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					                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                                   PIMPRI CHINCHWAD MUNICIPAL CORPORATION
                                      ELECTRO- MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT
                                   TENDER NOTICE NO: JNNURM/PCMC/WS/3/2009/10

                                      COMMISSIONER ON 14th September 2009.
                                           COMMON SET OF DEVIATIONS
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                      REPLY
 1      Name of Agency:
        Swati Switch Gear (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  i.    Page No.116, BOQ Item No. 10.: unlimited Tag item SCADA of UNLIMITED Tags shall be
        No 10 SCADA Software Design – As Per requirement          provided as per NIT.
 ii.    Page No.152 : Approved valve –Please consider ABB Please refer APPROVED Vendor List as
        make for PLC, SCADA software and Instrumentation          per NIT.
 iii.   Page No. 11:     Details of works of similar type and Technical & Financial as per Statement-II
        magnitude carried out by the contractor-In the terms of on page no 9.
        technical strength or finance
 iv.    Page No. 113, BOQ item No. 4: Electrical Actuator- Please refer Page No 7 item No. 14 of NIT.
        Technical specification required for valve line size, Also refer specifications Page no. 146 item
        pressure range etc.                                       No 2.9
 v.     Page No. 114, BOQ item No. 6:          Motorised valve Please refer Page No 7 item No. 14 of NIT.
        (excluding Valve)- Technical specification required for Also refer specifications Page no. 146 item
        valve line size, pressure range etc.                      No 2.9
 vi.    Page No. 130: The existing ultra-sonic flow meters Please refer Page No 7 item No. 14 of NIT.
        (approximately 40 nos.) at various ESR’s 1 no Bidder is required to acquaint himself with
        Ultrasonic flow meter 1400mm dia. at WTP and 2 Nos. the site conditions.
        Mikamachi Electro-magnetic flow meter at ravet
        pumping station shall be refurbished, recalibration and
        integrated into automation system. No extra payment
        shall be made towards the refurbishing, recalibration
        and     integrated    of    existing   meters-Technical
        Specification require.
vii.    Page 133: Existing automation system installed at Bidder is required to acquaint himself with
        ravet raw water pumping station shall be integrated in the site conditions.
        this project and whatever modification required shall
        be done at no extra cost –Technical details required

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                                                        REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                          REPLY
        for compatibility
viii.   Page 122, BOQ Item no 16: Ultrasonic flow meter Refer Technical Specifications attached
        supply of clamp on type ultrasonic flow meter along with the reply.
        (Portable) suitable for max 1200mm dia, pipeline for
        flow measurement. The rate is inclusive of E.D., P& F,
        VAT, Octroi, installation Integration, testing etc.
        complete. As per directed by Engineer-In Charge -
        Technical details required
 ix.    Existing SCADA system monitors only levels and            Since       the     NIT      proposes         new
        flows of 20 ESR’s. These ESR’s are connected by           communication platform on GPRS, the
        wireless communication system. – Our scope is             ESR shall be fitted with new Level
        limited for connectivity with existing SCADA only?        Transmitters, New PLC and the same shall
                                                                  communicate on new (GPRS) uniform

  x.    Page 134: install PLC based control loop for Refer NIT. Bidder is required to acquaint
        chlorinated water dosing such that, the chlorine dosing himself with the site conditions and existing
        is controlled depending on the residual chlorine system.
        predetermined value at the outlet of the plant.
        Required modification to be carried out to the existing
        system- Technical specification require of existing
        chlorine system.
 xi.    Page 134: Integrated laboratory analyzers on main         Existing     Laboratory      instruments      are
        PLC - Technical specification require.                    provided     with    RS      485     port      for
                                                                  communication.      Bidder    is   required    to
                                                                  acquaint himself with the site conditions
                                                                  and existing system.
xii.    Page 134: install electrical actuators for 11-sluice For Valve sizes Refer NIT page 132 clause
        valve (8 nos. existing +2 nos. proposed +1 No bypass) 1.2.2.
        - Technical specification require.
xiii.   Page No .134: Install PLC based system with remote Bidder is required to acquaint himself with
        I/Os or individual PLC for each bed connected to the site conditions and distances.
        central PLC. – Require overall Plant (plot
        0 layout (For distance requirement0
xiv.    Page134: Drives of clarifiers. – Drive specification Bidder is required to acquaint himself with

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                                                          REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                          REPLY
        required for compatibility With PLC.                        the site conditions and distances.
xv.     Page 139: The ESR will have eclectically actuated Provision for valve automation is covered in
        valve in future in phase manner as decided by PCMC. this phase of expansion. Provide PLC I/O’s
        The operation of discharge valve shall be possible accordingly at required locations.
        from central SCADA. The maximum time delay from
        the command to the initiation of valve shall not exceed
        10Sec.- These two statement is only for future
        expansion scope or if this is of this is in scope of this
        tender specified the technical criteria?

 2      Name of agency:
  i.    The annual turnover limit should be brought down to         As per NIT only.
        2.5 crores / for each segment for healthy competition.
        As per CPWD the limit is 20% of the project cost
        before contingencies which may be verified at your
 ii.    JV should be allowed, the experience and turnover,          As per NIT
        should be considered accordingly.
 iii.   GPRS & SCADA –These kind of projects are recently           As per NIT.
        been introduced by various corporation in India. For        (Execution of Single package does not
        this reason one installation of GPRS norms may              necessarily   prove   the   experience   of
        please be considered for healthy competition.               execution.)
        Secondly most of the hardware required in this
        package is bought out or outsourced, also softwares
        are branded and available in market, hence value
        addition of bidder is not significant as most of the work
        is done by suppliers and for this reason one
        installation experience is sufficient for 2.3.4 packages.
 iv.    Third Party Inspection-FAT-Please add name of               As per NIT only.
        certified Engineer India Ltd. (CEIL), which is
        Government of India undertaking certifying co, owned
        by EIL ltd.
 v.     2.5 Flow transmitted – coil housing … MOC---                Die cast Aluminium as MOC specified.
        Stainless steel housing—This particular feature is          Refer Page No 143 of NIT par 1.

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                                                             REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                             REPLY
        introduced in water application by one particular
        Indian Manufacturer, whose counterpart in Germany
        do not recommend stainless material for coil housing.
        Except this manufacturer, no other manufacturer like
        ABB, E&H, Seimens are using SS housing as it is
        technically not required at all. The unwarranted
        impression is created as to eliminate the competition
        these kinds of feature are introduced in tender. The
        coil housing can be anticorrosive; this much feature is
        enough as there is no contact with water. We have
        supplied 100 nos. of magflows with anticorrosive coil
        housing and working for last 10 years. We have strong
        objection for favoring one particular manufacturer by
        adding such features.
 vi.    For all water supply project MS pipes with                    The working of magnetic flow meter is
        anticorrosive paints are used externally and internally       based       on   non-magnetic    sensor   tube
        the lining is done because it is exposed to water. No         material.
        where SS pipes are used to transport the water
        considering it’s cost and it’s not required at all. We are
        supporting the same rule….
vii.    Calibration with NABL- Our flow meters (Seimens) do           Refer NIT. NABL accredited          & certified
        not require calibration for 10 years, hence this              laboratory required as per NIT only.
        condition is applicable to those manufacturers who
        need this kind of recalibration facility. If hydraulic
        conditions are changed we shall calibrate flow meters
        with clamp- on type ultrasonic flow meters which will
        carry valid calibration certificate.
viii.   Change in type of flow meter to make proposal more            Ultrasonic flow meters are also acceptable,
        economical:                                                   kindly   refer    attached   specifications   in
        Type of flow meter--- We recommend Multipath                  annexure v.
        Ultrasonic flow meters as:
            1. Up to size – 600mm two Path
            2. Size above 600mm – Four track
            1. Up to Size 400mm – Full bore electromagnetic
                flow meters.

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                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
             POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                         REPLY
          2. For size – 600mm – Two track ultrasonic flow
          3. For other sizes - Four track ultrasonic flow
       Benefits of change:
       Cost saving will be sizeable. No need for dismantling
       joints, MS specials, civil work will be minimized. The
       cost is spares if not more than 30% where as cost of
       spares for magnetic flow meters is 70%. Hence
       maintenance cost shall be saved to large extent.
       We offer PCMC to submit budgetary price for the
       Reference- Ultrasonic flow meters working on fields
       with accuracy 0.5% substantiated by performance
       certificates – 450nos. Few performance certificates
       are enclosed.
 ix.   PLC package
          1. Basic schematics for the WTP along with
              locations for the individual sections may be        System Architecture being attached with
              provide.                                            the reply. Refer Annexure III.
          2. Block diagrams for the pumping station along
              with the WSR and GSR’s may be provide.
          1. Central PLC and SCADA station location along
              with distribution.
          2. Communication with any of the third party
              devices or any central DCS system.
          3. IO distribution for all the section along with the
              SCADA station.
          4. No. of PLC’s and SCADA stations for all the
          5. Local distribution for all sections together.
          6. Section to section communication over GPRS
 x.    Civil Work:- We request you to delete entire civil work    Split Tendering is not possible. Follow the
       from our scope, this kind of civil work may please be      Scope as per NIT.

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                                                          REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                       REPLY
        entrusted to CIVIL CONTRACTORS who will justify it.
        It is our experience that, work unnecessarily gets
        delayed due to this.
 xi.    Payment Terms – We request you to modify payment           As per NIT.
        terms as—
            1. Mobilization advance – 10% against BG
            2. Against Supply - 60%
            3. Against Installation - 15%
            4. Commissioning & Integration - 10%
            5. Testing - 5%

 3      Name of agency
        Endress + Hauser (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  i.    Pg No. 3, period of completion                             No deviations accepted.
        The LD is applicable as mentioned in the tender for
        not completing the work within 15 months. Our
        experience says that due to various incidental issues
        during the project execution 15 months is too short a
        time to complete the automation package. We
        sincerely request you to kindly extend it to 18 months.
        However we will try and finish it as fast as possible.
 ii.    Pg. 85, Clause 38                                          This clause is meant for such occasion only
        There could be some items that would need revision when some items need revision in quantity.
        in quantity.
 iii.   Pg. No 110                                                 Yes
        Are only 32 filter beds to be considered for
 iv.    Pg. No 111                                                 Refer page No. 133 of NIT typical filter
        Item No 4, you have considered actuators only on arrangement has been provided. Phase –III
        outlet and air valves for each filter bed. What about is without air scouring.
        other valves?
 v.     Pg. No 111                                                 Refer page No. 137 of NIT typical ESR
        Item 5, PLC at ESRs how many flow, level points to arrangement has been provided.
        be considered and how many valves to control? Max

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                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                        REPLY
 vi.    Pg No 112                                                 Valve sizes are: 600 mm- 5 Nos, 1000 mm-
        Item No 6, Line size of 11 sets of valves? Only 3 Nos, 1200 mm-3 No.
        actuator will be supplied.
vii.    Pg No 112                                                 As per NIT
        Item No 7, Only 65 nos. considered but actual ESR’s
        are 85 as per Item 5
viii.                                                             WTP and ESRs controls shall be through
        Pg No 113
                                                                  one set and other will act as historian
        Item No 8, It is one Control room for both WTP and
                                                                  station. Refer attached system architecture.
        ESR control? Are 2 sets meant for these two?

 ix.    Pg No 114                                                 3 core or 4 core 1.5 cable can be
        Item No 11, Cabling of 7 Crores & other cabling issues used for power supply. Since this is a
        like cable tray will be decided at the time of Detailed turnkey project of providing automation to
        engineering. Different size might be needed. No WTP and ESRs as detailed in the tender
        power cable for actuator is considered, will it be document, all items are deemed to be
        provided by customer?                                     provided by contractor if required.
  x.    Pg No 121                                                 Yes, specific locations will be given at the
        Item No 18 & Page 123, Item 22: Ultrasonic time of detailed engineering.
        transmitter qty (26 + 103) location not specified,
        (Location to be specified at the time of Detailed
 xi.    Pg 122                                                    Please refer Clause 38 of the tender meant
        Item 19 & 20 – What if quantities vary later?             to deal with excess quantities.
xii.    Pg 123                                                    8 Nos Transmitters are considered for
        DP transmitter qty mentioned in tender is 40 & qty phase – IV.
        considered for automation is 32 (Item 3)
xiii.   Pg 124                                                    Tapers, adaptors and allied hardware is
        Item 24 – No adapters are mentioned for flow meter. deemed to be included in item of flow meter
        Are these to be considered in scope of supply?            only.
xiv.    Pg 127                                                    Yes.
        Flow meter and all instrumentation locations to be
        specified by PCMC at the time of detailed engineering.
xv.     Pg 128                                                    No, as per NIT only.
        In scope of work delete existing 40 flow meters. It
        would be very difficult to get it refurbished from a

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                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                 POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                        REPLY
 xvi.    Pg 131                                                     These are not in scope of tender.
         Phase III Energy meters are not included in Schedule
xvii.    Pg 132                                                     Laboratory instruments are with RS 232
         1.2.2                                                      connectivity & allied hardware required to
             •    What about other valves than outlet & air connect the same is deemed to be included
                  valves                                            in scope of supply.
             •    Alum dosing is not in schedule.
             •    Chlorination not also included in the schedule.
             •    All laboratory instruments to be connected to
                  central system but no other hardware is
                  considered in the schedule.
xviii.   Pg 133                                                     This valve is noted as sludge draining
         Clarifier blow down valve not considered in schedule.      valve.
 xix.    Pg 135                                                     The Touch screen is considered as integral
         10” – Touch screen to be considered in schedule.           part of the WTP PLC.
  xx.    Pg 137                                                     The Touch screen is considered as integral
         6” – touch screen to be added                              part of the Filter PLC.
 xxi.    Pg 147                                                     As per NIT.
         We request you to kindly revise the payment terms as
         90% against receipt of material at site of work, 5%
         after installation and commissioning and balance 5%
         after site acceptance test.

  4      Name of agency
         HNB Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
    i.   Pg. 147 payment terms given in the tender for supply As per NIT.
         items are very stringent to pay:
         5% on submission of design and drawings,
         85% on supply of material at site,
         5% on erection and
         5% on commissioning.
         Kindly accept.
   ii.   As per standard practice of PCMC for other tenders, As per NIT.

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                                                          REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                         REPLY
        bidder has to submit ‘Bid Capacity’ calculations. It is
        requested to incorporate this clause in this tender.
 iii.   Page No. 109, Item No. 2:                                 10 KVA UPS is specified. Refer Page 138
        This item does not includes UPS and printer. Please Clause 1.5.3.
        confirm.                                                  Printer is deemed included as part of scope
                                                                  in central computer station
 iv.    Page No. 114, Item No. 10:                                Refer Annexure II System Architecture as
        Two operating stations has to be provided as per Item attached.
        No. 8 on page no. 113. However, as per Item 10, only
        one SCADA software has to be provided. We
        presume that same should be 2 nos. Please confirm.
  v.    Page No. 128, Second para:                                Please refer 2nd Para of Scope of work on
        It is asked to refurbish, recalibrate and re-integrate page 128.
        existing flow meters. However, there is no such item
        present in Schedule – B. Kindly inform, how payment
        will be made for this item?
 vi.    Page 151 :                                                As per NIT only.
        It is requested to add the ‘Yokogama’ make for
        pressure and difference transmitters @ S. No. 17 &
        ‘HBL – Nife’ make for UPS Batteries at S. No. 22.
vii.    Page No. 139, Clause 2.1:                                 As per NIT only.
        It is observed that analog output is considered
        everywhere. As there is no application for analog
        output, we feel that analog output is not required.
        Please confirm.
viii.   Prequalification Criteria :                               Single Work of Rs.50,00,000/- ( Fifty lacs
        Sir, you are aware that we are executing many Only) is Acceptable.
        prestigious projects of sewage treatment plants for
        you on most modern Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)
        technology operated through PLC. We, therefore,
        request you to consider the experience of sewerage
        system in addition to water works. Similarly it is also
        requested to accept the 2 nos. of works each costing
        more than Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty lacs only);
        instead of single work of Rs. 2,00,00,000/- (Rupees

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                                                            REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                       REPLY
        Two Crores only).

 5      Name of agency
        Krohne Marshall
  i.    Since the present tender is a pioneering one, the pre-
        qualification criteria need to be amended as previous
        tenders were invited in their scope of work.
        a. The project work costing Rs 2 crore be amended Accepted. Rs 2 Crores to be read as Rs. 50
            to Rs. 1 Crore (one) Page 5.                             lacs.
        b. Criteria – Full bore magnetic flow meters- The
            number of analytical instruments 200 Nos along 200 nos to be read as 20 nos
            with flow meters be waived.
 ii.    Payment Terms                                                As per NIT
            a. Advance Mobilization against BG
            b. Payment against supply         -   80% (Including
                10% advance )
            c. Installation, testing and Commissioning - 20%

 6      Name of agency
        BVG India Ltd.
  i.    There are 4 different criteria viz (i) Full bore magnetic Referring to page 5, the contractor/ system
        flow meter (ii) PLC based control system (iii) GPRS integrator shall qualify one of the criteria.
        based remote and networking (iv) SCADA software, JV not allowed.
        mentioned in the tender, please allow JV of such
        companies to submit final tender.
 ii.    We are of the opinion that, Electromagnetic method As per NIT only.
        suggested in the tender is quite old technology. As
        PCMC is taking initiatives in introducing newer &
        newer technologies, the state of the art ultrasonic
        multipath technology needs to be incorporated for the
        obvious reasons such as (i) implementation is
        possible without disturbing present installation of pipe
        lines (ii) ease in maintenance (iii) easy calibration.
 iii.   In line with the practice followed by other Municipal As per NIT only.
        Corporations, technical specifications need to be

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                                                            REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                        REPLY
        changed    to   Four   Path   Ultrasonic    flow     Meter
        technology instead of Full Bore electromagnetic flow
        meters. This is also recent & advance trend else

 7      Name of agency
        Cimac Automation Pvt Ltd
  i.    Please consider experience of the vendor for project As per NIT.
        done in similar work out SIDE INDIA so that PCMC
        can get more vendors for better bid competition.
 ii.    Please accept 100% subsidiary in INDIA of parent As per NIT.
        company out side INDIA can BID this project by
        utilizing Financial & Technical criteria of parent
 iii.   Please accept working installation of similar work in As per NIT.
        Govt. / Semi Govt. or municipal corporation OUT SIDE
 iv.    Please accept SCADA should have at least 10 As per NIT.
        projects executed OUTSIDE INDIA.

 8      Name of agency
        Sai Technologies
  i.    EMD:                                                          As per NIT.
        Kindly accept the EMD in the form of Bank Guarantee
        from any Nationalized Scheduled Bank.
 ii.    Security Deposit:                                             As per NIT.
        We hope security deposit in form of Bank Guarantee
        is acceptable. Further we suggest 50% of the security
        deposit to be made up front and 50% to be adjusted
        proportionately against each payment. Please confirm
        the security deposit will be released once the system
        is commissioned and the warranty period has started.
        As clarified on Tender page No. 55
 iii.   Pre – Bid Date :                                              Refer PCMC point.
        Kindly Extend the pre bid date by 10 Days

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                                                              REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                          REPLY
 iv.   Date of Tender Submission:                                       Refer PCMC point.
       Kindly extend the date of tender submission by 30
 v.    Pre Qualification Criteria :                                     Accepted. Rs 2 Crore to be read as Rs. 50
       1. Kindly include the cost of Civil Work Limited to lacs.
       Construction      of   Flow     Meter   Chambers,       Valve
       Chambers of Remote SCADA Rooms for Water &
       Waste Water Project of valve not less than Rs. 1
       2. Should have carried out at least 20 Automation As per NIT
       Jobs involving Complete Responsibility i.e. Design,
       Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Field
       Instruments,       Control       System,       Erection      –
       Commissioning Hardware, etc. for Water / Waste
       Water      Application    and    the    same    should      be
       commissioned before January, 2009.
       3. The annual turnover of the system house should As per NIT
       have an average more than 5 Crores per year for the
       last 3 years.
 vi.   General:
       Since the Tender Form has provided the format for JV JV not Allowed.
       we presume JV / Consortium bids with one of the
       consortium member individually meeting all the
       qualifying criteria should be acceptable. This is being
       envisaged       because   normally      no   single   agency
       manufactures all the major components and also
       provides integrated solution with PTR for the Subject
       application and since this contract is expected to be in
       existence for at least 7 to 8 years, it will be beneficial
       to have an tied up with manufacturer of major supply
       equipment and an agency having extensive local
vii.   Page No. 12 Clause 1.2 :                                         As per NIT
       PCMC to provide any suitable covered premises
       having Normal PCMC fencing and security on no

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                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                         REPLY
        obligation basis for contractor to store their material.
viii.   Page No. 15 Clause 2.4 (c) :                                 As per NIT
        Blanket permission for working in Flexible Timing at
        various locations within PCMC premises in co-
        ordination with the Local Staffs may be allowed as
        long as the contractor indemnifies PCMC for any risks
        to the contractor’s Man & Material.
 ix.    Page No. 18 Clause 2.12 :                                    As per NIT
        The Contractor may be exempted from payment of
        Octroi by providing the suitable be provided with free
        power supply for the execution work at various sites.
  x.    Page No. 21 Clause 3.7:                                      As per NIT
        We may be allowed to use the normal sanitary
        facilities   available   in   PCMC    premises   for   our
 xi.    General :                                                    As per NIT
        Since the contractual Terms & Conditions are more
        related with major civil activity, we request PCMC to
        issue a general waiver and assurance that only
        genuinely applicable terms will be deploy for our
xii.    Civil Work:                                                  Will be provided at the time of execution of
        PCMC to furnish us without any obligation their the work.
        approved list of registered petty civil contractors.
xiii.   Page No. 36 Clause 1:                                        As per NIT
        Third party FAT : Since major equipment are imported
        and / or, they are certified to international standards
        such as CE, UL, FM, CSA, etc., we recommend
        generating a qualifying document of QAP after award
        of contract to specifically conduct pre-dispatch FAT on
        selected products as per quantum agreed in the QAP
        and the importance may be shifted to SAT instead of
        FAT since the payment is in a staggered manner and
        the same will save precious time also.
xiv.    Page No. 45, Indenture for secured advance:

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                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                       REPLY
         Kindly Confirm if we provide a Bank Guarantee for the No secured Advance will be given.
         value of advance of say 25% to be adjusted
         proportionately with each Prorata Payment then will
         the corporation be able to release such advance?
  xv.    General :                                                 As this is a turnkey project, all items
         Extra Work / Additional Requirement not specified and thought to be required by the contractor are
         quantified in the contract. The same will be taken up deemed to be included in the scope of this
         on receipt of return confirmation regarding the work and no extra payment shall be made.
         commercial implications and release of applicable
         payments as per original contractual terms.
 xvi.    Page No. 68 Clause 14:                                    Not accepted.
         Suspension or cancellation of part of the contract
         should be done before approving the drawings and
         data sheets and if not done then at least 90% of the
         payment of the cancelled items should be released
         since in such a tender a major portion of the
         contractual value is supply but in order to comply with
         the Tender Payment terms, we accept staggered
         payment through the contractor has paid to his
xvii.    Page No. 70, Clause No. 15:                               As per NIT
         Compensation due to force measure conditions
         should be permissible.
xviii.   Page No. 80 clause No. 25                                 As per NIT
         The clause may be please deleted.
 xix.    Page No. 85, Clause No. 38                                As per NIT
         Kindly make it open without any amount and
         percentage limitation.
  xx.    Page No. 92 Clause No. 55 (E):                            As per NIT
         The arrangement of drainage water system shall not
         be a part of Instrumentation & Automation Package.
 xxi.    Page No. 128 Scope of Work (Refurbishment of These shall have to be made available by
         Existing Flow Meters)                                     the    contractor      from      respective
         We request PCMC to provide all the documentation manufacturer.            PCMC    will   render   help
         viz. Catalogues, Installation Instructions cum manual, where ever possible.

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                                                               REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                             REPLY
         maintenance manual, etc.
xxii.    Page No. 132, Clause 1.2.2                                      Yes. The Laboratory analysers have RS-
         (Integrate    Laboratory    Analyzer     on   main      PLC) 232 port connectivity and allied hardware
         We presume the laboratory analyzers mentioned are required to connect the same is deemed to
         the existing once. Integration of the same with the be included in scope of work.
         PLC will be possible only if these analyzers have
         provision for communicating with PLC (i.e. – 4-20 mA
         / RS – 485 Modbus / Any Open Protocol Outputs)
xxiii.   Page No. 147 Clause (Payment Terms)                             As per NIT.
         We request PCMC to consider following payment
         -- 60% against Supply of Items on Prorata Basis.
         -- 20% against Installation of Items on Prorata Basis.
         -- 10% against Site Testing.
         -- 5% on Implementation of MIS / Graphic System.
         -- 5% against Commissioning & Handling Over
xxiv.    List of Approved Make List Page No. 151                         As per Annexure III
         Request you to add following makes in the make list:
         Electro Magnetic flow Meter: ABB, Fitzer, Chetak,
         ADTPL, etc.
         Analytical Instruments: Toshniwal
         Cables: Thermo Cables (Hydrabad), Uday Pyro
         SCADA        Software:     Rockwell     Automation     (Allen
         Ultrasonic     Level     Transmitter:    Hycontrols     (UK)
         through Pune Techtrol.
         PT & DPT: ABB
         Spilt Air Conditioner: LG

  9      Name of agency
         Chetas Control Systems Private Limited
    i.   Sir, you have mentioned & given a prequalification Please refer page No. 5 of the Tender
         criteria bifurcating in to 4 parts this means that if 4 Document.
         bidders fulfilling each criteria has to come together or

                                                              15 of 41
                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                     REPLY
        a single bidder must have all the 4 prequalification
        criteria’s which will limit the competition and at the
        same time you are not allowing the joint venture
        agreement for bidding this tender which is totally
        against the sanctity of the tendering procedure.

        Hence we request you to allow for joint venture up to 4
        companies and make this amendment is this pre-bid
 ii.    Also you have mentioned that the bidder must have The condition is relaxed for this work.
        Registered contractor in PWD / MJP: This is a specific However PQ criteria is compulsory.
        work and not a civil or electrical works & hence delete
        thus requirement.
 iii.   While a close look at the specifications is given, it Ultrasonic flow meters are also acceptable.
        appears that the department has resorted to old Kindly refer the attached specifications in
        orthodox technique keeping aside a new era in fluid annexure v.
        matrix. When the State Govt. as well as water
        Resources Ministry of Govt. of India vigorously
        campaign for conversation of recourses and saving of
        this nectar on the earth, it is obvious that metering is
        perfect.   Today,   technology   advancement       in   all
        spheres have outraced old technology. In market, we
        have variety of state of the art Ultrasonic technology
        for giving accuracy of +/- 0.25% while performing.

        Even with Ultrasonic version, we have battery
        powered meters to give uninterrupted data doing away
        with the electrical power as well as requirement of a
        person. Technocrats have developed portals of GSM /
        GPRS connectivity in order to transmit present interval
        readings to distant places / programmable to cell.

        There are other advantages as to no shutdown
        required for installations / repairs Use friendly and
        easy / simple maintenance. No on field calibration

                                                       16 of 41
                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                    REPLY

        On the other hand the PCMC has selected full bore
        electromagnetic version for the project under subject.
        These meters are simply a failure with the water
        supply boards / corporations. The assets have
        become onerous on the side of users. Further, they
        require large storage spaces,
  iv.   The Full Bore Electromagnetic flow meters are not As per NIT
        recommended for the existing distribution network
        where the complete pipe line is required to cut and
        hence the installation & maintenance of this flow
        meter is very difficult. Where as the ultrasonic flow
        meter is the only solution where only 1” hole is
        required to install the flow sensor. With the help of
        Insertion & Retraction tool and Hot- Tap tool the
        sensor can be easily inserted and removed in the pipe
        line even in the pressurized pipe line. Please go
        through the enclosed technical comparison for the
iv. a   Sir, most importantly point adds HART PROTOCOL Accepted. Any open superimposed protocol
        which is not necessary in water industry. Most of the may       be   adopted.   However   all   the
        SCADA projects in other state water supply boards & instruments shall be connected to the PLC
        Municipal Corporations are not specific in any protocol on 4~20Ma as Analog Input.
        and it is always open. Hence we request you to
        remove      the    HART   protocol   from   the     output
        specifications & leave it to the bidder to use any
        protocol by which you can achieve monitoring of all
        data at a central computer place
  v.    Sir, we are leading flow metering & automation Ultrasonic flow meters are also acceptable.
        company in the country executing most of the Kindly refer the attached specifications in
        JNNURM water metering projects in the country but annexure v.
        regret to inform you that even though we were ready
        to share our past experiences, PCMC have prepared
        the tender documents on the guidelines of one
        manufacturer who doesn’t have experience in Indian
        water utilities.

                                                          17 of 41
                                                             REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
             POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                        REPLY

       In view of above we request you to incorporate Four
       Path Ultrasonic Flow Meters instead of Full Bore
       Electromagnetic Flow Meters which have been
       successfully implemented by           GWSSB, MCGM,
       NMMC, MMRDA, BWSSB, HMWSSB etc. and will be
       perfect for your application of partial flow, universality,
       low maintenance and GPRS connectivity for web
       based solutions.
 vi.   Further has been a matter of concern that for tenders As per NIT
       of such nature, a composite view which should be
       taken has been neglected. The scope of work to
       encompass each and every item including design,
       manufacture,       supply,    erection,    testing       and
       commissioning        sufficient     warranty         against
       manufacturing defects and if required O&M for 5
       years. Thus a total turnkey job is preferred in most
       state / central Govt. Departments, Board, taking care
       of each and every aspect of the work but without
       giving items wise costing.

       •   Here in items of various nature item rates are
           quoted and if in certain item. The lowest otherwise
           is not the lowest in that item either he is asked to
           reduce to the lowest in that item or Deptt. has to
           get specific item executed by some other bidder.
           These simply created chaos.
       •   Co-ordination      between       the       two       and
           synchronization may not be possible to the
           expected level which results into time over-runs.
       •   Most importantly whether approved makes has
           been selected by your Technical Committee by
           making factory inspection or they are just put to
           suit one bidder? We have bided so many tenders
           in India but such specific makes are nowhere

                                                            18 of 41
                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                       REPLY
           mentioned unless & until detailed sanctity of these
           manufacturers have been made. Hence we
           request you not to put specific brands and amend
           it to IS/ISO standards.
       •   Hence we request to prefer a total solution for
           various components of jobs are clubbed together
           to provide only one single price. For PCMC, It may
           be necessary to segregate in items but for tender
           purpose only B2 tenders be adopted. Of course,
           Department may advice bidders to give break up
           of various components cost for evaluation purpose
vii.   Sir, time required to complete the survey, study of Refer PCMC point.
       geographical    conditions    for   fixed   network   and
       tendering formalities will be at least 3 weeks. Hence
       we request you to extend the date of submission by 4

10     Name of agency
       Krystal Techno Engineering & Infrastructure Pvt.
  i.   Our Comments on Pre-qualification norms – As                   mentioned    in   the   pre-qualification
       Currently we are executing job of automation of water criteria of NIT on page no. 5, work
       supply scheme for Thane Municipal Corporation. As of completion certificate issued in the name of
       today we have completed automation of raw water the            contractor   from   client   should   be
       pumping station at Pise, 100 MLD water treatment attached.
       plant at Temghar, treated water pumping station at
       Temghar and 23 Nos. of ESR’s & MBR amounting to
       approximate Rs. 3 Crores. We are enclosing here with
       letter issued by SMC infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. to this
       effect for your reference.

       On page No 5 you have mentioned that the contractor/
       system integrator shall qualify in either one of four
       parts to qualify to bid for this tender. In this connection

                                                         19 of 41
                                                                 REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                         REPLY
        we wish to mention that automation of water treatment
        plant is specialized job of integration of filed
        instruments, PLC based control system, SCADA
        software and data communication networking system.
        And experience in any one of these field will not be
        sufficient to successfully execute automation work of
        water supply scheme. In fact apart form expertise in
        system integration it is very important to know about
        water treatment plant process & control philosophy of
        raw water pumping, water treatment plant, treated
        water      pumping      and   distribution     network     with
        intermediate pumping, ESR’s & GSR’s. Hence it is
        very important that the bidder should have adequate
        expertise both of process & system integration. And it
        important to check/ verify the actual knowledge of
 ii.    PLC base control system - We request you to As per NIT.
        accept qualifying criteria as “ Bidder should have
        experience in automation/ system integration of raw
        water pumping, water treatment plant , treated water
        pumping & distribution network with ESR’s in single
 iii.   GPRS based remote networking - We request you As per NIT.
        to reconsider the PQ norms as “The hardware should
        be suitable for suitable for GPRS or PSTN network &
        should have minimum three installations for data
        communication either in same order or in different
        order. “
 iv.    SCADA System - We request you to consider this As per NIT
        clause     as    “Bidder   should     be   manufacturer      or
        authorized system integrator of internationally reputed
        brand      of   SCADA      software     and    should     have
        experience of providing SCADA system for raw water
        pumping,        Water   treatment     plant,   treated   water
        pumping, distribution network with ESR & GSR in
        single order.”

                                                             20 of 41
                                                          REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                        REPLY
  v.    Considering the scope of automation work for 3 water As per NIT
        treatment plants and pumping station, we strongly
        recommend to have redundant CPU & power supply
        for PLC for WTP and pumping application. However
        for ESR we not recommend any redundancy.
 vi.    Page No. 111 – item no. 4 - Electrical Actuators - As per NIT
        Please let us know the application for which these 104
        Nos. actuators are used. As per our experience you
        require 5 Nos. actuators for each filter beds of Phase I
        & II Filter beds and 4 nos. actuators for each filter bed
        of phase III. That means you require 152 Nos.
        Actuators for Phase I , II & III filter beds and 10 Nos.
        actuators for Wash water & air blower pump, 5 nos.
        actuators for Clarifiers .And 11 Nos. actuators for out
        going feeding lines. It means PCMC requires total 178
        Nos. actuators as against 104 Nos. actuators. Please
        clarify on this point.
vii.    Page No. 111 – item No. 5- PLC with ESR – Please
        let us know the locations of 85 Nos. ESR’s.                 The ESRs are within PCMC area and the
                                                                    exact locations will be given during

viii.   Page No. 112 – Item No. 7 – UPS for ESR. Please let As per Annexure IV
        us why you need 4 KVA UPS when actual operating
        load (with out actuator) is not more than 50 VA for
        each PLC panel of ESR. And we strongly recommend
        sealed maintenance free (SMF) batteries for this
        application. When there are 85 Nos. ESR panels then
        please justify 65 Nos. UPS required for ESR
 ix.    Page No 113- item no. 8 & 9 – Please let us the Refer Clause 2.6.2 on page 145.
        application for which secondary computer stations are
  x.    Page No. 123 – item No. 23 – Pressure Transmitters- Pressure transmitters are to be installed on
        As specified in tender you will require one pressure common manifold only and not on

                                                        21 of 41
                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                        REPLY
        transmitter per pump discharge line and common individual pump delivery.
        headers. In such case you will require 17 Nos.
        pressure transmitters for raw water pumping & 12 nos.
        for treated water pumping and 6 nos. wash water
        pumps & 4 nos. air blowers. It means you will require
        approximately 40 Nos. pressure transmitters as
        against 6 Nos. as mentioned as per item No 23.

        Further please refer to page No. 137, point No. 1.4.3 Please provide blind transmitters
        where in you have mentioned that you require one connected to the PLC.
        pressure transmitter for each ESR. And in that case
        you    will   require   85   Nos.   additional   pressure
        transmitters for ESR’s. Please clarify on this point.
 xi.    Page No. 125 – Part B – Please clarify significance of      GPRS to be provided at 60 locations for 5
        quantity 3600 Nos. for GPRS service.                        years (60 months) excluding 24 free
xii.    As regarding Calibration of Flow meters we will Calibration shall be done at NABL
        provide the certificate provided by Flow meter accredited lab only.
        manufacturer for calibration accuracy using flow meter
        manufacturers portable calibrator. This calibrator will
        traceability to international standards.
xiii.   Page No. 137 – 1.4.3 – As most of the ESR locations As per NIT
        will have unskilled persons to attend the ESR
        operation, we do not recommend to have HMI for
        each ESR PLC panel.
xiv.    Page 138 – We do not understand the reason why As per NIT
        PCMC is insisting GPRS/ PSTN connection with out
        static IP.
xv.     Page 142 to144 – Flow transmitter – As the flow HART interface to be deleted.
        meters are used for measurement of drinking water
        application. We request you to accept MOC of coil
        housing & connection / junction box as CS. And 4-20
        mA out put of Flow transmitter will be given to PLC,
        then HART interface is not necessary. In fact no PLC
        is compatible to HART protocol.

                                                         22 of 41
                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                    POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                REPLY
 xvi.    Page No. 139 – PLC Specs – There would be three Please refer to the reply during pre-bid
         water treatment plants & three pumping stations, the meeting. It shall be possible to arrange for
         total no of I/O will be more than 1000 Nos. And short shutdowns during the lean period of
         considering the importance of water treatment plants the day to carry out any scheduled
         we strongly recommend to have redundant CPU & maintenance. The valves shall be remain
         Power supply for PLC of RWP & WTP. However in stay-put.
         case of ESR no I/O will be less than 50 Nos. hence
         we do not recommend any redundancy for PLC for
xvii.    We request you kindly in include Mikamachi as As per Annexure III.
         approved vendor for Electromagnetic flow meters.
xviii.   We request you to include following makes for water As per Annexure III.
         analysis instruments
             -       pH Transmitter    - Jenco , USA, WTW,
                -    Turbidity Transmitter – HF Scientific, WTW
                - Residual Chlorine Transmitter – HF Scientific,
         WTW Germany.
 xix.    We are surprised to see that Messung, Mitsubishi & E As per Annexure III.
         & H make PLC have been approved along with Allen
         Bradley & Siemens. As per our information E & H
         does not manufacturer any PLC.
         We request you to include GE Fanuc name as
         approved vendor for PLC. GE Fanuc is world leading
         manufacturer of PLC and have many installations in
         India & abroad for water & waste water application.
  xx.    We request you to approve Renu & Dna make for As per Annexure III.
 xxi.    We are surprised to see that E & H & Ellipse SCADA As per Annexure III.
         software have been approved along with Wonder
         ware & Intellution.    We would like to bring to your
         notice that Wonder ware & Intellution SCADA software
         are far better and they are user friendly and have
         many features as compared to other two makes of

                                                        23 of 41
                                                             REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                 POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                         REPLY
          SCADA vendors.
xxii.     As regarding Payment Terms request you to kindly As per NIT.
          accept payment terms as follows-
          10% payment along with the order.
          70% payments against supply of material.
          10 % payment against installation
          5% payment against Commissioning
          5%      payment      against   submission     of    final
          documentation and commissioning & testing of
xxiii.    We also request you to kindly extend the due date up Refer PCMC points.
          to 30th Sept 2009.

 11       Name of agency
          Larsen & Toubro
    i.    Provide us with No. of Filter beds at each WTP              Please refer clause 1.2.1 on page 131.
   ii.    Provide details of inlet and outlet air valves at each Inlet Valves are manually operated D/F CI
          filter bed.                                                 sluice valves, PN 1.0 rating.
   iii.   Provide details of valves at each feeding line from Please refer clause 1.2.2 on page 132.
  iv.     Accept MODBUS TCP/IP protocol for PLC.                      Accepted
   v.     Accept the following makes for following equipments.        As per Annexure III.
          •    PLC: Schneider , TBOX, L&T
          •    MCCB, MCB: L&T
          •    Batteries for UPS: HBL Life
  vi.     Indicate the location of computers at Central Station       At WTP
  vii.    Indicate the location of computers at Secondary At WTP
          Computer Station
 viii.    Indicate as to for how long the charges for availing the
                                                                      2 years free maintenance period and next 5
          GPRS/TSTM services and operating charges need to
                                                                      years paid maintenance, totaling 7 years.
          be considered.

 12       Forbes Marshall
  A       Technical Point
    i.    Turbidity Analyser: Page 146 as per tender the Accepted. Cl. 2.8 on page 146 shall be

                                                         24 of 41
                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                     REPLY
        working principal should be 90deg scattered light read as 90 / 180 Deg Scattered Light.
        method. We would request to also accept 180deg light
        Attenuation method. Turbidity working on this principal
        will have very easy method of calibration. The
        calibration is performed using D water or Distilled
        water hence there is no need of special chemical or
        reagent to calibrated the instrument. This will save
        cost and time. Also this working principal avoids
        external light interference & use of any black box
        during calibration procedure.
 ii.    Magnetic Flow Meter: refer Page 125, Item 14. As per Yes, calibration shall be done in NABL
        the tender bidder are suppose to quote the rate of flow accredited lab.
        meter calibrator at NABL lab once in two years. This
        should change to NABL certified labs NBL does not
        have lab of own.
 iii.   All the flow meters should be calibrated In NABL Yes, calibration of all meters shall be done
        citified lab, which is not mentioned in technical in NABL accredited lab.
        specification of flow meters. Bidders need to attach
        the Accreditation certificate of flow test labs as part of
        the technical bid.
 iv.    Electrical Actuators; Ref page 146, Item 2.9 – the Single phase actuators will be adequate.
        rating of the actuators is motioned as generally as 60-
        200Nm with a torque of 150% of nominal torque. The
        power supply mentioned is 230 V AC. We would like
        to know the exact quantities of electrical actuators with
        respect to each torque. Also in case single phase
        actuators are not able to provide, the necessary
        torque can be offered III phase actuators with 415V
        AC Power supply.
 v.     Refurbishing of existing instruments: As This work As per NIT.
        requires the specialized backup from the original
        supplier of these equipments, the bidder will have to
        totally depend on suppliers of the same. Hence, we
        request you to kindly delete the same from the scope
        of this tender.

                                                         25 of 41
                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                  REPLY
 vi.    Analytical instrument: Please note that the analytical Under list of approved makes- analytical
        instrument manufactured by Forbes Marshal Group instruments, Krohne Marshall shall be read
        are manufactured under the name of Forbes Marshall as Forbes Marshall.
        Pvt Ltd & Hence We request you to kindly change
        approved make of these instruments from Krohne
        Marshall to Forbes Marshall.
B       Commercial Point
vii.    Terms of payments: we request you to kindly consider As per NIT.
        following payment terms for supply portion
           -   20% advance against bank guarantee.
           -   70% against Proforma invoice prior to dispatch
               after clean report of inspection or FAT
               whichever is applicable.
           -   5% against completion of installation or within
               90 days from the last lot of dispatch of material
               whichever is earlier.
           -   5% against commissioning or within 180 days
               from the last lot of dispatch of material
               whichever is earlier.
  i.    Security Deposit: Can Security Deposit be submitted Refer PCMC points.
        in the form of Bank Guarantee?

13      Name of agency
        Mechatronics Systems Private Limited
  i.    For carrying out work of Rs.12 corer how 2 corers As per NIT
        completed work experience will be sufficient it should
        be at least 50% or 80% of the estimated cost.
 ii.    What is the logic behind executed single order of 50 200 analytical instruments to be read as 20
        flow meters and 200 analytical instruments? This is nos analytical instruments.
        favoring to some of the bidder. PCMC wants to install
        Electro Magnetic Full Bore flow meter so same
        experience will be considered or what.
 iii.   PLC based control System:- As per requirement Accepted.
        bidder should have carried out at lease 3 automation
        job jobs of water treatment / sewage treatment and

                                                        26 of 41
                                                       REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                      REPLY
        pumping machinery and commissioned before Jan
        2009. We request you to consider completed job
        should be Up to date instead of Jan 2009 and any
        water resource management.
 iv.    Why three working installations for the period of last As per NIT
        six months are required. For testimony of the system
        and services provided by the bidder automation work
        completed with at least two year successfully
        completed maintenance shall be considered.
  v.    As per tender document the Charges for approval to Agreement between COEP and PCMC is in
        Designs, drawings, and data sheets from COEP is to process. The charges will be approximately
        be born by contractor. Is there any agreement 1% of the project cost.
        between COEP and PCMC regarding these charges if
        not then who will finalize the same & when?
 vi.    As per specification Chlorine sensor range is 0-5 PPM As per NIT.
        but for drinking water recommended safe chlorine
        content is 2 PPM so sensor range should be 0-2 PPM
        to get the better resolution and accuracy.
vii.    In approved list of PLC/ RTU manufacturers some As per NIT
        names are there they are not standard PLC
        manufacturers. Ours is ISO 9001:2000 certified
        company only in India and systems are working in
        your organizations since 5 years so our name should
        be included in approved manufacturers list.
viii.   In approved list of SCADA manufacturers some As per NIT
        names are there they are not standard SCADA
 ix.    Are there any fixed charges for FAT & SAT Please None. Bidder to refer Page 129 & 130 of
        clarify.                                                 NIT under special conditions.
  x.    AT ESR location UPS of capacity > 4 KVA with 4 Hr Capacity of UPS shall be 5 KVA with 4
        backup is mentioned for single PLC capacity > 4 KVA hours backup.
        is too high. Whether capacity 4 KVA is required or 4
        Hr. backup is required please clarify.
 xi.    At Central computer station UPS of 5 KVA / 10 KVA is The central computer stations shall be
        mentioned in the tender document at two different provided with 5 KVA UPS with a backup

                                                      27 of 41
                                                         REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                    REPLY
        places. So please clarify about exact requirement time of 2 hrs.
        whether it is 5KVA or 10 KVA.
 xii.   As per 1.4.2 PCMC requirement it is mentioned that Provision for such expansion shall be made
        system should have automatic control on discharges in phased manner. However the system
        of each ESR through actuated valves from central shall be built under this Automation Tender
        SCADA. Which is not possible without Motorized valve inclusive of future requirement.
        Actuator and same is not considered in BOQ. If PCMC
        provides it on latter stage what about the integration
xiii.   1.5.3 General Requirement: - The cost of hardware The system shall be handed over after 7
        and Software required for establishing N/W will be years.
        born by contractor but the operational cost will be born
        by corporation after handing over the system. So
        please clarify, when contractor can hand over the
        system i.e. after completion of        work   or after
        completion of 2 years free maintenance or after five
        years O&M period.
xiv.    As per 2.3 Modem Router: - The corporation will PCMC            shall   authenticate    necessary
        provide any of the PSTN/ Broad band with dynamic IP documents. However, all the costs &
        connection or SIM card with GPRS enabled with expenses to borne by the bidder
        dynamic IP. Does it mean that for all locations SIM
        cards with GPRS enabled will be provided by
        Corporation please clarify.
 xv.    The max distance between flow sensors and signal This shall be 150 mtr.
        converter is mentioned in tender is having variation
        from 100 mtr / 150 mtr / 200 mtr. what is the actual
        requirement please confirm
xvi.    As per 2.6.2 It is mentioned that the secondary This is in the scope of this tender as a part
        computer station shall used for developing various of Trends and Reports development of
        demand and supply curves and develop optimization SCADA.
        techniques and establish bench marks for strategic
        management. The development of various curves
        bench marking is in whose scope please clarify.
        whether PCMC will provide the same or
xvii.   As per scope of work Page 128, the contractor shall Yes.

                                                       28 of 41
                                                           REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                  POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                       REPLY
         arrange to produce manufacturer's certificate for
         obsolesce of all equipment to be supplied and
         installed for the work for period of 10 years from the
         date of commissioning.
xviii.   Required hardware for automation alum and chlorine The sensors, cables & controllers are
         dosing system is not considered in BOQ.                     covered in BOQ items.
 xix.    As per scope of work Page 128 Existing 43 Flow The maintenance cost is deemed built-in.
         meters are required to be refurbished and recalibrated
         and integrated with the system without any extra cost.
         Without knowing the current status of installed flow
         meter,    period   completed   after   installation   and
         available out put required to interface with PLC how it
         is possible. Repairing & Recalibration charges are
         must for providing the above services. And what about
         maintenance of these equipments during 2+ 5 years
         maintenance Period.
  xx.    1.1.3 Proposed action:- At Rawet raw water pumping Refer           attached   Annexure   III   System
         automation of 16 pumps is proposed the operation of architecture.
         pumps based on demand from WTP and replacement
         of existing monitoring system with control & monitoring
         system. For this no PLC specifications are given and
         there is no any mention about PLC I/O requirement
         which is very much required.
 xxi.    As per 1.3.3 Electrical parameter of each pump is to The cost of the energy meter is included in
         be monitored but Energy meters is not considered in the PLC at that that location. The Energy
         the BOQ and if it is existing then, there is no mention meters can be connected on Modbus with
         about make, model & o/p connectivity they have to the station PLC.
         interface it with PLC whether it is Modbus or any
         other please clarify.
xxii.    No I/O schedule for pumping station at WTP is given Bidder to develop the same during detail
         in the tender which is required and there is no clear engineering stage.
         mention about parameters to be monitored at
         Pumping station (Pump related).
xxiii.   Temperature sensors & Scanners are not considered           Existing.& Shall be connected to pumps at
         in BOQ.                                                     pumping station & at WTP motor protection

                                                         29 of 41
                                                                REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
               POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                                REPLY
xxiv.    As mentioned in tender there are 85 ESR locations There are 85 ESR’s at 65 locations, hence
         but UPS for ESR is considered only 65 Nos. only 65 No of UPS are considered.
         please clarify.
xxv.     We are reputed manufacturers of RTU, SCADA and Refer NIT - Approved vendor list.
         Central Monitoring Software and our manufactured
         instruments/      software's   are   installed   in   various
         corporations like PCMC, PMC, Nagpur municipal
         Corporations and many other govt. departments. We
         request you to please consider our name in approved
         list of PLC and SCADA manufacturers.

 14      PCMC Points
   i.    Page 6 Point 4                                                   To be read as:
                                                                          ‘The successful tenderer shall have to pay
                                                                          Security Deposit in the form Nationalized
                                                                          Bank      FDR only and the balance is
                                                                          recoverable through running account bills
                                                                          at   the    percentage   stipulated   in   the
   ii.   Joint Venture                                                    Joint Venture is not allowed.
  iii.   Mobilization Advance                                             No Mobilization advance shall be paid.
  iv.    Earnest money Deposit                                            Earnest Money Deposit to be paid by E-
   v.    Price Escalation                                                 Price Escalation of any type will not be
  vi.    PCMC point                                                       The contractor has to complete the whole
                                                                          project as per the Owner’s Concept of work
                                                                          as detailed in the Tender Document. The
                                                                          cost of all the items required to complete
                                                                          the work as per the Owners Concept is
                                                                          deemed to be included in the Tendered
                                                                          cost by the contractor. No claims for Extra
                                                                          Items shall be entertained or paid by the

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                                                        REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
              POINT RAISED BY THE CONTRACTOR                                       REPLY
vii.    Specifications for Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter        Refer as attached Ann. - I
viii.   System Architecture                                      Refer as attached Ann. - II
 ix.    Revised List of Approved Makes                           Annexure - III
  x.    Page 147 Point 2.10                                      To be read as:
                                                                 Differential Pressure & Pressure
 xi.    Page 146 Point 2.8                                       To be read as:
                                                                 Working Principal 90/180 Deg Scattered
xii.    Page 143 Point 2.5 para 3                                Signal Convertor: ……as per the standard.
                                                                 All the meters shall be calibrated at NABL
                                                                 accredited & certified rig
xiii.   UPS Specification 2.12                                   Refer as attached Annexure – IV
xiv.    Page 146 Electrical Actuators                            Housing shall be IP68
xv.     Revised Date of Submission                               03rd October 2009. All other submission
                                                                 conditions remain unchanged.
xvi.    Grounding Rings                                          Only grounding rings shall be provided with
                                                                 all Electro-Magnetic Flow meters.

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                                          REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                                    Annexure - I

2.11 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Pipe sizes upto 1200mm

Type                          :      Portable with carrying case & integrated signal
                                     converter, with battery power supply including all
                                     necessary accessories such as charger, signal cable,
                                     mounting rails, straps, sensors and coupling grease.

Measurement Channels          :      Universal Clamp on type any pipe.

Principal of Operation        :      Ultrasonic Transit time measurement.

Sensors & Sensor Cable        :      Vendor Standard, 3 meters.

Nominal Diameter              :      upto 1200mm Pipe Diameter

Possible Pipe Materials       :      Metal, internal & external coated pipes

Max.Pipe Wall Thickness       :      Upto 40 mm

Mounting rail                 :      Required

Fixing tape / device          :      Required

Service                       :      Drinking Water (Potable)

Liquid Temperature            :      20 To 40 0 C. Max

Operating Pressure            :      10 Kg/cm2 Max

Full Scale Value              :      Maximum for 1200 Dia Pipe

Accuracy                      :      ± 2% of Actual Flow Rate.

Repeatability                 :      ± 0.5% of Actual Flow Rate.

Functional Details            :      Freely Programmable.

Measurement information       :      Volumetric flow rate totalised flow, transit time of
                                     the sonic waves.

Output                        :      Current 4-20 mA

Display                       :      Backlit LCD with 3 ½ digit with user selectable
                                     Units with Computer Interface

Unit Flow Rate                :      m3/hr

Units Totalizer               :      m3

Housing                       :      Weather Proof, Vendor Standard.

Power Supply                  :      Integrated Rechargeable Battery Pack for 8 hours

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                                    REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING

                                    Annexure – III


Sr.No.              Item                             Approved Makes
  1      Flow Meter
 1.1     Electro Magnetic Flow        E&H, Krohne Marshall, Siemens.
 1.2     Ultrasonic Flow Meters       Krohne Marshall, Siemens, Rittmeyer,
  2      Analytical Instruments       E&H, Forbes Marshall, Emerson, Hach
  3      PLC                          Allen Bradley, Siemens, Messung, Mitsubishi,
  4      HMI                          Allen Bradley, Siemens, Messung, Mitsubishi,
  5      Modem / Router               Siemens, Allen Bradley, Messung, Mitsubishi,
                                      Wave Com, ACTL. Viola, Cisco, Kalki.
  6      Energy Meters with           Conzerve, HPL Socomec, Schneider, L&T.
  7      Valve actuators              Auma, Rotork, SDTork, Marsh, ABB
  8      24 VDC power supply          Aplab, Phoenix Contact, IFM, Siemens,
                                      Shavision, Canopus Instruments.
  9      Terminals (clip On type)     Connectwell, Phoenix Contact, Wago
 10      Wires and cables             Lapp, Polycab, Finolex, Top Cable.
 11      PC                           HP, Dell, Sony
 12      SCADA software               Intelution, Wonderware, Ellipse, Rockwell
                                      Automation, Schneider
 13      Scanner-Printer-Fax-Copy     HP laserjet A4 and A3 printing (color printing
         (all in                      capability).
 14      MCCB, MCB                    Siemens, Legrand, Schneider, ABB
 15      Panels, Cabinets             Rittal, BCH, any other fabricated on CNC
                                      machine, having 7 tank cleaning process and
                                      duly powder coated.
 16      Ultrasonic Level             E&H, Krohne Marshall, Siemens, Emerson,
         Transmitter                  SBEM.
 17      Pressure & Differential      E&H, Krohne Marshall, Siemens, Emerson
 18      Split Air Conditioner        Bluestar, Carrier, GE, O’General
 19      LCD                          Sony, Samsung, LG.
 20      Laptop                       HP, Dell, Sony.
 21      UPS                          APC, DB Electronics. Emerson, Uniline
 22      Batteries for UPS            Exide (Tubular batteries EL+).
                                    REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING

                                Annexure - IV

Specification For UPS

Type                        :    Industrial Micro Processor Based With SCVS

Rating                      :    5kvA at ESR locations.

Input Voltage Tolerance     :    ± 6%

Input Frequency Tolerance   :    ± 3%

Duty                        :    Continuous

Overload Protection         :    125% of rated load for 10 min., 150% for 10 sec.

Battery Backup              :    As per BOQ

Enclosure Protection        :    Minimum IP 41

Noise Level                 :    < 65 db at 1 meter distance

Output Voltage              :    230 V ± 1%

Output Frequency            :    50 Hz ± 0.1Hz

Short Circuit Capacity      :    200% for 1 Sec.

Alarm Status                :    Available on front fascia

Application                 :    PLC Electronics, PC & Printers etc.

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                                                  REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
                                           ANNEXURE – V
                             Revised Specifications of the Flow Meter
2.5 Flow Transmitters:
It is proposed to measure the inlet flow of the ESR’s , WTP outlet and at the
pumping station outlet by using Either Magnetic Flow Meters or Alternatively                      Four
path Ultrasonic Flow meters comprising of 8 Nos sensors.

2.5.1 Specifications for Magnetic Flow Meters
General Specifications
Full bore electromagnetic flow meters should be designed, manufactured and calibrated according
to ISO:17025 standard. The flow meter shall be capable of measuring bi-directional flow. Meter shall
be a velocity sensing electromagnetic type, microprocessor based signal converter, sealed housing,
flanged tube meter for 1.0 MPa working pressure. The meter shall be manufactured to highest
The meter shall be equipped with minimum six digit digital totalizes, reading in units of kiloliters and
shall be accurate within 0.5% of true flow. The accuracy should be inclusive of linearity, hysteresis,
repeatability and pressure effect. The meter assembly shall operate within a range of 0.3 m/sec to 4
m/sec and be constructed as follows:

Meter Tube (Sensor) shall be fabricated from stainless steel tube and use class ANSI / PN10 flat
face carbon steel flanges in accordance with IS 1538. The internal and external of the meter tube
shall be blasted to near white and lined with hard rubber and with drinking water approval for linear
preferably by SBR or EPDM. Meter tube shall have a constant nominal inside diameter offering no
obstruction to the flow.

Coil Housing: All flow meters within the premises of WTP (for flow meters in submerged condition)
at Sector 23 should be fully welded to the tube providing completely sealed environment for all coils,
electrode connections and wiring harness capable of submerged or buried operation. Coil protection
shall be IP 68 only.
Upto 600mm dia. die cast aluminum epoxy coated / Stainless steel housing is acceptable.
Above 600mm dia. the housing should be Stainless steel only.
Signal Converter shall be pulsed DC coil excitation type with auto zeroing. The signal converter
shall be remotely mounted away from the meter. The converter shall indicate direction of flow and
provide a flow rate indication and a total of flow volume for both forward and reverse directions. The
converter shall provide an isolated 4-20 mA output into minimum 500-ohm load and a frequency
output of a maximum of 0-800 HZ and a scaled pulse output. The microprocessor based signal
converter shall have a self-diagnostic test mode and a backlit display that continuously displays
'Rate of Flow' and 'Total Volume'.

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                                                REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
The converter shall be compatible with Microsoft Windows and other software programmes with
built in terminal communication capabilities of RS 232/HART interface.
The converter shall be remotely mounted up to 200 m from the sensor, and shall be supplied with all
calibration complete for desired requirements. Converter shall be supplied with a programmable low
flow drop out and empty pipe zero return. The signal converter housing should be die-cast
aluminium with glass window. The converter cum transmitter should be fully programmable from
the front fascia.
The programming should be user friendly, self-prompting menu driven.
The complete meter assembly and signal converter must be wet accuracy tested and calibrated as
a unit near minimum, intermediate and maximum specified flow ranges of the meter (full range of
flow). The volume of water used to conduct the test must be shown on a shipping tag attached to
the meter. To calibrate these meters, only direct volume comparison calibration method should be
used. The overall accuracy of the calibration rig should be at least three times better than the
accuracy of the full bore electromagnetic flow meter. All the meters shall be calibrated for a
minimum of 3 point. The magnetic flow meter should perform within the required accuracy of
measured value without being affected by change in pressure due to demand fluctuation.
The length of the sensor should be strictly as per ISO up to DN 600 mm and for other sizes it should
be as per the standard.
To avoid ingress of water in the sensor housing, sensor has to be of fully welded construction. The
maximum distance between flow sensor and the signal converter transmitter can be at 150 mtr.
Supplier should give calibration certificate for all the flow meters. The flow meter should have
grounding rings only.

Flow Sensor:
Type                                :       Pulse DC excitation
System                              :       Separate with cable output
Power Supply                        :       240 V AC, 50 Hz
End Connection                      :       CS Flanges
Flange Rating                       :       PN 10
Electrode                           :       SS 316
Electrode type                      :       Round Head Electrodes
Meter Tube                          :       SS 304
Liner                               :       Hard Rubber
Coil Housing                        :       SS 304 with fully welded construction
Protection category                 :       IP 68
Connection / Junction Box           :       SS 304
Earthing                            :       Grounding Rings
                                            (Grounding Electrode Not acceptable)

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                                               REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
Accuracy                            :      ±0.5 % of MV inclusive of linearity,
                                           Repeatability, pressure effects and hysteresis
Marking                             :      Flow direction with arrow, size Serial No. & make.

Flow Transmitter / Converter        :
Type                                :      Micro processor based & Modular
Mounting                            :      Remote
Display language                    :      English
Display                                    Two line back lit LCD for indication of actual flow rate,
                                           forward, reverse and sum totalizer.
Empty Pipe Detection                :      Required.
Output                              :      One current output (4 – 20 mA)
Protection Category                 :      IP 67
Enclosure                           :      Die cast aluminum with polyurethane finish
                                           With glass window
Programming                         :      From front fascia through keypad / optical pin
                                           programming. Programming should be done without
                                           the opening of display cover.
Power Supply                        :      240 V AC, 50 Hz
Cable Gland                         :      ½” NPT, 4 glands double compression type
Mounting                            :      Wall Mounted
Interface                           :      HART
Power failure mode                  :      Provision of RAM /PROM to store parameter entered
                                           and measured flow data during power failure.
Separation                          :      Up to 100 metres.
Terminal                            :      Shock -Hazard - Protected push lock Terminal
Error identification                :      0/3.6/22 mA
Interchangeability                  :      Fully interchangeable with all the flow Sensors

2.5.2    Four Path Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow meter shall be of in-line spool type mounting design with flow direction clearly marked on the
flow meter body to ensure correct installation. It should have minimum 3/4 path 6/8 sensor type and
shall comprise of flow transmitter, digital flow indicator, totalize and any other item required to
complete the system. If one beam fails meter should still work with same accuracy with remaining
Flow meter shall be of flanged body construction with material of construction as specified in the
purchaser's data sheet.

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                                                 REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
The configuration data of the instrument shall be stored in a non-volatile memory such that this
remains unchanged because of power fluctuations or power off condition. In case, vendor standard
instrument has battery backed RAM vendor to ensure that battery drain alarm is provided as
diagnostic maintenance message. Protection time and battery life shall be specified.
Meter electronics shall also be provided with security lockout feature to disable access to
configuration modification features.
Flow sensors shall be rugged in construction and shall be suitable for continuous operation. Flow
sensors   shall   have   waterproof    construction   and   shall   be   suitable   for   installation   on
underground/above ground pipe lines. The flow sensor should be IP68 protection.
The changes in water demand will result in variation of line pressure. The flow meter should perform
within require accuracy limit of ± 0.5% of measured value without being affected by variation in the
line pressure. Ultrasonic flow meters should be designed to measure flow in standard volumetric
and mass flow units. Measurement is independent of changes in liquid temperature, density,
pressure and conductivity
The flow meter transmitter cum converter should be wall mounted type with at least 2 line Back lit
LCD display for indication of actual flow rate, forward and reverse flow direction, totaliser forward,
reverse / volume, flow velocity, speed of sound, and status indication of ultrasonic signal information
i.e. Ultrasonic Amplitude, current, frequency, and diagnostic information, error indication in case of
pipe empty of cavitations meter internal and hardware flouts. The transmitter housing should be die
cast aluminum with glass window.
The converter cum transmitter should be fully programmable from front face. The programming
should be user friendly, self prompting Hierarchical menu prompting with codes. Flowmeter should
have CE marking and UL listing.

Security: Programming of the device by unauthorized persons can be disabled with a personal,
freely selectable code or password       in the operating and display panel. Device functions and
parameters can then only be changed after entering the code or password.

Outputs: The ultrasonic flow meter transmitter shall be smart type and shall provide 4-20mA
analogue output superimposed with digital signal for meter diagnostics (HART Output).
The meter electronics shall be protected against transients induced by lightning and power supply
This gives usability to integrate with PLC & SCADA systems of any standard supplier, remote
configuration with PC connectivity through HART.
1 digital frequency or pulse output.
Versatile o/p can indicate flow, volume some alarms Limit giving flexibility to connect to RTU for
AMR applications
Signals with positive and negative logic can be generated.

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                                                    REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
Flexibility to configure through easy menu in programming.
1 relay output for limit, alarms, flow direction
The digital output 2 (relay contact) can be configured for reporting the device status (device fault,
measuring error), the flow direction or a limit for flow, US velocity, US amplitude.

Power supply:
110~230 V AC ± 15% (50/60 Hz).Operating on very low voltages.

Diagnostics function:
Transmitter shall have self-diagnostic feature, local interactive backlit LCD displays and flow meter
status indication LED. Display should be available to view process variable, acknowledgement of
alarm. Off-line function such as meter zeroing, output simulation, changing the units and output
configuration should be possible.
Meter must also have device test, self test and simulation of o/p signals.
At the times of submersion of sensor causes corrosion/erosion of sensor housing and ingress of
water in flow sensor .Therefore the sensor housing and connection/Junction box should be of
corrosion resistive .The protection category for sensor is IP-68.
The meter electronics along with flow meter shall be pre-calibrated at vendor's works on a flow test
lab duly accredited by National / International government agencies such as NABL / NMI / SGS /
UKAS with calibration factor duly established for the flow meter. The flow test lab shall have three
times better accuracy than the flow meters being offered.
The meter electronics shall be immune to RFI and EMI radiation and shall be in compliance with the
electromagnetic compatibility requirement as per IEC 61000-4.

Meter Sizing
The meter shall be sized considering the following guidelines;
Minimum flow, maximum flow and meter maximum as specified in the purchaser's Data sheet.
Flow accuracy between the minimum and maximum flow specified in the data sheet.
The maximum pressure drop at meter maximum shall not exceed the allowable pressure drop
across the meter specified in the data sheet.
The meter shall be selected such that both accuracy and allowable pressure differential across the
meter are complied.

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                                               REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING

               1  Fluid/Fluid State                 Liquid - Water
               2 Temperature                        60 Deg C
               3 Ambient Temperature                40 Deg C
               4 Design/Operating Pressure          8 kg/cm2 g
               5 Max DP                             Less Than 200mBar(g)
               6 Meter type                         Multi-path Ultrasonic Flow Meter
               7 Meter Configuration                3/4 Beam, 6/8 Sensors, direct paths
               8 Operation                          In-line Spool Type
               9 Principle                          Transit time (Time of flight)
               10 Size                              As per Tender Specs
                                                    PN-10 up to 800 mm & PN-6 beyond 800
               11 Flange Type                       mm
               12 Sensor type                       Standard
   Flow        13 Meter Range                       Vendor to Specify
  Sensor       14 Accuracy                           ± 0.5% of MV
               15 Repeatability                     ±0.2% of MV
               16 Area Classification               Safe
               17 Flow tube                         SS316
               18 Flanges                           Carbon Steel ASTM A105
               19 Sensor Housing                    SS316
               20 Sensor External Painting          Polyurethane Paint
               21 Ingress Protection                IP 68
               22 Power Source                      From Flow Convertor
               23 Converter / Transmitter           Separated with 10 mtrs cable
               24 Input                             From Flow sensor
               25 Output                            4 to 20mA + Pulse
               26 Communication Output              HART
               27 Ingress Protection                IP67
               28 Ex Classification                 Safe
               29 Analog Signal Isolation           Galvanic Isolation
               30 Housing                           Die Cast Aluminum, Painted
   Flow        31 Display                           2/3 Line Back Lit LCD
Transmitter       Measurements Available on
               32 display                           Actual Volume Flow rate
                                                    Actual Totalized Volume
                                                    Signal strength
                                                    Self Diagnostics
                                                    Flow direction
                                                    Velocity of sound
               33 Cable Entry                       1/2" NPT (F)
               34 Universal Power supply            110- 230VAC +10% -15%
               35 Certificate of Compliance         Required
                  3 Point Water Calibration
Certificates   36 Certificate                       Required
               37 Material Test Certificate         Required
               38 Hydro Test Certificate            Required

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                                          REPLIES TO QUERIES RAISED IN PRE-BID MEETING
2.5.3 Requirement Of Flow Meters For Automation
Sr.No        Line Size                   Quantity
1            600 mm                      28
2            800 mm                      1
3            1000 mm                     3
4            1200 mm                     1
5            400 mm                      35

                                                                      Joint City Engineer
                                                            Electro Mechanical Department,
                                                    Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation
                                                                           Pimpri-411 018

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