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TI Graphing Calculator Rental


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									                     TI Graphing Calculator Rental
Due to the high cost of graphing calculators, the Shawnee Mission West Mathematics Department
offers students in Algebra 2 or above the opportunity to RENT graphing calculators. Calculators
will be rented while supplies last.

       Rental Fee is $20.00 for the entire year ($10 per semester),
       a $10 refund will be given if calculator is returned before
       the second semester.

                Bring your check made payable to Shawnee Mission West or exact
                                    cash and completed form
                     to Mrs. Berghaus in room 26 during the scheduled hours.
                                             7:00-7:30am or 2:40-3:15pm

                         W(8/17) and Th(8/18) Calc, Pre-Calc, Stat, College Prep only
                                  Fri(8/19)-Tues(8/31) first come first serve

The rental calculator will come with working batteries and it must be returned with working
batteries. The calculator will be given to you by your math teacher. It is understood that if the
calculator is LOST or BROKEN that replacement cost of $100 will be assessed. No programs may
be downloaded onto rental calculators unless approved by the math department. Placing games
and/or programs that are not used in the classroom for instruction will constitute a violation of
rental agreement and the rental calculator will be confiscated and the student will no longer be
able to rent a calculator from the math department. A refund will not be given.

(Please print legibly)
                              First name                     Last name              Student ID#

                                                                          __9 10 11 12
                              Math Teacher                  Block           Grade

I understand and accept the terms of the agreement stated above:

Student signature

Parent Name                                           Parent Signature

Completed at time of rental:

Calculator Number

Date paid:____________ Circle: Cash or Check #__________

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