Meningitis--Viral by nuhman10



Dear Parents:

Our school learned this morning that a (grade) grade student was hospitalized over the weekend
with meningitis. At this time, the meningitis is strongly believed to be viral rather than the more
dangerous bacterial form of the disease. The student’s physician is confident of this diagnosis,
but cannot confirm that the meningitis is viral rather than bacterial until further test results are
available on (day). Fortunately, the student is recovering quickly and should be released soon
from the hospital.

In the meantime, please monitor your child’s health for any symptoms of meningitis. These may
include fever, headache, stiff neck and fatigue. Rash, sore throat and intestinal symptoms may
also occur. Since this is a virus (like the common cold), antibiotics are generally not effective.
Likewise, persons who have had contact with viral meningitis patients often do not require any

While we do not want to alarm you prematurely, we do want to keep you informed. Should we
learn tomorrow that the student’s form of meningitis is something other than viral, we will
inform all parents immediately. In the meantime, please be assured we are closely monitoring
the situation and are giving prompt attention to any student who complains of not feeling well.


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