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Vol. 42 No 4                                Skyline High School PTSA                            April -May 2005
        UPCOMING EVENTS                       FROM OUR PRINCIPAL                                        AMY HANSEN
                                              It is hard to believe that we are approaching the last 12 weeks of this
1 Fri.   Spring Musical, Runaways, 7:30
                                              year. We are gearing up for yet another round of STAR testing
pm, Farnsworth Theatre
2 Sat. Spring Musical, Runaways,              scheduled for the end of April. This is a very high stakes test for both
         OUSD Band Festival, 7:30 pm          the school as well as for students. The "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB)
   Farnsworth Theatre                         legislation requires that we make substantial growth in math and
6 Wed. ELAC Meeting, 6-8 pm,                  English performances with all of our students. This legislation
    1470 Fruitvale Ave
7 Th.    OUSD Orchestra Festival, 7:30 pm
                                              combined with the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) has
   Farnsworth Theatre                         focused all schools on academic improvement. This, of course, is
11 Mon. Beginning of Spring Break             what we all want. But the push for students to perform well on both the
18 Mon. School Resumes                        STAR and the CAHSEE is having an impact on our comprehensive
19 Tue. Early Release Day
                                              educational program. Students who are performing below and far
         PTSA MEETING 7:30 PM, Library
20 Wed. Early Release Day                     below basic will likely see their school programs directed towards
21 Th. School Site Council Meeting 7pm        greater time in math and English to the detriment of electives. Please
22 Fri. Oakland Public Schools Vibrant        advise your children that they need to do their very best during
    Arts Awards Ceremony                      these examinations to avoid having to give up electives for the
23 Sat. Junior Prom
25 Mon. STAR Testing
                                              sake of remediation in math and/or English.
26 Tue. STAR Testing                          We continue to celebrate the success of our students. We have two
27 Wed. STAR Testing                          National Merit finalists this year, Matt Cohen-Price and Kelly Cheng.
28 Th. STAR Testing
29 Fri. STAR Testing
                                              Three of our football players have received scholarships to play at
30 Sat. Earth Day Volunteer Project, 9-5,     Division I schools. And the acceptances to the University of California
                                              and California State Universities are being received daily. We have a
2 Mon. STAR Testing                           very large graduating class and I look forward to a wonderful
        AP Testing Begins                     graduation ceremony, currently being planned by our seniors, on June
4 Wed. ELAC Meeting, 6-8 pm,                  17th.
   1470 Fruitvale Ave
5 Th. LaRaza Unida/Cinco de Mayo              Finally, it is with tremendous sadness that I report the loss of one of
        CPAAs Meeting, 7 PM Library           our School Security Officers. Officer Mike Pitts died suddenly on
6 Fri. End of 5th Marking Period              March 3. He had been a member of the Skyline Community for the
7 Sat. SAT                                    last 24 years. His caring and affection for our students will be sorely
12 Th. SSC 7 pm
14 Sat. Senior Ball
17 Tu. Early Release Day                                        NOTICE OF CHANGE
        PTSA MEETING 7:30 PM, Library                Due to testing SHORT DAYS are
18 Wed. Early Release Day
        Dance/JazzII Concert, 7:30 pm,         TUESDAY, APRIL 19 and WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20
   Farnsworth Theatre                                    NOT THE 26TH OR 27TH.
19 Th. Dance/JazzII Concert, 7:30 pm,
20 Fr. Dance/JazzII Concert, 7:30 pm,
21 Sat. Dance/JazzII Concert, 7:30 pm,        YEARBOOK STILL AVAILABLE                     NANCY STEWART, ADVISER
25 Wed. Vocal Music Concert,7:30 pm,
   Farnsworth Theatre                         The price of the full-color 2005 Olympian yearbook is $70 as of the
26 Th. Vocal Music Concert,7:30 pm,           beginning of second semester. Books may be purchased Fridays at
27 Fr. In Lieu of Admissions Day              lunch in room 11C or from students in the class.
        NO SCHOOL
30 Mon. Memorial Day                          Why do they cost so much? The cost of printing, shipping and taxes
        NO SCHOOL                             has gone up to $42,000 for 600 books. That's a set cost of $70 per
JUNE                                          book. How can we sell them for less at the beginning of the year? We
4 Sat. SAT                                    raise funds by selling advertising, but still barely break even every
17 Fri. Graduation
20-22 FINALS                                  year.
22      LAST DAY OF SCHOOL                    If you are interested in supporting the yearbook through an
                                              advertisement ($300 for a full page, $150 for a half page, etc.) please
                                              contact us at skylineteach@hotmail.com.
April-May 2005                                       SKYLINER                                                            Page 2

SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 9-5                  The OEA members at Skyline are participating in a "work to rule"
CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS                      mode to bring attention to the fact that they are working without a
                                         contract and there is no hopeful end in sight. On March 15, 300 OUSD
The First Annual Skyline High            teachers received a lay-off letter including several from Skyline.
School       Earth-Day       Volunteer
                                         The superintendent is proposing eliminating counseling services, adult
Project will take place on April 30
                                         education, prep periods for elementary teachers, music and art
and is seeking volunteers. The event
                                         teachers and he expects our members to absorb more health care
is sponsored by parents, students
and staff and expects to attract over
100 helpers to beautify the high         This statement was sent home with students to take to their parents on
school campus. The Volunteer             Tuesday, March 15. It is important for our community to do everything
Project will take place from 9am until   we can to resolve this crisis through dialogue and more a much more
5pm. Music and free food will be         serious bargaining atmosphere.
provided.                                Why are Skyline’s OEA members working to rule?
Due to severe cutbacks in staff,         Dear Skyline Community,
Skyline campus has gone from 11          Skyline’s OEA members are now “working to rule.” This means our
groundskeepers on site 10 years          members will choose to work only as prescribed by our contract with
ago, to one individual this year - an    OUSD. Many of us spend many hours, outside the contractual day,
impossible assignment with a             sponsoring club activities, tutoring, creating curriculum and grading
campus of 45 acres. The campus           homework because we value our students and want them to thrive in
has been neglected and is in need of     our community.
attention.     A      recent     PTSA
Beautification Committee Survey          At this time, Dr. Randolph Ward has consistently refused to honor the
identified numerous projects for the     bargaining process. We feel we must work to rule to make a
Earth Day event, including trimming      statement to Dr. Ward that we are not going to accept any more “take
of dense shrubbery to eliminate          backs.” Dr. Ward’s bargaining team expects us to compromise our
safety concerns, planting throughout     health care benefits. We already absorbed a 4% cut in pay just two
the campus, pulling weeds and            years ago and haven’t had an increase in pay for three years. And
spreading bark in planter areas,         these are just two of many critical issues; the District is also cutting
repairing vandalism, power washing       counselors from middle and high schools, eliminating staffed prep
and removal of debris.                   periods for elementary teachers and eliminating the adult education
                                         program. It is time for action to resist these public education assaults.
"Skyline is a beautiful campus and       Please support us by contacting the following school and state
we want to keep it that way,"            officials:
Rebecca Chan said. "To do that, we
have to get students involved in         Dr. Randolph Ward (State Administrator of OUSD)
maintaining it,” added Mindy He,         PHONE: 879 8200 EMAIL: Randolph.ward@secmail.ousd.k12.ca.us
both members of the Leadership           Jack O’Connell (Superintendent of Public Education, CA)
Class which is co-sponsoring the         PHONE: 916 319 0800 EMAIL: joconnell@cde.ca.gov
event. Other sponsors include the        Senator Don Perata
PTSA and the Hillcrest Estates           PHONE: 286 1333 EMAIL: Senator.Perata@sen.ca.gov
Improvement Association.
                                         Assemblymember Wilma Chan
To sign-up for volunteering, please      PHONE: 286 1670 EMAIL:assemblymember.Chan@assembly.ca.gov
contact:      Deborah      Wolfe    at
Deborah-Wolfe@sbcglobal.net or
Michael Sugarman at 430-1836 or
msugarman1@sbcglobal.net.                         EAST BAY BLUEPRINT & SUPPLY COMPANY
                                          The Skyliner is made possible through the generosity of: Mr. & Mrs. Steve Von
   IT’S STILL IMPORTANT                          Querner and the team at East Bay Blueprint & Supply Company
    TO JOIN THE PTSA                                           1745 14th Avenue, Oakland, CA 510-261-2990
                                         They print the Skyliner at no cost to the PTSA. The PTSA would like to express our thanks
                                                  and encourage all Skyline families to use East Bay Blueprint and Supply Co.
         530-6915                                                          for their printing needs
April-May 2005                                            SKYLINER                                              Page 3
                                               CONCERNED PARENTS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS              WANDRA BOYD
       PTSA ROSTER 2004-2005                   We would like to again welcome our new members who attended our
President                   George Higgins
                                               parent meeting on March 3, 2005. Our meeting was highlighted by the
gahiggins@yahoo.com              530-4676
                                               presentation of Skyline Counselor, Mr. Raheem Mohammed. The
VP/Community Affairs           Ed Robinson     information provided concerning course planning and selection was
eddybilt@ao.com                   530-6915
                                               invaluable. Mr. Mohammed has an even more eagerly anticipated
VP/Fundraising                 Ana Burgos      seminar planned for our next meeting of May 5, 2005. He will train
sinmexj@sbcglobal.net            754-2794
                                               parents on the technique of reading and critically evaluating your
VP/Membership          Jeanette Robinson       student's transcript.     Understanding the transcript is key, when
Mrs.robinson@sbcglobal.net      530-6915       determining if your student is on track for graduation and post-
VP/Volunteers                    Alan Price    secondary education opportunities. To take full advantage of the
Acp20@sbcglobal.net              339-7440      training, be sure to email or call me so that I can contact Mr.
Treasurer                         Bob Saltz    Mohammed, or contact Mr. Mohammed directly. He will then bring a
saltz@prev.org                    339-7150     copy of your student's transcript to the meeting so that you will have it
Recording Secretary          Molly Bantilian   available for the training.
hawaiianed@aol.com                530-3945     As we approach Spring Break, it is time to start planning your student's
Corresponding Secty.          Barbara Kass     academic program for next year. We strongly encourage our parents
Bk2975@hotmail.com                530-2975     to enroll their students in Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors (H)
Parliamentarian         Cynthia Blumgart       courses. The advanced courses enhance your student's preparation
cynthiablumgart@yahoo.com      339-2240        for career and college. To enroll in one of these classes, a "B"
Auditor                         David Kahn     average in the desired field of study is required. Your student does not
davidhahn@mindspring.com         482-5776      have to be recommended by a teacher or counselor to take the
Skyliner Editor            Michele LeProhn     courses. We advise interested parents and students to contact their
mleprohn@aol.com                  482-9629     counselors as soon as possible to sign up for the classes. There is
Performing Arts Co-Chair       Kathy Kahn
                                               reportedly a plan to start a new AP Social Studies course for 10th
skylineseats@yahoo.com          482-5776       Graders this coming fall. Ninth Grade parents and students should
                                               check with their counselor regarding this new course as soon as

Performing Arts Co-Chair       David Kahn
davidhahn@mindspring.com        482-5776       possible. We will be updating you with more information regarding this
Hospitality Chair          OPEN POSITION
                                               new course as it becomes available. On another note, the GATE
                                               committee officially met for the first time this year on 3/10/05. If you
Recognition Chair          OPEN POSITION
                                               are interested in GATE for your student and would like to attend the
Registration                   Lesley Clark    GATE meetings, contact the GATE coordinator, Mr. Carl Keys, at the
lesleyrc@aol.com                 531-0114      school.
College Night Co-Chair         Robin Violet    Our meetings this year have covered a wide range of issues including
rviolet@comcast.net              339-9327
                                               academic improvement, parent participation, school governance,
College Night Co-Chair        Greg Johnson     course selection and the Tardy Policy. If you have suggestions for
Ghjohnson2121@aol.com             482-0552
                                               additional areas of discussion at our CPAAS meetings, please let us
       SUBSCRIBE TO                            There will not be a CPAAS meeting in April because of the Spring
                                               Break. Our next meeting is, therefore, scheduled for May 5, 2005. As
            OR                                 always, announcements and meeting schedules are available at our
       ADVERTISE IN                            web site at www.skylinecpaas.org. You can also always reach CPAAS
                                               at parents@skylinecpaas.org.
    THE ORACLE                                               WANT SOME HELP WITH
                                                               YOUR CLASSWORK?
Skyline’s Student Newspaper                              TUTORING AVAILABLE
                                                           In ALL SUBJECTS
    Subscriptions are only                                  Portable         95    –   Skyline        HS
          $35/year                                                Monday       &   Wednesday
          Mr. Jollymore at:                                             3:05-4:30          Pm
     jollymor@ousd.k12.ca.us                        Brought to you by: EAST BAY CONSORTIUM
                                                          C A L - S O A P w w w . eastbyaconsortium. o r g
April-May 2005                                     SKYLINER                                               Page 4

                        KATHY KAHN       The underlined scholarships are available at the scholarship meetings
The third annual OUSD Jazz               or you can request them in person from Mr. Turner either before
Festival in February was incredible      school, during lunch or after school.
– 200 student jazz musicians from 8      There will be many scholarships listed, without underlines that are
schools, lots of great music and         available on the internet only. If you don’t have access at home you
learning and experiences and fun. If     can access the web in the Skyline and public libraries. Scholarships
you missed it, I’m so sorry –but don’t   that are available to Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen will be listed
miss it next year! We have two           in the daily bulletins.
more district-wide secondary music       1. GOLDEN GATE RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION
festivals coming up, and hope many       SCHOLARSHIPS: Available to seniors with a 2.75 GPA who plan on
of you can make it.                      entering a food service program in the Fall of 2005.
Oakland Schools Band Festival                    DEADLINE: March 31, 2005
with guest conductor Tim Smith of
Cal State East Bay, Tuesday, 4/5,        2. SOAR SCHOLARSHIPS
7:30 pm Farnsworth Theater at            Many Soar scholarships are available to our seniors.
Skyline                                          EXTENDED DEADLINE: March 31, 2005
Festival on Thursday, 7:30 April 7,      SCHOLARSHIPS ($5,000): Available to seniors.
Skyline.     Details available from              DEADLINE: March 31, 2005
skylineseats@yahoo.com.                  4. DELTA SIGMA THETA SCHOLARSHIP II: Available to African-
                                         American seniors.
May 18-21 - Spring Dance Festival                DEADLINE: March 31,2005
-- Four evenings, two concerts. All
performances at 7:30.                    5. ANITA BASKERVILLE HARRIS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD
                                         Scholarships available to African-American senior females with at least
May 25-26 – Vocal Music Concert          a 3.00 GPA.
7:30                                             DEADLINE: April 1, 2005
June 2 - Spring Concerto Concert         6.     WOMEN FOR POSITIVE COMMUNICATION: Available to
7:30                                     minority senior males or females who need financial assistance to
These events are unforgettable           attend college.
because of the obvious inspiration               DEADLINE: April 1, 2005
the kids take away from it.              7. CABRILLO CLUB OF ALAMEDA: Available to Portuguese seniors
And, congratulations to the Skyline      with at least a 3.50 GPA.
Jazz Band on their recent successful             DEADLINE: April 1, 2005
jazz and barbecue fundraiser at          8.        $16,000     IN    CALIFORNIA     ALARM      ASSOCIATION
Redwood Heights. Special thanks          SCHOLARSHIPS: Available to the sons and daughters of law
to Everett & Jones at 2676               enforcement or fire service personnel.
Fruitvale for their sponsorship, to              DEADLINE: April 8, 2005
Mr. Allen and the Jazz Band parents      9. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SCHOLARSHIPS:
who worked so hard to make this          Willie Mae Allen and Addie Mae Whitaker Scholarship:
happen, and to the attendees of the      Requirements: Be an African-American male or female with at least a
sold-out event for their support.        2.50 GPA, plan to attend a 4 year college and plan to become an
If you wish to receive period news       educator.
about Skyline performing arts, send      Elsie Carrington Rumford Scholarship           Available to African-
your       email      address     to     American females with a 2.50 GPA; plan to attend either a 2 yr. or 4 yr.
skylineseats@yahoo.com.                  College and have financial need.
                                         Ruth Love Scholarship.              Available to African-American
                                         males/females with at least a 2.50 GPA and plans to attend either a 4
                                         yr or 2 yr. College
                                         Ida Louise Jackson Scholarship. Available to African-American
                                         females with a 3.00 GPA and plans to attend either U.C. Berkeley or
                                         an historically black college
April-May 2005                                            SKYLINER                                             Page 5

AT A GLANCE:                                    Olga Jane Lewis Scholarship.            Available to African-American
Scholarship Deadlines                           females with a 3.50 GPA, planning to attend a 4 year college.
Complete listings - pages 4-5                           DEADLINE: April 9, 2005
March                                           10. OAKLAND CHAPTER FOR ALLENSWORTH STATE HISTORIC
31 Th.  Golden Gate Restaurant                  PARK SCHOLARSHIPS. Available to African-American seniors with a
        Soar Scholarship                        GPA between 2.00 and 2.99.
        Oakland Association of Insurance
Agents Scholarship                                      DEADLINE : April 9, 2005
        Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship           11. HUMANITARIAN MERIT-BASED AWARDS. These Oil Trust
April                                           Awards are available to juniors and seniors with at least a 2.00.
         Anita Baskervill Harris Scholarship
         Women for Positive Communication
                                                        DEADLINE: April 10, 2005
8 Fr.    CA Alarm Association Scholarship       12.     HACEMOS (Hispanic Association of Communications
9 Sat. Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarships           Employees of SBC) This scholarship is available to Hispanic seniors.
         Oakland Chapter for Allensworth
   State Historic Park Scholarship
                                                        DEADLINE: April 15, 2005
10 Sun. Humanitarian Merit-based Award          13. CLAUDE CLARK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Available to
15 Fri. HACEMOS Scholarship                     African-American seniors with at least a 2.50 GPA.
         Claude Clark Memorial
                                                        DEADLINE: April 15, 2005
16 Sat. Wa Sung Service Club                    14.    WA SUNG SERVICE CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS. Available to
   Scholarship                                  Asian seniors
22 Fri. Beach Blanket Babylon Scholarship
         Iota Delta Zeta Sorority Scholarship
                                                        DEADLINE: April 16, 2005
29 Fri. SAT registration deadline               15. BEACH BLANKET BABYLON $10,000 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR
         Oakland-Alameda Co. Coliseum           THE ARTS: These generous scholarships are granted to members of
30 Sat. Vietnamese Physicans Scholarship
                                                the Class of 2005 who audition an outstanding acting, dance or vocal
                                                achievement. No GPA requirement. A chance to win scholarship
May                                             money based on your particular talent.
1 Sun. Lapan Memorial Sunshine
   Foundation Scholarship
                                                        DEADLINE: April 22, 2005
        Guy and Louise Condrott                 16. IOTA DELTA ZETA CHAPTER OF THE ZETA PHI BETA
   Scholarship                                  SORORITY SCHOLARSHIPS: Available to seniors.
7 Sat. SAT
                                                        DEADLINE: April 22, 2005
4 Sat.   SAT                                    17. OAKLAND-ALAMEDA COUNTY COLISEUM FOUNDATION
                                                SCHOLARSHIPS. These outstanding $8,000 scholarships are
SENIORS PLEASE REMEMBER THESE                   available to seniors who meet the following criteria:
IMPORTANT NOTES:                                ROBERT T. NAHAS. Must be a senior who has competed for at least
Soon you will be receiving                      two years in a competitive sports program. 3.00 GPA required
acceptance letters and award                    GEORGE P. SCOTLAN. Must be a senior with a 3.00 who has a
notifications, please bring those to            record of community service and involvement.
Mr. Turner so he can make copies                        DEADLINE: April 29, 2005
and return them to you.                         18. VIETNAMESE PHYSICIANS ASSOCIATION OF NO.
During the week of April 11 – 15                CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIPS: Available to Vietnamese seniors
(Spring break), you can visit colleges          who are college-bound and who have financial need.
you’ve been accepted to and then it                     DEADLINE: April 30, 2005
will be easier to decide which one to           19. LAPAN MEMORIAL SUNSHINE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS.
attend. Those seniors who will be               These generous scholarships are available to seniors who meet the
attending      community      colleges          following criteria: A. Be financially needy; B. At least a 2.80 GPA in
should go to your chosen community              high school; C. Submit an original essay on: “How we can stop drug
college and begin your registration             abuse.”
for September, 2005. By doing that                      DEADLINE: May 1, 2005
you will be assured that you get all
                                                20. GUY AND LOUISE CONDROTT SCHOLARSHIPS. Available to
the classes you want in the Fall.
                                                seniors who have taken at least 3 graphics classes.
Ask Mr. Turner for a list of
                                                        DEADLINE: May 1, 2005
community colleges in Northern

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