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									Success Story:
The CSC and Japanese Retailers Find Success in Fresh California Strawberries

Market Access Program Year: 2009
Cooperator: California Strawberry Commission
Commodity: Fresh Strawberries
Country/region: Japan

Success Story
In 2008 and 2009 the California Strawberry Commission shifted its MAP funded trade development and
retail promotions in Japan from frozen to fresh California strawberries with remarkable success. Through
a combination of in-store promotions, sampling and demonstrations, along with a technical trade seminar
focusing on category development and the health benefits of strawberries, the CSC helped major
Japanese retail grocery chains see company-wide sales lifts of between 210% and 410% in 2009. Two
examples demonstrate this success.

After attending the CSC technical seminar in May 2009 and working with the CSC in-country trade
representative, one international wholesale membership chain began to import, market, and promote CA
strawberries for the first time ever in Japan. A CSC supported in-store sampling demonstration kicked off
a 3-day chain-wide promotion in July. During that period the retail chain reported selling 1,527 cases of
California strawberries at 9 stores; an increase of 260% after the first week of importing the fruit and an
estimated residual sales lift of 210% over a month after promotions ended.

In a produce management practice nearly unheard-of in Japan, another of the country’s largest retail
grocery chains worked with the CSC trade representative to initiate a category management approach to
California strawberries and began emphasizing steady sales promotions of the imported product. Starting
in July and running for four months through October, the CSC supported the category management
approach by implementing in-store sampling with the retailer. Having never promoted strawberries before
October, nor taken this company-wide approach to its marketing of CA strawberries, the retailer estimates
a nearly 300% lift in California Strawberry sales over 2008.

Through July 2009, the California strawberry exports to Japan increased by 63% in volume and 26% in
value over 2008 YTD. By extending the season of marketing promotions for California strawberries, and
supporting these promotions through MAP funded trade seminars and in-store promotional support, the
CSC has helped shift retail practices in Japan to secure the Japanese export market for an ever
increasing supply of high-quality fresh California strawberries.

Export Volume of Fresh California Strawberries to Japan, 2008-2009

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