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									                                      District 19C
JULY 2006                                                               District Governor Tom Lonn

                                                   To all the Lions in District C, it is
                                                with great pleasure that we get to
                                                serve such a great District! We have
    MARK YOUR CALENDAR                          a great slate of Chairpersons in the
                                                District Cabinet, Zone Chairs and
     Lions Journey for Diabetes                 from what we have seen at the
       Saturday, July 22, 2006                  Leadership Training sessions, we
   At the Rail Trail in Orting, across from     have Club Officers who will help us
                 the Eagles Hall                 live up to our Lions motto of “WE
    $50 donation gets you a t-shirt, door       Serve.”
  prize ticket, and free lunch after the walk     Our District motto this year is
     Entry Deadline is July 15, 2006 for        “Lions on the Move” and to that end
          shirts, lunch and door prize          we are going to work to help clubs that need help and get
  Contact: Lion Shannon Grace, 253-848-         them to be healthy clubs again. We have a Retention Chair
          3390; slgrace@comcast.net             on the Cabinet who is going to help promote a binder that
                                                will help in orientation and retention for new members as
        District Cabinet Meeting                well as any Lion that wants to know more about their club.
           Friday, July 28, 2006                An example of this binder will be available to any club that
    At the Alpine Retirement Center in          wants it and it can be adapted however a club wants to use
                 Shelton                        it.
      Social: 6:15 pm; Dinner 7 pm                 We will strive to maintain the team work that has been in
              Cost: $10 pp                      place in District C for some time now and we can best do
  RSVP Please: Lion Ed Brend, 360-455-          that by being available with whatever help clubs in the
         0185; lioned@juno.com                  District may need. We have excellent Leadership,
                                                Membership, Public Relations and Resource Chairs and
               Banner Passing                   they are willing to help. One of our other goals is to follow
           Friday, August 25, 2006              up with Extension of at least one new club for District C
          At the Tacoma Elks Club,              this year. Extension Chair Pete Gomes and his team started
           1925 S. Union, Tacoma                a new club in Tacoma (see article) just before the end of DG
        Social: 6 pm; Dinner: 6:45 pm           Ida Malone‟s year. We also would like to bring in some
        Cost: $ 20 pp (Seafood Buffet)          new Leo Clubs into the District.
     RSVP Please: ZC Marilynn Danby                 We are looking forward to seeing all the Lions in District
     (h) 253-471-0180 (w) 253-476-6451          C during our visitations and at other Lion events during this
  (c) 253-208-4556; mdanby@comcast.net          year. Yours in Lionism,
                                                                                      DG Tom

                             Lions on the Move
                 Coming Soon
        To   a   Theatre    Close To You
          “MD 19 Fall Forum”
           Ocean Shores, WA
         October 20 & 21, 2006
      More information follows in next
       months Newsletter. Stay Tuned.

Covington Lions Club
Covington Days Festival, organized by the   Tenino Lions Club
Covington Lions, will be held on July 28-   The Tenino Lions recently presented four
29, 2006, thanks to a $10,000 donation      new bikes (2 girl & 2 boy) to Tenino students
from Wal-Mart. Lion Judy Swanbeg, co-       in their ―Bikes for Books‖ project. This club
chair of the event, said the festival was   is also participating in the Tenino
about to be canceled because of a money     Centennial on Saturday, July 22, 2006.
shortage. The community parade is open      They will organize the parade, have a food
to ―anybody who wants to join,‖ says        booth in the park and again at the concert
Judy. A big THANKS to Wal-Mart for          that evening. Former President and Life
saving the day!!!                           Member, Al Hacker, will be one of the Parade
Tumwater Lions Club
The Tumwater Lions recently awarded         Puyallup Lions Club
four $500 scholarships to students from     Lion Terri Soliz was presented the coveted
the Black Hills High School and             Melvin Jones Fellowship by her fellow club
Tumwater High School. In addition, Lion     members. Congratulations Terri !
Tom Leal was presented a Melvin Jones
Fellowship for his outstanding service to   New Lions Club in Zone C-1
the community and to the Tumwater           Thanks to the help of District C Extension
Lions. Congratulations Tom!!                Chair, Pete Gomes, and the Tacoma
                                            Southeast Lions Club, a new club has been
Bonney Lake Lions Club                      established in the Tacoma Lincoln area.
Bonney Lake Lions will be hosting a Lions   They have 26 charter members signed up.
Info table, hot dog/soda pop stand, Blood   Info on Charter Night will be out soon.
Drive Van and the Lions Health
Screening Van (Sunday only) at the          Lakewood Korean Lions
Bonney Lake Days scheduled for August       The Lakewood Korean Lions will have their
18,19, 20, 2006. More info can be found     installation of new Officers on Thursday,
by contacting the event coordinator,        July 20, 2006, at Lieu’s Restaurant, 12151
David Wells, at wellsd@cl.bonney-           Pacific Ave S, Parkland. Installing officer
lake.wa.us Bonney Lake Lions also plan      will be the ―infamous‖ ZC Marilynn Danby.
to open their ―Lions 4 Kids‖ Clothing       Please call Charlie Chan, 253-434-4466 if
Bank on August 21st.                        you plan to attend.
                    Camp Leo Needs Help
Camp Leo is still looking for volunteers to help in the kitchen
during their August 13-19 session. They hope to get enough
volunteers for two shifts (shift 1-breakfast & lunch, shift 2 –
dinner). The camp also needs a group to clean up on Saturday.
Call Pauline Ostheller, 360-598-2239 or email
posthell@gocougs.wsu.edu. to schedule a time.

            Reflections on the Lions International Convention Boston 2006
                             by District Governor Tom Lonn
 We had a good time in Boston, with the District Governor’s training taking up the first
 four days we were there. The nine Governors from MD 19 were all there and we did
 quite a few things together and we bonded together as a group.
 During the training, our International President, Jimmy Ross, talked to the 756
 District Governors elect on three occasions. Jimmy Ross is a great speaker and his
 views are the same as what we would like to do in District C. He sees us first taking
 care of our communities and where our members live. If we do this, we will encourage
 other community-minded citizens to join our clubs. As our clubs grow and become
 healthy, we will be able to do more for our communities and be able to help those less
 fortunate than ourselves. At the same time, we live up to our motto of “We Serve.”
 President Ross is from Quitaque, Texas, where he farmed and raised cattle. He has
 done many other things in his community – as a member of both the Water Control and
 Improvement Board and the District Juvenile Probation Board. He joined Lions in
 1969, was elected District Governor in 1985, International Director in 1996 and 2nd
 Vice President in 2004. There will be more about our International President in future
 issues of this Newsletter.

   Federal Way Lions Annual Car
 The Federal Way Lions will be having their
 annual “Car Show” on Saturday, August 26,
 2006, at the Commons Mall (used to be SeaTac
 Mall). The show will be from 9 am to 4 pm and
 will include all classes of cars, music, and
 entertainment. Next to the Car Show will be the
 Federal Way Festival. Registration fee for
 entering a car is only $15 prior to Aug 21 and
 $20 after Aug. 21. For a registration form, call      District Governor Tom
 Nancy Rathe, 253-838-7420 or Donna, 253-              leads the 19C
 565-1876. Proceeds from the car show go to the        contingent at the
 Federal Way Lions Scholarship Fund. Sounds            International Parade
 like a fun day to me!!                                in Boston. “Where did
                                                       you get that Hat,
                          DISTRICT “C” CABINET 2006-2007
District Governor            Leadership Co-Chair           Club Branch                    Leo Clubs
Tom Lonn (Joanne)            PZC Jan McCaffrey             PDG Bob Wagers (Shirley)       PZC Karl Ostheller
38312 83rd Ave E             Res: 253-460-1968             Res: 253-851-5318              (Pauline)
Eatonville, WA. 98328        Bus: 253-588-6668             Gig Harbor Lions               Res: 360-598-2239
Res: 360-832-8960            Lakewood First Lions          bwagers@harbornet.net          Poulsbo Noon Lions
Cell: 253-691-9615           janmccaffrey10@hotmail.com                                   doco@tscnet.com
Eatonville Lions                                           Convention Co-Chair
tomlonn@rainierconnect.com   Leadership Co-Chair           PZC John Budzak, Jr (Tracie)   Peace Poster
                             PZC Dave Pratt (Jacqueline)   Res: 253-848-2353              PZC Bonnie Williamson
Vice District Governor       Res: 360-400-1746             Puyallup Lions                 (Mel)
Barbara Ellis (Bill)         Cell: 360-791-6531            Warbuff60@comcast.net          Res: 360-427-1964
244 SW 330th St              Yelm Lions                                                   Fax: 360-427-4271
Federal Way, WA 98023        2lions4yelm@ywave.com         Convention Co-Chair            Mellow24@comcast.net
Res: 253-925-5865                                          ZC Marilynn Danby
Federal Way Knights Lions    Extension Co-Chair            Res: 253-471-0180              Sight
barbaellis@aol.com           PZC Bob Darrigan (Sharon)     Bus: 253-476-6451              PZC Joe Morales (Elaine)
                             Res: 253-874-4382             Cell: 253-208-4556             Res: 253-858-8100
District Advisor             Bus: 253-927-9550             Tacoma Downtown Lions          Gig Harbor Lions
IPDG Ida Malone              Federal Way Lions             mdanby@comcast.net             joemm@centurytel.net
Res: 360-377-5181            worldbooks@msn.com
Cell: 360-710-8949                                         District Roster & IT           Hearing
Fax: 360-377-3323            Extension Co-Chair            David Risley                   Lynn Byrne (Kenny)
Bremerton Central Lions    PDG Pete Gomes (Joey)           Res: 360-394-1816              Res: 360-373-1979
idahmalone@comcast.net     Res: 253-939-8436               Poulsbo Noon Lions             Bus: 360-479-4065
                           Cell: 253-740-0493              davidrisley@comcast.net        Bremerton Central Lions
Honorary                   Kent Lions                                                     lynn@help2hear.com
PCC Bud Dunlap (Dorothy) pinepete@comcast.net              Contest & Awards Co-
Res: 360-832-6921                                          Chair                          Leader Dog
Eatonville Lions           Camp Leo                        PZC Rena Larson                IPZC Roberta Pinson (Bob)
                           PDG Jim LaBelle (Carol)         Res: 253-471-6119              Res: 360-493-2020
Cabinet Secretary          Res: 360-456-5775               lionrena@juno.com              Lacey Sunrise Lions
PDG Em Bishop (Lea)        Lacey Sunrise Lions                                            rrpinson@comcast.net
Res: 360-825-6328          Jimlabelle31@comcast.net        Contest & Awards Co-
Fax: 360-856-6150                                          Chair                          Lions Quest
Enumclaw Lions             Public Relations                PZC Karl Ostheller (Pauline)   Helen Patterson
embishop@ comcast.net      PZC John Doyle (Marlene)        Res: 360-598-2239              Res: 360-434-2695
                           REs: 253-472-5238               Poulsbo Noon Lions             Port Orchard Lions
Cabinet Treasurer          Cell: 253-209-7453              doco@tscnet.com                2toysbyhelen@discovery
PZC Marvin Keizur (Myrtle) Tacoma Southeast Lions                                         toyslink.com
Res: 253-884-6417          dezellson@aol.com               Environment
Bus: 253-884-3566                                          PZC Grace Gius                 Campus Chair
Key Peninsula Lions        Retention                       Res: 253-858-6834              PZC Marc Ericksen
mkeizur@aol.com            PZC John Gardner (Kay)          Lakewood First Lions           (Jenny)
                           Res: 360-692-8994               liongius@worldlions.net        Res: 360-943-1365
Membership                 Silverdale Sunrise Lions                                       Tumwater Lions
PDG Jim McCown             jgardner@donobi.net             Eyeglass Recycle               marceriksen@juno.com
Res: 360-459-5469                                          NWLERC
Cell: 360-701-8945         C.A.R.E.                        IPZC John Fisher (Laura)       Parliamentarian
Lacey Mid Day Lions        PZC Dennis Reed (Dorothy)       Res: 253-947-0757              PDG Bill Ellis (Barbara)
pdgjimmccown@comcast.net Res: 360-438-1352                 Spanapark Early Risers Lions   Res: 253-925-5865
                           Bus: 253-851-5318               justintimestudio@aol.com       Federal Way Knights Lions
Bulletin                   Lacey Sunrise Lions                                            lionellis@aol.com
Dave McClintock (Joann)    liondennis@juno.com             Diabetes-District Advisor
Res: 253-843-2942                                          Jan Norman
Fax: 253-843-2660                                          Res: 360-459-5123
Spanaway Lions                                             Olympia Host Lions
w.d.mcclintock@att.net                                     jannorman@aol.com
                               District C Cabinet, con’t.
   Constitution/By-Laws        continued Conf. &
                                 District Spring                  Leadership Chair in
   Policy Manual                  Roster Advisor                  Training
   PZC Dick Meier                 PDG John Bergvall (Judy Ann)    IPZC Betty Peterson
   Res: 253-584-2207              Res: 360-491-1800               Res: 360-373-1288
   Cell: 253-907-0752             Olympia Host Lions              Bremerton Central Lions
   Lakewood First Lions           johnbergvall@comcast.net        pmrspete@aol.com
                                  Leadership Chair in
   Youth Exchange                 Training
   PDG George Robinson            IPZC Dan Comsia (Cheryl)
   (Cindy)                        Res: 253-840-0116
   Res: 253-853-2721              Lakewood First Lions
   Key Peninsula Lions            dcomsia@mdc/tacoma.org

            ZONE LEADERS                                2006-2007

C-1 Zone Chair                       C-2 Zone Chair                             C-3 Zone Chair
Marilynn Danby                       Ed Brend (Mele)                            Harley Gilthvedt (Vi)
4323 S. Warner St, #A                4400 Wellington Ln. SE                     1110 21st St SE
Tacoma, 98409                        Lacey, 98503                               Auburn, 98002
Res: 253-471-0180                    Res: 360-455-0185                          Res: 253-833-5845
Bus: 253-476-6451                    Tumwater Lions                             Bus: 253-833-8150
C: 253-208-4556                      lioned@juno.com                            Auburn Noon Lions
Tacoma Downtown Lions                                                           harley@gilthvedt.com

C-4 Zone Chair                       C-5 Zone Chair                             C-6 Zone Chair
Mel Knittel (Ginney)                 Rose Becker (Don)                          Mitzi Ludwig (Neila)
3004 NE Old Belfair Hwy              232 S. 60th St.                            318 Eklund Ave
Belfair, 98528                       Tacoma, 98408                              Hoquiam, 98550
Res: 360-275-5865                    Res: 253-473-1855                          Res: 360-532-6067
Bus: 360-275-5617                    Bus: 253-848—1700                          Lacey Mid Day Lions
North Mason Lions                    C: 253-318-2127                            mitziludwig@hotmail.com
Kollision727@msn.com                 Spanapark Early Risers Lions

                            Extension Work Pays Off and More to Come !!
Charter members of the new Tacoma Lions Club have chosen their own name – The Tacoma Visionary
Service Lions Club. Eight members of the Club are either school principals or vice principals. Club
President is Russell Hampton, vice-president for loan operations, BNWest Credit Union and the club
Secretary, Anita Gann is a realtor for Mountain View Properties. Guiding Lion is PZC Frank Pearce,
Tacoma SE Lions, the sponsoring Club. Thanks goes to Extension Team PDG Pete Gomes, PZC Bob
Darrigan, DG Tom Lonn, PZC Rena Larson, PDG Jim McCown, Lion Carrie Friz, PZC Bob
Grevstad, PZC John Doyle, Lion Terry Mitchell and PZC Frank Pearce !!!
District Extension Co-Chairs Pete Gomes and Bob Darrigan will begin recruiting in the „old Tacoma
NW‟ area, north of South 19th St, west of Union Ave and out to the Puget Sound. Sponsoring club will be
Tacoma Downtown Lions. To join this rewarding effort call Pete Gomes, 253-740- 0493 or Bob Darrigan,
253- 874-4282. They plan to start recruiting in August 2006.

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