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									                                                                              Glenn Rockwood - Chairman
                                                                                             Kyle Kordich
                                                                                        Jean Loewenstein
                                                                                            William Smith
                                                                                               Dave Stiles
                                                                                        Dave Wallingford
                                                                                          Carrie Woerner
                                                                                        Roger Laime (alt)
                                                                                      Dave Bowman (alt)

Town of Malta                                                                    Anthony Tozzi - Director
                                                                              John Zepko - Senior Planner
                                                                                 Caleb Stratton - Planner
Planning Board                                                                  Sophia Marruso - Planner
2540 Route 9
Malta, NY 12020
(518) 899-2685
Fax: (518) 899-4719

Agenda for August 16, 2011
Malta Town Hall at 6:30 p.m.
                                                           *revised on August 16, 2011*

#11-03, Cramer Road
The applicant has proposed a planned development district consisting of 36 twin townhouses (72
units total), and two commercial lots on a 78.7-acre lot, of which 55.4 acres will be open space.
The owners/applicants are Thomas P. Deveno and Thomas Faraone. The existing zoning is C-4.
2656 Route 9; Parcel I.D.#: 217.-2-35

Lot Line Adjustment
#11-29, Deveno
The applicant is seeking a lot line adjustment to remove approximately 23.49 acres from the
Deveno parcel to Speshock’s Lot 14 of Cramer Hill Estates, increasing the latter parcel from 3.9
acres to 27.4 acres. The owner is Thomas Deveno. The applicant is David E. Dickinson. The
zoning is R-1. There will be a public hearing.
2591 Route 9; Parcel I.D.#: 229.-3-48

Concept Site Plan Amendment
#11-30, Malta Diner
The applicant is seeking to add 19 parking spaces parallel to Route 9 to their approved site plan.
The owner/applicant is Malta Diner, Inc. The zoning is C-1.
2476 Route 9; Parcel I.D.#: 229.4-2-29

Architectural Guidelines for Saratoga Medical Park

Site Plan Amendment
#11-28, Ellsworth Commons
The applicant is requesting amendments to the site plan approved on May 22, 2007. The owner is
Ellsworth Partners, LLC. The applicant is Albany Partners, LLC. The zoning is C-1.
2545 Route 9; Parcel I.D.#: 229.51-1-1

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