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Mrs. Rogers Art 1
Pinch Pots

                              2) Turn the piece as you
                              pinch. This will help you
                              to keep an even thickness
                              in the walls of the piece.
1) Begin with a ball of
clay. Push your thumb into
the center. Then pinch up
the walls.

                             3) Gently pat the bottom on a
                             flat surface to create a flat spot
                             on the bottom of the piece.
                                                    For strength, force the

 Coil Pots                                          clay together on the
                                                    inside of the piece. Use
                                                    you finger and scrape the
                                                    top coil onto the coil
                                                    under it.

                                                    When smoothing the
                                                    inside of the piece hold
                                                    you other hand on the
                                                    outside so you do not
When hand rolling coils, use a smooth surface and   damage what you have
spreading your hands to apply even pressure.        already completed.

                                                     If you want the top
                                                     level, gently turn your
                                                     piece over and lightly
                                                     tap it on a smooth
Roll the coils so that they are a little
thicker than a pencil.Then stack the coils
one on top of another.
Native American Pottery
Maria Martinez – Indian Potter
Coil Pots – Applied Slip Decoration
Slab Building
Clay Plate - Slab
Slab Bowl
Slip Application/Wax Resist
Stamp Decoration
Chimu Culture Pottery
Roman Coins (Clay)
Oriental Bowl
Tea Bowls
 Tea bowls are used in ritualistic tea ceremonies.
Tea Bowls
 Some have symbolic images painted or impressed onto the
  clay body.
Tea Bowl Ceremony
Symbols for Meaning

 You will have an opportunity to look for symbols to use on
 your tea bowl. These symbols can make the tea bowl more
 visually interesting, but more importantly the symbols will
 make the bowl more personally rewarding and memorable
 for you as a creative assignment.
 Some symbol research websites are above as hyperlinks.
 Please remember to use symbols that are school appropriate.
Planning Your Tea Bowl
 Plan with sketches and words.
 Please list step by step process
 Please list what you would like to symbolize and how you
  plan to do it

      A Picture is
     worth a 1000

Please use words to explain details also.
Example Plan
(Seth Hampson)
Example Plan
(Megan Mcandlish)
Last Year’s Tea Celebration
What a
Last year’s Tea Celebration
Tea Bowls
Tea Bowl
Tea Bowl
     It is functional.
See I can drink out of it.

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