441-3416

 Grade 9-12 122438 11/13-12/18 Sa,10-11:30am          East         5     $50/$62

                                         Break Camp
 Spend your Thanksgiving Break with us! Each fun
 filled day will offer a variety of activities including
 dodgeball games, gym games, sports, fun exercises,
 & swimming. A great way to play with friends or
 make new ones. Information: Dean 303-441-4427,

  6-11 121726     11/22-11/24 M/Tu/W, 8:45-5pm       East      3        $105/$131

34         Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                 =childcare available
Women’s Basketball
(Ages 18+) Competitive league designed for individuals will high school
or college play ability. Sign-up as individuals - teams with be determined
on Sept, 13. Contact Sherri, 303-441-4933 or email brownsh@

 122244     9/13-11/15        M, 6:15-9pm             South            $50/$62

18+ Infortmation Dean 303-441-4427,                      ADULT VoLLeYBALL LeAGUeS

Basketball B League – Fall                                                       (Age 16+) The City of Boulder Parks & Recreation Department offers
Recreational basketball league                                                   indoor volleyball leagues during the Fall. The season will consist of 8 games.
                                                                                 Divisions are explained on the city website (
 121899      9/14-11/9      Tu, 6-10pm      South      8        $500/per team    Teams may register through the website, fees are per team. Information,
                                                                                 Derrick Tripp at 303-441-4137 or
Basketball A League – Fall
Competitve basketball league                                                     Men’s 6’s D1/D2
 121900     9/15-11/10      W, 6-10pm       South      8        $500/per team       122896      9/27-10/15      M, 7-10pm        East     8          $390

    WINTer LeAGUeS                                                               Co-ed 6’s D1
                                                                                    122894      9/28-11/15      Tu, 7-10pm       East     8         $390
Basketball B League – Winter
Recreational basketball league
                                                                                 Co-ed 6’s D2
 121901      1/4-2/22       Tu, 6-10pm      South      8        $500/per team
                                                                                    122895      9/28-11/16      Tu, 7-10pm       East      8         $390
Basketball A League – Winter                                                        122897      9/29-11/17      W, 7-10pm       North      8         $390
Competitve basketball league
                                                                                 Co-ed 4’s D1/D2
 121902      1/5-2/23       W, 6-10pm       South      8        $500/per team
                                                                                    122912      9/29-11/17      W, 7-10pm       North     8          $390

    DoDGeBALL                                                                    Women’s 6’s D1
Coed Adult Dodgeball League (Ages 16+)                                              122913      9/30-11/18      Th, 6-10pm       East     8          $390
6 week season will include 2 matches per night with a tournament for the
last meeting. Teams must play 3 men and 3 women to start match. No               Women’s 6’s D2
matches 11/26. Information: Lenore 303-441-3416
                                                                                    122914      9/30-11/18      Th, 6-10pm       East     8          $390
 122439      10/29-12/10    Th, 6-8:30pm     South         6         $315
                                                                                 Women’s 6’s D3/D4
    ADULT VoLLeYBALL CLASSeS                                                        122915      9/30-11/18      Th, 7-10pm      North      8         $390

Beginner Adult Volleyball Class
(Age 16+) Learn and/or review the volleyball fundamentals of serving,                SeNIor VoLLeYBALL
passing, setting, and spiking. The class will also focus on on offensive
and defensive strategies. Information: Derrick 303-441-4137 or trippd@           Senior Volleyball                                                              Teams must also register with the Colorado Senior Volleyball Association
                                                                                 (CSVA) Information: Derrick 303-441-4137
   122916      10/3-12/ 5     Su, 5-7pm        East        10      $120/$150
                                                                                    122915      9/30-11/18      Th, 7-10pm      North      8         $390
Advanced Adult Volleyball Class
   122917      10/3-12/ 5     Su, 5-7pm        East        10      $120/$150

    Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                =childcare available           35
                                                     sWImmInG - Revised

                                                  Enjoy swimming this fall at one of our three indoor pools!

                                                                                Lap Swim 101
 Important!                                                                     (Adult: 16+) Learn goal setting, workout planning, stroke techniques,
 Registration for swim classes closes one week prior to the first               lane etiquette, optional equipment and training techniques. Participants
 class meeting. Classes with low enrollment will be cancelled one               must be able to swim the length of the pool. Be prepared to swim at each
 week before their start date. NOTE: Make ups are not given for                 class meeting.
 missed classes.
                                                                                    122588        9/15-10/13      W, 6:45-7:45pm       North      5    $70/$88
                                                                                    122591        9/18-10/16       Sa, 10-11am          East      5    $70/$88
 Group reservation Policy
 Groups of 10 or more must make a reservation to guarantee pool                     122590        10/20-11/17     W, 6:45-7:45pm       North      5    $70/$88
 usage. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any group                       122592        10/23-11/20      Sa, 10-11am          East      5    $70/$88
 without a reservation. To make reservations, please visit www.
                                                                                     PAreNT/CHILD CLASSeS
 Private/ Semi Private Swim Lessons                                             Jelly Monkey
 Children and adults alike will benefit from the experience of one-             Ages 6 months - 36 months. Prerequisites: Child must be at least 6 months
 on-one swim lessons! Our professional staff can help with any                  old and no older than 36 months. Parent or guardian must accompany the
 swimming goal from beginner to expert. Please visit www.                       child into the water and participate. Class Focus: Developing swimming for more information and to request lessons.               readiness by leading parents and their children in water exploration activities
                                                                                with the objective of having fun and becoming comfortable in, on, and
Dog Dayz                                                                        around the water.
For two weeks every summer Scott Carpenter Pool transforms into a
canine paradise. August 18th - 30th the pool will be available for the dogs         122832       9/13-10/11        M,12:30-1pm           East      5   $30/$38
to swim, play, and socialize. We will also host dog expos on August 21st
                                                                                    122845       9/13-10/11       M, 1:05-1:35pm         East      5   $30/$38
and 28th. This community event is a great way to spend a hot August
afternoon with your pooch. Please visit to find times,              122850       9/13-10/11        M, 5-5:30pm          North      5   $30/$38
rules, and more information.                                                        122852       9/16-10/14      Th, 5:35-6:05pm         East      5   $30/$38
                                                                                    122833       9/17-10/15       Fri,10:30-11am         East      5   $30/$38
    ADULT SWIM CLASSeS                                                              122848       9/17-10/15     Fri,11:05-11:35am        East      5   $30/$38
                                                                                    122854       9/18-10/16      Sa, 9:50-10:20am        East      5   $30/$38
Adult Group Lessons                                                                 122856       9/18-10/16       Sa, 11-11:30am         East      5   $30/$38
(Adult: 16+) It is never too late to explore the benfits of swimming!
This class assists adults of varied swimming abilities to feel                      122844       10/18-11/15       M,12:30-1pm           East      5   $30/$38
comfortable and confident in the water while building life-long skills.             122846       10/18-11/15      M, 1:05-1:35pm         East      5   $30/$38
                                                                                    122851       10/18-11/15       M, 5-5:30pm          North      5   $30/$38
 122587    9/18-10/16   Sa, 9:15-10am    East    5    $45/$56                       122853       10/21-11/18     Th, 5:35-6:05pm         East      5   $30/$38
 122589   10/23-11/20   Sa, 9:15-10am    East    5    $45/$56                       122847       10/22-11/19      Fri,10:30-11am         East      5   $30/$38
                                                                                    122849       10/22-11/19    Fri,11:05-11:35am        East      5   $30/$38
                                                                                    122855       10/23-11/20     Sa, 9:50-10:20am        East      5   $30/$38
                                                                                    122857       10/23-11/20      Sa, 11-11:30am         East      5   $30/$38

36        Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                              =childcare available
                                                                    sWImmInG - Revised
red Group
(Age: 3-5 yrs) Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for Red Group
classes. Class Focus: Class will focus on introductory swim skills and on
having fun in the water. Skills taught include water adjustment, back
and front floats with support, blowing bubbles and full body submerging.
   122604       9/13-10/11     M, 1:05-1:35pm      East     5   $30/$38
   122605       9/13-10/11      M, 5-5:30pm       North     5   $30/$38
   122606       9/16-10/14    Th, 5:35-6:05pm      East     5   $30/$38
   122640       9/18-10/16    Sa, 9:50-10:20am     East     5   $30/$38
   122641       10/18-11/15    M, 1:05-1:35pm      East     5   $30/$38
   122642       10/18-11/15     M, 5-5:30pm       North     5   $30/$38
   122643       10/21-11/18   Th, 5:35-6:05pm      East     5   $30/$38
   122764       10/23-11/20   Sa, 9:50-10:20am     East     5   $30/$38

                                                                                SPeCIALIZeD 3-6 YeArS

                                                                            Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for specialized classes; children
                                                                            may only enroll in class specific to their age. Class Focus: Specialized
                                                                            classes provide a more personalized interaction with instructors, running
                                                                            in a semi-private format of no more than (3) students per instructor and
                                                                            are great for children new to the swim lesson setting. Instructors will
                                                                            focus on a personal lesson plan for each child and skills will vary by
                                                                            individual swimming ability.

                                                                            3 Year old Specialized
                                                                                122613       9/13-10/11      M,12:30-1pm         East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122608       9/13-10/11     M, 5:35-6:05pm      North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122765       9/13-10/11     M, 6:10-6:40pm      North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122611       9/14-10/12      Tu, 5-5:30pm        East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122607       9/14-10/12     Tu, 5:35-6:05pm      East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122609       9/15-10/13      W, 5-5:30pm        North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122816       9/15-10/13     W, 5:35-6:05pm      North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122612       9/16-10/14      Th, 5-5:30pm        East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122633       9/16-10/14    Th, 6:10-6:40pm       East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122632       9/17-10/15     Fri,10:30-11am       East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122610       9/17-10/15    Fri,11:05-11:35am     East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122639       9/18-10/16     Sa, 9:15-9:45am      East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122637       9/18-10/16     Sa, 11-11:30am       East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122653      10/18-11/15      M,12:30-1pm         East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122645      10/18-11/15     M, 5:35-6:05pm      North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122766      10/18-11/15     M, 6:10-6:40pm      North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122648      10/19-11/16      Tu, 5-5:30pm        East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122644      10/19-11/16     Tu, 5:35-6:05pm      East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122646      10/20-11/17      W, 5-5:30pm        North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122817      10/20-11/17     W, 5:35-6:05pm      North      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122652      10/21-11/18      Th, 5-5:30pm        East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122672      10/21-11/18     Th, 6:10-6:40pm      East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122671      10/22-11/19     Fri,10:30-11am       East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122647      10/22-11/19    Fri,11:05-11:35am     East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122763      10/23-11/20     Sa, 9:15-9:45am      East      5   $60/$75
                                                                                122761      10/23-11/20     Sa, 11-11:30am       East      5   $60/$75

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                       =childcare available          37
                                                 sWImmInG - Revised
4 Year old Specialized                                                     122670      10/22-11/19         Fri,10:30-11am           East        5    $60/$75
                                                                           122665      10/22-11/19       Fri,11:05-11:35am          East        5    $60/$75
   122620      9/13-10/11      M,12:30-1pm        East    5   $60/$75
                                                                           122759      10/23-11/20         Sa, 9:15-9:45am          East        5    $60/$75
   122615      9/13-10/11     M, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75
                                                                           122758      10/23-11/20       Sa, 10:25-10:55am          East        5    $60/$75
   122767      9/13-10/11     M, 6:10-6:40pm      North   5   $60/$75
   122618      9/14-10/12      Tu, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75
                                                                        6 Year old Specialized
   122614      9/14-10/12    Tu, 5:35-6:05pm      East    5   $60/$75
   122616      9/15-10/13      W, 5-5:30pm        North   5   $60/$75       122791        9/14-10/12       Tu, 6:10-6:40pm      East        5       $60/$75

   122818      9/15-10/13     W, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       122784        9/15-10/13       W, 6:10-6:40pm       North       5       $60/$75

   122619      9/16-10/14      Th, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75       122785        9/16-10/14       Th, 6:10-6:40pm      East        5       $60/$75

   122621      9/16-10/14    Th, 6:10-6:40pm      East    5   $60/$75       122810        10/19-11/16       Tu, 6:10-6:40pm      East       5       $60/$75

   122622      9/17-10/15     Fri,10:30-11am      East    5   $60/$75       122803        10/20-11/17       W, 6:10-6:40pm       North      5        $60/$75

   122617      9/17-10/15    Fri,11:05-11:35am    East    5   $60/$75       122804        10/21-11/18       Th, 6:10-6:40pm      North      5       $60/$75

   122638      9/18-10/16     Sa, 9:15-9:45am     East    5   $60/$75       122816        9/15-10/13       W, 5:35-6:05pm        North      5       $60/$75

   122636      9/18-10/16    Sa, 10:25-10:55am    East    5   $60/$75       122612        9/16-10/14        Th, 5-5:30pm          East      5       $60/$75

   122660      10/18-11/15     M,12:30-1pm        East    5   $60/$75       122633        9/16-10/14      Th, 6:10-6:40pm         East      5       $60/$75

   122655      10/18-11/15    M, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       122632        9/17-10/15       Fri,10:30-11am         East      5       $60/$75

   122768      10/18-11/15    M, 6:10-6:40pm      North   5   $60/$75       122610        9/17-10/15      Fri,11:05-11:35am       East      5       $60/$75

   122658      10/19-11/16     Tu, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75       122639        9/18-10/16       Sa, 9:15-9:45am        East      5       $60/$75

   122654      10/19-11/16   Tu, 5:35-6:05pm      East    5   $60/$75       122637        9/18-10/16       Sa, 11-11:30am         East      5       $60/$75

   122656      10/20-11/17     W, 5-5:30pm        North   5   $60/$75       122653        10/18-11/15       M,12:30-1pm           East      5       $60/$75

   122819      10/20-11/17    W, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       122645        10/18-11/15      M, 5:35-6:05pm        North      5       $60/$75

   122659      10/21-11/18     Th, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75       122766        10/18-11/15      M, 6:10-6:40pm        North      5       $60/$75

   122661      10/21-11/18   Th, 6:10-6:40pm      East    5   $60/$75       122648        10/19-11/16       Tu, 5-5:30pm          East      5       $60/$75

   122662      10/22-11/19    Fri,10:30-11am      East    5   $60/$75       122644        10/19-11/16     Tu, 5:35-6:05pm         East      5       $60/$75

   122657      10/22-11/19   Fri,11:05-11:35am    East    5   $60/$75       122646        10/20-11/17       W, 5-5:30pm          North      5       $60/$75

   122762      10/23-11/20    Sa, 9:15-9:45am     East    5   $60/$75       122817        10/20-11/17      W, 5:35-6:05pm        North      5       $60/$75

   122760      10/23-11/20   Sa, 10:25-10:55am    East    5   $60/$75       122652        10/21-11/18       Th, 5-5:30pm          East      5       $60/$75
5yr. old Specialized                                                        122672        10/21-11/18     Th, 6:10-6:40pm         East      5       $60/$75
   122628      9/13-10/11      M,12:30-1pm        East    5   $60/$75
   122624      9/13-10/11     M, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       122671        10/22-11/19      Fri,10:30-11am         East      5       $60/$75

   122769      9/13-10/11     M, 6:10-6:40pm      North   5   $60/$75       122647        10/22-11/19     Fri,11:05-11:35am       East      5       $60/$75

   122627      9/14-10/12      Tu, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75       122763        10/23-11/20      Sa, 9:15-9:45am        East      5       $60/$75

   122623      9/14-10/12    Tu, 5:35-6:05pm      East    5   $60/$75       122761        10/23-11/20      Sa, 11-11:30am         East      5       $60/$75

   122625      9/15-10/13      W, 5-5:30pm        North   5   $60/$75
   122820      9/15-10/13     W, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       SCHooL AGe CLASSeS
   122629      9/16-10/14      Th, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75
   122630      9/16-10/14    Th, 6:10-6:40pm      East    5   $60/$75   Level 1 Sea Turtle
                                                                        (Ages: 6-8) Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for Sea Turtle Classes. Class
   122631      9/17-10/15     Fri,10:30-11am      East    5   $60/$75
                                                                        Focus: Level 1 aims to help children enjoy and feel safe in the water. This
   122626      9/17-10/15    Fri,11:05-11:35am    East    5   $60/$75   introductory course focuses on water basics including breath control, front and
   122635      9/18-10/16     Sa, 9:15-9:45am     East    5   $60/$75   back floats with support, kicking, forward arm motion, and water safety.
   122634      9/18-10/16    Sa, 10:25-10:55am    East    5   $60/$75       122771        9/13-10/11       M, 5:35-6:05pm        North      5       $30/$38
   122666      10/18-11/15     M,12:30-1pm        East    5   $60/$75       122772        9/14-10/12      Tu, 6:10-6:40pm         East      5       $30/$38
   122664      10/18-11/15    M, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       122811        9/15-10/13       W, 6:10-6:40pm        North      5       $30/$38
   122770      10/18-11/15    M, 6:10-6:40pm      North   5   $60/$75       122814        9/16-10/14        Th, 5-5:30pm          East      5       $30/$38
   122667      10/19-11/16     Tu, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75       122787        9/18-10/16      Sa, 10:25-10:55am       East      5       $30/$38
   122663      10/19-11/16   Tu, 5:35-6:05pm      East    5   $60/$75       122792        10/18-11/15      M, 5:35-6:05pm        North      5       $30/$38
   122898      10/20-11/17     W, 5-5:30pm        North   5   $60/$75       122793        10/19-11/16     Tu, 6:10-6:40pm         East      5       $30/$38
   122821      10/20-11/17    W, 5:35-6:05pm      North   5   $60/$75       122812        10/20-11/17      W, 6:10-6:40pm        North      5       $30/$38
   122668      10/21-11/18     Th, 5-5:30pm       East    5   $60/$75       122815        10/21-11/18       Th, 5-5:30pm          East      5       $30/$38
   122669      10/21-11/18   Th, 6:10-6:40pm      East    5   $60/$75       122806        10/23-11/20     Sa, 10:25-10:55am       East      5       $30/$38

38          Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                      =childcare available
                                                                      sWImmInG - Revised
Level 2 rays                                                                   Level 5 Shark
(Ages: 6-8) Prerequisites: Successful completion of level 1 Sea Turtle Class   (Ages: 7-13) Prerequisites: Successful completion of level 4 Porpoise class
or child must be able to successfully perform 10 bobs, blow bubbles, and       or child must be able to successfully perform 25 yards of front crawl and
perform front and back floats with support. Class Focus: Level 2               backstroke with rhythmic breathing, 15 yards of breaststroke and 5 yards
continues to build on basic water skills introduced in the level 1 class.      of butterfly. Class Focus: Level 5 will refine all strokes and increase the
Students will learn to perform front and back floats independently and be      distances students swim. Students will be introduced to flip turns at walls
introduced to rhythmic breathing, front crawl and backstroke.                  and diving from starting blocks.
    122773       9/13-10/11     M, 6:10-6:40pm      North     5    $30/$38         122783       9/14-10/12      Tu, 5:35-6:05pm     East        5      $30/$38
    122774       9/14-10/12      Tu, 5-5:30pm        East     5    $30/$38         122782       9/15-10/13      W, 5:35-6:05pm     North        5      $30/$38
    122775       9/15-10/13      W, 5-5:30pm        North     5    $30/$38         122786       9/18-10/16       Sa, 11-11:30am     East        5      $30/$38
    122788       9/18-10/16     Sa, 11-11:30am       East     5    $30/$38         122802      10/19-11/16      Tu, 5:35-6:05pm     East        5      $30/$38
    122794      10/18-11/15     M, 6:10-6:40pm      North     5    $30/$38         122813      10/19-11/16      Tu, 5:35-6:05pm     East        5      $30/$38
    122795      10/19-11/16      Tu, 5-5:30pm        East     5    $30/$38         122801      10/20-11/17      W, 5:35-6:05pm     North        5      $30/$38
    122796      10/20-11/17      W, 5-5:30pm        North     5    $30/$38         122805      10/23-11/20       Sa, 11-11:30am     East        5      $30/$38
    122807      10/23-11/20     Sa, 11-11:30am       East     5    $30/$38         122807      10/23-11/20       Sa, 11-11:30am     East        5      $30/$38

Level 3 Swordfish                                                                  AQUATIC FITNeSS
(Ages: 7-13) Prerequisites: Successful completion of level 2 Rays Class or
child must be able successfully perform front and back floats independent
of support, 5 yards of front crawl and 5 yards of backstroke. Class Focus:     Aquatic Fitness in the Leisure Pool
Level 3 will continue to develop the front crawl and back strokes.             (Adult 18+) Moderate to high intensity cardio activity in the leisure pool.
Students will also be introduced to treading water, elementary backstroke      Instuctor: Martin Petrofes. Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474.
and deep water orientation.
                                                                                   122118       10/4-10/29       M/W/F, 8-9am       East        12     $78/$98
    122776       9/14-10/12    Tu, 6:10-6:40pm       East     5    $30/$38
                                                                                   122120       11/1-11/22       M/W/F, 8-9am       East        10     $60/$75
    122777       9/15-10/13     W, 6:10-6:40pm      North     5    $30/$38
                                                                                   122333       12/3-12/17        M/W/F, 8-9am      East        5      $30/$38
    122789       9/18-10/16     Sa, 9:15-9:45am      East     5    $30/$38
    122797      10/19-11/16    Tu, 6:10-6:40pm       East     5    $30/$38     Warm Water Fitness
    122798      10/20-11/17     W, 6:10-6:40pm      North     5    $30/$38     (Ages 18+) We will work on cardio, muscular strengthening and
    122808      10/23-11/20     Sa, 9:15-9:45am      East     5    $30/$38     flexiblitly in the warm pool (86-88). If you require physcial assistance in
                                                                               the water, a two-week notification is required. Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-
    122796      10/20-11/17      W, 5-5:30pm        North     5    $30/$38     413-7474.
    122807      10/23-11/20     Sa, 11-11:30am       East     5    $30/$38
                                                                                122110      9/14-9/28        Tu/F, 9:30-10:30am     East        5      $25/$31
Level 4 Porpoise                                                                122116      10/1-10/29       Tu/F, 9:30-10:30am     East        9      $54/$68
(Ages: 7-13) Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level 3 Swordfish
                                                                                122119      11/2-11/19       Tu/F, 9:30-10:30am     East        6      $36/$45
class or child must be able to successfully perform 15 yards of front crawl
and backstroke with rhythmic breathing, 15 yards of elementary                  123332      12/1-12/17        Tu/F, 9:30-10:30am    East        8      $48/$60
backstroke and one minute of treading water. Class Focus: Level 4 will
continue to refine basic stokes and will also introduce breaststroke and       Aquapump Fitness
butterfly. Students will increase endurance by swimming longer distances       (Ages 16+) This class combines swimming and water jogging iwith
and will be introduced to the basics of wall turns.                            resistance exercises in the pool and on the pool deck. Participants can
                                                                               focus on exercises to directly benefit swimming and/or running with the
   122781       9/14-10/12     Tu, 6:10-6:40pm        East     5   $30/$38     guidance of a coach. The class is also excellent for those working on
   122780       9/15-10/13      W, 6:10-6:40pm       North     5   $30/$38     general fitness or post rehabilitation. Individual attention to needs and
   122790       9/18-10/16     Sa, 10:25-10:55am      East     5   $30/$38     goals will be given.
   122800      10/19-11/16     Tu, 6:10-6:40pm        East     5   $30/$38
                                                                                122111      9/13-10/20       M/W, 9:30-10:30am     East    12        $102/$128
   122799      10/20-11/17      W, 6:10-6:40pm       North     5   $30/$38
                                                                                122858      10/25-12/1       M/W, 9:30-10:30am     East    12        $102/$128
   122809      10/23-11/20     Sa, 10:25-10:55am      East     5   $30/$38

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                            =childcare available             39

                        Whether you seek skill development, improvement or competitive training, you’ll find it in our tennis programs.

                                                                                  Private Tennis Lessons
                                                                                  Youth and adult private lessons outside are available (weather
                                                                                  permitting). The City of Boulder tennis instructors teach all lessons. A
                                                                                  participant information sheet will be filled out upon registration for your
                                                                                  lesson. This sheet will be used to arrange days and times of each lesson.

G   onzoTennis was founded in 2004 by Gonzalo Garcia with the idea
    of bringing quality tennis programs to the Boulder community.
Since then, GonzoTennis has shared the courts with players from ages 3 to
                                                                                  Lessons expire six months after registration. Information 303-441-4137

75 through programs for kids and adults.                      INDIVIDUAL
                                                                                     1 class (one hour)        $43     3 classes (one hour) $122
Gonzo Tennis and City of Boulder believe tennis is a significant part of life
that further defines who we are as human beings. We have a devotion to               6 classes (one hour)      $232
fostering the development of players of all ages, and giving them the
opportunity to discover even more about this truly international sport.
                                                                                   GROUP (one hour)
 Questions:                                                                          $67 for 2 people                        $85 for 3 people
 Gonzo, or                                                       $103 for 4 people                       $115 for 5 people
 Derrick, 303-441-4137 or
 trippd@                                                         $124 for 6 people

                                                                                   No more than four children (ages 7-10) per class.
                                                                                   No more than six children (ages 11-15) per class.
        TeNNIS CoUrT LoCATIoNS
                              Arapahoe Ridge, Eisenhower Dr. • 2 courts           GROUP PACKAGE
                              Baseline Middle, 700 20th St. • 2 courts             Groups of 2: 3 classes (one hour each) $190
                              Centennial Middle, 2205 Norwood • 8 courts
                              Chautauqua Park, Ninth & Baseline • 1 court
                              Columbine, 20th & Glenwood • 2 courts
                              East Center, 5660 Sioux Dr. • 5 courts
                              Fairview High, Greenbriar & Knox • 8 courts
                              Knollwood, Fourth & Spruce • 2 courts
                              Manhattan Middle, 290 Manhattan • 4 courts
     To reserve               Martin Park, 36th & Dartmouth • 2 courts
     a Court Call:            North Center, 3170 Broadway • 4 courts
     303-441-4137             Palo Park, N. 30th & Redwood • 2 courts
     Fee: $6-8/hour           South Center, 1360 Gillaspie • 4 courts
                              Tom Watson Park, 63rd & IBM Dr. • 4 courts

40       Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                              =childcare available
     ADULT TeNNIS                                                                         Juniors (Intermediate)
                                                                                           122739    8/23-10/11    M, 5-6pm        Manhattan M.S.   8 $76/$95
(Age 16+) These clinics will introduce all the basic strokes to beginners.
Then games will be introduced to work on the skills you are developing.                    122740    8/24-10/12   Tu, 5-6pm            North        8 $76/$95
Different games will be used for different levels. These games will                        122741    8/25-10/13   W, 5-6pm         Manhattan M.S.   8 $76/$95
improve your stroke technique and consistency.                                             122859    8/26-10/14   Th, 5-6pm            North        8 $76/$95

Beginner Clinic (2.5-3.0)                                                                  122860    8/27-10/15    F, 5-6pm        Manhattan M.S.   8 $76/$95
                                                                                           122861    8/28-10/16   Sa, 10-11am      Manhattan M.S.   8 $76/$95
 122869      8/23-9/15       M/W, 5:30-7pm      Manhattan M.S.          8     $114/$143
 122870     9/27-10/20       M/W, 5:30-7pm      Manhattan M.S.          8     $114/$143   Juniors (Advanced)
 122873     8/25-10/13       Tu, 5:30-7pm            North              8     $114/$143
 122875     8/26-10/14       Th, 9-10:30am           North              8     $114/$143     123892   8/28-10/16   Sa, 11-12pm      Manhattan M.S.   8   $76/$95
                                                                                            122863   8/23-10/11    M, 6-7pm        Manhattan M.S.   8   $76/$95
Beginner Clinic with Gonzo (2.5-3.0)                                                        122864   8/24-10/12    Tu, 6-7pm           North        8   $76/$95
 122876     8/25-10/13        W, 9-10:30am       Manhattan M.S.         8 $168/$210         122865   8/25-10/13    W, 6-7pm        Manhattan M.S.   8   $76/$95
                                                                                            122866   8/26-10/14    Th, 6-7pm           North        8   $76/$95
Intermediate Clinic (3.5)
                                                                                            122867   8/27-10/15    F, 6-7pm        Manhattan M.S.   8   $76/$95
 122877     8/23-10/11        M, 5:30-7pm              North                8 $114/$143
 122871     8/24-9/16     Tu/Th, 5:30-7pm         Manhattan M.S.            8 $114/$143
 122872     9/28-10/21    Tu/Th, 5:30-7pm         Manhattan M.S.            8 $114/$143
 122878     8/25-10/13        W, 5:30-7pm         Manhattan M.S.            8 $114/$143
 122879     8/26-10/14       Th, 10:30-12pm            North                8 $114/$143

Intermediate Clinic with Gonzo (3.5)
 122880     8/24-10/12        Tu, 9-10:30am            North            8     $168/$210
 122881     8/25-10/13       W, 10:30-12pm       Manhattan M.S.         8     $168/$210

Drop-In Tennis with Gonzo
 122883      8/24-10/12      Tu, 10:30-12pm          North          8         $20/class
 122884      8/28-10/16        Sa, 1-2:30pm     Manhattan H.S. 8              $20/class

Match Play
 122887      8/27-10/15        F, 5:30-7pm      Manhattan H.S. 8             $114/$143

Adult Tennis Class Visitor
(Ages 16+) Join any adult class not full. Contact
to check first.
                                                                $75 (5 classes)
  122888         8/23-10/25          TBA         TBA
                                                               $130 (10 classes)

     JUNIor TeNNIS
(Ages 11-15) The junior program is divided into three different levels determined by
age and ability. These game-based programs use specific exercises and fun games to
help the students to understand the aspects of the game.

Juniors (Beginner)
   122732       8/23-10/11        M, 4-5pm         Manhattan M.S.            8 $76/$95
   122733       8/24-10/12        Tu, 4-5pm              North               8 $76/$95
   122734       8/25-10/13        W, 4-5pm         Manhattan M.S.            8 $76/$95
   122735       8/26-10/14       Th, 4-5pm               North               8 $76/$95
   122736       8/27-10/15        F, 4-5pm         Manhattan M.S.            8 $76/$95
   122737       8/28-10/16       Sa, 9-10am        Manhattan M.S.            8 $76/$95

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                  =childcare available       41
                                                                             Tiny Gonzos (Ages 5-7)
                                                                                122699     8/23-10/11   M, 3:45-4:30pm    Manhattan M.S.   8   $68/$85
                                                                                122700     8/24-10/12   Tu, 3:45-4:30pm   Manhattan M.S.   8   $68/$85
                                                                                122701     8/25-10/13   W, 3:45-4:30pm    Manhattan M.S.   8   $68/$85
                                                                                122702     8/26-10/14   Th, 3:45-4:30pm   Manhattan M.S.   8   $68/$85
                                                                                122703     8/27-10/15   F, 3:45-4:30pm    Manhattan M.S.   8   $68/$85
                                                                                122704     8/28-10/16   Sa, 10:15-11am        North        8   $68/$85
                                                                                122705     8/29-10/17   Su, 10:15-11am    Manhattan M.S.   8   $68/$85
                                                                                122717     8/23-10/13   W, 3:45-4:30pm        North        8   $68/$85

                                                                             Mighty Gonzos (Ages 8-10)
                                                                                122706     8/23-10/11   M, 4:30-5:30pm    Manhattan M.S. 8     $76/$95
                                                                                122707     8/24-10/12   Tu, 4:30-5:30pm   Manhattan M.S. 8     $76/$95
                                                                                122708     8/25-10/13   W, 4:30-5:30pm    Manhattan M.S. 8     $76/$95
                                                                                122709     8/26-10/14   Th, 4:30-5:30pm   Manhattan M.S. 8     $76/$95
                                                                                122710     8/27-10/15   F, 4:30-5:30pm    Manhattan M.S. 8     $76/$95
                                                                                122711     8/28-10/16    Sa, 11-12pm          North        8   $76/$95
                                                                                122712     8/29-10/17    Su, 11-12pm      Manhattan M.S. 8     $76/$95
                                                                                122718     8/25-10/13   W, 4:30-5:30pm        North        8   $76/$95

                                                                             Youth Junior Tennis Class Visitor
                                                                             (Ages 16+) Join any youth class not full. Contact
                                                                             to check first.
                                                                                                                                   $60 (5 classes)
                                                                              122719      8/23-10/25     TBA      TBA     5
                                                                                                                                  $100 (10 classes)

(Ages 3-4) The Gonzo Tennis program is a child physical development
program that uses a variety of fun games to develop motor skills, enjoying
the game of tennis and helping to create self confidence in a safe and
friendly environment.

Mini Gonzos (Ages 3-4)
   122692      8/23-10/11   M, 3:15-3:45pm     Manhattan M.S. 8 $60/$75
   122693      8/24-10/12   Tu, 3:15-3:45pm    Manhattan M.S.   8 $60/$75
   122694      8/25-10/13   W, 3:15-3:45pm     Manhattan M.S.   8 $60/$75
   122695      8/26-10/14   Th, 3:15-3:45pm    Manhattan M.S.   8 $60/$75
   122696      8/27-10/15    F, 3:15-3:45pm    Manhattan M.S.   8 $60/$75
   122697      8/28-10/16   Sa, 9:45-10:15am       North        8 $60/$75
   122698      8/29-10/17   Su, 9:45-10:15am   Manhattan M.S.   8 $60/$75
   122716      8/25-10/13   W, 3:15-3:45pm         North        8 $60/$75

42          Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                     =childcare available
              terms & condItIons / InformatIon
 Fall recreation                                    Court reservations                                   the event of an emergency requiring the re-
                                                    • Reserve racquetball, tennis and platform           location of participants, program leaders will
 Center Closures                                      tennis courts two days in advance                  communicate their actions and evacuation
 9/6         (Labor Day) East and South Closed        beginning at 8:30 am each day.                     location (once practical) to department
             North Open 8am-1:30pm
                                                                                                         communication staff. This information will
                                                    • Outdoor Courts – Tennis, Platform Tennis           be uploaded to the city’s Website (www.
 8/30-9/12   East Closed
                                                      and Racquetball – Hourly rentals free with and be added to the city’s
 11/25       All Closed                               annual pass, or pay the daily drop-in rate         emergency information phone line at (303-
 11/26       All Open 8am-5pm                         or use a punch.                                    441-4300) as soon as possible. If you have any
                                                                                                         questions about the Department’s emergency
Annual Pass Terms & Benefits                        Children Under 10                                    plans, please call 303-413-7200.
1) First adult family member of the house hold
                                                    For your child’s safety and well-being, the city
   (19-59) pays full price; additional family
                                                    of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department           Photographs and Model release
   members pay half price.                                                                               By entering Boulder Parks and Recreation
                                                    requests that children under 10 years of age
2) Includes unlimited use of outdoor pools and                                                           facilities or participating in our programs,
                                                    not be left un-supervised at any recreation
   recreation centers; open swim and gym,                                                                you agree that photographs, digital images or
                                                    facility, outdoor pool, sports field or park. It
   drop-in fitness/yoga, weight room,                                                                    video of you and your family-members may
                                                    is acceptable to leave children participating
   racquetball/handball and platform                                                                     be created and used for future promotional
                                                    in organized classes or programs, as they are
   tennis courts, sauna, lockers, fishing and                                                            or marketing material by the City of Boulder
                                                    under the care of an adult program leader or
   swimming at Boulder Reservoir.                                                                        without prior consent or monetary compen-
3) Complimentary towels at rec centers.                                                                  sation. Photography/videography of facility
4) Racquets for indoor racquetball.                 Class Size                                           users or program participants by unauthorized
5) Discounts at participating merchants.            Limits have been placed on the size of               individuals is prohibited. Thank you for your
6) 10% savings on one class per session (as         some classes to assure quality instruction.          cooperation.
    available one week before class begins),        Registration is first come, first served. Register
    must register in person.                        early to ensure a place in the classes you want.
                                                    Class enrollments are reviewed 3-5 days prior
Punch Pass Terms & Benefits                         to the first class and those with insufficient
Includes open swim and gym, drop-in fitness/        enrollment will be cancelled. Registration
yoga, weight rooms, outdoor pools and               must be made prior to participation in any           Help Make Boulder, Colorado a
reservoir entries. Punch Passes expire two          Parks and Recreation program or activity.            great place to PLAY!
years after purchase date.                                                                               The PLAY Boulder Foundation is a
                                                    Nothing Cancels a Program Faster...                  nonprofit organization that supports and
Class Visitor Pass                                  than people waiting until the last minute to         advocates for parks and recreation
This pass allows you to drop into a registered      register for it! All programs have a minimum         programs and services in the Boulder
class, if space is available. Cards can be          enrollment – and if we don’t reach the               area. We provide opportunities for
purchased at centers and are valid for six          minimum by a certain date, the class gets            individuals and organizations to donate
months from date of purchase for the following      cancelled. Please don’t delay, register today!       to parks and recreation in Boulder, and
programs: Adult Dance, Yoga, Pilates Mat and                                                             give us all the wonderful experiences that
Swiss Ball. $60 for 5 classes                       Access for All                                       make us glad to call Boulder our home.
                                                    Boulder Parks and Recreation is committed to         Your dollars go toward enhancing these
Group Discount Program                              supporting and complying with the Americans          programs, facilities and open spaces -
Discounted rates are available for businesses       with Disabilities Act. If you require a special      and, in turn, help build a stronger
and organizations with five or more                 accommodation, please notify us at least two         community.
employees; and for Boulder Chamber of               weeks in advance of an activity or class. For
                                                    more information, contact Colleen Fitzgerald         Visit us at, email us at
Commerce members! For information call                                                          or write us at PLAY
303-413-7200 or            at 303-413-7216.
                                                                                                         Boulder, PO Box 20935, Boulder, CO 80308.
                                                    We welcome all residents regardless of race,
reduced rate Program                                color, disability, national origin, gender, age,
                                                    sexual orientation or religion to enjoy our          Parks & recreation Advisory Board
Residents qualify by meeting the low-income                                                              The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
                                                    programs, services and facilities.
eligibility criteria and by falling into at least                                                        (PRAB) consists of seven members appointed
one of the following categories: Family (with                                                            by City Council, each to five-year terms.
                                                    In an emergency – What’s our Plan?
at least one child 18 years or younger living       The city of Boulder Parks and Recreation             The Board offers advice and consultation
in the household); Senior (age 62 and over);        Department operates many programs and                to City Council and city departments on the
Adults with Disabilities (19 or older). For         facilities for the Boulder community. We             acquisition, construction and maintenance
information call 303-413-7200.                      know that under rare circumstances, extreme          of city park property and coordinates policy
                                                    weather or other situations have the potential       on the development and use of recreational
                                                    to impact our operations, facilities and patrons.    facilities. The Board also approves
Lock Policy                                                                                              expenditures from the Permanent Park and
Patrons are urged to bring a lock to secure         In an emergency, staff will follow plans and
                                                    procedures designed to ensure the safety             Recreation Fund. PRAB agendas, meeting
valuables. The city of Boulder is NOT                                                                    minutes and audio files are available at www.
                                                    of participants. A plan has been tailored to
responsible for lost or stolen property. Lockers                                               
                                                    each specific site and facility we manage. In
are available for day use only.

       Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                       =childcare available           43
                                                                                          online registration
 email addresses are lastnamefirst initial of first                                       It’s quick, convenient and easy! Register online from the convenience of your e.g. Michael Smith is                                          own home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Kirk Kincannon, Director. . . . . . . . . . . . 303-413-7200                              Online registration starts at 8:30 am on Tuesday,                      August 3
Alice Guthrie, Recreation
Superintendent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303-413-7211
Parks/Planning Superintendent . . . . . . 303-413-7200
                                                                                          To use online registration you will need:
                                                                                          • Family Pin          • Login ID                • Visa/Mastercard
Teri Olander, Administrator . . . . . . . . . . . . .303-441-3429
Program Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .303-441-3410
Tennis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .303-441-4137
                                                                                          Create your own account online today! You can now create (or update) your
                                                                                          family account information online. New to Boulder or to Parks and Recreation
ACCESS & INCLUSION (EXPAND & YSI)                                                         - now you can create your own account and begin registering for classes from
Colleen Fitzgerald, Administrator. . . . 303-413-7216                                     any computer with internet accesss 24-7. See the link at www.boulderparks-rec.
BOULDER RESERVOIR                                                                         org.
Stacy Cole, Reservoir Manager. . . . . . . . 303-441-3461                                 You can also register using...
COMMUNITY OUTREACH                                                                        Mail In                                               Phone In
Internship Coordinator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303-413-7262                           Begins August 3                                       Begins August 6
Mary Malley                                                                               Mail to:                                              303-413-7270
Coordinator of Volunteer Services . . . . . . 303-413-7245                                Recreation Registration c/o EBCC                      Mon-Fri, 9 am–5 pm
FLATIRONS GOLF COURSE                                                                     5660 Sioux Drive, Boulder, CO 80303                   Credit card and course code required
Doug Cook, Director of Golf. . . . . . . . . 303-442-7851

ARTS/POTTERY LAB                                                                          Drop-off Box                                          Walk In
Nancy Utterback, Coordinator . . . . . . . 303-441-3446                                   Begins August 3                                       Begins August 6
                                                                                          All City Recreation Centers                           East, North and South Centers
                                                                                                                                                Mon–Fri, 8:30 am–5:30 pm
Cynthia Burdine, Coordinator . . . . . . . 303-413-7473
Kirsten Leslie, Coordinator. . . . . . . . . . . 303-413-7479                                       Para mayor información o ayuda en Español, o si usted necesita alguna parte de este
                                                                                                            documento traducida, por favor comuníquese al (303) 441-1905.
Summer Kennedy, Supervisor . . . . . . . 303-413-7264                                                          Acknowledgment of risk /Waiver of Liability
Content VonRoenn, Weights Coordinator . . . . . . . . . .                                 As a condition of use of any City of Boulder         Participants (or the parents/guardians of
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303-413-7280        Parks and Recreation facility or participa-          minor children) may also be required to
Kristen Rupert, Fitness Coordinator . . . 303-413-7478
                                                                                          tion in any program, sports league, class,           complete a medical health history and/or
                                                                                          recreation or fitness activity, you agree as         sign an additional waiver of liability prior
GYMNASTICS                                                                                a participant or parent/guardian of a par-           to participation in any programs or classes.
Ron Crescentini, Supervisor . . . . . . . . . 303-413-7265                                ticipant in the program, to assume all risks         Anyone recovering from an injury or illness
                                                                                          and hazards of engaging in or spectating             must first discuss their return to physical
                                                                                          at any city activity or facility, including          activity with their physician and Parks and
ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE                                                                       assuming all risks for personal injury, death        Recreation instructor prior to enrolling/
LouAnn Harlow, Yoga Coordinator . . 303-413-7255                                          and property damage.                                 participating.
PILATES/SWISS BALL                                                                        You further agree to hold harmless the City          Therefore, having read and understood
Kathleen Murphy, Coordinator . . . . . . . 303-413-7466                                   of Boulder, its staff, instructors, volunteers,      this waiver and in consideration of your
                                                                                          officials, sponsors, partners or representa-         accepting my entry into a City of Boulder
RECREATION CENTERS/AQUATICS                                                               tives from liability for any losses, damages         recreation facility or program, I, for myself
Steve Whipple, Administrator . . . . . . . 303-413-7262                                   or injuries that may occur in any way as a           and anyone entitled to act on my behalf,
Swimming Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303-441-3572                            result of these activities or facility uses –        waive and release the City of Boulder, all
                                                                                          regardless of cause.                                 staff, volunteers, sponsors, and representa-
Kim Lidkea, Supervisor EBCC . . . . . . . . 303-441-7463
                                                                                                                                               tives from all claims or liabilities of any kind
Alison Rhodes, Supervisor NBRC . . . . . . 303-413-7263                                   You further certify that you are properly
                                                                                                                                               arising out of my participation in (or as a
                                                                                          prepared to engage in any activities you
Todd Calvin, Supervisor SBRC . . . . . . . . .303-441-3449                                                                                     spectator of) any program or use of any
                                                                                          have selected and that you have recently
                                                                                          consulted a physician to establish that it is
                                                                                          safe and appropriate for you to engage in            NOTE: If a facility user or program
                                                                                          these activities.                                    participant is under 18 years of age, you as

44             Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                                           =childcare available
                     Pass and Program - Transfer and refund Policy
Class Transfer Policy                                     Fee                         Pass Withdrawal Policy                                       Fee
• Same day of registration                                $0                          Annual Pass
• Before 2nd class meeting, if there is room              $5                          • Cancellation Fee                                           $25

Program Withdrawal Policy                                                             Monthly Annual Pass
Classes                                                                               • Payments stopped upon request, no prorated refunds
• Before 2nd class                                        $15                         Punch Cards
• After 2nd class                                         No Refund
                                                                                      • Cancellation Fee                                           $15
2 Meeting Workshops
• Before 1st Meeting                                      $15                         1. For pass and program withdrawals, customer will receive a refund
                                                                                      of their prorated balance less a withdrawal fee.
• After 1st Meeting                                       50%
                                                                                      2. In the event a patron or their dependent falls ill, becomes injured or
Leagues                                                                               does not possess necessary skills, inhibiting their ability to participate
• Before league registration deadline                     $15                         in or continue participation in a program or utilize a facility pass or
• After league registration deadline                      No Refund                   punch card, a pro-rated refund may be given based upon the date of
                                                                                      the refund request. Documentation (i.e. doctor’s note) is requested for
Camps - Withdrawal Policy                                                             illnesses and injury claims.
                                                                                      3. In the event a patron requests a full refund due to level of service
• Monday two weeks prior to start of camp                 No Refund                   or other legitimate factors, they are asked to submit this request in
• More than two weeks prior to start date                 $15                         writing citing their reason for a full refund.
                                                                                      4. If a refund is authorized, the appropriate amount will be refunded
Important                                                                             via the original form of payment. No exceptions.
• No registration accepted by instructor.
• $25 will be charged for returned checks.
• Wait lists are taken for filled classes. We’ll call if a spot opens.
• Payment is due at time of registration.

                                                             registration Form
  Payer/Parent Name: ______________________________________                             Check here if you have a disability and require an accomodation.
  Address: _______________________________________________                            Please allow two weeks.
  City:____________________________________Zip:___________                            Payment Information:
                                                                                         Check or money order payable to: City of Boulder
  Home Phone: ________________Work Phone:________________                                Visa      Mastercard
  Email Address:__________________________________________                            Card No. __________________________________Exp.________________
  Contact Person:__________________________________________                           Signature______________________________________________________
    I’m interested in volunteering, please contact me.
                                                                                          I have read the Refund and Transfer Policy (above)

                                                        Course           2nd Choice                                                        Start
         Participant Name              of      M/F                                            Course Name                  Location                Time      Fee
                                                         Code       Course Code                                                            Date

     Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270                                                        =childcare available         45
46   Register Online • register by phone 303-413-7270   =childcare available
W      ant to get t while enjoying the exibility and variety of daily, drop-in tness
       classes? Let us meet your tness mood, schedule and budget with our conve-
niently located and scheduled classes.
                                                                                          Muscle Toning
                                                                                          Strength & Stretch
                                                                                                                            7:15-8:15 am
                                                                                                                            7:15-8:15 am
                                                                                          Fitness For Life      M/W/F       7:30-8:30 am
We o er more than 100 daily drop-in tness classes each week. No advance registration      Aquatic Fitness       Tu/         8-9 am
is necessary. Your recreation center annual                                               Nia                   M           8:15-9:15 am
or punch pass or daily entry fee (just $6.25)                                             Aquatic Fitness       M/W/F       9-10 am
gets you into any drop-in class and gives                                                 Nia                   W           9:15-10:15 am
you full access to the facility’s pools, ball                                             Fitness for Life      M/W/F       10:30-11:30 am
                                              Cycle (begins Oct.4) M/W/F 6-7 am
                                                                                          Nia                      /F       10:50-11:50 am
courts, weight room, cardio tness equip-      Muscle Toning        T/TH 6:30-7:30 am      Muscle Toning         M/W         12-1 pm
ment – and more!
                                               Nia                F      7:30-8:30 am     Cardio Sculpt         T/          12-1 pm
Get t, have fun and enjoy our extensive        Aquatic Fitness    M/W/F 8:30-9:30 am      Core & More           F           12-1 pm
selection of drop-in classes. Also, check-                                                Nia                   M/T/        5:30-6:30 pm
                                               Cardio Sculpt      T/     8:45-10 am
out the latest Recreation Guide to choose                                                 Pre/Post Natal        M           7-8 pm
                                               Boulder Lift       M/W/F 9-10 am           Aquatic Fitness
from hundreds of pre-registered classes and                                               Nia                   Sat         11-12 pm
 sports leagues.                               Nia                F      10:50-11:50 am
                                                                                          Nia                   Sun         12-1 pm
                                               Nia                Tu/    12-1 pm
                                               Fitness for Life   Tu/    1:30-2:30 pm
                                               Nia                Tu/    4:15-5:15 pm     All Levels Yoga       Sa          12-1 pm
                                               Muscle Toning      M/W    5-6 pm           All Levels Yoga       Su          9-10 am
 Muscle Toning     T/      8:50-9:50 am        Step               Sa     7:45-8:45 am     Pranayama             Su          10-10:30 am
                                               Nia                Sa     10:30-11:30 am   Chi Kung              M           10:45-11:45 am
 Nia               M       10:50-11:50 am
                                               Muscle Toning      Sa     9-10 am          All Levels Yoga       M           12-1 pm
 Conditioning      M/W/F 12-1 pm               Boulder Lift       Su     9-10 am          Meditation            2nd M       1-2 pm
 Aquatic Fitness   T/      12:30-1:30 pm       Nia                Su     10:30-11:30 am   All Levels Yoga       M           5:30-6:45 pm
                                                                                          Pranayama             M           6:45-7:10 pm
 Nia               Sa      8:10-9:10 am
                                                                                          All Levels Yoga       Tu          8:45-9:45 am
                                               Pilates/Yoga       W      12-1 pm          Kundalini Yoga/
                                                                                                                Tu          10:50-11:50 am
                                               All Levels Yoga           7:45-8:45 am     Spirit Dance
 All Levels Yoga   M       12-1 pm
                                                                                          Pilates/Yoga          Tu          12-1 pm
 All Levels Yoga   Tu/     12-1 pm             Pilates Mat        F      8:45-9:45 am
                                                                                          All Levels Yoga       W           12-1 pm
 All Levels Yoga   W       7:10-8:10 pm        All Levels Yoga    F      12-1 pm
                                                                                          Pranayama             W           1-1:30 pm
                                               Pilates Mat        F      5-6 pm           All Levels Yoga                   8-9 am
 All Levels Yoga   Sa      9:15-10:15 am
                                               All Levels Yoga    Su     11:45-12:45 pm   All Levels Yoga                   12-1 pm
                                                                                          All Levels Yoga       F           12-1 pm
 Women’s           Sa      8-10 am             Senior             M/F    1:30-3:30 pm     All Levels Yoga       F           5:20-6:20 pm
                                               Co-Ed              F      7-9 pm
 19+               Su      8-11 am                                                        Co-Ed                 Sun         9am-12pm
 All ages          Su      11-5 pm             All ages           Tu     2:30-5:30 pm
 All ages          M/W/F   2:30-5 pm           All ages           F     3:30-5:30 pm      19+                  M/W/F         11:30-1:30 pm
 19+               Tu/     11-1:30 pm          All ages           Sa/Su 1-5 pm            All ages             M/Tu/         2:30-5:30 pm
 All ages          Sa      1:30-5 pm           19+                M/W/F 11-1:30 pm        All ages             Sa, 1-5 pm    Su, 1-4 pm
City of Boulder                                                                      PRSRT STD
Parks & Recreation Registration                                                      US Postage
5660 Sioux Drive                                                                        PAID
                                                                                    BOULDER, CO
Boulder, CO 80303                                                                  PERMIT NO. 150

   August 3

Saturday Nite
Aug 28th, 2010

                                                         FUN FAMILY BIKE RIDE
                                                         AROUND THE STREETS
                                                         OF BOULDER
                                                         Registration fees from $15 to $30

                                                                                         Organized by

Benefiting the Boulder Parks & Recreation Department’s
EXPAND, YSI Programs & PLAY Boulder

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