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									January 11, 2007


01/18/07 Linda Baker – McNary Theater Arts Program MEETING at McNARY HIGH SCHOOL

01/25/07 Kyle Noll – Ready to Learn

Greeters (Set Up / Take Down):

01/18/07 Clark Williams / Ron Christopher

01/25/07 Bruce Wilson / Colin Larson

Invocation:                                 Sergeant-at-Arms:

01/18/07 Dick Swensen                              01/18/07 Mike Gaynor

01/25/07 Terry Hegle                        01/25/07 Joe Egli

Upcoming Events:

01/20/06 Zone Regional Rotary Foundation Seminar – Richmond, B.C., Canada

01/22/07 Hood River Rotary Ski Fest, 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM with Entertainment ‘til 10:00 PM

01/29/07 Keizer Rotary Board Meeting, Noon, at Gaslight Restaurant

02/04/07 Super Bowl Party at Cheri and Randy Miller’s House

02/07/07 Keizer Rotary Foundation Board Meeting, 7:00 AM, Original Pancake House on
Portland Road

02/25/07 Elsinor Theater Trip Presented by the Fun and Festivities Committee

03/31/07 Keizer Rotary Raffle Party at Salem Conference Center

Membership News:
Published for the second time this week is the membership proposal for Lyndon Zaitz,
classification Journalism, proposed by Wilbur Bluhm. Anyone wishing to comment on this
proposal should do so to a Keizer Rotary Board member.
Student News:
Carlos Souza, inbound from Brazil, was not with us this week opting to travel with his parents to
San Francisco.

Andrew Mulholland, future outbound Youth Exchange participant, was with us and assisted with
hot potato Sergeant-at-Arms flock fleecing.

Emily Horning, rebound from Finland and now a student in North Carolina, visited the club this
week with Steve Horning, her Dad.

John Jenkins has had correspondence with several former Youth Exchange Students. Charlotte
(Bartlma) Pedersen, inbound from Denmark 1991, saw her employment with SAS Airlines
evaporate due to the economy and is now working at a nearby Hilton Hotel in the management
end of things. She and her husband have two daughters, Cecilie 5 and Nicoline 2, and a horse.

Charlotte wrote that Nicole Justice, outbound to Denmark 1990 and who returned to Denmark to
get married, was visited by her parents, Scott and June Justice, over Christmas in Jutland,

Thank you John Jenkins for staying in touch with our international family.


P.O. Box 21373

Keizer, Oregon 97307
          http://www.rotary5100.org                         http://www.keizerrotary.org

                                       SERVICE ABOVE SELF

Club News:
John Jenkins is looking for assistance in delivering flowers as a fundraiser for Keizer Heritage on
Valentine’s Day, 2/14/07, for the 1:00 PM, 1:30 PM or 2:00 PM shifts. Contact John at 503-390-

Nominations for next year’s club officers were opened with the following nominations presented
by Past President Bob Zielinski. They include Mark Adams who will assume the club Presidency;
Lisa Schrunk, President Elect; Mark Baker, Treasurer; Cherri Miller, Secretary; and for two
Board Member positions, Greg Rands and Darlene Taylor. Nominations will be reopened from
the floor next week to add nominees to the list for any of the positions.

Tickets are available from Dave Weaver for the Hood River Rotary Ski Fest at Mt. Hood
Meadows Monday, 1/22/07, cost is $10 apiece. Contact Dave at 503-390-5552.

Cheri Miller passed around a sign-up sheet for the Rotary Super Bowl Party at her and Randy’s
home on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/4/07. Contact Cheri at 503-390-1945 if you didn’t have a chance
to sign-up at this week’s meeting.

Ticket sales for the Keizer Rotary Raffle Party are progressing. Members that have sold more
than 10 tickets are now immortalized on the Ticket Sale Thermometer compliments of Mike
Kurtz. Club members who have sold ten have their names posted on the board and stars
appended to their names for every additional ten tickets sold. Lets make that board sparkle with

This week’s door prize drawing generated the awarding of two Going for the Gold tickets a well
as the feature prize.

Brigadoon tickets on sale $7 each for Friday 19th show. Contact Robin Wiley for tickets. 503-

REMEMBER! Our meeting next week will be at McNary High School at the Ken Collins
Theater. Bring cash or check to pay for your box lunch at the meeting. In addition, Robin Wiley
will be contacting McNary High School to arrange for a block of seats for a performance of
Brigadoon, if they are still available.

Contact Marty at m.matiskainen@comcast.net if you would like to get something in the Sporran.
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