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					Shakespeare Internet scavenger hunt
Go to and find answers to the things you have been dying (pun intended) to know!

    1.    Who are Shakespeare’s parents?
          John and Mary (Arden) Shakespeare
    2.    What three things did Shakespeare study at grammar school?
          Latin and Greek literature, rhetoric, Christian ethics
    3.    What are the three periods that scholars divide Shakespeare’s life?
          Shakespeare’s early years, his career years, his retirement years
    4.    Define the “dark years.”
          The unknown years between his first and second stages of life
    5.    When did Shakespeare probably leave school to begin a career?
          At fifteen, a normal time for this to happen
    6.    How were most of Shakespeare’s plays published?
          Pamphlet form
    7.    How is the quotation “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” misunderstood by many?
          Many people find it comical, but actually, Juliet is lamenting why Romeo is a Montague
    8.    What are the key thematic words in the quote “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet
          Love and passion
    9.    Where would you find the line “O happy dagger!”?
          Act 5 Scene 3
    10.   Where was the Globe Theatre located?
          Southward district of London
    11.   When did most of the plays take place in the Globe?
          In the afternoon, from 2-5 p.m.
    12.   Why was this?
          It did not have electricity, so players had to rely on the sun
    13.   Sketch how the Globe theatre may have looked based on the details given.

    14. Who was allowed to see plays in the Globe?
        Everyone from rich to poor, although they had different seating areas
    15. When did the original Globe end?
        June 29, 1613
    16. What happened to it?
        The thatch roof was set on fire
    17. When did the Globe reopen?
    18. What was the final fate of the Globe?
        The British government tore it down and paved over it
    19. What does critic Lorentz Eckhoff say about the fates of Romeo and Juliet?
        They are a result of their own impulsiveness
    20. What does critic Harold Wilson argue is the true climax of the play?
        When the Capulets and Montagues settle their feud
    21. What does critic G. H. Durant argue that the play is missing for tragedy?
    22. What do some critics see as a problem with the play in regard to the time and sequence aspect of
        the work?
        Things that happen must be condensed to be believable. The timing is wrong and rushed.
    23. How does imagery and language add to the work, according to critic E. C. Pettet?
        It reinforces the central concerns of the theme(s)
    24. What do some critics say about the nurse in the play?
        She is rich and natural in character and is the true mouthpiece or go-between for R&J
    25. What do some critics say about Mercutio?
        He is a heathen, only thinks of himself, has a huge ego, but is a realist. He tempers Romeo.

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