Off-Site Channel Bed Material - by panniuniu



1.0      Description

Work covered in this special provision consists of providing offsite channel bed material for the bed of the stream
from an offsite source, as required in the Contract Documents.

2.0      Materials

3.0      Measurement

The quantity of offsite channel bed material to be paid for will be the actual number of cubic yards of approved
material as required by the Contract Documents, measured in trucks, which has been excavated from the borrow
source and incorporated into the completed and accepted work. Each truck will be measured and must have a legible
identification mark indicating its capacity. Load each truck to at least its measured capacity at the time it arrives at
the point of delivery. Such payment will be full compensation for all work covered by this special provision,
including but not limited to furnishing, hauling, placing and compacting offsite channel bed material.

4.0      Payment

The quantity of borrow excavation, measured as provided above will be paid for at the contract unit price per cubic
yard for offsite channel bed material. There will be no separate payment for clearing and grubbing or draining of the
borrow area where the borrow source has been furnished by the City, as such work will be considered part of
comprehensive grading. Where the borrow source has been furnished by the Contractor, no separate payment will be
made for clearing and grubbing or draining the source as such work will be considered as incidental to the work
covered by this section.

Payment will be made under:

OFF-SITE CHANNEL BED MATERIAL ……………………………………………………………………….CY

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