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									                            Welcome to 1st Central Surrey
                             Beavers, Cubs and Scouts!

When and where we meet:
      T.E. Scott Elementary. Tuesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Some meetings may run shorter or longer
      depending on the program. Outside meetings, camps, and day outings are also part of the fun.

Expectations of all youth:
      To be polite and respectful of the other kids and leaders.
      To pay their “dues” each week.
      To wear their uniforms during all events.
      To stay off the stage, ladders, ropes, and hang bars in the gym.
      To have fun.

Expectations of all adults:
      To have their kids be on time to all events. For safety reasons, please check in with the leaders at the start
      and end of each session.
      To help maintain their child’s behaviour during events.
      To help organize and participate in events.
      To support the leaders.
      To have fun.

General Information:
      Our main website :     http://www.1stcentralsurrey.com
      Scouts Canada website : http://www.scouts.ca

      Most information will be presented through the website and emails. During registration, please be sure
      your correct email address is on it. If you do not have Internet access, please talk to the leaders and they
      will arrange to have print outs or phone calls.

     The Leaders / Council members:
      Leaders are parents who are volunteering their time. They go through a police security background check
      and Leader training. Without leaders, this program could not exist. Please let us know if you can donate
      your time to help out!

      Apart from the leaders, each group has a council. These people are also volunteers and go through a
      police security check. Every year, each position must be filled to help run the groups to their fullest
      potential. Council usually meets once a month with the group leaders to help organize and plan group
      meetings, events and activities.

      We need new parents to volunteer to be leaders and council members to continue a quality program.
Registration, dues, and fundraising:
       Registration cost:
       1st and 2nd youth per family                     $175.00 each.
       3rd and more youth per family                    FREE
       Parent volunteer council or leaders              FREE

       The registration fee includes national registration, insurance, and gym rental costs.

       All cheques written should be made out to “1st Central Surrey”.

       In addition to registration, a post-dated cheque of $150.00 per family is required for the fundraising goals.
       Please see the additional pages for more information.

       Each week, dues of $1.00 will be required from each youth. This helps cover the cost of any craft
       supplies and other materials.

       During an outing event, an admission fee may be charged.

               Uniforms for each youth should be kept clean, complete, and worn at each event they attend. If
       your child is a new member to the group, ask the leader if there are any used uniforms to purchase. To
       find new uniforms and other equipment, you will have to visit the Scout Shop in Vancouver or provide
       them with an order for delivery to you.
                                        664 West Broadway
                                        Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1
                                        Email: vancouvershop@scouts.ca
                                        Phone: 604-879-5724
              Weekdays: 9:30 to 5:30           Saturdays: 9:30 to 5:00           Sundays – Closed

Forms, forms and more forms:
       The registration form and fundraising form must be completed and handed into the registrar with your
       registration fee and fundraising cheque.

       Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts normally start a week after school begins in September. The first night is used
       to familiarize the parents on what our program is about and answer any initial questions that may arise.
       The youth may attend 3 meetings to see if they will enjoy the program or not. By the 4th meeting date
       (first week of October), we ask that all application forms, fundraising cheques and registration money is
       handed into the group registrar.

       If you are willing/able to become a leader or part of the council, please ask the registrar for these forms or
   find them online from our website.
       - Adult application form
       - Police record check forms

       Give the application form to the group registrar. The police record check pages must be taken (by you,
       with ID) to the local RCMP office. Let them know it is for Scouts Canada and they will do the rest.
       Please obtain a receipt as proof of submition.

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