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					>Life of Pi is one of those books that I've been meaning to read for ages
Now and I've come to realize after talking to others that it's a love it or
Hate it kind of book. The book is the story of Pi Patel, the son of an Indian
zoo keeper, and his survival on the Pacific ocean after the cargo ship on
which he is immigrating to Canada, sinks. Pi is forced to survive in a
lifeboat with some of the animals from the ship who were being moved to
Canada, among them: a hyena, orangutan and a tiger named Richard Parker.

(Now, for those who don't know the book, I realize this sounds like yet
another cheesy reality show) However, one of the most interesting aspects
of the book is Pi's explanations of animal life, their tendencies in the wild
vs. the zoo, their survival strategies etc. Also, in the back story to Pi's life, we learn that
he is not only a practicing Hindu, but also a Muslim and a Christian, thus, his faith in G-d
(s) is tested by his struggle to survive.

While I would not call this book a "page turner" I have increasingly come
To the realization that not every book has to be. In other words, there is
something refreshing about appreciating a book not only for the interesting
concept, but also the writing itself. Life of Pi is a very well written
book, which is often hard to find these days. (i.e. DaVinci Code: great
thriller, not so "well written")

That said, I would definitely suggest this book to those who have always
wondered, "should I read it?" How can you turn down a book that offers
insight into : religion, the science of zoo keeping, and useful advice on
how to survive on a lifeboat with a tiger (even if you think you might not
experience it, it may come up on Jeopardy one day!)

To those who have read it, I welcome your comments on what you remember
about the book, whether you enjoyed it, or otherwise.

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