How To Go Smoke-free

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How to go smoke-free
Survey residents:
–How many smokers/nonsmokers? –Demand for smoke-free housing/units? –How many buildings/units should be nonsmoking?

Phase-in changes
Decide when to make change:
–Pick a date, or –Phase-in as residents turn-over

Change lease provisions
–Provide copy of policy –Have residents sign that they understand

Place clear signs around the property

Notice, Notice, Notice!
Give tenants at least the same amount of notice as the time period for which they pay rent –
30 days

60 or 90 days notice is even better Give Notice in writing Designate which units are smoke-free – or all of them Make the Smoke-free Policy part of the new applicant process Resident transfer process for subsidized units Include “no smoking” in tenant responsibilities Have tenants sign statement that they understand their unit and the building smoke-free Create outdoor smoking areas, if you wish

What will this cost?
Policy and Lease Agreement Development: $0 (samples at Tenant Education & Policy Promotion: 10¢ per tenant (photo copied flyers) Smoke-free policy signs: $10 to $25 each Smoke-free property: Priceless!

Description: This document will give you step by step instructions on building on a smoke-free foundation.