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                                    3 Reasons to Publish an E-newsletter
Thursday, January 13
Luncheon Program                    AND a Blog
“From ‘On Message’ to ‘On Story’:
                                    By Debbie Weil                                       that’s the point. No email. So, no worries about
Delivering Content on a New
Level” with Rob Lanesey, the
                                    Publisher, WordBiz Report                            spam filters or delivery problems.
Director of Corporate Communi-
cations at Intuit.
                                    With spam filters on high alert, delivering a         2. A blog is an instant publishing tool
11:30 a.m. networking
                                    newsletter by email is not as easy as it was even    A blog is an easy-to-use content management
12-1:30 p.m. program                one year ago. Should it reach your subscriber’s      tool. When you “blog,” you are instantly adding
Cost: $25 members,                  inbox (without getting siphoned into a junk          new content to your site via a Web interface. No
$40 non-members.                    folder), it still has to vie for attention amongst   technical or programming skills are necessary.
At Michaels at Shoreline            dozens—or even hundreds—of new messages.             Anyone can update the copy and content on
Restaurant, 2960 N. Shoreline                                                            your site. In fact, think of a blog as just another
Blvd. in Mountain View. From 101,   1. A blog is not “email”                             page on your Web site.
take Shoreline Blvd. toward the     A Weblog or blog, on the other hand, is a
amphitheater, enter Shoreline       page on your site that can be updated several        Key point: a blog doesn’t have to be “cool.” A
Park and follow the signs to        times a week with fresh content. If a reader         steady stream of short tips with links to other
the restaurant.                     has “subscribed” to your blog, he or she gets        sites or articles can be extremely useful. (See
                                    an alert, consisting of the headline and brief       my article 5 tips for a useful resource blog.) In
                                    summary, every time you post new information         fact, this is the same kind of useful information
                                    (i.e., much the same way you can include a           you may be cramming into each issue of your
                                    teaser paragraph in your e-newsletter with a         newsletter. With a blog, you can parcel it out in
                                    link back to the full article on your site).         digestible bits—with more impact.

                                    If you’re thinking that subscribers have to          3. A blog makes your site search engine-
                                    proactively “visit” your blog (a “pull” tactic)      friendly
                                    vs. having an ezine or e-newsletter delivered to     Search engines love blogs and will index indi-
                                    them (a “push” approach) there’s good news.          vidual entries (no matter how short) if you’ve
                                                                                         got your blogging software configured to create
                                    You can subscribe to a blog using downloadable       a separate page for each new post. In other
                                    software called a newsreader. NewsGator www.         words, think of each blog post or entry as a
                           is a popular one as it integrates      Web page with its own title.
                                    seamlessly with Outlook. There are lots of
                                    newsreaders to choose from, many of them free.       By incorporating a blog into your site you are
                                    Once installed on your desktop, the newsreader       creating multiple new mini-pages. Search en-
                                    (also called a news aggregator) grabs the latest     gines crawl sites which are updated regularly
                                    updates to your blog via an RSS feed.                with fresh content. So “blogging” raises your
                                                                                         site’s rankings in search results.
                                    No need to worry what RSS is (it stands for
                                    Really Simple Syndication). Just have faith that     OK, but are blogs a fad or a trend?
                                    RSS is a new way to publish and distribute           I love this question. Here’s my answer:
                                    content on the Web without using email. And          Newsletters or ezines are still the e-vehicle of

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                                                           c o m m u n i c a t o r s ’                     n e t w o r k   •   j a n u a r y        2 0 0 5

                                                FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                   Doin Da WRAP —
                                                                                                                     Ain’t No Mishap
                                                          Happy New Year!
                                                                                                                                 By Michael Easley, Past President
                                                       Happy New Year! I am so excited to be
Photo courtesy of Anne Knudsen

                                                       starting this year as President of SV-IABC
                                                       and look forward working with our new
                                                                                                                                 Gettin together was da thing to do
                                                       board and the members of this chapter                                     Talkin 50 folks give or take a few
                                                       in 2005. We have an enthusiastic and                                      Hangin out at BJ’s brew pub
                                                       experienced board—all eager to serve                                      Was da core of da SV-IABC club
                                                       this chapter by providing professional
                                 development, networking, and programs that you will enjoy.
                                                                                                                                 What a gig it proved to be
                                 This is the time of year when so many of us make resolutions. But                               Everybody diggin the food and brew you see
                                 it can be very hard to stick to those without support. So what are
                                 your resolutions…and how can SV-IABC help you keep them?                                        Talkin up a storm, smiles all around
                                                                                                                                 Volunteers celebratin, gettin down
                                 Lose Weight
                                 This is probably one of the most common resolutions, and you are
                                 probably thinking, “It’s on my list, but SV-IABC can help me lose                               So much work was their passion
                                 weight?” It may be bit of a stretch, but I know that I can promise                              Makin members happy their fashion
                                 you exciting luncheons, where you may even forget to eat! That’s                                Here and there, creating dis and dat
                                 how! Our 2005 program agenda is filling up with fresh outlooks on
                                 topics such as personal networking, government affairs, and change                              Just so members would know where it’s at
                                 management. I’m sure you will find more than one that you just can’t
                                 miss. Now in fairness to those who are trying keep this resolution,                             Prez’ words and chapter gifts to recognize
                                 I should also tell you about the three networking events, where we
                                 have interesting conversation, fabulous drinks, and sumptuous food.                             Just how hip and appreciated are these guys
                                 Just talk to anyone who was at the November 2004 It’s a Wrap event                              Board members, directors, many volunteers
                                 about the “piezookie” and they will confirm the fattening side effects                           All made 2004 such a cool year
                                 of these events. So, while not all of our events will help with this
                                 resolution, they may help with the next resolution…
                                                                                                                                 Yeah, we made the cash
                                 Spend Time with Friends and Family                                                              Put on the monthly bash
                                 It is bit of a stretch to say the chapter is family…but it is certainly
                                 a supportive, welcoming and fun community—here to help each
                                                                                                                                 But there’s more to it than that
                                 other network, develop, and succeed. IABC brings together people                                We kept the legacy intact
                                 from many different backgrounds and disciplines—all with the goal
                                 of sharing their knowledge and gaining experience from others.
                                 Because I have had the privilege of making many friends during my
                                                                                                                                 So now da party’s over
                                 membership, I know I can look forward to keeping this resolution                                Memories will tide us over
                                 and to making many more IABC friends in the coming year.                                        Gonna do it up again in 05
                                                                                                                                 Another group will do da jive
                                 Get More Involved
                                 Now here’s a resolution where SV-IABC can really help.
                                 Everything IABC offers is the outcome of a group of hard working                                Many thanks to all of you
                                 and dedicated volunteers. It’s a big job…and we always have                                     Who made the year a dream come true
                                 opportunities for those of you that are looking for a rewarding way
                                 to get more involved. Volunteering allow members to network,
                                 take on new challenges, and strengthen skills in a supportive,                                 — MC-Easley, Past Prez
                                 professional environment. I encourage you to consider how you
                                 can get more involved with this extraordinary group.

                                 What if you don’t have any of these on your list? SV-IABC will still
                                 be here offering a community of professionals that is fun, diverse,
                                 and supportive. On behalf of the 2005 Executive Board, I invite you
                                 to join us and to provide feedback that would make IABC more
                                 beneficial to you.

                                 Yvonne Thomson
                                 President, SV-IABC

                      c o m m u n i c a t o r s ’               n e t w o r k          •    j a n u a r y       2 0 0 5

      Meet The Board
                       Yvonne Thomson,                                   Michael Easley,           the Communications Manager for Oracle
                       President                                         Past President            Corporation’s Global IT organization,
                       As President, I am                                As past president,        managing employee, organizational,
                       excited to be leading                             my role is to serve       integration and executive communications.
                       of a team of energetic,                           as advisor to the
                       creative and enthusiastic                         Executive Board,          As VP of Administration, I am responsible
                       volunteers working to                             represent our chapter     for managing all the administrative functions
bring our members professional develop-            at district meetings and assist with special    of the chapter including executive board
ment and networking opportunities in 2005.         assignments. I’ve been a member of SV-          communications such as recording Executive
I joined IABC a little over three years ago;       IABC for the past seven years, having served    Board minutes and providing them to the
spending the first of couple years attending        the past three on the board as President,       Executive Board an a monthly basis. I will
the monthly luncheons and taking the volun-        Executive VP and VP of Programs &               also manage general administrative projects
teer leap last year to serve as VP of Technol-     Professional Development. I’ve also enjoyed     and actions, maintain historical record
ogy. The reason I enjoy having an active part      participating in several chapter volunteer      keeping as well as oversee the judging of the
in this organization is the variety—in the         opportunities. As an East Coast native, I       Gold Quill Awards.
people, the programs, and the resources.           have found SV-IABC to be a tremendous
While I have been a member of other                resource and community. The group has                                 John Robertson,
organizations, such as Women in Consulting         helped me establish myself professionally                             Vice President of
and American Marketing Association, IABC           and grow my network of friends and career                             Communications
is the only one that I have found to provide       associates in California. I particularly                              As Vice President of
the diversity to help me with my career on so      enjoyed attending my first IABC annual                                 Communications, I
many levels.                                       conference last year in Los Angeles. Aside                            am responsible
                                                   from the great programming, I found it                                for overseeing the
I recently took a new position at Intuit as        quite engaging to meet and share ideas and      chapter communications, including this fine
Employee Corporate Communications Man-             experiences with colleagues from around         newsletter. Kathleen O’Brien, who held this
ager. Previously, I have worked at Hewlett         the globe.                                      role previously, has set the bar really high,
Packard, Exodus, and a full service market-                                                        so I have my work cut out for me. Thanks
ing agency. In addition to the new role as         At Hewlett-Packard, I manage executive          Kathleen! I’ve been a member of IABC for
chapter president and new job, my two sons         and employee communications for the             just under two years. The things I enjoy
(Peter, 7 & Nicholas 2) and I are surviving        Imaging and Printing Supplies business.         most about IABC are the really talented
a kitchen remodel by my husband. To keep           My background includes communications           people I get to meet at every chapter event,
my sanity—and express my creative side—I           experience in a variety of roles for            the great local luncheon speakers, and the
am an avid scrapbook creator.                      corporate, agency and not-for-profit             new friends I’ve made along the way.
                                                   organizations. On the weekends, I try to find
                                                   time to explore my creative interests in art.   I am currently a Senior Associate for
                                                                                                   ROI Communications, an internal
                                                                       Sarah Peterson,             communications consulting firm focusing
                                                                       Vice President of           on helping organizations through change.
                                                                       Administration              When I’m not working with clients, I’m
                                                                       I have been a member        playing with my two year old son Jack
                                                                       of IABC for a year and      and/or giving his wonderful mom a well-
                                                                       a half and really value     deserved break. My hobbies include
                                                                       the resources available     volleyball and telling stories about life in
                                                   to members. Both online resources               Wisconsin (State bird: mosquito). Yes, I’m
                                                   and the experienced members provide             a cheesehead.
                                                   an extensive network to continuously
                                                   leverage and learn from. I am currently

                      c o m m u n i c a t o r s ’                n e t w o r k          •    j a n u a r y         2 0 0 5

      Meet The Board

                      Kathleen O’Brien,                                    Deborah Hoard,                                  Ron Schmidt, Vice
                      Vice President                                       Vice President                                  President of Tech-
                      of Community                                         of Membership                                   nology
                      and Education                                        As Vice President                               As VP of Technology, I am
                      Involvement                                          of Membership, I                                in charge of the Web site,
                       In this role, I’ll manage                           am responsible for                              database maintenance
                       the scholarship program,                            leading membership                              and ensuring smooth
volunteer outreach efforts, and other community-   activities to help build a strong, innovative    operation of email distributions. I’ve been
based projects. I’ve been involved with SV-IABC    chapter through renewing current members,        with IABC for four years, most recently as
for four years and was VP of Communications        recruiting new members, and coordinating         the VP of Finance. I enjoy the diverse range
this past year.
                                                   volunteer efforts. I’ve been with IABC for       of communications professionals in our
What attracted me to SV-IABC was the strong ca-
                                                   just over one year. I joined last year and       chapter, and am impressed with the depth
maraderie, the insightful programs, and the op-    volunteered as the Judging Director. The         of experience among the membership.
portunity to share ideas with others in my same    thing I like most about IABC is the people.      I am managing director of Rosswood
field. Professionally, I manage internal communi-   They’re friendly, intelligent, and dynamic. I    Communications, a PR consultancy based in
cations programs for VeriSign, and have over 15    really enjoy being a part of this chapter. My    San Jose, Calif. I keep busy with baby Clayton,
years experience in employee communications,       day job is President and Founder of Net Re-      as well as swimming, yoga and reading.
marketing, and training. When I’m not working,     sults. We work with clients to manage their
I spend time with my 10 year old daughter and      MarCom projects that need some TLC and
husband, dabble in Feng Shui, and enjoy golfing     help them deliver on-time, on-budget, and
and exercising.
                                                   on-target successes. When I’m not involved
                                                   in communications, I have a secret identify.
                                                   I’m a belly dancer. I’ve been studying for
                     Janice Le, Vice               the past 5 years and started performing at
                     President of Finance          festivals last year.
                     In this role I keep
                     the books, update the                              Thomas Wyatt,
                     chapter on our finan-                               Vice President
                     cial status, and make                              of Programs and
                     sure we comply with all
Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Currently, I
am a Program Manager with the Executive
                                                                        I will be responsible
Media Operations team at Cisco Systems,
Inc. My responsibilities include managing
                                                                        for leading all chapter                Special Thanks
                                                   professional development responsibilities,           The 2005 SV-IABC Board photos were
software developers, establishing technology
                                                   such as monthly programs, the Independents           taken by Anne Knudsen Photography.
roadmaps for the evolution of the software
                                                   Roundtable, networking mixers and special            A big “thank you” goes to Anne for
product, and overseeing licensing and
                                                   workshops and seminars. I’ve been with               volunteering her services.
                                                   IABC for two years and am excited about my
                                                   first Board position.                          
I am an active participant in Cisco’s Women’s
Action Network outreach committee, helping
                                                   I currently work at Cisco Systems as the
young girls to achieve in areas of technology.
                                                   Senior Manager of the Executive Media
                                                   Operations group. In this capacity, I serve
                                                   as the general manager of the onBusiness
                                                   Network. In addition, I am the co-creator
                                                   and publisher of the News@Cisco web site. In
                                                   my spare time, I enjoy politics, golfing, beach
                                                   volleyball and reading.

                      c o m m u n i c a t o r s ’              n e t w o r k          •    j a n u a r y       2 0 0 5

3 Reasons to Publish…continued from page 1

choice for most marketers. Two things are        Bottom line, consider adding a blog to your      Q&A with Debbie Weil
slowing the adoption of blogs as a channel       site for two reasons: as an instant publishing
for business communication:                      tool and as an adjunct to your email market-     Q: What exactly is a weblog?
                                                 ing efforts. You may find you can use a blog      A: From a business perspective, it’s an
1. The term blogging is associated with on-      to trim down the extraneous information             instant publishing tool that enables
   line journals; personal, unedited writing;    that’s clogging the regular issues of your          anyone to publish fresh content to a Web
   and, er, needless bloviating.                 newsletter and making it less effective.            site and get feedback from prospects and
2. Most folks don’t know what a news reader
   is and why you need one to subscribe to a     About Debbie Weil                                Q: How are companies using blogs?
   blog or any other RSS feed. (Again, don’t     Debbie Weil is a speaker, consultant and         A: In the B2B (business to business)
   fret over RSS. Visit for    publisher of the award-winning WordBiz              sphere, as a thought-leader tool to
   a good explanation and to see how easy it     Report. Drawing on her unique background            generate leads, media inquiries and
   is to download a newsreader.)                 as a journalist and an MBA with corporate           search engine traffic.
                                                 marketing experience, she shows companies
Use a blog to extend the reach of                how to make more money with their words.         Q: When you look into the future,
your e-newsletter                                For example, she shows print publishers             how will blogs affect Corporate
My advice for now is to continue publishing      how to collect money they’re leaving on the         Communications?
an e-newsletter. If you’re sending it in HTML,   table by not selling their print products more   A: Marketing and PR-speak are dead. Com-
trim your design down to the bare minimum        effectively through the Web and email. Deb-         panies that communicate authentically
and make the file size as small as possible.      bie worked at Network Solutions, Inc., the          and directly to customers through a blog
This will give you a better chance of getting    original dot com company, and has several           are the ones that will be listened to.
past the spam filters and other blocking tools    decades of experience as a reporter and edi-
being used by major ISPs like AOL.               tor with major newspapers. She also works        Q: If I am responsible for Corporate
                                                 with CEOs and top-level execs who want to           Communications, where can I go to
Of course, don’t forget to link back to your     use a blog to position themselves - and their       learn more about weblogs?
blog through each issue of your e-newslet-       companies - as thought leaders in highly         A: I’ve posted a lot of resources and tips
ter. You’ll probably need to explain to your     competitive markets.                                on my site, Blogwrite for CEOs (link to
newsletter readers what your blog is, where                                                          site) at http://www.BlogWriteForCEOs.
to find it and how to subscribe to it.                                                                com. You can also e-mail me a ques-
                                                                                                     tion at I try and
If you think your email subscribers are not                                                          respond within 24 hours. If you want a
ready to embrace “newsreaders,” then don’t                                                           quick primer, I recently published “The
mention this downloadable software - or RSS                                                          Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging”
for that matter. Simply include a prominent                                                          which you can purchase through my site
link to your blog in the layout of your news-                                                        at:
letter and remind readers to “visit” often for                                                       or
updates between issues.                                                                              ners_Guide_to_Blogging.html

                       c o m m u n i c a t o r s ’                n e t w o r k            •     j a n u a r y      2 0 0 5

      Earn your ABC: Teleseminar Offers Tips                                                                Scholarship Program
Register now for IABC’s first-ever                   Get more details and register online at: http://        and Panel Discussion
Accreditation teleseminar:                                                     a Success in 2004
Getting Accredited in 2005:                         And congratulations to the applicants who          SV-IABC concluded another outstanding
Developing Your Portfolio                           won prizes in the Accreditation Month              year with our community and Education
19 January 2005                                     drawing: Marielle Gauthier, JoAnn R. Yamani-       outreach efforts. We sponsored a San Jose
Presenters / Scott Cytron, ABC and Gail             Huang, Annamarie DeCarlo, Margit Phillips          State University (SJSU) panel discussion on
Pickard, ABC                                        and Mary O. Ratcliffe.                             career paths and professional development in
                                                                                                       communications, drawing a standing-room-
This one-hour telephone seminar will                Learn more about the IABC Accreditation            only crowd.
include a short overview of the steps involved      Program at:
in accreditation, followed by an in-depth           development/accredit/abc.htm                       The Scholarship Program also was a great
review of what makes a good portfolio, with                                                            success. This year we included Santa Clara
a focus on writing a workplan that meets the                                                           University (SCU) along with San Jose State
portfolio-grading criteria. You’ll learn from two                                                      University, awarding one winner from
presenters who have not only been there, but                                                           each school.
who also regularly review and grade portfolios.
                                                                                                       The following recipients received
                                                                                                       $1,000 each, in addition to a one-year
                                                                                                       complementary membership to SV-IABC.

                                                                                                       Congratulations to Keith DeVey from SCU and
                                                                                                       Farideh Dada from SJSU we look forward to
                                                                                                       your participation at our chapter meetings
                                                                                                       this year!

        IABC Features Best Practice Gold Quill Award-Winning Case
        Study: Yahoo! Yodel Challenge
Kim Tarantino, of Fleishman Hillard Inc.,           yodel joke on NBC’s hit series “Will & Grace.”     available in soft-cover with a CD-ROM of all
entered the Yahoo! Yodel Challenge in IABC’s        Traveling to eight markets, the program            the case studies. Order your copy at http://
2004 Gold Quill Awards in the Marketing             increased positive brand perceptions, 1.5
Communication category:                             million page views on the Yahoo! Yodel
                                                    Challenge site, 400 entries and 80 million
Having successfully turned around the               media impressions.                                     Get Recognized!
company by focusing on new revenue-                                                                     2005 Gold Quill Awards:
generating services, Yahoo! challenged the          Read how these results were achieved and               A Call for Entries
PR team to create a program to reinforce            more about this case study in “Best Practices       Start preparing your entry and join your
its powerful brand. Yahoo! and Fleishman-           in Communication Planning                           colleagues in recognizing the world’s
Hillard created the Yahoo! Yodel Challenge to       and Implementation.”                                best communications programs.
strengthen brand loyalty, generate consumer                                                                  Early-bird deadline: 1 Feb. 2005
excitement, and attract cross-country media         “Best Practices in Communication Planning                  Final deadline: 9 Feb. 2005.
attention. The national search for America’s        and Implementation,” an inspiring collection
favorite amateur yodeler (with a grand prize        of Gold Quill award-winning case studies has        Get complete entry details and tips, and
of appearing in an upcoming advertisement           this case plus 100 more. Learn about how            download the Divisions and Categories
and US$10,000) exceeded expectations in             the very best communications programs are           poster at:
every area, even inspiring a prime time Yahoo!      meeting today’s real challenges. This book is

     Who To Contact at SV-IABC
     Communicators’ Network is published monthly by SV-IABC. News and commentary are welcome.

Executive Board
President                                      VP Finance
Yvonne Thomson                                 Janice Le                                                SV-IABC Meetings
650-944-5886                                   408-525-5980
                                                                                                SV-IABC program luncheons are
Past President                                 VP Membership                                    usually held the second Thursday
Michael Easley                                 Deborah Hoard                                    of the month. Everyone is welcome.                
408-873-5737                                   650-343-8005

VP Administration                              VP Programs & Professional Development
Sarah Peterson                                 Thomas Wyatt            
650-506-5239                                   408-525-2246

VP Communications                              VP Technology
John Robertson                                 Ron Schmidt                
408-464-0151                                   408-371-2801
VP Community & Education Involvement
Kathleen O’Brien


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