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                                                         U.S. Bank SinglePoint
                                                       ACH Data Import Procedures
As you may be aware, U.S. Bank and Mellon 1st Business Bank (M1BB) are in the process of combining forces to
provide an expanded banking organization in Southern California. With this in mind, we would like to inform you of
upcoming changes to your ACH payment origination service.

Much like today, U.S. Bank’s SinglePoint ACH service allows you to initiate batches of ACH debits and/or credits to
multiple corporate or consumer beneficiaries. The SinglePoint ACH service also offers the capability to initiate
International ACH transactions as well as all of the new check conversion transactions types such as return check entries
(RCK) and account receivable converted items (ARC).

Instructions for using SinglePoint ACH to initiate ACH Payments
If you currently use the Mellon Online Banking ACH “Validator” feature or MFBB iNet to “Pass-Thru” an ACH
(NACHA) formatted file, we’ve included a set of instructions on how to use SinglePoint to initiate ACH payments.

Import your ACH data into SinglePoint ACH during the week of November 10
During the week of November 10, you will receive your security token and instructions for logging in to SinglePoint. You
can then import your ACH transaction data into SinglePoint. After importing, your data will be housed in ACH templates
within the ACH service area in SinglePoint. Templates are transaction repositories that remain within SinglePoint unless
you purposely delete them. When you intend to create an ACH payment, you may select a template from which to initiate
a batch. Batches contain the transaction payments that you intend to make to receivers’ accounts on the settlement date
that you choose.

Initiate ACH batches starting on Monday, November 17
Beginning on Monday, November 17, you’ll have the ability to initiate ACH payment batches via SinglePoint ACH.
Batches initiated before 8:00 pm PT will be processed that day. Although you will have access to SinglePoint ACH the
previous week to import ACH data, any batches that you initiate prior to Monday, November 17, will not be processed by
U.S. Bank. Please continue to use your current M1BB ACH service to initiate ACH batches through Friday, November

Attend SinglePoint ACH Webinar training sessions
We realize that SinglePoint ACH is a new service with many unique features; therefore, we are also offering SinglePoint
ACH training sessions. Each training session will cover the steps to ensure your migrated ACH data is correct, the
procedures for creating new ACH transactions and the actions required to initiate a batch of ACH payments. Below are
the training dates and locations for the SinglePoint ACH service.
      To access the course, go to this URL: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/intercall1/join?id=SG8TJQ&role=attend
          Dial (toll-free) 866-206-7794, enter participant code: 2151151017.
          Sessions will be available to you once each week for three weeks from 11/3/08 to 11/21/08, on Monday at
           11:00 am PT.
          The one-hour sessions are interactive through Webinars and are conducted by U.S. Bank Treasury Management
           customer training staff. Questions can be submitted through a private chat session with the trainer. All callers are
           muted to preserve anonymity.
          These sessions are available at no cost for your migration.

Access additional resources
    The U.S. Bank Treasury Management Services Migration Web site is a central source of information for you.
      Visit usbank.com/usbmigration (enter access code: benefit109).

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