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					   The Best Honeymoon Spots are different for everyone. Our views are by
necessity very subjective and this article has tried to be objective and make the
      reader look more closely at places they may not have considered.

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This article can only touch briefly on the vacation spots that the author
believes are amongst the best honeymoon places, but the author hopes you
will make the effort to follow the links and discover more about them

            Best Honeymoon Places

     Mounu Island|Otahuna|Azucar|Galle|Kathmandu|
   Darjeeling|Goa|Inverlochy|Porquerolles Island|Chobe

  Please take a look at our Best Honeymoon
             Places on this page
Click on the links for more information and use it as a tool to help you decide where you
will go in the future.
We will take you all over the world and the first of our Best Honeymoon Places
takes us to the Pacific Ocean
Mounu Island Resort is a tiny coral atoll in one of the most beautiful areas in
Tonga, with
clear turquoise
sea, full of
fish, and sand
so white it
hurts your
eyes. Mounu
is an eco
resort so you
will help the
whilst you
here.There are
only four fales
each has its
own beach,
plus the
suite, all well
furnished with
verandas, and out of this world views. The toilets are composting, but actually you won't
notice. You should arrange your honeymoon in high season between July and September
when the humpback whales are here, and you can even swim with them
Find out more about the Mounu Island Resort and prices etc CLICK HERE

From the vastness of the Pacific Ocean we take a relatively short hop to New
Zealand for the second of our best honeymoon places
Otahuna Luxury Lodge Near Christchurch rated by tatler in the top one hundred
hotels in the world, you would come here to be pampered. The lodge dates back to the
nineteenth century and the world class accommodation consisting only of suites still has
original features.Otahuna is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets containing the kind
of facilities you would expect to find in a world class luxury lodge.
Depending on the time of year you will be able to go fishing , play golf, there are
wonderful hiking trails, horse riding, play tennis, even whale watching. The restaurant
has quality written all over it. Drinks and the five course dinner are normally included in
the tariff and you will discover that the chefs use of local fresh produce will give you one
of the finest dining experiences of your life. The Otahuna Day Spa, will give you personal
pampering with style. Find out more about Otahuna Luxury Lodge Near
Christchurch and prices CLICK HERE

 We now travel half way round the world to the third of our best honeymoon
places which is in Mexico
Hotel Azucar
Mexico As a
choice for your
luxury Mexico
vacation, or a
place to go for
a Mexico
there is none
better than
Azucar as a
romantic vacation
destination. Best
described as
intimate with only
twenty virtually
identical villas.
They have
thatched roof
hammocks, and
large pillows. This
is a hideaway
hotel in the
middle of
nowhere and
absolutely perfect
for a Mexico
Honeymoon Vacation or any Mexico Travel holiday package if you love quality and
solitude. You will think Azucar is simply the best, especially if you can book a villa right
on top of the sea. The quality of the food is a feature, as is the ambience, the
unobtrusive yet attentive staff, and the peace and tranquility you find in top class
hotels. All this makes the Azucar an obvious choice as one of the best honeymoon
places you will find. Best visited in March when it is warm and sunny, a bit humid, but
lacking in insects. For more information and prices for the Hotel Azucar CLICK

 For the fourth of our best honeymoon places you are taken to the island of Sri
Amangalla in
Galle would
be ranked as
anywhere in
the world, and
probably the
best hotel in
Sri Lanka.
There is a
17th century
fort in Galle
Amangalla has
been built
within the
ramparts, and
it also utilises
thought to be
over 400
years old.
With the
British and
Dutch colonial
past very
evident in
Galle you really do feel you are in a piece of living history. Here you will have your own
butler, be served tea in bed.After a superb restaurant breakfast in the Zaal, you will be
well looked after around the pool, with a seemingly endless supply of cold towels, iced
water, even watermelon.Then take a walk around the old town accompanied by a guide
from the hotel.At lunch,there will be more ice cold towels, and iced water very welcomed
after the heat. In the afternoon try the spa’s hydro pool or sauna, a restful nap, then pre
dinner drinks on the top floor.Dinner will be as outstanding as the rest of the dayJust the
perfect place for a romantic honeymoon.For more information about the Amangalla

 Very definitely a more unusual destination for the fifth of our best honeymoon
places, we go to Kathmandu the capital of Nepal
 Dwarikas Hotel in
Kathmandu this is a
boutique hotel and would
make an amazing base for a
honeymoon with a
difference.It looks like an
ancient building, and yet it is
luxurious and in a stunning
place visually with a terrific
atmosphere. luxury in
absolutely stunning
surroundings. Kathmandu is
such an amazing
historical city, and Dwarikas
Hotel absolutely blends into
the background. With
seventy four unique rooms
and suites which are mostly
huge, but bear no
resemblance to the modern
chain hotel. Everything appears hand made, and very traditionally Nepalese.
Surprisingly the hotel has a lovely pool, beautiful gardens, very well trained staff who
smile all the time, who cannot do too much for their guests, and speak English. The food
gives you a glimpse of traditional Nepalese food, and in the Krishnarpan Restaurant their
six and twelve course banquets are famed, and excellent even to the western palate.
Visit between October and May. Dwarikas lets you see what Nepal was like in past times,
and its traditions, withall the modern conveniences. It is undoubtedly the best hotel in
Kathmandu, a haven of peace and quiet far from the hustle and bustle. Find out more
about the Dwarikas Hotel in Kathmandu CLICK HERE_

 It's back to Europe and to a romantic castle in Scotland for the sixth of our
best honeymoon places.
Inverlochy Castle is one of
the very top luxury hotels in
Scotland, it has to be one of
the very best European
honeymoon destinations. This
is taking romantic to an
extreme, when you have a
wonderfully well restored
Scottish castle. You will be
pampered from your arrival
when your car is parked for
you, then champagne and
chocolates in your suite. Take
the King's Suite if you can get
it, imagine being able to look
out onto Ben Nevis the highest
mountain in Scotland on one
side and the loch on the other whilst you are served breakfast in bed. Every meal you
eat here will be a joy, and the quality and care you will get from the staff is second to
none. If you get the chance to stay at Inverlochy Castle, then take it. For more
information about Inverlochy Castle including costs CLICK HERE

For many people a safari is a must for a honeymoon, so for the seventh of our
best honeymoon places we will go to Botswana to a place many feel is one of
the top safari lodges in Africa
Chobe Chilwero Lodge is deep in the heart
of the wilderness in Botswana. Here you will
see some of the best sunsets in Africa, and get
close up to many of the animals.Chobe
Chilwero Lodge has beautifully furnished
elegant accommodation in large rooms in one
of the fifteen luxurious thatched cottages, with
a terrace and a private garden overlooking the
Chobe River. Game Drives on your Botswana
safari are in open sided 4x4 vehicles, and you
are guaranteed a huge number of elephants as
well as hippos, lion, antelopes, puku, buffalos,
and other animals. The guides are very knowledgeable, getting you to the right places
for the best photographs. The staff and catering at Chobe Chilwero Lodge are
outstanding. There is even a swimming pool, and pampering in the form of in-room spa
treatments. Food from afternoon tea on the lawn is top class complete with silver
service. Dinner is a mix of Western and African cuisine.The advice therefore is that you
include Chobe Chilwero Lodge on your Botswana holiday Safari.
For more information about Chobe Chilwero and prices and availability CLICK

To continue the variety of our best honeymoon places the eighth in our series
takes us to the very south of France
Le Mas du
Island This is
a real
hideaway, and
although a
Hotel, it is
nothing like a
French Riviera
Hotel, because
of the
delightful car
free island of
which makes
it seem miles
anywhere. Le
Mas du
is the most
isolated and beautifully positioned luxury hotel
in the whole of the south of France, courtesy
of the unknown Porquerolles Island in the Mediterranean near Hyeres. Renowned for its
food, and holding a Michelin star, the hotel has fifty luxurious rooms beautifully furnished
with antiques to make it like a home.
Reservations are half board, and the food is so good you can stick with the Table D'Hote.
There are two beaches, a swimming pool, two tennis courts, table tennis, petanque, and
miles of tracks to explore on foot or by bike. This is the perfect place to unwind after a
wedding. For more information about Le Mas du Langoustier and prices CLICK

For the ninth of our best honeymoon places we are going to a classic Hill
Station in India where the British went to escape the summer heat from places
like Calcutta, and to a hotel with a well known English name, and style as well
The Windamere
Hotel Darjeeling
one of the More
Unusual Honeymoon
Destinations. It is a
real preserved
Victorian hotel,
originally built as a
bachelor boarding
house for young
British tea planters
around 150 years
ago, and converted to
a hotel in 1939. It
simply reeks of
history, 6800 feet
above sea level,
surrounded by the
majestic peaks of the
Himalayas. If you weren't in India, and you could shut out the hustle and bustle of
Darjeeling which is spread out below you, then you could be in England 75 years ago.
There is everything from coal fires in your bedroom, hot water bottles in your beds,
afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches, and no crusts, and even roast beef for Sunday
All of this backed up by old fashioned and attentive starched linen white gloved service,
and an atmosphere of an English Country House weekend. Even getting to Darjeeling is
an adventure with a tiny train which wends its way up the hill. For honeymoons in
October and April the weather is right, so why not be bold, and have an adventure in one
of the best honeymoon places you can imagine.For more information about the
Windamere Hotel Darjeeling and Prices etc. CLICK HERE

Finally in the tenth of our best honeymoon places we stay around the Indian
Sub Continent, and go off the beaten track in Goa
The Casa Colvale
Bardez North Goa
is a delightful
boutique hotel
hidden away on the
Chapora River bank
in North Goa. It is
more like a luxury
villa than a high
class hotel, and it is
a hideaway spot for
some high profile
people. The hotel
is divided into upper
and lower villas,
twelve rooms each
with a private
terrace. The
bathrooms are fantastic with limestone floors and huge walk in showers. The food is
quite superb, with continental breakfast included in the room rate. Dinner is a highlight
with classical Goan dishes as well as the best of Western cuisine, and sometimesthe
tandoor oven is lit. There are a number of high quality restaurants within easy taxi
range.You probably won't do much but relax by one of the two swimming pools. At dusk
the noise of crickets is incredible, the noise of the tropics. The bar opens by the lower
pool and the outdoor grill is lit to prepare supper, as the staff hand out appetite
stimulating delicacies.There are around twenty staff who really make you feel this is your
own private villa. This is a real escape from it all, the Goan laid back lifestyle.For more
information about the Casa Colvale and best prices CLICK HERE

Hopefully reading this page on best honeymoon places will have at least made you think
about your honeymoon destination. If you have any thoughts about other honeymoon
destinations please email

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