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Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Arts in Communication


Application For Admission

Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology Studies Bachelor Arts in Law & Society

1901 E. Asbury Avenue Denver, CO 80208 For Additional Information: Please Call 303.871.6848 or

Application Procedures
Prospective students may submit an application online, by mail, in person to The Women’s College, 1901 E. Asbury Avenue, Denver, CO 80208. For more information about The Women’s College, visit our website at

 File An Application

To apply for admission, applicants should submit all the documents listed below: Application for Admission Form: Complete and sign the application form providing all information requested. Essay Topics: Type your response to one of the essay topics and submit your essay with your application. Please limit your response to 500-600 words in length. Significant Experience, Achievement or Risk: Describe and evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or an ethical dilemma you have faced and what you learned from the experience. Mentor/Role Model: Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you. Describe the influence they have had on you and what you have learned from them. Letter of Recommendation: All applicants must submit one letter of recommendation from an academic, professional, or community leader or colleague. A form for the letter of recommendation is included. Resume: A resume listing your employers and professional experiences, as well as your personal and community involvement. Transcripts: Applicants must submit official high school transcripts or GED scores. Applicants must also request an official transcript from every college or university previously attended to be sent directly to The Women’s College. Transcripts are considered official only if they are received in sealed envelopes directly from the issuing institution. No ACT or SAT Required: The Women’s College requires no standardized entrance exams. College entrance exams are usually not reliable indicators of academic success for adult students.

 Schedule Your Admission Conference

At The Women’s College, we ask each applicant to participate in an admission conference so that we can learn more about you and the qualities and experiences that you bring to your studies, and to help determine if The Women’s College is the right fit for you. To schedule your admission conference, please contact our Admission Adviser at 303-871-6808.

 Discuss Your Degree Plan With Your Admission Adviser and Register For Classes  Attend New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation provides relevant information about academic expectations and gives students an opportunity to become familiar with many of the services available to them. This event contributes to a student’s success with The Women’s College, and is a student’s first experience with our learning community. Orientations are scheduled for the Wednesday prior to the first class weekend, from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Application For Admission
Degrees: (Select One)  Bachelor of Business Administration Degree - BBA  Bachelor of Arts in Communication - BA  Bachelor of Arts in Information Technologies Studies - BA  Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society - BA  Undecided Minors: (BA Students only - select one minor)  Business Administration  Communication  Gender and Women’s Studies  Information Technologies Studies  Law and Society  Leadership Minor  Undecided Entry Quarter:  Fall Quarter, 20  Winter Quarter, 20  Spring Quarter, 20  Summer Quarter, 20 Certificates: (Optional)  Gender and Women’s Studies  Information Technologies Studies  Writing  Leadership  Conflict Management Studies

Personal Information Legal Name (Last, First, Middle) Birth Name Social Security Number Street Address Home Phone Employer Citizenship  U.S.  Permanent Resident  Other. Specify Country  Alien Registration Visa Type Birth Date City/State/Zip Cell Phone Work Phone Email Fax  Female  Male*

Have you ever applied to The Women’s College or any other programs at the University of Denver?  YES  NO

NON-US CITIZENS AND PERMANENT RESIDENTS: For information regarding international admission requirements, contact our Admission Adviser at 303-871-6808. Education HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDED Date of Graduation City & State if you received your GED, what year?

PREVIOUS COLLEGES ATTENDED: Please list all accredited schools you have attended since high school. All transcripts are required. College/University City & State Dates Attended #of Credits/Degree Earned Last Name on Transcript

*Admission to The Women’s College is restricted to women.

Application for Admission (Continued)
The University of Denver (Colorado Seminary) is an Affirmative Action Institution. In accordance with federal regulations, the University of Denver is required to report statistical information about the ethnic origins of its students.

Please check one of the following:
 Alaskan Native/American Indian  Asian/Pacific Islander  Black  Hispanic  White

Financial Aid - Student Loans, Grants, and Scholarships
Do you plan to apply for financial aid?  YES  NO The University of Denver requires that all students who apply for student loans or partial financial assistance through the University (both need-based and merit-based) complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. To file the FASFA online, go to and follow the instructions given. If you need assistance, please contact our Enrollment Adviser at 303/871-6115. Be sure to include the University of Denver’s school code (001371) when asked which colleges you would like to receive a copy of your processed information. If this is not done, your information will not be complete and cannot be processed. When FASFA application is complete, print and save confirmation page for your records.

Employer Reimbursement
Does your company provide employer reimbursement?  YES  NO If yes, please list the approximate annual amount: The forms for employer reimbursement can be found at

Additional Information
Are you the first person in your immediate family to attend college?  YES How did you hear about the Women’s College?  NO

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all statements I have made in this application are complete and true.


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Checklist Reminder:  Completed Application  Completed Essay  Letter of Recommendation  Resume  Official Transcripts Requested  Scheduled Admissions Conference - 303-871-6808  Met with Academic Adviser
1901 East Asbury Avenue, Denver, CO 80208 • 303-871-6848 •

Located in the Chambers Center on the DU Campus

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