Immigration Reform Project Persuasive Essay Project by 1jNFv9


									                            Immigration Reform
                           (Persuasive essay assignment)

Research                To enable students to utilize and broaden their research abilities by
Goals                    narrowing their focus to a specific topic and moving deeply into it
                        To assist students in developing skills in evaluating and selecting research
                        To allow students to write an essay of 5-7 pages using 5-8 brief
                         direct/indirect quotations from a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7
                         sources. At least three sources must be library-based. These may include a
                         mix of assigned readings and student-identified library sources. The essay
                             o Have a clear, persuasive thesis and arguments that directly support the
                                 thesis based primarily on logos, but also ethos and logos
                             o Utilize library-based sources that are accurate and up-to-date
                             o Avoid logical fallacies and a preponderance of emotion-laden
                                 arguments. It should primarily employ logos, and be aimed at the
                                 college/university audience
                        To permit students to showcase their skill in preparing accurate MLA
                         documentation in-text and on their Works Cited page.
Assignment              Encourage students to write thoughtfully about a ―hot button‖ issue based
Goals                    on more than personal experience and opinions, informal discussions, and
                         media bytes.
                        Assist students in identifying and naming key ―shareholders‖ (groups,
                         individuals, governments) in terms of U.S. immigration policy and to be
                         able to state key concerns of those various shareholders
                        Help students locate library-based materials to read in their research for their
                         persuasive essay
                        Help students practice assessing published and online resources
                        Exercise students‘ critical thinking skills:
                             o identifying the thesis statements in assigned readings and the
                                 opposing arguments contained there
                             o reading common articles and essays, and together identifying the
                                 authors‘ arguments and logical fallacies (if any)
                             o recognizing arguments of pathos, logos and ethos in assigned readings
                             o distinguishing between (a) unresearched, ―personal opinion‖ and
                                 one‘s attitudes and ideas and (b)researched opinion based on data,
                                 information, and facts from library sources
                        Assist students in writing a clear persuasive thesis statement supported by
                         an effective set of arguments employing logos, pathos and ethos.                                                              Page 1
                                      Potential Readings
Item                   Task                                                Source and Page
Essay Writing          Persuasive Essay writing                            Faigley textbook 467-71,
“Argument for a                                                            510-25, 532-533
Subject                No Human Being is Illegal (Ngai)                    Faigley 500-505
Readings               Introductory material Chapter on “Crossing          Johnson 217-225
Writing, 2nd edition   Borders”
Global Issues, Local   “The Special Case of Mexican Immigration” Samuel    Johnson 241-245
Arguments              Huntington
2nd Edition            “MALDEF and LULAC Rebuke Samuel                     Johnson 246-251
                       Huntington’s Theories on Latino Immigrants…”

Other potential        Excerpt from the book Working in the Shadows        Thompson 11-23
readings               by Gabriel Thompson – Chapter 1 ―Salad
                       Excerpt from Moving Millions: How Coyote            Kaye, 150-169
                       Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration Jeffrey Kaye;   historical background on
                       historical part of Chapter 9: ―‗Help Wanted‘ or     immigration]
                       ‗No Trespassing‘‖
                       Article: “Illegal: Life and Death in Arizona’s      112-119
                       Immigration War Zone” Terry Greene Sterling
                       Phoenix Magazine (July 2010)

Additional online articles are listed below under “Individual or Class Enrichment”.                                                                   Page 2
                           Associated Writing Assignments
Item                  Description                                           Notes and References
Summary               1-2 page Summary of No Human Being is                 “How to Write a Summary”
Assignment*           Illegal (Ngai)                                        handout
Synthesis             1-2 page Synthesis of “The Special Case of            “How to Write a Synthesis”
Assignment*           Mexican Immigration” by Samuel Huntington             handout
                      AND “MALDEF and LULAC Rebuke Samuel
                      Huntington’s Theories on Latino Immigrants…”
                      Global Issues, Local Arguments (241-251)

Reflection on         Ask students to write a 2-page reflection             Students can use notes from
Immigration:          on the class exercise “Immigration: Competing         class discussion and
Competing Goals       Goals and Strategies” [below]                         Blackboard discussion board
and Strategies                                                              postings to help write their
(class exercise—see                                                         reflection
Analyze a             Invite students to choose a political cartoon on      Faigley 272; also
political cartoon     the subject of immigration and write a brief 1-2      18-19 (logical fallacies) and
                                                                            322 “drafting the analysis” but
                      page visual analysis                                  applied to a visual rather than a
                       What is the artist‘s point? (State in a single      written work
                           thesis sentence). Supply evidence to
                           support your opinion.
                       How does the artist convey that point in
                           his/her art and caption (if there is one)?
                           Supply evidence to support your opinion.
                       Who is the artist‘s audience? In your
                           opinion, how will that audience react to this
                           cartoon? Why?
                       What does the artist want to persuade
                           his/her audience to think or feel?
                       What have I learned by doing this analysis?
Extra Credit:         Review logical fallacies in class                     Faigley 18-19
“Fallacy              Offer an extra credit opportunity for students
                      to find a logical fallacy related to the subject of   Use as an opportunity for
Detection”                                                                  students to lead class
                      ―immigration‖ from an online source. The              discussion on the power of
                      student must supply a copy of the source, and         logical fallacies in
                      in a one-page piece of writing that                   persuasion.
                      (1) identifies the type of logical fallacy
                      utilized by the writer,
                      (2) defines how the fallacy is faulty, and
                      (3) suggests one way that the writer could
                      correct the error.                                                                     Page 3
Associated Writing Assignments, continued
Worksheets*        Asking Good Questions
                          Assessing Sources
Works Cited page     Preferably submitted prior to the completed   MLA documentation style
                     essay and graded separately                   Handout supplied
                                                                   Online sources supplied in
Completed Essay      Submitted with Worksheets, articles or
                     chapters, and Works Cited page

*If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of my handouts on “Writing a Summary” or “Writing
a Synthesis” or the worksheets on “Asking Good Questions” and “Evaluating Sources”, I am
happy to share them. Send me an email:                                                     Page 4
                                   Collaborative Activities
Immigration:         Purposes of Immigration –      Ask each small group to identify only its own
Competing            Divide class into 4 groups:    set of goals and strategies as they relate to
Goals and                                           Immigration: Each group creates 2-column
Strategies              Immigrants (individuals)   poster (―Goals‖ and ―Strategies‖—or ―What
                        Businesses                 we want‖ and ―Ways to Achieve it‖
An exercise in          Government (Old
identifying needs        Nation/New Nation)         One person from each group presents the
and goals among                                     poster, explains and displays the group‘s goals
                        Societies (Old
multiple groups                                     and strategies
                         Nation/New Nation)
                                                    As a class, consider:
Opportunity for                                      What common goals/strategies do the
online class                                            groups have?
discussion on                                        What unique goals and strategies does each
Blackboard                                              group have?
following in-class                                   What goals and strategies are compatible,
exercise                                                among the groups
                                                     What goals and strategies from various
                                                        groups are opposed to each other?

                                                    Have each group post their group‘s 2-column
                                                    ―poster‖ on Blackboard. Students can comment
                                                    on their own group‘s work, or can ask a
                                                    question/comment on another group‘s work.
Bracero Exhibit      Class visit to the exhibit     After viewing the Exhibit, ask students to
                     Students can also access the   consider their earlier work in groups
                     exhibit online to spend more   (―Competing Goals and Strategies‖)
                     time reviewing individual       Were the real-life goals of Mexican
                     stories.                           workers, U.S. businesses, the U.S. and
                                                        Mexican government, and U.S./Mexican
                                                        societies similar or different from the
                                                        goals your group identified?
                                                     Were the real-life strategies of Mexican
                                                        workers, U.S. businesses, the U.S. and
                                                        Mexican government, and U.S./Mexican
                                                        societies similar or different from the
                                                        goals your group identified?
                                                     What information did you gain at the
                                                        exhibit that you didn‘t know before?
                                                     Does any of the new information alter
                                                        some of your opinions? How? If not,
                                                        why?                                                          Page 5
Potential Collaborative Activities, continued
Ask the Author     Either an individual or a small        Having students write one question they
                   group assignment                        would ask the author of an assigned
                   [Could be tied to a discussion          reading. The question needs to:
                   related a portion of Ceremony                o () addresses the subject of
                   or Enrique’s Journey ]                           immigration (b) relate to the
                                                                    author‘s thesis or arguments in the
                                                                    reading and (c) help you dig into the
                                                                    subject of immigration.
                                                                o The question does not need to
                                                                    ―have an answer‖ students can
                                                                    point to in the text
                                                          Post the question on Blackboard for all
                                                           the students in the class OR
                                                          Present the question to the class, and
                                                           explain how the author‘s answer would help
                                                           you reflect on the subject of ―immigration‖
                                                          Ask the author the question during Q&A
                                                           at a college event
Draw a political   Offer credit for completing            Subject of submission needs to be related
cartoon or comic   individual or collaborative             U.S. immigration or immigration reform
strip on the       work on a political cartoon or         Includes both text and visual art
subject of         comic strip on the subject of          At least three published references need to
immigration        immigration.                            accompany the submission. Could include
                                                           something that:
                   Encourage students to submit                 o Inspired the idea
                   their work to the Gila River                 o Offered a viewpoint similar or
                   Review                                           opposed to the student‘s viewpoint
Developing         Asking Good Questions                  Have students bring working copies of their
Questions          (Worksheet 1)*                          Worksheets.
                                                          Have students review their Worksheets in
                                                           small groups, and get feedback and ideas
                                                           from each other.
                                                          Have students complete their Worksheets
                                                           in class, using feedback from their small
                                                           groups and submit them.
Evaluating         Evaluating sources                     Students work in pairs or small groups
Sources            (in preparation for Worksheet 2)*       reviewing pairs of online sources, and
                                                           answering specific questions about them,
                                                           ending with an evaluation of the source
                                                          (See list of websites below)

*If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of my handouts on “Writing a Summary” or “Writing
a Synthesis” or the worksheets on “Asking Good Questions” and “Evaluating Sources”, I am
happy to share them. Send me an email:                                                               Page 6
                          Individual or Class Enrichment
Potential           El Norte (The North) – (1983) film about a Guatemalan boy and his
Films               sister, who flee to ―El Norte‖ after their village is attacked by soldiers.
                    Sin Nombre (Without a Name) –(2009) film about a young man
An extra credit     seeking to enter the U.S. illegally from his home in Honduras, and a
“film review” could young girl seeking to join her family in New Jersey.
be done on any
                    The Visitor –(2008) film about an aging professor whose life changes
film related to
immigration. This direction when he discovers a couple of undocumented workers have
is a very limited   appropriated his apartment in his absence; focuses on the professor’s
listing.            developing awareness of the immigration issue as it pertains to people
                    he comes to know and care about
                    Bread and Roses–(2000) Immigrant janitorial workers face possible
                    deportation when they are asked to join a union and challenge their
                    employer’s illegal practices.
                    Lone Star–(1996) A murder-mystery exploring the inter-racial tensions
                    and immigration issues that surface when a human skeleton is found
                    in a remote area of Rio County, Texas that turns out to be the County
                    Sheriff, revered by some and hated by others.
                    Frozen River–(2008) The story of two single mothers—one Mohawk
                    and one Anglo—drawn into a smuggling operation between Canada
                    and the U.S. in an effort to improve their lives and their children’s.
Political           Visual history of cartoons regarding immigration:
Video and         “Arizona Immigration Law – Ethics and Religion” (4-30-10)
online sources
                  The Price of Entry: A New Proposal from Gary Becker to make a
                  market in immigration (6-25-10)
                  The Open Society and its Discontents (6-3-10)
                  E-Verify and the unintended consequences of immigration reform
                  Bloomberg leads U.S. Corporations and cities to lobby for
                  immigration reform 6-25-10
                  CEOs join cities in the Fight for Immigration Reform 6-25-10
                  f_b_625869.html                                                       Page 7
                  Kyl: Obama told me no border enforcement before comprehensive
                  immigration reform June 20, 2010
                  “Churches and Arizona’s Immigration Law” May 21, 2010
                  Calderon talks immigration, gun control in visit to US May 20, 2010
                  The President’s Record on Border Security (
                  Senator John McCain’s website on immigration
                  Senator Jon Kyl’s website on border security
                  “Big US Business Advocates Immigration Reform” June 26, 2010
Websites          “Center for Immigration Studies”
                   “Restore Fairness” (related to immigration)
                  “Breakthrough” a India-based and operated website associated with
                  “Restore Fairness”
                  “Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform”
                  “Voice of the People”
                  Tea Part Patriots Live
                  Americans for Legal Immigration
                  American Civil Liberties Union
                  American Immigration Lawyers’ Association
                  Amnesty International USA
                  National Council of La Raza
                  La Raza Unida
                  Chicanos por la Causa
                  Hispanic-Americans – an underrepresented group
                                                             Page 8

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