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summer 2011

what’s insiDe                                                          Quickfire questions
                                                                       Board Chair Reg Kerr-Bell
4                       newswire                                       What are the top priorities
                        News bites and happenings from                 for our success?
                        in and around Kensington and                   KCTMO is a unique organisation,
                        Chelsea                                        it is the largest TMO in the UK
                                                                       and is in a good position having
6                       face to face                                   delivered strong efficiency
                        Resident Lisa Wilkinson puts the               savings over the past five years.
                        tough questions to a top manager               It is driven by a resident-led Board which works with
                                                                       KCTMO’s Executive Team to deliver the company’s
                        about repairs services’
                                                                       objectives. But to succeed in being truly resident-
                                                                       led we need to increase resident engagement in our
8                       in the loop                                    activities to ensure we deliver excellent services which
                        We’re recruiting residents to ‘Get on          reflect residents needs.
                        board’ with us to shape services to
                                                                       What are the biggest challenges it faces?
                        suit you!
                                                                       KCTMO has tackled many challenges in the past
                                                                       year. It has reduced debt, collected more rent,
10                      proUD of YoUr place                            improved repairs services and most importantly,
                        • Proud Of Your Place • Back In Time           achieved greater customer satisfaction. However,
                        • Q & A • Resident’s Column                    there is still work to do in improving our performance
                        • Your Competition                             and continuing to drive resident satisfaction which
                                                                       requires us to adapt to meet expectations.
12   meet the team
                                                                       What are your hopes for KCTMO residents?
14   how we are Doing                                                  That more residents will get on board to help manage
                                                                       their homes and estates, take advantage of the
                                                                       opportunities to get involved, and have a say in how
15   Become a memBer for free!                                         housing services are run. It is my hope that residents
                                                                       can have a housing service they can continue to help
16   how to contact Us                                                 shape and be proud of.

No time to read Link? This word cloud is made                                                             Home. As the saying
up of Link articles, and gives prominence to                                                              goes, there’s no place
                                                                                                          like it. And there’s no
words that appear the most!                                                                               place like the Link to
                                                                                                          represent Kensington
                                                                                                          & Chelsea TMO
                                                                                                          residents’ voice. But
                                                                                         to succeed in listening and acting on
                                                                                         your ideas and concerns, we need
                                                                                         to hear from you. Do you have a
                                                                                         question, comment or experience you
                                                                                         would like to share? We’d love to hear
                                                                                         from you!
                                                                                         anna Bowden

                                                                                           0800 137 111
                                                                                           the editor,
                                                                                         Kensington & chelsea tmo,
                                                                                         292a Kensal road, london w10 5Be

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                                     different. We’ve teamed up with                   ideas from you! Contact us using
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2                  residents to revamp the Link!                                       the details above.
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          A big thank you to those involved. We hope
          you enjoy reading it!
it’s gardens competition time!
French impressionist painter Claude Monet once said he owed having become a painter to
flowers. And he’s not the only one inspired by nature. Since launching in 1980 the gardens
Competition has inspired hundreds of residents to transform their neighbourhoods.
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                                                                                      maKe more

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                                                                                      Strawberries can be grown in a
                                                                                      wide range of soils, from light sand
                                                                                      to heavy clay. The ideal soil is well-
                                                                                      drained and rich in humus. They
                                                                                      prefer to be planted in full sun, out
                                                                                      of the wind. Plants can be planted
                                                                                      outdoors from late June until

                                                                                      how to plant
                                                                                      • Prepare the soil by digging over,
                                                                                      removing any perennial weeds and
                                                                                      adding manure.
                                                                                      • Place the strawberry plants every
                                                                                      35cm (13 in) in rows that are 75cm
                                                                                      (30 in) apart.
                                                                                      • Plant with the crown at soil level
                                                                                      and water well.
                                                                                      • To prevent slugs, put down pellets
                                                                                      or place grit or broken egg shells
                                                                                      under each plant.
Have you contacted us to enter the annual gardens Competition?                        • Place a net over the plants to
                                                                                      prevent birds and squirrels from
It’s that time of year again! We’re on     previoUs winners                           eating the fruit.
the lookout for green fingered residents   The Gardens Competition has been           • Pick any ripe strawberries so they
to take part in the annual Gardens         running for 31 years and is a much-        don’t rot on the plant. Check the
Competition. The competition is now in     awaited event for many Kensington          plants every other day during the
its 31st year with trophies and garden     and Chelsea residents. In the 2010         ripening period.
centre prizes up for grabs across five     competition, Mrs Goma of Chelsea
categories.                                Manor Court won the overall Points         how to grow in
                                           Cup with first place in the Gardens        a BasKet
categories                                 category, and third place in the estates   • Growing strawberries in a
• Gardens                                  category. There were 27 prizes             hanging basket ensures they’re
• Balconies / Window Boxes                 awarded including three trophies.          kept out of the way of slugs.
• Patios                                      Look out for this year’s winners in     • Plant five to six plants in a basket
• Estates                                  the next issue!                            in spring, and water every day
• Kitchen garden                                                                      during the growing season.
                                           how to enter                               • From flowering until harvest, feed
We’ll be judging the most colourful        Any KCTMO resident can enter the           the plants every 10 days with a
hanging baskets and floral displays        competition and be part of the judging     product that’s high in potassium,
as part of the balcony, window             day. The final day for submissions is      such as a tomato feed.
boxes and patios categories and            29 July 2011, with judging taking place    • The same strawberry plants
the best individual and communal           6 August 2011. If you would like to        should continue to produce fruit
gardens. This year the Kensington and      enter, contact Landscape Surveyor John     the following year, but the crops
Chelsea tenants and home owners            Gaffney using the details below:           will be better if the plants are
Gardens Competition is being held in          020 8964 6075                           renewed.
association with Europlants.                  jgaffney@             

        our mission
        To deliver excellent housing services
        through resident led management
                                                                         0800 137 111 •                             3
neWs in and around K & C

helping YoU
at home
It is your responsibility
to carry out internal
redecorations to your
home. However, we can

assist elderly or vulnerable
tenants to redecorate their
homes if they have had no
decorations carried out by                                  in and around
KCTMO in the past year.                                          K&C
This includes painting and                                                                        Digital tv UpDate
wall papering to walls and                                                                        TV across the UK is going
painting to ceilings. Contact                                                                     digital. The existing analogue
us to find out more.                                                                              TV signal will be switched
                                                                                                  off and replaced with a new,
                                                                                                  stronger digital TV signal.
                                                                                                  We have now installed more
                                                                                                  than 1600 faceplates as part
                                                                                                  of the project to ready our
                                                                                                  residents for the nationwide
                                                                                                  switchover. KCTMO are
                                                                                                  working to involve residents
                                equipment were removed           adjustments to bicycles and      in site surveys; and working
                                from the roofs of the tower      discussing cycling hazards       with contractor SCCI on the
                                blocks and Laylow FM’s           including jumping red lights.    installation of equipment.
                                studio was closed down.          Police officers were targeting   The installation will roll out
                                One arrest was made at           cyclists on Kensington           across the borough prior to
                                that time and all studio         High Street as part of an        switchover in 2012. For more
                                equipment was seized. We         ongoing campaign to tackle       information contact Project
prize Draw                      have set up a number of          antisocial cycling in the        Manager Idy Ajakaiye.
winners                         initiatives to prevent further   borough, five fines were  
Congratulations to our prize    illegal activity and are         issued.
winners who filled out the      continuing to work closely                                        sUpporting Kensal
evaluations at our Residents’   with Ofcom.                                                       crossrail
Conference in February                                                                            The Council is campaigning
2011. They are Ms Kutaisi       cYcle safetY event                                                for a Crossrail station to be
of Portobello Court, Mrs E      Cyclists in the borough                                           built in North Kensington.
Williams of Lucan Estate,       were offered advice at a                                          The case for a new station is
Mrs M Kenton of Worlds          joint Council and police                                          strong and the Council has
End Estate, Stella Rea of       cycle safety day in June                                          committed to underwrite the
Gadsden She, Hayley Jones       2011, aimed at making sure                                        £33m construction costs.
of Sir Thomas More Est, and     cyclists and their bikes stay                                         The station is backed
Mr F Besant of Lowerwood        safe and secure.                                                  by businesses and trade
Court. Well done!                   Bike experts from Dr Bike                                     associations, housing
                                were on hand giving quick                                         associations, residents’
illegal                         safety checks and simple                                          groups, and community
pirate raDio                                                     emploYee of                      organisations. Supporters
sUccessfUllY                                                     the Year                         include Kensington and
removeD                                                          KCTMO Customer Service           Chelsea Chamber of
KCTMO worked with the                                            Team Leader Robin                Commerce, National Grid,
Police and Communications                                        Lawrence (pictured) was          Portobello Antiques Dealers’
Regulator’s Ofcom to close                                       awarded Employee of the          Association and KCTMO.
down a pirate radio station                                      Year at our Staff Conference         You can find out more
on a high rise residential                                       in June 2011. Robin has          and show your support for
block at Silchester Estate                                       had a huge impact and is         Kensal Crossrail by:
in May 2011. The aerial                                          committed to achieving    
installation and transmitting                                    targets.

                      is there an event happening                                   notting Hill Carnival
                      in your area? Tell us about it                               is happening over the weekend of
                     and get it published in the Link!                             28-29 August 2011 , it has been
                                              running annually since 1964!
compare energy suppliers
to get the best deal
Are you thinking about switching your gas and electricity
supplier? One of the main areas to consider is how much
money you can save. The National Housing Federation in                                     Chief Executive Robert Black took to
partnership with uSwitch has launched My Home Energy                                       the phones with Customer Services
                                                                                           Adviser Catherine Lamin recently
Switch for tenants – a free service to help you get the best deal.
The website and free customer                       This is part of our commitment to
helpline compares prices from all UK           achieving value for money and smart        have YoUr saY
energy suppliers and gives you the
cheapest plans available. There is also
                                               procurement for essential services.
                                               2294 tenants using communal heating
                                                                                          anD win £50!
a comparison rating to find out what           services had the decrease in heating       Good customer service is the
other people think of each energy              and hot water charges backdated to         lifeblood of any business, and at
supplier.                                      November 2010, with credit applied to      KCTMO our Customer Service
    Householders have been warned              their rent accounts as we stepped into     Centre is a critical point of contact
to brace themselves for higher gas             spring 2011.                               for our residents. Each day our
and electricity bills this winter and to            Chief Executive Robert Black said,    team received about 336 phone
consider switching to a fixed-price tariff     “Last winter was the season of rising      calls from customers – and we
now if they want to avoid a rise in cost       energy bills as freezing weather drove     want each of those experiences to
come December.                                 gas and electricity demand to record       be positive.
    However, for residents using               highs. We are always looking at ways           Because we are committed to
communal heating services, energy              to reduce costs for our residents, and     keeping residents at the heart of
contracts are secured by KCTMO.                by getting the best gas and electricity    what we do – we want to know
We’re pleased that despite price hikes         prices we can help to make sure            what service suits you best through
in energy bills last year, nearly a third of   keeping warm is affordable.”               a consultation process. We’d like to
all KCTMO tenants received refunds on               While KCTMO has no control of         hear your views on our customer
charges when we opted to ‘buy in bulk’         individual gas and electricity prices,     services through the survey
to reduce cost.                                it strives to get the best deals for       enclosed in this edition of the Link.
                                               residents with communal gas and            Please complete and return by 31
                                               electricity. For the past two years,       July 2011. All survey responses will
                                               KCTMO has been working with the            be entered into a £50 voucher prize
                                               Office of Government and Commerce          draw! We are striving to improve
                                               Buying Solutions (OGCBS) to secure         the performance and quality of this
                                               the best annual gas and electricity        service, by focusing on this area
                                               prices for communal supplies.              we hope to make a real impact
                                               Residents with individual arrangements     on customer experience and
                                               for energy suppliers should consider       satisfaction.
                                               using the My Home Energy Switch                       turn to page 8 for more
                                               service.                                              information about
                                                   0800 051 5346                                     getting involved in
                                                              shaping our services.

taKe part in setting groUnDs maintenance contracts
KCTMO will soon be appointing                  we arrange these contracts correctly      the pre-tender process. It will also be
contractors to carry out grounds               in order to deliver excellent services    involved in selecting contractors and
maintenance over the next five years.          that meet residents needs. To do this     establish the five year agreements. If
This includes mowing, control of               we are forming a Joint Procurement        you would like to be involved contact
weeds and ensuring a grounds are               Group made up of residents, technical     Environmental Services Manager
maintained in communal areas. It also          staff and independent consultants.        Dominic Davies:
includes shrubs, mixed plant borders           This group will assist in the new            020 8964 6077
and hedge cutting. It is important             specification, and provide input into        ddavies@

         our Customer Contact Centre
        is consulting with residents about our
        services to you! Take part in our survey
                                                                            0800 137 111 •                        5
enclosed, and register for future discussions!
faCe To faCe

fronting up
                                                                                                                           enT id

                                                                                                              • res

                                                                                                                                   • res
We’re committed to keeping residents at the centre of everything we do, so                                         enT id

we are giving you the chance to interview our top managers about the issues
that matter to you. In our first face to face feature, Clydesdale House Resident
Lisa Wilkinson talks to Assistant Director Andy Marshall about our repairs
service which has been contracted to Morrison since 2009.

      What training is required for                                                     Resident Liaison Manager and female
      repairs staff? does KCTmo offer                                                   operatives; we use translation services
local apprenticeships?                                                                  for those who do not speak English as
      All Morrison staff and sub                                                        their first language; and use British Sign
      contractors, including contractors,                                               Language and Braille calling cards for
complete a ‘Passport to Work’ induction                                                 those hard of hearing or sight. We carry
which covers environment, health and                                                    out surgeries on estates for hard to
                                             Andy Marshall’s        Lisa Wilkinson
safety, quality of work and customer         role includes          has been a          reach groups to ensure they can access
care. Operatives also have an annual         managing the           tenant at           our services; operate a password
performance development review and           Morrison contract      Westbourne Park     system for visiting people’s homes as a
take trade refresher courses where           and developing         Road for 12 years   safety measure; and we supply staff
required.                                    business               and is Chair of     with shoe covers where some faiths
    Morrison have 38 operatives, two         opportunities          the Clydesdale      require these to access their home.
of those are apprentices. As part of our     to expand the          House Resident
contract, we will stipulate the need for     service.               Association.               When replacing products in
local labour and training opportunities,                                                       tenant’s homes, do you have
however under EU legislation there are                                                   preferred items for use or can you
limits to what roles can be advertised. But we do encourage        supply ‘like-for-like’?
all our contractors to source local labour where possible.              We’ll try to replace ‘like-for-like’ products where
                                                                        possible, but because our properties are varied in age
      How many repairs are done by subcontractors and              and type, and product lines from suppliers can change, this is
      how do you check the quality of this work?                   not always possible.
      About 14% of work is subcontracted, these are usually
      specialist jobs including asphalt, asbestos and electrical         sometimes residents are responsible for repairs in
work. We completed about 18,000 repairs in the past year.                their homes, and sometimes KCTmo will fix it – could
Of those Morrison inspects 10% of repair jobs (this is an          you clarify who is responsible for which repairs?
industry standard), carry out telephone surveys and on-the-              Tenants’ repairs responsibilities are outlined in your
job feedback satisfaction ratings. Corrective action is taken            Tenancy Agreement, in our Repairs Handbook and on
where work is not up to standard; however, we’re pleased we        our website. These include sink blockages; repairs to door
receive compliments for workmanship in some cases.                 furniture and letter boxes; replacement of WC seats,
                                                                   washers, plugs and chains; and minor decorative work to
     What are the most common                                      walls and ceilings. We do take into consideration elderly and
     repairs?                                                      vulnerable residents and can offer flexibility with some
     Plumbing, electrical and carpentry are our busiest            repairs. We also offer a special service for older residents
     areas. We are implementing an IT system which will            who are eligible for our internal decorations scheme. If you
record data about our properties in a smarter way and help         are not sure whose responsibility a repair is, contact us for
us to predict where future investment is required. For             advice.
example, if we know that there are problems with pipes in a
high rise block, we can see trends and plan long term                   How many appointments are
investments for that area.                                               missed?
                                                                        Our most recent figures show that 94.88% of repairs
     How do you deliver repairs to those with special                   appointments were kept in March 2011, with 39
     requests?                                                     appointments missed. Of those, about 60% were because
     We work in a diverse community and are mindful of             the tenant was not home. In April 2011, 95.4% were kept,
     customers’ needs. Morrison employ a dedicated                 with 27 missed appointments.

                      repairs appointments                                           We re-let 213 empty properties in the
                      Appointments are usually Monday                                year ending March 2011. The average
                      to Friday, although we provide an out                          time taken to re-let was 26.7 days –
6                                                                            this was under our 2010/11 target time.
             of hours emergency service on weekends and
             bank holidays.
                                                  WANT TO KNOW MORE
                                               ABOuT SuPPORTED HOuSINg?
                                                  HOW WE TACKLE RENT
                                               COLLECTION? WE’RE LOOKINg
                                                FOR RESIDENTS WHO’D LIKE
                                                TO PuT QuESTIONS TO OuR
                                               MANAgERS ABOuT THE ISSuES
                                              THAT MATTER TO yOu. FIND OuT
                                                MORE By CONTACTINg uS!
                                                         0800 137 111

 Resident Lisa Wilkinson met with KCTMO Director of Partnering Andy Marshall at our Network Hub office

   Together with Morrison we are committed to delivering          sessions for residents in the past. We currently have about
an excellent service, and we will compensate tenants if we        50 residents groups across the borough, and are putting
miss appointments. You can read more about this process           together a training programme for 2011/12, this is available
on page 13.                                                       on our website. See page 11 for more information.

improving the service                                                  sometimes residents have small jobs they’d like to
     is there room to carry out a more flexible repairs                have done but don’t want the hassle of logging repair
     service for those who work?                                  requests – would you consider a handyman service?
     For the safety of tenants and repair workers, Morrison            Morrison currently carry out small repair jobs, however,
     requires that the tenant be present when they visit to            we are looking at introducing a handyman service and
carry out work. Operatives carry mobile phones, have vehicle      are currently assessing the demand and cost to deliver this.
tracking devices and access to a Management Incident line
to ensure their safety. Where jobs may take some days to                How are residents consulted about major
complete, we may be able to make a more flexible                        works?
arrangement to accommodate the tenant.                                  We have set up an Asset Management Engagement
                                                                        Panel made up of tenants and leaseholders. This group
     Would you consider running diY training sessions at          met in May 2011 and will continue to be consulted on future
     residents’ association meetings?                             projects to help us make decisions including selecting
     Yes, Morrison run a community development                    contractors and materials. We are looking for residents to
     programme and has worked with us to carry out DIY            join all our engagement opportunities, read more on page 9.

       Did you know you can
       report repairs online? Visit and
complete the online form.
                                                                          0800 137 111 •                        7
residenT enGaGemenT

                 in the l
We want you to get on board to shape housing services for all our residents!
We’re holding 16 road shows across the borough between July 2011 and June
2012 to talk to you about building thriving communities. Look out for your
invitation to a local road show event, or request your ‘get on board’ leaflet now!

maKing YoUr marK                                           id
                                                                enT id
                                                                                                             You                     We

                                                   • res

Do you want to make a difference in your                                                                     said      We did consulted

                                                                        • res
neighbourhood? Why not join your local                                                                                               residents
                                                   ea                                                                                about
Residents’ Association (RA), or if you don’t
                                                       enT id

have one, take the lead and set one up! An RA                                                         the Link, in order to make sure it
is a local group which represents the interests of everyone                                           was meeting our residents’ needs,
living in a particular area to help make their neighbourhood                                          reflects good practice, provides value
                                                                                you helped shape
a better place to live. Currently, we work with over 50                                               for money and is accessible to all our
                                                                                the new look
associations across Kensington and Chelsea. We provide                                                residents.
                                                                                Link! Read about
support and advice in setting them up and in running them,                      it opposite.               We gained feedback through the
including providing grants to help to cover the running costs.                                        TMO in Touch survey; at the Residents’
                                                                                                      Conference in February 2011; through
how Do theY worK?                                                                                     the Supported Housing Residents Group
RAs work a little like a pressure group; they meet regularly to                                       in March 2011; and at a resident Reading
talk about the issues in their area, promote community spirit,                                        Group held in April and June 2011.
residents’ rights and improve housing and the environment.                                                 Overall 80% of residents found
As long as RAs meet certain criteria including being                                                  the Link informative and provided 120
responsible, accountable, democratic and representative of                                            comments about accessibility, timing,
their community; they will be recognised by KCTMO and will                                            content, and tone.
become part of consultation procedures for housing issues.                                                 Reading Group sessions delved
                                                                                                      into these areas further and looked at
whY are resiDents’ associations                                                 SAvE THE DATE         content, format and distribution, as
encoUrageD?                                                                     for our Residents’    well as compared other publications
Tenants and home owners are our customers. To be                                Conference and        against it. As a result of feedback from
                                                                                Annual general        these sessions we redesigned the Link
successful in delivering excellent housing services we need to
                                                                                Meeting on 17         in line with Disability Discrimination
know what customers want. Working with RAs is one means
                                                                                September 2011
of working with customers to improve services. Members                                                Act and Royal National Institute for the
can contribute to decisions affecting their area; monitor and                                         Blind guidelines – and in partnership
review our services, and voice views of those in their area.                                          with residents.
                                                                                                           Residents told us they would like
what are the Benefits?                                                                                to see more photos and faces; shorter,
   Develop a better sense of community spirit                                                         snappier news relevant to residents;
   Enjoy social events with your neighbours                                                           and less jargon. They also suggested
   Have a chance to choose what you want and establish a                                              articles to be incorporated into a story
consensus that you believe in                                                                         list for the year ahead. We’ve stamped
   Improve communal areas and enhance gardens and                                                        id
                                                                                                            enT id   all the stories and features
security in your area                                                                                                to show you we are
                                                                                                     • res


   Build a working relationship with KCTMO                                                                           listening to you! Look out
                                                                                                                       • res

                                                                                Is there a

   Understand how funding for repairs and improvements is                       Residents’               enT id
                                                                                                                  id for it!
allocated                                                                       Association
   Get assistance with funding for administrative costs,                        in your area?         A big thank you to residents who
including producing newsletters, posters and refreshments                       Contact us to         contributed to the Link! Let us know
                                                                                find out!             what you think by completing the
at meetings
   Be a part of the decision making process for changes in                                            survey enclosed and return to us by
your area                                                                                             19 August 2011.

                   If you would like to find out if there                                            Become a member for free!
                   is a Residents’ Association in your area,                                     Contact us for your membership
                   or to get help setting one up contact us                                      pack on download one online
8               0800 137 111                                         0800 137 111
                                     Choose your destination
       We want you to get on board to shape housing        board election; fill out a survey; take part in
       services for all Kensington & Chelsea TMO           a focus group; join us at an event; become a
       residents! We believe engaging residents is vital   member of your local residents’ association,
       to building thriving communities, and we’ve put     or be elected a board member. Look out for
       together 13 ‘stops’ on our journey to delivering    information on our upcoming recruitment
       excellent services. You decide how much you         roadshows or speak to your Neighbourhood
       want to contribute: you can vote in our annual      Officer to Get on board!

    Get on board!
    Contact us to get your leaflet and
    sign up now!
                                                           0800 137 111 •              9
0800 137 111
 over To You

                proud of your place
                                                                                                                                         enT id

                                                                                                                            • res

                                                                                                                                                  • res
                                                                                                                                    enT id

                                                                                                  hilDa Keane has lived at
                                                                                                  her Cremorne Estate home for
                                                                                                  35 years. She’s 83-years-old and
                                                                                                  is at the heart of many social
                                                                                                  events in her area. Her walls
                                                                                                  are lined with photos of people,
                                                                                                  places and fond memories – these
                                                                                                  are all adding inspiration as she
                                                                                                  records her memoirs for her Life
                                                                                                  Story book. The Austrian-born
                                                                                                  great grandmother was honoured
                                                                                                  in 2009 with a Mayors Award
                                                                                                  for services to the community,
                                                                                                  particularly in the south west
                                                                                                  Chelsea area.

                                                                                                  “I love my home and the
                                                                                                  surrounding area holds
                                                                                                  many good memories for
                                                                                                  me. I look forward to the
                                                                                                  gardening competition each
                                                                                                  year – I love the roses.”
                                                                                                  hilDa Keane

     Back in time
                                                                                 enT id
                                                                    • res

                                                                                         • res

                                                                        enT id
                                                                                    id                    WHAT DO yOu LOvE
     FULHAM ROAD:                                                                                          ABOuT LIvINg IN
     In 1890 the whole street was renumbered from south to north!                                       KENSINgTON & CHELSEA?
                                                                                                         HAvE yOu gOT AN OLD
                                                                                                         PHOTO, FuN FACT OR A
                                                                                                           STORy TO SHARE?

                                                                                                    DiD YoU Know...
                                                                                                    Portobello road’s               id
                                                                                                                                         enT id
                                                                                                    name comes from
                                                                                                                            • res


                                                                                                    a sea battle when
                                                                                                                                                 • res

                                                                                                    england captured the        enT id

                                                                                                    spanish-ruled town
                                                                                                    of Puerto Bello – now
                                                                                                    modern-day Panama.

                        are you proud of your place?                                             Competition!
                        Tell us what you love about your area!                            Remember to fill out our reader
                                                             surveys enclosed with this issue of
                                                                                 the Link to be in the prize draw!
Q a                          &                                                                              DEN
                                                                                                               T’S C uMN:


                                                                                                                                 OF L
        idHave you got a question?
             enT id
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          Chances are, others want

                     • res

          to know the answer too.
    enT id

Write to us to get published.
                                                                                                                          KS                                                                                   enT id

                                                                                           • res

                                                                                                          Lending money without

                                                                                                                • res
i would like to apply for a parking              with residents, you can read about this                  a licence is illegal. If

space, how do i go about it?                     on page 13. The new system is more
                                                                                                          you suspect someone
                                                                                               enT id

We manage 1900 parking spaces and                accessible with customers being able       is a loan shark you should report
garages across the borough. If you are           to make a complaint at our reception       them.
a KCTMO resident and would like to               areas, online and over the phone.               A ‘loan shark’ is anyone who
apply for a parking space on any of                  We are also working to prevent         is lending money without having
our estates you’ll need to complete an           complaints recurring by improving          a licence from the Office of Fair
application form on our website.                 the information we hold about our          Trading (OFT). These unlicensed
    Priority for parking spaces is given         residents, this will help us to tailor     money-lenders are working illegally.
to residents with disabilities. You will         services to meet our residents needs.
not be charged for a parking hardstand           You can help by confirming your details    how loan sharKs worK
as long as you send a copy of your               are correct when you contact us.           • they rarely give any paperwork to
mobility badge.                                                                             the people they’ve loaned money
    Applicants who owe money for                 i’m interesting in learning new            to - making it very difficult to keep
rent, service charges or other payments          skills, do you offer any training?         track of how much is owed
are not eligible for parking spaces and          We have a new training programme for       • if payments are missed, they often
will not go on the waiting list until            2011/12 which gives KCTMO residents        use threats and violence to get
arrears are cleared.                             the opportunity to take part in a range    more money
    If you have any queries about your           of training activities.                    • they charge high rates of interest
application, or need help completing                 Our training programme is free for     and also add other ‘charges’ to
this form, contact us.                           residents and includes repairs training    loans whenever they want
                                                 with our contractor Morrison; cooking      • they take away people’s bank
How do complaints make a                         on a budget; and saving energy and         cards as ‘security’
difference?                                      recycling courses. We also run courses
We aim to be a listening and                     especially for Residents’ Association      You can check if someone has
responsive organisation and consider             representatives, including cultural        a licence by using the online
complaints to be an essential learning           awareness, and committee skills.           Consumer Credit Register search on
tool for us to improve our service.                  For course details and dates visit     the OFT’s website.
     As a result of complaints we                our website or contact our Resident             If you have borrowed money
constructed a permanent ramp at a                Engagement team:                           from someone who doesn’t have a
block of flats where a number of elderly            0800 137 111                            licence, you haven’t broken the law
people live, improving access to the                       – they have. You can report them in
building. We fitted a fold up seat in                             confidence using the details below.
a lift to help disabled residents and                                                       Remember, you don’t need to turn
elderly people. We also extended the                                                        to a loan shark for money. If you’ve
cleaning to the ground floor walkways                                                       got debt problems, you can get
to two blocks of flats to support                                                           advice over the phone or face to
elderly residents living there. These                                                       face.
improvements came as a result of                                                                0300 555 2222
the feedback we received and have                                                     
benefited residents in these areas.
     We recently reviewed our                                                               John mendes
complaints service in consultation                                                          KCTmo resident

                 Have you seen our photos online?
                 Visit us at
                                                                              0800 137 111 •                                 11
 meeT THe Team

Your housing team
                                                                                                                                              enT id

                                                                                                                                 • res

                                                                                                                                                      • res
                                                                                                                                       enT id

     Customer services
                                                Your neighbourhood
                                                                               rent income
                                                                                                                  Contact us
               your first point                           is responsible                  is responsible         on the phone
               of contact,
               they deal
                                                          for the area
                                                          overall, and
                                                                                          for collecting
                                                                                          rent, helping
                                                                                                                 or online for
               with general                               coordinates                     residents               all housing
               queries and
     provide reception
                                                          the service
                                                you receive from other
                                                                                          with housing
                                                                               benefit applications,
     services in our offices.                   members of the team            financial services for
     They can give your rent                    and from specialist            parking matters, and
                                                                                                                    0800 137 111
     balance, log repairs,                      services when they are         giving referrals.
     applications for parking                   required.
     or garages, and advice
     about our services.

     environmental                              Caretakers:                    resident engagement               Home ownership
     specialist:                                make sure the area is          officer:                          services:
                 works                                    clean, safe                    works with                         responsible
                 with the                                 and well                       residents to                       for managing
                 caretaking                               maintained on                  involve the                        leasehold
                 team to                                  a day-to-day                   community                          properties on
                 look after                               basis, doing                   in activities,                     behalf of the
     the green spaces                           regular checks of our          makes sure you know               Council. Includes billing
     and plants, keeping                        cleaning and grounds           what KCTMO is                     and collecting service
     them neat and tidy.                        maintenance contracts.         planning and helps you            charge and major works
     Responsible for                                                           get involved in shaping           payments; giving advice
     managing cleaning and                                                     our services.                     about the terms of
     grounds maintenance                                                                                         lease; and consultation
     contracts.                                                                                                  on major works.

what we Do
             enT id
        id     We are responsible for                      Right To Buy applications
• res


               the management of                           Dealing with antisocial behaviour
                     • res

               nearly 10,000 properties                    Collecting rent and service charges

     enT id
               on behalf of the Royal                      Tenancy issues
 Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.                        Cleaning and maintaining estates             WHAT ARE THE ISSuES IN
 This is one of the smallest boroughs in                   Homeowner issues
 London, covering just over 4.7 square                     Sheltered housing support and
                                                                                                        yOuR NEIgHBOuRHOOD?
 miles – and one of the most densely                       Community Alarm Service                         WHAT MAKES yOu
 populated boroughs in the country.                        Letting and management of garages             PROuD OF yOuR PLACE?
     There are just over 88,000 homes                      and parking spaces                     
 in the borough, with about a quarter                      Major works
 of those in the social housing sector.                    Resident involvement and
 98% of KCTMO properties are flats, of                     consultation
 which 25% are in blocks of 10 storeys                     Gas servicing and repairs to tenants’
 or more. Many are on large estates but                    homes and communal areas
 we also manage a substantial number                       Dealing with empty properties and
 of street properties, which have their                    unauthorised occupation
 own maintenance needs.                                    Complaints about KCTMOs service

                                     reporting tenancy fraud                                       did you know...
                                    If you have information regarding                              You can apply for a parking space
                                    tenancy fraud, you can speak to your                           online at
                             Neighbourhood Officer in confidence
                               0800 137 111
in the news
                                                                                   enT id

                                                                      • res

                                                                                           • res
                                                                          enT id
oUr complaints proceDUre
We work hard to give you an excellent
service, but occasionally things go                                                                compensation
wrong, and you may want to complain.                                                               for service
Your comments – good or bad – are
important to us to be able to put things                                                           failUres
right and learn from our mistakes. You                                                             If we fail to deliver a service or
can make a complaint, compliment or                                                                charge for a service that has not
comment by:                                                                                        been provided we may provide
   Complaints Team, Kensington &                                                                   compensation.
Chelsea Tmo, 292a Kensal road,                                                                          This might be by making
London W10 5Be                             Three. You should outline the problem                   an apology, providing financial
   0800 137 111                            and what you think we can do to put it                  compensation, or carrying out a                 right.                                                  review to prevent recurrence.                            We will acknowledge your                                 Financial compensation and
                                           complaint within two working days                       refunds will normally only be paid
stage one                                  and arrange for your complaint to be                    if a resident suffers actual financial
We will acknowledge your complaint         reviewed by a panel. This may include                   loss, although consideration is also
within two working days; and               the Chief Executive or a Director, a                    given to the extent and duration of
investigate and respond within 10          resident Board Member and a Council                     the inconvenience caused.
working days.                              appointed or independent Board                               Our Compensation Policy aims
                                           Member. You will receive a response                     to “put things right” and place the
stage two                                  within 28 working days. We may offer a                  resident in the position they would
If you are unhappy with the response at    mediation or arbitration service at any                 have been had the service failure or
Stage One, or if we have taken longer      stage of the process.                                   disruption not taken place.
than the agreed timescale to respond                                                                    You can read the policy online or
without an explanation, you can have       still not satisfieD?                                    contact us to request a copy.
your complaint considered at Stage         If you are unhappy with our response                        020 8964 6120
Two. We will acknowledge this within       you may wish to contact the Local                 
two working days; and investigate and      Government Ombudsman if you are
respond within 10 working days.            a tenant; or the Leasehold Valuation
                                           Tribunal if you are a leaseholder (this
stage three – review                       will determine the reasonableness
If you are unhappy with the response at    of works and costs). You can also
Stage Two, or if we have taken longer      contact your local MP or Councillor,
than the agreed timescale to respond       the Citizens Advice Bureau or Housing
without an explanation, you can have       Advice Service. For more details visit:
your complaint considered at Stage   

 BlantYre office reDevelopment
 We will be beginning work to develop       this office and improved IT systems.
 the KCTMO Blantyre Office at Worlds            We will update residents in
 End Estate this summer.                    the area about the changes and
     This work is part of our plans to      throughout the project, which gained
 improve accessibility and customer         planning permission in 2010. The
 service to our residents. The              works will take approximately four
 development work includes private          months to complete.
 meeting facilities and a reception area        If you would like to know more
 for residents to meet with KCTMO           details of the work contact Project
 staff.                                     Manager Simon Clark:
     The work planned also provides  
 space for more staff to be located in

        Working at KCTmo
        If you’d like to apply for a role with
        KCTMO visit us online and check out
                                                                          0800 137 111 •                                   13
our current vacancies
 HoW are We doinG?

performance scorecard
                                                                                                                                 enT id

                                                                                                                    • res

                                                                                                                                         • res
                                                                                                                        enT id

  Performance indicator                         How we did     Quarter          How we‘re           Target            recent
                                                last year      4 (ending        doing now           2011/12           trend
                                                2010/11        march 2011)      (april 2011)

  Emergency repairs completed within 24 hrs     97%            99%              99%                 98%
  Urgent jobs completed within five days        92%            97%              98%                 97%
  Routine jobs completed within 20 days         94%            96%              96%                 97%

  Gas servicing
  Properties with gas servicing carried         99.9%          99.9%            99.9%               100%
  out annually

  Customer services
  Calls answered                                64,397         16,779           4688                N/A               N/A
  Residents complaints responded to             85%            84%              *                   90%
  within target (stage one)

  empty properties
  Average time taken to relet empty             26.7 days      23.8 days        25.5 days           24 days

  rent collection
  Collection excluding arrears                  100.94%        100.94%          98.12%              100.40%

  Grounds maintenance
  Estates which failed inspection               3.1%           2.9%             3.5%                5%

     {KEY:   Improving       Stable       Not improving * Figure unavailable due to a change in system}

 performance information eXplaineD
 At KCTMO, we’re focused on                   Business Plan sets out our
 continually improving housing services.      strategic and operational
 As part of this, we set goals, monitor       targets, and how we will
 how we perform, and identify strengths       achieve them. It also takes
 and areas for improvement in a               into account the Royal
 proactive way.                               Borough of Kensington
    The table shown above sets out a          and Chelsea’s and other
 number of areas residents wanted to          stakeholders interests and
 see reported in the Link. It includes key    concerns. By outlining our
 areas which are crucial to delivering        priorities, we give clear
 housing services. They are also              direction to everyone
 measurable so we can see trends over         involved in KCTMO. We
 time, and identify the areas we need to      update this plan each year – KCTMO       and staff to follow these values, which
 improve on.                                  Board and the Council Cabinet then       include being open and accountable;
                                              approve it.                              valuing diversity; and inspiring change
 what to measUre?                                                                      by improving communities. They
 We measure areas of our service              oUr core valUes                          serve as a constant reminder of the
 which are reflected in the goals set         Core values lie at the heart of          behaviour we expect as we work
 out in our Business Plan 2010/14. Our        everything we do. We expect our Board    towards our vision.

                         is this true in your                                         read about our services online
                         neighbourhood?                                               Visit us at
14                      We’re working hard to improve our
               services - tell us about your experience!
    i would like to become a member
memBership page
Please print all details in this box in BLOCK CAPITALS
   Mr       Mrs       Miss      Ms       Other                Address
First name(s)
Surname                                                       Postcode
Tel no                                                        Email

   Please tick if we can contact you by email

How did you hear about signing up to become a member?
Would you like more information about opportunities to be involved with us?              Yes    No
I confirm that I am over 18 years old and the named tenant, leaseholder or freeholder of a
property owned by RBKC and managed by the TMO.
Please enter my name on the register of members of the organisation.
Signature                                                     Date

In the event that the company stops trading while I am a member (or within one year of my ceasing to
be a member) I will contribute to the assets of the company a sum not exceeding £1 for payment of the
liabilities of the organisation.
It would be helpful to have some information for our records. This will be protected by the Data
Protection Act. We will not share this information with anyone (unless we are required to under law).

Date of birth
Gender:      Male       Female (please tick)
How would you describe your ethnic group? (please tick one box)
White:      British     Irish      Other
Mixed:      White & Caribbean            White & Black African          White & Asian   Other
Asian or Asian British:         Indian     Pakistani     Bangladeshi        Other
Black or Black British:       Caribbean       African     Other
Chinese or other ethnic group:           Chinese       Other
Do you consider that you have a disability?             Yes      No
If yes, please give details
Please tell us your first language

When you have completed this form please return it to any member of TMO sta or post it to:
The Company Secretary, Kensington & Chelsea TMO
FREEPOST RLYX-BE2B-CLYB, 292a Kensal Road, London, W10 5BE

                                      TMO USE ONLY
Verified eligible by ______________________ Occupancy ___________ Date ____/____/________

Membership no ____________________ Date entered ____/____/________

Occupancy Key: Tenant = T Leaseholder = LH Non Resident Leaseholder = LT
L n
 ConTaCT us
              0800 137 111
                                                                       did you know you can
                                                                       access our website for
                                                                        free at the network
                                                                          Hub reception?
                                                                                                Your LoCaL
                                                                                                HousinG offiCes
                                                                network Hub
              Kensington & Chelsea TMO,                                                         292a Kensal Road
                                                                                                London W10 5BE
              292a Kensal Road, London W10 5BE                                                  Open weekdays 9am-5pm
                                                                                                Worlds end estate office
              Finished reading me? Recycle me!                                                  Blantyre Street
             enT id                                                                             London SW10 0DS
        id                   Residents told us they wanted to see contact                       020 8964 6161
• res


                             details for our services as well as advice of where                Open weekdays 9am-5pm
                     • res

                             to use our website for free!

    enT id
                                                                                                Lancaster West estate office,
                             We include a translated statement on the Link to ensure            Grenfell Tower
                             it is accessible to all residents in the borough. We arrange       London W11 1TQ
                             translators for those who do not speak English, and sign           Open Monday to Thursday 9am-
                             post to local English classes.                                     4.30pm, and Friday 9am-1pm

                                                                                   100% RECYCLABLE

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