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									              Media Kit
Sound of Music Festival is a FREE event drawing over 200,000 visitors. Imagine 90 acts
             over five stages representing all genres of music, every year on

                      Father’s Day weekend.
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Our Story
    How we do it
    Key Messages
    Accolades
    How it all started

Our Spirit
    More than just a Festival
    Mission and Objectives
    Simply Green
    Our Volunteers
    Our Sponsors

Our Place
    Festival Components
         o The Music
         o Who Plays?
         o Grand Festival Parade
         o Downtown Streetfest
         o Carnival
         o Vendor and Crafter’s Marketplace
         o Family Zone
         o Music Education
    Who comes?
    Economic Impact
    About Burlington
    Tips for Media

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Sound of Music Festival is one of the summer’s most popular community attractions. The
Festival features a unique blend of new and emerging artists, Canadian icons and returning
fan favourites, located on several stages throughout our beautiful waterfront and downtown
area. Complete with a Carnival, Streetfest, Parade, Family Zone, and free music education
program for children, the event offers a myriad of activities. Sound of Music Festival is
considered one of Ontario’s top 100 and most renowned festivals by the Festivals & Events
Ontario program. It’s one of the largest events of its kind in Southern Ontario, remaining a
local favourite and tourist attraction.

How We Do It?
Our not-for-profit and free Festival is an independently volunteer-run, organization funded by
corporate sponsorship and government grants. We are committed to maintaining and
continually improving the calibre of our FREE event by hosting top notch entertainment in a
family friendly and safe environment year after year. We take pride in fairly compensating
our entertainers and minimizing our ecological impact through improved recycling and
waste management. We seek out corporate partners for support in putting on the best show
of the year.

Key Messages
   Free Four Day Music Festival
   Over 90 acts, 10 performance areas with a Grande Festival parade with over 25 marching
    bands, Downtown Streetfest, Carnival, Craft, Merchandise and Food marketplaces
   Father’s Day Weekend
   Volunteer Based (Not For Profit) Organization -- not City run - (City supported)
   One of Canada’s Largest Free Outdoor Music Festivals
   Held in Burlington Ontario Canada - Downtown and Waterfront
   Mascot is Treble Clef
   Started in 1980
   Environmentally responsible, Eco Team, Simply Green program (waste diversion, shuttle,
    bike corral)
   Music Education Program “Taking it to the Streets” – free children’s workshops
   Safe, family-friendly and fun
   High calibre music for all tastes and ages

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      In 2010, the RCO awarded Gold to the Sound of Music Festival for waste minimization.
       The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) is a not-for-profit, membership-based
       organization involved in policy, education and project work around the issues of
       consumption, waste generation, reduction and diversion, and recycling.

      Voted one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario (11th year in a row), Burlington's Sound of
       Music Festival is one of the summer's most sought after shows. Featuring a unique
       blend of new and emerging artists, Canadian icons and favourites of the past this
       unique Festival presents all styles of music appealing to all ages.

      Awarded “Best Greening” of a Festival in 2010 by Festival and Events Ontario

      Endorsed and supported by SOCAN

How it all Started…
So how does one go from being a simple idea to one of Canada’s Largest Outdoor
Festivals? It all started back in 1980 with Burlington's Director of Parks and Recreation, Laurie
Branch. Laurie wanted to create a parade to honour various musical talents and Burlington's
musical ambassadors to the world, the Teen Tour Band. This first "Grande Festival Parade"
was simply billed as a family event with free admission.

It was so successful that in a few short years the Sound of Music Festival grew from a parade
- to a one day community event - into a full 4 day mini-festival (with a small Jaycee’s
Carnival and a showcase for local musical talent).

The Festival continued to grow so much that in the late 1980’s the City had to establish an
ad-hoc planning committee of local volunteers just to help plan and stage the Festival.

After many more years of continued growth, the Festival made a leap of faith on February
27, 1997; a new separate, not for profit entity, “Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival Inc.”, was
established, and the fate of the Festival was handed over from the City of Burlington to a
core group of business leaders, area residents and other loyal volunteers.

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The Board of Directors, fortified by several members from the original planning committee,
accepted the challenge of raising sufficient funds to operate the Festival and enhance its
reputation. Most importantly, the group was determined to preserve Laurie Branch’s
initiative of an annual family event, with free admission.

1999 represented another a breakthrough year for our Festival. The 20-year anniversary
attracted over 200,000 people and included a magnificent “Friendship Fireworks” display
from Itabashi-Ku (our Japanese twin city).

Then in 2000, Tim Hortons presented the Festival for the first time. Since then, Tim Hortons,
together with the Festival’s other list of impressive sponsors have formed the nucleus of the
Festival’s generous corporate sponsorship program.

And now here we are 32 years later, one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario (11th year in a
row) and one of the summer's most sought after shows. Today we feature over 90 Musical
Acts over 5 stages, Grande Festival Parade, Downtown Streetfest, Family Zone and Carnival
that draw musicians and attendees from across Canada and the United States!

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More than just a Festival?
The Festival is truly a grassroots event. It’s a longstanding, enduring event that has become
a defining element in the community. It is steeped in tradition and much of our community
has grown up attending the Festival. With over 90 acts playing across 5 stages and
entertainment pods throughout downtown and the waterfront, every musical taste is
satisfied from classical to jazz to rock and everything in between. It also continues to capture
the hearts and minds of our youth by bringing in the popular acts of today, engaging them
with volunteer opportunities and our “Taking it to the Streets” free music education program.

Mission Statement
“To have fun producing an entertaining summer festival of music. The festival will be
produced in the City of Burlington using public parks, recreational facilities and business
premises throughout the city for the enjoyment of citizens and guests.”
--- Larry Twells, 1997 (First President of Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival Inc.)

This statement still holds true today. With 2 year round staff, a volunteer run Board of
Directors and year round working committees of 100 + volunteers, the Festival continues to
be a signature event.

Objectives, we strive to…
      Enhance the Arts and Culture opportunities available to people regardless of socio-
       economic status
      Improve the community by creating a signature event that draws tourists, has
       significant economic impact and remains a summer highlight for locals
      Improve access to the arts for children through our “Taking it to the Streets” free music
       education program
      Be leaders in environmental initiatives in the events industry through maximum waste
       minimization and recycling
      Increase our marketing reach through a consistent and co-ordinated marketing
       campaign that reaches 5,000,000 + combining traditional and new media
       concentrated in Southern Ontario and Buffalo, NY, to the benefit of all Festival
      Continue to attract long term corporate partnerships to maintain and increase the
       calibre of the event
      Tap into the spirit of a dedicated, results oriented volunteer group and recognize the
       need for people of all ages to connect to their community in a fun and engaging way
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Simply Green
Sound of Music Festival has a mandate to be an environmental leader in the community
and in the events industry. The Festival’s Simply Green program encompasses shuttle service,
a bike corral, and an on-site waste diversion. Over 80% of waste is diverted from the landfill
to composting and recycling by Simply Green volunteers at our onsite sorting station. There
are three water re-filling stations on the Festival grounds to encourage patrons to bring their
own water bottles.

     Waste diversion starts with dedicated receptacles (left) and is then later sorted by volunteers (right)

Our Volunteers
Over 600 dedicated volunteers are key to the Festival’s successful operation of this over 100
work year round on numerous committees.

                                    Volunteers make the Festival happen.

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Our Sponsors
We rely on corporate sponsorship to keep the Festival free. For a full list of our generous
sponsors, please refer to

Festival Presenting Sponsor Tim Hortons

Feature Sponsors
ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Burlington Hyundai
Downtown Burlington
The Burlington Performing Arts Centre
Canada Trust
SB Prime
Mohawk College

Festival partnership will
      Create new brand awareness and trial
      Reinforce existing brand recognition and usage
      Connect companies with current consumers and reinforce brand
      Connect companies with new consumers and varying consumer dynamics

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Festival Components
The Festival consists of live Music, Grand Festival Parade, Downtown Streetfest, Carnival,
Vendors and Crafter’s Marketplace, Family Zone and Music Education.

The Festival features 5 stages and 5 performance pods throughout the grounds showcasing
musical talent.
   ArcelorMittal Dofasco Stage
   OLG Stage
   Cogeco Stage
   Burlington Hyundai Stage
   Family Zone

                         Main stage headliner act, playing to a packed park

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Who Plays?
With 4 days of activities and over 90 acts offered on five stages and numerous performance
areas, the Festival continues to be a free music-focused event offering entertainment for all
music tastes and ages. Over the course of 32 years, the Festival has featured over 1300
performances by Canadian bands.

Our Main stage has showcased our most popular acts over the years with Canadian icons
such as Sloan, 54:40, April Wine, Tom Cochrane and Ronnie Hawkins, The Arkells, George
Canyon, Marianas Trench and many more. The Burlington Community stage features many
of the 500 band submissions received from local and “up and coming” younger musical
talent. The West Stage has truly become a second premiere stage with acts such as Matt
Dusk, USS and the Stills. Downtown Streetfest offers another 4 performance areas showcasing
many Jazz, Latin and Caribbean ensembles.
Some of our past performers include

Faber Drive                           Tom Cochrane & Red Rider    Irish Descendants
Marianas Trench                       The Stills                  David Wilcox
Jason Collett                         Jason Blaine                Ronnie Hawkins
The Trews                             George Fox                  Natalie MacMaster
Lighthouse                            The Jim Cuddy Band          Big Sugar
Arkells                               The Philosopher Kings       Prairie Oyster
Great Lake Swimmers                   Aaron Lines                 Trooper
Hey Rosetta!                          Teenage Head                Tom Cochrane
New York Dolls                        Michael Burgess             Doug & the Slugs
Irish Descendants                     Molly Johnson               April Wine
Ashley MacIsaac                       JackSoul                    Harry Waller &His Orchestra
Tara Oram                             Shaye                       Cowboy Junkies
Moneen                                The Stampeders              Murray McLauchlan
USS                                   54*40                       Sattalites - pop/reggae
George Canyon                         For Those About to Rock     Frozen Ghost
Divine Brown                          Barney Bentall&Legendary    Razorbacks
Kim Mitchell                          Hearts                      Zappacosta
Matt Dusk                             Jeff Healey Jazz Wizards    Valdy
Sloan                                 Finger Eleven
Paul James Band                       Spirit of the West

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Grand Festival Parade
With over 25 marching bands from across Canada and the United States, the Festival's
official mascot Treble Clef, and whimsical floats and performers, the Grande Festival Parade
is fun for the whole family.

Downtown Streetfest
Downtown Streetfest comes alive with performance pods, the Cogeco stage, buskers,
vendors and lots of other attractions.

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One of the Festival’s favourite attractions is the Carnival! With everything from thrill rides,
ferris wheels and easy going train rides, you’ll find something for everyone.

Vendors and Crafter’s Marketplace
Food and merchandise vendors abound and are located throughout the Festival grounds.
The Crafter’s Marketplace features the hand-made work of local artisans. Local community
group booths represent many causes and provide education and information.

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Family Zone
The Family Zone is FREE to all and geared for children aged ten and under. Activities run on
Saturday and Sunday of Father’s Day weekend. Our Family Zone is an integral part of the
Festival and visited by thousands during the course of the weekend.

                             Family Zone, entertainers play for crowds!

Music Education
“Taking it the Streets” is unique music theatre program for children age 4-12. These free
workshops serve as an introduction to drama skills, singing instruction and movement to
music theatre songs. The program will eventually be expanded to six sessions running year-

Meet Our Award Winning Facilitators
Helen Zdriluk developed the award-winning music theatre program at Burlington Central
High School. She is currently artistic director for Centre Stage Productions and has
conducted workshops internationally for both students and adults. In addition to completing
a music theatre internship at the Shaw Festival, Helen teaches drama and music theatre at
Stars Academy Burlington, drama in education and children’s theatre at Brock University,
and collaborative practices at Sheridan College.

Adam Falcone is an award-winning actor and a graduate of the renowned performance
program at University of Toronto and Sheridan College. He is also a certified teacher and a
founding member of Centre Stage Production’s educational outreach program.

Sara Jeffries is an award-winning performer who pioneered the music theatre program at
M.M. Robinson High School. She currently teaches music theatre at MMR, at Stars Academy,
and through the Centre Stage Productions educational outreach program.

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Who comes?
The Festival attracts well over 200,000 guests each year from Southern Ontario and beyond. People
of all ages, from toddlers to senior residents enjoy the Festival

            28% under 19 years old
            25% between 19 and 35 years old
            38% between 36 and 64 years old
            9% over 65 years old
            80% of attendees are repeat visitors

Income                          Education                         Breakdown by Gender
Less than $20,000 16.6%         High school 28.2%                 Female 58%
$20,001 - $40,000 15.4%         Vocational 4.4%                   Male 42%
$40,001 - $59,000 14.5%         College 29.4%
$60,000 - $80,000 22.6%         University 27.3%
$80,001 - $100,000 13.9%        Masters 7.6%
$100,001 - $150,000 8.7%        Doctorate 3.1%
$150,001 + 8.3%

Economic Impact
Results of our Economic Impact survey are summarized below

   1. Total economic impact of festival estimated at over $4 million
      • Impact is derived from spending by local residents, event operations and tourists
      • Estimate includes direct, indirect and induced spending
   2. Local employment and taxes supported by event
      • Event-related spending supported equivalent of 36 full-year jobs in region
      • Estimated $1 million in tax revenue generated by festival-related spending
   3. Festival drives regional tourism
      • Approximately 8,000 attendees travelled from beyond 80km
      • Majority of non-locals visited region specifically for event
   4. Local residents support festival
      • Locals have voted the Festival as a premier tourist attraction
      • 95% of locals agree event conveys positive impression of region
   5. Sound of Music Festival highly regarded
      • 67% indicated festival was a”world-class” event
      • 72% feel event is superior to similar festivals in other regions
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About Burlington
The City of Burlington is located in southern Ontario on the north shore of Lake Ontario
between Hamilton and Toronto. It is a growing municipality with a population of over
164,000. More information on Burlington can be found at

Local attractions
    Royal Botanical Gardens
    The Waterfront at Burlington Downtown & the Brant St. Pier
    Beachway Park
    Burlington Art Centre
    Museums of Burlington
    Conservation Halton
    Bronte Creek Provincial Park

MoneySense 2010: Canada's Best Places to Live - Burlington Ranks #3

Burlington is known as a great place to live, work and play. In a study done by Money Sense
magazine, Burlington was ranked as the top place to live in the GTA and the 3rd Best Place
to Live in Canada, moving from 4th place in the 2009 listing.

This study is based on a database of 24 indicators, ranging from weather and crime levels to
home prices and employment prospects. This ranking clearly demonstrates how Burlington is
able to sustain itself with a diverse economic base, healthy environment and prosperous

Tips for Media
      Fill out the media accreditation form and get on our mailing list for press releases
      Contact for questions and interview requests
      Contact for information on in-kind and cash
      Accredited media can pick up pass and press kit at the media registration booth at
       the main park entrance (Welcome Centre)
      Contact for questions and interview requests

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                 P R E S E N T S

     Burlington Downtown
        & Waterfront


   EEKth 1
Wne 16                m   usic
                               .c   a
 J     .   sou ndof


                    DOFASCO STAgE

Thursday, June 16
    9:45 pm

                         Friday, June 17
                             9:30 pm

Saturday, June 18
    3:30 pm

                    DOFASCO STAgE

Saturday, June 18
    8:15 pm

                        Saturday, June 18
                            9:45 pm

Sunday, June 19
   3:30 pm

                                            S TA g E

ThE STAnFIELDS                ThE RESpECTAbLES
Thursday, June 16 • 8:00 pm    Thursday, June 16 • 9:45 pm

   ThE REASOn                   CRASh kARMA
 Friday, June 17 • 8:15 pm      Friday, June 17 • 9:45 pm

                        S TA g E

Saturday, June 18
    3:45 pm

                      Saturday, June 18
                          9:45 pm

    Sunday, June 19
       3:45 pm

                     S TA g E

 Friday, June 17
     9:30 pm

                    Saturday, June 18
                        3:45 pm

 & ThE whITE
Saturday, June 18
    9:45 pm

                   S TA g E

                  Sunday, June 19
                     2:15 pm

Sunday, June 19
   3:45 pm

                      S TA g E

 Friday, June 17
     8:00 pm

                      Friday, June 17
                          9:00 pm

    pIC A
Saturday, June 18
    3:00 pm

                      S TA g E

Saturday, June 18
    9:00 pm

                      DAwn &
                      Sunday, June 19
                         3:00 pm

Sunday, June 19
   4:00 pm

Saturday, June 18              Sunday, June 19
1:00-5:30 pm                   1:00-4:45 pm

                                    JuggLE MAgIC

    AnDREw QuEEn

                                 MARkEy wEInSTOCk

      ChARLIE hOpE

 DISnEy pRInCESS CELEbRATIOn        JACk gRunSky

 FrIday EVENING                    SaTurday aFTErNOON
  O N Ta r I O S T r E E T P O d
                                     O N Ta r I O S T r E E T P O d
        aNdrE &                           alFIE SMITh
       ThE J-TONES
    ElGIN STrEET POd                   ElGIN STrEET POd
       ThE ElWINS                         SOuNd ONE
                                         PINE STrEET POd
   MaShEd POTaTO
     MaShErS                          adrIaN raSO
       arTS cENTrE                        arTS cENTrE
      arIaNa GIllIS                  JOrdaN JOhN & ThE
       lyNN MIlES                       BluES aNGElS

SaTurday EVENING                            SuNday
  O N Ta r I O S T r E E T P O d
                                     O N Ta r I O S T r E E T P O d
     ThE ruckSack
        WIllIES                             BruEkkE

      ThE TIch                         ElGIN STrEET POd
    MarEdza BaNd                    SMall TOWN GET uP
                                        PINE STrEET POd
 BurlINGTON PErFOrMING               ThE NEVEr SurPrISE
       arTS cENTrE
    JOrGE MIGuEl

                     JOhN STrEET

  SATuRDAy               SATuRDAy
 AFTERnOOn                EVEnIng
  TrOPIcal dazE        kIllIN’ TIME BaNd
   PETE VaN dyk        SuSaNNE lOW aNd
SuBOurBON STrEET           ThE VIBES

kaWahINE haWaIIaN       SPEcTacular FIrE
& TahITIaN daNcErS         PErFOrMEr

        claSSIcal aT Bac
           haMIlTON all STar
              Jazz BaNd

             JaMES BrOWN

          OrPhEuS MalE chOIr
                                                                                      FATHERS’ DAY WEEKEND
                                                                                      JUNE 16 – 19, 2011

                                           2011 Highlight Schedule

          THURSDAY, JUNE 16th

          Yukon Blonde
          CBC named Yukon Blonde one of the "10 Canadian bands destined to break in 2010",
          and Chart Magazine touted them as the best band at Canadian Music Week. Armed
          with a collection of songs written in the back of the van, Yukon Blonde went into the
          studio in the summer of 2009 to record their first album, which was released in Canada
          and United States by Bumstead Records to rave reviews by such publication as Exclaim,
          Under The Radar and Billboard.

          Bedouin Soundclash
          Forged from friendships made at Queen's University a decade ago, Bedouin Soundclash
          released its debut disc Root Fire in 2001. That album, a steady diet of gigging paved the
          way and planted the seed for their acclaimed sophomore release Sounding a Mosaic
          (2004), which caught critic's and audience's ears with its honest blend of pop, rock, punk
          and reggae. Propelled by the joyous, soul-slaking hit single, When the Night Feels My
          Song, the disc helped earn Beouin its first Juno Awar, for Best New Artits. Follow up
          release, 2007’s Street Gospels, yielded hits such as Walls Fall Down and Until We Burn
          In the Sun (The Kids Just Want a Love Song), and only furthered the band’s reputation.
          Bedouin's 2010 release, Light the Horizon, charts a new course — one that is awash with
          optimism, shimmering with possibilities and heralds the beginning of what could be the
          most defining chapter in the life of one of Canada’s finest and freshest musical entities.

          The Dave Featherstone Band
          The Dave Featherstone Band is a talented, 4 piece rock and roll group from Ontario,
          Canada. While on stage, the energy is felt throughout the entire room, and with the
          infectious hooks and licks of the songs, its hard to leave the room, or turn off your radio
          without tapping your toes, and humming or whistling the tunes. With that in mind, the
          band continues to strive forward with one goal, to give the best rock and roll shows ever
          imagined. So watch out Canada, because you can't help but to expect big things from
          The Dave Featherstone Band.

Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival Inc                                                   Four Fabulous Days of Music
P.O. Box 85007, 561 Brant Street                                                       
Burlington, ON L7R 4K3                                                                                    905.333.6364
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 2

The Stanfields
Meet The Stanfields, a maelstrom of rock ‘n’ roll, Celtic and bluegrass. Hailing from the
gritty post-industrial towns of Nova Scotia, The Stanfields play every show like it’s their
collective last night on earth. Their kitchen party harmonies, thunderous rhythm section,
high-octane stage show and genuine chemistry have won over audiences clear across
the nation.

The Respectables
The Respectables most certainly know the ropes when it comes to rock n' roll! Each
show is a guaranteed party where the audience can get a taste of a great musical
experience worthy to be named amongst the greats in Rock. They were personally
selected by The Rolling Stones to open form them during the Licks World Tour stop in
Montreal. They've played around the world, and their new album features a new
harder rockin' sound!


The River Junction Band
Forget the country band stereotypes: The best way to describe a River Junction Band
performance, is progressive, aggressive, rockin’ country at its best. Coming off the win
for Best Country Act at the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards, the band
continues to be in demand to bring its high-energy show to appreciative audiences and
a growing fan-base. The River Junction Band is honoured in being perennially
nominated, and winning an award for “Most Popular Country Act” by Scene Magazine
readers. They were also finalists in the “Best Live” category, and won, “Best Country”
act at the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards. In January 2011, the band released
their debut single "Born Country" to Canadian Radio with successes across Canada..

Ladies Of The Canyon
Built of four of the strongest musical voices in Montreal's thriving, celebrated scene,
Ladies of The Canyon's sound is as true and passionate as its members. They have built
a fan base on the tried and true principles: write meaningful songs with hooks, play
honestly, and don't be afraid to be your outrageous selves. People are responding, and
everyone seems to agree: this serendipitous collaboration is here to flourish. With the
unexpected combination of their distinct, beautiful voices, their dedication to honest
song writing and their knockout presence, these girls will break your heart, make you
smile, cry, dream and dance. Enjoy.
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 3

Emerson Drive
Canadian country superstars Emerson Drive jump into 2011 full force, celebrating 10
years together with a “Decade and Driving Tour” along with their first-ever greatest hits
package, Decade of Drive. It features timeless hits and material from their extensive
catalogue of chart-topping hits in addition to a selection of unreleased tracks including
the first single, “When I See You Again.” Emerson Drive has achieved many accolades
in their career, including both a Grammy Award nomination and multiple JUNO Award
nominations. This tour and album mark the band’s remarkable success, including over
15 hits in Canada, a #1 single in the USA as well as multiple Top 5 songs on both
countries’ Billboard charts. The award-winning group continues their path by creating
songs that evoke raw energy and true country heart and soul.

Gentlemen Husbands
Gentlemen Husbands have taken their king size anthems to the road, where they
quickly learned that their take on rock n’ roll was more than welcomed. Their new
collection of songs features the bands most eclectic writing to date! Their lively
recordings manage to capture the band’s visceral live performances for the true parties
they have become know to be. They have been hand picked to play festivals such as
SCENE Fest, NXNE, and CMW where their spastic and lively sets have sent audience
members into a daze!

The Reason
Drawn together in early 2003 by their love of music and the impetus to forge their own
musical path, The Reason first caught the attention of audiences and music critics across
Canada with their killer live shows and the release of their debut album Ravenna (2004).
The band's undeniable growing song writing prowess led them down a seemingly new
musical path brimming with a more multi-dimensional sound with the release of their
sophomore album Things Couldn't Be Better in 2007. In August 2010, Hamilton's
favourite sons released their third album and found much success with singles such as
The Longest Highway Home. The passionate confidence that exudes from Fools is the
maturity of a band that has finally found its true voice.

Crash Karma
The self-titled debut from Toronto’s Crash Karma - vocalist Edwin, drummer Jeff
Burrows, guitarist Mike Turner - is the result of three musicians with multi-platinum
pedigrees coming together with one equally skilled musician, Amir Epstein.
“A couple of months into the project, I realized that we really did have something here”
says Edwin. Crash Karma has ended up with a fantastic album titled “Crash Karma”
                               Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 4

that will easily join the ranks of releases from their previous bands of which they are still

Raising Atlantis
New to the scene, Raising Atlantis delivers a powerful pop rock sound unlike any other.
Mixing in a variety of different elements of music, which vary from hardcore all the way
to pop, this young and ambitious band looks to provide catchy music to a growing fan

All For Nothing
All For Nothing delivers a refreshing blend of high energy Pop Punk Rock. Hailing
from Burlington Ontario, AFN creates an unmatchable show for audiences of all ages.
Through their captivating stage presence, wild antics and mind-blowing style, All For
Nothing stands out in an industry burdened with meritocracy. The band recently won
the ‘Best Indie Rock’ award at the 2010 ‘New Music Awards’ and continues to remain a
contender in the local and greater music scene. All For Nothing’s newest album entitled
‘Last Call’ is available now!

Tonight Tonight
With a dream and work ethic second to none, Tonight Tonight moved across the
country from Kelowna, British Columbia to Burlington, Ontario, to release their hook
driven debut EP “Learning” in 2010 - Drawing comparisons to artists like Paramore, and
Anberlin, “Learning” features driving melodic vocals that soar over professional
musicianship. The six song EP is a great introduction to the band, showing off all sides
of this dynamic rock quintet and gaining them support from among
fans from all over the world.

With spell-binding lyrics and the vocal chops to match, Kai is breaking the mold of
conventional main stream music. This 20-year Ontario native brings genuine honesty to
her music. Kai’s debut EP 11:11 is shaping up to be a brilliant collection of songs. Her
song, I Choose Me, was launched earlier this year in a national ad campaign for First
Choice Haircutters. Kai has teamed up with Canadian producer Brian Moncarz of
Rattlebox Studios and commissioned some of Canada’s best talent to record her first EP:
Justin Abedin (Jacksoul), Craig Hunter (Philosopher Kings), Steve Zari and Robbie
Grunwald (Jill Barber), all of who played their hearts out for Kai.
                               Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 5

The Nylons
The Nylons are renowned for their vibrant live shows, featuring dazzling harmonies,
smooth arrangements, tight choreography, and fabulous showmanship. With seven
gold and six platinum recordings, this four-member vocal group is one of Canada’s top
international success stories; their songs have been used in movies; their recordings
have been played to astronauts on NASA space shuttles. The Nylons are celebrating the
release of their 15th album SKIN TIGHT featuring an eclectic collection of jazz
standards, original songs and well know classics. They continue to perform worldwide
to passionate audiences and critical acclaim.

Michael Kaeshammer
On 2011’s KAESHAMMER, Michael Kaeshammer doesn’t simply wow you with his
chops; he invites you in and talks to you. Yes, he’s a gifted singer and songwriter, a
highly trained technician and interpreter and an incendiary piano player. But also, on
stage and off, he’s a consummate host. KAESHAMMER plays like a love letter to life –
A set of original songs as playful as they are contagious. Literally, a feast for your ears
that blends ingredients from Kaeshammer’s vast store of jazz, soul, pop and R&B
influences, served up fresh, piping hot, and with a huge helping of joy on the side.

Andre & The J-Tones
Andre & The J-Tones is a Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Rock, Swing, and Soul band that
performs your favourites from the 60's and 70's. They are energetic with a funky horn
section and a singer with the raspy and gutsy power of Wilson Pickett and the gentle
sound of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. Playing the music of The Commitments, The
Blues Brothers, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sam
& Dave, CCR, and The Beatles. This Hamilton, Ontario band has been together for
approximately 6 years performing all over Ontario.

The Elwins
Ontario independent pop act The Elwins are a part of a vital practice of D.I.Y. pop
eccentrics whose '60s swoon-worthy melodies unabashedly ignore current trends in
indie music. This quartet reminds one of exactly what can be very good about rock and
roll; simplicity and solid song writing backed by some naturally talented young
musicians makes The Elwins a true gem among other independent artists.
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 6

Mashed Potato Mashers
Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers are a unique 9 piece parade style band from
Ottawa. The band's repertoire draws on dancing and parade traditions from around the
world. Balkan, Klezmer, Brazilian, New Orleans Funk traditions and a bit of old country
hollers are all represented. 2 drummers and 7 horn players, a bit of punk delivery and
you have a mobile dance party that grooves. You'll dance, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll
... you'll .... you'll just have to come!

Ariana Gillis
Ariana Gillis shines on stage with a musical message that is a fusion of everything in
between the old and the new, the profound, the sad and the joyful. She joins brilliant
song writing with intelligent and exciting arrangements resulting in a sound whose time
has come. A life-threatening bought with pneumonia was a turning point in her life;
the point where Ariana realized there’s so much to live for and that intensity became her

Lynn Miles
There is something to be said for experience, for taking the time to grow into your own
skin. All sturdy things need time to root firmly into the ground to find their strength.
Lynn Miles is one of Canada's most accomplished singer/songwriters. With seven
albums to her credit, the winner of multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and a 2003
Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year, she has certainly found her
strength over time. She is a musician in the rarest sense of the word, an unmistakable
talent, an eye for both the subtle and sweet that can only be unearthed with experience.

SATURDAY, JUNE 18th (Afternoon)

Ryan and Steve from CHASING AMEE each picked up a guitar in 2002 because they
thought it would get them chicks. The guys went on to log over 150+ shows to date and
have shared the stage with fellow Canadians acts like Mariana’s Trench, Down with
Webster, Wide Mouth Mason, The New Cities, April Wine (yes the April Wine) and
Stereos…just to name a few. Their musical style is a blend of everything from punk to
80’s rock to indie that come together for a unique and infectious sound, which is sure to
be your next guilty pleasure. So infectious that is has recently garnered the interest of
some of Canada’s top producers and A&R folk. To top that off their video for 'Over &
Over' has gained heavy rotation on MuchMusic as well as New.Music.Live
                               Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 7

These Kids Wear Crowns
These Kids Wear Crowns latest album, Jumpstart, is the kind of album so big and
infectious, it needs to be shared — blasted in the clubs, from car stereos, at beach parties,
anywhere masses of people congregate and can dance, jump up and down, and shout
out the lyrics. Their music is an aural energy drink, a strong-arm of happy friends
yanking you to join in the fun.

JUNO Award-nominated band, Stereos, have just completed their 2011 headlining
Canadian tour supporting their recently released sophomore album, Uncontrollable.
The tour gave audiences a chance to hear Uncontrollable live and sing-a-long to fan
favourites from their debut album that put Stereos on the road to success. Their thrilling
live shows combine their pop-rock mentality and newly explored electro-club sound.
The first single, Summer Girl debuted at #2 on the Canadian Hot 100, selling over
120,000 units as a digital single. Stereos was certified gold in album sales by the
Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) and received two JUNO Award
nominations in March 2010 for Best New Artist and Best Pop Album.

Harlan Pepper
Formed in 2008, Harlan Pepper are four young men from Hamilton playing music with
an old soul. Channeling the ghosts of long-gone AM car radios and haunting the dusty
aisles of small town vinyl record bins, Jimmy Hayes (guitar, pedal steel, harmonica),
Dan Edmonds (banjo, keys, vocals), Thompson Wilson (bass, vocals), and Marlon
Nicolle (drums, vocals) are barely out of high school. “These young men write and play
like old souls. There are roots in traditional country, the Grateful Dead, and the great
folk rock and alt-country bands of the past like the Flying Burrito Brothers, the Band,
and Buffalo Springfield.” Bob Segarini (FYI Music Weekly).

The Wooden Sky
Trying to nail down the disparate genres explored by the Wooden Sky isn’t an easy task.
When pressed, the band tosses out tags like “folk rock”, but the words don’t hint at the
nuances in their sound. Ultimately, the Wooden Sky is the sound of collective will; a
group of individuals coming together to forge something bigger. It’s a sound that
started in a garage in downtown Toronto and found its way into the hands one of the
most respected studios and producers in North America. With a new record and new
friends to help them play it, the Wooden Sky are poised to push “folk rock” into
something new, exciting, and earnest.
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 8

The Sadies
The Sadies bring their signature blend of country, psychedelic, rock and surf into rifle-
scope focus, further underscoring their reputations as musicians’ musicians. Always at
the top of the list when discussing musical chops and live intensity, The Sadies are now
more intent than ever on making their mark as songwriters. In one turn as heavy as a
sledge, and on the other flitting across melodies with the ease of so many sparrows, The
Sadies prove once again that denying them now is simply prolonging your conversion.
So go on, pull up that screeching wooden chair that bows with your weight. Slide it up
next to the turntable and drop the needle, The Sadies are a sure thing...tomorrow isn’t.

Inlet Sound
Inlet Sound is the musical convergence of heartfelt folk spirit and atmospheric yet
catchy pop form. With captivating live sets that display both lush arrangements and
memorable hooks, the future of this newly formed band seems very bright to say the

Pic A Piper
Pic a Piper are a collective featuring Brad Weber of Caribou with friends Angus Fraser,
Dan Roberts and Clint Scrivener. The band are known for their sweaty, energetic, drum-
crazy live shows, where audience members become a part of the band by the time the
set has finished. "[Pic a Piper] leave no sonic stone unturned: flute, trumpets,
glockenspiel, flutes, hand claps, bells, and basically anything you can hit to make a
sound. But more than anything it’s the percussion assault that gets you. Their music
doesn’t just have a beat, it’s multi-rhythmic. It’s expansive, it’s communal. It feels put
together from the best parts of a bunch of disparate sounds that only make sense when
they’re together."- Shape + Colour.

Parks & Rec
Since early 2009, Parks & Rec has brought their soundtrack of indie rock songs wherever
they go – the park, the concert hall, or possibly even your house. 2010 saw the release of
their self-titled EP, which shows their penchant for soaring, catchy hooks over driving
rhythms; a wall of sound that alternates between delicate and thunderous. When
attending a P&R show, those inclined to bring their dancing shoes should do so.

Sultans Of String
2010 JUNO Award nominees and “Canada’s ambassadors of musical diversity” Sultans
of String thrill their audiences with their global sonic tapestry of Spanish Flamenco,
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 9

Arabic folk, Cuban rhythms, and French Manouche Gypsy-jazz, celebrating musical
fusion and human creativity with warmth and virtuosity. Fiery violin dances with
rumba-flamenco guitar while a funk bass lays down unstoppable grooves. Acoustic
strings meet with electronic wizardry to create layers and depth of sound, while world
rhythms excite audiences to their feet with the irresistible need to dance.

Samba Squad
Founded by award-winning percussionist Rick Shadrach Lazar, SAMBA SQUAD is an
innovative group that is forging new directions by mixing world rhythms with the
sound-power and street-feel of the drums of the Afro-Brazilian Samba tradition. The
SQUAD's 16-member ensemble bust out in energy and excitement. Samba Squad
embodies the joy of embracing different cultures. The musical roots of Afro-Brazil, Afro-
Cuba, West Africa and Urban Funk are combined to produce a dance-party sensation.
Featuring members of all ages and backgrounds, The SQUAD is a microcosm of
cosmopolitan Toronto and one of the most exhilarating musical experiences in Canada.

Mighty Popo
You could say that the Mighty Popo is a Rwandan/Burundian refugee/survivor whose
music is steeped in African tradition, but you’d hardly be getting at the whole story of
one of Canada’s greatest rising stars. You’d hardly be able to account for his effortless
musicality as a member of the 2004 Juno Award winning African Guitar Summit, the
kudos received for his genre-busting solo work, his highlight performance at the
Canadian edition of Bob Geldof’s international Live 8 concerts (one of the few chosen for
EMI’s Live 8 DVD) or his brilliant return to New Orleans for CBC Radio’s Maple Leaf
Mojo Meets New Orleans Gumbo benefit concert broadcast live across Canada. He is
also one terrific musician and someone to watch – in Canada and around the world.
ReptileParty is back, and so are their friends! Visit the Family Zone on Saturday to check
out the reptile action!

Andrew Queen
Hailed by the press as a “troubadour teacher” and “children’s music comic laureate,”
Andrew Queen is one of the tallest talents to emerge on the family-folk music scene. He
was awarded Favourite Children’s Artist of The Year at the 2011 Indies and his latest
album, Too Tall, won a Parents' Choice and Canadian Folk Music Award. His
storytelling delivery has children laughing out loud as they sing along, breathe in the
                             Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 10

suspense and act out the misadventures. High energy, big laughs, tall tales… Andrew
dishes up one super-sized order of fun!

Charlie Hope
Charlie Hope empowers children with song about what is relevant to their life. A
positive take on naptime, learning about the joys of having a new sibling, and learning
about the limitless possibilities we all have inside of us are all elements portrayed in
Charlie's melodic, sing-able music. Her fresh approach to children's music stems from
the many years she spent with children. From all of her experiences Charlie believes
that music is vital to a child's overall well-being. Her debut release, I'm Me!, earned
Charlie a 2010 Juno nomination for 'Children's Album of the Year'. It has also received
two Independent Music Awards for Best Album and Best Song and the Silver Parent's
Choice Award.

Dreams and Wishes with Rapunzel and Belle
Join your the Beautiful Princesses Rapunzel and Belle as they celebrate that dreams and
wishes really do come true. Celebrate in their Royal Performance and singalong with
the Princesses. Bring your autograph books and cameras to meet the Princesses!

Alfie Smith
Blues artist Alfie Smith is about as unpretentious as they come. Naming his latest album
Brass & Steel was, therefore, an obvious decision given the Hamilton musician's skills at
slide guitar, but the strength inherent to those two words is also a reflection of what
Smith packed into its 21 performances. Whether he's solo or with his band, the Hard
Cases, Smith's powerfully soulful voice and muscular playing never betrays its roots in
the Mississippi Delta, but at the same time could only come from someone with a tough
working-class background." Jason Schneider for Nightlife

Sound One
Sound One play Ska the way it was done 50 years ago, with heart and soul. These fellas
and lady bring you back to a time where horn sections were applauded and heavy
groove carried a sense of pride, the band believes full heartily in the soulful lining of
their hard work. Elements of Ska, Calypso, Rock Steady, Burru Drumming, Soul, and
Jazz are all brought together, driven by powerful horn lines. Playing live is what this
band does, and they kill it every time. Highlights include performing at the 2010
Burlington Sound of Music Festival, 2010 Pitter Patter Festival, as well as sharing the
stage with Modern Afrobeat greats “Nomo” and one of Ska music’s finest
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 11

singer/songwriters “Chris Murray”.Join the ska-jazz dance party that lets your body
sweat, your ear drums jump and your feet pulse.

Adrian Raso
Reviews regarding Adrian’s body of work consider him a guitar virtuoso, an
exceptional songwriter, and his jaw-dropping live shows never fail to impress. Hailing
from Guelph, Adrian is currently recording a new album due this summer. With several
albums already released, Adrian's work reflects his versatility and musicianship over a
variety of styles ranging from Gypsy to Latin.

Jordan John & The Blue Angels
The Blues Angels are a polished and powerful trio from Toronto who reach across
decades of age, experience and influence to create a reverent, yet fresh and groove-
infused, take on the blues. It’s harder to describe the magic and force that come off the
stage as soon as the Blues Angels launch into their opening number. Over the course of
an evening, you’ll hear every influence, emotion and astonishing virtuosity from every
member of the band. It’s a compelling and exuberant mix of influences, all honed and
distilled into a traditional blues context. It’s a sound that draws in and delights both
blues purists and casual listeners. It’s a potent combination of musical tradition and
vitality that is uniquely the Blues Angels.

Hamilton All Star Jazz Band
Hamilton All Star Jazz Band was established in 1984 by teacher, director and musician,
Russ Weil. Dr. Weil wanted to ensure that a high level of artistic experience would
carry on for students in this part of Southern Ontario. With four separate groups
currently running, ages 12-25, the organization is now unique in Canada, continuing to
develop the talents of young musicians. Over the years the band has been featured at
international events such as Expo 86 in Vancouver, the Montreux Jazz Festival in
Switzerland four times, the Vienne Jazz Festival in France, the Canadian Embassy in
Paris, the International Association for Jazz Education Conference in New York City and
the 2003 Juno Beach Centre opening ceremonies in Normandy. They have released eight
CDs with guest appearances by some of the world’s greatest jazz artists, and have
performed for the Prime Minister, the Governor General and for the golden jubilee of
Queen Elizabeth II.
                            Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 12

James Brown
James Brown has been praised for his fluent technique, lyrical tone, and daring melodic
invention. He has appeared with many of Canadian and international Artists including
The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (with Eric Idol), Toronto Philharmonic, and Sound
Streams Canada (with The Hilliard Ensemble, and Steve Reich). His most recent CD
"Sevendaze" features a stellar Canadian line up including Don Thompson, Quinsin
Nachoff, Jim Vivan and Anthony Michelli. “…James Brown is exploratory, inventive
with a natural fluency and a ton of endless, intriguing ideas.” - Performing Arts

Canadian Orpheus Male Choir
The Canadian Orpheus Male Choir is an internationally known Canadian Male Voice
Choir of some 70 members from varied cultural backgrounds, who have established a
reputation of "Men Who Love To Sing" who perform an extensive eclectic repertoire.
They have performed with such luminaries as the Canadian Brass and the Central Band
of the Canadian Armed Forces at venues such as Roy Thomson Hall, the Royal Albert
Hall and Westminster Abbey.

SATURDAY, JUNE 18th (Evening)

Paper Lions
Paper Lions is a Canadian pop rock band hailing from the unlikely small community of
Belfast, Prince Edward Island. Since their inception Paper Lions has garnered consistent
praise for their unique live show experience. They have had the pleasure of playing
alongside many of North America's finest acts such as CAKE, The Rheostatics, Joel
Plaskett, The Golden Dogs, and Hey Rosetta! Paper Lions has also been nominated for
10 East Coast Music awards, taking home Pop Recording of the Year in 2006. Paper
Lions also graced the stage at The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, as well as the 2010
World Expo in Shanghai, China..

Hollerado is four friends that grew up on the same street in tiny Manotick, Ontario,
Canada. They’ve also become one of the most lovable groups on the planet thanks to
insanely catchy and energetic guitar pop, boundless creativity and a relentless DIY
approach. Hollerado has also gained international recognition through tours of China
and South America and has earned its stripes by playing with The Dead Weather,
Weezer, The Black Lips, Girl Talk, Andrew W.K. and Titus Andronicus. Hollerado’s
songs combine the melody and energy of 90s Weezer and Supergrass with the irreverent
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 13

wit of Stephen Malkmus and their shows that have been described as elementary school
recess with beer and piñatas and acid at a house party. Their ground-breaking debut is
jam-packed with crazy-catchy melodies, raging hooks and riffs that will stay with you
forever. Record In A Bag is fun, infectious and an instant classic.

Tokyo Police Club
For a band that burst on the scene with an ecstatically received 16 minutes of music
(2006's A Lesson In Crime EP) followed in rapid fire succession by additional EPs and
singles (Smith, “Your English Is Good”) and a debut album (2008’s Elephant Shell) all in
under two years time, you’d think 26 months between albums would be an interminable
wait. And it might well have been for Tokyo Police Club, had they not toured
relentlessly in support of that first album through August of 2009—and started writing
new songs virtually the second their previous record was put to bed.

The Heartbroken
Some things take no thought, they just take heart. “Tonight Tonight”, the debut album
from Toronto’s The Heartbroken might as well be a bandage for bleeding hearts and
souls around the world. It is a visceral reaction to the blows of life and love, a moment
to enjoy being on the ground, because you know you are going to be that much stronger
when you get back up. The Heartbroken started playing live with an acoustic residency
at the Three Speed in Toronto and then on to the legendary Dakota Tavern (owned by
Shawn Creamer of the The Beauties), where they stood up, plugged in and played so
hard, they almost fell over. Whether they’re on guitar, piano, mandolin, drums, banjo,
bass or monosynth, it doesn’t matter who’s playing what, they are lungs to heart and
heart to blood.

Jimmy Rankin
It’s not that Jimmy Rankin puts his heart on his sleeve, but he’s sure not afraid to roll’em
up and consider the state of love in the modern world. With his fourth solo CD, Forget
About the World (released April 12, 2011, Song Dog Label), Jimmy Rankin serves up a
decidedly jubilant songwriter record that celebrates love and life with a fervour. Rankin
takes listeners on a musical journey with a dozen songs imbued with a strong sense of
imagery that captures the essence of emotions, moments where things change – for the
better, for the worse, forever.
                             Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 14

Barra MacNeils
The Barra MacNeils live concert experience brings so much more to the stage than most
live acts ever can. Multiple lead vocalists, beautiful sibling harmonies, top drawer
instrumental prowess on a wide variety of acoustic, stringed, percussion and wind
instruments blended with dancing, storytelling, Gaelic songs and a journey through an
ancient culture; it is family entertainment at its highest level. Steeped in Cape Breton
tradition with strong Celtic roots and musical artistry, this diverse and talented family
group continues to wow audiences around the world with their captivating vocals,
harmonies and extraordinary musicianship.

Victory, Sweet Victory
Victory, Sweet Victory formed in 2009 and consists of five artistic and enthusiastic
young musicians from Hamilton, Brantford and Toronto area. Their musical style is
“progressive pop-punk with a rock slant,” and combines pop melodies with speedy
punk tempos, chord changes and loud guitars. Victory, Sweet Victory! has a radio
friendly sheen to their music, and an energetic, high-spirited stage performance that will
leave the audience energized!

Weekend Riot Club
It's rare to see a band develop so much buzz so quickly. What's all the fuss about; the
raw intensity of their live shows or the way their songs ignite your spirit? Whatever the
reason, there is no doubt WEEKEND RIOT CLUB is a rock masterpiece that will change
your life when you hear them. They have already drawn the attention of some of the
biggest players in the music industry, sharing the stage with members of Hole, The
Smashing Pumpkins, and The Sex Pistols to name a few. They are currently recording
their first E.P. with Bob Doidge (U2, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan) to be released in Summer
2011. It's gonna be a big year for WEEKEND RIOT CLUB. It's gonna be a big year for
YOU. Buckle up!

The Ascot Royals
Maybe it’s the shared genes, or maybe it’s the sibling rivalry, but whatever the reason,
bands featuring brothers have become a real staple in the music industry. From AC/DC
to Kings of Leon, there’s just something special about the results achieved from fusing
brothers with music. The Ascot Royals are the latest addition to this time-honored
tradition. From success in studio to concert triumphs, The Ascot Royals have also had
their fair share of memorable performances. They’ve played alongside some of Canada’s
                             Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 15

brightest stars, including Hollerado, Down With Webster, The Reason, Sweet Thing,
USS and San Sebastian – and that’s all in the past year and a half.

Two Crown King
Two Crown King, London Ontario, is a 6 piece collective mixing rock, hip hop, soul and
funk. Crafting catchy songs with strong pop sensibilities, they have managed to
develop a dedicated fan base over their short lifespan. Constantly touring up and down
the 401, Two Crown King has played with Shad, Classified, Ill Scarlett, Brother Ali,
Maestro Fresh Wes, USS, Down With Webster, The Trews and the list goes on. After a
successful run of “Two Crown King is a Demo”, selling thousands of digital drop card
samplers, Two Crown King is excited to release their debut self titled album in coming

Monkey Junk
Legendary delta bluesman Son House spoke about a passion for his music and was
quoted as saying "I'm talkin' 'bout the blues. . . I ain't talkin' 'bout monkey junk!"
MonkeyJunk is a band that draws heavily on the legends of the blues and translates that
influence into a contemporary blend of swamp R&B, soul boogie and bedroom funk.
This triple threat trio comprised of Steve Marriner, Tony D and Matt Sobb draws on
ALMOST 60 years of combined experience playing blues live and in studio . . . and it
shows. Go get yourself some MonkeyJunk!.

Shane Koyczan
In a world where poets rarely intersect with stardom, the Opening Ceremonies for the
2010 Winter Olympics introduced us to Shane Koyczan. With a collective “wow” across
Canada, we found the poet of our generation. And we weren’t even looking for one.
Powerfully engaging and authentic in attitude, his explorations are relevant to our times
in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Downie and Leonard Cohen are to
theirs. But unlike the musicians that he’s often compared to, poets rarely infiltrate pop
culture. Koyzcan emerges in a new wave of 21st century poetry that dares to belong to
the people and speak directly to them in their own voice. Shane Koyczan is truly an
extraordinary talent that has blown the dust off of the designation “poet”.

Luke Doucet & The White Falcon
Juno Award nominated, Canadian Folk Music Award winning artist Luke Doucet has
won Canadian and international praise and has topped Best Of lists by The Independent
in the UK and the Toronto Star, which gave Blood’s Too Rich the Top Album of the Year
                             Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 16

in 2009. The album also caught the attention of Nick Hornby, author of High Fidelity,
who blogged twice about the record and included Luke in his 2008 Top Ten Playlist.
Luke also landed #25 on Paste Magazine’s Top 100 of the Year with the album Broken
(and other rogue states).

The Rucksack Willies
Formed in 2008, the Rucksack Willies are a barn burning tour de force of old style
country stomping with a solid injection of endlessly original songwriting from front-
woman Angela Hilts. Playing around Ontario for the past three years, they have
garnered a reputation for having one of the most energetic stage shows in the Golden
Horseshoe and beyond. Currently the group is finishing its debut CD. Produced by
Michael Eckert and Engineered and mixed by Reuben Ghose the CD has been
painstakingly assembled and perfected to present the full force of the Willies’ live show.
Featuring the likes of David Baxter, John Williams (clarinet), and Laura Bates, the record
will surely not disappoint.

The Tich Maredza Band
The Tich Maredza Band plays a fusion Zimbabwean rhythms with feeling. 2
Zimbabweans, 2 US expats, and 1 Colombian make up this polyrhythmic Toronto
ensemble of drums and guitars. Narrated and sung in Shona and English, Tich's music
chronicles the struggles and triumphs of his journey, in music and life. He engages
audiences with his affable nature while the band moves people from their seats to the
dance floor. Find us on Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube.

Groove Altar
GrooveAlter – is a seven-piece R&B collaboration including accomplished and
discerning artists who want to achieve the ultimate in live music – bringing the beat
back. Each performance by GrooveAlter is lively and memorable, no matter where they
perform. Individual personalities and styles blend into an impressive and cohesive
sound while taking the audience on an entertaining voyage to the past.

Jorge Migiel
Jorge Miguel is a Spanish Canadian Flamenco guitarist and composer. FLAMENCO is
the name of his new CD and show. Passionate, aggressive and percussive music, dance
and song will take you on a journey to the contemporary Flamenco scene in Spain.
Performers include Eliana Cuevas on vocals, Paul Donat on double bass, percussionists
Daniel Stone and Luis Orbegoso, and Flamenco dancers Ilse Gudino and Catalina Fellay.
                              Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 17

Jorge Miguel's style of Flamenco is full contact, take no prisoners hard-core. This is the
real thing.


Sandman Viper Command
It didn’t take their hometown of Burlington, Ontario and the surrounding cities long to
pick up on this truly great find. Hamilton’s View magazine scribed, “Sandman Viper
Command conjures up references to Sloan - but in away that is still fresh… for a debut
recording, this is a standout on so many levels… the band to watch in 2010” and the
Hamilton Spectator was quick to state, “”Everyone ‘gets’ Sandman Viper Command”. In
an unconventional twist the band’s song “Yo Bobcat” debuted on the Fan590’s “Prime
Time Sports” with Bob McCown, in what the band can only refer to as the “collapsing of
a quantum waveform” presenting them with national coverage and since then SVC have
even been referred to as the “house band” of the show, by Bob himself!.

The Balconies
A lot of things can happen in university. You can walk away with a degree, a career
path, and a place to start. Or sometimes you leave university with a killer rock and roll
band. While training in classical music at Ottawa University, Jacquie Neville and Liam
Jaeger met in between concert etudes and ensemble practice. Though their passion for
post-tonal theory and Brahms is a common thread, something else bound them together,
and that something was their need to let loose on stage in the form of an incredibly
high-energy pop band, taking their classically-trained backgrounds and throwing it all
aside in exchange for soaked t-shirts, frantically dancing fans, and beer-stained van

"Thirty years ago, people said that we were cynical, that we had a bad attitude," says
Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh. "But now, when you ask people if de-evolution is real, they
understand that there was something to what we were saying. It’s not the kind of thing
you want to see proven right, but it does make it easier to talk about." Devo's sound,
style, and philosophy have been an influence on artists from Rage Against the Machine
to Lady Gaga. Kurt Cobain once said, "Of all the bands who came from the
underground and actually made it in the mainstream, Devo is the most challenging and
subversive of all." A Devo for our times. A band that evolves, even as the world around
them confirms the decay they have long suspected. With Something for Everybody,
                             Burlington’s Sound Of Music Festival 2011 Highlight Release Schedule Page 18

Devo has gained from experience, honed its attack, and stands ready to sound the alarm
for another generation.

Men Without Hats
Is it safe to dance? You bet it is. For the first time in 2 decades Montreal’s New Wave
Group Men Without Hats are going on tour in Canada. The group that brought us such
iconic hits as The Safety Dance and Pop Goes The World will kick off the “Dance If You
Want Tour” in Victoria on May 6th and then make their way through the Rockies for six
not to be missed shows. The 1980’s group led by original member Ivan Doroschuk
reformed in 2010 to perform at Rifflandia and then blew the socks off of their Club
Deville SXSW showcase this past March to rave reviews. With six studio albums
released since forming in the late 70’s - their songs have been featured on hit TV series
such as Glee, The Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy. The Safety Dance reached Top
10 in the US, the UK and 25 other countries around the world. Dust off your dancing
shoes and join Men Without Hats on tour this spring.

Koetta Black
Combining meaningful lyrics with catchy, aggressive chord progressions, Koetta Black
has been tearing up the Burlington music for over 2 years. Formed at a rock school,
"Rock This Way", in September 2008 as a continuation effort of the band originally
created the previous May by Joe "Strange" Favalaro, Will Anderson, and Rob Brown.
The addition of Patrick Guschewski completed the line-up. After a year of playing
cover songs by their favourite bands, Koetta Black recorded their first demo in late 2009
which was released February 20th, 2010. After storming through 2010 and increasing
their fan base with each show, the band is excited to unleash its most recent EP "Kick
Back". The band anticipates a busy summer schedule and are excited for the what the
future holds in store for them.!/pages/Koetta-Black/42387622623?sk=app_178091127385

The Salads
Over the course of the last 15 years, Toronto band The Salads, have become, arguably,
Canada's best band. Songs like "Get Loose", "The Roth Kung Fu" and "Today Is Your
Lucky Day" (respectively from 2003's FOLD A TO B and 2005's BAND GONE WILD
DVD - both on Maui Wowie Records/Kindling Music/EMI Music Canada) have been
heard around the world in huge Movies*, huge TV shows**, and a lot of commercials.
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The Creepshow
Formed in the dirty back alleys and dive bars of Toronto in 2005, THE CREEPSHOW
has redefined the saying “No Rest For The Wicked”. Since their inception, the band has
brought their genre-defying blend of country-tinged, psycho punk rock n’ roll to over 25
countries worldwide with plans to conquer many more as soon as possible. THE
CREEPSHOW is an explosion of live energy that is a tasty treat for the ears and eyes
alike… Whatever you do though, don’t write THE CREEPSHOW off as just another
psychobilly band. While their lyrics draw inspiration from b-movies and early horror
films, they’re also full of personal insight and personal stories dealing with everything
from addiction to anxiety to love gone wrong.

Thought Beneath Film
Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences, ranging from the guitar driven sound of
the 90's to the modern indie-pop of today's Canadian music scene, Thought Beneath
Film has created an honest representation of themselves and their musical tastes: high
energy, no-strings-attached indie-pop.

Tallulah Darling
Tallulah Darling is an exciting new all girl pop/rock band. The four talented musicians
came together from a shard passion for music, some might even say an obsession for
music. On their own, collectively they have played at most of the clubs from Toronto to
Hamilton. They write their own songs, spend a great deal of time dancing to the bands
that play before them and expertly manage to have a great deal of fun!

Dawn & Marra
Emerging from the small town of Dundas, Ontario, Dawn and Marra won the 2010
Hamilton Music Awards Rising Star competition. With the upcoming release of their
debut album in fall of 2011, "Never Ask Me Why", Dawn and Marra's incredible song
writing is showcased with beautiful harmonies and exceptional musicality. With
standout tracks like "Maybe" and "Lovin' You" already creating a buzz, "Never Ask Me
Why" is an essential addition to any music lover's library.

Adam Cooke
Burlington born and raised, Adam Cooke is a multi instrumentalist that has been a
fixture on the GTA music scene for well over a decade. His latest release, "Rock You
Down", has garnered positive reviews and has seen Adam in demand as a performer
playing regularly in and around Burlington and Hamilton. A self professed pop fan,
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heavy rock, reggae and funk influences drive Adam's strong and melodic songwriting.
Coupled with a tight and talented band, Adam's original shows are not to be missed.

Peter Katz
CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award Winner and the Grand Prize Winner of Toronto’s Indie
Week, recording artist Peter Katz captivates listeners with his unique brand of folk
music. Playing 150+ dates a year all over the world, Katz’s remarkable grassroots efforts
have resulted in him independently selling over 12,000 copies of his discs. Peter’s latest
record ‘First of the Last to Know’ debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts and reached #1
three more consecutive times. The album features guest appearances by Academy
Award Winner Glen Hansard (The Swell Season, ‘Once’) and Juno Award Winners ‘The
Good Lovelies’.

Chic Gamine
In 2007, four women traveled halfway across the continent to stand together with one
man for the very first time in a Montréal basement, throw together some songs in a
home recording studio, and make a demo. It was the start of a journey that, in less than
two years, would take five musicians from that fateful basement to Canada’s top stages,
critics’ ‘Best of’ lists, and beyond. The furious pace of this musical momentum is the first
hint that Chic Gamine is not quite like the others. This is not your grandpa’s vocal
music. All five members pen stories about the beautiful longings of life, tied up by
ribbons of exquisite four-part harmonies and Doaud’s flashes of just-right drumming.
Call it music for a band where all the parts just happen to be played by voices and, no
matter how those vocals rise and fall, the feeling of their movement, the pull in the
ribcage, the tingle in the spine, remains the same. Call it pop-vox ‘n ‘roll. Or just call it
Chic Gamine, and leave it at that.

Le Vent Du Nord
Since its inception in August 2002, Le Vent du Nord has enjoyed rocketing success. They
received several prestigious awards, including a 2011 JUNO Award. The band is now
one of the most-loved Québec folk outfits throughout the world. The group’s current
line-up consists of singers/multi-instrumentalists Nicolas Boulerice, Simon Beaudry,
Olivier Demers, and Réjean Brunet. Some of their songs come from traditional folk
repertoire, while others are original compositions. On stage, these four friends achieve
peaks of happiness they eagerly share with any and all audiences. Le Vend du Nord
know how to deliver music that will move any crowd – to their feet and in their hearts!
This is undoubtedly music of the here and now.
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Juggle Magic
Corrie is a professional juggler, champion baton twirler and an amazing magician. She
tells funny jokes and dances around with participation from the audience. Check out
Corrie's unique balloon sculptures and fun time face painting in the Family Zone!.

Markey Weinstock
Marky Weinstock is a popular children’s entertainer, award winning songwriter, and
respected educator. He continues to perform across the continent
and overseas, picking up new instruments and stories along the way. His unforgettable
concerts have become a festival favourite, filled with singing,
dancing, group participation and lots of laughter. Children and grown-ups alike will fall
in love with Marky’s music. It will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

Jack Grunsky
Over the past 25 years, Jack Grunsky’s name has become synonymous with excellence in
children’s music. His 13 recordings for children have received all of the most prestigious
awards in children's media, including 3 JUNO Awards for Best Children's Recording
and several US Parents' Choice Gold Awards. His music career as a singer-songwriter
began in Europe in the mid-sixties, but after returning to Toronto in 1974, his musical
interests have broadened to include music for young people. Jack is known for
pioneering new forms of musical expression for children, drawing on multicultural
influences and a variety of musical genres, often integrating sounds and rhythms from
his colourful palette of global musical instruments. He is often invited to present
keynote concerts and workshops for Early Childhood educators. With his gift of writing
beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics, Jack’s songs have enchanted his audiences

Hailing from throughout the Great White North and calling Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
home, Bruekke (you say it ‘brew-key’) crafts earnest songs, brimming with memorable
moments. Thoughtful lyrics are layered by rich harmonies and woven with careful
instrumentation, offering tailored tunes exploring everything from the profound to the
mundane, from love and inner demons to the changing of the seasons. Their debut, The
Loft EP, highlights the band’s songwriting. Recorded in an organic, home-studio setting
during the final weeks of 2010, the result is a raw acoustic sound that showcases the
band's rich harmonies and folksy instrumentation.
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Small Town Get Up
Intense horn riffs, sweet vocal melodies combined with energetic, jaw dropping
performances Small Town Get Up is not your average ska band. Influences of jazz,
punk, reggae, and progressive rock can be found on their current 5-song EP, Mayhem
Circus. Small Town Get Up has played throughout the GTA, with performances in
Grimbsy and St. Catharines; the El Mocambo in Toronto and a Haiti relief benefit
concert the Lincoln Alexander Theatre in Hamilton.

The Never Surprise
The Never Surprise began in 2006 when David Gaudet and Nick Eackins were writing
songs together in Ottawa. Shortly after they started collaborating, Nick left Canada to
pursue other career opportunities. David continued in Ottawa, releasing a critically
acclaimed solo EP which earned him a CBC Galaxie Rising Star award in 2007. Fast
forward to 2008 and the pair find themselves relocated in Vancouver, and through a
serendipitous sequence of events, wind up next door neighbours. Convinced of the
strange powers of the universe, and itching to get back to playing music they couldn't
pass up the opportunity to collaborate once more.


June 16th to 19th will mark Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival's 32 nd year of creating "Four
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welcoming close to 200,000 visitors annually.

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