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                             Wednesday, November 19, 2003



     The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Mt. San Antonio College was called to
     order at 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday, November 19, 2003. Trustees Baca, Chen Haggerty,
     Chyr, Hall, and Pacheco were present.


     Christopher C. O'Hearn, President; Nancy Rice, Vice President, Administrative Services;
     Wade Frary, Vice President, Human Resources; and David Grant, Interim Vice President,


     The Board adjourned to Closed Session to discuss the following items:

        Conference with Labor Negotiator
         Mt. San Antonio College Negotiator, regarding Faculty Association, CSEA 262 and
         CSEA 651, Management and Confidential
        Public Employee Discipline
         Public employee discipline pursuant to California Government Code Section 54957

     The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m. to join a reception to honor Trustee Gayle Pacheco
     for her four years of service to Mt. San Antonio College as a member of the Board of


     The public meeting reconvened at 7:00 p.m.


        The following new staff were introduced to the Board:

         Angelina Alvo, Clerical Specialist, Physical Education
         Donald Beaton, Disabled Student Assistant, Disabled Student Programs & Services
          Jacqueline Carmona, Secretary, Financial Aid
          Laura Demitria, Clerical Specialist, Facilities, Planning & Maintenance
          Susan Hecox, Supervisor, ESL
          Roderick Scott Jennings, Laboratory Technician, Art, Humanities & Social Sciences
          Carol Rae Nelson, Secretary, Administrative Services
          Loui Pesuti, Television Production Specialist, Office of Instruction
          Rebecca Rios, Clerical Specialist, Community & Non-Credit Education


     It was moved by Trustee Chen Haggerty, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the
     minutes of the regular meeting of October 22, 2003. Motion unanimously carried.


     Trustee Pacheco reported that, during Closed Session, the Board discussed a disciplinary
     action taken by the District. Further, the Board considered the hearing officer’s findings
     regarding a three-day suspension without pay of a full-time classified employee. In
     accordance with California Government Code Section 54957 and Board Policy 204.1, the
     Board unanimously supported and upheld the District’s action of the three-day suspension
     without pay.


     Assemblyman Bob Pacheco said he had left the budget discussions and committee
     meetings at the Capitol today in order to attend Trustee Pacheco’s last meeting as a
     member of the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees. Assemblyman Pacheco said both he and his
     wife, Trustee Pacheco, share a passion for community colleges, and he commended her
     for her accomplishments over the past four years. He presented her with a plaque
     commemorating her outstanding dedication to Mt. San Antonio College, a resolution from
     the State Assembly honoring her service to the faculty, staff, and students of Mt. San
     Antonio College, and a dozen red roses.


     A.    William Chiu, Associated Students President, reported the following:
              Since the last Board meeting, students have held two major events – a
               Halloween party and a Rock-the-Vote event where students were encouraged to
               register to vote. Both were very successful.
              Four students will be attending a Leadership Conference at San Diego State
               University on November 21-23.
              The Associated Students recently approved an appropriation in the amount of
               $7,500 in support of the Mt. SAC Planetarium.
              On December 2, an Azerbaijani Orchestra will be playing in the Clarke Theater
               from 12:00-2:00 p.m., and 8:00-10:00 p.m. This event is free to Mt. SAC
               students and $8 for the general public.
              The students’ annual holiday celebration will be held December 3, 11:00 a.m.-
               1:00 p.m., and 5:00-7:00 p.m. All are invited to attend.
        The students are interested in having a recycling program implemented on
         campus. It was suggested by Trustee Pacheco that the students contact Waste
         Management. They have several recycling programs available.
        It was reported that boards where students post events have been taken down.
         Students are concerned because the boards were paid for by the students in
         1993 as a way to advertise events. Students will be going through the
         appropriate channels to determine why the boards were removed.

B.   Robertson Wellen, Academic Senate President, reported the following:

        He commended Trustee Pacheco for her service to the College over the past
         four years. He also thanked William Chiu for his efforts in getting students on
         various College committees.
        Professor Wellen attended the State Academic Senate Plenary session earlier in
         the month where he had the opportunity to hear what’s going on at other
         colleges. He said it made him appreciate the great working relationship the
         Senate, Associated Students, administration and Board enjoy at Mt. SAC.
        The screening committee for the Vice President of Instruction position will be
         holding interviews tomorrow. He said that while there is excitement that we are
         moving forward, most of us would rather keep David Grant.
        The theme, “Student Learning Outcomes” has been selected for flex day
         activities, scheduled for January 9, 2004. He said this is part of the accreditation
         standards and something the College needs to learn more about.

C.   Kathi Van Natter, Classified Senate President, reported the following:

        She thanked Trustee Pacheco for the support she has given the classified staff
         over the past four years.
        Christopher DePauw, an Associated Students Senator, is now attending the
         monthly Classified Senate meetings. It is believed this will provide better
         communication between the students and classified staff.
        The Senate’s fourth Annual Silent Auction/Christmas Boutique is scheduled for
         December 9, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., in the Student Life Center.
        The United Way campaign will continue through December 16. The United Way
         60/40 raffle drawing will occur on November 26.

D.   Representing the Faculty Association, Terri Smith congratulated Trustees Baca and
     Chyr on their re-election, and Rosanne Bader on her election to the Board. She
     thanked those trustees who were able to attend the Association’s November 11
     Open House and extended an invitation to the Board to stop by anytime.

     Professor Smith reported that the Association has sent a survey to Association
     members asking them to rank issues for reopeners in negotiations. This will help
     the Association identify what issues it wants to bring to the table this spring.

     Professor Smith, along with Professor Jennifer Galbraith, presented a Certificate of
     Appreciation to Trustee Pacheco for her service to the College community during
     her term of office.
E.   President O'Hearn said it has been a good year for Mt. SAC student athletes. He
     shared the following athletic successes:

             The Football Team ended the 2003 season with a 9-1 record and is the
              Mission Conference Champions. They will be playing in a playoff game this
              Saturday, November 22, 6:00 p.m., against Saddleback College.
             The Men's Soccer Team finished the regular season 20-0. They are the
              number 1 ranked team in the nation. They drew a bye in the first round of
              Regionals, and will play their first game on November 22.
             The Women's Golf Team won the Southern California Championship and
              finished second in State competition.
             The Women's Basketball Team is ranked #1 in the state and will play at Long
              Beach on Friday, November 21, at 5:30 p.m.

     The President gave the Board a Certificate of Appreciation received from San
     Dimas in appreciation of the Board’s participation in the recent San Dimas parade.

     President O'Hearn asked Trustee Pacheco and other Board members to step
     forward to honor and acknowledge the work Trustee Pacheco has done on behalf of
     the College over the past four years. He said it has been a genuine pleasure, both
     personally and professionally, to get to know and work with her over the past 1½
     years. He added that he looks forward to working with her when she joins the State
     Assembly. On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the College community, he
     presented Trustee Pacheco with a plaque commemorating her four years of service
     to the College. She will also receive two Mt. SAC sweatshirts.

     Each Board member individually thanked Trustee Pacheco for her many
     contributions to students, to the College, and to the community. Student Trustee
     Prado offered thanks from the students’ perspective and said her contributions will
     be felt on campus for many years. All Board members said her contributions have
     exceeded what anyone could have expected. They extolled her passion, energy,
     skills, excitement, and genuine interest in helping others.

     Trustee Pacheco told of her background and personal experience with community
     colleges. She cited the hiring of President O'Hearn as one of her greatest
     accomplishments while on the Board.

     President O'Hearn asked Vice President Rice to provide the Board with a brief
     budget/construction update. Vice President Rice said there was nothing new to
     report on the College budget at this time. She informed the Board that the Citizens
     Oversight Committee held its quarterly meeting last night. Prior to the meeting,
     some committee members toured the Language Center/Health Careers Center.
     Also at the meeting, the committee received the Financial and Performance Audit
     reports as of June 30, 2003, which contained no exceptions. Since Gary Nellesen
     was unexpectedly called away, Vice President Rice provided the following
     construction update:

              Project 15 – Language Center and Project 16 – Health Careers.
               Construction is 30% complete and is on schedule and on budget. Expected
               completion is June/July 2004. It was noted that the building has had a name
               change – from the ESL Building to the Language Center. This occurred
                 because of the inclusion of additional programs – AmLa, Foreign Languages,
                 and Sign Languages, although ESL remains a major occupant.
                Project 3 – Campus-wide Energy Conservation-Phase 2. Construction is
                 80% complete and is on schedule and on budget. Completion is expected in
                 February 2004.
                Campus Infrastructure.    Phase A is complete.       Phase B will begin
                 construction in December. Phases A and B represent work done to provide
                 power/sewer/water for the current projects (Sciences, Athletics, Welding,
                 Language Center, Health Careers, and Central Plant).
                Project 11 – Athletic Fields. The project is scheduled to begin December 1 –
                 it was delayed two weeks to allow for soccer play-off matches on existing
                 fields. Expected completion in August 2004.
                Project 14 – Welding and Air Conditioning Technology. The project will begin
                 tomorrow and is expected to be completed by August 2004.
                Project 1 – Science Building. Construction documents have been returned
                 by the Division of State Architect. We expect the final construction funds to
                 be released by the State in December. Bids will be awarded from January
                 through March 2004, and construction should begin in April 2004. Expected
                 completion is November 2005.


     It was moved by Trustee Chyr, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve or ratify
     the following items:


     1.   Approval to accept funds for a grant titled “Citrus Valley Health Partners LNV to RN”
          (Mt. SAC #987 - $17,000) from Citrus Valley Medical Center.


     2.   Approval of Personnel Transactions, Reference No. 5, dated November 19, 2003.

     3.   Approval of the agreement with the Community College League of California for the
          Online Collective Bargaining Database.


     4.   Approval of service agreement.

     5.   Approval of additions and changes in the Regional Health Occupations Resource
          Center Program.

     6.   Approval of proposals submitted for grant funding for three grants: Health Care
          Interpreter Program, Dual Licensure Nursing Project, and Community Block Grant.

     7.   Approval of expenditure funding for Regional Health Occupations Resource Center
8.   Approval of the Spring 2004 Community Services Fee Program.

9.   Approval/ratification of additions and/or changes to Community and Non-Credit
     Education Programs.

10. Approval of Contract Education agreements – The Training Source.

11. Approval of additional child care sites.


12. Approval of an agreement with Treehouse Software, Inc., to provide a three-day
    software training class for Informational and Educational Technology staff.


13. Approval of the Quarterly Investment Report.

14. Approval to accept the September 30, 2003, Quarterly Financial Status Report.

15. Approval of Amended Xerox Lease and Maintenance Contracts.

16. Approval of the sale of twenty-five Apple Power Mac G4 Computer Systems to
    Pomona Unified School District, for a revenue of $40,247.35.

17. Approval of an agreement with the Vantage Technology Consulting Group to
    provide technology consulting services, at a cost not to exceed $11,800.

18. Approval of an agreement with The Vinewood Company to provide DSA inspection
    services for the Air Conditioning/Welding Building, at a cost not to exceed $130,000.

19. Approval of an agreement with Global Geo-Engineering, Inc. to provide geotechnical
    testing services for the Athletic Facilities, at a cost not to exceed $21,000.

20. Approval of an agreement with Global Geo-Engineering, Inc. to provide geotechnical
    testing services for the Air Conditioning/Welding Building, at a cost not to exceed

21. Approval of an agreement with the RMA Group to provide testing services for the Air
    Conditioning/Welding Building, at a cost not to exceed $69,000.

22. Approval of an agreement with the RMA Group to provide testing services for the
    Campus-Wide Infrastructure, Phase B, at a cost not to exceed $4,541.

23. Approval of an agreement with Twining Laboratories of Southern California to
    provide testing services for the Athletic Facilities, at a cost not to exceed $52,000.

24. Approval of the following Bids:

     Bid No. 2592      Campus-Wide Infrastructure, Phase B (Electrical).      Awarded to
                       Shasta Electric LP, in the amount of $68,988.
          Bid No. 2593      Campus-Wide Infrastructure, Phase B (Plumbing). Awarded to
                            Atlas-Allied, Inc., in the amount of $127,063.

     25. Approval of the following Completion Notice:

          Bid No. 2543      Campus-Wide Infrastructure, Phase A, ARB, Inc., Contractor.

     26. Approval and acceptance of the following donations/gifts to the College:

          Occidental Petroleum Flight Operations – Brakes and Wheel Hubs for Boeing 727-100
          Aircraft, Date: Late 1960 – 1970, B. F. Goodrich, valued by donor at $77,000, to be
          used by the Aircraft Maintenance Department.

          Harry Davis – Push Wheelchair and Wheeled Walker, valued by donor at $100, to be
          used by the Disabled Student Programs and Services Department.

          Shirley L. Ormiston – Quarter Horse Stallion, AOHA Champion, valued by donor at
          $10,000, to be used by the Agricultural Sciences Department.

     Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


     Trustee Hall noted that this is the fifth year of the five-year Title V grant. This has been
     an important grant to the College in many ways, including providing programs to increase
     Hispanic students’ success in math, and providing funds for the Foundation. He asked if
     the College would be able to apply for follow-up grants. Vice President Yamagata-Noji
     confirmed that the grant ends in September 2004. She said, currently, the requirement is
     that a college has to wait two years before reapplying for funds; however, the College is
     working at the national level to pass a bill that would shorten that period of time. Should
     that occur, the College is prepared to immediately reapply. She said this is an important
     grant for the College, even if we have to wait to apply again.

     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve acceptance of
     funds, purchase of food for grant-related activities as allowed by grant guidelines, and
     payment for substitute replacements for faculty from partnering K-12 districts, related to
     the Title V – Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions grant funded by the U.S.
     Department of Education (Mt. SAC #845-$425,000). Motion unanimously carried.
     Student Trustee concurred.


     President O'Hearn asked Board members to make the following addition to the 2004-05
     academic calendar: On page 29, under the Spring Semester 2005, Tuesday, March 29,
     should be added to March 28 as a holiday.

     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the 2004-05
     academic calendar, as corrected. Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee

     Trustee Pacheco said it is unfortunate that the College had to eliminate one summer
     session. President O'Hearn said that although the College eliminated one summer
   session, in order to manage enrollment properly, additional sections have been added to
   that session equal to the amount of sections offered in two summer sessions.


   Assemblyman Bob Pacheco reported that today legislators had their first meeting of the
   special session to deal with the State’s budget crisis, adding that there is a bit of positive
   news for community colleges. It is currently projected that there will be revenue growth of
   about 6%, which will mean a substantial increase in Prop 98 funding. The Assemblyman
   said he is pushing for equalization to make sure community colleges get their fair share
   of Prop 98 dollars. He is also working to backfill property tax monies. As Vice Chair of
   the Higher Education Committee, Assemblyman Pacheco said he will be an advocate for
   community colleges. He cautioned that the State’s budget crisis is deep with a projected
   deficit of $24 billion; although he thinks, overall, community colleges will be in a pretty
   good position next year.


   Trustee Hall commented that the College has accelerated the rate in which it is drawing
   the bond money, considering four issuances over eight years rather than five over a ten-
   year period. He asked if this is because of the lower interest rates and the fact that we
   are looking at the completion of some of the projects. Vice President Rice agreed and
   pointed out that the earlier the College is able to complete projects, the more money we
   save due to inflation.

   Trustee Hall asked if the bond would be able to finance the Planetarium projector, should
   there be sufficient funds available. Vice President Rice said we would have to get an
   opinion from the bond counsel.

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve
   Resolution No. 03-05 – Authorization to Issue Second Series of Bonds. Motion
   unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   It was moved by Trustee Baca, seconded by Trustee Hall, to approve a temporary loan
   from the Capital Outlay Fund to the Bond Construction Fund, to be used only if
   necessary. Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the Appropriation
   Transfers and Budget Revisions Summary. Motion unanimously carried. Student
   Trustee concurred.

       Trustee Chen Haggerty said she thought the students’ proposed recycling program
        was a wonderful idea. She also suggested initiating an ink jet recycle program.

       Student Trustee Prado said he had attended the high school counselors’ outreach
        program and found it to be a wonderful opportunity to meet people who work with
        EOPS and Bridge Program students.

       Trustee Chyr said he was very pleased to be re-elected to a third term on the Board.
        He thanked all those who helped his campaign and voiced their support – students,
        staff, faculty, and community members.

       Trustee Baca thanked the Associated Students for their contribution to the
        Planetarium. He said he is optimistic that enough funds will be raised to purchase a
        new projector. He also commended the College’s athletic teams on their
        successes. Trustee Baca thanked Assemblyman Pacheco for his continuing
        support of community colleges at the State level. Trustee Baca said he is also
        looking forward to serving the College for another four years. He thanked the
        Faculty Association, staff, management, and students for their support in his re-
        election campaign.

       Trustee Hall again thanked Trustee Pacheco for her service to the College. He
        added that the College is fortunate to have Rosanne Bader joining the Board
        because of her experience at the College and in education, in general. Trustee Hall
        said it is great to see sports and academics going hand-in-hand at Mt. SAC. He
        said it is extraordinary that we can do both at a world-class level. Trustee Hall also
        congratulated President O'Hearn on the extension of his contract, noting that it is a
        great vote of confidence in the leadership he has displayed.

       Trustee Pacheco congratulated Trustees Baca and Chyr on their re-election and
        said she wishes the very best for Rosanne Bader, who will be a wonderful addition
        to the Board. She said she has really enjoyed serving on the Board of Trustees
        and, while she won’t be far away, she will miss the close working relationship she
        has enjoyed with so many people at the College.


   The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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