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					                                 TURNING                                                      Vannoy School

                                 CORNERS                                               Nov e mbe r 1 5 , 20 1 0

  Mrs. Calderon’s First Grade Newsletter
  Notes:                                                    Language Arts
Have a great Thanksgiving break!- I am very thankful      Our theme is “Turning Corners.” Our read aloud story
to have such a great class, with awesome students and     is “Counting on the Woods”. Our anthology stories are
equally awesome parents. Have a lovely week off!          Frog Gets His Song, Soccer Song and Now You Know
                                                          About Soccer.
                                                          We will be working on:
                                                          Phonics: - diphthong ng
                                                          Grammar: One and More Than
                                                          High Frequency Words: arms, every, feet, head,
                                                          school, use, way, your
                                                          Robust Words: ashamed, mused, soared, athletic,
                                                          awkward, superb
                                                          Spelling Words: long, song, sing, ring, bring, thing, us,
                                                          must, does, food

                                                          We are beginning a chapter on subtraction strategies to
                                                          12. Students will practice using a number line. Our math
                                                          trimester test will be Tuesday. Timed tests are to be
                                                          completed at home, and passed tests sent back to school
                                                          in homework folders. This week we should be working on
                                                          math fact 3+3.

                                                            Social Studies
                                                         We are learning about the first Thanksgiving, including the
                                                         Pilgrims’ passage on the Mayflower.

Upcoming Events                                            Science
End of Trimester- Nov. 19                             We are continuing our unit on solids, liquids and gasses. This
No School – Nov. 22 – Nov. 26 Thanksgiving            week we are reading and talking about how mixing, heating
Week                                                  and cooling can change matter.
Book Fair – Class visit, Nov. 30
Book Fair - Open Dec. 1, 2, and 3
Report Cards- Dec. 3
                           Questions or concerns – call voice mail 537-1832 ext. 4607
                                   Check our webpage for more information

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