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                Maritime Ships Security Department
                             Directorate General of Merchant Marine


According to Part A, Section 11 of the ISPS Code, each Company shall designate a CSO to have knowledge of and
training in the aspects mentioned in Part B 13.1 ISPS Code.

All the Company Security Officers (CSO’s) recognized by this Administration and currently operating Panamanian vessels
transiting high-risk areas need to be in compliance with the guidance for CSO’s established in MSC.1/Circ.1390. We
recommend CSO’s to maintain communication with the Panama Maritime Authority while transiting through the High Risk
Areas and to liase with the International Contact Centers according to the current and most updated BMP version (MMC
208, and raise their Security Level according to the Ship Security Plan.

Name of CSO:

Name of Alternative CSO:

CSO E-mail and Cellphone:

Company Name (same as DOC)

IMO Company Identification No.:

Company Address (same as DOC):

Company Phone No.:

Company E-mail and Fax No.:
                           Please write the vessel(s) managed by the CSO above –mentioned:
                     Vessel Name                       IMO No.                       Call Letters

If the information reflected in the ISSC and CSR Certificates does not match with the DOC presented to the Recognition
of the CSO the Shipowners/Operators, Company Security Officers, Legal Representatives of Panamanian Flagged
Vessels, shall amend those Certificates as soon as possible to avoid any PSC detention.

The information provided above is submitted by the following personnel:

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Chief of Maritime Ships Security Department

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