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Cookie Mining
IMPORTANT: Squirt your hands with hand-sanitizer before touching supplies!

Have you ever noticed that rocks are made up of different looking particles? In order to
be called a “rock,” the rock must contain two or more minerals. In this activity your
cookie will represent a rock and you will get to find out how many minerals (chocolate
chips and M&Ms) are in your rock by “dissecting” it, (pulling it apart), on your napkin.
Remember, just as a miner would be very careful while looking for precious gems, you
should also be careful, while dissecting your rock. After you have written your
responses, you may eat your cookie. Clean up any messes afterwards though!

Use the following key to help you identify the minerals in your “rock:”
Cookie Dough: Sandstone
Chocolate Chips: Dead Wood
Red M&Ms: Safire
Orange M&Ms: Gypsum
Blue M&Ms: Diamond
Yellow M&Ms: Sulfur
Brown M&Ms: Fluorite
Green M&Ms: Emerald

Questions to do in your notebook (Title these questions “Cookie Mining”:
1. What does the cookie dough represent?

2. What do the chocolate chips represent?

3. What other minerals were found in your “rock?”

4. While pulling apart the cookie, what problems did you run into?

5. If you wanted to put the cookie back together what would you have to do?

6. Explain why the cookie would represent a rock and not a mineral?

In nature, can a rock that is pulled apart by some force be put back together, even if it
may be a different shape? (Think about a sedimentary rock)
Notes on Minerals-Session 15
Properties of Minerals

      ___________________-not a liquid or gas

      Found in ________________-not man made

      ___________________________-not alive and never was

      Fixed composition-the formula does not change. Made of 1 or more


      _______________________-atoms are arranged in a structure

Examples of Minerals                        Examples of Non-Minerals

Minerals form as hot magma cools inside the crust or lava hardens on the

surface. When magma cools, it is a solid and crystals form.

Crystals are a ______________ in which the atoms are arranged in an

orderly, repeating 3D pattern. (A46).

The most common minerals are in the group ____________________

(A47). They contain _______________ and ______________ together

which are the 2 most common elements of the Earth’s crust (A47).

Rocks-___________________ are the building blocks of rocks, rocks

generally have 2 or more types of _______________.

Properties of Rocks

      Found in ______________________-not man made

      ________________-not a liquid or a gas

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