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					Annual Report 2007-2008
NCSU Committee on International Programs (CIP)
Submitted on May 14, 2008 by
Professors Hanna Gracz and March L. Krotee
Number of times committee met - 8

Summary of Discussion Items/Activities of the Committee

The NC State University Committee on International Programs (CIP) is composed of
faculty, administrators, staff, and students and serves as an advisory committee to the
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and the Vice Provost for International Affairs.
The committee’s primary responsibility is to maintain a constant review of policies,
programs, and administrative arrangements within NCState University for conducting
international programs and functions. It also recommends policies and administrative
measures to enhance the University’s performance, presence and image in the
international arena. The committee met monthly, addressing a number of pertinent issues
concerning International Affairs. In the spring of 2007, CIP experienced a change in
leadership within the Office of International Affairs. Dr. Bailian Li was named the Vice
Provost for International Affairs. Dr. Li, a professor in the Department of Forestry and
Environmental Resources, brought a wealth of international experience to the Office of
International Affairs. CIP joined Vice Provost Li in support of a number of new
initiatives to increase and enhance the internationalization and global image of the

Membership and Meetings

The CIP membership includes faculty, administrators, staff, and graduate and
undergraduate students, representing all academic programs within the University. It also
includes ex-officio members from the Office of International Affairs, Office of
International Services and the Study Abroad Office. CIP representatives also maintain
membership on the International Operations Council, the Study Abroad Advisory
Committee and the ACC/IAC. This arrangement and the introduction of the Faculty
International Communication Network (FICN) has served to facilitate communications,
cooperation, and coordination between all segments of the Office of International Affairs.
All CIP members, meeting times, agendas and minutes are posted on the Provost’s
programs/2007-2008/ .

Principal Activities

A. Grants: During 2007/2008, CIP awarded only scholarships in the amount of $10,000
   to support students engaged in international activities. This was a reduction of
   $15,000 from last year. CIP members actively participated in the grants and
   scholarship programs, serving as reviewers for applications in both fall and spring
semesters of 2007/2008. The following is a breakdown of the grants and scholarships
awarded :

     1. CIP funded $10,000 in scholarships in the amount of $500 each for 20
        undergraduate students participating in credit-bearing research in Study
        Abroad programs. CIP members served as reviewers for over 400
        applicants. Applicants were judged on academic performance,
        communication skills, leadership, potential to promote international
        awareness at NCState, and how their proposed international activity
        complemented the student’s academic goals. Qualified applicants must have
        completed two semesters at NC State prior to participation.
     2. Sigma Iota Rho Society awarded three scholarships.
     3. There were no Faculty International SEED grants for research this year
        and no Study Abroad Development funds were available to stimulate
        Research and Faculty/Students Programs.

B. Other Activities

     1. Passport Fair: CIP sponsored its Fourth Annual Passport Fair on November
        13, 2007. Dr. Robert Kochersberger, CIP member and former CIP chair,
        organized the event which was held during International Education Week.
        The Passport Fair featured on-the-spot passport processing, $5 passport
        photos, and travel related health information. Close to 90 passports were
        processed and next year’s Passport Fair is already being planned to again
        coincide with International Education Week. CIP voted to “institutionalize”
        and further develop the Passport Fair as part of International Week.

     2. CIP members are regular participants at conferences and workshops focused
         on international research, teaching and service. NC State University is
         currently a member of the International Academic Collaborative established
         by the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC/IAC).

              On February 2, 2008 ACC-IAC International Service Learning
               Students Conference was conducted on the NCState campus under
               the direction of Ingrid Schmidt,
              CIP anonymously voted to continue to send faculty representatives to
               this crucial academic forum.
              The AC21 Forum will take place on Campus on July 27-30, 2008.
               Its theme is “ University Partnership: Global Collaboration and
               Innovation for the 21st Century”. There will be three satellite
               sessions : International Student and Academic Exchange, Challenges
               for Global Higher Education and Innovation and Technology

             CIP notes the need for greater funding and support for Faculty
              development to further establish a meaningful international presence
              in the global arena for NCState.

3. This year CIP established a new format for its group meetings. Four sub-
   groups were established with targeted tasks as follows:

             General Education Program(GEP)-Dr. March Krotee
             Faculty Development Plan       -Dr. Betsy Brown
             International Alumni Award     -Dr. Hanna Gracz
             Tenure Promotion              - Dr. Bob Kochersberger

 Each of the subgroups reported considerable progress :

              General Education Program (GEP) –CIP collected and will continue
               to gather a list of Global Knowledge courses from each college
               which will be presented to the Committee on Undergraduate
               Education (CUE) in May. March Krotee reported that so far five
               Colleges have responded . Follow up will be forthcoming.
               The Faculty Development Initiative was established under the
               direction of Dr. Betsy Brown. The Faculty Development Initiative is
               set for Germany- at universities in Baden-Württemberg with six
               faculty from three colleges participating.
              CIP voted to establish the First International Alumni Award . A
               draft document with the details of the proposed award has been
               presented to Dr.Li for forwarding to the Provost.
              Tenure Promotion – Dr. Bob Kochersberger presented the latest
               version of International Dimensions in the Realms of Faculty
               Responsibility and the RPT process”. It will be placed on the
               agenda for the last Faculty Senate meeting.

4. CIP voted to endorse the Global Training Initiative certificate program and
   to serve as academic reviewer for all GTI programs, courses, and initiatives
   as appropriate.

5. CIP and CIP members hosted international visitors from: Korea, India,
   Turkey, Brazil, South Africa , Poland, Finland, Germany and the Peoples
   Republic of China.

6. CIP endorsed forming a network of integrated strategic international centers
   such as our centers in Prague, Chile, China and South Asia. Additional

             Centers/Institutes should also be formed with dynamic leaders assigned to
             strengthen our global outreach.

         7. CIP endorsed the establishment of the Office of Honorary Consulate of the
            Republic of Poland which has been approved by the Provost.

         8. CIP members were actively engaged and received awards at the yearly
            Sigma Iota Rho ceremony .

         9. CIP supports the growing of the undergraduate international student
            population. Recruitment and scholarship strategies must be developed.

         10. CIP members were actively engaged and fully supported in the Fulbright


CIP strongly supports the high priority that Chancellor James L. Oblinger and Provost
and Executive Vice Chancellor Larry Nielsen have given to building a true international
university. CIP also strongly supports a proactive and engaged Office of International
Affairs (OIA) lead by Dr. Bailian Li.
In order to continue to move NCState in a positive path for the future, the NCState Committee on International Programs
recommends the following:

      Establish a Faculty Internationalization and Leadership Task Force.
      Develop a faculty lead 2-week international experience, research and internationalization
       program modeled after NC State’s CINC Program. $100,000 (College/SA supported).
      Increase Faculty driven Study Abroad Programs complementing the Global Knowledge
       courses component of the new General Education Program.
      Increase the Faculty Development Fund to continue to foster international linkages,
       research collaboration, travel to international conferences/congresses, and encourage
       Faculty internationalization. (SEED Grants $50,000).
      Continue to sponsor ACC/IAC faculty participation and initiatives. $15,000 (matching
      Participate in Duke/UNC Cooperative International Ventures/Consortium.
      Establish a yearly International Faculty Alumni Award and Partner with Alumni
       Association and Colleges. $5,000 (matching funds).
      Have international teaching, research and service be recognized in the NC State PTR
      Increase a number of internationally established NCSU Campuses/Centers and visiting
       Faculty to establish meaningful sustainable linkages.
      Support the plan and design implementation strategy to take leadership within the
       UNC –tomorrow initiative .


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