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					            IEP Protocol
Tips for Conducting a Successful
   Meeting with an Appropriately
                  Developed IEP
Set the Stage
l   Think ahead:
l   Reserve the room
l   Invite the participants and provide written notice to
    parent(s)-You do not need to include the names of
    the participants, only their position.
l   Prepare the draft IEP and send it home marked draft
    (Do not include services, the LRE statement, or
    Prior Notice)
l   Think about the presentation: where will you sit, the
    parent(s), others ?? Be sure there is enough space
    and that you will be able to use your laptop easily
Some Thoughts About
l   Consider using the video beam to present the
    DRAFT IEP to the team. Use of the beam
    allows all participants to see exactly what is
    being typed.
l   Use of the video beam encourages
    discussion and may lessen anxiety as people
    discuss what is being seen.
l   Do experiment BEFORE the meeting to be
    sure that a comfortable environment can be
l   Even with the use of the video beam, hard
    copies should be provided to the team.

l   People may want to take notes, etc.
l   How you start the meeting is key!
l   Have all participants introduce themselves including
    anyone the parents may bring
l   Describe the process to parents
    l   (consider using an agenda)
l   Example:
    l   Good morning, we are here to consider Johnny’s current
        level of performance, discuss his educational needs,
        determine goals, determine needed supports and services
        to reach his goals and we will then discuss the location
        where these needs can be most appropriately met.
l   The purpose of an IEP meeting can vary,
    BUT jumping straight to considering where
    the child will be served is incorrect.
l   You may have to remind parents or members
    of the team that there is a process and at the
    conclusion of the process location of services
    and supports will be discussed.
The Cover Page
l   Check that data is correct and make changes as
    needed. Match participants to those actually
l   The IEP team must include at a minimum:
    l   Administrator or designee
    l   General Education Teacher
    l   Special Education Teacher
    l   Parent
    l   Related services attend as applicable
    l   The student if transition is being discussed
l   Use the excused members form if needed. BUT
    Administrators should not be excused!!
Considerations Page
l   This should be used as a flexible tool
    throughout the meeting. The first 5 areas
    MUST be addressed and may be added to
    during the meeting.
l   AVOID using SEE PLOP… The intent is to :
    l   1. Center the team on the meeting’s process
    l   2. Give parents an opportunity to effectively state
        their concerns and contribute their unique
        knowledge of their child.
Keep The Considerations Page

l   Throughout the meeting, adding to this page
    may be the appropriate place to enter other

l   Students with behaviors that interfere with
    learning will also need an FBA and BIP.

l   Students with limited English proficiency,
    visual, or hearing disabilities are also
l   This narrative gives a clear picture of the child as
    related to the identified disability. It should give a
    clear description of the child’s strengths and
    weaknesses. The PLOP should speak directly to
    how the disability manifests within the classroom.
l   All test scores included must be explained.
l   There must be a clear relationship between the
    PLOP and goals and objectives.
l   As appropriate, students should have input in their
    own voice regarding desired transition/career
Goals and Objectives
l   Must be written in measurable terms.
l   Must include how progress on the goal will be
    evaluated and how often reports on progress
    will be completed. (usually quarterly)
l   Do NOT use the following as a goal:
    l   Rhona will demonstrate improvement in reading
        skills as measured by THE FOLLOWING
        OBJECTIVES. This goal does not meet the
        requirement that it be measurable
l   And remember, including a percentage does
    not necessarily make a goal or objective
    measurable (refer to the Intranet under
    Exceptional Education for more specifics on
    writing measurable objectives)
l   NOT a menu!!
l   There should be a direct relationship to the
    areas addressed in the PLOP.
l   Be specific/Do NOT use “as needed.”
l   Remember the idea is to level the playing
l   These must be implemented in general ed.
    classes as well.
Accommodations Continued
l   It is not appropriate to make the student responsible
    for obtaining the accommodation.
l   Example:
    l  Do not write student will obtain teacher signature on
       assignment book.
    l  Or student to have behavior plan signed by teacher
    (In this example, goals should be written to teach the student
       how to improve organization)
l   If it is an accommodation, it is the teacher’s
    responsibility to ensure that it happens
l   Note: The criteria for the Read Aloud Option for SOL
    Reading tests has changed significantly
l   This information is available from your school
l   Students with alternate assessments have
    separate considerations.
l   Remember this is not a menu.
l   Begin with the question, Which goals can be
    implemented in a general education setting?
l   Goals and supports that are needed (and
    already established) drive the location of
l   We are required to consider the least
    restrictive environment for each child.
Least Restrictive Environment
l   State why the child needs special education
    l   Example: Due to Johnny’s documented reading deficits that
        require specialized instruction and his difficulty with organization
        skills that impact his ability to benefit from general education
        even with aides and supports, he is appropriately served in…..

l   Include areas of participation with non-
    disabled peers such as:
    l   Johnny will participate with non-disabled peers…..
Prior Notice
l   Prior Written Notice notifies families what the school
    proposes and refuses, if applicable, prior to
    implementing those proposal or refusals. This is the
    school’s notice and is not part of the development of
    the IEP. As such, parents do not participate in the
    writing of the PWN.
         Example: Parents request that Johnny have a
    1:1 assistant. The team did not support the use of a
    1:1 as Johnny’s needs can be appropriately met
l   Prior Written Notice must be given to parents, but
    can be provided within a few days of the meeting if
    there are concerns on the part of the team.
In a Nutshell>>>
l   Prepare,prepare
l   Send a draft!!!!!!!!
l   Know the contents and flow
l   Keep the team on topic
l   Help keep everyone calm.
l   It is fine to adjourn if you feel the meeting is
l   Reschedule quickly
l   Facilitating an IEP is a learned art!
l   Keep participants on topic.
l   Give reminders of time parameters.
l   Encourage parent participation.
l   Say No appropriately, include refusals in prior notice
l   If an issue arises that is holding up the meeting, ask
    that it be tabled, move on and then come back to it.
l   If an issue arises that requires guidance, take a
    break and reach the appropriate party.
l   If needed, ask that the team reconvene.

l   If parents chose to leave, encourage them to
    stay and inform them that the meeting will
    continue. Document their refusal to
    participate in Prior Notice.
l   General opinion of the group.
l   NOT determined by majority vote.
l   Be sure to consider parents’ views as they are equal
    participants. However, the final responsibility is with
    the LEA to ensure that the IEP includes the services
    that the child needs to receive FAPE.
l   NEVER include goals or services because the
    parents or their advocates insist if the school-based
    data and assessments indicate otherwise.
l   Try to work with the parent to achieve
    consent. Some compromise may be in order..
    Try to determine what their concerns are and
    work to reach a mutually agreeable plan.
l   IEPs are not written in stone, can be modified!!
l   Consider having several people take notes. If there
    is a lot to cover, or you are unsure… the Prior Notice
    does not have to be given to the parent at the
    meeting. It can be completed within a short period of
    time and sent separately.
l   Prior notice MUST be completed !!
l   Ask Parents if they are comfortable with the draft
    and will consent. If so, print and obtain signatures.
l   IF parents want to review the IEP prior to signing,
    send it in draft form.
l   If parents wish to make changes after review,
    another meeting must be held.
l   If they agree as it was written on the draft,
    print and they can simply come and sign.

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