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					     To trace the vehicle, the bad guys      And finally …
have to access driver records at the              NCP is the UK’s biggest car park
DVLA (our national DMV) and then             company. The business was started by
turn up on the doorstep with a baseball      two ex-soldiers just after the Second
bat. The government doesn’t want to          World War. They set up a business park-
close down legitimate access to the data     ing cars on the many bomb sites in Lon-
but does want to block the bad guys. The     don for a few pennies a day. Sixty years
result is a new set of rules where the       on and several changes of ownership
ticket writers have to obey our code and     and the company is now in many ways
do things properly or they are shut out of   leading the trend in the use of modern
the data.                                    technology to manage its parking opera-
     One of the “new” ideas that seems       tions. It recently opened a $10m state-of-
to be gaining ground here is the tempo-      the-art national control room in London
rary parking deck. We have had fast-         to oversee the operation of more than
erect steel car parks for some time,         300 car parks across the country. This
including those that can be erected with-    was reported in an article in the trade
out foundations to allow an extra level of   press, which showed photographs of
parking over a surface lot. But this year,   various features of the control center. Oh
we have had at least three new products      lackaday, far from showing that the
launched. Each manufacturer offers to        intended control has been achieved, one
provide a fast-erect deck over an exist-     photo unfortunately shows that every car
ing car park with no ground work and         park listed on the screen has gone off-
with the whole thing capable of being        line. Oops.
taken down and re-used elsewhere.
There seems to be a market for these         Peter Guest is PT’s Correspondent for
products, to allow shopping malls to         Europe and the Middle East. He can be
cover the Christmas peak or for longer-      reached at
term use where a car park structure is
being rebuilt or repaired.

                                                             JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •   37
Valet Association Lists
Standards for Industry

              hen looking for a    greeting, the opening of a door and a sim-     small group of visionaries who were own-
              definition for valet ple smile, a valet parking attendant can       ers of businesses that have been para-
              parking, you get     make any guest feel special.                   mount in the industry for decades. This
                                        In essence, valet is more than just       innovative group formed an association to
              “parking arrange-    parking cars. It is guest service at the high- set the standards for valet parking.
ments provided by an establish-    est level that the industry has to offer. The       As NVPA’s executive director, I
ment, whereby patrons leave their  National Valet Parking Association             would like to share my excitement about
cars at the entrance while                                                                   how this association has influ-
attendants park and                                                                          enced my outlook on business
retrieve them.”               Valet is more than just parking                                professionals. NVPA has grown
                                                                                             to include members throughout
     But is that what valet park-   cars. It is guest service ...                                       the United States and continues
ing is all about?                                                                                       to grow due to the standards it
     I would argue that valets                                                                          has implemented and the bene-
are not just attendants who park cars, but   (NVPA) was formed to make it even bet-         fits it provides.
individuals, when successful at their job,   ter. Our goal is to raise and maintain a               While with the association in this
who create a warm, welcoming environ-        quality of service that can make all who       capacity, I have noticed that the dedication
ment on the way in and a problem-free        provide valet parking proud.                   each member company has in working
goodbye on the way out. With a sincere            It all started several years ago with a   together to raise the bar in the industry

38   JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •
                                                                                             15,000 parking pros
                                                                                              see PT Classifieds
                                                                                            each month in Print –
                                                                                                another 12,500
                                                                                               see them online.

does not cross any competitive bound-            • Published national directory of
aries or affect each company’s bottom              members
line of making their businesses more             • Industry standards for safety and
valuable.                                          operations
     Imagine the future of your business         • Industry public relations and lob-
and seeing yourself surrounded by the              bying
latest information, technology and mar-          • Confidential client and industry
keting that NVPA offers. You can share             surveys
challenges, ideas and solutions with col-        • Idea exchange and training
leagues and peers. You can get help                sessions
with your most difficult and frustrating         • Leads and deal networking
business situations and have access to           • Centralized PR services
impressive parking solutions just by net-        • Industry benchmark statistics
working with the members of the asso-
ciation.                                         I am inspired by how businesses
     Members consider themselves part       that would normally be competing can
of a lobbying group having state and        reap the rewards of knowledge and
national standing; creating reduced         experience from one another. NVPA
insurance premiums for liability or         offers so much that can benefit you.
worker’s compensation; and forming               Our next annual conference is Nov.
industry benchmarking statistics.           7-9 in Las Vegas. We look forward to
     They share in the wisdom of indus-     having you there.
try leaders by attending annual confer-          For more information, visit our
ences, which include educational ses-       website (
sions and discussion forums, as well as
the opportunity to meet with vendors        Peneli Tims is Executive Director of the
and suppliers having the latest advances    National Valet Parking Association.
geared toward valet parking.                She can be reached at
    Our benefits include:
    • Annual conference of valet
      companies                                                                        PT


                                                              JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •      39
PT The Auditor

Party Party Party –
Late-Night Parking
         his dog finally took a few days off and went                  packed. I went outside to check out the parking situation, and there
         out to find some fun. I was in the late-night                 were at least 30 valets at each door. Good heavens. The parking
         party district of a famous southeastern city.                 business changes after-hours.
         And let me tell you, these folks know how to                        I also noticed the local surface lots.
                                                                             During the day, they were unstaffed. Just open lots and not
have a good time.                                                                                    too full. They were “contract parking
     But I simply couldn’t get away                                                                  only” during the day. However, in the
from the business – not the movie                                                                    evenings, things picked up. Attendants
business, although most of the folks in      Make your operator your                                 came on duty and the place began to
the stretch Hummers were most likely         partner. Everyone wins.                                 rock and roll. There were staff in the
                                                                                                     streets with flashlights waving in the
stars of something or other, but the
parking business.                                                                                    cars. Prices changed hourly. The later it
     First, the valets. I was literally                                                              got and the more traffic, the higher the
blown away. I’m not a late-night pooch. I get to bed around 10         fee. The signs were the kind where you could slip in the numbers
p.m. The locals told me that nothing even started until 11, so I       and, trust me, they changed faster than my master changes sides
stayed up late.                                                        during the Super Bowl.
     I got to this particular club around 8. The bartender and I had         I wondered how they got around the rules that say price
some great conversations.                                              changes must be approved by the local parking commission. Then
     There were two entrances and a couple of valets on duty.          I noticed that the permanently posted numbers were extremely
Seemed reasonable. About 11:30, the place was jumping. It was          high, probably higher than is ever charged. No one would com-
                                                                       plain about prices that were lower than the posted price. Everyone
                                                                          is happy. I’m not sure about the legality of this approach, but
                                                                          I’m sure they didn’t get any complaints.
                                                                                I also noticed that many of the lots were owned and operat-
                                                                          ed by private operators. They were jammed in the evenings.
                                                                          Others were owned by the local municipality and run by private
                                                                          operators. They had a lot less traffic. There was a guy sitting in
                                                                          a booth collecting money, and that was it.
                                                                                Then I understood the difference. The city lots had a man-
                                                                          agement agreement with the operator with little or no incentive.
                                                                          The private lots probably had some kind of revenue sharing
                                                                          with the operator.
                                                                                The operator was incentivized to maximize income. He had
                                                                          people in the streets and was adjusting pricing minute by minute
                                                                          and stack-parking in the aisles. The city lots? They got the over-
                                                                                The city lots closed at 11 p.m. They simply closed the
                                                                          booth and went home. The private lots stayed open. Since they
                                                                          had parked cars in the lanes blocking other cars, they needed to
                                                                          be there to let people out. They computed that keeping an atten-
                                                                          dant there for three or four extra hours was well worth it. They
                                                                          parked 100 more cars in those aisles. That’s $1,000. The extra
                                                                          hours of staffing probably cost them $100. Not a bad deal.
                                                                                Rule No. 1: Make your operator your partner. Everyone
                                                                                There was a surface lot that seemed perfectly situated but
                                                                          was never more than half filled. At first, I couldn’t figure it out.
                                                                          Right in the heart of the club district, other lots around it full,
                                                                          but it didn’t seem to do the business. Then I stepped back and
                                                                          took a longer view.
                                                                                The lot was surrounded by one-way streets and had only
                                                                          one entrance. If you missed the entrance, you had to go around
                                                                          four blocks to get back to the lot. In doing so, you passed at least

40    JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •
                                                                     Structural Steel
                                                                     Continues to Gain Share
                                                                     of Parking Market
                                                                          The use of structural steel framing on parking garage proj-
                                                                     ects continued its rise in 2006, according to industry research.
                                                                     The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) reports a
                                                                     3% increase in market share by square footage for structural
                                                                     steel-framed parking structures throughout the United States in
                                                                     2006, based on research from Parking Market Research of
                                                                     McLean, VA.
                                                                          Total market share by square footage for structural steel-
                                                                     framed parking projects now stands at 11% nationwide, up from
                                                                     8% one year ago. Structural steel’s share of the parking struc-
                                                                     ture market has risen from 3% of the market in 2000 to 11%
                                                                     today. Structural steel is used on garage projects of every size
                                                                     and description. Recent notable examples include the award-
                                                                     winning Station Place Garage in Portland, OR; the Seminole
                                                                     Hard Rock Casino & Hotel Garage in Hollywood, FL; and the
                                                                     15-story shared parking facility for the employees of the
                                                                     Flamingo and Venetian Casinos in Las Vegas.
                                                                          Roger Ferch, President of AISC, notes: “Increasing num-
three other parking facilities.                                      bers of building designers and developers are seeing that struc-
      If the owner added another curb cut on a second side of the    tural steel offers solutions to many of the key challenges they
lot, the driver would have a second chance at it. The cost would     face, from design needs to economic considerations. As a result,
be minimal compared with the increase in revenue.                    we expect that structural steel’s share of the parking market will
      You think there might be a problem with the traffic com-       only continue to rise in the years to come.”
mission? I doubt it; this lot was owned by the city and run by
the traffic department.
      When I asked the owner, they said they never noticed.
      Rule No. 2: Get out there and look at your properties. And
go at different times, including late at night. You will be look-
ing at it from a different point of view than your manager and
may see solutions (or even problems) he can’t because he’s too

Park Mark is Streets Ahead
     Turn-of-the-year figures revealed that the Safer Parking
Scheme (SPS), branded to the consumer as Park Mark, had
increased in membership by 40% in 2006. Award holders
now stand at just over 2,800, compared with about 2,000 at
the same time last year.
     2006 marked a real turn-around for the SPS, including:
     • Results of a nationwide award holder survey resulted
in more targeted marketing, contact with regional managers
and support for award holders.
     • Development of Park Mark Signage Starter Packs,
which have been delivered to all SPS members.
     • Information and promotional packs delivered to all
500+ Community Safety Partnerships in the U.K.
     Kelvin Reynolds, head of the SPS at the British Parking
Association, which manages the scheme for the Associations
of Chief Police Officers (ACPO/S) throughout the U.K.,
said: “The scheme continues to gain momentum. ... It is our
intention to make sure the consumer knows about [SPS] so
that award holders get maximum benefit from their drive to
keep their facilities safe. We want people to actively choose
to park where they see the Park Mark sign.”

                                                               JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •                     41
New Products
                                         A new wireless multiplexer from                                                     Maxam Composite Overlay
                                      Data Comm for Business allows mul-                                                  (MCO) is a patent-pending,
                                      tiple RS-232, RS-422, and optional                                                  LEED-compliant, advanced poly-
                                      voice connections to be combined                                                    mer material that does not
                                      over a single 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz                                                    require any form release agent
                                      wireless link. It is ideal for applica-                                             for many pours. It also can be
tions where running wire or fiber or leasing phone lines to remote parking                                                recycled, reducing the number of
gates is not practical or economical.                                                                                     times panels need to be replaced
                                                                                                                          in forming systems and refur-
For more information, log on to and click on Products          bished or disposed of in landfills.
and Services – New Products.                                                           MCO provides quick, clean, oil-free release from cured concrete and
                                                                                    the same smooth architectural finish on the 100th or 200th pour as it
                                                                                    does on the first, minimizing finishing requirements and associated
                                                                                    costs. Independent tests have demonstrated that MCO is resistant to
                                 ENERGY-EFFICIENT LOW BAY                           the very high alkalinity and aggressive aggregates typical of the new
                                 LED LUMINAIRE INTRODUCED                           generation of concrete mixes.

                                    To be able to prPhilips Lighting Co. has        For more information, log on to and click on
                                 introduced a Low Bay LED Luminaire for             Products and Services – New Products.
                                 use in applications where widely distrib-
                                 uted, glare-free, white light is required. It is
designed for new construction or retrofitting areas where older, lless-effi-
cient lighting systems are installed.                                               INEX INTRODUCES
   The new luminaire’s clean design and optics provide excellent visibility,        NEW PLATE RECOGNITION SYSTEM
and it has the benefits of improving safety and enhancing the appearance
of any facility while reducing energy use by up to 50%. LEDs also provide
an instant on/off capability, which could be used with activity sensors. The
new Low Bay LED Luminaire can be used in parking garages, factories and
warehouses, as well as gyms and hangars.

For more information, log on to and click on Products
and Services – New Products.

                                                                                       To be able to provide the appropriate solution for all ALPR (Auto-
                                                                                    mated License Plate Recognition) applications, INEX Technologies
                                                                                    offers a variety of configurations.
                                                                                       Key features of INEX systems include:
                                                                                       • Technology that can be used in all weather conditions, for front
                                                                                    or rear plates,
                                                                                       24 hours a day without the use of supplemental illumination.
                                                                                       • Allowing an image from the user’s file
                                                                                       to be displayed at an entry gate showing the driver and vehicle
                                                                                    associated with the
                                                                                       license plate of an approaching vehicle.
                                                                                       • All commercially available, off-the-shelf product, with the excep-
                                                                                    tion of the LED
                                                                                       board used in the camera/illuminator.

                                                                                    For more information, log on to and click on
                                                                                    Products and Services – New Products.

                                                                                    NEW VALET SYSTEM INTRODUCED TO US MARKET
                                                                                                          Management is never sure if all the parked cars
                                                                                                      are accounted for, if the process is efficient enough,
                                                                                                      if the parking space is full, if the cars are being
                                                                                                      returned in the proper order, etc.
                                                                                                          ValetPro 2.1 is a modular and powerful tool that
                                                                                                      not only answers all these questions, but also offers
                                                                                                      new possibilities such as variable rate billing, park-
                                                                                                      ing occupancy, flow analysis, members' manage-
                                                                                    ment, season passes and much more.
                                                                                       It runs on two networked touch screens, one at the cashier station
                                                                                    and another at the Key-Rack station. It basically manages 3 stubs
                                                                                    pre-printed barcode tickets and keycards such that it recalls the
                                                                                    parked cars from the key rack at the presentation of the customer
                                                                                    stub at the POS, taking into consideration all the complications that
                                                                                    can arise.

                                                                                    For more information, log on to and click on
                                                                                    Products and Services – New Products.

42     JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •
                                                                                            Winners From April

WHERE IN THE                                                  IS
 WORLD                                                     JVH?
PT’s wandering editor may show up most anywhere in the world.
In the past six months, he has been in England, Ireland, Canada,                            From April
Scotland, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas,
                                                                                            Ahhh Lost Wages – or for your purists, Las Vegas. It’s the
Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Indianapolis, Milwaukee                                Stratosphere Hotel at the north end of the strip. The photo is
                                                                                            taken from the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention
and Philadelphia – and he did drop in at his house once or twice                            Center – I was there for the World of Concrete.
in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles.
                                                                                            The winners:
                                                                                            Ron Bornemann, Jr. (iPod)          Ezra Kramer

          ach month, readers are                2007. In July 2007, one name will be        Mike Alver
                                                                                                                               Walker Parking Consultants
          able to send us their solu-           drawn and the grand prize winner will       Walker Parking Consultants         John Lee
                                                receive:                                                                       Cemstone Products
          tions to the puzzle from a                                                        Dale Aymond
                                                                                            Logic 1 Sales
          link on our Web site                                                              Jeff Barnes
                                                                                                                               Angela Moore
                                                  A one-week all-expenses-paid                                                 Glenorchy City Council
(there’ll be more clues there, too.)                                                        K-State Parking Services
                                                  vacation for two to Hawaii or                                                Alfred Olsen
The monthly winners will receive:                                                           Mark Cartwright
                                                  Las Vegas, or a cruise in the             CSU Dominguez Hills                John Purinton

                                                  Caribbean. You get to choose.             Christine Chambers                 Timothy Sembach
 1. A “PT the Auditor” T-shirt.                                                             Republic Parking, Northwest        Downers Grove P.D.
 2. Recognition in the next issue of                                                        J.T. Chipman                       David Schneider
    Parking Today.                                   Can you figure out Where in the        UC Berkeley                        The Mirage Hotel
  3. Placement in a drawing to win an           World Is JVH? Check out the picture at      Bob Clements                       Gerald Tottman
     Apple iPod                                 bottom left and then go online to           Village of Oak Park                Parking Development Group
     (one presented each month).       – click on             Mike Cummings                      Rachel Tracy-Thompson
                                                                                            President Casino                   OhioHealth
     PLUS – Every winner will go into a         “Where in the World,” read some more
                                                                                            David Eng                          Toni Turcic
GIANT Sweepstakes Drawing. The con-             clues, then enter the contest and win.      Uptown Partnership                 NYC DOT
test will run 10 months, through June
                                                                                            Ted Green                          Keith Ushijima
                                                                                            Carl Walker, Inc.                  Hawaii Prince Hotel, Waikiki
Clue for where in the world this is:                                                        Dave Homerding                     Nancy Uveges
                                                                                            Weathersure Systems                Parking Network Strategies
  What are these people watching? Why are the ones in the front in such a hurry?
                                                                                            Jason Kittle
  JVH has his back against a column guarded on each side by a sphinx.                       Town of Whitby
  The column is a long ways from home.
                                                                                            All these winners will be placed in a pool for a final drawing
  The winner will give the date and name of the event, and the location of where the pic-   to be held in July for a trip to Las Vegas, the Caribbean, or
ture was taken. (We need more than the city).                                               Hawaii.
  For more clues, log on to and click on “Where In the World.”

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                                                                   Complete Systems Integration
                                                                     for Parking...and Beyond.
                                                                   PARC Group is the leading network of systems integrators in the parking
                                                                   industry, and your one-stop resource for the design, contract, installation
                                                                   and service for all of your access control systems.
                                                                   From parking control to a customized integrated system, we can help you
                                                                   achieve your goals.

                                                                   Find your local integrator at
                                                                   28 locations across the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

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Classifieds                            • tel 310-390-5277 ext 4 • fax 310-395-3024

BOOTS     AND IMMOBILIZERS                 BOOTHS      AND   SHELTERS                     GATES                                         HELP WANTED
                                                                                                     Apollo Gate Operators                     SENIOR MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                     12902 Delivery Drive
                                                                                                    San Antonio, TX 78247               Standard Parking is seeking Senior
                                                                                                                                        Management candidates for Washington, DC.
             FAST AND TOUGH                                                                                                             Manage the daily operation of multiple
     See our website                                                                                                 accounts within a respective portfolio ensur-
           CALL: 800-982-6575
                                                                                                   DORADO/STANLEY                       ing all existing accounts are operating
                                                                                                  B8 BARRIER GATES                      according to the specific operational and
                                                                                          Millions of cycles to date, Complete Gates,   marketing plan. Ensure the facilities are
BOOTHS     AND SHELTERS                                                                   Loop Detectors, Arms & Gate Control           effectively staffed and trained. Function as
Need a well built Cashier Booth or Guard                                                  Hardware.                                     liaison between the client’s management
Shelter?                                                                                                                                team, field, and executive staff as necessary.
                                                                                                MASK Systems 303-464.8159
                                                                                                                                        Work closely with the client Business
     Contact: Par-Kut (800)-394-6599                                                     
                                                                                                                                        Development Department to expand our
                                                                                          CONSULTANTS                                   operations.
                                                                                                LARRY DONOGHUE                          • Minimum of five years experience with
                                                                                                ASSOCIATES, INC                         multiple location supervision.
                                                                                          Operational Audits . Manual Preparation       • Prefer parking experience however proper-
                                                                                          Expert Witness Services                       ty or retail management background is a
                                                                                               1550 N Northwest Hwy., Ste 334
                                                                                                     Park Ridge IL 60068                • Knowledge of general accounting prac-
                                                                                           Tel: 847-297-1180; Fax: 847-297-1103         tices, revenue control, budget planning and
                                                                                                   Email:               staffing/planning a must.
                                                                                                                                        • Strong analytical and interpersonal com-
                                           GATES                                          INTERNATIONAL PARKING DESIGN                  munication skills are a must.
                                                                                                                                        • Must be a skilled user of Microsoft Office
                                           Parking gates utilizing solid state controls           Phone: 877-IPD-PARK                   especially Excel, Word and Outlook.
       Check out PT’s                      with gate arm rebound and closing timer              Website:
                                           as standard features.                                                                        • Must be detail-oriented and extremely well
        new website                                                                                                                     organized.
                                                  Engineered Parking Systems                                  800-377-4636                                                                   Interested candidates should send their
                                                 or visit us at                                                              resume and salary requirements to

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46      JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY • • tel 310-390-5277 ext 4 • fax 310-395-3024                                                             Classifieds

HELP WANTED                             HELP WANTED                                   HELP WANTED
                                               SUPERVISING PARKING                           GENERAL MANAGERS-
 REPUBLIC PARKING SYSTEM                       OPERATIONS OFFICER:                           MULTIPLE MARKETS
 PARKING GENERAL MANAGER                Supervising Parking Operations Officer:       We are the nation's largest off-site airport
                                        $4,734 - $5,661/mo. plus exc. benefits.       parking provider with thirty facilities at
  • 8000 space multi-facility parking   Supervise and participate in the patrol of    sixteen major airports in the United States.
 system                                 city streets and public parking lots to       We are part of a publicly traded company
  • Southern midwest location           enforce parking laws; issue tickets to        with robust growth plans. Due to internal
                                        overtime parking violators; and to admin-     promotions, we have several openings for
  • Salary plus bonus ($55,000 to       ister the citation processing & appeal
 $70,000 based on experience)                                                         General Managers in key markets;
                                        functions.                                    Hartford, CT., Oakland, CA, Oklahoma City,
  • Prefer parking management           HS diploma or GED; AND 3 yrs related          OK, and New York, NY.
 experience in large, multi-facility    exp and/or training. AA degree or two         Responsibilities include the overall man-
 environment.                           years college-level course work and           agement of the airport parking lot busi-
                                        supervisory training and exp preferred.       ness operations.
 We offer advancement opportuni-        Valid CA driver's license and a safe driv-
 ties, great benefits and a profes-     ing record req’d.                             Ideal candidates will have 3-5 yrs. man-
 sional environment.                                                                  agement experience preferably within
                                        Deadline: 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 12,         parking industry.
     For a confidential interview,      2007
         fax your resume to:                                                                    Send resume to
                                                  City of San Rafael,          
    Bob Mitchell, (423) 265-5728                   P. O. Box 151560,                        with salary expectations.
             or email to:                     San Rafael, CA 94915-1560.
                                              Job hotline (415) 485-3433.             FOR SALE
                                                 Fax (415) 485-3191.
             or mail it to:                    More info at              Standard Parking Systems Inc. - New
                                                                                      Sentry 4000, in box, has not been used.
      Republic Parking System,                                                        Includes IBM PC-Based 4694 POS
     Suite 2000 Republic Centre,        VP OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT                    Terminal, Keypad, 2 Bar Code Readers,
       Chattanooga, TN 37450            Join Spark Parking in revolutionizing auto-   Receipt Printer, Monitor and all docu-
                                        mated parking payments while enhancing        mentation and user manuals.
                  EOE.                  operator.
                                                                                              Contact Frank for price at
                                                    Learn more at                

                                                                           JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •                   47
Dealers, Installers and Suppliers
                                            LELCO SALES & SERVICE                TCS INTERNATIONAL, INC.                      MCGANN ASSOCIATES
              Nationwide                    7 Davis Street,                      55 Union Ave. Sudbury, MA 01776              4651 SW 51st Street, Suite 812
DAKTRONICS, INC.                            Harrison, NJ 07029                   Tel 978-443-2527; Fax 978-579-9545           Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
P O. Box 5128, 331 32nd. Ave.
 .                                          Tel 201-659-8117; Fax 201-610-0497   e-mail                     Tel 954-316-1004; Fax 954-316-8004
Brookings, SD 57006-5128                                            
Tel 800-843-9878; Fax 605-697-4700          PARKING CONTROL SYSTEMS (PCS)        TIME & PARKING CONTROLS                      MCGANN ASSOCIATES                        7609-E Airport Park Road,            7716 West Chester Pike,                      820 Fesslers Parkway, Suite 315                          Gaithersburg, MD 20895               Upper Derby, PA 19018                        Nashville, TN 37210
ENGINEERED PARKING SYSTEMS                  Tel 301-840-8797; Fax 301-840-8799   Tel 610-466-5400; Fax 610-449-0680           Tel 615-742-9100
25010 Avenue Tibbitts, Valencia, CA 91355   PSX INC.                                   
Tel 800-377-4636; Fax 661-294-0674          708 Terminal Way,                    WESCOR PARKING CONTROLS, INC.                PSX INC.                             Kennett Square, PA 19348             16 Technology Drive,                         5940 Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL
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AMANO USA, INC.                             PSX INC.                                           ROYCE PARKING
Serving the Northeastern U.S.               2826 Penn Avenue,                    WHITAKER BROTHERS PARKING                    2411 SW 58TH TER, Hollywood, FL 33023
CT: 203-265-8100;                           Pittsburgh, PA 15222                 SYSTEMS                                      Tel 954-966-3903; Fax 954-966-2085
MA: 508-643-2880                            Tel 412-338-4345; Fax 412-338-4347   12410 Washington Ave.,             
NJ: 201-457-0075                                       Rockville, MD 20852                                                                                                                 SOUTHERN TIME EQUIPMENT
                                            PRECISION TIME SYSTEMS               Tel 800-243-9226                             CO., INC.
BER-NATIONAL AUTOMATION, INC.               289 North Main Street,                                                            North and South Carolina
1137 E. Main St., Rochester, NY 14609       Ambler, PA 19002
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1560 Harlem Rd., Buffalo, NY 14206          Tel 215-643-9050; Fax 215-643-7001   AUTOMATIC CONTROL                  
Tel 585-482-8525; Fax 585-482-8702         TECHNOLOGY CORP         .                                                                            Calle 3 SO #1020, Urb. La Riviera
                                            RICHARD N. BEST ASSOCIATES, INC.                                                  SMART PARCS, INC.
CINCINNATI TIME OF MAINE                    15 Trail Road,                       San Juan, Puerto Rico 00921-2518             Authorized Amano Dealer
270 St. Johns St., Portland, ME 04102       Levittown, PA 19056                  Tel 787-782-6006; Fax 787-782-1999           3835 Holland Blvd., Ste A
ME 207-774-2336;                            Tel 215-945-9240; Fax 215-945-9277                   Chesapeake, VA 23323
800-640-8463                                           CAROLINA TIME EQUIPMENT CO., INC.            Tel 757-485-5527; Fax 757-485-5529
EASTCO MANUFACTURING CORP          .        SECOM INTERNATIONAL                  1801 Norland Road,                 
PARKING, ACCESS & REVENUE                   325 Dalziel Road,                    Charlotte, NC 28205,                         TIME & PARKING SYSTEMS, INC.
CONTROL DIVISION                             Linden, NJ 07036                    Tel 704-536-2700; Fax 704-536-9455           5835 Peachtree Corners East,
323 Fifth Avenue,                           Tel 201-792-6112                     ENTRY GUARD SYSTEMS                          Bldg 4, Suite D, Norcross, GA 30092
Pelham, NY 10803                                                                 465 Southlake Blvd                           Tel 770.447.8620; Fax 770.447.8615
Tel 914-738-5667; Fax 914-738-1859          SENTRY CONTROL SYSTEMS
                                            2116 N Monroe Street Ste 41          Richmond VA 23236                                                               Tel 804-423-6523; Fax 804-423-6526                           Midwest                           Arlington, VA 22207
                                            Tel 800-246-6662; Fax 703-842-8435                    AMANO TIME & PARKING SOLUTIONS
MCGANN ASSOCIATES INC.                            ITR OF GEORGIA, INC.                         AKA ACCUTIME CORPORATION
300 A Street, Boston, MA 02210                                                   3346 Montreal Station,                       8312 Page Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63130
Tel 617-224-5700; Fax 617-224-5701;         SYRACUSE TIME & ALARM CO., INC.
                                            2201 Burnet Avenue,                  Tucker, GA 30084                             Tel 314-426-7727; Fax 314-426-1776                                                               Tel 800-367-6177; Fax 770-934-6962 
                                            Syracuse, NY 13206
MCGANN ASSOCIATES INC.                      Tel 315-433-1234; Fax 315-463-5006               
1125 Commerce Court, Unit 11                          INNOVATIVE PARKING CONCEPTS, LLC             AMANO TIME & PARKING SOLUTIONS
Cheshire, CT 06410                                      Distributor for Skidata,Zippark & Commend    AKA ACCUTIME CORPORATION
Tel 800-343-2671; Fax 203-272-2215                                               3221 S Cherokee Lane, Ste 1830               2008 NW South Outer Rd.,                          SYRACUSE TIME & ALARM CO., INC.
                                            Binghamton Office:                   Woodstock, GA 30188                          Blue Springs, MO 64015
HAWKINS ELECTRIC CO. INC.                   301 Smith Hill Road,                 Tel 877-340-3642; Fax 770-321-1911           Tel: 816-229-0056; Fax: 816-229-4056
PARKING, ACCESS & REVENUE                   Binghamton, NY 13905       ;   
CONTROL DIVISION                            Tel 607-722-3200; Fax 607-722-2124   INTEGRATED SECURITY SYSTEMS        
5400 Berwyn Road,                                     Florida Dealer for SkiData Parking Systems   AUTOMATED PARKING TECH.
College Park, MD 20740                                  Tel 888-670-2226; Fax 305-324-0008           1361 W. Carroll Ave.,
Tel 301-474-4470; Fax 301-513-9597                                                                  Chicago, IL 60607
                                                                                                     Tel: 312-942-9570; Fax: 312-942-9572

     PIE and Boot Camp:                                                            Payment Options – Are we Cashless Yet?
                                                                                   – Irena Goloschokin, T2 Systems. ($49)
     “The High Cost of Free Parking” Don Shoup – Plus – “What
     Happens When you Follow Don Shoup’s Advice
                                                                                   Revenue Control and Auditing
     – Dan Zack, City of Redwood City. ($79)
                                                                                   – Dennis Cunning, DLC Consulting. ($49)
     Parking and Information Technology – Robert Milner, Director of
                                                                                   Boot Camp –
     Parking and Transportation, University of Maryland – Deborah
                                                                                       I Parking – The Profession • Defining the Parking Industry
     Taylor – Chief Information Officer, Virginia Medical School
                                                                                      II Parking – Delivery of Services • On Street Parking •
                                                                                                   Off-Street Parking
                                                                                     III Parking – The Business • Revenue Control • Rate Setting •
     A Comparison of On Street Technologies
     – Jon Martens, Walker Parking Consultants. ($49)
                                                                                   ($129 complete set)

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                                            Purchase all PIE DVDs, including Boot Camp for $349.00

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 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.                  TAPCO                                         PROTECH ACCESS                                 INTEGRATED ACCESS SYSTEMS, INC.
 1252 Allanson Road,                           800 Wall Street, Elm Grove, WI 53122          4401 S. Pinemont # 204,                        10755 Sherman Way, Suite 4
 Mundelein, IL 60060                           Tel 800-236-0112; Fax 414-814-7017            Houston, TX 77041                              Sun Valley, CA 91352
 Tel 312-949-0134; 847-949-0134                                    Tel 713-PROTECH (776-8324)                     Tel 866-249-4427; Fax 818-764-7033
 ENGINEERED CONTROLS, INC.                     TIME & PARKING SOLUTIONS OF                   Fax 713-895-8499;
 1980 NW 94th Street, Suite H                  CINCINNATI, INC.                                              GMG SYSTEMS, INC.
 Des Moines, IA 50325                          130 Commerce Blvd., Loveland, OH 45140        PROTECTIONTECH                                 703 Castro St, Ste 6.,
 Tel 515-276-3343; Fax 515-276-3363            Tel 513-683-2906; Fax 513-683-4480            2161 Regent Street #9                          San Leandro, CA 94577
 Email:                           Salt Lake City, Utah 84115                     Tel 888 GMG Systems; Fax 888 464 7978
 EVENS TIME                                    www.                              801-256-0214                         
 1345 Brookville Way, Suite I                  TRAFFIC & SAFETY SYSTEMS, INC.                               MCGANN ASSOCIATES
 Indianapolis, IN 46239                        “Authorized Amano Dealer”                                                                    900 Doolittle Dr., Suite IIA
 Tel 317-358-1000; 800-895-1959;               48584 Downing, Wixom, MI 48393
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 LIGHT & BREUNING, INC.                                    1426 Elliott Ave. West,              
 912 Lawrence Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46804                                                    Seattle, WA 98119                              MCGANN ASSOCIATES
 Tel 800-947-4064; Fax 260-422-6457
                                                             Southwest                       Tel 206-284-6919                               8220 Belvedere Ave., #B                              ACCESS & TIME AUTOMATION, INC.                ENTRANCE CONTROLS, INC.                        Sacramento, CA 95826
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                                                                                                                                            OHANA INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES
 Tel 312-491-8325; Fax 312-491-8328            1447 West Lindberg Drive, Suite 204,          NORTHWEST PARKING EQUIP CO.      .             935 Dillingham Blvd. Suite 14                            Slidell, LA 70458                             15029 Bothell Way, NE, #200                    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
 MCGANN ASSOCIATES                             Tel 985-781-3929; Fax 985-781-3950            Seattle, WA 98155                              Tel 808-842-1919; Fax 808-842-3535
 700 W. Michigan Street, Suite 150                       Tel 206-363-5265;Fax 206-367-6578    
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 Tel 414-355-2020; Fax 414-289-8665            ASSOCIATED TIME & PARKING CONTROLS            3837 13th Ave. West, Suite 208                 9851 1/2 Alburtis Ave.                            9104 Diplomacy Row, Dallas, TX 75247          Seattle, WA 98119                              Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
 MCGANN ASSOCIATES                             Tel 214-637-2763; Fax 214-688-0411            Tel 206-575-1980; Fax 206-575-1949             Tel: 562-949-5227; Fax 562-949-5857
 651 Taft Street NE,                           
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 Minneapolis, MN 55413                                                                       PACIFIC CASCADE CORPORATION,                   Authorized Amano Dealer
 Tel 612-331-2020; Fax 612-331-5187            ASSOCIATED TIME & PARKING CONTROLS            DGM SYSTEMS & THE PARKING ZONE                 9323 Chesapeake Dr., Ste E                            1213 West Loop North, Suite 110,              Authorized Amano Dealer                        San Diego, CA 92123
 PSX INC.                                      Houston, TX 77055                             14208 NW 3rd Court, Suite 200                  Tel 858-541-7896; Fax 858-541-7889
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 Tel 216-622-2920; Fax 216-622-2921                   Tel 800-292-7275; Fax 360-574-9325
                                                                               SECOM INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                                           9610 Bellanca Ave.,
 REVCON TECHNOLOGY GROUP                       BP EQUIPMENT COMPANY                          PROTECTIONTECH                                 Los Angeles, CA 90045
 1715 Cortland Ct. Ste 4 , Addison, IL 60101   805 Clear Creek Ave, League City, TX 77573    2751 152nd Ave. NE, Redmond, WA 98052          Tel 310-641-1290
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                                                                               10861 Sherman Way,
 SAUNDERS PARKING SYSTEMS                                                                                      Sun Valley, CA 91352
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                                               MITCHELL TIME & PARKING
                                                                                                              Far West                      Tel 818-759-1292; Fax 818-759-1299
 Delaware, OH 43015
 Tel 614-267-1945                              4806 North IH 35, Austin, TX 78751            ASSI-SECURITY INC.                             SENTRY CONTROL SYSTEMS
                                               Tel 512-371-7773; Fax 512-371-7181            18001 Cowan, Suite A,                          9842 Glenoaks Blvd.,
 SIGNATURE CONTROL SYSTEMS, LLC                San Antonio, TX                               Irvine, CA 92614                               Sun Valley, CA 91352
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 Park Across America:
 The Public Private Partnership:                                                             Parking Structures:
 Leasing the parking infrastructure.                                                         10 things everyone does wrong and 10 things that can save your
 ($60)                                                                                       project (and maybe your job).
 Defining the mess that is credit cards.                                                     The Cost of Operations:
 ($60)                                                                                       Be sure you spend money in the right place.
 Revenue Control:
 Collect, audit, and ensure you do it right.

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              Order the Park Across America SET for only $245. Order all DVD’s in this series and save $55.

                                                                                      JUNE 2007 • PARKING TODAY •                                              49
Upcoming Events
June 12 - 13, 2007                     July 29 - 31, 2007                    October 02 - 05, 2007                    November 13 - 15, 2007
  Ohio Parking Association Annual        Northwest Parking Association 2nd     New Zealand Parking Conference           California Public Parking
  Meeting and Conference                 Annual Conference                     2007                                     Association Annual Conference
  Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel,          Location: HIlton Vancouver Hotel,     Location: Plymouth International         Location: HYATT Regency San
  Columbus Ohio                          Vancouver, Washington                 Hotel, New Plymouth, NZ                  Francisco Airport
  Contact: Dennis McAndrew               Contact: John A. Shaheen, CAPP        Contact: Colin Waite                     Contact: Mary Houghton
  216-267-5030                           509-335-4911                          + 64 078386890                           Email: mhoughton@phxgroup.comg
  Email:                                 Email:                Email:                                      
                                                                                                                      December 5 - 7, 2007
                                       September 27 - 28, 2007                                                          Florida Parking Association Annual
June 19 - 21, 2007                       13th European Parking Congress      October 03 - 05, 2007
                                                                                                                        Conference & Trade Show
  AIMS 2007 User Conference              Location: Madrid, Spain               Michigan Parking Association Fall
                                                                                                                        Location: Daytona Beach Hilton,
  Location: Syracuse NY                  Contact: Gerhard Trost-Heutmekers     Conference 2007
                                                                                                                        Daytona Beach, FL
  Contact: Ellen Genung                  +49 (0)221 257 10 18                  Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
                                                                                                                        Contact: Bill Foster
  800-886-6316                           Email:         Contact: Mark Erby 734-941-8930
  Email:                                                     Email:
                                       September 28 - October 03, 2007
June 24 - 27, 2007                       Canadian Parking Association        October 10 - 12, 2007
  World Parking Symposium                Annual Conference & Trade Show        Intertraffic North America
  Location: Pennsylvania State           Location: Charlottetown,              Location: Ft. Lauderdale
                                                                               Convention Center
  University - State College, PA         Prince Edward Island
  Contact: Doreen Ostrowski              Contact: Carole Whitehorne            Contact: Jan Van der Molen             March 09-12, 2008
  Email:                                 613-835-3530                          +1 704-243-0236                         PARKING INDUSTRY EXHIBITION          Email:      Email:                 Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel -
                                                                                                                       Rosemont, IL
July 19 - 20, 2007                     October 02 - 04, 2007                 October 11, 2007                          Contact: Sandra Watson
  Meeting of the Minds IV                Southwest Parking Association         PARK ACROSS AMERICA                     310-390-5277 Ext. 4 (PST)
  Location: University of Rochester,     Annual Conference & Trade Show        Location: Austin, Baltimore, Ft.        Email:
  Rochester NY                           Location: Hilton Albuquerque,         Lauderdale & Los Angeles
  Contact: Glen Sicard 585-273-2140      Albuquerque, New Mexico               Contact: Sandra Watson
                                                                               310-390-5277 Ext. 4 (PST)              February 09 - 13, 2008
  Email:                                 Contact: Josh Kavanagh                                                         National Parking Association       505-220-1630                          Email:
                                                                                                                        Annual Winter Board Meeting
                                         Email:                                               Location: Grand Hyatt Kauai HI
                                                                             October 14 - 17, 2007
                                                                               Midwest Campus Parking                   Contact: Patricia Langfeld
                                                                               Association Annual Conference            202-296-4336,
                                                                               Location: Gateway Hotel, Ames,           Email:
                                                                               Contact: Mishelle Michel               March 25 - 26, 2008
                                                                               515-294-3388                            Mid-South Transportation & Parking
                                                                               Email:             Association- seminars and net-
                                                                                                                       working opportunities
                                                                             October 22 - 25, 2007                     Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
                                                                               National Parking Association 56th       Contact: Chrissie Balding
                                                                               Annual Convention & Exposition          859-257-3512
                                                                               Location: Renaissance Hollywood         Email:
                                                                               Hotel, Los Angeles, California
                                                                               Contact: Patricia A. Langfeld          April 1 - 4, 2008
                                                                               202-296-4336 ext. 205                    Intertraffic Amsterdam
                                                                               Email:             Location: The Rai, Amsterdam
                                                                                                                        Contact: Jan van der Molen
                                                                             October 24 - 26, 2007                      +1 704 243 0236
                                                                               New York State Parking                   Email:
                                                                               Association Annual Conference
                                                                               Location: Turning Stone at Verona NY   May 17 - 20, 2009
                                                                               Contact: Robert Hoffmann, P.E.          International Parking Conference
                                                                               914-333-5339                            and Exposition
                                                                               Email:         Location: Denver Convention Center,
                                                                                                                       Denver, Colorado
                                                                             November 07 - 09, 2007                    Contact: Lauri Chudoba
                                                                               National Valet Parking Association      540- 371-7535
                                                                               Annual Convention                       Email:
                                                                               Location: Las Vegas, NV
                                                                               Contact: Penili Tims 760-753-4004
                                                                                                                      June 08 - 11, 2008
                                                                                                                        International Parking Institute
                                                                                                                        Convention and Exposition
                                                                                                                        Location: New Orleans, LA
                                                                             November 13 - 15, 2007
                                                                                                                        Contact: Coleen Williamson
                                                                               T2 PowerHouse User Group 2007
                                                                               Location: San Antonio, TX
                                                                               Contact: Hanna Felleke

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