Let’s Celebrate Pi by stariya


									                                               Who: 7 Blue Students and Teachers

                                                    When: Monday March 14, 2011

                                                      Where: Oak Middle School

                                  What: There will be cross-curriculum activities related to pi
                                  throughout the day. (See reverse for a list of activities.)
                                  Students will also enjoy pie during 8th period as an end to
                                  our celebration. We are asking those who can to donate
                                  store-bought pies with ingredients listed on the package.

                                  *Because of many nut allergies, please be sure donated pies
                                  do not have nuts listed in the ingredients. *

                                  If you would prefer to send in an individual snack with your
                                  child due to allergies please note this below.

                        Please sign and return the permission slip below.

My child _________________________________________________ can participate in Pi Day activities and
eat pie during the end of the day celebration.

________ I will donate a pie.

_________ I can help set up and serve on Monday March 14th.
(We ask that parents arrive at 12:45 to begin setting up.)

Please list any allergy concerns you may have below.

Parent Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date ______________
Discovering Pi                       Writing Pi Poetry                  Relating pi to Cocci

Finding the ratio of circumference                                      Yes! Pi is used in science too 
to diameter of many circular
Digits of Pi Contest                 History of Pi                      Find your birthday in Pi

Who on 7Blue can recite the most     Make posters with facts about Pi   Do the digits of your birthday
digits of pi accurately? Can                                            appear in pi?
anyone beat last year’s record of
80 digits?!
Hats off to Pi                       What mathematician shares a        And more….
                                     birthday with Pi?
Find out the relationship between
hat sizes and pi.

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