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List 2-3 reasons why you are interested in Thermo Fisher?
List 2-3 reasons why you are interested in this position?

General Company Info

Thermo Fisher Scientific makes life in the laboratory convenient, albeit lonely at times. The company is a
manufacturer and distributor of scientific instruments and laboratory supplies, from chromatographs to
Erlenmeyer flasks. Thermo Fisher Scientific serves more than 350,000 customers worldwide in biotech and
pharmaceutical companies, clinical diagnostic labs and hospitals, government agencies, research organizations,
and universities, among other institutions. The company was formed in the late 2006 merger of Thermo
Electron with Fisher Scientific International in a stock-swap transaction valued at nearly $11 billion. Thermo
Fisher gets 60% of its revenues from customers in the US.

Product lines are branded under the names of Fisher Scientific and Thermo Scientific. Former Fisher
shareholders initially owned around 61% of the combined company. The transaction was structured as a
reverse merger with Thermo as the acquirer.

As required by European and US regulators, Thermo Fisher divested its Genevac business in 2007. The UK-
based manufacturer of vacuum concentrators was sold to private equity firm Riverlake Partners, which plans to
merge Genevac into SP Industries, a manufacturer of lab equipment.

The UK's Competition Commission required Thermo Fisher to divest all or part of GV Instruments, a supplier of
isotope ratio mass spectrometry instruments and accessories. The commission concluded that the 2006
acquisition of GV by Thermo Electron lessened competition within the UK for a variety of scientific instruments.
Thermo Fisher sold GV's two principal product lines in early 2008.

In 2007 Thermo Fisher formed a joint venture with Quintiles Transnational called Cenduit to provide interactive
response technology (IRT) services during the clinical trial phase of drug development. Cenduit combines the
Fisher Clinical Services IRT operations of Thermo Fisher with the IRT operations of Quintiles.

That same year the company acquired the test and measurement instrument sales business of Davis Inotek
Instruments. The business, rebranded as Davis Instruments, posted 2006 sales of about $30 million and
became part of Thermo Fisher's Cole-Parmer customer channel.

Late in 2007 the company expanded its suite of products with the acquisition of Germany-based La-Pha-Pack,
which is a leading provider of chromatography products.

Thermo Fisher strengthened its position in the RNA product market through its 2008 acquisition of Alabama-
based Open Biosystems which provides RNA interference and protein detection products. Later that same year
the company acquired carbon fiber centrifuge rotor manufacturer FIBERLite Centrifuge.

Basic Financial Information:

2007 Sales (mil.)                 $9,746.4
1-Year Sales Growth              157.1%
2007 Net Income (mil.)           $761.1
1-Year Net Income Growth 350.5%
2007 Employees                   33,000

Headquarters: Hampton, New Hampshire

Key People:

Chairman                          Jim P. Manzi
President, CEO, and Director Marijn E. Dekkers
EVP and COO                       Marc N. Casper
SVP and CFO                       Peter M. Wilver
VP and CIO                        Ina B. Kamenz

Main Businesses

Scientific Products & Services – manufactures and sells products and services primarily to entities
conducting scientific research, including drug discovery and drug development, quality and process
control and basic research and development as well as to third-party distributors.

Healthcare Products & Services – manufactures and distributes a wide array of diagnostic kits and
reagents, equipment, instruments, and other consumable products to hospitals, clinical laboratories,
reference laboratories, physicians' offices, as well as third-party distributors located primarily in the

In the news

Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Leading Technologies for Food Safety at AOAC [Business
(22 Sep 2008 09:00:00 EDT)
Business Editors/Science Editors. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today
announced it will showcase its comprehensive laboratory instrumentation and informatics solutions for food,
beverage and agricultural applications at the 2008 Association of Analytical Communities annual meeting and

Thermo Fisher Scientific Ships First Product With InforSense Virtual Machine Inside [Market
(15 Sep 2008 09:00:00 EDT)
InforSense Ltd., the leading provider of next-generation business and scientific intelligence tools, today
announced that Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has begun shipping its
Proteome Discoverer software with integrated protein annotation powered by the InforSense Virtual Machine.

Thermo Fisher Scientific to Buy Back Its Common Stock [Business Wire]
(11 Sep 2008 17:00:00 EDT)
Business Editors/Health/Medical Writers/Science Editors. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in
serving science, announced that its board of directors has authorized the repurchase of $500 million of shares
of its own common stock in the open market or in negotiated transactions through September 10, 2009.
December 3, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. today announced that the China
Doping Control Center (CDCC) has selected the company as one of its major suppliers of instrumentation and
software for the testing of athletes at the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing. The CDCC has been accredited by the
Chinese government and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to conduct all doping control analyses during
the 2008 Summer Olympics. The company will provide the CDCC with a range of high precision and high
performance Thermo Scientific brand mass spectrometry (MS) instruments, including DFS Sector Field GC/MS
systems, the DELTA V isotope ratio mass spectrometer and triple-quadrupole TSQ Quantum(TM) Access LC/MS
systems. These instruments and associated software will enable the CDCC to respond to the high volume of samples
expected at the Summer Olympics. Thermo Fisher has also agreed to provide technical and application assistance to
the CDCC to ensure uninterrupted operation and secure handing of athlete samples throughout the event.

Top Competitors

 Agilent Technologies (annual sales: $5.42 Billion)
 Beckman Coulter (annual sales: $2.761 Billion)
 BD (annual sales: $6.359 Billion)

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