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					History of Pi                                                   Name: ___________________
Worksheet                                                       Date: ___________________

   1.   Which civilization is credited with being the first to approximate pi?

   2.   Approximately how many decimal places has pi been calculated to?

   3.   Pi is a letter of which language?

   4.   Two cakes will be baked for fifteen students. “The first will be a rectangle that is 9 inches wide,
        13 inches long, and 2 inches high. The other will be a 9-inch-round cake that is 3 inches high. For
        those of you who don't do a lot of baking, a 9-inch-round cake pan has a diameter of 9 inches.

        I know that I can create nice equal slices from the rectangular cake by dividing the width into three
        pieces and the length into 5 pieces. To be fair, I want each of my students to receive the same
        amount of cake as the others.

        The round cake will be cut into wedge-shaped pieces. How many wedge-shaped slices will I have
        to cut from the round cake to give everyone about the same amount of cake? Make sure that you
        are comparing the volumes of the pieces of cake.

        To make it easier to carry the cakes into school, I plan to leave them in their pans. That means that
        I will only decorate the tops with icing. If you like icing, would you want a slice of the rectangular
        cake or the round cake? Support your decision using mathematics.” (Brown, J. A., 2000)

   5.   The first reference in the Bible to the concept of pi is found in which book of the Bible?

   6.   He was the first mathematician to estimate pi to be near 22 divided by 7.

   7.   This mathematician assigned the π symbol to the mathematical concept.

   8.   If the diameter of the Earth is 12,756.3 kilometers, what is the circumference of the Earth in


   9.   If the diameter of Jupiter is 142,984 kilometers, what is the circumference of Jupiter in miles?

   10. Comparing just the diameters, how many times larger is Jupiter than Earth?

   11. Why is March 14th celebrated as pi day?

Brown, J. A. (2000). Retrieved March 13, 2005 from

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