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					Weekend Menu
                    a casual, re re with
       Escape to st atmosphe
                   e                  ion
      fun Key Wd’s Largest Select
      “The Isla sh Caught Fish”, aily
            of Fre ut steaks and d
     deli cious han oard specials.
                                                         houSE WInES
                          Pinot Grigio • White Zinfandel • Chardonnay • Cabernet Sauvignon Glass 5.25
                                                      houSE-MadE SanGrIa
                   red Sangria – red wine, fresh oranges, cherries, lemons, limes and blackberry brandy Pitcher 16.00
                   Sparkling Sangria – Champagne, fresh oranges, cherries, lemons, limes and apricot brandy Pitcher 16.00

SParKLInG WInES	                   Origin	           Glass	   Bottle      aLTErnaTIVE rEdS
Segura Viudas, Cava                Spain             5.00     20.00       Bogle Petite Syrah               California         6.50   26.00
Taittinger Brut (375), Champagne   France            18.00    36.00       Wyndham Bin 555 Shiraz           australia          6.00   24.00
Mumm Brut Cuvee                    California                 34.00       Menage a Trois Zin Blend         California         7.50   30.00
Veuve Clicquot, Champagne          France                     72.00       Terrazas Malbec                  argentina          7.00   28.00
dom Perignon, Champagne            France                     165.00
SauVIGnon BLanC                                                           Blackstone                       California         6.50   26.00
Seaglass                           Santa Barbara     7.00     28.00       red rock                         California         8.00   32.00
nobilo                             new Zealand       8.50     34.00       alexander Valley                 Sonoma                    35.00
Geyser Peak                        California        7.50     30.00
Ferrari Carano                     Sonoma                     36.00       CaBErnET SauVIGnon & BLEndS
                                                                          Beringer                         California         6.00   24.00
aLTErnaTIVE WhITES                                                        337 Cab                          Lodi               7.50   30.00
Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio           Italy             6.00     24.00       Louis Martini                    Sonoma             8.00   32.00
alverdi Pinot Grigio               Italy             7.00     28.00       Ferrari Carano ‘Siena’ Blend     Sonoma             9.00   36.00
Lagaria Pinot Grigio               Italy             7.50     30.00       Trefethen ‘double T’ Meritage    napa               9.50   38.00
King Estate Pinot Gris             oregon            8.75     35.00       rock and Vine                    California         8.50   34.00
Bollini Pinot Grigio               Italy             8.25     33.00       robert Mondavi                   napa                      45.00
Cht Ste Michelle riesling          Washington        6.50     26.00       Stags Leap ‘artemis’             napa                      65.00
Shelton Vineyards, Madison Lee     north Carolina    6.00     24.00       duckhorn Paraduxx                napa                      68.00
                                                                          Jordan                           Sonoma                    72.00
Chardonnay                                                                Silver oak                       alexander Valley          90.00
Beringer                           California        6.00     24.00
Snoqualmie ‘naked’, organic        Columbia Valley   7.00     28.00       PorTS
Wolf Blass                         South australia   7.00     28.00       Warre’s otima 10 year Tawney     Portugal           7.50
William hill                       Central Coast     7.50     30.00       Warre’s Warrior ruby             Portugal           7.50
Stratton Lummis ‘unoaked’          Carneros          8.00     32.00
rodney Strong “Chalkhill”          Sonoma            8.50     34.00
Talley Bishop Peak                 Central Coast     8.00     32.00
Cakebread                          napa                       62.00
Far niente                         napa                       72.00

PInoT noIr
Cellar #8                          California        6.50     26.00
rodney Strong                      russian river     8.50     34.00
MacMurray ranch                    Sonoma            9.50     38.00
Cesari due Torri                   Italy             7.50     30.00
Witness Tree                       oregon                     49.00
King Estate                        oregon                     42.00
Etude                              Carneros                   62.00
                                                 Bayside drinks
Signature Cocktail                               Frozen daiquiris                 7.00           Beer
ThE BLaCK MarLIn hurrICanE                       Visit	The	Hurricane	Bar	for	the	Full	           on draFT (Pint)
Malibu Passion Fruit rum, Cruzan 151             Storm	of	Flavors!                               yuengling 3.50 • Stella artois 4.50
rum and exotic juices shaken and served          STraWBErry daIquIrI                             Shock Top 4.25 • Fat Tire amber ale
over ice 6.50                                    Classic taste of strawberry and Cruzan          4.25
                                                 light rum                                       BoTTLEd
                                                 PIna CoLada                                     domestics 3.00
Bayside Lemonades                    6.25        a cool Caribbean classic with fresh             Bucket (6 domestics) 15.00
                                                 coconut, pineapple and Cruzan                   Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime,
Perfectly	refreshing	on	a	hot	summer	day!
                                                 Coconut rum                                     Bud Select 55, MGd 64, Miller Lite,
Made with fresh squeezed lemons and cane sugar                                                   Coors Light, Michelob ultra or
on the rocks                                     CaroLIna PEaCh                                  non-alcoholic Becks
CaPTaInS LEMonadE                                “a true southern favorite” with fresh peach
                                                 and Cruzan rum                                  Imports and Specialty 3.75
With Cruzan 9 spiced rum                                                                         Bucket (6 Imports/Specialties) 19.00
BLuE LaGoon LEMonadE                             ThE hurrICanE                                   amstel Lite, newcastle, Sam adams,
Fris blueberry vodka and dekuyper blue           Batten down the hatches for a delicious blend   Pacifico, Corona, Corona Light,
curacao                                          of exotic fruit juices and Cruzan 151 rum       red Stripe, heineken,
ChErry LEMonadE                                  FroZEn MarGarITa                                heineken Light, Kalik
Effen black cherry vodka                         “Straight from South of the Border” with        Guiness 4.50
                                                 fresh lime and Sauza tequila 7.00
CruZan aWay LEMonadE                                                                             CraFT BEErS
With Cruzan guava rum                            add a FLoaTEr                                   Bells amber 5.00
                                                 Cruzan 151 rum, Myers dark, Cruzan 9            Stone IPa 5.00
PaLMETTo Bay LEMonadE                            spiced rum, or Grand Marnier 1.00
With FireFly sweet tea vodka                                                                     allagash Belgian White 6.00
                                                 VIrGIn daIquIrI 4.00
Tropical Libations                                                                               Beverages
BErMuda STorM
                                                 Margaritas                                      Coke • diet Coke • Sprite •
Cruzan Black Strap rum and ginger beer           houSE MarGarITa                                 Ginger ale • Mr. Pibb • Pink Lemonade •
on the rocks 6.25                                Sauza Gold tequila, sour mix, a touch of        Iced Tea (Sweet or unsweet) •
                                                 orange juice and triple sec on the rocks with   Coffee (regular or decaf) •
SKInny PIna CoLada                               salted rim 5.75                                 a Selection of hot Tea 2.00
Van Gogh pineapple and coconut vodka
with a splash of pineapple juice on the          MELon-rITa                                      IBC root Beer 2.50
rocks 6.50                                       With Sauza Gold tequila, dekuyper               red Bull (regular or Sugar Free) 4.00
                                                 watermelon, and our margarita mix with
                                                 salted rim 6.00                                 Cappuccino (reg or decaf) 3.50
                                                 MarIna MarGarITa                                Espresso 2.50
                                                 hornitos reposado tequila, dekuyper blue        double Espresso 4.50
                                                 curacao and our margarita mix with salted
                                                 rim 6.75                                        Virgin daiquiri 4.00
                                                 PErFECT PaTron MarGarITa                        Fiji Water (1 liter) 4.00
                                                 Patron Silver tequila, Patron Citronge          San Pelligrino Sparkling (1 liter) 4.00
                                                 orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, a touch of
                                                 orange juice and triple sec with salted rim
                                                 rEVErSE MarGarITa
                                                 Grand Marnier, a touch of Sauza Gold
                                                 tequila, fresh lime and triple sec on the
                                                 rocks with salted rim 7.00
                     WEEKEnd WaTErFronT BrunCh
                                                      Every Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

                                             Benedicts & omelettes
                   Served with white cheddar hash browns and fresh fruit. all omelettes can be made with egg whites upon request.
BaySIdE BEnEdICT                                        CraB CaKE BEnEdICT                                  WESTErn oMELETTE
“The Classic”, two poached eggs and Canadian            our lump crab cakes with two poached eggs           Three egg omelette with ham, bell pepper,
bacon on toasted English muffins, topped with           on toasted English muffins, topped with             onion and cheddar jack cheese with your choice
hollandaise sauce. 8.75                                 hollandaise sauce. 10.00                            of country white, wheat or rye toast. 8.50
SMoKEd SaLMon BEnEdICT                                  FLorEnTInE oMELETTE                                 haM, MuShrooM & ChEddar
Two poached eggs, smoked salmon and wilted              Three egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms,         oMELETTE
spinach on toasted English muffins topped with          brie cheese and choice of country white, wheat      Three egg omelette with country white, wheat
hollandaise sauce. 8.75                                 or rye toast. 8.50                                  or rye toast. 8.50
                                                  LuMP CraB & aVoCado oMELETTE
                    Three egg omelette with lump crab, avocado and cheddar cheese, with country white, wheat or rye toast. 10.00

                     Sandwiches, Pancakes & Local Favorites
aLL aMErICan BrEaKFaST                                  oLd FaShIonEd PanCaKES                              ShrIMP haSh
Two eggs your way with choice of applewood              Three fluffy pancakes served with choice of         Shrimp, sausage, potatoes, roasted red pepper
smoked bacon, sausage patties, links or ham with        applewood smoked bacon, sausage patties, links or   and onion topped with two poached eggs and
white cheddar hash browns, country white, wheat or      ham with maple syrup and fresh fruit. 7.00          hollandaise with country white, wheat or rye toast
rye toast and fresh fruit. 8.00                         BLuEBErry PanCaKES                                  and fresh fruit. 9.00
MCMarLIn SandWICh                                       Filled with plump blueberries, with choice of       SMoKEd SaLMon PLaTTEr
your choice of applewood smoked bacon, ham or           applewood smoked bacon, sausage patties, links or   Toasted bagel, cream cheese, tomato, red onion,
sausage, two fried eggs, tomato, and cheddar cheese     ham with maple syrup and fresh fruit. 8.00          capers and fresh fruit. 8.50
on a toasted bun, with white cheddar hash browns        BananaS FoSTEr FrEnCh ToaST                         quIChE oF ThE day
and fresh fruit. 7.00                                   Topped with a warm caramelized banana syrup and     Chef’s daily preparation with white cheddar hash
BrEaKFaST BISCuIT SLIdErS                               fresh bananas served with choice of applewood       browns and fresh fruit. 9.00
ham or sausage patties with melted cheddar cheese       smoked bacon, sausage patties, links or ham with    STEaK and EGGS
in a pair of homemade buttermilk biscuits, with         fresh fruit. 8.00                                   a 10oz sirloin steak grilled to your liking with two
white cheddar hash browns and fresh fruit. 6.00         ShrIMP and GrITS                                    eggs your way, white cheddar hash browns, country
(with fried eggs 7.50)                                  Creamy stone ground grits, shrimp, andouille        white, wheat or rye toast and fresh fruit. 13.00
BISCuITS and GraVy                                      sausage and tasso ham gravy. 10.00                  BaySIdE SaMPLEr
Buttermilk biscuits smothered in sausage gravy                                                              Two eggs your way with bacon, sausage patty, link,
with fresh fruit. Full 6.00 / half 3.50                                                                     ham, pancake, white cheddar hash browns, country
                                                                                                            white, wheat or rye toast and fresh fruit. 10.00
        Just For Kids                                     a La Carte & Sides                                       happy Beginnings
 under 10 please. Please refer to our Kid’s Menu        Sausage Patties (2)                       2.00
     for more lunch and dinner selections.              Sausage Links (3)                         2.00            Make happy Endings!
 SCraMBLEd EGGS                                         applewood-Smoked Bacon (3 strips)         2.50                       MIMoSa                  2.50
 With american cheese, bacon, sausage                   Smoked ham                                2.00                  BLoody Mary                  3.00
 patties or links and fresh fruit. 4.00                 Sausage Gravy                              1.75
                                                        Creamy Stone Ground Grits                 2.50                   PEPPar Mary                 5.00
 FrEnCh ToaST                                              with cheese                            3.00                  BLoody BuLL                  3.00
 With bacon, sausage patties or links and               White Cheddar hash Browns                 2.50                BLoody CaESar                  3.00
 fresh fruit. 4.00                                      one Egg any Way                           1.00             BLoody SKInny TInI                7.00
                                                        Egg Whites                                1.00         With Belvedere Bloody Mary vodka
 With bacon, sausage patties or links and               Pancake                                   1.50
 fresh fruit. 4.00                                      Blueberry Pancake                         2.00
                                                        Country Toast (white, wheat or rye)        1.00
                                                        Toasted Bagel with cream cheese           2.00
                                                        Seasonal Fruit                            2.50
                         off The hook apps
SuShI naChoS                                               FrIEd MoZZarELLa
Seared tuna, soy chile vinaigrette, avocado, wasabi        hand breaded in panko bread crumbs with san
aioli and pickled ginger on crispy wontons. 7.00           marzano tomato sauce. 6.00
                                                           SnoWCraB LEGS
LETTuCE WraPS                                              “The biggest we can find.” Served hot with melted
Cajun roasted chicken with peri peri pepper vinaigrette,   butter. Market
roasted corn salsa and crispy tortilla strips. 7.50
                                                           oySTErS roCKEFELLEr
ShrIMP & arTIChoKE dIP                                     half shell oysters baked and topped with spinach,
With tri-color tortilla chips. 8.00                        pernod, bacon and hollandaise. 11.00
CrISPy FrIEd CaLaMarI                                      CrISPy FrIEd ChICKEn LIVErS
San marzano tomato sauce. 8.00                             Tossed in sweet and sour chile sauce. 7.00
“PoPCorn” ShrIMP                                           SEaSonaL oySTErS (6 or 12)
dusted in seasoned flour with remoulade sauce, or          on the half shell, sourced from around the
Buffalo-style with bleu cheese sauce for dipping. 8.00     country, with scallion mignonette, cocktail sauce
ChICKEn TEndErS                                            and lemon. Mkt.
Lightly hand-breaded and fried with honey mustard          Tuna CarPaCCIo
sauce. or Buffalo-style with bleu cheese sauce for         Thin sliced sashimi grade tuna, seaweed salad,
dipping. 7.50                                              shaved onion and soy vinaigrette. 8.00
With bleu cheese dipping sauce. 5.00
Chilled with cocktail sauce or steamed with hot
butter. 1⁄2 lb 8.00/ 1 lb 14.00

                                     Soup & Salad
BaySIdE ChoWdEr                                            SESaME ChICKEn SaLad
our signature creamy chowder filled with fresh             house greens, sesame noodles, mandarin oranges,
whitefish, shrimp, scallops, clams and crab.               avocado, asian chicken breast and crispy wontons
Cup 4.75 - Bowl 5.50                                       tossed with orange peanut vinaigrette. 9.75
SouP oF ThE day                                            TroPICaL CoBB SaLad
Cup 4.00 - Bowl 5.00                                       house greens, chilled shrimp, hearts of palm,
                                                           mandarin oranges, avocado, crumbled bleu cheese, red
houSE SaLad                                                onion and tomato with cilantro lime dressing. 11.00
Mixed greens, julienne carrot, cucumber, grape
tomatoes, red onion, white cheddar cheese,                 SaLMon or FrIEd ChICKEn BLT SaLad
croutons and balsamic vinaigrette. 4.00                    Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, crumbled bacon, red
                                                           onion, cucumber and croutons with creamy
houSE CaESar SaLad                                         dressing. 10.50
romaine lettuce and creamy caesar dressing. 4.00
                                                           CaESar SaLad
SuShI BoWL SaLad                                           romaine lettuce, brie croutons and creamy caesar
Mixed greens, julienne of carrot, daikon radish,           dressing. 8.00
seaweed, cucumber, avocado, shaved onion, tuna
tataki, shrimp, jasmine rice and soy vinaigrette. 12.00      Add	grilled	shrimp,	fried	popcorn	shrimp,	
                                                                 fried	oysters,	grilled	chicken,	or		
                                                                      blackened	sirloin.	4.50
     Salad dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette (house), Creamy Bleu Cheese, orange Peanut Vinaigrette,
             hidden Valley ranch, Cilantro Lime, Caesar, olive oil and red Wine Vinegar
                                      Burgers & Chicken
             Served	with	french	fries	or	sweet	potato	fries.	Add	a	house	salad	or	cup	of	soup	of	the	day	3.00.		
                    Add	a	cup	of	Bayside	Chowder		3.75.	 Add	bleu	cheese	dressing	for	dipping		.50.
      BaySIdE BurGEr                                                         BaySIdE ChICKEn
      Lettuce, tomato and red onion on a toasted bun. 7.75                   Char-grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and red
                                                                             onion on a toasted bun. 7.50
      CaTEGory 5 BurGEr
      Sauteed mushrooms, american cheese, caramelized                        CaTEGory 5 ChICKEn
      onions and smoked bacon on a toasted bun. 9.50                         Bacon, swiss, ham, & BBq sauce on a toasted bun. 8.75
                                        Add	any	of	the	following	for	.50	each
          American,	Swiss,	Cheddar,	Bleu	Cheese,	Sauteed	Mushrooms,	Caramelized	Onions	or	Smoked	Bacon

            Served	with	french	fries	or	sweet	potato	fries.	Add	a	house	salad	or	cup	of	soup	of	the	day	3.00.		
                    Add	a	cup	of	Bayside	Chowder		3.75.	 Add	bleu	cheese	dressing	for	dipping		.50.
       ISLand FISh SandWICh                                    BaySIdE SEaFood roLL
       Fresh mahi mahi simply grilled with tartar sauce,       Blend of chilled lobster, sweet bay shrimp and
       lettuce, tomato and onion on a toasted bun. 9.75        lump crab tossed in seasoned mayo with lettuce and
                                                               tomato on a toasted hoagie roll. 12.50
       oySTEr or ShrIMP Po’ Boy
       Fried and topped with lettuce tomato, onion, cole       Tuna MELT
       slaw and remoulade sauce on a hoagie roll. 9.00         Baked with tomato, spinach and cheddar cheese on
                                                               English muffins. 8.75
       FLoundEr SandWICh
       dusted in seasoned flour and fried with lettuce,        ThE dELI CLuB MELT
       tomato, onion and tartar sauce on a toasted bun. 8.75   hot roasted turkey, ham, tomato and cheddar
                                                               cheese on grilled rye. 8.75
       CraBBy PaTTy
       Jumbo lump crab cakes, dill pickles, lettuce,           ShrIMP BurGEr
       tomato, onion and remoulade sauce on a toasted          hand formed and pan seared with lettuce, tomato,
       bun. 10.00                                              onion and tartar sauce. 8.50

                                     Black Marlin Tacos
                                Two	authentic	corn	or	flour	tortillas	with	a	fresh	green	salad.
                TILaPIa or ChICKEn 7.75 • ShrIMP 9.00 • SEarEd Tuna 9.00

                           Fried or Broiled Seafood
                Hand	breaded	and	golden	fried	with	fries,	cole	slaw,	cocktail	and	tartar	sauce	or	broiled		
                                           with	house	rice	and	vegetable.
                              ShrIMP • FLoundEr • oySTErS • Bay SCaLLoPS
                             Choose one - 9.75 Choose Two - 11.75 Choose Three - 14.75
                                                    FIShErMan’S FEaST (aLL 4)
                                            Shrimp, scallops, flounder and oysters. 17.75

Consuming	raw	or	undercooked	meats	and	seafood	may	increase	your	riskof	food	borne-illness,	especially	if	you	have	certain	medical	conditions.
We	only	use	non-trans	fat	cooking	oil	in	our	fried	food	preparation.	For	your	convenience	an	18%	gratuity	will	be	added	to	parties	of	7	or	more.		

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