Chief Information Officer (CIO)/District Data Coordinator Meeting

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					                 Chief Information Officer (CIO)/District Data Coordinator Meeting
                                               April 6, 2010

1. “Do Now”

2. Welcome and Introductions
   The SIRS manual is on a CD in each CIO folder! This is both searchable and environmentally

3. Special Presentation
- Ira Schwartz, Assistant Commissioner, Accountability, NYSED
See the PowerPoint presentation in the CIO folder.
    Graduation Rate Goal and Targets – unofficially approved
       Federal government requires that each state set a graduation goal and target
       The goal does not change but the target can
       Transitional goals and targets must be in place for the 2011-2012 school year.
       Changes in definitions:
          Currently a district is not responsible for a student for graduation purposes until a student has
              been enrolled for 5 months. The federal government has a one-day rule. This will be
              adopted in 2011-2012.
          Incarcerated youth can only be removed from a district if that student is enrolled in a GED
              program while incarcerated.
          Ungraded students with disabilities will not longer be placed in a cohort in the year they turn 17.
They will not be placed in a cohort in the year they enter high school.
       The accountability goal is that 80% of students in each accountability subgroup will graduate
       The progress target is a 20% gap reduction for any groups below 80%
       An aspirational goal of 95% of students for the all students group will be seen on the school report
          card but not considered for accountability purposes
       2010-2011 will use the new definitions for reporting purposes
       2011-2012 will use the new federal definitions for accountability purposes for all students and
          subgroups. A five-year extended graduation rate is also expected to be implemented this year.
       Beginning in 2011-2012, districts will have four chances to make AYP: 4-year graduation rate
          goal, 4-year graduation rate progress target, 5-year graduation rate goal, or 5-year graduation
          rate target. The goal will be 80% for all of these categories. The progress target has not yet
          been set.
       This applies to Safe Harbor as subgroups must meet the 80% goal or target.

    Race to the Top – this is the place of the state. RTTT would simply be an accelerant
      Standards and Assessment
          NYS is part of several national consortiums developing assessments to align with national
      Building Data Systems
          Of the 12 data areas, NYS currently has 5 in place
      Great Teachers and Leaders
      Turning Around the Lowest Performing Schools

    Innovative Paths to Graduation
       NYSED is trying to find ways for students to earn credit without simply sitting in a classroom.
         This includes credit recovery, independent study, and virtual learning
Andrew K. Setzer                               Joseph P. Stern                                      Ellen Moore
Divisional Administrator                   Program Administrator                       Administrative Coordinator
    Differentiated Accountability – this is the first year of this model
       Suffolk and Nassau have a few schools designated to a differentiated accountability phase. NYC
          and other areas have more
       NYS has given specific methods for identifying and intervening in persistently low-achieving
          schools. This has to be aligned with the federal requirements.
       School Quality Review offers support, not monitoring
       Joint Intervention Teams perform a multi-day review of the school

    SWDs and AYP
      Sunset of USED’s 34 point flexibility. This was supposed to be in place until modified
        assessments were created for these students.
      Declassified students in subgroup for 2 addition years

    Growth Model
      NYSED’s was rejected by USED. Another model is currently in the works.
      This would allow us to look at a student’s performance, compare this to other similar students, and
         project how this student should perform and what kinds of gains they have made

      Number of NYS schools that do not make AYP will likely increase
      New, more rigorous graduation rate goal and targets
      Phase in of score of 65 requirement for Regents exam to graduate with local diploma
      Loss of “34 Point” rule for determining AYP for SWD’s
      Continuing annual increase in AMO’s
      Changes to 3-8 ELA and math assessments

4. School Data Bank Services and Related News
    There is still no news about school report cards, but it should happen next week or sometime soon
    Former Students with Disabilities should soon be available in L2RPT. Tested / Not Tested results will
        be updated by late April. Pre-AORs will also be available later this month.
    Identify all LEP-eligible students because Title III data will be pulled by early May.
    3-8 ELA and math scores will tentatively be available June 29th. ISRs will probably not be available
        for another six weeks or so.
    Certification is due August 3rd
    Field Testing has been changed. That information and new CTE information will be available through
the list-serv
    a. New data reporting requirements for 2010-2011
        i. Course Codes/Secondary Course Grades
             The state has released a list of course codes to be input into student data systems. Most systems
             have a place to add a state code in addition to the local code. These codes are available in the
             SIRS manual and will be used next year
        ii. Teacher and Principal IDs and assignments
             The state plans to use the TEACH system for IDs. District HR or payroll systems will be used
             to send information to the state. The state will send ID numbers back to the district to be input
             into student systems
        iii. Race-Ethnicity
             Categories have changed to align with the census and will be used next year. Any students
             labeled “multiracial” must be recoded.
        iv. Half-Day Kindergarten
             Beginning next year districts must identify whether students are in half- or full-day kindergarten
Andrew K. Setzer                                Joseph P. Stern                                      Ellen Moore
Divisional Administrator                    Program Administrator                       Administrative Coordinator
       v. Other changes
          Regents scanning will be discussed at the next CIO meeting
          April 15th – focus group on college data
          May 14th – representative of National Student Clearinghouse will discuss and review reports.
             This will be after the next CIO meeting
    b. New DataMentor features
       Graphs have changed, Regents exams have been added, and state cut points are now available

5. Coffee Break 10:20 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

6. Review of “Do Now”

7. Test Scanning and Related Issues
   a. Quality control is critical – Quality Control and Return Procedures workshop – April 20 & 21 –
       Register on line at
   b. ELA answer sheets
       Make an appointment to return answer sheets and fill out the sheet in the CIO folder
       Math answer sheets must be returned to BOCES by May 20th
       i. Local Scoring – Answer sheets due immediately after scoring and quality control is
            completed, but no later than Thursday, May 13th.
       ii. Regional Scoring – Answer sheets are due to Molly Licalzi by Friday, April 30th.
   c. Grade 8 Social Studies
       i. Test rooms due no later than Friday, April 16th. Email June McCelland at
       ii. Call 419-1698 if you need assistance with file layout.
   d. Level 0
       i. Final data pull for printing additional answer sheets - Accurate demographic and
            enrollment records must be locked in Level 0 by 12:00 midnight, Thurs. April 8th.
            This is only for new students, not those who have changed buildings or rooms.
       ii. If extra answer sheets are used – be sure student demographic and enrollment records are
            locked in Level 0.
   e. Regents
       i. Results for January Regents and RCTs are in your packet
       ii. Training – Wednesday, April 14th – Review the process for June exams. Register on line
       iii. Sort Order Form – Fax completed form to Linda Vogel at 218-4117. Identify Subject,
            Sort Order, and indicate use of Apperson scanner. The form is available in the CIO folder or on
            Data Central
   f. Call 631-218-4195 if you have any questions

8. Updates on Data Tools, Required Collection, and Reporting
   a. Data Deadlines – see
   b. Deadline for loading and locking data in Level 0 will be Thursday, 12:00 midnight. Data will
      be pulled from Level 0 at 12:00 noon on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, at 12:00 midnight
      on Thursday. No data will be pulled from Level 0 on Friday.
   c. Updates to the SIRS Manual Version 5.1 – March 12, 2010 – e-mail for questions for IRS, SIRS, and SEDCAR (pg. 2)
      Homeless and CTE contact – contact for homeless assistance and CTE (pg 2-3)
      Former SWD – now included in performance calculation for AYP (pg. 9)
      NYSESLAT-eligible definitions (pg 39-40)
      Reason for Beginning Enrollment Code 8294 (pg. 47, 207, 292)
Andrew K. Setzer                              Joseph P. Stern                                     Ellen Moore
Divisional Administrator                  Program Administrator                      Administrative Coordinator
        Absent / Refusal Language (pg. 62)
        Online Schools – must be reported as dropouts (pg. 66)
        Number of Days in Special Education Events – directions for counting number of days when
            child’s third birthday is on August 31, 2010 (pg. 118-130)
        Preschool Students with Disabilities (pg 140-141)
        Walk-in Code 5555 – cannot be used for 3-8 assessments (pg. 141)
        LEP – students who test out of LEP are entitled to accommodations and services for two more
            years but should not be reported in SIRS as LEP (pg. 218)
        2006 District Accountability Cohort Definition (pg. 278)
        2005 Total Cohort Definitions (pg 280-282)
        Anticipated Changes for 2010-2011 – go through all of these in preparation for next year
    d. NYSSIS – be sure to actively monitor and resolve your NYSSIS near-match queue
    e. Updated Diploma Requirements Chart – available in CIO folder
    f. NYSAA Age Ranges for 2010-11 – available in CIO folder
    g. ReportNet Reports of the Month:
        i. August and January Regents Exams
            Validation Reports  Assessment Reports  Assessment or Regents Tests . . . Grouped by Test
            If your report is blank, you did not report this information. This is a problem.
        ii. August and January RCT Exams
            Validation Reports  Assessment Reports  RCT Exams – Level Achieved by Test, School, etc.
             If your report is blank, you did not report this information. This is a problem.
        iii. August and January Graduates
            High School Reporting  Graduation Status by School Year
            If your report is blank, you did not report this information. What are you waiting for? It
       already happened.
    h. Continuing the 2009-10 verification process:
       i. Timeline for 2009-10 Verification Report Availability on nySTART
       ii. Verification reports available on nySTART
            BEDS Day Enrollment Tested/Not Tested (3-8)
            HS Accountability VR Total Cohort – 2004, 2005, 2006
       iii. New L2RPT Reports – can be used for verification purposes
            Total Cohort
            Accountability – High School and Elementary/Middle
            Tested/Not Tested

9. Closing Action

10. Adjourn

                                     THINGS TO DO NOW
1) Insure effective Quality Control procedures are in place for ELA & Math testing
2) Resolve NYSIS near-match queue
3) Verify 2005 Total Cohort data now

Andrew K. Setzer                                    Joseph P. Stern                                          Ellen Moore
Divisional Administrator                        Program Administrator                           Administrative Coordinator
    Next District Data Coordinator/CIO Meeting – Friday, May 14, 2010 – 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
                     NYSSIS                                             Level 0
    1. Monitor your hold queue (processing takes    1. Instructions posted on
       place weekly)                          
    2. Use ReportNet to review problems             2. Lock data at 12:00 noon Mon.-Wed. and
    3. Review NYSSIS Manual available at                12:00 midnight on Thurs         3. Always “Check All” for Program Services
    4. Accounts provisioned through SEDDAS          4. Call 631-218-4195 for Level 0 questions

Andrew K. Setzer                           Joseph P. Stern                                Ellen Moore
Divisional Administrator               Program Administrator                 Administrative Coordinator

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