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									                                                                  English III
                                                                  11th Grade
                                                              Scope and Sequence
                                                                 1st six weeks

TEKS        Strand & TEKS/SE               Pacing             Clarifying                Vocabulary          Resources &       Differentiation
  #              statement                               statements/questions                                Activities
          The student is expected to…                       The student will…
N/A     N/A                               1 week     1) Be introduced to the course   N/A               1) Syllabus           Extra time to
                                                     2) Complete a detailed                             2) Interest           complete as
                                                                                                                              needed based
                                                     interest inventory                                 inventory packet      on
                                                     3) Complete a skills inventory                     3) Skills inventory   modifications
                                                     4) Write a letter to me                            packet

11.6    (A) expand vocabulary through     All Year   1) Listen to vocabulary song     SAT list &        Cameron list,         1) Packets
        wide reading, listening, and                 and receive packet of lyrics     Cameron           FloCab book with      with more
        discussing;                       1-2 days   (FloCabulary)                    approved          lyrics and CD         detailed
                                          per week;                                   vocabulary                              definitions
        (B) rely on context to
        determine meanings of words       quizzes   2) Formulate his/her own                                                  and
        and phrases such as figurative    every     song/poem/story using the                                                 explanations
        language, connotation and         Friday    vocabulary words learned
        denotation of words, analogies,             from the song.                                                            2) Modified
        idioms, and technical
                                                                                                                              quizzes with
       (C) apply meanings of prefixes,
       roots, and suffixes in order to

        (D) research word origins as an
        aid to understanding meanings,
        derivations, and spellings as
        well as influences on the
        English language

        (E) use reference material such
        as glossary, dictionary,
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                                                                  English III
                                                                  11th Grade
                                                              Scope and Sequence
                                                                 1st six weeks
       thesaurus, and available
       technology to determine precise
       meaning and usage;

       (F) discriminate between
       connotative and denotative
       meanings and interpret the
       connotative power of words;

       (G) read and understand

11.1   (A) write in various forms with    Every      1) Write on various topics,   Euphony, idiom, 1) TAKS                1) Shorter
       particular emphasis on business    Monday     both teacher and student      imagery, point of Connection,          length
       forms such as a report, memo,      through-   selected.                     view, narrative   Diagnostic Series,   requirements
       narrative or procedure,            out the                                                    Writing grade 11
       summary/abstract, and resumé;
                                          year                                                                            2) Flexibility
        (B) write in a voice and style                                                               2) From Writing to   on topic
        appropriate to audience and                                                                  Composing: An        choices (my
        purpose; and                                                                                 Introduction to      part)
        (C) organize ideas in writing                                                                Composing,
        to ensure coherence, logical                                                                 Beverly Ingram and
        progression, and support for                                                                 Carol King
11.2   (A) use prewriting strategies to
       generate ideas, develop voice,
       and plan;
       (A) produce legible work that
       shows accurate spelling and
       correct use of the conventions
       of punctuation and
       capitalization such as italics
       and ellipses;

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                                                                   English III
                                                                   11th Grade
                                                               Scope and Sequence
                                                                  1st six weeks

        (I) read silently with            Every      1) Choose their own novels to   Genre                1) Student-selected     1) Flexibility
11.7    comprehension for a sustained     Friday     read.                                                novels (approved        with page
        period of time.                   through-                                                        by me)                  requirements
                                          out the    2) Assessment will be a book
                                          year       chat every six weeks - major                         2) book chat            2) Alternate
                                                                                                          questionnaire           assignment
                                                                                                                                  as needed
11.1    (B) write in a voice and style    2 days     1) Listen to the same songs     Voice                1) CD player            N/A
        appropriate to audience and                  recorded by different artists   Sensory details      2) Songs that have
                                                     2) Discuss the differences in   Anecdote             been recorded by
                                                     each                                                 more than 1 artist,
                                                     3) Write 2 letters: one to                           ex: “Tainted Love” by
                                                     Grandma, one to best friend                          Soft Cell, Marilyn
                                                                                                          Manson, and Pussycat
11.8    (C) read American and other       ALL        1) Read various short stories   **this week**        1) Glencoe              1) Audio
        world literature, including                                                  Satire, rising       Literature,             recording of
        classic and contemporary
        works;                            YEAR       2) Answer clarifying            action,              American                stories &
                                                     questions: plot, theme,         resolution, plot,    Literature              novels
11.9    (A) recognize distinctive and                symbolism, etc.                 motif, mood,
        shared characteristics of         **This                                     setting, suspense,   2) Online database   2) Timeline
        cultures through reading;         six        3) Discuss as a class or in     climax,              of short stories     of
                                          weeks:     small groups                    denouement,          www.eastoftheweb.com story/novel
11.10   (A) respond to informational      “The                                       symbol,
        and aesthetic elements in texts
        such as discussions, journal
                                          Lottery”                                   exposition,
                                          by                                         characterization,    3) Contemporary
        entries, oral interpretations,
        enactments, and graphic           Shirley                                    falling action,      Short Stories, David
        displays;                                                                                         W. Foote et al
                                          Jackson                                    foreshadowing,
11.11                                     (1 week)                                   irony, situational
        (C) describe the development                                                                      4) Multicultural
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                                                                 English III
                                                                 11th Grade
                                                             Scope and Sequence
                                                                1st six weeks
        of plot and identify conflicts                                             irony               Perspectives, David
        and how they are addressed                                                                     W. Foote et al
        and resolved;

        (F) understand literary forms
                                                                                                       5) Great American
        and terms such as author,                                                                      Stories, Holt,
        drama, biography, myth, tall                                                                   Rinehart, & Winston
        tale, dialogue, tragedy and
        comedy, structure in poetry,                                                                   6) Literature: An
        epic, ballad, protagonist,                                                                     Introduction to
        antagonist, paradox, analogy,                                                                  Fiction, Poetry, and
        dialect, and comic relief as                                                                   Drama, X.J. Kennedy
        appropriate to the selections                                                                  & Dana Gioia, eds.
        being read.
11.13   (C) use text organizers such as
        overviews, headings, and
        graphic features to locate and
        categorize information;
11.16   (D) identify and analyze the
        effect of aesthetic elements
        within literary texts such as
        character development, rhyme,
        imagery, and language.
        (D) use language and
        rhetorical strategies skillfully
        in informative and persuasive
        (A) make valid interpretations
        of a variety of literary texts;
11.12   (C) recognize logical,             1 week   1) Take notes on various       Hyperbole,          1) Various             1) fill-in-the-
        deceptive, and/or faulty modes              logical fallacies              metaphor, simile,   magazines              blank
        of persuasion in texts.                                                    logical,                                   project. The
11.19   (B) analyze relationships,                  2) Complete a „hunt and find‟ personification,     2) Notes               ads are given
        ideas, and cultures as                      project over logical fallacies rhetorical,                                to them and
        represented in various media;                                              analyze,            3) PowerPoint          the student
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                                                English III
                                                11th Grade
                                            Scope and Sequence
                                               1st six weeks
        (C) distinguish the purposes of                          deceptive, myth,   software with   will answer
        various media forms such as                              evaluate           projection      questions
        informative texts, entertaining                                                             about them.
        texts, and advertisements.
11.20    (B) deconstruct media to get
         the main idea of the message's

         (C) evaluate and critique the
         persuasive techniques of
         media messages such as
         glittering generalities, logical
         fallacies, and symbols;
11.21    (A) examine the effect of
         media on constructing his/her
         own perception of reality;

        (D) create media products to
        include a seven- to ten-minute
        documentary, ad campaigns,
        political campaigns, or video
        adaptations of literary texts to
        engage specific audiences;

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